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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wdg8

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    SSSSS     OOOOO    N     N   IIIIIII    CCCCCC
                   S         O     O   NN    N      I      C
                   S         O     O   N N   N      I      C
                    SSSSS    O     O   N  N  N      I      C
                         S   O     O   N   N N      I      C
                         S   O     O   N    NN      I      C
                    SSSSS     OOOOO    N     N   IIIIIII    CCCCCC
                    CCCCCC   H     H     AAA      OOOOO     SSSSS
                   C         H     H    A   A    O     O   S
                   C         H     H   A     A   O     O   S
                   C         HHHHHHH   AAAAAAA   O     O    SSSSS
                   C         H     H   A     A   O     O         S
                   C         H     H   A     A   O     O         S
                    CCCCCC   H     H   A     A    OOOOO     SSSSS
                                   For Game Gear
                              Walkthrough Version 1.01
                                  Written by wdg8
    I.   Moves 
    II.  Items
    III. Walkthrough
     1.   Turquoise Hill Zone
     2.   Gigapolis Zone
     3.   Sleeping Egg Zone
     4.   Mecha Green Hill Zone
     5.   Aqua Planet Zone
     6.   Electric Egg Zone
    IV.   Other World (Special Stage)
    V.   Secrets 
    VI.  Contact Info
    VII. Copyright Info
    I. Moves
    Super Spin Attack - Jump. Use this on enemies. Next.
    Super Spin Dash - Dash. Hold down and press 1 or 2 repeatedly.
    Pogo Springs - Get Spring Shoes and bounce around.
    Sonic's Rocket Shoes - Get Rocket Shoes and float around.
    Airman Tails - Jump and press 1 or 2 to fly.
    II. Items
    Rocket Shoes - See section II.
    Super Rings - 10 Rings.
    Extra Life
    III. Walkthrough
        Here's what you came here for. Everything I list can be done with Sonic,
    but Tails is much easier.
     1. Turquoise Hill Zone
      A. Act 1
        Grab the 4 rings at the start, then head on. Just after the ramp jump on
    top of the platform. Get the 8 rings here and jump on the moving platform. Go
    to the left. Here you'll get 16 rings. Don't get the Rocket Shoe until you get
    all the rings. When you get the Rocket Shoe, go right and as high up as you
    can. Don't go too fast or you'll miss the next platform. Once on the platform
    you'll find 7 more rings and another Rocket Shoe. Get the Rocket Shoe and head
    right. Try to get the ring below you, this could make or break getting the
    emerald in this act. Keep going right and land on the platform (above a loop).
    Get the rings and go left. Get the 24 rings here, and then go right. You
    should get a total of 100 rings by just going straight, as long as you got
    all of em'.
      B. Act 2
        Get the 4 rings in front of you, then get 16 when you jump down. Continue
    right and avoid the enemy between columns 2 and 3. Now get the rings here to
    bring the total up to 28. Turn around and head left. Use the spring enemy to
    jump up, but, once again, avoid the enemy. Now head back up, using the moving
    platform at the top of the hill. Go right when it gets to the top and jump on
    the spring enemy. Get on top of the loop to get 16 rings and invincibility.
    Don't use the spring, instead jump straight down and get 20 more rings, bring
    the total up to 64. Just after the spikes, there is a spring hidden in the
    ground. Use it to go just to the right and get to the platform high above you.
    Get 10 more rings and start to run on the twisted road. Go right and get some
    more hanging in the air, then go right and jump down. During your fall you
    should reach 100 rings.
      C. Boss
        Just run up to him and jump in to his face.
     2. Gigapolis Zone
      A. Act 1
        After getting 3 rings at start, just keep running right, you'll get 44
    more this way. Now, go back to the spring and jump up. Get the invincibility
    to your left and go right. Jump up in to the tube and continue left. Here
    you'll find 5 more "10 rings". That should put you well over 100.
      B. Act 2
        Get the 8 in front of you and move on. Don't fall on the spikes after the
    first loop. Go left after you fall down and fall down again during the
    spinning road. Watch out for the enemy and get the 3 "10 rings". Use a hidden
    spring to get back up and get the ring hovering over the spinning road. Get
    the 4 "10 rings" all the way to the left. Go right again and get the rings on
    the loop to get a total of 100.
      C. Boss
        Once again, just keep aiming for the head.
     3. Sleeping Egg Zone
      A. Act 1
        Grab the first 9 rings, then use the spring shoe to jump up. Get the next
    spring shoe, you'll need to use one of the hidden spring to get up that high.
    Now jump left and ditch it. Get the 4 "10 rings" and jump back down to get
    the spring shoe again. Continue left, and get the "10 rings" on the ledge.
    Then get the 4 rings hanging in mid air. Go left some more to find an extra
    life and more rings; your total should be 75. Make your way back to the spring
    shoe you already got twice and use it to jump to the right. Get the 6 rings
    here by staying on the moving platform. Get 6 more rings here, but don't stop
    moving. Continue right and get a "10 rings". Now just go left to get the
    remaining rings, but don't stop moving.
