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Guide and Walkthrough by Ryuhou

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 08/08/2004

Flame of Recca: The Final Burning WALKTHROUGH/General FAQ v0.8
for Sony Playstation 2 (Import only for now)
by William Yee
This guide is Copyright 2004 William Yee
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.  This document is to be used for
personal and private use only.  It is not to be distributed without my
expressed written consent and may not be reproduced.  This is a free document
and has no commercial value.  This guide is found exclusively on

This game is Copyright 2004 Konami
Update History:
July 31, 2004 - Started walkthrough and general information.
August 8, 2004 - Added more strategies and a Battle Guide.

Hello everybody.  If you're reading this, then you must've purchased the game,
"Flame of Recca: The Final Burning" (Also known as "Recca no Honoo: The Final
Burning") for the Sony Playstation 2.  Be warned, my Japanese isn't all that
great so there'll probably be some mistranslations and other tidbits.

this guide.  If you do not want to be spoiled, then do not read too far ahead.

Okay, with that settled, let's get on with some Flame of Recca goodness.
General Controls

"O" - Confirm (in menus and in dialogue)
"X" - Back (in menus only)
"select and start" - Resets battle (in Battle mode only)
"start" - Hold start so skip dialogue.  Only works after beating the game a few
          times and if you've already seen that segment.
Basic Controls

You won't be using the analog sticks for this game so you'll only be needing
the control pad and the four buttons found on the pad: not the shoulder buttons

Weak Attacks or "":
Using the "X" button and a direction, you can use weak attacks.  They are
generally quick but as implied, do not do a lot of damage.  Use this to build
the "hissatsu" meter, stop larger attacks or build stun very quickly.  Every
fighter has at least one weak attack initiated by pressing the up arrow of the
D-pad and X.

Strong Attacks or "":
Using the "O" button and a direction, you can use strong attacks.  They are
slower than weak attacks but do a respectable amount of damage.  You'll be
using these generally to attack and kill the enemy.  Note: Zeto does not have
any strong attacks.

Really Strong Attacks or "Hissatsu":
"Hissatsu" pretty much means "Sure-kill" which is what these attacks are known
for.  Using the triangle button to initiate, these attacks usually take a long
time to cast but do a large chunk of damage.  These attacks can also cause
different effects to happen depending on the user or can also create shields to
block attacks.  You'll generally only be using these once or twice a match but
to kill most opponents.

Using the square button will cause your character to block.  If you time the
your moves correctly so that you press the square button RIGHT before the
opponent hits, then you'll dodge instead.  Dodging is much more beneficial than
blocking because not only will you not recieve chip damage and some stun meter
damage, but you will also cause significant damage to their stun meter.
Because dodging has much less lag than blocking, you're free to attack your
opponent after a dodge.  Keep in mind: You cannot block "Hissatsu" attacks and
you cannot die from chip damage.
General Strategies and Tips

- If you can dodge, then dodge.  Some characters are better than others, but in
  general, there is a specific time frame before an attack in which you can
  dodge.  If possible, dodge at the first available frame to get out of dodge
  animation sooner and retaliate faster.
- If you cannot dodge, then hit them before they hit you.  Some characters like
  Kurei have incredibly fast attacks that can nail your opponent before they
  get a chance to hit you.
- If you really can't dodge or hit them and you're using Fuuko, Recca, Mikagami
  or Meguri Kyouza, just use your down triangle attack to absorb the damage.
  These techniques are usually ignored but can turn the tide in your favor.  
- Generally use "Hissatsu" attacks when your opponent's stun meter is empty and
  they are stunned.
- Pay attention to the button of your opponent's side.  If they are slow to
  pick an attack, then you can intercept with a strong attack.  You may even be
  able to hit a "Hissatsu" against them.
- The best defense is a good offense.  Sometimes, if you pound them with weak
  attacks, they won't have a chance to use any strong attacks.  On Easy mode,
  it is possible to win with only weak attacks.
- If your opponent is a good dodger, then play defensively.  Against opponents
  like Meguri Kyouza, it is best to let him attack first, dodge, and then
  retaliate when they lag.
- When you're stunned, mash on the buttons and the control pad to recover.  Be
  careful of what you're mashing though because when you get out of stun and
  you find yourself going for a strong attack when a Hissatsu is about to hit,
  you'll be in a world of hurt.
- When dodging, not only pay close attention to the animation, but also to the
  sound.  Eventually, you can tell when exactly to dodge for certain attacks.
Main Menu

The options are all in english so it should be easy to tell what you're doing.

