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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CNash

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    Sonic and Knuckles FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Sega Genesis
    Version 4.1
    Written by CNash
    June 2008
    This guide was written and tested using the original PAL release of the Mega 
    Drive cartridge "Sonic & Knuckles". This game is also available in special 
    collections for the PC, Sega Saturn and Nintendo Gamecube. Unless otherwise
    stated, these collections are functionally identical to the original release,
    and the advice given in this FAQ can be used for any of them.
    USAGE GUIDE (the legal stuff)
    This FAQ may not be redistributed in any way, shape or form (including 
    magazine articles and cover disks) without prior written consent of CNash 
    (Chris Nash), and even so, must not be re-typed or corrected in any way. 
    Non-compliance with these terms is a violation of copyright. Conversion to 
    HTML format is prohibited. If you wish to host this FAQ, please e-mail me 
    and I might agree to it.
    [January 2001] 
     • Added Mushroom Hill Secret Area solution. 
     • Added #4 in the "FAQ in a FAQ" section. Added a lot of stuff to the "Cheats" 
       section. Added passwords for extra special stages.
    [November 2002]
     • Fixed the horrible, horrible line spacing, and altered several sections for
    [August 2003]
     • Added several points in the later sections of the FAQ, mainly concerning the
       lock-on feature.
    [February 2004]
     • Gave the debug mode a section all to itself. Aren't I kind?
    [June 2008] 
     • Some small changes for clarity here and there.
     • "FAQ in a FAQ" is gone - most of the information is no longer relevant due
       to the age of the system and peripherals (who's going to try locking a 32X
       onto S&K anyway?), and the info for the Mushroom Hill secret place has been
       added to the Zone listing.
    1.) Introduction
    2a.) Special Attacks
    2b.) Character-specific special attacks
    3.) Zone Guides:
    a.) Mushroom Hill
    b.) Flying Battery
    c.) Sandopolis
    d.) Lava Reef
    e.) Hidden Palace
    f.) Sky Sanctuary
    g.) Death Egg
    h.) Doomsday
    3.) Linkup Capabilities
    4.) Special and Bonus Stages
    5.) Cheats
    6.) Debug Mode
    1a.) Special Attacks:
    Spin Dash: Hold Down and press Jump. You'll start spinning in place. To 
    blast off, release Down, and to get more power, repeatedly tap the Jump 
    1b.) Character-specific special attacks:
    Force Fields: Do a double jump (press A, B or C twice quickly) and you'll 
    perform a special attack related to the shield you hold.
    Flame: A flaming dash across the screen.
    Bubble: Bounce downwards.
    Lightning: Boost jump. 
    You can also do this without any shield. I'm not sure whether it shields you 
    at all, as I've never been able to time it right.
    Fly and Bash: Do a double jump and you'll start flying. You can then simply 
    fly through robots or over obstacles. 
    Wall-Climber: Fly into a wall to grab onto it and press Up or Down to move 
    along it.
    Wall-Basher: Simply run into any breakable wall to knock it down. Sonic can 
    do that too, but he has to use the Spin Dash. Some walls can only be broken 
    by Knuckles.
    Another important point to note is that Knuckles has a slightly lower jump 
    than Sonic. This creates problems when the cart is linked to Sonic 2. See 
    'Linkup Capabilities' at the end of the Zone Guide.
    2.) Zone Guide
    a.) Mushroom Hill (1)
    Quite simple. Get the hang of Sonic's attacks and learn how to go around 
    loops (use the Spin Dash) and get away from vines (again, use the Spin Dash).
    Practice climbing and gliding (for Knuckles) Pulley machines require you to
    press down repeatedly to lift yourself up.
    The Mini-Boss: Woodcutter.
    Dodge his flying logs, then hit him from the side. Made easier by use of the 
    Fire Shield, as you can simply stand below him and hit. (If you don't use
    the shield and try this, you'll get hurt by his engine flames).
    Mushroom Hill (2)
    Like the first act, but Knuckles makes an appearance and blows you up to 
    another season (presumably Fall). If you're Knuckles, you can go past the 
    switch and get into Fall later. This level is quite overabundent with special 
    stage Giant Rings, and it is possible to get about four of the seven emeralds 
    required. Cross seasons again and you'll see a transmitting device of some 
    sort. Bounce on it and keep bouncing, as the device is resting on Dr. 
    Robotnik's head!
    The Boss: Dr. Robotnik.
    Take the number of hits you got in after the transmitter was destroyed, and
    subtract it from eight. This will give you the number of hits needed to
    destroy this boss. (I got it down to three). The boss itself is a simple case of
    dodge the spiky mines. Between jumps, hit him the calculated number of times
    and he slams into a tree. Now, free the animals and jump onto the Flying
    Secret area: At the last pulley machine, use the left side instead of the right,
    and the spring in the next area will take you to a hidden place with some shield
    b.) Flying Battery (1)
    Both of these are quite hard levels. First, get used to running on the purple
    machine-loops, and work your way through the battery. To get rid of the
    missiles while you're in the open air, go to the far right end and let three
    missles slam into the floor, creating a hole. 
