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         Here it is!  By not-so-popular demand, Falcon's Official Sonic the
    Hedgehog Spinball Guide!  For each pinball board, I have listed a complete
    guide to how to get though it as well as bonus stuff.  So, with no further
    ado, on with the walkthrough!
         By the way, I will often use "inside" and "outside" to refer to locations.
    Depending on the section, outside will mean near the perimeter of the section or
    the entire board.  If you get confused, either don't read ahead, or just try
    flipping Sonic around.
    General info:
    Safety plugs:
         On every board, there will be some sort of plug that will save you from
              sliding down the death channels.  To activiate plugs, hit all the
              targets in the area.  Also, on the first two levels, the lowermost
              plugs will start out on.
         To get multi-ball, you must collect ALL of the rings on one board.  Once
              the status bar scrolls "All rings collected.  Find the bonus gates!"
              look for circles of yellow stars (they look like invincibility in
              Sonic 1.)  See individual boards for gate locations and hard to find 
    End of Level / Ball Bonuses breakdown:
         Time:  Anywhere from 10,000,000 down.  It is awarded for beating
              a level within a certain amount of time, counting down with additional 
              time.  Also, you must not lose any balls to collect the bonus.  Note:
              Extra balls do count as losing a ball.  See individual levels for 
              estimate times.
         Rings:  Each ring collected is worth 12,500 points.
         Loops:  See individual levels for listings.
    Toxic Caves:
    Divisions:  Starting board (low, center), left and right wings, cart room, and
         boss room.
    Starting board:
         Your objective here is to hit the two targets in the upper left and right
    hand corners.  To do so, you can fire Sonic into the far left or right pipes
    near the center of the board.  Then, once the slime has been drained, go into
    one of the previously capped sewers.
         For extra points, after you drain the slime, try going into the far pipes
    again.  After cycling through them three times, you'll get an automatic 200 K
    bonus.  Also, should Sonic manage to slip by the flippers, wait on the pad.
    Eventually, you'll meet the Lochness Monster's cousin.  Wait until it has Sonic
    in its jaws, then press all of the buttons like crazy.  If you make a "Great
    Escape," 15 K is yours.
    Left or Right wings:
         Here, you must pull the ramp switch on the insides then get up via the
    outside sewer or worm loop.  To get to the switch, use the outer flipper and
    hit Sonic when he is about 1/3 down the flipper.  (Note: For that trick to
    work, he must slide down the side channel.)  Then go either up the outer sewer
    four times or around the worm loop at least three times.  Finally, when in the
    upper section, use the flipper there to send Sonic into the pipe.
         If you're trying to get all the rings, there are some down the safety 
    plugs.  To get them, open the plugs, and then slide down either plug.  If you're
    on the wrong side, get a spin-dash ready and time your release so that Sonic
    will pass by the warp when it's closed.  Also, in the right wing, there are two 
    rings received by hitting Sonic too early in the upper left hand corner (You'll
    be going the "Wrong way").
         Finally, the barrel used to save Sonic from falling into the slime can be
    used to get an emerald.  Just have Sonic propell himself toward the inside, then
    jump in to get the emerald.  (Note: You don't have to do this since you will be
    forced to get it anyway, but this way is quicker.)  Also, when you have 
    collected all of the emeralds, the barrel will begin to move on its own.
    Mine car room:
         Nothing much here.  When you first start out, press in the OPPOSITE
    direction of the wing you came from.  (Press left if you came from the right,
    and vice versa.)  But if you don't you still have a chance to redirect Sonic.
    Just hold the flippers up, and you'll get three passes to change his direction,
    plus you get 100,000 for starting each pass (Limit 3, no extras allowed.).  
    There are two places where you can make Detours.  And for a little fun, release 
    the flippers before completing the third pass, and then tap them as Sonic passes
    by.  Note:  Be sure to go both ways if you're trying to get multi-ball.
         Also, if you did not get the center emerald via the barrel, the third time
    you come into this room, the cart will be gone, and Sonic will fall straight 
    into the emerald's chamber.  That is, if you don't use the D-pad to push him to
    his doom.
         Lastly, once you collect an emerald by riding the cart, you will be ejected
    into a small corridor.  Instead of going back into the starting board, go to the
    outside and launch up into one of the wings.
