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Items/Rare Items FAQ by EChang

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/30/04

   (v1.2, 9-30-04)
by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)

Revision History
v1.2 (9-30-04)
   Minor revisions.

v1.1 (9-26-04)
   Clarified some descriptions.

v1.0 (9-23-04) 
   First version. All items and effects listed.

1. Introduction
2. Items List
   --Battlefield Items
   --Normal Items
   --Rare Items
3. Miscellaneous Tricks
4. Credits


This is an FAQ for Koei's action game Sengoku Musou Moushouden, the expansion
to their previous Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors). This FAQ deals with the
items you can acquire throughout the game, from healing and assisting items
picked up on the battlefield, to equippable items that raise stats, to rare
items that provide specific benefits to your character.

Whereas level 5 weapons need to be earned on Hard difficulty and level 6
weapons need to be earned on Hell, there is no difficulty requirement for 
getting any of these items (though some require you to delve into the 
Infinite Castle 無限城, which is not affected by the difficulty setting in 
the options).

This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
Japanese character support for Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft)
and open this file in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.


This list is split into three parts: Battlefield Items that are picked up
on the map and usually are dropped by enemies, Normal Items that are
equippable and raise stats that are found at random in item boxes in each
stage, and Rare Items, which are equippable, provide some sort of
miscellaneous benefit, and must be earned by fulfilling specific conditions
on specific stages.


These items are dropped by defeated enemies or found in jars scattered
throughout the stages. They either heal your character, boost a stat for
a limited amount of time, or increase your character's Merit Rating 勲功値
after the stage is completed (which in turn influences your character's
stat gains). Also note that if you succeed in performing a 16-hit combo or
more on a single enemy, they will drop a "Mini Nigirimeshi" or "Mini-
Doburoku" that will heal your life or musou gauge by a small amount.

Dango 団子 Dango
Effect: Life +50
(Dango are sphere-shaped food items made from rice.)

Nigirimeshi 握り飯 Rice Ball
Effect: Life +100

Nigirimeshi Sanko 握り飯三個 Three Rice Balls
Effect: Life +200

Meshibitsu 飯びつ Rice Platter
Effect: Life healed to max

Doburoku どぶろく Unrefined Sake
Effect: Musou healed to max

Hannyatou 般若湯 Hannya Drink
Effect: Life, Musou both healed to max
(Hannya is a demon in Japanese folklore.)

Kokushitsudachi 黒漆太刀 Black Lacquer Longsword
Effect: Attack x2 for 30 seconds

Touseigusoku 当世具足 Modern Armor
Effect: Defense x2 for 30 seconds

Doukyou 銅鏡 Copper Mirror
Effect: Infinite Musou Gauge for 5 seconds

Reikyou 霊鏡 Spirit Mirror
Effect: Infinite Musou Gauge for 10 seconds

Ikusawaraji 戦草わらじ Battle Sandals
Effect: Speed max for 30 seconds

Magatama 勾玉 Soulstone
Effect: Element levels max for 30 seconds

Sakin 砂金 Gold Dust
Effect: Merit Rating +50

Koban 小判 Gold Coin
Effect: Merit Rating +100

Kinkai 金塊 Gold Bar
Effect: Merit Rating +200


These items are found in treasure boxes scattered throughout the stage. When
equipped, they raise one of your stats by a certain amount. In the original
game, the maximum stat modifier was +50, but this has been raised further
in Moushouden (values up to +75 have been seen; higher may be possible). 
The harder the difficulty of the stage in which you find the item, the better
the items you will get. What you find inside is randomly determined so it
can be a little frustrating trying to get a specific item.

Amaterasu no Tama 天照珠 Amaterasu's Sphere
Effect: Life Gauge Up
(Amaterasu is the sun goddess and chief goddess in Shinto)

Tsukuyomi no Ishi 月読石 Moonreading Stone
Effect: Musou Gauge Up

Takeru no Wa 武尊 Fierce Ring
Effect: Attack Up

Himiko no Fu 卑弥呼符 Himiko's Charm
Effect: Defense Up
(Himiko was the first ruler of the whole of Japan, and originator of the
Grand Shrine at Ise.)

Reikobi 霊狐尾 Spirit Fox Tail
Effect: Musou Gain Up

Tengu Geta 天狗下駄 Tengu Sandals
Effect: Speed Up
(Tengu are demon-like beings with long noses and wings.)