    The Mini-Boss: The animal-trap that isn't.
    This thing looks like a standard animal cage, but once you push it's button
    it'll grow arms and eyes. The trick to do this is to stand on the button, 
    then wait until his eyes flash and quickly jump off. Do this about 5 or 6
    Flying Battery (2)
    More or less the same as act 1, but a one new point to note. Beware of the 
    first animal trap that you encounter, as it contains robots!
    The Boss: Dr. Robitnik.
    The first phase of the doc's attack uses a powerful laser-death beam hanging 
    from the ceiling. This is deja-vu time for Sonic 2 players, as it is 
    identical to the one he used in Wing Fortress Zone, but this time you can't 
    destroy it. Just dodge it's beams and it'll destroy itself!
    The second phase, after avoiding getting crushed by the platform, is a new 
    machine, the spikey flame-thrower. Avoid the spikes and the flames and hit 
    him when he swings up. This is slightly harder for Knuckles.
    (Note: If you use Tails, you can hit the death-ray by using your tails, but 
    you can't destroy it that way).
    c.) Sandopolis (1)
    This is, I think, the second hardest level in the game. Timing is essential 
    when attacking the Skorp (the thing with the tail), and don't stay in the 
    quicksand too long (duh!)
    Mini-Boss: The Rocky Bear Thingy
    Don't try and hit it, just lure it over to the quicksand pit on the left and 
    it'll fall in.
    Sandopolis (2)
    Inside the pyramid, use the light switches to get rid of the ghosts, for a 
    while. If they get very large, they'll start attacking you, and they're 
    invincible! Try and keep one step ahead of the pouring sand.
    The Boss: Dr. Robotnik.
    When is he ever going to quit? He's back, and he's brought a big spiky 
    Egyptian laser shooting thingy. Dodge the spikes, hit once to reveal 
    Robotnik, and once more to damage it. Do this eight times.
    d.) Lava Reef (1)
    This happens to be my favorite level - judged purely on the coolness of the 
    music, of course. The lava is a pain - fire shields are good here. Break 
    through the rocks, learn how to cope with the overhead spike smasher things 
    and go off to face the mini boss, which is:
    Mini-Boss: The Laser-aided Big Hand.
    For each laser cannon, hit three times. The hand can only be hit when it's 
    closed (i.e. after trying to hit you), and then only from above.
    Lava Reef (2)
    First take a good look at the flame throwers, and how they work. They'll 
    cause you problems later. Now avoid the spinning spiky landmine things on 
    a pole (they have a belt of spiky things that rotate round a big pole).
    The Boss: Dr. Robotnik.
    Starts off by launching missles and destroying platforms. Make sure it's not 
    the one you're on. After the starpost, jump on the platforms and take the 
    last one down to the boss, picking up goodies on the way. Don't try and 
    get the boss directly, this is one of the 'dodge the spikes and it'll destroy 
    itself' bosses. Simply let the mines slam into his evil machine. 
    After the points tally has run down and the fire turns blue, it's safe to 
    walk on it. Go on through. (If you're Knuckles, you don't have to face a 
    boss at all!)
    Past this point, Sonic and Knuckles' levels are completely different. 
    I'll start with:
    e.) Hidden Palace (Knuckles)
    Just jump down the stairs and onto the teleporter.
    Hidden Palace (Sonic)
    Jump up the stairs and collect rings.
    The Boss: Knuckles.
    Finally, something different! Don't hit Knuckles head on, jump on him from 
    above about eight times and dodge his flying and spinning attacks. After 
    saving him from Dr. Robotnik, he'll be your friend and open doors for you.
    f.) Sky Sanctury (Knuckles)
    This is the final level for Knuckles. Let the machine grab you, then watch as 
    RoboSonic completely misses you and destroys the flying robot.
    The Big Boss: RoboSonic.
    This is an exact replica of Sonic, but robotized. Snash it's face in eight 
    times, then it'll start flashing. Don't let your guard down, as it's not 
    over yet! RoboSonic will then jump on the big Emerald, and turn into Super 
    RoboSonic! While it's gold it's invincible, so always dodge it's tackles and 
    power balls and hit it three times once it goes back to blue and needs a 
    After you've hit it about five times it'll shoot rings at you, but these 
    rings hurt you! Avoid them and hit it three more times to finally destroy 
    him and finish the game.
    Sky Sanctury (Sonic)
    Not the last level for Sonic. Go up the clouds and towers, beware of the 
    animals coming out as they're followed by a robot, and then find a blast from 
    Sonic's past!