    Boss room:
         You get in by using the mine car entrance.  The way will be open if you
    collected all the emeralds.  Now, get up to the top of the section by either
    firing Sonic up to the left or right or using the center warp.  Climb on to
    either platform on the sides, and wait for the status bar to read, "Quick, jump
    inside!"  Then do as it says -- get in under Scorpius's tail and wait.  When
    the tail is destroyed, you can go for a little flair by hitting the four targets
    above Scorpius and doing some "Major Damage!"  BTW, this boss cannot kill you
    in any way.  If Sonic falls down between the flippers, one of those little pods
    will be there to give him a boost.
         Switch Loops: Pass by the either bridge switch five times for a 200 K
         Worm Loops: Go through either worm loop (on the left and right wings)
              three times to get a 100 K bonus.
         Multi-Ball Gates: Dead center of the starting board, one in either upper
              section of the wings.
         Time Bonus: Beat the level in about 6 minutes for the full 10 Million.
    Lava Powerhouse:
    Divisions:  Lower left (starting board), Lower right, Lower Steam Room, Upper
         Left, Upper Right, Upper Steam Room, Boss Room.
    Lower Left and Right:
         You will start off on the left side.  If you're wanting to get through
    ASAP, just go through piston on the outer edge until you're launched into the
    Lower Steam Room.  If you're trying for multi-ball again, be sure to get the
    rings above the left wing's door -- you have to open it then launch Sonic ONTO
    it by using the left flipper (let Sonic go down the channel and hit him when
    he's about 1/3 down the flipper).  Then, when on top of the door, jump up and
    curve around so that you pick up all four rings.  On the Right side, just be
    patient for Sonic to fall down the channels, or you can try keeping the flippers
    up -- sometimes he will hit the flipper and roll up the channel.  Note: The
    teleporter will not work until you collect the first (center) emerald.
    Lower and Upper Steam Rooms:
         In both of these rooms, you will need to launch Sonic up into the pipes by
    controlling the steam so that he will land on a Cluck's back.  Nothing much else
    except when you first go up the lower one, be sure to get the emerald, then walk
    up one side to get the rings, then spin-dash over to the other side and do the
    same.  Note: The Upper Room's pipes will be inoperative until you collect all
    the emeralds.
    Upper Left and Right:
         In these rooms, you main objective is to break the corks on the inside
    pistons.  To do so, simply go through it three times.  Then, when inside the
    emerald shaft, press to the outside while rapidly hitting on the steam.  
    Eventually, you'll get on the platform and jump to get the emerald.
         If you're going for multi, make sure you get the rings on the left, above
    the bumpers.  Also, on both sides, be sure to get the rings on the inside path
    where a Ferron is guarding.  Finally, for the right side, try first to hit Sonic
    all the way through the Cool Loop, then try weakening your shot to get the last
    Boss Room:     
         To destroy the boiler, shoot toward the outside channels.  You should land
    on a platform.  Then just jump in and "boogie!"  This time the boss can kill you
    indirectly.  Should Sonic fall down the center, he will be dropped into a room
    with one last chance to survive.  Although I have never been able to escape, I
    think you have to bang on the buttons like crazy to make Sonic climb, but then
    again, that has never worked.  But on the bright side, the safety plugs will
    stay on forever for this boss.
         Pressure Bonus: Go through any piston five times for the 200 K bonus.  
              Note: Pistons without the series of five lights will not give a bonus.  
              (The lights show how many times you've gone through the loop.)
         Cool Loops: Go though any cool loop five times for 100 K.  Again, ones 
              without the lights will not give bonuses.
         X2 Multiplier: Light all three gates in the upper section of either Lower
              area.  This bonus will double the value on instant bonuses -- not ones
              you get at the end of a ball.
         Multi-ball Gates: In the centers of each steam room.
         Time Bonus: Within 10 to 11 minutes.
    The Machine:
    Divisions: Lower Center (starting board), Left and Right shafts, Animal Prison,
         and the Boss Room.
    Lower Center:
         Basically, you have to get into either shaft.  To get into the left shaft,
    ride the platform until it reaches the left side and just jump into the little
    slide.  To go to the right, go into the right power chamber three times to stop
    the right wheel, then go in.  Note: When you deactivate any wheel, going into
    the Power Chamber another three times will reactivate it as long as an emerald
    is inside the wheel.
         Here's where it gets a little harder to get the rings.  You must make three
    skill shots to get all of them here.  There's one on either mid-side, and the
    "Total Mega Loo-o-o-p" in the center.
