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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CChan

    Version: 1.0b | Updated: 12/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           _________             .__           __  .__
          /   _____/ ____   ____ |__| ____   _/  |_|  |__   ____
          \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\  \   __\  |  \_/ __ \
          /        (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___   |  | |   Y  \  ___/
         /_______  /\____/|___|  /__|\___  >  |__| |___|  /\___  >
                 \/            \/        \/             \/     \/
       ___ ___             .___             .__                    ________
      /   |   \   ____   __| _/ ____   ____ |  |__   ____   ____   \_____  \
     /    ~    \_/ __ \ / __ | / ___\_/ __ \|  |  \ /  _ \ / ___\   /  ____/
     \    Y    /\  ___// /_/ |/ /_/  >  ___/|   Y  (  <_> ) /_/  > /       \
      \___|_  /  \___  >____ |\___  / \___  >___|  /\____/\___  /  \_______ \
            \/       \/     \/_____/      \/     \/      /_____/           \/
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Guide                                  version 1.0b
    Last updated: 29th December 2002
    Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li
    E-mail address: saigoheiki@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
        <1> Introduction  <1>
            [1.1] About Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [1.2] Copyright info
            [1.3] How to Best View this Guide
        <2> Things You Should Know <2>
            [2.1] Item Boxes and Things [2.2] Something to Beware and Know
            [2.3] Controls
        <3> Sonic the Hedgehog 2 <3>
            [3.1] Emerald Hill Zone [3.2] Chemical Plant Zone
            [3.3] Aquatic Ruin Zone [3.4] Casino Night Zone
            [3.5] Hill Top Zone [3.6] Mystic Cave Zone [3.7] Oil Ocean Zone
            [3.8] Metropolis Zone [3.9] Sky Chase Zone
            [3.10] Wing Fortress Zone [3.11] Death Egg Zone
        <4> Special Stages <4>
            [4.1] Special Stage 1 [4.2] Special Stage 2
            [4.3] Special Stage 3 [4.4] Special Stage 4
            [4.5] Special Stage 5 [4.6] Special Stage 6
            [4.7] Special Stage 7
        <5> Cheats, Secrets and Tricks <5>
            [5.1] Stage Select [5.2] Super Sonic [5.3] Debug Code
        <6> Credits <6>
        <7> History <7>
    <1> Introduction <1>
    Hi and welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Guide. This guide is created to help
    players with trouble on this Genesis / Megadrive game.
    If you have more info or found any mistakes or just want to comment on it, feel
    free to do so at saigoheiki@gmail.com or my younger brother's at
    eugenechan90@hotmail.com .
    [1.1] About Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a fun, action game created by Sonic Team and was a
    great success. Featuring a new character, Miles "Tails" Prower, you will have
    fun controlling it and fun time playing it.
    Also, there are more, great 3D special stages where you must go to obtain the 7
    Chaos Emeralds and to become the most powerful, Super Sonic.
    Even though it's an old game, I still play with it so, play it now!
    [1.2] Copyright info
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this
    FAQ as long as its contents are not changed. No. Not even a single letter.
    Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any
    unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.
    [1.3] How to Best View this Guide
    If you view this guide of the Internet and noticed that some words are filled
    in with spaces and etc., it's because your browser did not view it at the right
    width. Save the guide and open it up with WordPad (recommended).
    Click File, then Page Setup. At the section where they put Margins (inches),
    look for Right and type 0.8" in it. That way, you could view this guide neatly
    as it is meant to be!
    <2> Things You Should Know <2>
    There are several things scattered throughout the Sonic world and you should
    know what are they.
    [2.1] Item Boxes and Things
    Item box with stars - Invincibility for a short time.
    Item box with Sonic or Tails' picture - Extra life
    Item box with ring - Ten rings
    Item box with blue, circular thing - Shield and will protect you from one hit.
    Item box with shoe - Speed up character's speed for a short while.
    Item box with Robotnik's picture - Make you get hit by something (only appears
    in 2 player Vs. mode).
    Item box with two arrows - Make you switch location with other player (only
    appears in 2 player Vs. mode).
    Lamppost (red colour with star) - Save point, you'll return here when your
    character die. If you have 50 rings and above, go past this lamppost and a red,
    circular thing will appear. Jump into it to enter the special stage.
    Red Bumper - Makes you jump higher.
    Yellow Bumper - Makes you jump lower.
