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Information Guide by Lancet Jades

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/06/16

Author: John H. Hoffnagle IV (Lancet Jades)
Author's Homepage: http://www.evermoreforums.com/forums/index.php
Version: 1.02 (completed November 6th, 2016)

Sites with permission to post this FAQ:
GameFAQs.com (will always host the most up-to-date version of this guide)

Following my Weapon FAQ for this game, this guide aims to be a big collection 
of various information, from other equipment and items to side missions to 
other things to keep in mind throughout the game. Together with my Weapon FAQ, 
the only thing these guides are missing is an actual walkthrough to describe 
the missions, and a monster list, both of which are found in the walkthrough 
already available on GameFAQs.

1: Accessory list
2: Head armor list
3: Body armor list
4: Armor prefixes
5: Wildcat Lane minstrel songs
6: Side mission list
  6.1 - Birdmen's Village Patrol
  6.2 - The Search for Ryuna
  6.3 - Volg's event (not a mission)
  6.4 - Birdmen's Ruse
  6.5 - For the Elves' Medicine
  6.6 - Operation: Mao
  6.7 - In Rastaban Desert
  6.8 - The Tower's Challenge
  6.9 - Cupido's Song
7: Odds and ends
  7.1 - The Elven Appraiser
  7.2 - Balbaro the Birdman and friends
  7.3 - Bengal, the rumor guy
  7.4 - The Tower of Heaven
  7.5 - The Vampyric Bracelet- a phantom legend found!
  7.6 - Titles and medals

8: FAQ
9: Contact information
10: Credits
11: Version history
12: Boilerplate

These are all available accessories that can be found in the game. Everything 
from Attack Brooch through Spike are available randomly in shops, treasure 
chests, and random enemy drops. The only exception is the Magic Wand, which is 
a random accessory, but is found even later in the list. No one knows why, so 
I guess you could say it's... *puts on sunglasses* ...magic. YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!

A list is provided of where to obtain all "unique" accessories, which is any 
accessory that will not be found randomly in shops or in treasure chests. In 
this list, DropN signifies enemy drops on normal mode, while DropA is 
advanced mode. Unless noted, DropN and DropA are exclusive to the listed mode, 
and drops on one mode are NOT available in the other.

Enemy cards are rarely dropped by enemies (5-10% drop rate, it seems). Every 
single enemy in the game has a card, including bosses. Boss cards can be found 
in the three chests that appear after they are defeated. All cards follow the 
same format, and thus I won't list all 276 different cards, but just the 
generalized format. The card album can hold up to 9 of each card.

The sell price of items is listed, not the buying price. The price to buy an 
item is 5x the sell price (e.g., an item that sells for 200g will cost 1000g 
to buy). An asterisk (*) after the sell price indicates that the item can only 
found in advanced mode.

This list is sorted according to the "By Type" sort option in the game menu.

ENEMY CARDS: "Contains secret enemy data that Pios can decipher."
[Enemy name] Card  1   20     Reduces damage taken from [enemy name] by half.

BROOCHES: "A brooch that boosts ability"
Attack Brooch      1   200    ATK +15
Defense Brooch     1   200    DEF +15
Magic Brooch       1   200    MAG +10
Target Brooch      8   400    ACC +15%
Dodge Brooch       8   400    EVA +15%
Speed Brooch       20  400    Movement speed +25%
Quick Brooch       20  400    Attack speed +30%

CHARMS: "An amulet of resistance."
Ruby Charm         1   100    XFr +35
Sapphire Charm     1   100    XIc +35
Topaz Charm        1   100    XLt +35
Amethyst Charm     8   400    XFr/XIc +22
Emerald Charm      1   400    XIc/XLt +22
Carnelian Charm    8   400    XFr/XLt +22
Crystal Charm      14  1000   XFr/XIc/XLt +17
Diamond Charm      25  4000   XFr/XIc/XLt +20

MEDALS: "A medal that becomes stronger when struck."
Bronze Medal       1   100    HP +25
Silver Medal       20  400    HP +35
Gold Medal         35  1400   HP +45
Platinum Medal     50  4000   HP +55

PENDANTS: "A pendant that invigorates the mind."
Moon Pendant       1   100    SP +35
Star Pendant       25  700    SP +55
Nebula Pendant     45  4000   SP +70

BRACELETS: "A bracelet with special powers."
Crystal Bracelet    20  600    Cancels weapon's element; ATK +12
Scarlet Bracelet    20  600    Changes weapon element to fire; ATK +12
Cobalt Bracelet     20  600    Changes weapon element to ice; ATK +12
Amber Bracelet      20  600    Changes weapon element to lightning; ATK +12
Poison Bracelet     14  1000   Adds 8 poison damage to weapon
Venom Bracelet      40  4000*  Adds 14 poison damage to weapon
Stun Bracelet       20  600    Adds extra 20% paralysis chance to weapon
Blam Bracelet       20  600    Adds extra 50% knockback chance to weapon
Sickness Bracelet   20  600    Attacks permanently cancel enemy HP regen
Penetrate Bracelet  20  600    Adds extra 20% penetration chance to weapon
Critical Bracelet   20  600    Adds extra 20% critical chance to weapon
Vampyric Bracelet   40  6000*  Absorbs 8% of damage dealt as HP.
Absorb Bracelet     40  4000*  Absorbs 10% of damage dealt as SP.
Air Bracelet        20  600    50% damage boost to flying enemies 
Holy Bracelet       20  600    50% damage boost to undead; kills undead fully

Magatama           8   1000   Reduces damage from poison by half
  "An oddly-shaped jewel."
Mikagami           40  3000*  Returns 30% of damage taken to the enemy
  "A mirror with mysterious powers."

JEWELS: "An item of splendid craftsmanship."
Healing Jewel      40  600    Grants HP regeneration (high)
Rest Jewel         20  400    Grants SP regeneration (high)

GEMS: "A strange jewel that improves competence."
** Cupido can also equip the Spark Gem and Rapid Fire Gem, as he also knows 
   those skills.

---ALL CHARACTERS-------------------------------------
Omnipotence Gem         30  5000   All skills +1; SP cost +30%
---OMNI GEMS (only usable by specified character)-----
Hero's Gem              35  4000   Xion's skills all +1
Pixie's Gem             35  4000   Elwyn's skills all +1
Priestess' Gem          35  4000   Ryuna's skills all +1
Warrior's Gem           35  4000   Lazarus' skills all +1
Sorceress' Gem          35  4000   Neige's skills all +1
Duelist's Gem           35  4000   Volg's skills all +1
Ninja's Gem             35  4000   Mao's skills all +1
Samurai's Gem           35  4000   Keiner's skills all +1
Bard's Gem              35  4000   Cupido's skills all +1
Thousand Thrust Gem     10  200    Thousand Thrust skill +3
Thunder Blade Gem       10  200    Thunder Blade skill +3
**Spark Gem             10  200    Spark skill +3
Gravity Slash Gem       10  200    Gravity Slash skill +3
**Rapid Fire Gem        10  200    Rapid Fire skill +3
Dryad's Allure Gem      10  200    Dryad's Allure skill +3
Multishot Gem           10  200    Multishot link skill +3
Return Arrow Gem        10  200    Return Arrow link skill +3
Elemental Shot Gem      10  200    Elemental Shot link skill +3
Blessing Gem            10  200    Blessing skill +3
Cure Gem                10  200    Cure skill +3
Shining Gem             10  200    Shining link skill +3
Turn Undead Gem         10  200    Turn Undead link skill +3
Spiritual Ward Gem      10  200    Spiritual Ward link skill +3
Wheel Slash Gem         10  200    Wheel Slash skill +3
Heavy Blow Gem          10  200    Heavy Blow skill +3
Dragon Spiral Gem       10  200    Dragon Spiral link skill +3
Ironskin Gem            10  200    Ironskin link skill +3
Double Attack Gem       10  200    Double Attack link skill +3
Ice Breath Gem          10  200    Ice Breath skill +3
Freeze Gem              10  200    Freeze skill +3
Blizzard Gem            10  200    Blizzard link skill +3
Ice Wall Gem            10  200    Ice Wall link skill +3
Ice Ring Gem            10  200    Ice Ring link skill +3
Flying Claw Gem         10  200    Flying Claw skill +3
Gatling Punch Gem       10  200    Gatling Punch skill +3
Death Moon Circle Gem   10  200    Death Moon Circle link skill +3
Twin Tackle Gem         10  200    Twin Tackle link skill +3
Drill Crusher Gem       10  200    Drill Crusher link skill +3
Fire Fugue Gem          10  200    Fire Fugue skill +3
Kunai Toss Gem          10  200    Kunai Toss skill +3
Wildfire Silhouette Gem 10  200    Wildfire Silhouette link skill +3
Shinobi Raid Gem        10  200    Shinobi Raid link skill +3
Shadow Slice Gem        10  200    Shadow Slice link skill +3
Moon Dance Gem          10  200    Moon Dance skill +3
Moonlit Dawn Gem        10  200    Moonlit Dawn skill +3
Twin Moon Wave Gem      10  200    Twin Moon Wave link skill +3
Moonglow Thrust Gem     10  200    Moonglow Thrust link skill +3
Half-Moon Slice Gem     10  200    Half-Moon Slice link skill +3
Slow Melody Gem         10  200    Slow Melody link skill +3
Lightning March Gem     10  200    Lightning March link skill +3
Thunder Ring Gem        10  200    Thunder Ring link skill +3

