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Level 5 Weapons FAQ by EChang

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/26/04

   (v1.1, 9-26-04)
by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)

Revision History
v1.1 (9-26-04)
   More detailed explanations on how to get the weapons.

v1.0 (9-23-04)
   First version.

1. Introduction
2. Listing by Character
   --Sanada Yukimura
   --Akechi Mitsuhide
   --Uesugi Kenshin
   --Hattori Hanzou
   --Takeda Shingen
   --Mori Ranmaru
   --Oda Nobunaga
   --Maeda Keiji
   --Ishikawa Goemon
   --Saika Magoichi
   --Date Masamune
   --Hashiba Hideyoshi
   --Imagawa Yoshimoto
   --Honda Tadakatsu
   --Edit Sword
   --Edit Spear
   --Edit Naginata
3. Miscellaneous Tricks
4. Credits


This is an FAQ for Koei's action game Sengoku Musou Moushouden, the expansion
to their previous Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors). This FAQ deals with the
Level 5 weapons, unique weapons for each character that, like the fourth
weapons in Shin Sangoku Musou 2 (Dynasty Warriors 3), have special attributes
and elements attached to them, but can only be gotten through specific means.
Moushouden adds four new playable characters into the mix, and thus they
also have 5th weapons. Moushouden also adds even stronger 6th weapons, but
I'll discuss those in a separate FAQ.

In Sengoku Musou, Level 5 weapons must be earned on Hard (難しい) difficulty.
There is no need to use the hardest level, Hell (地獄). Thus to get these
weapons your characters would theoretically need to be near maxed out,
although there are ways around this (see the tricks section for details.)

This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
Japanese character support for Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft)
and open this file in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.


Each Level 5 weapon is listed here under who uses it, along with its
elemental attribute and stats, and how to get it. Characters are listed
in the order in which they appear in the manual.

Ensou Susanoo 炎槍素箋鳴 (Fire Lance "Susanoo")
Stats: Base Attack 47
       Fire Element
       Life +50
       Musou +27
       Attack +40
       Defense +38

The basic requirement is defeating 1000 enemies in the Summer Campaign of 
Osaka (大坂夏の陣). Clear the following missions: luring the two generals in 
front of your cannons, destroying the enemy cannons, returning to home base, 
and preventing Date Masamune from entering the castle. At this point the
mission to charge into enemy camp will show up; you should take this
opportunity to defeat as many enemy generals as possible and build your kill
count. Then charge into the enemy camp and continue towards 1000 opponents. A 
supply team will appear near the southwest of the map and head for the
gate east of the castle; defeat the captain for the weapon.
Reiken Futsumitama 霊剣布都御魂 (Sacred Sword "Futsumitama")
Stats: Base Attack 47
       Lightning Element
       Attack +42
       Musou +37
       Defense +46
       Attack Radius +28

In the Battle of Yamazaki (山崎の戦い), upper version, first defeat Nakamura 
Kazuuji and the guard captains on Tennouzan 天王山. A mission will show up to 
assist Matsuda Masachika towards the south. Do so by defeating Nakagawa 
Kiyohide and Takayama Shigetomo. Now clear the Tennouzan of enemies quickly 
before the Maeda Keiji charge or enemy reinforcements events show up about 
five minutes into the battle; if you do so a supply team will appear near the
enemy commander, heading towards the cave up north; defeat the captain for the 
weapon. You cannot let your guard captains on the Tennouzan die.

Konohana Sakuya "Sakura" 木花開耶 桜 (Blooming Flowers "Cherry Blossom")
Stats: Base Attack 45
       Lightning Element
       Attack +44
       Defense +39
       Ranged Attack +39
       Musou Charge +40

In the Battle of Anegawa (姉川の戦い), first defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu. Help
your allies by defeating Ishikawa Kazumasa 石川数正 and Sakai Chuuji 酒井
忠次. Then defeat Akechi Mitsuhide and Maeda Keiji. Continue defeating
enemy generals, then when Oichi says she wants to talk to her sister (in-
law), head to the southeast part of the map, south of the river. Nouhime
will show up - defeat her. Now with all your generals still alive, the
army will charge. Nobunaga's three sub-generals will show up as
reinforcements. Defeat them all and the supply team will appear towards
the southwest of the map and move northwards. Defeat the captain for the 

Ama no Murakumo 天ムラ雲 (Heaven's Clouds)
Stats: Base Attack 48
       Ice Element
       Life +50
       Ranged Attack +47
       Mounted Attack +41
       Movement +45

In the Mortal Enemy Battle of Kawanakajima (川中島宿敵戦), occupy Kaizujou
海津城, then return to your base and defeat Hattori Hanzou before he
takes your camp. Head towards the region to the right and defeat Sanada 
Yukimura before he can retake Kaizujou. Retreat temporarily to your base. 
After reinforcements show up, head towards the withdrawal point
in the west, then charge straight for the Takeda Shingen main camp within
1 minute once that missions shows up. The supply captain will show up on 
the east of the map and heads towards the north exit. Defeat the captain for 
the weapon.

