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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

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    Date: 	Thursday 14 January 1904 11:42:33
    For the Mega Drive
    FAQ by GavLuvsGA@aol.com
    Version 2: 08 -  04 - 2005
    Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of  the author.
    Copying of any part of this without including my name is  basically not
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    Revision History
    Version 2 (08 - 04 - 2005)
    Tidied it up and clarified stuff because someone was whinging on the  message
    1 Items
    2 Baddies
    3 Robotnik's  Attacks
    4 Walkthrough
    5 Bonus Stages
    1  Items
    Pick them up so that you will not die if you are hit.  Getting 100 or 200 will
    get you an extra life (getting 50 000 points will do  the same). If you are
    hit, your rings will scatter over the screen, so try  and retrieve some.
    TV sets
    These contain:
    Super ring: Gives  you 10 rings
    Speed shoes: Gives you a burst of speed
    Shield: If  you get hit, yo won't lose your rings, but you will lose your
    Invincible: Makes you temporarily invincible (but you can  still be crushed,
    or fall off the screen).
    Sonic: Gives you an extra  life
    2 Baddies
    Moto Bug (Green Hill Zone)
    Simply runs back  and forth, making it the easiest baddie in the game to avoid.
    Crabmeat  (Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone)
    Slightly harder, as this baddie will  occasionally open its claws to fire
    energy balls at you.
    Buzz Bomber  (Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone)
    Flies overhead and spits  a fireball at you.
    Chopper (Green Hill Zone)
    Whenever you see a  bridge, there is likely to be at least one of these fish
    below, ready to  snap at you.
    Newtron (Green Hill Zone)
    These will appear out of  walls; the ones with red eyes will fly at you, while
    the ones with yellow  eyes will appear briefly to fire a ball bomb at you.
    Caterkiller (Marble  Zone, Scrap Brain Zone)
    It looks harmless, but you can only attack its  head as all its spikes are
    poisonous. If you hit a spike, the Caterkiller  will break up and bounce
    around the screen, threatening to inflict further  damage.
    Batbot (Marble Zone)
    Found underground, this baddie will  simply fly at you.
    Roller (Spring Yard Zone)
    Almost a clone of  Sonic himself, these are (thankfully) very rare. As you run
    along, they will  roll up behind you, uncurling for a few seconds, before
    rolling on. They are  only vulnerable while uncurled.
    Spikes (Spring Yard Zone)
    Like  Caterkiller, avoid their spikes. Fortunately these don't break up and
    bounce  over the screen.
    Orbinaut (Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain  Zone)
    This guy has four spiked balls, and it practically invulnerable  when guarded
    by them. Only the ones on the Labyrinth Zone and Scrap Brain  zone will
    release their missiles, leaving them open to attack.
    Chop  Chop (Labyrinth Zone, Scrap Brain Zone)
    These will swim through the  water. Be careful when dropping down a shaft, but
    not much of a hazard  otherwise.
    Burrowbot (Labyrinth Zone, Scrap Brain Zone)
    These are  only visible by their noses, before they burst out of the floor to
    attack  you, usually in groups.
    Bomb Bot (Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain  Zone)
    When you go near to these bad guys, they will explode into  shrapnel, which
    you should avoid like the plague.
    Ballhog (Scrap  Brain Zone)
    Very rare, these pigs are found in groups at the end of  levels. Their only
    attack is to throw bouncing balls at you (but in narrow  passages).
    3 Boss Fights
    Green Hill Zone
    Jump onto one of the floating platforms and  attack Robotnik a few times,
    before retreating into the corner. He will  produce what looks like a giant
    bauble, which he swings back and forth. When  it swings away from you, jump up
    and hit him. Eight hits will see him  packing.
    Marble Zone
    Jump up and hit Robotnik and he will fly  across the lava. Stay where you are
    as he will set fire to the platform on  the other side, before heading back
    your way. Hit him and jump away, over  the lava, before he sets light to this
    platform (the fire on the other side  will have subsided). Keep this up and he
    will be defeated  quickly.