**Giant Fan, Spike, and Magic Wand are found as random drops and in shops.

**Giant Fan        30  1600*  all      Gives weapon 100% knockback chance
  "A huge fan that creates a strong wind."
**Spike            20  1600   all      Adds extra 20% curse chance to weapon
  "Originally intended to be nailed to a tree, but..."
Sight              20  600    all      ACC +20%
  "An apparatus from an ancient civilization that improves one's aim."
Hi-Fi Sight        40  1800   all      ACC +25%
  "An apparatus from an ancient civilization that improves one's aim."
**Magic Wand       40  2000*  all      Increases gold dropped by enemies
  "A strange wand that makes wishes come true!"
Draconic Amulet    25  2000   Ryu/Laz  DEF +10; XFr/XIc/XLt +10; EVA +5%
  "Protects servants of the Dragon God."
Lizard Tail        14  200    all      Grants HP regeneration (mid)
  "The tail of a lizard that holds the power of life."
Cosmic Disc        1   400    all      MAG +12
  "An ancient tablet that chronicles the stars."
Medal of Bounty    1   600    Neige    Increases gold dropped by enemies
  "Just holding it brings in the cash. A special medal of thanks for Neige."
Super Hi-Fi Sight  60  5000*  all      ACC +30%
  "An apparatus from an ancient civilization that improves one's aim."
Heartful Station   1   1000   all      ACC +5%; grants HP regeneration (low)
  "Just having it makes you happy! An ancient mechanism."

BIRDS: "A bird received from a minstrel. It sings the tale of [user]."
Green Bird         1   200    Elwyn    Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
White Bird         1   200    Ryuna    Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Golden Bird        1   200    Lazarus  Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Blue Bird          1   200    Neige    Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Grey Bird          1   200    Volg     Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Red Bird           1   200    Mao      Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Black Bird         1   200    Keiner   Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)
Yellow Bird        1   200    Cupido   Grants HP/SP regeneration (low)

Wizard Scroll             40  2000*  MAG +30
  "The true secrets of magic are written within."
Philosopher's Scroll      1   6000   ATK + ([total # of cards in book] / 10)
  "The legacy of a tactician and hero."
Survival Book             1   4000   HP + ([total # of cards in book] / 10)
  "It tells you how to stay alive."
Soul Scroll               1   2000   SP + ([total # of cards in book] / 10)
  "A treatise on the nature of the soul."
Medal of the Heavens      1   1000   Large boost to enemy card drop rate
  "A medal obtained in the Tower of Heaven."
Great Sorceress' Bracelet 60  6000*  All skills SP cost reduced to 0
  "Belonged to a legendary hero."
Sorceress' Bracelet       30  1000   All skills SP cost -30%
  "A bracelet with special powers."

[Color] Bird           See section 5 of this guide.
[Enemy] Card           Rarely dropped by the corresponding enemy.
Cosmic Disc            Given by Pios for acquiring 10 different cards.
Draconic Amulet        DropN: Mushussu; Tiamat; Himmeldrache
Great Sorceress' Brace Reward for completing the Tower of Heaven. (advanced)
Heartful Station       Given by Bengal for "Shildia's Guardian Angels" rank.
Hi-Fi Sight            DropN: Judgment
                       DropA: Inspector; Red Alert
Lizard Tail            DropN/A: Lizard Man; Lizard Warrior; Lizard Knight
Medal of Bounty        DropN: Snake Worm
Medal of the Heavens   Reward for completing the Tower of Heaven. (1st time)
Philosopher's Scroll   Given by Pios for acquiring all 276 different cards.
Sight                  DropN: Inspector; Red Alert
Sorceress' Bracelet    Reward for completing the Tower of Heaven. (normal)
Soul Scroll            Given by Pios for acquiring 200 total cards.
Super Hi-Fi Sight      DropA: Judgment
Survival Book          Given by Pios for acquiring 100 different cards.
Wizard Scroll          DropA: Lightning/Blizzard/Tornado Master; Necomancer; 
                              Oracle; Orc Commander

Armor to equip on a character's head slot. Head armor uses STR and INT as 
requirements to equip, and each item may provide an increase or decrease to 
a character's MAG stat. They are sorted by the base DEF value of the helm. The 
selling price of a helmet is 20% of the buying price, while the forging cost 
is 50% of the buying price. Each point of bonus raises the value by 300 gold 
(150g extra when forging and 60g when selling). An asterisk (*) after the sell 
price indicates that the item can only found in advanced mode.

Non-unique helmets can have prefixes and can be bought in shops, whether as a 
normal item or a special offer. Special offers will come with either a prefix, 
a bonus (e.g., +2), or both. The prefix can be changed at any blacksmith by 
forging the helmet with the listed prefix material.

Unique helmets are only found as enemy drops or from other special sources, 
and cannot be found in shops or have a prefix. When dropped, unique helmets do 
not need to be identified at the appraiser. A list is provided of where to 
obtain each unique helmet. In this list, DropN signifies enemy drops on normal 
mode, while DropA is advanced mode. Unless noted, DropN and DropA are 
exclusive to the listed mode, and drops on one mode are NOT available in the 

Recipes for changing your helmet can only be utilized at the lower blacksmith 
in the Blacksmith's Quarter. Any other blacksmith will just upgrade the bonus 
of the helmet (and prefix, if the correct material is used).

Xi: Xion    El: Elwyn   Ry: Ryuna   La: Lazarus Ne: Neige   
Vo: Volg    Ma: Mao     Ke: Keiner  Cu: Cupido
Males: Xion, Lazarus, Volg, Keiner, Cupido
Females: Elwyn, Ryuna, Neige, Mao

NON-UNIQUE EQUIPMENT (can be bought in shops and can have prefixes)
Cap                   5   0%   30  0   12    all      Ether
Bandana               6   0%   27  27  26    all      Ether
Katyusha              7   +10% 0   36  50    Females  Ether
Mage Cap              8   +25% 0   70  340   Neige    Magestone
Elf's Hat             9   +15% 35  37  160   El/Cu    Yew
Silk Hat              14  0%   36  45  280   all      Ether
Open Helm             15  -10% 42  0   90    all      Ceramic
Circlet               17  +20% 44  57  540   all      Ether
Turban                19  0%   49  35  400   all      Ether
Coronet               33  +30% 48  69  1200  all      Ether
Magical Hat           34  +25% 47  64  1000  all      Magestone
Wolf Helm             35  -12% 61  30  460   Volg     Beast Fang
Beret                 38  0%   57  48  760   all      Ether
Tiara                 44  +35% 53  84  1700* all      Ether
Shako                 48  0%   66  44  1100  all      Ceramic
Sallet                55  -10% 70  0   900   all      Ceramic
Hachigane             61  0%   63  52  1500* all      Ceramic
Full Helm             69  -10% 75  47  1400  all      Ceramic
Dragon Helm           69  -12% 77  0   640   Lazarus  Dragon Scale
Great Helm            92  -10% 92  51  2000  all      Ceramic