New Game - Self Explanatory.  Choose between Easy, Normal and Hard
Load Game - Also Self Explanatory, when you save, you may load your game.
            After you have beaten the game, load again to play and build up
            your percentage.
Battle - Choose to battle a friend, the computer, or watch two computers duke
         it out.
Collection - Watch cutscenes, learn more about the characters, their madougu,
             the story, and character designs.
Option - Change the options.

Language Selections - The first option is to turn Hiragana on or off.  Just in
                      case you don't know the thousands of kanji out there.
                      The second option is to turn voice on or off.

Movies - Unlock movies by viewing them in the story mode.  Unlock the last one
         when you've beaten the game with 100%.
Story Outline - Here you can read the story...at least, that's what I'm
Battle Collection - Go here and view all the characters you've unlocked.  You
                    can also go here and see all of the animations for their
Art Collection - See the character designs for this game.  Unlock these as you
                 beat the game.  You'll have to beat the game several times,
                 maybe even after you've gotten 100% completion.
Recca Dictionary - Learn more about the people, the madougu, the places, the
                   groups and stuff.

This is the meat of the guide, I guess.  You'll start off in the forests
surrounding SODOM.  You'll spot a random zombie and engage in battle with it.
Kage Houshi will guide you through the battle system and give you a few tips.
If you're done with training, select the second option, if you want to go again
then select the first option.  After you're done, you'll fight in your first
battle, putting all of the knowledge you just learned a few seconds ago to the
test.  It doesn't matter if you win or lose, but I would playing until you win.
After you're done, you can select the first option to fight the zombie again or
to continue on.  I recommend fighting until you fully grasp the system.  When
you continue, you'll be greeted by hooded stranger.  He'll explain the "game"
that Mori Kouran has set up and how you will have to collect the five disks in
order to reach the central tower "H or H" (which stands for Hell or Heaven, by
the way) where Yanagi is held captive.  You can only collect the disks
individually so you'll have to split up to collect them.

------------------------------Mission 1: "Hanger"------------------------------
Now, you're Ishijima Domon, standing outside District A, the Hanger.  After a
phone call with Fuuko, he'll go in where he finds two sisters.  You'll have to
fight them now.

                      *******Domon vs. Miki/Aki*******
This should be a fairly simple fight.  Be careful of Aki's "Hissatsu:" the
Kotodama.  It'll automatically set your stun meter to zero, rendering you
unable to do anything while they smack you around.

After the battle, Domon will recognize them as the Uruha's Miki and Aki, Neon's
sisters.  They are all after Mori Kouran so they decide to form a truce for the
time being.  From there, they'll meet up with Miruku and Kurumi, the two maids.
They'll use their remote control to summon the giant maid robot, Mikuru to
fight.  Miki and Aki will get the control, while Domon, that is, you keep
Mikuru busy.

                        *******Domon vs. Mikuru*******
Again, an easy fight.  Mikuru only has three attacks and will probably only get
the chance to use two of them.  You can dodge all of its attacks quite easily.
Its defense is pretty good, so I suggest using the "Dosei no Wa" (up triangle)
as soon as possible.

After beating them, you'll see that hooded stranger is really actually
Genjurou, a former member of Kurei's Uruha Jyushinshu.  Neon will slice him up
good and get the first disk.  Good, mission clear.  Oh, and you see a snippet
of story with Aoi and Hiruko talking and Aoi apologizing to Yanagi for turning
her into a mindless doll-thing...

---------------------------Mission 2: "Weapon Dome"----------------------------
We're at the Weapon Dome where Kamui is eagerly awaiting for Koganei to show up
He doesn't but Recca is happy to take his place.  He explains that when Kamui
posted the word "Kaoru" about a million times, Koganei absolutely refused.
Kamui accuses Recca of stealing his boy and attacks.

                        *******Recca vs. Kamui*******
You shouldn't have too much trouble with Kamui in the beginning.  When Kamui's
life hits the half-way point, however, he'll hook himself up directly into the
weapon dome.  From there, he'll be doing much more damage and his attacks come
out just a bit faster.  Just dodge and use weak attacks until he's stunned...
bust out with the Nadare+Kokuu combination (up triangle) and he'll be toast.

After the bout, Recca saves Kamui from pain and Kamui falls in love with Recca.
Recca doesn't swing that way so he'll knock him out for now.  A voice on the
intercom interrupts him and lo and behold, it's Mokuren and he wants a battle
to the death.

                        *******Recca vs. Mokuren*******
This shouldn't be too hard.  He'll only be using weak attacks most of the time
with the occasional strong attacks.  He won't be dodging too much either.

After the fight, Mikoto, Mokuren's lover, will ask Mokuren to retreat for her
sake.  Mokuren, being the kind of guy he is, stabs her and tells Recca to

                    *******Recca vs. Mokuren: Round 2*******
This time around, it'll seem much harder.  He'll be more willing to dodge and
block as well as using his "Hissatsu" the Deku Mai.  Still shouldn't be too
hard as long as you don't get hit.  He might start using his Moku ryu too, but
counter with your own dragons.

