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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WWalker

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    For Sega Genesis/GameCube (Sonic MegaGames Collection)
    FAQ/walkthrough by William Walker
    1. Introduction
    It's taken me much longer to get to it than I'd hoped, but I've finally 
    gotten to my last major FAQ/walkthrough I plan to do for the Sega Genesis! 
    Like most of my latest projects I have already done a FAQ/walkthrough on this 
    game and posted it on GameFAQs.com, but I wish to expand and improve on it. 
    In any event, right now the future of my FAQ writing remains uncertain. I 
    hope to eventually update my Zelda FAQs (which I get a lot of queries on) but 
    whether I will ever have the time to do that I do not know.
    In any event, Ristar is an action/adventure game originally released for the 
    Sega Genesis, an offshoot of the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog series. 
    Although this game isn't as good as the Sonic games (particularly sonic the 
    Hedgehog 2) it does have the super-smooth gameplay, cool character, 
    interesting levels and bosses, and awesome music that make Sonic great. 
    Ristar is a somewhat hard game to master but not that bad, and there are 
    cheat codes available for people who wish to master the game faster or have 
    problems with a particular level. Put simply, Ristar is a great game which 
    was recently re-released for the GameCube as a "secret" game in the Sonic 
    MegaGames Collection (you have to "unlock it by playing the other games 
    enough times first). I think this game is very underappreciated considering 
    how good it is, and I am very glad to finally get to it!
    This FAQ/walkthrough is copyright William Walker, March 2004, all rights 
    reserved. If you wish to post it on your own site please e-mail me first 
    asking for permission. Do not use it for any commercial use or do anything 
    else that violates international copyright law!!!
    If you wish to e-mail me with questions/comments/additions or for any other 
    reason, my e-mail address is j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net . Please do not send 
    any stupid e-mails!!!
    Credits: Sega for making such a great game, and Jess Regan, whose 
    FAQ/walkthrough for this game helped me master it as fast as I did. Thanks 
    2. Basic Information
    "In a far off galaxy, an evil alien force is at work. The evil tyrant Greedy 
    has corrupted the planet leaders and enslaved the populace. Even the 
    legendary hero has been captured. A desperate plea for help is made... and 
    answered by the hero's own son". That's the story that plays in the game 
    intro, and as you can see, it is not too complicated. You are that son, 
    Ristar, the little black ball with a gold star face who's got to save the 
    solar system from Greedy's evil plans by battling through six planets, each 
    with its own challenges. At the title screen you can choose start or options. 
    The options menu is fairly basic. Here are the things on the options menu:
    Difficulty: Change from normal to hard difficulty (there is no easy mode).
    Controls: The basic controls are jump for A and C and grab for B. You can 
    reverse them here if you want.
    Sound Test: You can listen to all the music played in the game (it's easy to 
    spend hours there).
    Passwords: You can enter passwords to put cheat codes into effect. See the 
    end of the walkthrough for passwords!
    Now, the game. You will have to go through six planets; each has two areas 
    and a boss. The first area ends with a mini-boss. Each area has a special 
    spinner (for more information on spinners, look a little farther down) that 
    will take you to a bonus round for that area. In bonus rounds, you will have 
    one minute to get to a treasure chest in a strange and sometimes very 
    difficult mini-level. If you complete the bonus round very quickly (in well 
    under a minute) you will also get a free continue! If you fail to complete 
    the bonus round you will be sent back to the regular game empty-handed. There 
    are twelve separate bonus rounds, one for each area, and you only get one 
    chance per game to complete them. The treasures you obtain from bonus rounds 
    are useless, but if you get enough of them, you will be given some of the 
    cheat codes when you complete the game. See the walkthrough for the locations 
    of the entrances to bonus rounds, and see the end of the walkthrough for 
    information on each bonus round itself!
    To control Ristar as he moves through the planets, press left or right on the 
    directional pad to walk left or right. Ristar cannot duck or look up. Press A 
    or C to jump, although unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, Ristar isn't a world 
    champion jumper... he can only jump about his own height. Press start to 
    pause/unpause the game. Now, the main move: Ristar's grab. Ristar's springy, 
    stretchable arms are both his main weapon and his main method of getting 
    around other than walking. Press B and Ristar will extend his arms about 
    twice as far as his body is thick. You can grab in eight directions; Ristar 
    will grab in the direction he is facing or moving unless you override this by 
    holding the directional pad in the direction you want to grab. Ristar will 
    hold his arms out in the extended position for about half a second if you 
    hold the B button down.