UNIQUE EQUIPMENT (cannot be bought in shops and cannot have prefixes)
Cat Ears              17  +19% 37  40  200   Mao      none
Halo                  19  +20% 0   53  800   all      HP regen (high)
Fire Halo             19  +20% 0   56  1000  all      HP regen (mid); XFr +20
Thunder Halo          19  +20% 0   56  1000  all      HP regen (mid); XLt +20
Holy Bow's Bandana    23  0%   46  57  300   all      Penetrate +20%; Crit +30%
Feather Cap           24  +21% 38  59  420   all      none
Samurai Helmet        27  -15% 52  0   300   all      ATK +4
Divine Halo           39  +25% 0   66  1600* all      HP regen (special)
Horned Helm           42  0%   64  27  52    all      ATK +10
Devil's Crown         45  +27% 59  59  900   all      none
Corpse Crown          48  -16% 42  42  440   all      none
Rune Helm             56  0%   54  43  500   Ne/Ke    none
Great Horned Helm     65  -10% 82  36  1500* all      ATK +20
Bone Helm             66  -20% 50  50  120   all      Less damage from undead
Black Helm            68  -10% 60  47  900   Vo/Ma    none
Mithril Helm          104 +20% 67  47  2000  all      none
Metal Helm            120 -15% 100 0   1800* all      none
Stone Helm            130 -20% 120 0   140*  all      Movement speed -15%

Black Helm          DropN/A: Beast Commander; Black Paladin; Black Bowrider
Bone Helm           DropN: Doom Droid; Roboskeleton
                    DropA: Brover; Cyborg Skeleton; Iron Skeleton
Cat Ears            Forge from a Katyusha.
Corpse Crown        DropN/A: Ghoul; Ancient Lord; Underlord
Devil's Crown       DropN/A: Demon; Greater Demon; Archdemon; Beelzebub; Belial
Divine Halo         DropA: Archangel; Principality
Feather Cap         DropN/A: Bird/Feather/Icarus/Raven Commander
Fire Halo           DropN: Virtue
Great Horned Helm   DropA: Minotaur; Megataur; Gigataur; Kudan; Ebontaur
Halo                DropN: Angel; Seraph; Dominion
Metal Helm          DropA: Colossus Brain S/R/X
Mithril Helm        Forge from a Full Helm.
Holy Bow's Bandana  DropN/A: Tower Sniper
Horned Helm         DropN: Minotaur; Megataur; Gigataur; Kudan; Ebontaur
Rune Helm           DropN: Silver Commander; Sapphire Paladin
                    DropA: Commander; Cool/Heat Commander; Ruby/Gold Paladin
Samurai Helmet      Given by Bengal for "The Invincible Champions" rank.
Stone Helm          DropA: Magma Golem; Icerock Golem; Talos
Thunder Halo        DropN: Principality

FORGING RECIPES (upgrade helmets at the lower Blacksmith's Quarter blacksmith)
PRODUCT---------------MATERIAL COMBINATION------------------------------
Cat Ears              Katyusha + Fire Crystal + Beast Fang + Shinobi Stone
Coronet               Circlet + Dark Matter + Holy Water + Dragon Scale
Great Helm            Full Helm + Orihalcum + Ceramic + Tamahagane
Magical Hat           Silk Hat + Tourmaline + Magestone + anything
Mithril Helm          Full Helm + Mithril + Dark Matter + Ceramic
Turban                Bandana + Unmelting Ice + Yew + anything

FLAVOR TEXT (in-game descriptions of each piece)
Bandana: "Cloth worn on the head."
Beret: "A round, flat cloth hat."
Black Helm: "A jet black helmet from a Bestian soldier, fitted for various 
Bone Helm: "A helmet made of bone."
Cap: "A hat that covers the head."
Cat Ears: "A head cover shaped like cat's ears.
Circlet: "A ringed headdress."
Coronet: "A crown inlaid with gemstones."
Corpse Crown: "A crown that was worn by the dead."
Devil's Crown: "A crown worn by a devil."
Divine Halo: "A ring that floats over an angel's head."
Dragon Helm: "A helmet made especially to fit the head of a Dragonian."
Elf's Hat: "A hat specially made for Elves."
Feather Cap: "A hat with a feather stuck in it."
Fire Halo: "A ring that floats over an angel's head."
Full Helm: "A helmet to protect the entire head."
Great Helm: "A helmet that is quite sturdy."
Great Horned Helm: "A helmet with huge horns."
Hachigane: "A metallic plate that protects the forehead."
Halo: "A ring that floats over an angel's head."
Holy Bow's Bandana: "Belonged to a legendary hero."
Horned Helm: "A helmet with big horns."
Katyusha: "A women's hair ornament that holds back the bangs."
Mage Cap: "A hat especially for magic users."
Magical Hat: "A hat with a strong affinity for magic."
Metal Helm: "A helmet forged from a tough metal from an ancient civilization."
Mithril Helm: "A sturdy helmet made of mithril."
Open Helm: "A helmet that's open in front."
Rune Helm: "A helmet for the ruling class of Rune Geist."
Sallet: "A helmet with a visor to protect the face."
Samurai Helmet: "An Eastern battle helmet."
Shako: "A cylindrical hat, bedecked with a feather. Military issue."
Silk Hat: "A cylindrical silk-finished hat."
Stone Helm: "A heavy helmet made of stone."
Thunder Halo: "A ring that floats over an angel's head."
Tiara: "A crown set with elegant ornaments."
Turban: "Cloth that is wrapped around the head."
Wolf Helm: "A helmet made especially to fit the head of a Wolf."

Armor to equip on a character's body slot. Body armor uses AGI and CON as 
requirements to equip, and each item may provide an increase or decrease to 
a character's movement speed. They are sorted by the base DEF value of the 
armor. The selling price of armor is 20% of the buying price, while the 
forging cost is 50% of the buying price. Each point of bonus raises the 
value by 300 gold (150g extra when forging and 60g when selling). An asterisk 
(*) after the sell price indicates that the item can only found in advanced 

Non-unique armor can have prefixes and can be bought in shops, whether as a 
normal item or a special offer. Special offers will come with either a prefix 
or a bonus (e.g., +2), or both. The prefix can be changed at any blacksmith by 
forging the armor with the listed prefix material.

Unique armor is only found as enemy drops or other special sources, and cannot 
be found in shops or have a prefix. When dropped, unique armors do not need 
to be identified at the appraiser. A list is provided of where to obtain each 
unique armor. In this list, DropN signifies enemy drops on normal mode, while 
DropA is advanced mode. Unless noted, DropN and DropA are exclusive to the 
listed mode, and drops on one mode are NOT available in the other.

Recipes for changing your armor can only be utilized at the lower blacksmith 
in the Blacksmith's Quarter. Any other blacksmith will just upgrade the bonus 
of the armor (and prefix, if the correct material is used).

Xi: Xion    El: Elwyn   Ry: Ryuna   La: Lazarus Ne: Neige   
Vo: Volg    Ma: Mao     Ke: Keiner  Cu: Cupido
Males: Xion, Lazarus, Volg, Keiner, Cupido
Females: Elwyn, Ryuna, Neige, Mao

NON-UNIQUE EQUIPMENT (can be bought in shops and can have prefixes)
Robe                  5   0%   22  0   16    all      Ether
Shoulder Guard        6   +10% 0   30  36    all      Ceramic
Cloak                 8   0%   31  29  70    all      Ether
Elf Jacket            13  +15% 42  27  130   El/Cu    Yew
Ninja Gear            15  +23% 54  0   400   Mao      Shinobi Stone
Vest                  16  +10% 43  31  320   all      Ether
Chihaya               20  0%   34  36  220   Ryuna    Holy Water
Coat                  21  0%   39  44  480   all      Ether
Wolf Greaves          22  +25% 44  37  600   Volg     Beast Fang
Leather Armor         26  0%   30  47  800   all      Ceramic
Scale Armor           34  -5%  33  53  1000  all      Ceramic
Sarashi               35  +20% 51  52  1100  Keiner   Tamahagane
Ring Mail             41  -5%  36  58  1300  all      Ceramic
Gown                  50  +10% 53  53  1600  all      Ether
Chain Mail            56  -10% 37  67  400   all      Ceramic
Silk Robe             61  +20% 80  0   1800  all      Ether
Dragon Armor          67  -15% 0   61  900   Lazarus  Dragon Scale
Breastplate           72  -15% 39  76  1700* all      Ceramic
Magic Armor           87  0%   31  65  2200* all      Magestone
Plate Armor           97  -20% 41  95  2000* all      Ceramic