After beating him yet again, the self destruct sequence for the dome is
activated and Kamui begs for you to escape.  Mokuren will come to Mikoto and
listen to her last words about how happy Mokuren made her and how she wants to
be Mokuren's most important thing.  Mokuren is still an *** and he'll blame her
for not being able to escape in time.  He'll scream that he'll beat Recca the
next time they meet and laughs as the dome blows up.  Kamui had the disk all
along so mission cleared.

-----------------------Mission 5: "Research Laboratory"------------------------
Kage Houshi finds the "Ura Uruha Ninja" guy and curbstomps him.  In the manga,
there's this touching story about a baby fox and its mother but I don't know if
it's in here.  Read it whenever it comes out.

-----------------------------Mission 3: "Pyramid"------------------------------
It's now Fuuko's turn.  She'll start off walking towards the pyramid when she
sees a young girl about to be attacked.  You have a choice now:
Square - Save her
Circle - Leave her alone
Let the timer run out - Leave her alone
In any case, you'll proceed to the pyramid where you fight Karame who uses the
same madougu that Saicho uses.

                       *******Fuuko vs. Karame*******
Karame isn't exactly a strong opponent, but Fuuko is noticably weaker than
Domon and Recca.  You might actually have trouble with this fight at first.
Once you get used to Fuuko's crazy dodging skills, then you should be able to
win with little problems.

If you did not save the girl back then:
You get the disk and mission cleared.

If you saved the girl back then:
Well, she turns on you now.  She reveals herself as Kirito of the Shishiten.
She traps Fuuko in a cage and runs off with the disk.  Fuuko escapes and runs
after Kirito where you'll have another choice:
Square - Keep running after her
Circle - Throw your picks
Let the timer run out - Throw your picks

If you keep running after her:
You'll catch up to her and Kirito will reveal her two madougu's abilities.
The first one is to change her age.  The second one is to summon and control

                          *******Fuuko vs. Shiguma*******
This isn't that tough of a fight, but I recommend doing this after a couple of
playthroughs first.  Shiguma will run off after while and you'll be left with
the disk.  Mission cleared.

If you throw your picks:
You'll fall down the collapsing bridge, and miss her anyway.  Bummer.
Fortunately, her prince, Raiha comes to her rescue yet again and takes the disk
from Kirito.  He'll leave the disk by Fuuko's side and disappears.  Fuuko wakes
up and wonders how the disk got to her but either way: mission cleared.

Kadotsu is on the move but the hunter has become the hunted.  Kurei arrives in
SODOM and makes quick work out of the strongest member of the Ura Uruha.  Joker
stops Kurei from killing Saicho?  Saicho isn't in this game, so Joker is now
apparently stopping Kurei from further frying Kadotsu...big mistake as we'll see

----------------------------Mission 4: "Bionid Dome"----------------------------
It's Koganei's turn.  He'll be in the Bionid dome wondering about Kurei and his
friends when the dome starts collapsing.  Some debris is right above Koganei so
you'll have to choose again:
Square - Dodge
Circle - Use your Madougu to cut the debris
Let the timer run out - Get squashed.  Game Over

If you dodge:
You'll proceed directly to Mission 9.

If you get squashed:
You'll get one percent towards your completion and restart.

If you use your madougu:
You'll find out that the one who caused the collapsing is none other than Gaou.
He's disappointed about not finding Domon, but he's going to kill you and eat
chocolate instead.

                     *******Koganei vs. Gaou*******
This is a moderately difficult fight.  Gaou only has three attacks, but his
strong attack isn't easy to dodge.  Halfway into the battle, he'll create the
giant stone behemoth, Gasekiou.  Gasekiou has some pretty good defense so be
sure to use Mikazuki (Boomerang) or An (Magic Arrow) as much as possible.  Go
for Mu (Nothingness) as soon as possible to end the fight.

Gaou will acknowledge his lost to himself and his own greed and will allow you
to leave.  You'll proceed directly to Mission 9.

------------------------------Mission 9: "Storage"------------------------------
You'll meet the scientist guy and the prototype of all of the other zombies in
SODOM.  As the prototype, he can control all of the other zombies.  He isn't
exactly evil or anything, he just wants to live.  And to live, he'll have to
kill you.

                          *******Koganei vs. Zeto*******
This shouldn't be as hard as it is tedious.  Zeto only has two weak attacks and
the ability to call random zombie.  He likes to call that zombie around quite
often too.  The zombie itself is pretty weak and can be taken down in about
four hits.  Be wary though, Zeto is also a reasonable dodger.

