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    Boss FAQ by Seth0708

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    Boss Guide
    by Seth0708
    () Introduction
    	I remember owning this wonderful game on the Genesis when it first
    	was released. Ristar is hands-down one of the greatest platformers
    	ever. Having recently been re-released on all three of the major
    	gaming systems of today (GameCube, Playstation 2, and X-Box) on
    	the Sonic Mega Collection I decided to compile this boss guide for
    	this oft-overlooked game. This guide is divided by planet and
    	stage in order of appearance. Good luck and I hope you enjoy this
    	classic from the years of the Sega Genesis.
    () Planet Flora (Stage 1)
    	The first boss is a push-over. The snake will randomly pop out of
    	one of the holes in the wall and move to the next. Just stand on
    	the ground and wait for him to pop out of one of the bottom holes.
    	When he does grab his head. Do this four times to finish him off.
    () Planet Flora (Dark Woods)
    	No boss here.
    () Planet Flora (Riho)
    	Riho is the final boss of Planet Flora and offers a bit more of a
    	challenge then the snake. Riho, as you will no doubt notice, is
    	being controlled by an alien on his back. That alien is your
    	ultimate objective here, not Riho. You have to strike Riho,
    	however, in order to get to it. But first let's stalk about his
    	attacks. Riho has two attacks: a mini-whirlwind he shoots from his
    	hands in a down-left or down-right angle and a rain of glowing
    	swamp matter. Stay under Riho to avoid the whirlwinds, then merely
    	duck in-between the rain when he summons it. You need to hit Riho
    	three times to knock the alien off of him. You can hit Riho when
    	he is high by jumping and grabbing upwards. Once you knock the
    	alien off Riho run up to it and grab hit. If you wait too long the
    	alien will jump back on Riho. Hitting the alien will change Riho's
    	color and force the alien to jump back on him. Hit the alien four
    	times to defeat it and liberate Riho and Planet Flora.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	You only need to hit the alien 3 times. Also, you forgot to add that
    	the mini-whirlwind traps you, and when you're caught the alien jumps
    	off to hit you, completely vulnerable once you're out.
    () Planet Undertow (Stage 1)
    	The "boss" here is actually a small collection of regular enemies.
    	At the end of the stage you'll find yourself on dry ground as a
    	huge wave gathers in the background. This wave first carries three
    	of the small blue guys that each throw a rock at you. Dodge these
    	and then get to a side as the wave washes them unto your plain.
    	Kill them to make the wave start carrying three fish. These fish
    	will start raining glowing spit down upon you, so dodge in-between
    	the rain blasts. The fish too will be washed up on the shore, so
    	finish them off. Lastly the wave carries the jellyfish you see
    	throughout the stage. These don't attack per se, but when the wave
    	washes them up they can hurt you if you touch them. Once they land
    	kill them to open up the exit.
    () Planet Undetow (Lost Palace)
    	No boss here.
    () Planet Undertow (Ohsat)
    	Ohsat is a rather large hammmerhead shark. He has four methods of
    	attack. His most basic attack is a charge. He moves back and forth
    	in the background, then disappears off the screen. He then
    	reappears from whichever direction he left in the background on the
    	playing field. He will do this sometimes as well with a school of
    	fish. The fish are just basic fish enemies you've encountered in
    	the previous stages, they just follow behind Ohsat. He'll also do
    	the same with exploding jellyfish that float on the screen for a
    	couple of seconds, then explode. His last attack does not expose
    	him to counterattack. Ohsat will occaisionally bang his head
    	against one of the pillars in the background and send down a rain
    	of rocks on the arena. Despite this plethora of attacks, Ohsat is
    	fairly easy to handle. If he does any of the first three attacks,
    	simply wait for him on the same level and direction that he exited
    	the screen. As soon as he appears grab him and get in a hit. Each
    	time you do this he'll slam into one of the plugs on the ground,
    	draining some of the water. It takes four hit to drain all the
    	water, then another to finish him off. Do keep in mind that you
    	must keep moving while underwater to prevent from floating to the
    	top. That's the hardest part of this battle.