    1st Mini-Boss: Deja-vu, Sonic 1 style!
    This boss is the RoboSonic in a machine exactly the same as the Sonic 1 Green 
    Hill boss. Avoid the ball and hit it. Fairly simple.
    Up the towers again, for a second match-up!
    2nd Mini-Boss: Deja-vu, Sonic 2 style!
    This is the same as the Sonic 2 Metropolis Zone boss. Hit it eight times, 
    destroy the baby Robo-Sonics and hit it once more to destroy it.
    Once more, climbing up the clouds to face the last incarnation of RoboSonic:
    The Boss: RoboSonic.
    Just hit it's face eight times to destroy it. Very easy.
    g.) Death Egg (1)
    Very hard to get the hang of. Try and master upside-down walking, and the 3-
    2-1 neon race tracks.
    The Mini-Boss: The Eye.
    Up till now, all the mini-bosses have been a bit cheesy, but the eye is quite 
    hard. Hit the eye until all the spiky things have been destroyed, then stay on
    the spinning platforms and dodge the death ray, hitting the eye periodically.
    Death Egg (2)
    Exactly the same as act 1, but more in the open air (space?).
    The Mini-Boss: Dr. Robotnik.
    Did I say Mini-Boss? Yes, that's right, there are *two* Mini-Bosses in the 
    Death Egg. You can't hit it directly, this boss is mastered by use of the 
    anti-gravity booths. Let the bombs rain down upon the evil sphere, as you 
    reverse the gravitational flow. Note that they can only damage the machine if 
    the spikes are facing it.
    The Boss: Evil Robotnik Emerald-Powered Machine.
    Make a big effort on your first try if you have rings availible, because if 
    you die the first time you won't have rings the second time. Run ahead of it 
    and destroy the fingers, Lava Reef style. Now dodge the flamethrower and hit 
    it. Next, hit the emerald and dodge the beam by jumping at exactly the right 
    moment. Timing has to be impeccable on this zone, as one false move can cost 
    you your life! Do this a sufficient number of times, then hit Robotnik in his 
    flying machine a further five times to complete this boss.
    If you have collected all the emeralds, read on! It's not over yet!
    If you haven't, you can miss out this next bit.
    h.) Doomsday Zone (Super Sonic, all Emeralds only).
    This is a flying boss, and you can't die! But keep an eye on your ring 
    counter, as it's slowly ticking away, and when it reaches 0 you'll drop out 
    of the sky! And to make matters worse, there is still the zone clock to 
    Collect rings to boost your time, dodge rocks and missles as they slow you 
    down. When you catch up to the machine, let the missles hit the cockpit.
    Remember that you must do this very fast. Now dodge more missles. Finally, 
    fly into his cockpit another eight times.
    3.) Linkup Capabitities
    One of the great features of Sonic & Knuckles is that you can link Sonic 1, 2 
    or 3 to it and play new levels.
    Sonic 1
    "What?" I  hear you cry, "You can't link Sonic 1 to Sonic & Knuckles! You get 
    all that No Way stuff!" Now this is probably the worst-kept secret in the 
    whole of video gaming, but if you link S&K to Sonic 1 and press A+B+C 
    together, you'll get to play with secret Special Stages that aren't in the 
    actual game! You can also do this with any other Sega cartridge, and the 
    stage differs with each cartridge! I'm told that there are around a quarter 
    trillion special stages on the Sonic 1 cartridge alone. But you do get a 
    password so you can continue later.
    The passwords and stage codes are structured so that you can't just tap in 
    any number and get a stage - only some passwords work.
    Actually, for a challenge, put in any cartridge made by Electronic Arts. 
    Their special stages are quite hard, especially the FIFA Soccer series. 
    But NEVER try this with a cartridge with memory back-up as this will totally 
    erase all saved games! This rules out Shining Force, Soliel, PGA Tour Golf
    and others. Passwords are unaffected.
    In the PC version, from the "Game" menu, just choose "Special Stage Mode".
    Sonic 2
    Once you link S&K to S2, you'll be able to play all of the Sonic 2 stages 
    with Knuckles, in a special mode called "Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the 
    Hedgehog 2" (KtEiS2). This means you can get to parts of levels that you 
    wouldn't be able to get to with Sonic alone. One downside to this is that
    Knuckles has a slightly lower jump than Sonic or Tails, which makes some 
    levels harder than they should be, especially Death Egg Zone.
    Sonic 3
    You can now play all the S3 and S&K levels consecutively, and this means you 
    can play S3 levels with Knuckles and S&K levels with Tails! The collected 
    version of this game is called "Sonic 3 & Knuckles" (S3&K). Plus you can 
    save your game. When you collect all the Chaos Emeralds, the Giant Rings 
    start flashing multi-colored. Jump in, and all your emeralds will float up 
    and become gray ememeralds on flowery platforms. Jump on and you'll enter 
    S&K Special Stages. You can choose what order you play them in.
