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Reviewed: 05/24/05 | Updated: 10/17/06

Not quite as good as the GameCube version.

It appears Sonic Mega Collection for GameCube has basically been ported to the PS2, re-designed and expanded, but basically the same. Here's my review for the PS2 version of the collection:
Play Control: 8/10

I had a few problems adjusting to the PS2 controller, since I'm more used to using a GameCube controller. The positions on the buttons are a little bit worse here than a GameCube and Genesis controller for these games, but the bigger pad on the PS2 controller makes it almost as good.

Graphics: 7/10

Well, these are a bunch of 16-bit Genesis and 8-bit Game Gear Sonic titles. While excellent in color, probably the best out of most Genesis games, and generally high quality for their time, the graphics are getting kind of dated now...but it's not really a problem, as that's expected when using emulation (the games contained here are running on an emulator). The games have their original Genesis and Game Gear graphics .

Music: 8/10

All the music in these games that you heard on Genesis and Game Gear are presented in their original limited sound quality form. The music is good, but it sounds like the music is louder than they originally were on Genesis and Game Gear. All the music in the GameCube version was Genesis perfect, but is a bit flawed in volume here.

Sound Effects: 5/10

Some of the sound effects are screwed up here. Unlike the GameCube version and the Genesis originals, here in Sonic 1 the sound has constant delays. You collect about 5 or 6 rings for example, and 2 seconds later you here the ring sound but it only plays twice even though you collected about 5! This is annoying. The other games appear to be fine, with only slight weirdness to the music, but it's not nearly as bad as Sonic 1. Sega and Sonic Team were able to get all the sound effects in all the games sound exactly the same as the Genesis originals in the GameCube version of SMC, and there were no delays whatsoever. Things do not work as well here on PS2 as GameCube and Genesis.

GamePlay: 9/10

Fantastic! Six Sonic Game Gear games which did not appear in Sonic Mega Collection for GameCube appear here, as well as 2 non Sonic Genesis games called Comix Zone and The Ooze which appeared in the Japanese GameCube version. All the glitches and cheat codes you remember from the Genesis days remain intact here. Still, the inferior PS2 controller (IMO, when used for these games) makes the Gameplay lose a point, because this issue makes the games a bit less fun to play.

Extras: 7/10

There is a menu with various extras, most of them being the Extras found in the GameCube version and some new content that never made it in that version ( on). There's artwork selections, comic book covers, and videos. It's good stuff. Most of the new artwork not in the GC version is Sonic Heroes artwork...not that that's a bad thing or that recent, not so rare artwork is unique to the PS2 version, the GameCube version had SA2: Battle artwork. The videos, however, are a downgrade IMO. Since Sonic Gems Collection includes Sonic CD, I could care less about the Sonic CD videos being removed here. However, the Sonic preview movies have also been removed here and replaced with Sonic Heroes movies. Ugh...why??? These videos are already in Sonic Heroes. Well anyway, some of the movies include the Sonic Heroes opening and the Team Dark intro. Not great, IMO. But the artwork selections are cool.

Overall: 7/10

While the original GamePlay is intact, there is enough problems here that make the PS2 version of SMC not as good as the GameCube version, IMO. If you don't have a GCN, buy it for PS2. But if you only have a GameCube or have both a GameCube and PS2, buy the GameCube version and rent the PS2 version. Get this game for GameCube if you can, along with Sonic Adventure DX if you want the Game Gear games (since it has all 12 of them), unless the PS2 is the only current-gen system you own.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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