    Spring Yard Zone
    Robotnik looks harmless, but this  usually means he's up to no good. Stand on
    the far left block of the bridge  and he will hover over you, producing a
    spike. Run out of the way and he  will tug the block you were standing on. Hit
    him a few times (if you're  good, you'll manage about four hits). Keep doing
    this, each time standing on  the furthest left block, otherwise you may end up
    falling to your death  after beating Robotnik (very frustrating).
    Labyrinth Zone
    This is  an unusual boss. After a very steep climb up a shaft, you will meet
    Robotnik, who promptly flies away. Chase him up the hardest section of the
    level, avoiding the spikes and flame spitting dog heads. Try not to be too
    hasty, or you will make a mistake, even though the water is constantly
    rising. When you reach the top, Robotnik will run away, leaving you free to
    get to the prison egg.
    Star Light Zone
    Robotnik will drop  bombs on to the see saws, and Sonic can attack him either
    by standing on  other end of the see saw before the bomb is dropped and being
    catapulted up  to Robotnik, or jumping on the see saw after the bomb is
    dropped and  catapulting the bombs at him. Be warned that if you die, you will
    be sent to  the lamp post (restart point) immediately before Robotnik, and you
    will not  be able to collect ANY rings or shields.
    Scrap Brain Zone
    There is  no boss; see the:
    Final Zone
    You have no rings, but it's not  actually that hard. You will be in a room with
    six pressers (three in the floor
    and three in the ceiling), and two - at random - will pop out to try and
    squash you flat. One has Robotnik inside, and this is the one you must hit.
    After that, four energy balls will now be released at the
    top of the  screen and will home in on you. Make sure you avoid them or they
    will kill  you.
    It's a good idea to stand to the right of the screen, as this is best to  avoid
    being squashed, and only go for Robotnik if you can actually reach him.  Don't
    take any foolish risks.
    After eight hits, chase Robotnik to his flying pod, and - to
    make  things a bit more satisfying, ram him and it'll blow up (although this
    isn't  necessary).
    4 Walkthrough
    Green Hill Zone
    The easiest zone,  this has only a few hazards. Watch out for the spikes that
    are found down  pits, as falling on these will usually spell instant death
    even if Sonic has  rings and a shield. Also, watch out for the rotating logs
    with spikes on  near the end of act three.
    It is possible to get every ring on act two by  simply running along to the
    first swing, going past it to kill the fish,  then coming back and going down
    and left, then spin attacking through the  false wall to the left to reveal a
    secret passage. Then, go down and right  and cross the spikes and use the
    spring at the end. Go left and collect all  the remaining rings, then head
    right. Before you enter the last tunnel, go  down and left and along the
    passage at the bottom of the screen.  Voila!
    Also, there is a very secret area on act 3, which can be accessed  by running
    along the bottom of the level until you find what appears to be a  wall in the
    way. Spin attack it to break the false wall and take the bottom  passage,
    which will end with a set of spikes - or does it? Jump over the  spring and
    spikes and you will enter a secret area containing five super  ring boxes and
    one 1 up. Leave the area, using the spring on the right, but  do so quickly as
    hanging around will actually cause the screen to scroll up  automatically,
    killing Sonic at the bottom.
    For those of you who have  trouble beating Robotnik on this level, there is an
    invincibility box hidden  in a tall palm tree near the end of act three. In
    fact, there are several  boxes hidden in this way throughout the zone!
    Marble Zone
    This is  tougher; watch out for the pits of lava, and the platforms that sink
    into  it. There are several ways to be crushed, too, including the pillars
    that  move up and down and the spiked chandeliers and lead weights on chains
    that  rise and then crash to the floor. You can also use there to reach higher
    Also, watch out for the grey blocks that you can break with a  spin attack.
    You get points for attacking them and - like bad guys - hitting  multiple ones
    without stopping will earn you extra points (at one point in  act two, you can
    accumulate 100, 000 points doing this).
    Each act has  a secret extra life. On act 1, this is in the first shaft
    leading up to the  open air. As you rise on the chandelier, jump into the wall
    on the left.  There are four super ring boxes too.
    On act two, you will cross a lava  pool on a grey slab at one point. At the
    far end is another grey slab, which  you should jump onto, rather than to the
    raised platform on the left. Enter  the wall on the left for a 1 up and twenty
    Finally, on act  three, follow the level and you will come to a point where
    you ride across a  lava pool on a slab and get fired up to the next section.