Hakutokyahan 白兎脚半 White Rabbit Leggings
Effect: Jump Up

Kappa Omamori 河童御守 Kappa Amulet
Effect: Luck Up (influences chances of getting good items)
(Kappa are river-dwelling spirits who may eat humans but are also known to
give good luck.)

Fuujin Yugake 風神弓掛 Wind God Bow Glove
Effect: Ranged Attack Up

Shishi Horo 獅子母衣 Lion Clothes
Effect: Ranged Defense Up

Oni Nagae 鬼長柄 Demon Crook
Effect: Mounted Attack Up

Orochigote 大蛇篭手 Orochi Gauntlet
Effect: Mounted Defense Up
(Orochi was a monstrous serpent that terrorized early Japan in folklore.)

Umakura 馬鞍 Saddle
(Field Only)
Effect: Start stages mounted on a horse
        Horse Power Up (Not sure exactly what this is; it's not the same
        as mounted attack, I think it's the gauge that represents how much
        damage you can take before falling off your horse.)


These special items must be equipped, like normal items, but instead of
raising your stats they provide some sort of miscellaneous benefit to your
character. To acquire them, you must play certain stages and fulfill certain
conditions, at which point a precious item report 貴重品報告 will show up
and you will either have to find the item in a treasure box or track down
a supply team and defeat its captain.

Kanketsubakura 汗血馬鞍 Kankestuba Saddle
(Field Only)
Effect: Start stages mounted on Kanketsuba
How obtained: In Sanada Yukimura's Summer Campaign at Osaka 大坂夏の陣, 
              follow all the missions up to and including preventing Date
              Masamune from entering the castle. A supply team will appear 
              from the gate in the west of the center and move towards the 
              gate east of center. There appears to be a time limit for
              getting this item, possibly around 15 minutes. If you play
              as Yukimura yourself, the mission to convince your commander
              will be easier.
(Kanketsuba was (were?) horses that reputedly ran so fast and worked so hard
that they shed blood instead of sweat.)

Matsukazekura 松風鞍 Matsukaze Saddle
(Field Only)
Effect: Start stages mounted on Matsukaze
How obtained: In Takeda Shingen's stage Attack on Azuchi Castle 安土城攻略,
              defeat Akechi Mitsuhide, then enter the castle from the east
              side. Defeat Maeda Keiji within one minute of when he shows up. 
              As soon as you do, the supply team will appear next to Maeda
              Katsuie's position and head towards the gate next to Niwa
              Nagahide's position. Head there and cut them off (they 
              disappear rather quickly so you'll want to run there, ignoring 
              all other enemies).

Uma Tekkou 馬鉄甲 Horse Armor
(Field Only)
Effect: Damage taken to horse gauge reduced by half
How obtained: In Edit Character's stage Battle of Nagashino 長篠の戦い, 
              capture Nagashino Castle, then defeat Sakai Tadamasa 酒井忠正
              when he ambushes the main camp. Defeat Hattori Hanzou when he
              tries to take Nagashino Castle, and Maeda Keiji when he
              charges. Finally when the mission to defeat Nobunaga
              shows up, charge into his camp within 1 minute. This will cause 
              the supply team to appear near the camp. Defeat the captain for 
              the item.

Musha Monogatari 武者物語 Warrior Story
Effect: Bodyguards become stronger
How obtained: In Edit Character's stage Summer Campaign at Osaka 大坂夏の陣,
              finish missions up to and including preventing Date Masamune 
              from invading your castle, then assist Sanada Yukimura in his 
              charge on the enemy camp. After you've successfully protected 
              him once he gets locked in (you'll need to defeat around 100
              enemies and be near him), the supply team will show up. Like
              the Kanketsuba saddle, the supply team appears near the gate
              west of center and moves towards the gate east of the center.
              Defeat the captain for the item. Note that you must have
              started the stage with 4 bodyguards assigned to you and they
              must all still be alive when you finish the Protect Sanada

Jindaiko 陣太鼓 Battle Drum
Effect: Ally morale goes up
How obtained: In Okuni's Dance of Kawanakajima stage 川中島の舞, beat the
              drum in the fortress on the southeast of the map 50 times to
              bring out the supply team. They'll appear in the southeast and
              move towards the northeast exit. Defeat the captain for the 

Oujukukou 黄熟香 Ripe Fragrance
Effect: Battlefield items last 50% longer
How obtained: In Nouhime's Infiltration of Gifu Castle stage 岐阜城潜入, 
              pass the first floor without defeating Kunoichi, then pass the
              second floor without defeating Magoichi or Kunoichi. Finally
              defeat Kunoichi on the third floor. There will be a precious
              item report; the item will be in the northwest of the map.