         Note: You can get the emerald in the left wheel from here, but it's a lot
    easier to come from the Animal Prison.  Plus, the teleporter in the upper right
    corner will not work until you get the emerald in the Animal Prison.
    Left Shaft:
         Here, use the pistons at the bottom to launch Sonic up toward the movable
    flipper.  Do the flipper catch by holding the flipper up, and it'll start to
    move upward.  In order from down to up, the line of passages are: Exit of the
    Loop of Deception, Exit to Center board, Enterance of the Loop, Warp to the
    Animal Prison, and an emerald (which will dump you out in the Animal Prison).  
    If you go all the way up, stop the platform by hitting Sonic into the Power 
    Chamber once, then hit him up toward the right.  Come around, land on the 
    platform, and jump again.  Move to the right and be sure to get the lone ring.  
    Note: To get the ring, you will have to get rid of one of the enemies.  
    Removing the right one will send you into the Animal Prison, while taking out 
    the left one will send you into the boss room (which will send you into the 
    Prison, anyway, if you don't have all the emeralds).
    Animal Prison:
         It is what it says.  There are numerous little cages with padlocks.  Hit
    a padlock about four times and the cell opens.  An emerald is in the dead center
    cage.  Opening all the cages gives you a 500 K bonus.  When you're done, exit
    by the far left slide -- you'll get another emerald.  Also, be sure to hold to
    the right when you fall into the wheel -- if you do, the wheel will deposit you
    into the starting screen, instead of the left shaft.  Note: Exiting to the right
    will send you into the center screen if you didn't get the emerald here.
    Right Shaft:
         This one's almost the same as the left one.  When Sonic is launched up,
    catch him with the flipper to go up.  The slides going up are... Tube down, exit
    to center screen, tube down, tube down.  To reach the top, hit Sonic so that he
    will be clinging to the right side -- he'll flip up on to a platform.  Then ride
    the moving platform to the hole on the far left.  Voila -- C'est another
         Now if you want all the rings, you'll have to make a real skill (LUCK!)
    shot.  To get the rings on the second slide, the only way I found was to use
    the enemy that flies around that area, reflecting Sonic off of it.  If you want
    to try that, lift the flipper up about halfway and launch Sonic up.  Plus, be
    sure to get the rings in the "Going Do-o-own" tube.
    Boss Room:
         Again, this boss cannot really kill you -- falling past the flippers will
    just send Sonic into the Animal Prison unless the Surge is activated.  Start off
    by shooting Sonic into one of the channels on the left and right.  Then position
    him so that he will hit the very outside of the shock, then hit the tube.  Do
    this for each tube, then catch Sonic with one of the flippers.  No, the flipper
    will not move, but this will help you position a good shot.  Release the flipper
    and hit again when Sonic's about 1/4 to 1/3 down.  Then hold left or right while
    he's bouncing around to stay in longer.
         Piston Lights: For 200 K, go into each piston launcher in either shaft.
         Power Chambers: Worth 100 K, just go into either of the center screen's 
              power chambers three times.
         X2 Multiplier: Go through the Mega Loop three times in the center screen.
         Multi-Ball Gates: In the Animal Prison, and one at the top piston of either
         Time: Under 15 or 16 minutes for 10 Million.
    Divisions: Inside Center (starting room), Left and Right Inside, Bomb Springs, 
         Left and Right Outside, and the Boss Room.
    Inside Center:
         You main objective is to get the emerald guarded by four blocks.  To
    destroy the blocks, catch Sonic with the flipper, and then hit him when he's
    about 1/4 down it.  If you do this right, he should shoot almost straight up.
    Use left and right to guide him toward the triggers.  Note: The plugs in this
    level are activated seperately.  Plus, for this section, if you activate a plug
    then come in from the slide shaft, the plug will be deactivated.
         Once you remove the blocks, the left and right ramps will be open, instead
    of sending you into a little slide shaft.  (BTW, for the slide shaft, start out
    on the side you DO NOT want to go to.  For example, if you want to go to the
    outside, stay to the inside.)
    Left Inside:
         Get here by going out the left roof from the starting screen.  If the
    buzzbomber is there, it will send you into the slide shaft, but if it isn't
    then you'll be launched into the Outside Left.  To get inside, let Sonic fall
    between the flippers and look for a hole to the left.
         Here, you want to open a path so that you can get another emerald.  Wait
    for Sonic to come close to the tip of the left flipper before hitting him to
    hit the trigger on the far right of this section.  Eventually, a path will open.