After taking him down, Fuuko will explain that they're not crusaders for
justice or anything and they can't do anything to help him.  Zeto understands
and calls off the zombies.  He wants to live the rest of his life as a human
even if he is going to die.  Koganei gives him a hug and they leave with the
disk.  Finally, mission cleared.  A short segment about more Aoi and Hiruko
talking, this time about the death of Kadotsu.  Mori Kouran is pissing in his
pants from the thought of Kurei being in SODOM but Renge comforts him.

----------------------------Mission 6: "Parthenon"------------------------------
Mikagami arrives in the Parthenon where he is greeted by the Shishiten member,
Hiruko.  Hiruko is especially interested in Mikagami not only because of their
similarities, but because he uses the Hyomon Ken and has come to meet Meguri
Kyouza, a man that even Hiruko fears.

                      *******Mikagami vs. Hiruko*******
This is probably the toughest fight so far.  Hiruko's Ketsukaidan is incredibly
hard to dodge so you'll be much better off blocking it or intercepting it with
your Ensui.  Hiruko loves to block and dodge so chip away at him with Tsura
Naru Hebi (down circle).  If you can stun him, use Zettai Reido (up triangle)
right away.  Don't underestimate the power of your Mizu no Kugutsu.  It can
help save you.  Also be careful of Hiruko's blood hardening move.  It'll cause
damage AND put you down for a free hit.  It is unblockable but fairly easy to

After beating him, Hiruko says that he leaves the fight to Meguri Kyouza.
Mikagami will proceed to Mission 7.

--------------------------------Mission 7: "???"--------------------------------
He finds a statue of Mori Kouran.  Not sensing any enemies, he'll move on to
Mission 8.

---------------------------Mission 8: "Marie's House"---------------------------
You'll be greeted by Marie who looks like a nice woman.  She'll offer you tea 
and now you'll have to decide:
Square - Don't trust her
Circle - Refuse the tea
Let the timer run out - Don't trust her

If you refuse the tea:
She'll take you inside for "cookies."  Cookies, meaning a giant gimp.

                      *******Mikagami vs. Pochi*******
Shouldn't be too hard after a fight with Hiruko.  Pochi likes to summon his
Mistress for her to use the Sokubaku Benten quite often so punish him with a
weak attack before he gets the chance to whip you.

After you win, Marie will tell her that that was her husband and collapses in
ecstacy.  She's a masochist too...=P  Mission xleared.

If you don't trust her:
Marie will drink the tea herself to prove that it's not poisoned.  Mikagami
will drink the tea and pass out.  Sucks for him.

Enter Domon.  Who meets up with Marie and is presented with tea as well.
Square - Trust her
Circle - Don't trust her
Let the timer run out - Don't trust her

If you don't trust her:
Marie will again drink the tea herself to prove that it's not poisoned.  Domon
follows suit and gulps it down.  Marie will invite Domon down for cookies where
he will find Mikagami in a...precarious situation.  Mikagami will tell Domon
that the cup itself was poisoned, not the tea and that he'll be joining him
soon.  Domon feels fine because he actually drank from the same place that
Marie drank from (the only place on the cup that wasn't poisoned).  Marie
thought that Domon figured it out but Mi-bou knows that Domon's the type
of guy who would steal his crush's flute and play on it just for an indirect
kiss.  Anyway, Marie sics Pochi on him and you'll have to take care of him.

                         *******Domon vs. Pochi*******
Should even be easier than Mikagami vs Pochi.  Again, Pochi likes to use his
"Hissatsu" attacks whenever he feels like so just punish him with a weak attack
and finish him off with strong attacks.

Recca will arrive and they talk about stuff.  Marie falls into ecstasy again
(too bad we don't get to see Recca and Domon's reactions.  If you have the
chance, read the manga.  Quite possibly one of the funniest reactions ever).
Recca and Domon makes fun of Mikagami as they walk off.  Mission cleared.

If you do trust her:
Well, Domon collapses and its up to Recca to save the day.  He charges a 500
yen saving fee though.

                           *******Recca vs. Pochi*******
You should know the drill by now.  If not, just follow the same strategies
outlined earlier.

Recca makes fun of both Mikagami and Domon as they walk off.  Mission cleared.

----------------------Mission 7: "Key and Gate"--------------------------------
Okay, so now we're at the Mori Kouran statue.  Each of the Hokage places their
individual disks and with each disk, the statue transforms.  When it's at its
finals phase, it'll ask you to put in a password.  The hint is that this is
going to be your fate.  The letters are: A T H E D.  It's pretty easy to figure
out and if you can't, just keep trying and Kagerou-mama will literally spell it
out for you.  If you're just that lazy, the answer is: D E A T H.  Okay, now
the gateway to H or H is open and Aoi invites you in.  After a heroic speech
from Recca, you're on your way to battle.  There are 7 elevators in front of
you and only one person can go on each.  They all lead to Mori Kouran, but
you'll be facing a difficult opponent along the way.  First up is Domon.