    If Ristar grabs an enemy the enemy will struggle helpless in his grasp as 
    long as you hold the B button down. When you release it Ristar will head-butt 
    the unfortunate enemy and send it bouncing around the screen to its utter 
    demise. This is Ristar's main method of defeating his foes (DO NOT jump on 
    enemies in this game). If Ristar grabs a handhold on a wall or ceiling he can 
    grab onto it and move hand over hand across a series of handholds, and climb 
    walls or cross chasms in this way. Ristar can also swing across some poles by 
    grabbing them, and drop through some floors by standing on them and pressing 
    down. The same floors can be moved up through by grabbing them from below. 
    Ristar can even "swing" on moving objects (and some enemies) by grabbing them 
    and holding the B button down until he gets to where he wants to go. Note 
    that once you grab something you cannot let go without head-butting it, no 
    matter how hard you try. Finally, Ristar can also "climb" walls without 
    handholds, simply by grabbing them at a higher point each time since every 
    time you grab a normal wall, you bounce off slightly higher than you were 
    when you grabbed it. This move is not necessary until fairly late in the 
    game, however.
    Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, Ristar does not have anything like rings; it has a 
    simple health bar system. Ristar gets four stars (in the top right corner) at 
    the beginning of each area and life. Every time he gets hit, he loses a star. 
    When he loses all four stars, he dies. A few things can kill you instantly 
    but these are not until near the end of the game. When you die you usually go 
    back go back to the start of the area (with a couple of exceptions). Ristar 
    begins with five lives (like many games, it is possible to have "0" lives). 
    When he loses all his lives, the game is over unless you continue. To 
    continue, press start before the countdown reaches 0. You will have to return 
    to the beginning of the planet you lost your last life on, though. I forget 
    exactly how many continues you start the game with, but you can get more by 
    completing bonus rounds very quickly. Obviously, if you fail to continue or 
    run out of continues, you have to start the game over.
    The only difference between normal and hard mode is that on hard mode, you 
    get only TWO stars, start the game with three lives, and also start with 
    fewer continues (I forget how many). I've never played the game on hard mode, 
    but if you want more challenge, I suppose you could do it. There is no time 
    limit in this game. Most power-ups in the game are located in treasure chests 
    but some are just lying around, or fall from the sky when you grab a wall in 
    the right place. To open treasure chests and collect power-ups, grab them The 
    power-ups in this game are:
    Gems - Worth between 200 and 1000 points, depending on how difficult they are 
    to reach.
    Gold Stars - Restore 1 hit point.
    Blue Stars - Restore all hit points.
    Ristar doll - Worth an extra life (every 30,000 points you get is also worth 
    an extra life).
    One more thing I need to explain, before I get on with the walkthrough, is 
    how to use devices called spinners. These look like small devices you'd see 
    at a casino with a handle for you to grab (these may have a more official 
    name, but I never got the game's manual). Grab one and you will start 
    spinning around it. Hold in the direction you were facing when you grabbed it 
    to rotate faster and faster until a circle of blue stars appears around the 
    spinner. Once this appears release the B button (which you must hold all the 
    time you're spinning) and you will fly off like a rocket (these move greatly 
    exceeds the spin dash of Sonic the Hedgehog in coolness, I think). Any 
    enemies unfortunate enough to be in your way will be instantly destroyed! 
    However, you need impeccable timing on these devices because you usually want 
    to fly off in a certain direction and must time your release perfectly so you 
    are heading in that direction when you let go. You also need to be holding in 
    the direction you want to go as you release; otherwise you won't fly off, 
    just drop back to the ground. Oddly enough, bashing into walls repeatedly 
    actually INCREASES your flying time, so take as much advantage of them as 
    3. Walkthrough
    3a. FLORA
    Welcome to your first planet. Like the first level of most Sonic games, it is 
    a heavily vegetated place. It's not that hard, more of a training level 
    actually, so take it easy and get used to your new moves.
    Area 1:
    After you begin the game, the first enemy you will encounter will be a small 
    blue-green orb that moves back and forth along the ground. These guys I will 
    refer to as orbots, although I don't know their official name, and they are 
    the most common enemy in the game. They can move on the ground or in the air 
    and are different colors in every planet. Butt the little bugger and continue 
    right to a wall. Jump and grab it and press up to climb up, hand over hand. 