      B. Act 2
        Take the only path until you get the 3 "10 rings". From there keep going
    and get 2 more. Step into the fast dash machine and get the remaining
    "10 rings". That's it, wow.
      C. Boss
        Try to jump on top of him. If you can't make it, just stay to the left and
    jump when his laser fires.
     4. Mecha Green Hill Zone
      A. Act 1
        Get the rings in front of you and continue right. Jump down at the
    spinning road, ignoring the rings, and get a few on the way down. Now, go to
    the right and get 2 more, taking the total up to 31. Don't stand on the
    platform with 2 on too long, it's a death trap. Head back left and stand on
    the platform all the way left. You'll fall down on to a spring. Get the rings
    on the spinning road, taking the total up to 42. Doing that may take some
    time, be patient. Get 14 more on the next spinning road. The easiest way to do
    this is keep running on it from on side to the other, jumping in the middle.
    Note that there is a hidden path on the right side, one that you must use. Get
    20 more of the next one, using the same strategy. I got all the rings here on
    my first try, so it shouldn't be too hard. Continue right and jump on the
    moving platform to go up to the next area. Go left to find enough rings to
    take the total up to 100. 
      B. Act 2
        Get 6 at start and use the moving platform to go up, get 4 more. Do back
    down and continue right. Get 4 and head up there. Get the ring as you continue
    right, including the ones on the spinning road. If you got all of them you'll
    have 70, but you only need about 60. Continue ahead to get more. Fall down at
    the spinning road to find about 30, this should get you over 100.
      C. Boss
        Sigh, another boss who has a weak head. Try to jump on it when the boss is
    at the lowest point, then hold right.
     5. Aqua Planet Zone
      A. Act 1
        Just keep taking the upper-right path until you get 67 rings. Now go right
    until you see a spring built in to the wall. Jump up and get the rocket shoe.
    Go directly right to get a total of 100 rings.
      B. Act 2
        Get the 8 at start and go right, don't use the spring. Jump up to the
    ledge on the right, then jump as far as you can to the left. Here you'll find
    "10 rings". Go up as high as you can and make a running leap off the right
    side on the platform. Here you find lots of "10 rings". Here you get a total
    of 100 rings.
      C. Boss
        Kill all the bird robots, don't stand in the middle. Just stay on the
    right and, sigh, jump on the boss' head. For the next form, just avoid the 6
    missiles and jump up to hit him.
     6. Electric Egg Zone
      A. Act 1
        Just keep going and get all the "10 rings", then jump down and get the
    rings below. Spin Dash to avoid lasers.
      B. Act 2
        Getting 100 rings in this level is highly improbable. So if you want all
    the emeralds, you'll need to already have them, or start over.
      C. Boss
        Form 1: Jump on his head. After a few times he'll fire a bouncing laser.
    You can avoid this by staying on the left side of his head.
        Form 2: Just jump on his once. He moves fast, so it won't be easy.
        Now just sit back and enjoy one of the endings. If you have all the
    emeralds you'll see a slightly better one.
    IV. Other World (Special Stage)
        You'll be transported here after getting 100 rings on any level (act 1 and
    2 only). Here you can find an emerald, but only if you're quick enough. After
    finishing this, you will automatically be taken to the act after the one you
    were in before this.
     1. First
        After 44 seconds of going to the right it will be in the middle of the
     2. Second
        Go as high as you can, get the clock in the process. You don't have to use
    the spring shoe to do this. Now jump into the right wall and fall straight
    down, jump down on the right side from this platform to find a spring shoe.
    Use it to jump back to the previous platform and jump as high as you can to
    the right. Then jump right, then left.
     3. Third
        Keep going right and hold up after you enter the fifth tube.
     4. Fourth
        At the first spring, jump up and break the second block from the left. Now
    get the Rocket Shoe and use the hole to save time. Keep going up and right,
    repeat with all Rocket Shoes. Make sure you get the last Rocket shoe, if you
    run too fast, you'll miss it.
     5. Fifth
        Go right. Now go left, by holding left, in the second tube from the bottom
    when you get to the right wall. You must hold down as soon as you go in or
    else you won't make it. When you leave the tube jump right away. Now just get
    the emerald.
    V. Secrets
    Instant Emerald
    Press up down up down 1 2 1 2 1 2 when you choose the character.
    Level Select
    Press up up down down right left right left start at the title screen.
    Sound Test
    Press down down up up left right left right 1 2 start at the title screen.
    VI. Contact Info
    I have previously provided an email address to obtain permission
    should anyone wish to repost this guide or if there are any questions, but
    excessive spam has forced me to remove it.
    VII. Copyright Info.
    This document is for personal use only. It may not be posted anywhere
    except on GameFAQs.
    Sonic, Tails, and all other things about the game are copyright 1993 Sega.

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