    4.) Special and Bonus Stages
    To get into a special stage, you must find the giant rings dotted around 
    the levels. The special stages are pretty straightforward. All you have to 
    to is navigate around a giant 3D ball, collecting Blue spheres and avoiding
    Red ones. If you touch a Red you exit the stage, so beware! And if you touch
    a Blue, it'll turn Red! A neat trick is to collect around the outside of a 
    square of Blues, and they'll all turn into rings. The star spheres are bumpers
    which make you change direction (run backwards) and the yellows are springs.
    Get all the blue spheres and you get an emerald.
    Bonus Stage #1 is a slot-machine thing. Get inside it and you win rings or 
    mines depending on what your combination of pictures is. It's like a 
    combination of Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2, and the Sonic 1 special 
    stages. To get out, touch a goal tile.
    Bonus Stage #2 is a weird electro-sphere game. Work your way up the spheres 
    to get to the top, and watch out for the forcefield trying to get you from 
    below. Prizes are in the little spheres, and get better as you move up the 
    playing field. Expect some 1-Ups at the top. The game will warn you with an 
    alarm when the forcefield gets close and if it touches you, you exit the 
    Bonus Stage #3 can only be entered if you link up S&K to Sonic 3, or play 
    Sonic 3 on it's own. First, drop down to the bottom and bounce up on the 
    springs, touching the lever of the machine. A prize will fall out. You have 
    to bounce on the yellow bouncers at the side to work your way up to it.
    (REP) spheres replace the springs at the bottom.
    5.) Cheats
    [Level Select]
    Go to Angel Island 1 (start a new game). Grab a vine and enter this code:
    Left Left Left Right Right Right Up Up Up
    If you've done it right (you need to do it fairly quickly, without pausing
    in between button presses) you'll hear the sound of a ring being collected.
    Now when you pause the game and press A, you'll be taken back to the title
    When on the title screen, press down twice and you'll see a new option below
    Competition called Sound Test. Select that and you'll see the level select
    [Debug Mode]
    Use the level select to go to Mushroom Hill 1. Find a pulley machine,
    hang from it, and enter the same code as from Angel Island. You'll hear the
    same sound, and you should now pause the game and press A to return to the 
    title screen. Enter Sound Test again, and with the level you want selected, 
    hold A while pressing Start. This will enable Debug Mode.
    6.) Debug Mode
    Debug Mode grants you access to several new functions.
    With Debug Mode disabled:
    A=Reverse gravity -- B=Enable debug mode  -- C=Jump.
    With Debug Mode enabled:
    A=Change sprite   -- B=Disable debug mode -- C=Place sprite.
    This section deals with Debug Mode, and the many glitches and tricks you can
    pull off by using it.
    All zones are unlocked for every character while you're in Debug Mode.
    This means that strange things can happen when the characters go to places
    meant for the other characters - for example, take Sonic or Tails into
    Sky Sanctuary 2, which is Knuckles's final boss.
     • Bringing yourself back: if you've accidentally died while in debug mode,
       press B to enable object placement, then B again, and you'll be back to
       where you are. Be careful of pressing B while inside the scenery, though,
       as this can cause unexpected results.
     • Enter Sky Sanctuary 1 with Knuckles to have two Knuckles.
     • You can play Doomsday Zone with Tails or Knuckles. If you use Knuckles and 
       beat the game, you'll have two Master Emeralds, a blue plane and a sky-blue
       colored Sonic driving it! And during the credits, not only is Sonic standing
       on the plane driven by the sky-blue Sonic, activate debug mode to freeze the
       words and place glicthy birds and dolphins.
     • Beat Sky Sanctuary 2 with Sonic, and you'll get a blue Knuckles on the plane,
       and the sky-blue Sonic when you activate debug mode just before the credits.
       You can still die, by letting Sonic drop to the bottom of the screen (or 
       the top with reversed gravity).
     • In Lava Reef 3, activating Debug Mode while the screen is scrolling will 
       cause your movement to be locked in a diagonally-up direction, and different
       parts of the level will scroll behind you. Exit debug mode in this state and
       you'll fall to the bottom and die - but if you bring yourself back with debug
       mode, the screen will scroll downwards really fast. If you exit debug mode 
       now, you will die.
     • In Lava Reef 4, with Knuckles, placing a teleporter sphere and stepping on it
       will cause you to fly upwards, then diagonally up, then upwards again, with
       the background scrolling like the last glitch, until you're at the top of the
       screen. Once there, you can press B twice to fall down to the end of the
       stage. If you happen to hit the top of the screen in this stage, you'll be
       transported to Sky Sanctuary 2.
    If you want to correct me on anything I've said, or give me new info, the
    address to e-mail is:
    cnash.mail AHT gmail DOHT com

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