UNIQUE EQUIPMENT (cannot be bought in shops and cannot have prefixes)
Armor of Darkness     0   0%   64  64  2200* all      HP leech 10%
Armor of Light        0   0%   64  64  2200* all      XFr/Ic/Lt +27; No poison
Illusion Cape         0   +20% 65  44  1600  all      EVA +45%
Blizzard Raiment      24  +10% 48  36  560   all      XIc +20; Freeze +10%
Tempest Raiment       24  +10% 48  36  560   all      XLt +20; Paralysis +10%
Kung Fu Jacket        29  +20% 49  35  460   all      none
Bone Mail             30  0%   42  42  80    all      Less damage from undead
Rune Plate            31  -13% 29  40  200   Ne/Ke    none
Royal Gown            32  0%   40  38  360   ElNeMaKe none
Mithril Robe          33  0%   22  0   440   all      none
Loincloth of Virility 40  0%   0   62  1200  Males    ATK +12
Judo Gi               42  0%   43  43  520   all      none
Inviolate Lingerie    47  +10% 52  52  1400  Females  DME +50%; Charm +50%
Fancy Kung Fu Jacket  58  +20% 60  46  1400* all      none
Black Mail            65  -8%  43  49  1080  Vo/Ma    none
Rune Armor            82  -14% 38  65  1500* Ne/Ke    none
Holy Knight Armor     84  -20% 47  85  1700  all      SP cost +50%; kill undead
Stage Dress           89  +25% 90  0   1900  Females  Slow +20%
Black Armor           97  -9%  46  71  1700* Vo/Ma    none
Metal Armor           101 -30% 0   100 1300  all      none
Beast God Armor       120 0%   67  49  1800* Vo/Ma    none
Dragon God Armor      120 0%   49  67  1800* Ry/La    none
Mithril Armor         126 0%   41  80  2200* all      none
Stone Armor           140 -45% 0   120 90    all      none

Armor of Darkness   Forge from a Magic Armor.
Armor of Light      Forge from a Magic Armor.
Beast God Armor     DropA: DNA666; Experiment #17
Black Armor         DropA: Beast Commander; Black Paladin; Black Bowrider
Black Mail          DropN: Beast Commander; Black Paladin; Black Bowrider
Blizzard Raiment    Forge from a Chihaya.
Bone Mail           DropN: Kwanca; Spartoi; Brover; Cyborg/Iron Skeleton
                    DropA: Kwanca; Spartoi
Dragon God Armor    DropA: Mushussu; Tiamat; Himmeldrache; White Dragon
Fancy Kung Fu Jack  Given by Balbaro after talking to his friends. (advanced)
Holy Knight Armor   DropN: Platinum Paladin
Kung Fu Jacket      Given by Balbaro after talking to his friends. (normal)
Illusion Cape       Forge from a Gown.
Inviolate Lingerie  Forge from a Loincloth of Virility.
Judo Gi             Forge from a Coat.
Loincloth of Viril  Forge from a Sarashi.
Metal Armor         DropN: Colossus Brain S/R/X
Mithril Armor       Forge from a Plate Armor.
Mithril Robe        Forge from a Robe.
Royal Gown          DropN: Lightning Master; Hell/Dark/Shadow Sniper
Rune Armor          DropA: Silver Commander; Sapphire Paladin
Rune Plate          DropN: Commander; Cool Commander; Heat Commander
Stage Dress         Forge from a Silk Robe.
Stone Armor         DropN: Magma Golem; Icerock Golem; Talos
Tempest Raiment     Forge from a Chihaya.

FORGING RECIPES (upgrade armor at the lower Blacksmith's Quarter blacksmith)
PRODUCT---------------MATERIAL COMBINATION------------------------------
Armor of Darkness     Magic Armor + Mithril + Dark Matter + Ether
Armor of Light        Magic Armor + Mithril + Orihalcum + Ether
Blizzard Raiment      Chihaya + Ether + Unmelting Ice + Pegasus Mane
Coat                  Cloak + Fire Crystal + Beast Fang + anything
Illusion Cape         Gown + Unmelting Ice + Magestone + Shinobi Stone
Inviolate Lingerie    Loincloth of Vir + Orihalcum + Dark Matter + Holy Water
Judo Gi               Coat + Mithril + Holy Water + Tamahagane
Loincloth of Virility Sarashi + Dragon Scale + Beast Fang + Tamahagane
Magic Armor           Plate Armor + Orihalcum + Magestone + Shinobi Stone
Mithril Armor         Plate Armor + Mithril + Ceramic + anything
Mithril Robe          Robe + Mithril + Ceramic + anything
Silk Robe             Robe + Orihalcum + Yew + Pegasus Mane
Stage Dress           Silk Robe + Fire Crystal + Yew + Dragon Scale
Tempest Raiment       Chihaya + Ether + Tourmaline + Pegasus Mane

FLAVOR TEXT (in-game descriptions of each piece)
Armor of Darkness: "Armor without substance. Becomes the enemy's shadow, and 
                    deals damage that heals the wearer."
Armor of Light: "Armor without substance. Covers the body in light. Negates 
                 poison and chemical damage."
Beast God Armor: "Worn by those of the bloodline of the Beast."
Black Armor: "Jet black armor of a Bestian soldier, fitted for various 
Black Mail: "Jet black armor of a Bestian soldier, fitted for various 
Blizzard Raiment: "Wraps the body in ice and makes attacks frigid."
Bone Mail: "Armor crafted from bone."
Breastplate: "Armor plating to protect the chest."
Chain Mail: "Armor made by linking a series of rings together in a chain 
Chihaya: "Formalwear for a priestess."
Cloak: "Covers the back and shoulders."
Coat: "Thick, and covers the torso."
Dragon Armor: "Armor fitted to the body type of a Dragonian."
Dragon God Armor: "Worn by servants of the Dragon God."
Elf Jacket: "A vest just for Elves."
Fancy Kung Fu Jacket: "High-quality; worn by practitioners of kung fu."
Gown: "A well-made outer garment."
Holy Knight Armor: "Belonged to a legendary hero."
Illusion Cape: "A cape without substance. Illusory forms keep the wearer safe 
                from attack."
Inviolate Lingerie: "Worn by women in combat."
Kung Fu Jacket: "Worn by practitioners of kung fu."
Judo Gi: "A martial artist's garb."
Leather Armor: "Armor made of leather."
Loincloth of Virility: "A man's garment the covers the lower body, making the 
                        wearer more manly."
Magic Armor: "Armor with a spell cast on it to make it strong and easy to move 
Metal Armor: "Armor forged from a tough metal from an ancient civilization."
Mithril Armor: "Sturdy armor forged of mithril."
Mithril Robe: "A robe sturdily interwoven with a mithril mesh."
Ninja Gear: "Clothing worn by ninja in order to allow for agile movement."
Plate Armor: "Sturdy armor with metal plates to give full-body protection."
Ring Mail: "Armor made by fastening leather with metal rings."
Robe: "Loose upper body clothing."
Royal Gown: "An extravagant robe. It is said that only those of royal blood can 
             wear it, but..."
Rune Armor: "Armor for the ruling class of Rune Geist."
Rune Plate: "Armor for the ruling class of Rune Geist."
Sarashi: "A long cloth, from Eastern lands, wrapped around to protect the 
Scale Armor: "Armor fitted with tiny metal plates, fashioned like scales."
Shoulder Guard: "Armor to protect the shoulders."
Silk Robe: "A light, durable robe made of silk."
Stage Dress: "An eye-catching women's dress that will leave the enemy 
Stone Armor: "Armor made of heavy stone."
Tempest Raiment: "Wraps the body in lightning and electrifies attacks."
Vest: "A sleeveless top."
Wolf Greaves: "Greaves which allow Wolves to make use of their natural running 

Prefixes are appended to the beginning of non-unique armor and helmets. They 
provide an additional effect, usually positive, but with a couple of negative 
prefixes. They also modify the base value of an item. Prefixes can be changed 
at any blacksmith by forging an item with the prefix material listed in the 
helmet and armor lists. Changing a prefix does NOT reset the bonus of a piece 
of armor, and while changing prefixes, an armor's bonus level will increase 
(up to the maximum of +15). Prefixes can still be changed even if the armor or 
helmet is at +15.

There are NO formulas or shortcuts to get specific prefixes! It is purely 
random chance which prefix appears. Save prior to forging and run through a 
stack of 9 of the prefix material, resetting the game if no desirable prefix 
appears. Investigation on a emulator with save states shows that the prefix is 
decided when you ENTER the blacksmith, or finish forging an item. As such, 
there cannot be any prefix formulas, nor do the materials chosen for a forge 
(besides the prefixing material itself) affect the prefix obtained.

Some prefixes are only found on helmets or armor, not both. The "HA#" column 
lists whether the prefix is found on helmets (H), armor (A), or both (HA). In 
addition, certain prefixes only seem to appear on the unidentified armors 
found as random enemy drops, from treasure chests, boss chests, and as special 
offers in armor shops. The blacksmith never seems to produce these prefixes, 
and they are noted with a pound sign (#) after the HA listing. 

