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Reviewed: 07/06/04 | Updated: 09/14/07

Faithful to the anime? Good control? Fun gameplay? Check this review out!


- Awesome intro with nostalgia filled 70s super robots music? (check)

- Classy (not cheesy) cell shading? (check)

- All the anime seiyuus (voice actors) doing their respective roles? (check)

- Everything is voice acted? (check)

- Lots of replayability? (check)

Now, lets get it on with the review!

Gameplay: (8/10)

If you've seen the anime, you'll remember all the high flying action robot smashing techniques that are done, these all are recreated in the game and can be done by the help of a responsive control system which has a block button, jump button and three different attack strength buttons. Of course, you can walk around the arena (3D movement) and pick up various stuff such as tractors and huge boulders to bash in the head of your enemies : )

Nearly all the moves are done street fighter style, half circle forward and such, you could also do combinational moves with your co-pilot or even super attacks that would take nearly over half of your opponents health! The cell shaded cut-scenes that occur when doing the super moves are not that great but they do their job ^_^

Of course as all fighting games you can play this alone or against a friend. I will discuss other fighting modes such as "battle royal" and "mini robo".

Finally, one gameplay tactic that has been incorporated into the game is the soul diver bar. As you do special moves the percentage increases. Whether then you decide to use a super move and deplete it or keep it as a "second wind" that will make you go into "oversoul mode" when all of your health is consumed. In this mode, you will be invincible for a little while and you will do more damage than normal.

Story: (8/10)

The story follows the 1st season of the anime, where it starts with the relation between Anna and Go. However, for those who didn't watch the anime or played the game I wont go into details : )

Graphics and sounds: (9/10)

In my opinion Bandai did a great job in modeling all the robots. They remain faithful to their 2D counterparts while being in 3D. Also the "Shine" effects that reflect light off the robots body look awesome!
About the sounds, all the voice acting is done by the anime seiyuus. The game has all the anime music from the intro to the final battle. If you're a true super robots fan you should order the anime's OST ! Yes! The music is THAT great.

Play time and replayability: (8/10)

Even after you complete the story mode (which has three difficulty settings) another story mode appears (won't mention which character since it would be counted as spoilers : ) ). Various modes also get unlocked depending on your performance such as mini robot mode and battle royal mode.
Even after unlocking all the characters (robots) and the different modes, you'll still get a blast from going back to the game and playing against a friend ^_^

Final Recommendations:

If you're a fan buy this game. It's extremely polished unlike many anime game tie -ins which most have no gameplay what so ever. Even if you're a fighting fan, there's a good fighting system and the controls are responsive enough to hold your attention for a couple of weeks or more. Definitely one of the best games that Bandai has brought out in years : )

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! (JP, 06/24/04)

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