    [2.2] Something to Beware and Know
    Try to take caution everytime and every moment. When you touch or get hit by an
    enemy, it will cause your rings to come out. So, try and get at least one ring
    for safety.
    If you get more than 100 rings, you will automatically get an extra life. If
    you succeed in all special stages, you have the seven Chaos Emerald and
    therefore, you can become Super Sonic. To become Super Sonic, get at least 50
    rings and jump only once.
    In the water, try not to go in too long or Sonic will die. There will b a group
    of bubbles and Sonic must grab the biggest bubble to breathe in.
    Most importantly, there will be a ten minute limit where you must get to the
    end quickly or it will be a 'Time Over' so don't waste your time too much.
    [2.3] Controls
    The controls are quite easy and simple. A, B and C button to jump and hold down
    the down button and press the A, B or C button to spin.
    Enemies can be hit by Sonic's spinning ball.
    <3> Sonic the Hedgehog 2 <3>
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 starts with a green area and it always will. There are
    more than 8 stages to play in and you'll forget the time! Some players have
    difficulties in certain levels so that's why this guide is made for!
    [3.1] Emerald Hill Zone
    This zone should not cause a lot of problem to players. For starters, try
    collecting rings and item boxes and avoid enemies. This is the same for both
    Act 1 and Act 2.
    There will be many things you can learn here, including avoiding enemies and
    here's the right place to sharpen your playing skills and test them here.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Drilling Car Machine - 8 Hits
    At the end of Act 2, you'll get to know with Dr. Robotnik. This time, he brings
    his drilling machine with a build-in car. Remember, jump everytime and try and
    avoid his drills. Jump on his head whenever possible, and it takes 8 hits to
    destroy him completely.
    [3.2] Chemical Plant Zone
    You're introduced to an even harder place and this is one of the stages I hate
    the most. You will learn more things here, destroying spider enemies and try to
    avoid the jumping blue, thing. That's Act 1.
    In Act 2, there will be water and try and use your skills properly here. Near
    the end, there will be water around. Jump quickly on the moving platforms from
    time to time. Don't get too long in the water or Sonic will die.
    There will be certain floors containing flipping things. Try and see carefully
    where it will flip on top so jump on it and continue.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Water Machine - 8 Hits
    Again, at the end of Act 2, introducing another irritating boss. Try and stand
    in the middle and avoid his blue power everytime. Once you hit him 8 times, he
    will be destroyed.
    [3.3] Aquatic Ruin Zone
    One of the stages I like the most, the water here are not really dangerous but
    you still must be careful and jump everytime to grab air. There will be a group
    of bubbles so try and find carefully.
    Try and avoid and don't get too near the arrow-shooter. You can duck it or jump
    over it. There are more enemies, flies and robotic drills.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Hammer-Arrow Machine - 8 Hits
    Now, Dr. Robotnik returns once more in his easy to defeat machine. There will
    be two, long, bird-like poles. Robotnik will hammer his machine and that will
    cause the arrow to come out.
    Don't get hit by the arrows. Jump on the arrows and hit him. Do this 8 times
    and his machine will be destroyed. Then, go jump on the capsule happily to free
    the animals.
    [3.4] Casino Night Zone
    As the name says, this place is casino-like where there are lots of pinball
    flippers here. You can also get many rings here and extra points from the
    There will be the elevator, more enemies and of course, hidden item boxes.
    Continue playing and explore yourself but don't waste too much time.
    There will be certain bumpers where you need to press and hold the A button,
    then release.
    Oh yes, believe it or not, we've got Super Sonic in this stage so it will be
    really much easier to defeat enemies like Robotnik. Just be careful not to fall
    to endless pits and don't go TOO fast.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Pinball Ball Machine - 8 Hits
    There will be a bit difficulty here in defeating the madman. You need to use
    the pinball flippers and guide your way on top of his head. But, beware of his
    balls and don't jump straight into his electricity when he use it. You can also
    spin by holding the down button and press A button  and try and guide your way
    on top of him.
    Just be patient but you'll need a long time for beginners. That's why I advise
    you not to waste time.
    [3.5] Hill Top Zone
    A fun, zone to explore despite its lava and bottomless holes. There will be
    more dangerous enemies here.
    Also, at certain areas, there will be a moving platform were you MUST be
    careful not to fall into bottomless areas or lavas. Also, on certain parts, you
    must move quickly since the lava will rise up. Try and get used to fast speed
    or you'll lose.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Lava Shooter - 8 Hits
    An even dangerous creation in a dangerous place. You must stand on the
    platforms and see through his style. He may shoot his lava on certain places so
    try and jump to other platforms. Remember to hit him when he appears.