Below is a quick list of the random-drop-only prefixes:
-Bard, Briar, Duel, Hero, Honor, Knight, Nebula, Mystic, Pixie, Relic, Revive, 
 Sacred, Shadow, Spry, Swift, Wealth

--------ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE---------------------------------------------
HeatEx   140%  HA  XFr +25.
FireEx   250%  HA  XFr +40.
ColdEx   140%  HA  XIc +25.
IceEx    250%  HA  XIc +40.
ElecEx   140%  HA  XLt +25.
ZapEx    250%  HA  XLt +40.
Lunar    160%  HA  XFr/XIc/XLt +10.
Star     350%  HA  XFr/XIc/XLt +15.
Nebula   400%  HA# XFr/XIc/XLt +18.

--------STAT BOOSTERS----------------------------------------------------
Tough    160%  HA  HP +40.
Wise     120%  HA  SP +50.
Elite    160%  HA  HP and SP + [Character LV].
Wall     160%  HA  DEF + [Character LV].
Acute    160%  H   ACC + [Character LV]%.
Tricky   160%   A  EVA + [Character LV]%.

--------DAMAGE REDUCTION-------------------------------------------------
Aerial   120%  HA  Reduces damage taken from flying enemies by 30%.
Holy     120%  HA  Reduces damage taken from undead enemies by 30%.
Vacci    160%  HA  Reduces poison damage by 50%.

--------EFFECT WHEN HIT--------------------------------------------------
Thorn    120%  HA  Returns 25% of damage taken to the enemy.
Briar    450%  HA# Returns 35% of damage taken to the enemy.
Heart    120%  HA  Adds 25% damage motion evasion. (stops staggering when hit)
Soul     250%  HA  Adds 45% damage motion evasion. (stops staggering when hit)

--------MISC. EFFECTS----------------------------------------------------
Regen    140%  HA  Grants HP regeneration (mid).
Revive   450%  HA# Grants HP regeneration (high).
Brisk    120%  HA  Grants SP regeneration (mid).
Spry     400%  HA# Grants SP regeneration (high).
Old      120%  H   SP cost -15%.
Relic    250%  H # SP cost -30%.
Rune     200%  H   Magic skill charge speed +50%.
Rich     120%  H   Enemies killed by wearer drop more gold.
Wealth   300%  H # Enemies killed by wearer drop much more gold.
Fleet    120%   A  Movement speed +20%.
Swift    160%   A# Movement speed +40%.

--------SKILL BOOSTING---------------------------------------------------
* The character-specific +1 skill prefixes will never appear on helmets or 
  armor that are limited to only certain characters, such as Mage Cap, Elf 
  Jacket, and Dragon Helm and Armor.

Summon   300%  HA  Guardian Summon skill +2.
Potent   600%  HA  All skills +1; SP cost +30%.
*Hero    500%  HA# All of Xion's skills +1 if he equips it.
*Pixie   500%  HA# All of Elwyn's skills +1 if she equips it.
*Sacred  500%  HA# All of Ryuna's skills +1 if she equips it.
*Knight  500%  HA# All of Lazarus' skills +1 if he equips it.
*Mystic  500%  HA# All of Neige's skills +1 if she equips it.
*Duel    500%  HA# All of Volg's skills +1 if he equips it.
*Shadow  500%  HA# All of Mao's skills +1 if she equips it.
*Honor   500%  HA# All of Keiner's skills +1 if he equips it.
*Bard    500%  HA# All of Cupido's skills +1 if he equips it.

--------NEGATIVE EFFECTS-------------------------------------------------
Frail    40%   HA  DEF -4.
Thick    120%   A  DEF +20; movement speed -20%.
Heavy    30%    A  Movement speed -30%.

This is a list of all five lines of each character's poem that the minstrel in 
Wildcat Lane sings. The character she sings about is whoever has the highest 
relationship value currently. This value increases by winning battles with a 
character as your partner. Retreating or finishing battles with the partner 
KO'd will reduce that character's relationship value.

New lines are added to a character's poem by reaching certain points in the 
storyline. This means there are a limited number of lines to gain, so not 
every character can have their poem completed in a single playthrough. The 
minstrel begins singing characters' poems after Rune Geist invades, following 
the story mission Pursuit at Dragonfang (where Lazarus is introduced). You 
MUST talk to the Minstrel every time a new line is available, or else the line 
will be missed! Lines are independent of the actual relationship value with a 
character. The relationship value affects only who the minstrel sings about 
(and thus, who is able to get lines).

Each character starts with one line of five, and once the other four lines 
have been gained for a character (requiring roughly four story missions), the 
minstrel will declare the song complete and give you that character's bird. 
The bird is an accessory that requires level 1, sells for only 200g, and gives 
low-level HP and SP regeneration. Not particularly amazing, as the HP regen is 
especially slow, amounting to roughly 1 HP every four seconds.

There seem to be exactly 16 lines to gain throughout the storyline, enough to 
complete the song for four characters. Worth noting is that exactly four lines 
are available after Keiner and Cupido join, so only one of the two can have 
their poem completed on a given playthrough.

Below is an approximate list of when lines are earned. Although sometimes 
characters will earn lines at slightly different times, this is close to being 
completely accurate.

1: Following Neige's first mission, [Raid on the Encampment].
2: Following Volg's first mission, [A Visit to the Dwarves].
3: After Mao's introductory cutscene before [A Visit to the Giants].
4: Following Mao's first mission, [A Visit to the Giants].
5: After viewing the briefing for [Siege on the City Walls].
6: After the post-mission cutscenes following [Siege on the City Walls].
7: After the cutscenes before [Raid on the Elven Forest].
8: Following the story mission, [Raid on the Elven Forest].
9: Following the story mission, [Desert Reconnaissance].
10: After viewing the briefing for [The Battle of Eltanian].
11: Following the story mission, [The Battle of Eltanian].
12: After viewing the briefing for [Mobile Fortress Strike].
13: Following the story mission, [The Battle for Corleonis].
14: After the cutscenes before [Comrades in Arms].
15: Following the story mission, [Comrades in Arms].
16: Following the story mission, [Conflict with the Light].

The first four lines will almost always go to Elwyn, as she will begin with 
the highest relationship value of all characters, as she has two introductory 
missions (so she gains 2 relationship points, with everyone else gaining only 
1). The only way to avoid this is to make sure Elwyn (and possibly other 
characters) die once or twice in their introductory mission to lower their 
relationship and prevent gaining any from completing the mission. 

Additionally, due to lines being first awarded after Neige's mission, neither 
Volg nor Mao can earn all four of the initial lines.

Below are a collection of each character's completed song, and the color of 
their bird:

ELWYN'S POEM (Green Bird)
1: A maiden born in Elven lands.
2: Wise in the ways of the woods is she.
3: Her form, fierce and lovely, presides over the battlefield.
4: Her bowstring snaps, and arrows fly!
5: In a flash just like the blink of an eye, evil is struck down.

RYUNA'S POEM (White Bird)
1: Clad in vestments, pure and white.
2: The holy maiden offers her prayers.
3: Hers are the secrets of the Dragon God.
4: Holding aloft her staff, imbued with power divine.
5: Evil is flung back to the abyss.

LAZARUS' POEM (Golden Bird)
1: The Priestess' stalwart dragon, no sword can touch.
2: A living shield of scaled might.
3: His armor is silver; His honor is steel.
4: No price is too high for him to pay.
5: For the one that he is sworn to protect.

NEIGE'S POEM (Blue Bird)
1: With a glare like ice, a silver-haired belle.
2: Wise in the ways of witchcraft.
3: Makes winter dance with a wave of her wand!
4: Conjuring up a storm of ice that could freeze the heavens themselves.
5: Evil is entombed in eternal cold.

VOLG'S POEM (Grey Bird)
1: Peerless and esteemed, the lone wolf warrior.
2: Leads his men into battle.
3: A feral glint lights up his eyes, and he seizes his prey!
4: They have no chance against his fury.
5: His claws of steel rend foes in twain.

MAO'S POEM (Red Bird)
1: A Shinobi, outcast, fighting alone.
2: A cruel fate hides behind her cheerful smile.
3: Her untamed speed surpasses that of mere man.
4: Her judgment is the lightning flash of the shuriken.
5: No enemy can escape.

KEINER'S POEM (Black Bird)
1: Leaving his homeland, traveling many leagues.
2: He bettered himself in eastern lands.
3: His gift with the sword knows no match.
4: His mind rages with memory, honed like his blade.
5: The minions of darkness are cut clean in two.