-------------------------------H or H - Route C--------------------------------
Domon is greeted by none other than the Shishiten member, Hiruko.  Hiruko's a
polite guy and believes that battles should be sacred.  After a bit of talking
it's time to fight.

                        *******Domon vs. Hiruko*******
This is much harder than Mikagami's fight with Hiruko.  When you get Hiruko's
health down to halfway, he'll "reload" and gain back his health up to around
four-fifths.  Just keep hammering and blocking his Ketsukaidan.  It's nearly
impossible for me to dodge most of Hiruko's attacks with Domon so be careful.

After the fight, Domon will leave Hiruko with some extra bottles of blood so
he doesn't die.  Hiruko learns about why the Hokage are so strong and learns
about how he can walk his own path instead of following orders all day.

On another note, there have been 5 intruders into Hell or Heaven and all of
the elite guards stationed there have been slaughtered.

-------------------------------H or H - Route B--------------------------------
Koganei feels an incredible aura as soon as he gets off the elevator.  It's
Joker!  And unfortunately for Kaoru, Joker wants a rematch right now.  Kaoru
doesn't really want to fight so Joker chases him around for a while.  They meet
up with Kirito and a two-on-two battle ensues...well, more like a one-on-one
fight in this game.

                       *******Koganei vs. Shiguma*******
Shiguma's weak attack is pretty easy to dodge but his strong attacks are a bit
misleading.  His defense is pretty good, so be sure to use the sixth form the
first chance you get.  Also, try not to block too much since it'll do major
chunks of damage.

Anyway, after the skirmish, Kirito loses her will to fight.  But somebody else
is more than willing to take her place.  It's Kadotsu and he's not as dead as
everyone though.  Joker tells Koganei to go and tries to finish Kadotsu off for
good...instead, he gets stabbed.  Of course, a fatal injury isn't enough to
stop Joker so he uses the last of his strength to create a Black Hole to suck
both of them into a single point of singularity...or whatever happens in Black
Holes.  See you in MAR, Joker.

-------------------------------H or H - Route E--------------------------------
Fuuko runs into...guess what?  Raiha!  Yeah, Fuuko doesn't want to fight the
guy that saved her life so many times.  She wants to fight Mori Kouran together
with Raiha.  Raiha says no-go because he's with Kurei and he has to dispatch
ALL of Kurei's enemies...including the Hokage.  Fuuko asks again why Raiha
fights for Kurei so loyally and Raiha explains that he is the descendant of all
the traitors in the Hokage that ran away while the others fought and died.  He
doesn't want to run away from any fight, no matter how painful.  And this fight
is pretty painful.

                          *******Fuuko vs. Raiha*******
Yeah, be really careful because Raiha is a pretty tough opponent.  He's pretty
good at dodging and blocking, and his weak attacks comes out really fast.  His
strong attacks don't do much damage much like Fuuko's Fuujin, but it's pretty
fast compared to other fighters out there.  Just play defensively and you
should do fine.

After you "beat" Raiha, he acknowledges your strength and says that he's going
to put all of his life in this one last attack.  Domon comes back because he's
worried and stuff and together, they finally beat Raiha.  Raiha talks about how
he's useless to Kurei after they leave and Neon comes to cheer him up, so all's
good.  Domon proposes to Fuuko...sorta, and they just go off to rescue Yanagi.

-------------------------------H or H - Route A---------------------------------
Kagerou meets up with Kirin and Rasen.  Rasen rids Kagerou of her immortality
curse but still lives, with the Koukai Gyoku breaking.  Kagerou says that from
one mother to another that she surely forgives him for erasing her and that she
probably wants Rasen to live a happy life.  Stuff like that.

-------------------------------H or H - Route G---------------------------------
Mikagami sense a familiar presence and lo and behold...it's his master, Meguri
Kyouza.  Meguri's glad to see his old student again and the first thing he
wants to do, naturally, is to test how well he's improved.  Mikagami doesn't
really want to fight but instead learn the truth about his sister's death.
Meguri won't say a word until Mikagami can land a blow and so, they fight.