    Go right, until  you come to a wall and three chandeliers. Jump in the wall on
    the right,  instead of heading downwards, and you will find a 1 up. Continue
    right for a  short cut.
    Spring Yard Zone
    For the most of this act, you should  keep to the bottom of the area, as there
    are more opportunities to grab items.  Watch out for Rollers sneaking up behind
    you, and hit them as soon as they  uncurl. Do rolling attacks on the Spikes
    enemies (the pink guys with spikes),  and be careful with the rotating spike
    balls. There are some secrets on act two.  First of all, take the lower route
    to the
    shaft where it looks like you must  go up. Use the spring and enter a passage
    to the right, in the wall. Avoid  the moving blocks and get the 1 up at the
    The act also has TWO  exits! When going down the final ramp, make a large jump
    to a platform high  overhead and you will get some extra rings and there will
    be a second  signpost!
    At the end of the act is a bottomless pit, so be careful when crossing it  to
    the fight against Robotnik (see Bosses section).
    Labyrinth  Zone
    This is arguably the hardest level in the game, being the first one  to be
    almost completely full of water. When underwater, you must keep  grabbing
    large air bubbles, or you will drown (a five second countdown will  begin if
    you leave it too long).
    Act One has a brilliant short cut!  Continue right past the first underwater
    section and drop into the second  one. There are two switches; get the one on
    the left, and stand on the  platform below it, which rises. Stand there and
    jump before you are impaled  to death on the spiked ceiling, and you should
    land on a platform, and you  can now climb out of the water. A tiny platform
    will have appeared, so use  it to cross the lake, quickly jumping off at the
    end. You are now in a short  cut to the end of the act. Be careful attacking
    the Burrowbots. I've found  myself prone to taking accidental hits at this
    Act Two has no real short cuts, just a straightforward path. Watch out for  the
    invincible in the act; don't be too hasty in getting it as a swinging chain
    guards it, and it's not immediately obvious.
    Act three begins with a  seemingly endless waterfall (N.B. there is an
    interesting graphics SNAFU in  this part, as you can see into some of the
    rooms ahead, which contain Chop  Chops, but NO water. The fish are,
    nevertheless, swimming in mid air. When  you reach these rooms, however, they
    will be filled up. To escape the  waterfall, wait until you are falling to the
    left and time it to leap to the  platform with the switch (also find the
    platform with a shield on), allowing  access to the right. This may take some
    trial and error, but watch out for the  platform and try to jump when you see
    There is also a short cut  here; go down from here to a platform with some
    spears on and a sinking  cork, which will take you to a secret passage.
    If you choose to go the  long way, however, there is a hidden life. When you
    get to the first large  pulley, drop down and jump left and you will find a
    secret room (also  containing four super rings).
    If you have trouble with the boss on this  level, I suggest you miss out the
    final lamp post (which - if you took the  short cut - will mean starting from
    the beginning again), as restarting from  here will mean you can't collect
    rings (but you can get a shield).
    The "boss" is a bit unconventional, and can be a nightmare for beginners  (see
    Boss section).
    Star Light Zone
    This level has the best music  in the game, and is (thankfully) also one of
    the easiest levels (I only lost  two lives getting through it on my first go).
    The only real danger is  falling off the bottom of the screen. Sega, realising
    this, put only one  restart point in the entire level (the one just before
    Robotnik, which we  could easily do without - see Robotnik section). Unlike
    the previous level,  where you generally had no more than two options per act,
    this level has  multiple routes you can take (to a far greater extent than any
    other level!  At the start of act 1, be aware of the false wall on the right
    spin  attack it for forty rings and a 1 up. Otherwise, try and keep to the top
    of  the level, as there is less danger of falling off the screen.
    When you reach the see-saws, jump on the side WITHOUT a spike ball on, and
    your weight will throw it up in the air. Stand there and it will land,
    propelling you into the air. You can stay still and you'll gain momentum and
    you  can use the direction pad in the air to manoevre Sonic.
    The only other tip I can give is that it is best not to attack the  orbinauts
    unless you are invincible, as you will probably end up getting hit as  they
    DON'T throw their spikes. I have occasionally managed to successfully kill
    them, but it's hard to time right.