Hyourougan 兵糧丸 Provisions
Effect: For one time only, automatically be healed back to half health when
        you die
How obtained: While training a new general, Hattori Hanzou may show up if
              you have a jump 跳躍 rating of over 130 and you try combo
              舞闘 training. Defeat him to get the item.

Annai Ningyou 案内人形 Guidance Doll
(Castle Only)
Effect: Shows the location of treasures in castles (pink marks)
How obtained: In Ishikawa Goemon's Invasion of Osaka Castle 大坂城無断進入, 
              defeat both generals on the first floor and obtain all four
              treasures. A precious item report will show up and the item
              will appear near the beginning of the floor. 

Rokujinkou 六神膏 Six Gods Ointment
Effect: For one time only, your bodyguards are automatically healed back to
        full health when they die
How obtained: Clear the 30th floor of the Infinite Castle 無限城 in Kokuu
              虎空 (Tower) mode.

Hachiman Suzu 八幡鈴 Hachiman's Bell
(Castle Only)
Effect: Shows the location of traps in castles (purple X's)
How obtained: In Date Masamune's Intrusion of Odawara Castle 小田原城乱入, 
              break all of the fake stairs on the third floor for a precious
              item report. Since finding the real stairs takes you up and
              doesn't let you return, use the following strategy: find each
              stairway then slowly edge forward until your foot hits the 
              second stair, then back off. Repeat for all 6 stairways; for
              some reason this counts as 'testing' the stairs and you'll
              get a precious item report. The item will be slightly to the
              southeast of the middle stairways.
(Hachiman is the god of war and archery in Shinto.)

Onmyou Teshoku  陰陽手燭 Light and Shadow Candle
(Castle Only)
Effect: Displays the entire castle map
How obtained: In Kunoichi's Rescue from Ueda Castle stage 上田城救出戦, 
              reach the fifth floor once less than 20 minutes are left on the
              clock. It will be in the room that Hattori Hanzou and
              Sanada Yukimura are fighting in.

Aramitama 荒御魂 Rough Spirit
Effect: All elements one level up
How obtained: In Uesugi Kenshin's Mortal Enemy Battle of Kawanakajima 
              川中島宿敵戦, defeat 1000 enemies and the supply team will show
              up in the northeast, running towards the south. Defeat the 
              captain for the item.

Gorinsho "Chi" 五輪書 土 Book of Five Rings "Earth"
Gorinsho "Mizu" 五輪書 水 Book of Five Rings "Water"
Gorinsho "Hi" 五輪書 火 Book of Five Rings "Fire"
Gorinsho "Kaze" 五輪書 風 Book of Five Rings "Wind"
Gorinsho "Kuu" 五輪書 空 Book of Five Rings "Void"
Effect: When all five books are equipped, elemental attacks become instant
        death instead of their normal property
How obtained: One found every six floors in the Naraku 奈落 mode of the
              Infinite Castle 無限城 (Abyss) mode of play.

Shinobi Shouzou 忍装束 Ninja Outfit
Effect: Trap damage is nullified.
How obtained: In Hashiba Hideyoshi's bottom route's Attack on Azuchi Castle
              安土城攻-ェ戦, on the third floor you will find a mission
              where you must defeat one out of the 6 generals on the
              floor to open the gate. To get this item, you must defeat
              all five of the 'wrong' generals before defeating the right
              one. Both times I did this, the 'right' general was Shibata
              Katsuie, but it may be random. Once you defeat the 5 'wrong'
              generals, defeat the 'right' one, and a precious item report
              will appear. The item will be in the room with the spiral
              staircase (ground level).

Garyuu no Hirika 陰流之私 Shadow Flow
Effect: Weapon deadlocks occur more easily.
How obtained: In Imagawa Yoshimoto's bottom route's Dare at Honganji 本願寺
              肝試, defeat Date Masamune and Maeda Keiji, then defeat Uesugi
              Kenshin's generals. The Oda army will show up; defeat Oda
              Nobunaga. Now Uesugi Kenshin will challenge you personally.
              Simply start a weapon deadlock with him and win (there is no
              need to win the whole way). The supply team will appear from
              the eastern gate inside the castle and head southewards.