                   *******Mikagami vs. Meguri Kyouza*******
Without a doubt, the hardest fight so far, or possibly ever in this whole game.
I guess it's because he's the master of the Hyoumon Ken himself or he's that
stereotypical old guy who kicks a ton of ass if it weren't for his dying old
body but almost everytime you attack him, he will end up dodging it.  If you
charge in attacking, you'll only be hurting yourself.  There are basically two
things you do in this fight: 1.) Dodge his attacks and counter.  After a couple
of fights with this guy, you'll learn how to dodge every one of his attacks.
Counter them.  He'll usually dodge those too, but a few lucky ones will get to
him.  2.) Hit him while he's in the middle of a move.  Basically the only way
to really damage this guy is to anticipate his attacks.  Easier said than done.
When he's charging up for the Hisame or the Hyou Nara Hebi, slice him.
Fortunately, he can't take too many hits so even your weak attacks will do a
fair amount of damage to him.  Throughout the fight, there'll be dialogue about
how he is the one that killed his sister and how he's a member of Uruha, but
Mikagami says those are all lies.

After finally beating him, he'll explain the truth about how he is actually
Tokiya's grandfather and that Meguri Kyouza is more of a title (it means
"Revolving Throne") and that he was also teaching Mifuyu (Mikagami's sister)
the Hyoumon Ken.  Jisho and some Ura Uruha thugs found out about Meguri and
killed Mifuyu.  Although the actual killers of Mifuyu were immediately sliced
into seventeen pieces, Meguri still blames himself for the death so he takes
full responsibility for it.  With his body beaten up and his age catching up
anyway, he dies in Mikagami's hands.  Mikagami thanks his master for all that
he has done for him and states that the throne will revolve no more.

-------------------------------H or H - Route D---------------------------------
Kurei stomps the living hell out of Renge.  Not even a fight.  Renge is scared
speechless and runs off to Mori Kouran.

-------------------------------H or H - Route F---------------------------------
Recca meets up with Aoi and Recca questions why Aoi is doing this.  Aoi feels
guilty for betraying Yanagi, but he has to do this for Kouran.  It's the only
way Aoi can live.  Before they fight, Recca finds out Aoi is actually a man so
he'll now have no reservations about beating the crap out of him.

                          *******Recca vs. Aoi*******
Another really hard battle, probably the second hardest in the game.  Aoi's
really good at dodging (though not as good as Meguri Kyouza), and his attacks
come out really fast.  It's really easy to get stunned between all of his
dodging and attacks.  If he stuns you, recover as quickly as possible and do
NOT let him use his "Hissatsu" attack.  The Shinryo Shikou basically messes up
your buttons and although you won't get into the hit animation for it, you just
may end up blocking when you want to hit, or attacking when you want to block,
and it will basically cost you this fight unless you're pretty lucky.  Just
make sure he doesn't get a chance to stun  you.  If you can't dodge his attacks
(they are pretty hard to dodge), then block them.  Do not risk getting hit.

After you beat Aoi, Recca will tell Aoi to walk his own path.  It doesn't
matter if he's a failed clone of Kurei, he can still find happiness, especially
when he's with his friend.  Aoi wants to know if Yanagi will forgive him, and
Recca responds that his Hime never says anything bad or feel ill will towards
her friends.  After Recca leaves, Hiruko comes by to check up on Aoi.  They
both decide to walk for themselves instead of following Kouran.  As Recca is
walking to fight Mori Kouran, old man Kokuu stops him and tells him that his
father wants to talk to him.  Recca replies that he has to go help his friends
now and if he wants to give him the powers of Resshin, then he can go ahead and
do so.  Kokuu says that if he uses Resshin's powers without knowing what it
does, then he will definitely become the ninth dragon.  Inside the world of
Recca's mind, Ouka finishes explaining his power and Recca refuses to use it.

-----------------------------------Final Battle---------------------------------
Mori Kouran is about to awaken and the first one to stop him is Kagerou.  She's
in a tight spot without her immortality anymore, but Koganei Kaoru comes to her
rescue.  As you go on, the rest of the Hokage show up and they each have to
fight with zombie Mori Kouran.

              *******Kaoru, Domon, Fuuko vs. Mori Kouran*******
All three battles are more or less the same.  All of his attacks are pretty
easy to dodge, and his defense isn't all that great either.  You should be
able to finish him off quite easily now...just dodge his attacks, retaliate and
hit him with your "Hissatsu" whenever he's stunned.

Mori now awakens from his cacoon and he's now fully merged with the Tendou
Jigoku.  Zombie Mori about to go and kill the Hokage when Mi-chan saves the day
with his Tsurara Mai.  Tendou Jigoku emerges from the cacoon and goes after the
only guy who's still up.

                    *******Mikagami vs. Tendou Jigoku*******
Tendou Jigoku is a better dodger than Mori and his attacks are a bit harder to
dodge, but it still shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Don't let him
regenerate or you'll be in for a long fight.  If you lose this fight, you'll
get a certain percentage towards your completion but you'll have to start all
over from Koganei's fight.