Inga Yomitsu 闇牙黄泉津 (Night Fang "Underworld")
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Night Element
       Musou +40
       Ranged Attack +45
       Movement +42
       Jump +32

In the battle of Mikatagahara (三方ヶ原の戦い), the general objective is
to succeed in the first two missions and withstand the Takeda army's battle 
formation. Once the stage starts, lure Naitou Masatoyo and Yamagata Masakage 
forward and defeat them. Then defeat Oyamada Nobushige, and immediately head 
towards Baba Nobufusa's location. Defeat him without letting Hirote Hirohide 
get defeated. Anayama Nobukimi and Takeda Katsuyori will come towards you, 
defeat them as well. You can't let any of your allies be defeated. Infiltrate 
the enemy camp using the ninja route, then take all the enemy gates and the 
supply team will appear. They appear slightly to the east of your home camp 
and head west. Defeat the captain for the weapon. Shingen will start 
retreating once you take all of the gates, so it might be prudent to wait 
until your allies are close to his camp before taking the last gate to get 
in his way.

Tenson Kourin 天孫降臨 (Heavenly Descendent)
Stats: Base Attack 49
       Fire Element
       Defense +45
       Mounted Attack +45
       Mounted Defense +43
       Attack Radius +50

In the Mortal Enemy Battle of Kawanakajima (川中島宿敵戦), follow the missions
to take the temple in the northwest by defeating the general and sealing the
gate there. Then defend Chausuyama by defeating Date Masamune when he attacks
it. Then protect the fortress towards the west by defeating Hattori Hanzou. 
Defeat Maeda Keiji, and then defeat Kenshin's generals until he has less than
six left. You will get a message to charge into Kenshin's camp by yourself;
do so in 1 minute and the supply team will show up. The supply team 
will appear near Keiji's original position, moving towards the temple; defeat 
the captain for the weapon.

Kushinada 琥死那蛇 (Kushinada)
Stats: Base Attack +45
       Ice Element
       Life +37
       Musou +45
       Ranged Defense +49
       Jump +29

In the Rescue of Ueda Castle (上田城救出戦), reach the fifth floor
in less than 3 minutes 45 seconds, without defeating any enemies. A precious 
item report will appear; go to the northwest, and the weapon will be in one of 
the rooms there.

Shinken Kamudo 神剣カムド (Heavenly Sword "Kamudo")
Stats: Base Attack 48
       Ice Element
       Defense +40
       Ranged Defense +48
       Movement +40
       Musou Charge +25

In the Revolt of Honnouji, (本能寺の変), prevent the fire attack from
happening, now stop in fron tof the south gate and continue defeating
enemies, not letting any in. The supply team will appear near your location; 
defeat the captain for the weapon. It appears from the gatepoint just south
of the temple and heads for the east gate.

Hiruko 蛭好 (Hiruko)
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Night Element
       Life +28
       Defense +49
       Movement +35
       Attack Radius +43

In the Revolt of Honnouji (-{能寺の変) (it must be the upper path version), 
run up to Nobunaga and defeat him within five minutes. Head east from your
starting location and loop around once the doors open. Leave the temple
from the west door; the supply team will appear on the west of the map,
moving towards the exit point in the southeast. Defeat the captain for the 

Orochi no Aramasa 蛇之鹿正 (Aramasa of Orochi)
Stats: Base Attack 48
       Night Element
       Musou +45
       Attack +26
       Mounted Attack +49
       Attack Radius +35

In the Battle of Okehazama (桶狭間の戦い), defeat the two front-line guards
of the Imagawa army. A mission will show up to assist Hideyoshi 秀吉, but
ignore it and let him be defeated. Now defeat Imagawa's generals until he
has two left. Hanzou will show up and run towards the enemy base as support; 
get to the base first and the supply team will show up near the
southwest, near Hideyoshi's original location. Defeat the captain for the 
weapon. Hanzou is extremely fast so you'll probably want a horse (preferably