Haisui Saihai 背水采配 Last Stand Baton
Effect: Defense down, attack up.
How obtained: Play versus mode (any type) 35 times.

Wahou Honzousho 和方本草書 Japanese Medicine Guide
Effect: Healing items dropped more often.
How obtained: In Inahime's Attack on Osaka Castle 大阪城攻略戦, defeat
              Takigawa Kazumasu 滝川一益, then defeat Kunoichi before she
              traverses the ninja route close to your home base. The supply
              team will appear at the east gate point just outside the
              castle and head west.

Ama no Iwatachi 天磐楯 Heaven's Rock Shield
Effect: Ally commander much harder to kill.
How obtained: In Honda Tadakatsu's Battle of Komaki Nagakute 小牧長久手の
              戦い, complete all missions normally and the supply team
              will appear from the east gate. Defeat the captain for the

Nigimitama 和御魂 Spirit of Japan
Effect: Elemental attacks trigger even without full musou gauge.
How obtained: In the Training Hall 練武館 mode of the Infinite Castle, you
              can purchase this item for 50,000 ryou.


To get good normal items, set the difficulty to "Hell" 地獄 and play Akechi 
Mitsuhide's third stage, the Revolt of Honnouji 本能寺の変. Run around the 
stage collecting items. There are eight in all.
--in a dead-end alley to the east of Akechi's starting location
--in a corner just outside of the main entrance of the temple
--in a little nook to your left as you run up the west side just outside the
--along the wall on the north side of the map
--inside the temple in the room where Oichi starts
--along the inside temple wall north of Nobunaga's initial location.
--in the northwest corner room of the temple
--in the southwest corner room of the temple
After approximately 5 minutes, Nobunaga will run away and you will win the
mode without having to fight a single enemy. After the battle you should get
some very good items. Combine this with the skill Senrigan 千里眼 and the
Kappa Amulet 河童御守 to get some great items. Because you lose if your
commander dies, you may want to play Mitsuhide himself (you can give him
the Matsukaze Saddle if you think he's too slow.)

To give yourself a high chance of getting very good items, set
the difficulty to Hell and play Goemon's fifth stage (upper), Goemon's
Rampage. This uses the exact same map as Honnouji so use the above. You'll
be guaranteed eight items. Because Goemon has high attack power, if you
have a moderately good weapon (a 4th with ATK+ is preferable to his 5th)
you shouldn't have too many problems. Work your way counterclockwise
around the perimeter, assist Keiji when he shows up. Then when Okuni
shows up, go down and save her from Kunoichi quickly. Once you take out
all the generals on the outside, head inside and loop around the outer
perimeter of the temple and clear that of enemies as well. At this point
save; then collect all 8 of the items and take on Hideyoshi in the center.
If you don't get what you want, soft reset and try again. Again, Senrigan
and Kappa Amulet will help. Since this is a fifth stage and not a third
like Mitsuhide's, you'll have a higher chance of getting those elusive

This strategy comes from Spoony Gundam. Instead of using Goemon's fifth
stage (upper), he suggests using Oichi's 5th (upper). They both use the
same map, so you can still get the 8 items; however, there are a few
advantages to Oichi's. You can let an ally general die and the stage
will still continue as long as it's not Nobunaga or Oichi; also, unlike
Goemon's version, the temple doors are open on all sides, making going
around collecting items easier. There is also no requirement to find all
8 item boxes, and two generals on the map also drop items for a total of
ten. (However note that 8 seems to be the maximum you can get in one stage,
and therefore you should either skip those officers or just skip two of the
boxes to save time).
After the stage starts head south and stop the fire attack. Now double
back and defeat the officer/gate close to your starting position, then
run into the front door of the temple to get Nobunaga to start retreating.
Exit the north door, killing officers and gates as you reach them, moving
counter-clockwise. There are lots of riflemen to the west so be warned.
After Nobunaga exits, Asai Nagamasa will come in to help; kill the officer
and the gate in the southeast blocking the exit, now save and get all the
items, and finally defeat Mitsuhide to finish the stage.

Thanks go to:
Koei and Omega Force for the incredibly addictive game.
Sengoku Musou Kanzen Kouryaku (http://pikkee7.hp.infoseek.co.jp/)
Jim Irwin for details on the Great Items Retrieval trick.
Spoony Gundam for the other Great Items Retrieval trick.

This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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