    () Planet Scorch (Stage 1)
    	This boss sounds fairly easy in concept, but in practice is a bit
    	more difficult because of how close the the holes are. The boss
    	here is a simple version of memory. There are six holes, three on
    	top and three on the bottom, and a number will appear over a hole
    	then move to another. You have to hit the enemies that pop out of
    	these holes in the order that they were numbered. You start at
    	four of them, then do five, and lastly do six. You get a gem after
    	getting the first one, a star after the second, and an extra life
    	after the third. The game likes to put the first numbers up top,
    	meaning you have to jump at an angle to get the enemies and avoid
    	touching the ones below you. I have yet to find a way to avoid
    	taking a hit if you have to do the middle top hole before the
    	bottom middle one, so note that you will most likely take damage
    	if it deals that out to you. Getting the sequence wrong results
    	in a wave of lava flooding the arena, taking off one star of your
    () Planet Scorch (Under Factory)
    	No boss here.
    () Planet Scorch (Adahan Fall)
    	There's a couple stages to this boss. You begin the battle moving
    	down a tunnel while rocks rain down upon you. Dodge these and
    	move ahead. You'll reach the a point where you now finally see the
    	boss, a cybernetic groundhog. This guy begins the match by
    	shooting his claws out of the ground, then bringing his whole body
    	up after it. Obviously you don't want to be standing where he
    	comes out. After he rises he'll fly to a corner and launch his
    	claws across the screen. You cannot hurt him during this point, so
    	just avoid his rising and run under him while he shoots his claws.
    	After he finishes firing his claws he'll dive down and burrow into
    	the ground. You still cannot hurt it, so don't even bother trying.
    	After he does this whole thing a few times, he'll land on the
    	ground instead of burrowing and start sending dirt waves at you.
    	Jump over these and hit him as he tries to do it again. If he's
    	not about to attack he will block any attempt to harm him, so you
    	have to time it just right. He'll repeat the whole burrowing thing
    	again, so just repeat what you've done before. Hit him twice to
    	start the next phase. Now the boss will destroy the floor,
    	starting a falling fight. The boss will fall behind you, then
    	dive down at you. Catch him as he dives and hit him, or if he
    	passes you see which side of the screen he disappeared on as he'll
    	be hanging on the wall on that side not far down. You can catch
    	him here as you fall too. One hit starts the previous phase up
    	again, except now he will attack with his claw shooting from the
    	ground as well. Hit him two more times to start falling again. Hit
    	him again to blow his armor apart, reducing him to a small,
    	harmless groundhog. You'll land on the ground along with its
    	shattered armor and significantly smaller body. Hit it one last
    	time to finish it off and save Planet Scorch.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	He doesn't always start with the claw-launching, he has another
    	ground attack (but I forget what it is), and if you time your grab
    	right you can hit him before he even gets the chance to hit you,
    	and after his autoblock period.
    () Planet Sonata (Stage 1)
    	This boss is a nice little break after the last two bosses.
    	Although it might look like the maestro bird is your target, it is
    	not. Your target is the three pecking bird heads. Just stand
    	between any two of them and wait for them to strike. When they do
    	grab and hit them. Three hits to each head destroys this boss. Do
    	note, however, that sometimes the song will slow and the birds
    	will stop pecking. When this happens you're about to encounter
    	four flying green blobs that you see throughout the game, one after
    	another. You can kill them with a single hit, but you don't need to
    	do so. Once the last one is gone, the pecking will start back up.
    () Planet Sonata (Dance Dance!!)
    	Again, no boss on the second stage of a planet.
    () Planet Sonata (Awaueck Sing)
    	This bird can be kinda rough. Awaueck has different attacks at
    	different points in the battle. He begins on the pedestal and is
    	apparently singing very badly as the musical notes that come out
    	of his mouth hit you. There are two types, the ones that come in
    	groups of three and float outward and the the ones he drops and
    	bounce along the ground. He also will drop both at once or the
    	same type multiple times. As this is going on, ceiling tiles are
    	raining down around you too, so there's a lot that can hit you.
    	You need to make your way towards the pedestal and hit it three
    	times. Hitting Awaeuck at this point is impossible. After three
    	hits he is knocked from the pedestal and rolls across the ground.
    	While he is rolling he cannot hurt you, so let him pass right
    	through you. When he stops rolling he will rise up and begin to
    	fly. While flying you can hit him and need to do so twice, which
    	will make him return to the pedestal. While flying he has two
    	attacks, a dive that either goes straight down or at an angle and
    	a feather rain that drops feathers everywhere. While this is
    	going on the ceiling tiles are still raining down. He'll go back
    	and forth each time you either hit him twice or the pedestal
    	three times. He takes a total of ten hits to finish off (not
    	counting pedestal hits). After six hits the friendly maestro bird
    	will toss you a star, giving you a little health boost you'll
    	probably need.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	If you take too long and Awaueck is off the pedestal, either he
    	will get back on anyway, or the maestro bird will give you a star.