Ama no Nuboko 天之珠鉾 (Jewelled Halberd of Heaven)
Stats: Base Attack 50
       Lightning Element
       Life +50
       Attack +46
       Mounted Attack +44
       Musou Charge +25

In the Test of Kawanakajima (川中島腕試し), defeat all enemy generals and
subgenerals except for the commander. The supply team will show up in the
southwest and head towards the north exit point. Defeat the captain for the 

Hikage Ame no Uzume 日影天金田女 (Sunlight "Ame no Uzume") 
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Fire Element
       Defense +41
       Ranged Attack +33
       Jump +49
       Attack Radius +37

In the Dance of Ise Nagashima (伊勢長島の舞), stick to Goemon as he runs
around the map, and defeat Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Hattori Hanzou.
The supply team will show up near near the center fort and head towards
the northwest exit. At this point you can leave Goemon; defeat the captain 
for the weapon. You'll probably want Matsukaze to catch up.

Gourai Takemikazuchi 轟雷建御雷 (Roaring Thunder "Takemikazuchi")
Stats: Base Attack 49
       Lightning Element
       Life +49
       Ranged Defense +27
       Movement +49
       Avoidance +36

In the Invasion of Osaka Castle (大坂城無断進入), find three treasures on
the first floor so you can move to the second (you don't need to beat
Kunoichi). Once in the second floor, you will get a mission to check all of
the rooms. Do so in five minutes and the precious item report will appear.
The weapon will be in the room just in front of the stairs up.

Gokuen Kaguzuchi 獄焔火具土 (Hellfire "Kaguzuchi")
Stats: Base Attack 47
       Fire Element
       Attack +43
       Ranged Attack +50
       Ranged Defense +41
       Attack Radius +43

In the "Defense of Echizen" (越前防衛戦), defeat Shibata Katsuie 柴田勝家
and Sakuma Nobumori 佐久間信盛 within 2 minutes. When the mission comes to 
snipe at Akechi Mitsuhide from the right of the screen, succeed; then when 
Hattori Hanzou comes out to look for you, successfully hide from him (run 
around the map avoiding him). Finally help your allies in escaping from the 
map; they're in the northeast. All five of them must successfully escape. A 
supply team will appear near the center of the map, close to the leftmost 
guard point of the ones lined up in the southwest, and it will head for the
empty gate (the one with no gate captain) straight north from Mitsuhide's
starting position; defeat the captain to gain the item.

Raden Mikaboshi 螺細三日星 (Periwinkle "Mikaboshi")
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Ice Element
       Attack +45
       Mounted Attack +35
       Musou Charge +32
       Attack Radius +39

In the Intrusion of Honnouji (本能寺乱入), arrive at the temple before
Mitsuhide. Defeat Mitsuhide's generals, then defeat Mitsuhide himself. Now 
defeat all of Nobunaga's generals and subgenerals. Complete all this without 
any of your own generals having lost and the supply team will appear in the 
temple, running for Nobunaga's exit point. Defeat the captain to pick 
up the weapon.

Sangyou Ushin'ouji 三貴宇津皇子 (Third Ruler of the Land)
Stats: Base Attack 45
       Lightning Element
       Life +38
       Speed +45
       Evade +41
       Musou Charge +31

In the Attack on Azuchi Castle 安土城攻略戦, during the non-castle part of
the battle, first defeat all generals and subgenerals other than Oda
Nobunaga and Saika Magoichi. Now defeat one of those two (it doesn't
matter which one). The supply team appears in the northeast and head
westwards; defeat the captain for the weapon.

Itomikamuzumi 意富加牟豆美
Stats: Base Attack 47
       Night Element
       Musou +42
       Attack +38
       Speed +37
       Jump +32

In the Ballgame of the Capital stage 京洛蹴鞠会, first defeat Mori Ranmaru
and Nouhime. Takeda Shingen will withdraw; afterwards, defeat Oda Nobunaga.
Now defeat all of the Takeda army generals and subgenerals while keeping
all of your own ally generals alive. If successful, the supply team will
appear from the east gate.