Anyway, all of the Hokage except for Fuuko and Kage Houshi are down and neither
of them have enough strength left to stop Mori from merging with Yanagi.  Off
course, it's Recca to the rescue.  Don't touch his Hime.  Seriously.  Before
the fight though, Renge comes in crying for his papa and gets absorbed by the
Tendou Jigoku.  Poor girl, but nothing you can do now.  Tendou Jigoku now has
the power to generate flames as well as the natural resistence that all flame
users have.  Tough break for Recca.  

                      *******Recca vs. Tendou Jigoku*******
Much like the last fight except he has two new attacks.  Neither of which are
too impressive, but they can be a bit tough to dodge.  Again, do not let him
regenerate or you're in for a long fight.  After the battle, enjoy the long but
superbly animated ending.  Fans of the manga have been waiting for this for a
long time.

To unlock Kurei
- Get 100% completion and then beat the game on Normal or Hard.  I'm not sure
  if it works on Easy mode or not.

To unlock Joker
- Hold L1 and R1 while highlighting "Battle" on the Main Menu.  Then, press the
  Konami code.  If you don't know what the Konami code is, look up some Contra
  or maybe some Gradius FAQs.  =P  It's up, up, down, down, left, right, left,
  right, b (X), a (O), start.

Battle Guide

Note: All times are approximate to the 3rd significant digit.  The asterisk (*)
denotes a name that has yet to be translated properly.
Hanabishi Recca
Strength - High
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Punch (2.74 seconds)
Fireworks (2.94 seconds) - Hard to dodge
Nadare (3.05 seconds)
Saiha (3.07 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Homura (3.69 seconds)
Setsuna (3.88 seconds)
Rui (3.80 seconds) - Hits 3 times
Kokuu (3.94 seconds)
Nadare + Kokuu (4.88 seconds)
Madoka (1.50 to 5.44 seconds) - It takes 1.50 seconds to start up a barrier
that blocks any attacks for up to 3.94 seconds.
Ishijima Domon
Strength - High
Defense - High
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Punch (2.67 seconds)
Kick (2.92 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Kuchibashi Ou (3.84 seconds)
Combo* (3.79 seconds) - Hits 5 times
Dosei no Wa (5.10 seconds) - Increases Attack
Tetsugan (3.50 seconds) - Increases Attack and Defense
Kirisawa Fuuko
Strength - Low
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
"Kuri" (2.67 seconds)
Kaze no Tsume (2.87 seconds)
Shinryo Shintou (3.00 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Kamaitachi (3.61 seconds)
Hayate (3.84 seconds)
Kazadama (4.91 seconds)
Kaza Mori (0.00 to 4.80 seconds) - Puts up a shield instantaneously that blocks
any attacks for up to 4.80 seconds.
Mikagami Tokiya
Strength - Low
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Ensui (2.83 seconds)
Tsurara Mai (2.97 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Mizu naru Hebi (3.74 seconds)
Hyou naru Hebi (3.74 seconds)
Tsura naru Hebi (3.76 seconds)
Zettai Reido (4.83 seconds)
Mizu Kugutsu (2.13 to 6.00 seconds) - It takes 2.13 seconds to set up a water
clone that absorbs any attacks for up to 3.87 seconds.
Koganei Kaoru
Strength - Medium
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
1st stance "Kiba" (2.80 seconds)
2nd stance "Ryuu" (2.86 seconds)
3rd stance "Kyoku" (2.98 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
4th stance "Mikazuki" (3.59 seconds)
5th stance "An" (3.84 seconds)
6th stance "Mu" (5.04 seconds) - Hits 4 times
Strength - Low
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.80 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Bite (3.81 seconds)
Miki and Aki
Strength - Low
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Idaten (2.81 seconds)
Doublehandle (2.80 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Rapier (3.80 seconds)
Knife (3.66 seconds)
Kotodama (4.05 seconds) - Instantly drains opponent's stun meter.
Strength - High
Defense - High
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Punch (2.78 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Super Blow (3.84 seconds)
=Hissatsu Attacks=
Missile (5.16 seconds)
Strength - Medium
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Sabre Arm (2.74 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Gatling Arm (3.78 seconds)
Laser Arm (3.87 seconds)
=Hissatsu Attacks=
Ashura Arm (4.18 seconds) - Multi-hit
Strength - Medium
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Knife (2.77 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Mousengoke (3.85 seconds) - Its scientific name is Drosera rotundifolia 
Iron Maiden (3.94 seconds)
=Hissatsu Attacks=
Mokuryu (5.10 seconds)
Deku Mai (3.94 seconds) - Increases Attack
Strength - Medium
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Shikigami no tou (2.90 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Shikigami no yaiba (3.77 seconds) 
Shikigami no honoo (5.11 seconds)
Strength - Medium 
Defense - High
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Claw Strike* (2.64 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Chomp* (3.74 seconds)
Body Attack* (3.97 seconds)
Madan* (5.02 seconds)
Strength - Medium 
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Sekikon (2.84 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Stone hand blow* (3.83 seconds)
Stone hand crush* (4.96 seconds)
Strength - High
Defense - High
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Stone punch (2.97 seconds)
Stone kick (2.90 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Stomp* (3.84 seconds)
Stone Bullets* (5.06 seconds) - Multi hit
Strength - Medium
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.87 seconds)
Kick (2.87 seconds)
Call* (4.36 seconds) - Calls up a weaker version of "Zombie" to fight
Strength - High
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Blood Sword (2.85 seconds)
Ketsukaikyuu (2.74 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Ketsukaidan (3.64 seconds) - Hard to dodge
Wakemi (5.04 seconds)
"Shikatame"* (4.97 seconds) - Freezes opponent for 3-4 seconds
Strength - High 
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Low
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.87 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Chop* (3.92 seconds)
Doublehandle* (3.78 seconds)
Sokubaku Benten (5.07 seconds) - Multi hit
Strength - Medium 
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
Sword (2.90 seconds)
Shuriken* (2.87 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Raijin (3.82 seconds)
Kyourai (3.63 seconds)
Furumi Kazuchi (5.02 seconds)
Meguri Kyouza
Strength - Medium
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
Hyouma En (2.87 seconds)
Tsurara Mai (2.98 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Hisame (3.80 seconds)
Hyou naru Hebi (3.78 seconds)
Tou Kekkai (5.09 seconds)
Mizu Kugutsu (1.60 to 4.96 seconds) - It takes 1.60 seconds to set up a water
clone to absorbs any attacks for up to 3.36 seconds.
Strength - Medium 
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
Palm Slap* (2.84 seconds)
Stab* (2.96 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Gun shot* (3.95 seconds)
Shinryo Shikou (5.15 seconds) - Switches the positions of the controller.
Mori Kouran
Strength - Medium 
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.96 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Whip* (3.84 seconds)
Combo* (3.79 seconds) - Multi hit
Beam* (5.05 seconds)
Multiply* (3.08 seconds) - Increases Attack 
Tendou Jigoku
Strength - High
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.98 seconds)
Flame Blade (2.94 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Arm Extend* (3.81 seconds)
Combo* (3.93 seconds) - Hits 8 times
Rengoku (3.97 seconds)
Beam* (5.50 seconds)
Regeneration* (3.94 seconds) - Recovers health
Strength - Medium 
Defense - Low
Dodging Ability - High
=Weak Attacks=
Taishaku Kaiten (2.89 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Earth's Gravity + (3.84 seconds)
Earth's Gravity - (3.79 seconds)
Earth's Gravity +- (3.97 seconds)
Blackhole (5.55? seconds) - Damages Joker as well
Strength - High 
Defense - Medium
Dodging Ability - Medium
=Weak Attacks=
Blow (2.77 seconds)
Flame* (3.00 seconds)
=Strong Attacks=
Kurenai* (3.81 seconds)
Jisho* (3.83 seconds)
Spirits of Fire* (3.94 seconds)
Ha En (5.03 seconds)
Wakemi (3.92 seconds) - Multi hit