    This new path will lead to a windsock which will give you a rumbling loop,
    Robotnik Bonus, and the emerald.
         The outside left channel will lead outside if you removed the blocks, and
    the inside left will go to another windsock which will just add a Robotnik
    Bonus.  Also, the three targets can be hit for a bonus, but you must hit them
    all within ten seconds.
    Right Inside:
         The emerald here is really outside but reached from the inside.  Just shoot
    for the far right.  The first time you'll hit a buzzbomber, and then the second
    time, a pull chain.  Just do as the bar says, and "Spin Away!"  When you spin-
    dash, Sonic will fly outside and collect another emerald.
         The inside left and right channels will lead to a rumbling loop, and the 
    outside left one will go to a windsock leading back to the slide shaft.  Note:
    If you're getting all the rings, GOOD LUCK!!!  Just make sure you get all the
    ones in the loop.
    Bomb Springs: (Outside Center)
         This area won't do you any good until you have collected all the emeralds.
    It can be used as an entrance to the boss room by using the bombs to propell
    Sonic up, but again, not until you have all the emeralds.  When you are ready,
    go all the way up and latch onto the pull chain.  Note: It's easiest to go up by
    going back and forth between two lines of bombs.
    Outside Left and Right:
         Here, the emerald is hidden on the far outside of the screen.  Just launch
    Sonic all the way up, then make you way to the outside.  Make sure you are all
    the way to the edge or else Sonic might miss the platform.  If you did this
    correctly, you should arrive on a little area with a pull chain.  Uhh... guess
    what you have to do next.  Use your new flipper to launch Sonic into the 
    emerald's chamber (try hitting him when he's about 1/3 down the flipper).  If
    you miss, you'll just be recycled to try again.  Note: If you're trying to get
    all the rings, be sure to get the lone ones by jumping off of the the platform
    toward the inside.  Yes, that jump is possible!  Just a little nerve-racking.
    However, I have NOT collected all the rings in this level, yet...
    Boss Room:
         There are five ways to get into Robotnik's Ship.  One is by using the bombs
    as springs.  Two others are on the underside of the wings.  Latch on to the pull
    chains, and spin away!  The last two are on top of the wings.  Spin-dash and
    collide with the window three times.
         OK, this guy's pretty easy.  Just hit the button between the fires five
    times, then shoot for the sides.  If you did this correctly, the socks should
    be gone, and Sonic should hit Robotnik's cockpit.  Keep doing this until the
    Status Bar says, "Smell my Socks!"  Then, you'll have to hit the button five
    times again.  Note: If you go up the sides too early, either Robotnik's
    mechanincal hand will get you or the socks will throw you against a window.
    If the hand gets you, just hold to the outside or do nothing.  You should land
    in an area where you can just spin-dash to get back in.  And if you get a whiff
    of Robotnik's socks, just make sure you don't strike out.  BTW, Robotnik will
    replace the windows for your sake.
         X2 Multiplier: Go through each gate of either slide shaft.
         Time: Unknown.  My guess would be about 18 or 19 minutes, but surviving on
              one life is pretty hard!
         Multi-Ball Gates: Unknown.  It's nearly impossible to get all the rings!
         Chimney Ramps: 200 K.  Go through the upper left or right exits of the
              inside, center screen three times.
         Rumbling Loops: 100 K each.  Go through the lighted path five times (the
              one with the five lights that indicated repetitions) in either inside,
              left or right.
         Robotnik bonus:  Only available if you went into one of the windsocks, and
              the info line read, "Robotnik bonus X..."  1 million multiplied by 
              number of times you went into a windsock.
         Jackpot:  Starts out at 10,000,000, raising by another 10 mil every time
              you beat a bonus round.
         Extra lives:  5,000,000 for each extra ball left.
         Congratulations!  You just destroyed Robotnik!  Now, you can sit back and 
    watch an unduly understated ending sequence!  Enjoy!
         Now, if you liked this hint guide or any others I have written, please
    help keep such high-quality information coming!  If you'd like to make a slight
    donation of, say, two or three dollars, they would be gladly accepted!  Send
    them to:
    George Lu
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          Or, if you'd like to ask me about something or chew me out for putting in
    a blatant plug for myself, contact me on Compuserve at "Falcon 71055,312" by
    E-mail or on the Gamer's Forum!
    (c) 1994 Falcon Hint Services.  All rights reserved.  This work represents many
         hours of my writing and researching.  Should you distribute this file to 
         others, please acknowledge my efforts.

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