    Just be patient and you'll succeed!
    [3.6] Mystic Cave Zone
    Said to be the mysterious and oldest place on Mobius, it is very dangerous and
    dark here. There will be spikes and new enemies almost everywhere!
    You will be introduced to vines where you must jump on them to bring you up or
    to open something. This is really important!
    Continue exploring but just be careful and you can win this whole stage and
    reach the boss.
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Drilling Machine - 8 Hits
    Robotnik is back with his mean creation. He will drill the top and spikes and
    balls will fall down. Just avoid the spikes!
    He will come down after drilling so take the chance to hit him at least two
    times! Continue doing this and you will win. Remember to avoid him whenever he
    charges his machine at you!
    [3.7] Oil Ocean Zone
    I really hate this place since the music is a bit eerie and it's a bit hard.
    There will be purple oil everywhere. When you drop to the oil, try and jump out
    or Sonic will sink and die.
    There will be spikes and a few new things. There will be the fan and the 'must
    push' green thing to boost Sonic up.
    Just play through the level. The abilities used are almost like all stages
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Tail Laser Machine - 8 Hits
    You must jump onto one of the two platforms and avoid his tail-shooting laser.
    Jump on him in the middle as soon as he appears!
    Jump over his laser, he'll shoot three times. The third time it will burn the
    platform for a while. Continue to do this 8 times and his machine will be
    Jim Kadunc offers tips to defeat this boss easily:
    "In your sonic 2 walkthrough, there is a much easier way to defeat the boss. In
    fact, he is the easiest boss of the game if you use this simple trick: drop
    down into the oil and jump rapidly, hitting robotnik's sub. Stay in the oil and
    keep jumping when the laser comes and it will shoot at nothing while u jump
    around in the oil. Its that simple; I have beat robotnik in a matter of seconds
    using this tactic."
    [3.8] Metropolis Zone
    One of the hardest stage ever! There will be lavas, spikes, moving gears and
    many more idiotic enemies!
    Sometimes, you'll need to jump on gear and run to the right to lift it up and
    left to go down. Just use your brains carefully here.
    Oh yes, just in case you need it, there will be a brown, spike-box. It always
    moves in this order, left, up, right, down and it will continue endlessly. This
    should help you to time carefully when you should jump.
    Also, this is th only zone that has 3 Acts! At the end of Act 3, you will have
    to fight a medium hard boss, after all those hard and tough work getting out
    from the level!
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Mini Bubble-Robotnik Machine - 8 Hits
    Dr. Robotnik will appear with a protective bubbles, in his own face. You must
    hit his bubbles a few times until all his bubbbles are gone. Then, take the
    chance to hit him and he will be destroyed.
    Remember to hit him quickly once all the bubbles are gone or he will continue
    to shoot lasers.
    [3.9] Sky Chase Zone
    There are only 1 Act here and you can breathe out a sigh of relief. This stage
    features a peaceful, background music. This time, you're standing on the
    airplane, the Tornado.
    You must destroy enemies in the air. Also, when you jump to other places, Tails
    will ALWAYS follow you so you can't drop and you can jump onto the tortoise's
    But still, you must take care when you jump about everywhere as Tails will not
    be ALWAYS there to help you but that is rare. Thank goodness, no boss here!
    [3.10] Wing Fortress Zone
    The hardest stage of all! There are only 1 Act here, thank goodness too as it's
    very hard! Fasten up your seat belts and get ready your controller properly.
    In the beginning, you're still on the airplane. After the laser hits Tails,
    jump quickly on to the platform or you'll fall and die.It's very hard here and
    it's like a little maze.
    In one part, you must jump from platform to platform QUICKLY and try and jump
    quickly from cannon to cannon quick or you'll fall to death. One of the stages
    that you can lose a lot of life.
    Try and avoid and hit enemies on your way. One boss here and it's a little
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Laser with Spikes Machine - 8 Hits
    Dr. Robotnik will control this machine and you can't hit him. You must hit his
    machine. There will be spiky platform and you must jump on it in order to gain
    enough height to hit his laser machine.
    Do this 8 times and you will win and chase Robotnik. Also, try and jump OVER
    the hole and you can get an extra life.