CUPIDO'S POEM (Yellow Bird)
1: The Holy Bow, who saved the world.
2: Traveled far and wide across the land.
3: Bringing joy to the people with song and tale.
4: Now, as danger again rears its head.
5: He takes up arms once more!

There are several side missions available at certain parts in the storyline. 
To get these missions to trigger, you must usually have either a certain 
relationship value with a particular character, or a high (or low) enough 
street rank. These missions will be listed chronologically from the first 
point a mission is available. The availability listed is the story mission(s) 
that the side mission can occur AFTER. Requirements are what criteria must be 
satisfied BEFORE finishing the story mission to ensure the side mission 

Relationship points (RP) are earned whenever a map is completed with Xion's 
partner alive, with the RP credited upon touching the flag to move to the next 
map or finish the battle. Each completed map is worth +1 RP. Leaving a map 
with Xion's partner KO'd, whether by advancing to the next map or by 
retreating, will incur a -1 RP penalty for that character. This includes 
automatic retreats triggered by Xion himself being KO'd! Note that the -1 RP 
penalty for completing a map or mission with your partner KO'd precludes the 
+1 RP they would get for finishing the map.

Each character seems to begin the game with 1 RP, and thus they will all have 
2 RP after finishing their intro mission. Elwyn is the exception due to her 
having two intro missions, so she starts with 3 RP.

Once triggered, a side mission MUST be completed to continue progressing the 
story. There is no option to cancel or otherwise forego completing the 
mission once it is triggered.

NOTE: Battles in the mirror world DO NOT count towards RP gain or loss, nor 
will they impact your street rank in any way.

AVAILABLE: [Ambush at Old Town Way]

--At least 2 RP with Mao
--Mao has more RP than Lazarus


This event is fairly easy to trigger, as a single battle with Mao is all it 
should take to activate it, provided that she does not die without being 
revived prior to finishing the mission or retreating. Just make sure she's won 
more battles than Lazarus.

Immediately after the story mission, a scene will play with Mao fearing that 
someone is stalking her. After the scene ends, you will be able to go to the 
battle via the HQ. Birdmen's Village will also be closed off until this 
mission is completed.

This side mission is unique in that it is the only one to feature a unique 
enemy: the Blue Serpent ninja. They are not found anywhere else, so to get a 
complete card collection, this mission is necessary.

AVAILABLE: [Ambush at Old Town Way], [Siege on the City Walls], or [Raid on 
            the Elven Forest]

--At least 2 RP with Lazarus
--Ryuna cannot have more RP than Lazarus
--If after [Ambush at Old Town Way], Lazarus has more RP than Mao
--If after [Raid on the Elven Forest], cannot meet [For the Elves' Medicine] 

PARTNER: Lazarus

This event is fairly easy to trigger and most people will see it by virtue of 
the number of possible trigger points, but it also has a few quirks. A single 
battle with Lazarus should be sufficient to activate it, provided that he does 
not die without being revived prior to finishing the mission or retreating. 
However, if triggering this after Raid on the Elven Forest, two or three 
battles with Lazarus may be necessary.

Additionally, it seems this mission will only trigger if Lazarus has more 
relationship points than Ryuna. If she has more than Lazarus, it will prevent 
the mission from triggering.

When it triggers, Ryuna will express a desire to return to the Temple of 
Etwarl, but Pios and Volg will refuse to allow her. Exit Heroes' Way and then 
return to the tavern, and both will be missing. The battle will then be 
available in HQ. Once Ryuna and Lazarus go missing from the tavern, they will 
be unavailable until this battle is completed.

6.3: VOLG'S EVENT (not a mission)
AVAILABLE: [Ambush at Old Town Way] or [Siege on the City Walls]

--Cannot qualify for [Birdmen's Village Patrol] or [The Search for Ryuna]
--"The Dependables" street rank (fight one or two more battles after reaching 
  the rank to be sure)


This is not actually a mission, but just an event within the city. It will 
occur if street rank is high enough and Mao and Lazarus have equal RP (or low 
enough RP), so neither of their missions will trigger. This is usually the 
case if they survived their intro missions, as that will see them both at 2 
RP, so neither one will trigger.

Volg will be missing from the Heroes' Hearth. To find him, go to The Promenade 
and a short scene will play automatically. Once this happens, the event is 
over and the story can be progressed, but you can also talk to Volg again 
before leaving The Promenade (he's above the fountain) to get a little more 
backstory. Once Volg goes missing from the Heroes' Hearth, he will be 
unavailable for battle until he is found at The Promenade.

After the initial scene with Volg, leaving The Promenade will end the event, 
and he will return to the tavern, even if you did not speak with him a second 
time at The Promenade.

AVAILABLE: [Siege on the City Walls]

--Cannot qualify for [The Search for Ryuna] or for Volg's event
--Street rank no higher than "The Dependables," ideally it should be "The 
  Greenhorns" prior to [Siege on the City Walls] to obtain this without 
  getting Volg's event


This event is tricky to activate. First, it will not trigger if the criteria 
for Lazarus' side mission are met. That part is simple, but the tricky part is 
that Volg's event also cannot trigger. The easiest way to ensure that is to 
instead trigger it after Ambush at Old Town Way, but that locks you out of 
getting either Mao's or Lazarus' side missions. Additionally, if street rank 
is too high due to fighting too many free engagements, this mission will not 
trigger. Street rank will not go above "The Dependables" at this point in the 
story, but it needs to be in the lower half of that rank.

If you do want to trigger either Mao's or Lazarus' side mission after Ambush 
at Old Town Way, fight a few battles right before Siege on the City Walls and 
intentionally let Xion and his partner die. Do this until your street rank is 
at "The Greenhorns" again, then complete Siege. This should result in a street 
rank low enough that Volg's event won't occur, while this one will.

After the story mission, a townsperson will alert Weissritter to an uprising 
of Birdmen. Talk to Pios and he will suggest asking around town. Go to 
Wildcat Lane and talk to the people there, then return and talk to Pios to 
trigger an event. Afterwards, this battle will be available in the HQ. At 
this point, Wildcat Lane will be closed off until the battle is completed.

AVAILABLE: [Raid on the Elven Forest]

--"The Invincible Champions" street rank (fight one or two more battles after 
  reaching the rank to be sure)


This mission only requires a street rank of "The Invincible Champions," but 
just barely reaching the rank is not sufficient. Fight a couple of extra 
battles afterwards, because the range in which the mission triggers is a bit 
above the minimum needed for that rank.

If that criterion is met, the event will start after finishing the story 
mission. Pios will initially be missing before returning and revealing the 
water supply is poisoned, and that the Elves have an antidote. Once the scene 
ends, the battle will be available in the HQ. Until it is completed, the Forest 
of Spirits will be closed off.

Neither your decision whether or not to follow Elwyn at the start of Raid on 
the Elven Forest, nor your decision whether or not to trust Mao afterwards 
has any impact on getting this mission or not. Only street rank matters.

AVAILABLE: [Desert Reconnaissance] or [The Battle of Eltanian]

--"The Dependables" street rank (no lower OR higher!)

PARTNER: Anyone but Mao

A difficult mission to trigger at times, especially when combined with For the 
Elves' Medicine. It requires a street rank of The Dependables, no lower OR 
higher. If your rank is too high, you can intentionally kill Xion off to 
lower it (best done with the poison valley during Desert Recon). In addition, 
there's a cutoff in the upper levels of "The Dependables" rank, so even if it 
is your rank, it still may be 'too high' to trigger. If so, go out and get 
Xion and/or his partner killed a few times to kill off some of your rank and 
get it low enough.

If the mission triggers, a scene will play after Desert Recon where Mao is 
bothered by something. Leaving Heroes' Way, then returning to the tavern will 
lead to everyone noticing she's missing. After the scene, the battle is 
available in the HQ. Mao will be unavailable at this point until the battle is 

As opposed to what people have thought over the years, your decision as to 
trusting Mao at the end of Raid on the Elven Forest has NO impact on this 
mission's availability whatsoever. It is entirely dependent on your street 
rank not being too high OR too low.

AVAILABLE: [The Battle of Eltanian]

--At least 7 RP with Neige
--Talk to her in the Heroes' Hearth before the next story mission, [Mobile 
  Fortress Strike], is activated
--Answer her question positively


This doesn't require a lot of relationship points, just five extra battles. 
After The Battle of Eltanian, talk to Neige in the Heroes' Hearth. She'll ask 
Xion a favor. Answer positively to her question (the first option) to trigger 
this mission. Answering negatively will bypass this mission and will probably 
reduce Neige's relationship value significantly.