    	This has nothing to do with the sixth hit. Also, he takes 8 hits,
    	not 10.
    	(I'm keeping both of our information on the star and the hits as
    	on my end it what I had down still seems to be accurate. If anyone
    	else can say one way or the other, I will post it here.)
    () Planet Freon (Stage 1)
    	This boss is actually kinda fun. You'll find yourself in a
    	snowball fight with the strange purple guy who's been harrassing
    	you for the entire level. His only attack is to launch snowballs
    	at you. In response you need to send some back his way. To make a
    	snowball just stand still for a second or two. Ristar will make
    	one. You can then grab and pick this up. Throw them back at your
    	foe three times to win.
    () Planet Freon (Splash Snow)
    	No boss here.
    () Planet Freon (Itamor Lunch)
    	Itamor is an interesting boss in that you don't actually ever have
    	to hit him. Instead you defeat him by throwing the soup the
    	previous boss brings to you. He'll periodically come running out
    	and offer it to you. Grab it and throw it in Itamor's mouth when
    	it's open. In the meantime you have to dodge his attacks. He has
    	several, all of which aren't too hard to avoid. First off he'll
    	sometimes throw the strawberry he's chewing on. This sails across
    	the screen and can be jumped over. Next he'll use ice breath, an
    	attack that freezes you if you're caught in it. Rapidly tap the
    	buttons to break free (this attack does not, in of itself, hurt
    	you). His other main attack is to suck you into his mouth. This is
    	unavoidable as you will eventually be sucked in, unless you can
    	throw some soup in his mouth first. Just keep holding left and
    	pray that the soup guy brings you some before you get sucked in.
    	His remaining attack is only done as a counterattack after you
    	throw the soup in his mouth. This counterstrike can be tricky,
    	but is avoidable. Itamor will leap off the screen and come
    	crashing down on one side of the screen. He'll then bounce to the
    	other. You need to time your run under him just right. Stand right
    	beside him and he lands, then run under him as he rises. You
    	should be able to just make it under him safely. Once he eats
    	enough soup he'll vomit up the black blobs he's eaten. Hit him for
    	the win (so I lied, you do have to hit him once).
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	He doesn't just use the bouncing attack as a counterstrike, he
    	tries to aim at you when falling from the highest jump, and he
    	always tries to suck you in after freezing you.
    () Planet Automaton (Stage 1)
    	You face a a super blob enemy here. He's surrounded by other blobs
    	though, making this fight fairly difficult. You have to hit the
    	super blob six times to win. You can hit the other blobs, killing
    	them until you hit the super blob again (they'll appear as black
    	blobs). What makes this boss hard is the manner in which it fights
    	you. This thing will arrange the other blobs in different
    	formations and come at you. It will rotate between a circle of
    	blobs around the boss that rolls around, a "+" that does the same
    	thing, a slam that stretchs them out across the screen in a "V",
    	and a long stream that moves back and forth between the playing
    	field, the background, and the foreground. This last form is
    	especially deadly as you cannot tell whether the boss (or other
    	blobs) are in on the playing field with you and can be hurt. Just
    	try to hit the super blob, but don't hesitate to kill the others
    	to get to him if you have to.
    () Planet Automaton (Brain Maze)
    	No boss here.
    () Planet Automaton (Uranim Power)
    	Uranim is a lot easier then the previous bosses. You begin the
    	battle approaching Uranim while he throws stuff at you. Watch the
    	television screens behind you to see when something is coming.
    	Jump right as you see the screw on the televisions. Keep going
    	until you get to Uranim. Uranim has a few attacks, although you
    	don't really have to worry about them. He will throw things
    	dropped by the claw above him, he punches, and he charges and
    	shoots fireballs. None of this really matters though, as you
    	should just start hitting him as soon as you are close enough.
    	While you're hitting him none of his attacks can hurt you. Just
    	keep it up until he collapses. Now comes the kinda tricky part.
    	Start jumping back and forth over Uranim. The alien claw guy will
    	try to stab you with the claw. You need to get him to stab down
    	on Uranim. Once he does so, Uranim gets back up and starts doing
    	his thing again. Start grabbing and hitting again until he goes
    	down and repeat the whole process. He'll go down in no time.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	The reality of this boss's vitality is that hitting him does very
    	little damage, but if the claw stabs him it does a lot more. I
    	know this from having made him change colour simply by hitting him
    	without the claw. Also, there's an easier way to hit him with the
    	claw. Stand next to Uranim, wait for the claw to come down, get out
    	of the way, and quickly hit the side of the claw, which will be
    	knocked into Uranim.