Tousen Arahabaki 闘尖荒覇吐 (Violent Cry of Battle)
Stats: Base Attack 50
       Fire Element
       Musou +50
       Attack +47
       Defense +41
       Speed +31

In the Battle of Kawanakajima 川中島の戦い, first succeed in the mission to
take control of Hachimanbara (the central plain) by defeating all three
generals there; then save your ally general by defeating Date Masamune. 
Assist Hattori Hanzou in reaching his destination by distracting the two
generals on the east side, and finally, defeat Maeda Keiji. If all of your 
ally generals are still alive, the supply team will appear from the southeast 

Ama no Asaka Furuyumi 天之麻加古弓 (Ancient Bow of Asaka of Heaven)
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Ice Element
       Defense +43
       Ranged Attack +47
       Ranged Defense +42
       Musou Charge +34

In the Retreat from Kanagasaki 金ヶ崎退却戦, first save Hashiba Hideyoshi by
defeating the two Asakura 朝倉 generals, then defeat the two Asai army 
reinforcements that show up. Now defeat 1000 enemies without letting any of 
your allies die. The supply team will appear in the map's northwest and head 

Douji Kiriyasutsuna 童子切安綱 (Douji Killer)
Stats: Base Attack 46
       Fire Element
       Musou +47
       Attack +44
       Defense +38
       Attack Radius +46

In the third stage, Battle of Nagashino 長篠の戦い, fulfill the following.
This is one of the trickiest weapons to get, and you'll likely have to
have the Matsukaze or another fast horse, and you'll have to save often.
--first clear Nagashino castle (the northeast area) of enemies.
--try to defeat as many of the following as possible (this isn't necessary,
  but it will make your life easier)" Takigawa Kazumasu, Maeda Katsuie,
  Niwa Nagahide, Shibata Katsuie, and the rifle units in center.
--once reinforcements appear near your home base, defeat them (as per the
  mission) as quickly as possible.
--Maeda Keiji will begin his charge. QUICKLY get close to him before the
  fail-mission message, but don't worry about defeating him.
--once your home base falls, your commander will begin retreating. If
  everything was done right, he should retreat to the southeast.
By now somebody will probably defeat your general Baba Nobufusa 馬場伸房; 
Maeda Keiji will say something, and at this point the supply team will appear 
in the lower right, heading for the gate in the upper right of the screen. 
Defeat the supplyteam captain for the weapon.

Tonbokiri 蜻蛉切 (Dragonfly Killer)
Stats: Base Attack 48
       Lightning Element
       Life +41
       Mounted Attack +50
       Mounted Defense +39
       Jump +32

In the final stage, Summer Campaign of Osaka (Upper Version), complete all
the missions as given. Namely, first lure the two sub-generals to in front
of the castle's cannon, then destroy the opposition's own mobile cannons. 
Assist Sanada Yukimura in returning to home base, then defeat Date Masamune
before he can invade the castle. Assist Sanada's charge on the enemy camp,
guard him while he's ambushed, and when the gates finally open, charge in
to the camp yourself before Sanada does. The supply team will appear in the 
southwest and head for the exit point east of Osaka Castle.

Benkei Iwatooshi 弁慶岩融 (Benkei's Rocksplitter)
Stats: Base Attack 47
       Night Element
       Ranged Attack +42
       Ranged Defense +49
       Movement +48
       Musou Charge +30

In the first stage, Battle of Okehazama 桶狭間の戦い, defeat all enemy
generals and subgenerals except Nobunaga before he charges your home base.
You'll definitely want a saddle (preferably Matsukaze) for this one as
your time is extremely limited. The supply team will appear near Oda's
home base; defeat the captain for the weapon.


This is a bug that was in the Japanese release of the game. It has
apparently been removed in the US release, and was removed from Moushouden
as well; so it only applies to Sengoku Musou without Moushouden.

To get any 5th level weapon, utilize the following bug. Pick the person
whose weapon you want to get as 1P; now pick Kunoichi as 2P. Play her
Rescue of Ueda Castle (上田城救出戦) scenario, and follow the conditions
needed to get her 5th weapon (reaching the last floor under five minutes).
There will be a precious item report; simply head down the path and then go
into the west room for the weapon. You'll get the weapon, but instead of 
Kunoichi's it will be your 1P character's weapon. On the last floor you're 
supposed to protect Sanada Yukimura, but this isn't necessary; after he loses 
a certain amount of health he'll withdraw and you'll win, so you don't even 
have to build up your characters to accomplish this.
Note that in order to trigger the precious item report your chosen 1P
character must enter the stairway from the fourth to the fifth floor. If
your chosen character is very slow, I suggest using Kunoichi to pass the
first three floors and then your chosen character to complete the fourth
and fifth, which are comparatively short. 
Another notable point is that if you're not doing this with two people, 
your chosen character may get attacked by enemies on the first and third
floors. Try putting Amaterasu no Tama 天照珠 and Himiko no Fu 卑弥呼符 on
your character to raise Life and Defense respectively. If you're still
having trouble making the five minute deadline, equip Tengu Geta 天狗下駄
to raise speed, and the Hachiman Bell 八幡鈴 and Onmyou Candle 陰陽手燭
if you have them to reveal the entire castle map and the location of any