AVAILABLE: [Mobile Fortress Strike]

--At least 7 RP with Ryuna
--Lazarus cannot have more RP than Ryuna
--Talk to her in the Heroes' Hearth before the next story mission, [For 
  Liberty!], is activated


Similar to Neige's mission shortly before, Ryuna's only requires five maps 
completed at most. But, similar to Lazarus' side mission earlier, he cannot 
have more relationship points than Ryuna, or else the mission won't trigger.

After all of the post-mission cutscenes end and you can control Xion, talk to 
Ryuna in the Heroes' Hearth, and she will talk about Lazarus. Eventually she 
will ask a question to Xion; it doesn't matter which answer you choose, as 
either one leads to this mission. The only way to avoid this mission is to not 
have enough relationship points with Ryuna after finishing Mobile Fortress 
Strike, or to have too many with Lazarus.

Even if you don't qualify for this mission, Lazarus will return anyways, so 
this mission has no real significance besides simply adding a bit of extra 

The Tower of Heaven optional mission will become available immediately after 
completing this mission. If this mission is not available, Tower of Heaven 
will instead become available after The Battle for Corleonis.

6.9: CUPIDO'S SONG (not a mission)
AVAILABLE: [The Battle for Corleonis]

--At least 11 RP with Cupido


This is an event that occurs immediately after The Battle for Corleonis. If 
triggered, the game will show Cupido with Zenovia in the room upstairs in the 
pub before giving player control back to Xion. To see the scene, simply go 
up the stairs and it will play out. I'm reasonably certain there is no street 
rank requirement; I've triggered this event as high as Shildia's Guardian 
Angels and as low as The Dependables.

The only problem with this is that seeing this scene immediately shifts the 
game to "The Next Day," which means you will miss out on obtaining the 
Minstrel song line available after The Battle for Corleonis, but before 
meeting the Shining Force the next day. Exiting the pub (for any reason) will 
prevent the player from seeing the scene, and the "The Next Day" transition 
will occur immediately the next time Xion enters the pub.

(I have not seen this event mentioned anywhere else on the internet, so I'm 
thinking I may be the first one to report it. It is certainly not intuitive to 
get so many relationship points with Cupido so soon after he joins!)

Just some various little things that don't fit anywhere else.

The Elven Village appraiser performs her services for a slightly reduced fee 
compared to the one in Shildia, but her shop is only open if your street rank 
is "The Invincible Champions" or higher. She will not be open if you are "The 
Dependables" or below. Besides the slightly lower base price, there is no 
difference between the two appraisers. The Shildia appraiser's fee is 125% of 
the base value of the item (with no prefix or bonus), while the Elven 
appraiser's fee is 112.5% of the base value. This reduction is enough to earn 
a profit on items with a 120% value prefix and no bonus.

The Elven village itself becomes available after completing "Raid on the Elven 
Forest," and is never closed, except while the side mission "For the Elves 
Medicine" is open.

In Birdmen's Village, accessible after Ryuna and Lazarus join (mission 4), 
Balbaro can be found on the balcony above the entrance. Talk to him and he 
reminisces about his adventures with a dwarven and elven friend. Both can only 
be found after completing "Raid on the Elven Forest," story mission 10.

His dwarven friend can be found in the Dwarven Caverns. Head to the end of the 
cavern and check a sparkle on the ground in an alcove right before the path 
turns to the north. The dwarf will stop you from taking it, but after finding 
out about Balbaro, he gives you the item, a [Mithril].

His elven friend is found in the Elves' village. Follow the path to the end 
and she is standing there. She gives a [Panacea].

Once you have talked to both people, return to Balbaro and talk to him again. 
He will give you a [Kung Fu Jacket] as a reward. On advanced mode, he instead 
gives a [Fancy Kung Fu Jacket].

Bengal hangs out right outside of the Heroes' Hearth, and appears after Mao's 
introductory mission (story mission 7). He will tell you your "street rank," 
which generally goes up as you do well in missions, and down if you do poorly. 
Doing well includes finishing missions faster, killing more total enemies, and 
getting more treasure chests, while character KOs and retreats will reduce 
your score. This rank starts at The Greenhorns.

He also gives rewards for reaching certain ranks:
-Those Good-for-Nothing Cowards (negative rank; no reward)
-The Greenhorns (default rank; no reward)
-The Dependables (Goddess' Tears)
-The Invincible Champions (Samurai Helmet)
-Shildia's Guardian Angels (Heartful Station)

Advanced mode gives the same rewards as normal mode, and thus two Samurai 
Helms and two Heartful Stations can be obtained.

The Tower of Heaven is a 60 floor optional dungeon with great rewards for 
making it to the top, as well as dozens of unique enemies only found inside 
and lots of rewards, including rare armor like Full Helms and the coveted 
Plate Mail. Characters that enter in their 30's generally will emerge in the 
50's or 60's. Repeated runs of the tower offers the best method of leveling up 
available in the entire game.

The Tower first becomes available at a different point in the story depending 
on whether Ryuna's "The Tower's Challenge" side mission occurs. If it does, 
the full Tower of Heaven is available immediately afterwards, making it 
available after Mobile Fortress Strike. If The Tower's Challenge is not 
triggered, however, Tower of Heaven will not become available until after The 
Battle for Corleonis, two story missions later.

The first reward the Tower of Heaven offers for reaching the top, regardless 
of normal or advanced mode, is the Medal of the Heavens. This accessory gives 
a massive boost to the drop rate of enemy cards, and is almost mandatory to 
complete your collection. The card drop rate seems to increase to somewhere 
between 20% and 50%.

The second reward given differs based on mode. On normal mode, the reward is 
the Sorceress Bracelet, which reduces the SP cost of all skills by 30%. 
Advanced mode gives the Great Sorceress Bracelet, reducing SP cost to zero. 
Yes, that means NO cost for skills whatsoever, at least for the wearer.

The Medal of the Heavens is only rewarded once, regardless of mode, but it 
can be obtained again if you complete the tower without having one in your 
inventory. This would be accomplished by discarding, selling, or trading it 
to a different save file. In that event, the next reward from the tower will 
be another Medal of the Heavens. Similarly, the Sorceress Bracelet and Great 
Sorceress Bracelet are only awarded once, and can be "skipped" by trading one 
from another file.

If the Tower is completed with both the Medal of the Heavens and corresponding 
Sorceress Bracelet in inventory, the reward will just be a piece of Mithril on 
normal mode, and Orihalcum on advanced mode. Probably the most hard-fought 
material you'll ever get!

Keep in mind that the reward is determined once the Intellect on the top floor 
of the Tower sends the item to the birdman statue. Keep that in mind if you 
want to expedite acquisition of a Sorceress Bracelet by trading a Medal of the 
Heavens from another file.

Long thought to be a legend, this phantom bracelet has finally been found! I 
found two (2) of them within the Tower of Heaven on advanced mode.

There is no specific enemy that drops this item. It is only found as a random 
accessory drop from enemies above level 100 (only found in the Tower of Heaven 
on advanced mode), or from treasure chests on floors 53-58 of the Tower. 
Floors 59 and 60 have no chests, but do have enemies above level 100.

There is the possibility that enemies below level 100 might drop it, but 
given how rare this accessory is, I doubt it. You'll have to fight plenty 
while going through the Tower, though, so who knows, you may get lucky. It 
might also be found as treasures on floors below 53, but again, I'm not sure. 
The best bet would be to retreat at the start of 53 and repeatedly run 53-60, 
killing everything up through the Archangels on 60 (but ignore the Dark 
Dragon, as it will never drop accessories). Eventually you'll get it.

I got two of these bracelets:
-One dropped from an Archangel on floor 47.
-The other dropped from a treasure chest on floor 53.

Good luck if you plan on seeking this mighty bracelet, and godspeed.

After completing a mission, you receive a medal and a title to accompany it. 
The title awarded (if any) is based on mission performance and meeting certain 
criteria. The better the medal, the more bonus EXP is earned. If multiple 
title criteria are met, the highest-level medal will win out (thus, killing 
100 enemies will earn Centurions, not Heroic Knights). If multiple titles 
within a medal class are earned, the one highest on the list is given (so 
completing a mission in less than a minute with a chain above 50 gives 
Whirling Dervishes, not Chain Knights).

However, there is an additional requirement for most medal types:
-Iron and Bronze medals can always be earned.
-Silver medals sometimes need at least 50 total enemies present in battle.
-Gold medals require at least 200 total enemies present in battle.
-Platinum medal requires at least 500 total enemies present, and is only 
 realistically feasible on the final two story missions and Tower of Heaven.