    () Space Fortress (Stage 1)
    	The only first stage not to have a boss. Lucky you. (Anyone else
    	notice that on the score screen it shows the Space Fortress as a
    	black planet?)
    () Space Fortress (Inonis)
    	Of course now you're at the second stage and it's got a boss here
    	waiting for you. The camera that followed you for the entire last
    	level flies into a snake-like robot piloted by your alien friend
    	from Uranim's level. This robot has a shield that stops any
    	attacks you deal from doing damage. He's also got several types of
    	attacks he'll use (often at the same time). First he has a
    	boomerang he launches from his tail. This thing follows you around
    	and is key to defeating this boss, but let's finish his attacks
    	first. He's got three projectile attacks; a traditional laser he
    	charges up and fires from his eye, a machine gun, and a different
    	laser that streaks across the screen. The first laser takes some
    	time to charge, so you can time your jumps to avoid it easily. The
    	machine gun fires directly in front of the boss and does so
    	without warning, but only hits right in front of the boss. The
    	last laser is shot from its tail and streaks across the screen
    	slow enough to dodge. His last attack is to throw some exploding
    	mines. It snaps its tail before it uses these, so they can be
    	seen coming a few seconds before they hit. To beat this guy you
    	need to lead the boomerang towards the boss's eye. If it strikes
    	it just right it will crack, forcing the alien pilot to hop out
    	and fix it. It will not do any new attacks when this happens, so
    	run up and strike him. He takes five hits to kill. You can also
    	destroy the boomerang by grabbing it, but to do so is rather
    	pointless as it is required to damage the boss. Defeat him and
    	move right to enter the final stage.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	You DON'T need the boomerang to cut the eye. When you try to grab
    	him, a shield comes up, right? If you hit the shield and Inonis
    	jumps out of the seat then you've done something. Eventually, the
    	eye will look as though it is about to explode, and Inonis will
    	come down to repair it. This is your chance to do some permanent
    () Space Fortress (Stage 3)
    	You've finally made it to Greedy's throne room. If you were
    	expecting a challenge you will not be disappointed. Greedy attacks
    	you with a wide array of different strikes and he takes a lot of
    	hits to bring down. Greedy begins this fight by sending out five
    	orbs that shoot bullets at you. They fire, then move. Each takes
    	one hit to destroy. After taking them down Greedy jumps into the
    	fray. In this intial stage he teleports to a place in the room
    	and moves twice rapidly. You have to try and grab him while he
    	does this. Sometimes during this stage he will fly high and
    	surround himself with a shiled of black blobs. He'll start sending
    	them down at you quickly. To dodge this just run back and forth as
    	they strike where you just were. Each time you hit him he drops
    	two red blobs that you need to kill (they will stay on the screen
    	until you do so). Hit him five times to move on to his next stage.
    	Now Greedy will throw back his cape and get serious. He begins by
    	opening a vortex in one of the upper corners that starts sucking
    	you in. Two red blobs will drop down while this is happening. Grab
    	the first to prevent getting sucked in, then kill it when the other
    	drops in and grab it instead. Kill it once the vortex closes. His
    	other attack during this stage is a real bitch. Greedy will mix up
    	his vortex action by teleporting around at ground level and firing
    	a huge electrical blast. I've yet to find an effective way to
    	avoid this, although it is better to try and move right then left
    	when it happens as his blast comes from the left side. Hit him
    	either by jumping in the air and grabbing him as he tries to open
    	a vortex or as he rises after an electrical attack. No blobs fall
    	when you hit him during this stage of the battle. Keep moving and
    	don't give him a chance to teleport next to a stationary target
    	for an easy strike from his electrical blast. Hit him five more
    	times to finish him off and win the game.
    	GameFreakMania adds-
    	If you hit any of the projectiles he fires at you before his first
    	vortex attack, they will turn into yellow, and sometimes blue,
    	stars. This was vital to me when I fought him. Also, if you hit him
    	when the projectiles are orbiting around him, he will fire three
    	projectiles at once, drop the 2 enemies, and then continue on as if
    	he shot them all, only he shoots them in your direction at the same
    	rate as normal until he runs out. I am not sure whether or not this
    	is a glitch, but nonetheless it should be avoided.
    () Copyrights
    	Ristar and Sonic Mega Collection are (c) Sega

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