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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 01/22/06 Jiyu Aifu 1 477K

In-Depth FAQs

Gold Rush FAQ 01/31/05 Shdwrlm3 0.2 71K
Items/Rare Items FAQ 09/30/04 EChang 1.2 19K
Level 5 Weapons FAQ 09/26/04 EChang 1.1 26K
Level 6 Weapon Guide 09/25/04 Muni Shinobu 1.00 19K
Level 6 Weapons FAQ 10/06/04 EChang 1.9 24K
Mission FAQ 11/23/04 EChang 2.1 127K
Stage Flowchart 09/30/04 EChang 1.0 33K
Weapon/Item Guide 12/22/04 Murataki 1.20 63K

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