    [3.11] Death Egg Zone
    Wipe out your sweat and get ready for the last stage and it can be a bit easy
    if you are good enough. There will not a single ring here so be careful not to
    get hit!
    Boss - Metal Sonic - 8 Hits
    Oh, you'll need a bit of practise here. Try and hit his head in the beginning
    at least two times or the maximum three times.
    He will jump and spin around but be careful not to touch his spikes. After
    hitting him, he will be destroyed and you will be shown to his ultimate
    Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Robot - 12 Hits
    A bit hard here. You must go a bit further and gain enough height to hit his
    body but DON'T TOUCH HIS HAND-SPIKES or you will die and start all over again.
    Try and experiment yourself.
    When he flies up, he will target you so go to the most-right. When he lands go
    to the most-left and stay there until his silly hands went back to him.
    He will fly up again and target you, so just go to the most-right and avoid
    when he lands. Then, take the chance to hit him. Continue 12 times and then you
    win! Congratulations!
    Then, you'll see a short cartoon and you'll see Sonic or Tails fly down and
    land on the airplane. If you get all the Chaos Emeralds, you become Super Sonic
    and a bit special thing will happen. Try yourself!
    <4> Special Stages <4>
    As you very well know, there are seven Special Stages. You must get a certain
    amount of rings in order to get the Chaos Emerald.
    But, there will be certain traps there to make you lose your rings and I'll try
    to list the special stages' style to help you prepare.
    It's better if you can get your friend to control Tails to help getting rings.
    That will be easier but remember, when Tails get hit, it will make him lose
    rings too.
    [4.1] Special Stage 1
    It's easy and you get to know how to avoid a few bombs here.
    [4.2] Special Stage 2
    There will be rings left, right and middle path so get prepare everytime and
    avoid bombs whenever possible.
    [4.3] Special Stage 3
    There will be more bombs here and it's spread everywhere. Try to get used to
    [4.4] Special Stage 4
    There will be bombs everywhere, in the left, right and middle path so it will
    get a bit difficult. Just try to avoid them.
    [4.5] Special Stage 5
    Try and avoid the bombs. On the third part, there will be no bombs so try to
    get all the rings if possible. Try and get some teamwork with the second player
    to make it easier.
    [4.6] Special Stage 6
    There will be bombs left and right and also circle bombs so try and jump. Just
    try hard and you'll get it right.
    [4.7] Special Stage 7
    The hardest and final special stage. There will be random bombs and it mainly
    uses all kinds of tricks and techniques as the above.
    <5> Cheats, Secrets and Tricks <5>
    If you want to find more cheats, secrets or tricks, it's likely to be found
    here. Currently, I have only a few and if you have more cheats, secrets and
    tricks you want to contribute, you can at saigoheiki@gmail.com and you will be
    [5.1] Stage Select
    To go to stage select, go to Options and go to Music Test. Play the musics 19,
    65, 09 and 17 by pressing the B button. T
    hen, press A to return to the normal screen and be sure to hold down the A
    button. Then, press Start button on the 1 player mode and you will be in the
    stage select.
    [5.2] Super Sonic
    To become Super Sonic without getting all the Chaos Emeralds, enter the code
    above to go into Stage Select.
    Then listen to the musics 04, 01, 02 and 06, then there will be a confirmation
    sound. Go to any of the stages, collect 50 rings, jump and become Super Sonic!
    [5.3] Debug Code
    Enter the Stage Select code and listen to the following musics: 01, 09, 09, 02,
    01, 01, 02 and 04. Then, highlight the level you want to enter and press the
    Start and A button on the same time.
    Press the B button to become a certain thing, C to put the thing and A button
    to change the thing.
    <6> Credits <6>
    Clement Chan - (saigoheiki@gmail.com)
    Me! The creator of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Guide!
    Eugene Chan - (eugenechan@hotmail.com)
    The one who played through this game and then I made the guide!
    Jim Kadunc - (Jimis942@wi.rr.com)
    Thanks for the tips to defeat Robotnik in Oil Ocean Zone.
    <7> History <7>
    Version 1.0b - 29th December 2002
    Ah, yes. It's kinda ironic to see that even after this game seems to be really
    old, someone came up with tips for one particular boss. ^^ Well, better than
    nothing. ;)
    Version 1.0a - 30th of September 2000
    Added [1.3] How to Best View this Guide
    Version 1.0 - 6th Match 2000
    This Guide is released.

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