    Scrap Brain Zone
    This is one of  the best levels in the game. Act 1 takes place outside the
    factory, with  about three different routes available (warning: don't take the
    bottom route  unless you're an expert, or suicidal, as it leads to the hardest
    section in  the entire game!) Hitting the ring at the start will cause the
    "wheel" (hard to  give it a proper name) to change the direction of the
    rotation; going directly  into it would take you on the hard route. After that,
    it's a good idea to go up  using the platforms (these "fold" in and out of
    existence, so time it  carefully), then try and stay near the top for a
    generally easier route that  also avoids more of the Ballhogs.
    Act two takes you inside the factory.  There are two routes to take, and the
    best option is probably the lower one,  as it is easier and leads to a chance
    to grab a 1 up, in the room just  before the ballhogs. Wait patiently (this
    could take some  time) and some
    platforms will appear to the left, which you must  quickly get to and climb up
    before they vanish. At the top are four super  rings and a 1 up. The lower
    route also includes and interesting (and weird)  feature you may like to check
    out; after the first warp tube, get an extra  life in a small pit, then ram
    the corner of the floor to the right of this.  If you're on target, you will
    hear a pop and it appears that you killed a  caterkiller (although none were
    visible previously).
    Another feature of this lower route is a secret area accessed from the  second
    warp pipe, if you have 50 rings when you use it (not easy, as rings are
    scarce); this takes you on a quicker route, but will miss out the goodies I
    mentioned above.
    At the end of act two, you will meet Robotnik, but he'll press a switch  which
    makes the floor collapse. Don't try and avoid falling, as you can't.  You will
    drop into act three, which - despite being labelled Scrap Brain -  is actually
    in the Labyrinth Zone (only everything is a different colour  (the water is
    pink, ugh!) Make your way through here for the final showdown;  the quickest
    route is to press the first switch, then overtake the moving  platform and
    continue down. Then head right, avoiding swinging chains and  killing enemies,
    jump and go up the next shaft, and head along the top
    of the screen until you are forced to go down. Go up the shaft on your  right,
    avoiding the swinging ball - and chains and use the spring to reach  the final
    fight. If you take the long route, all I can suggest it to use  every set of
    air bubbles that you find, and don't waste too much time getting  rings - you
    won't actually get any bonuses at the end of this act.
    Final Zone
    Run to the right and fight Robotnik (see boss section). There are no rings,  to
    add extra challenge. Afterwards, chase Robotnik and spin attack him  (optional,
    but satisfying), and watch the end sequence.
    5 Bonus  Stages
    When you get 50 rings on a level, a giant ring will appear at the  end. Jump
    into it to enter a bonus stage, which takes place in a rotating  maze. You
    must collect the chaos emerald to win, and avoid touching the red  spheres
    with "GOAL" written on them. Note that the "R" pads reverse the  direction of
    rotation, the "UP" ones speed it up and the "DOWN" ones slow it  down.
    To get the emerald, you will have to keep bashing againsy the coloured  blocks
    guarding until they  vanish. They usually start off blue, before  turning
    green, yellow and pink,
    then vanishing on the next hit.
    Most of the acts take the form of a long passage that you must  navigate
    through, avoiding routes that lead to goal spheres. It's best to take  your
    time, and look at where the rings are. If there's a fork in the path, most  of
    the time the correct route is in the direction of the rings; this is a good
    tip for the 4th and 5th special stages. With Special Stages 3 and 6, Sonic is
    in  one huge arena, with the chaos emerald in the middle, surrounded by
    breakable  blocks. All I can suggest here is to try and keep Sonic in the
    centre as much as  you can; that way you won't go near the goals.
    Be warned that you can only enter the ring on acts one and two and you  cannot
    do so in the Scrap Brain Zone. Interestingly enough, if you get 50  rings and
    ignore the giant ring while in the Star Light zone, the sign post  at the end
    will start flashing. If you get less than 50 rings and haven't  got all the
    emeralds, the ENTIRE sign will flash (very odd!)
    END OF  FAQ If you spotted any mistakes, or things that were missed out, write
    to  the address at the top.

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