Since the bonuses on the fourth weapons are random, it's quite possible
to get a fourth weapon that's actually better than your fifth. To get some
good fourth ones, set the difficulty to Hell (Chaos) and play Kunoichi's
fourth stage (Rescue of Ueda Castle again...) You don't need to beat
anybody so don't worry about not surviving; there's at least one treasure
box on every floor, so if you equip the Annai Ningyou you can scout out
where the boxes are. Some will contain weapons and some items, but by
the time you get through the entire stage you should have retrived four
weapons; it's just a matter of luck on their bonuses.

If you're more confident in your ability to fight on Hell (Chaos)
difficulty, try Okuni's 5th stage, Dance of Azuchi Castle. The following
locations have weapons (and while you're at it, items):
1st Floor
--the room immediately to the northeast of your starting point
--Mori Yoshinari (item)
--far west room (item)
2nd Floor
--eastern section (room with two boxes)
3rd Floor
--far west (item)
--center of spiral staircase
4th Floor
--far east
--Saza Narimasa (item)
--Takigawa Kazumasu
5th Floor
--north of exit

This will give you 6 weapons. You don't have to beat most of the enemies, but
you do need to survive so this is not recommended for starting characters.

This method has the advantage of being able to get both weapons and
items at the same time; the strategy is the same as the Good Items
Retrieval trick in my Items FAQ. Set the difficulty to Hell and play Goemon's 
fifth stage (upper), Goemon's Rampage. This uses the exact same map as 
Honnouji so use the above. You'll be guaranteed eight items, and there
are also five generals who drop weapons: Kurota Junpei, Tokugawa Ieyasu,
Hattori Hanzou, Kunoichi, and Sanada Yukimura. Work your way counterclockwise
around the perimeter, assist Keiji when he shows up. Then when Okuni
shows up, go down and save her from Kunoichi quickly. Once you take out
all the generals on the outside, head inside and loop around the outer
perimeter of the temple and clear that of enemies as well. At this point
save; then collect all 8 of the items and take on Hideyoshi in the center.
If you don't get what you want, soft reset and try again. Again, Senrigan
and Kappa Amulet will help. Since this is a fifth stage and not a third
like Mitsuhide's, you'll have a higher chance of getting those elusive

The best (i.e. fastest) but also unquestionably the hardest method of getting
4th weapons is using Date Masamune's Intrustion at Honnouji (5th stage
upper). The trick here is using the fact that weapon boxes never disappear.
There are 7 generals who drop weapon boxes here; what you want to do is
defeat them all in the same general area, to the west of the temple. Then
one they've all dropped their weapons, save, collect them all, and then
defeat Nobunaga. Once again Kappa Amulet/Discern are necessary. You'll have
to be pretty buffed up already to survive this stage on the highest

Moushouden includes a points system as rewards for playing the game. For
instance, you'll earn 100 points for playing versus mode, 200 points for
winning a free mode battle, 600 points for earning one ending for a character,
and so on. If you trade in 20,000 points, you will actually lower the
requirement for earning fifth weapons to Normal 普通 difficulty! So, if
you have problems earning any of the fifth weapons, try this instead.

Moushouden adds the concept of "lucky characters". The lucky character is
chosen at random each time the game is booted. You can tell who the lucky
character is because the cursor will turn green (instead of the default blue)
when you go over them on the character select screen. The lucky character
generally gets better items and weapons, and also, during that playtime only,
can earn fifth (and sixth) weapons at one difficulty level lower than normal.
Thus, even if you did not spend the 20,000 points to lower the difficulty
required to earn fifth weapons, the lucky character can still earn their
weapon on Normal.

Thanks go to:
Koei and Omega Force for the incredibly addictive game.
Sengoku Musou Kanzen Kouryaku (http://pikkee7.hp.infoseek.co.jp/) for some
of the retrieval methods used in this guide.

This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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