These requirements are why earlier missions usually don't allow for a silver 
or gold medal, even if the requirements are met. Only TOTAL enemies matters, 
though, not killed enemies. Additionally, extra enemies called in by certain 
units increase the total enemy count for that battle, and thus can be 
exploited to generate enough enemies to get a higher-level medal.

Enemies that can summon include:
-Orc melee/archer leaders (1 orc minion)
-Bat leaders (1 bat minion)
-Adult spiders (1 baby spider)
-General Dresden (5 halberd soldiers)
-Knight Cheiron (5 centaur bowmen)
-Mother Creeper (8 creeper minions)
-Paste generators (1 paste leader + 3 paste minions)
-Worm generators (1 worm leader + 3 worm minions)
-Gizmo generators (1 gizmo leader + 3 gizmo minions)
-Bio generators (1 biocreature leader + 4 biocreature minions)

(The first three generators are present in the three maps in the story mission 
"Desert Reconnaissance," while the biocreature generators are in the final 
mission, "Sealing the Behemoth.")

====Iron Medal=======
-Fail to qualify for any other medal; no title.

====Bronze Medals====
-Whirling Dervishes: Complete mission in one minute (1:00) or less.
-Chain Knights: Achieve a chain of 50 or greater.
-Heroic Knights: Kill over 50 total enemies with 0 retreats.

====Silver Medals==== (at least 50 enemies present in battle)
-Chain Masters: Achieve a chain of 150+ and kill at least 95% of enemies.
-Centurions: Kill over 100 total enemies.

====Gold Medals====== (at least 200 enemies present in battle)
-Butchers: Kill over 1000 total enemies.
-Ruthless Twosome: Kill 100% of enemies and open 0% of treasure chests.
-Treasure Hunters: Kill less than 25% of enemies and open 100% of chests.

====Platinum Medal=== (at least 500 enemies present in battle)
-Twin Dragon Knights: Kill 100% of enemies with no KOs for either character.

*8* FAQ
Q: Is there any soft reset function, or a way to load your save while playing?
A: Nope. If you want to reset, your only option is to press the console's 
   reset button. It sucks.

Q: Is there any recipe or formula for a specific prefix on armor?
A: Unfortunately, no. It's entirely random. Your best bet is to get a stack of 
   nine of the prefix material and save before attempting. Reset if you don't 
   end up with a desired prefix. Also remember that some prefixes cannot be 
   forged at a blacksmith, and must be found on random enemy drops, treasure 
   chests, and special offers at shops.

Q: Can I add a prefix to weapons?
A: It would be pretty cool, but no. Except for the first weapon a character 
   has, all have special effects already present, which puts them in the same 
   class as non-prefixable helmets and armor.

Q: What is the best armor for movement speed?
A: A few armors have +20% movement speed. The Silk Robe is the best armor that 
   can also have a prefix. The Fleet prefix gives an extra +20% movement, 
   while Swift gives +40%. Due to the Silk Robe's high AGL requirement (80), 
   a Vest is a good low-requirement armor for Xion, with a 10% movement bonus. 
   Additionally, Volg can use Wolf Greaves (25%), Mao has Ninja Gear (23%), 
   Elwyn and Cupido can use Elf's Jacket (15%), and Keiner has a Sarashi 
   (20%), all of which can have a prefix.

Q: What is the fastest movement speed Xion can achieve?
A: The fastest for Xion would be a Swift Silk Robe (+60% total), a Speed 
   Brooch (+25%) with Volg as a partner and a level 23 Fast Move skill (level 
   20 + Duel prefix helm and armor + Duelist's Gem). Fast Move 23 gives a 
   bonus of +99%, for a total of 60+25+99 = 184% movement speed bonus, nearly 
   triple the base movement speed.

Q: What about the fastest character possible?
A: That would be Volg, equipped with a Swift Wolf Greaves (+65% movement), 
   Speed Brooch, level 21 Fast Move skill (Duel prefix helm), and with the 
   Mirage weapon (+30% movement speed). Fast Move 21 is a 95% bonus, so the 
   Wolf Greaves have 5% more movement than a Silk Robe, while he only loses 4% 
   movement without Duel prefix armor and Duelist's Gem. This would total a 
   movement bonus of 215% (65+25+95+30), or over three times the base movement 
   speed. I haven't had a chance to test this combination yet, but if there's 
   any cap on movement speed, this would hit it.

Q: What about the slowest character possible?
A: Lazarus with the Heavy Axe (-30% movement), Heavy Plate Armor (-20% from 
   the Plate Armor, -30% from Heavy prefix), and Stone Helm (-15%). This adds 
   up to a total of -95% movement speed. You can then add in Frozen status 
   (halves movement speed, among other things) or Slow (quarters movement) to 
   reduce that 5% to 2.5% or 1.25% of his base movement speed!

Q: What is the highest chain possible, and how can I get it?
A: Chains go as high as 999, at which point they stop counting. Advanced mode 
   is the best chance to get such a high chain, by using an elemental weapon 
   on enemies that resist the element in dense missions. Personally, I got a 
   999 chain with both characters by taking Lazarus to Comrades in Arms with 
   an ice axe, and using his Dragon Spiral link skill on the final screen 
   before the boss (where the enemies all resist ice). Any link skill that can 
   easily hit multiple enemies will work, and using link skills builds up 
   both characters' chain.

Q: What is the highest poison damage that can be inflicted on enemies?
A: 47. Cupido's Hydra's Harp (9), Mao as partner with Poison Blade 23 (level 
   20 with Ninja's Gem and a Shadow-prefix helmet and armor) giving 24 poison, 
   and a Venom Bracelet on Cupido (+14). This setup is only possible in the 
   mirror world, however. Outside, it would be 38 for Xion, with Poison Blade 
   23 and the Venom Bracelet.

My screenname is LancetJades on GameFAQs.

You can email me at:
lancet at ever more forums dot com
(remove the spaces, obviously, and replace the at with the proper sign)

Alternatively, if I'm online you can IM me on Discord: Lancet#1039

Feel free to message me if you see me online. I'll reply as soon as I see the 
message and have the chance to reply.

I'm a perfectionist, so if you have anything to contribute or correct, please 
do so. You'll receive full credit (credit goes to the screenname you talk to 
me from, so if you want another name, you have to specify it). Even if you're 
just pointing out a spelling or grammatical mistake, please do so, no matter 
how small. Keep in mind though that I live in the U.S., and as such, I use 
American English spellings such as "color" and "criticize," as opposed to 
"colour" and "criticise."

If you wish to use this guide on your site, aside from asking my permission, 
I require you in question to automatically fetch any updates I make from 
GameFAQs.com yourselves. I only update to GameFAQs.com and if I discover other 
sites carrying my guides have out-of-date versions, I will ask that it be 

Some of these people didn't directly help me with the guide, but did assist 
with my recent playthrough. Given the extremely sparse availability of 
information on this game, I wanted to honor them anyways.

Andy Yu (yuandy)
~Wrote the general walkthrough/FAQ available on GameFAQs.com. It was an 
 essential resource in finding all of the information I did, even if it was 
 itself incomplete.

~This crazy little bugger has kept a perpetual topic alive many years past its 
 expiration date. You can't help but love him for that.

~Someone who it was nice to correspond with about my discoveries.

~Gave suggestions and advice about side missions when I was trying to find 
 all of their triggers, and provided additional help with the game. Also gave 
 me lots of valuable info on items no found in other guides, giving me leads 
 on where to find them. He was an invaluable help to this project.

The Gaming Mole (of Youtube)
~Published a series of Shining Tears playthrough videos on Youtube. While 
 probably not intended as a guide or walkthrough, TGM's videos gave me the 
 information I needed to determine the trigger for the side mission "For the 
 Elves' Medicine," which eluded me for a while.

1.00     Completed October 6th, 2016.
First version completed.

1.01     Completed October 8th, 2016.
Added in the Absorb Bracelet and Beast God Armor. Rewrote a lot of sections 
so that explanations flowed better. Nothing major, though, just rewording. 
With this, the guide is pretty much complete unless new information is found.

1.02     Completed November 6th, 2016.
Touched up a couple small parts of the guide to make better wording sentence 

This document Copyright 2016 John Hoffnagle IV.

Do not reproduce this document for any purpose besides personal use 
without asking me first. I'm not stingy; if you ask, you'll most likely 
get permission to host it. Otherwise, it's a violation of copyright, 
and I WILL pursue legal action, especially if you sell it for money.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
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