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    Boss FAQ by Krazyknux2

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic Chaos Boss FAQ(v.1.00)
    Written by Krazyknux(Fran Wilson) 2005
    Version History
    Version 1.00(Jan 1st 2005)
    Decided to write this FAQ, started the FAQ, and finished up all the 
    bosses. <ASCII art coming soon>
    I. Introduction
    II. Boss Walkthrough
    III. Contact
    IV. Legal & Credits
    Part I-Introduction.
    This is the first FAQ i've written. I chose to do this because i
    thought i should contribute a FAQ and Sonic Chaos is a great game, but
    very overlooked. Expect to see more FAQS from me in the future!
    Boss 1-Turquoise Hill Zone Act 3
    Description: An obvious Robotnik Gadget. This boss is a Ladybug with
    a spring on its back.
    Number of Hits: 5
    Strategy: What a joke! I really hope you aren't reading this FAQ for
    help on this boss! meh, well ok then. First off stay to the left and
    you'll see the Ladybug strolling in. Now spindash at it and you'll hit
    it, and you'll return the the left of the screen. Now repeat that 4 
    more times, and voila! you've beaten the first boss...wow.
    Boss 2-Gigapolis Zone Act 3
    Description: This is a funky looking boss. It's sort of a robot 
    caterpillar with 4 body segments(including the head).
    Number of Hits: 4
    Strategy: Now this boss is a little tougher than that last one. You'll
    first see him rise from the ground. Now hit him on the head. He'll 
    throw his bottom-most body segment in the air, so stay on the ground.
    now once it's clear, hit him again. he'll now throw his bottom-most
    body segment rolling on the ground, so make sure to jump. Now hit
    him again, and he'll once more throw his bottom-most body segment
    at you in the air, so stay on the ground. now he'll regain his body
    segments, but no worry. just him him once more and he's through.
    Boss 3-Sleeping Egg Zone Act 3
    Description: He's kid of a knock-off Robotnik on a pogo stick
    Number of Hits: 6
    Strategy: Stay to the left! if you got the box with 10 rings in it
    earlier in this level, then one of the rings will always come back to
    you if you stay at the left. He'll first come down and he'll start
    bouncing. while bouncing he shoots at you! whenever he's low, jump
    on his head to hurt him, and head back to the left in case you get 
    shot. now repeat that until he gets destroyed.
    Boss 4-Mecha Green Hill Zone Act 3
    Description: I don't know what this thing is. some sort of rip off
    potato bug/monkey thing that shoots bullets out of its back
    Number of Hits: 9
    Strategy: He's not very hard, in fact i'll bet you died more on the
    actual act itself than the boss! well, one good thing is he sticks in
    the same place the whole time: a tree. All you have to do is when he's
    low enough, hit him on the head. watch out though, sometimes his head
    is down, and he shoots bullets out of his back(either 1 big blue
    fireball, or 3 small yellow ones).
    Boss 5-Aqua Planet Zone Act 3
    Description: This boss has 3 parts to it. the first part has these
    weird little things that look like robotic penguins walking around.
    The second part is some weird sphere shaped metal thing, with a face
    and some legs.
    Number of Hits: 2 hits per robotic penguin(6 of them). 17 hits for
    the 2nd phase, and 1 hit for the last phase.
    Strategy: I'd highly recommend tails for this one, because he can fly
    and you can get the 10 rings if you fly to the top most platform. Now
    for the little penguin dudes, all you have to do it hit them twice each
    that should be pretty easy. now the second part gets a little tougher
    but if you know how to do it, you can beat him easily. once he lands
    you can jump on top of him and if you manage to stay in the air, you
    can do that until you've hit him 17 times. another thing you can do
    is stay as far left as you can, and he'll keep on jumping on you. well
    if you picked tails and got the rings, you can stay there, keep on
    jumping and injuring him, while retrieving your ring each time you get
    hit. Cheap, but it works. Now the last part shouldn't be too hard if
    you still have your ring. stay to the rightmost part of the level, and
    once the boss shoots its first missile at you, spindash to the left and
    you'll dodge the next two missiles. Now after the missiles land, he'll
    start shooting 3 from the right side. head to the middle of the 
    platform to dodge all 3 of them. now the boss will lower from the top,
    hit him, and you've beaten him. nice...
    Boss 6-Electric Egg Zone Act 3(Final Boss)
    Description: Whoa this guy looks dumb! Looks like Robotnik shoved 
    himself into a can, and put some legs on it! haha. The second part
    of his machine looks different though.
    Number of Hits: 14 for part 1, 1 for part 2
    Strategy: It's very easy to miss the rings in this level, but
    definitely get them. without them, the last boss will be very hard.
    To get 10 rings, after the beginning when you're riding on a little
    eleveator type thing, jump to a platform, and jump up into a tube.
    now press down a bunch of times, until the tube splits, and you can go
    down. you'll get 10 rings doing this. Now go back up and out, and head
    to the final boss. Now the walking can will come out. now jump on him
    and keep on jumping on him! He has 3 options of what he'll do: he can
    jump, he can shoot a missile straight out of his machine, and he can
    shoot a single missile that will bounce off the walls(that's the worst
    one). Make sure if you lose a ring to retrieve it, because this part is
    pretty tough. Once you've hit him 14 times, he'll turn on fire and go
    into a different machine. This time it's a lot easier(1 hit KOs though)
    ok once he he's in, head to the way right. he'll then zoom off to the
    left. THE SECOND HE LEAVES THE SCREEN, count to about a second, and
    JUMP. If timed correctly, you'll land on him, and you've won! If not
    then you either died, or he's coming around the other way, so do it
    Now the ending...if you didn't collect all the chaos emeralds, then
    Robotnik leaves you chasing after him, and you trip. then it says 
    "try again", now if you DID collect all the emeralds, well then...
    i don't know, cause i haven't actually done that yet. >_<...Good
    job on completing Sonic Chaos!
    Part III. Contact
    You can contact me at Slider6ty@yahoo.com. Feel free to ask questions,
    and give praise/constructive criticism, but DO NOT spam, or bash my
    FAQ please. Thank you.
    Part IV. Legal & Credits
    This document is Copyright 2005 Fran Wilson. Do not take this FAQ 
    without permission, or saying it as your own. Please also give
    credit where due.
    Credits: Thanks to
    -Me for creating such a great FAQ
    -GameFaqs for hosting this FAQ, and for being such a good website
    -Sega & Sonic Team for creating such awesome games, and an awesome
    -You for reading this FAQ
    Sonic Chaos is TM & Copyright 1993 Sega. All rights reserved.

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