Can anyone teach me how to get all the item in Booster Forest - Bamboo Pandamonium 'stage?

  1. i had get the Dr.Light there and i didn't get the rest,can anyone help me?

    User Info: CK442

    CK442 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well don't lose the ride armor for one and have axl and X with a buster part that can charge special weapons. Also the item prikle barrier is a HUGE Help

    In the begining of the stage there's a robot that loves to roll. Copy shot it and take it's ability.

    Alright the part in the stage where you got x's armor take the ride armor and bring it up with the elevator thats activated by hitting the switch.

    After bringing it up jump out and use the ability axl has and jump down and roll to the left. there should be a rare metal.

    go back to your ride armor and take the upper path blocked by blue blocks that only the ride armor can break. progress and eventually you'll see a conveyor belt that makes you move to the left and the other moves to the right. there will be a switch for a elevator above the side that moves to the right. This is tricky ( I would recommend zero for this) but jump out, hit the switch and get back in the ride armor before it falls off. (as soon as a board it jump and move to the left for guarantee'd success) get on that platform, jump up destroy the blue blocks and move to the left

    The floor has a unique design. Switch to X and charge up mirror wall and use it in the center of the design and voila

    now lastly keep taking the ride armor until you see two paths near the end where the lower path is the spinning spiky gears to the right. go to the right, jump out of the ride armor onto flat ground. It should be carried away by the gears. Now assuming you still have the prikle barrier wait one second and dash all the way to the ride armor. You will be taken aboard another elevator but you can't move. Don't worry it'll move on it's own giving you a bunch of metals and final the last one.

    User Info: mllnm

    mllnm - 9 years ago 0   0

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