Well, I'd first like to thank my brother, shell bullet Kazuma (his alias on the
boards) for first, buying this game for me as well as translating a ton of the
stuff in this game.

I'd also like to thank Soul Stealer for being pretty passionate for Flame of
Recca...and Mikagami especially.  =P  Oh, and Kyokugen Spirit, Mochan, and any-
body else I missed too.  We had some fun with that Flame of Recca topic, huh?

I'd like to thank all the people in front of me that have actually figured out
how to get Kurei and Joker.  I don't know exactly who the first person is, but
be sure to contact me and tell me so I can give you your proper dues.

I'd like to give a big thanks to the staff at Snoopycool for scanlating the
manga as well as Quasi translations when Snoopy and staff were hard at work
in the middle of scanlating but weren't done yet and Aoi Honoo translations way
before I even heard of Snoopycool.

I'd like to thank Viz for distributing the manga locally (and by locally, I
mean the U.S.).

I'd like to pay great homage to Nobuyuki Anzai, for without his work, there
would be no Flame of Recca.  I'd also like to thank him for inspiring me a lot
when it comes to artwork.  Definitely one of the most improved artworks in an
ongoing manga series.

I'd also like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs in general for hosting this FAQ and
for a place where gamers can all go and swap ideas, hints, strategies, and

If you have any questions, comments, corrections or suggestions, please contact
me at <ryuhou_sama@yahoo.com>. 

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