    At the top is another wall, with a small depression in front of it where 
    another orbot is. Avoid this one (he's tough to beat without getting hit 
    yourself) and climb the wall by jumping over the depression and grabbing it. 
    At the top continue right and a rabbit will jump out of the bush to attack! 
    As soon as you see him, reach out and butt him, then jump and grab diagonally 
    at the wall above you. This will cause a gold star to fall from the sky; 
    collect it and cross the chasm ahead via the ceiling handles (watch out for 
    the orbots moving vertically up and down). On the other side are some vines. 
    These can be traversed by grabbing them, but rather than do that, drop down 
    to the ground. Go right and you'll come to some spikes which you can cross by 
    means of some ceiling handles. On the other side grab the two vines above you 
    to climb up; you'll avoid a rather nasty flying chicken if you take this 
    route. Be sure to grab inside the hole with an arrow pointing at it; there's 
    a 1-UP in there!
    Grab two more vines and continue right. After you pass through the bush, a 
    rabbit will hop out of it, but ignore him and continue right. Drop down and 
    go right to a hole; grab inside it for a 1000-point gem. You can drop through 
    the ground here and take the under-way, but there's a chicken down there you 
    want to avoid; instead grab a pollen seed and hold on tight. It will airlift 
    you up to a ledge on the right. Grab the gold star and grab the vine to 
    safely swing over the spikes. Drop down and go right to a bush. Jump over 
    this bush if you can; if you go through it you will see a purple mine 
    attached to you as you come out. Jump immediately to shake it off or it will 
    explode and hurt you. Continue right until you come to a spinner (it's in 
    plain sight).
    This next part is somewhat tricky; you need to grab the spinner and shoot off 
    up and right. First you need to master spinning around fast enough to get the 
    blue stars to appear. Then, you need to time your release so you go in the 
    desired direction. This may take many attempts, but luckily you have 
    unlimited tries. After enough tries you should fly off up and right and land 
    on one of many otherwise unreachable floating platforms. Make your way to the 
    right on these (some of the jumps are rather tricky so beware) until you come 
    to another spinner with a few sparkles around it as you first encounter it. 
    This is the special spinner that will send you to the area's bonus round. 
    When grabbing it, be sure to do so accurately or you might fall and have to 
    backtrack and try all over again. After you play the bonus round, drop down 
    through the floor and go right to the mini-boss.
    Mini-boss: This is easy. You'll battle a pink snake whose lair consists of 
    nine holes; he will move from one hole to another and not do anything else to 
    attack you. To move between the cells grab the vines. You need to hit the 
    snake three times to defeat him; you can get in all hits at once if you're 
    daring. If you want to play it safe, just stay in an adjacent cell to the 
    snake and if he moves into the cell you are in, hit him. He will change color 
    slightly as you hit him; this is typical of bosses in this game and does 
    nothing (he doesn't speed up or anything). There is a blue star at the top of 
    the snake's lair if you need it. After you defeat the snake, go right to a 
    spinner with an aura around it; this is the end-of-area spinner. To complete 
    the area you simply need to walk off it to the right but don't be so hasty; 
    grab the spinner and shoot up and exit the screen as high as possible to 
    maximize your "height bonus". This bonus is offered at the end of every area, 
    but some areas have a ceiling which puts a limit on how high you can exit. If 
    you exit as high as possible you can score as many as 20,100 points! It's 
    generally best to grab the final spinner FACING TO THE LEFT to make it easier 
    to shoot higher (thanks to Jess Regan for this tip).
    Area 2:
    You generally want to take the high road in this area, since you can only 
    access the bonus round if you do that. At the start you'll see a purple 
    lizard lying in ambush in the ground. He is easy to defeat - walk close 
    enough to him to get him to spring up, then step back and grab him once he is 
    within reach. But REMEMBER HE IS THERE or you might blindly walk over him and 
    get hit as a result. Next you'll see an orbot in a red cocoon; don't hit the 
    cocoon or the orbot will pop out and cause you trouble; just grab the tree 
    branch without touching the cocoon. Climb over the tree and to the right will 
    be a wall with handles extending part of the way down it. Jump over and grab 
    the handles (it's not that hard) and climb up and continue right. Watch out 
    for another purple lizard, then climb the tree trying to avoid the red cocoon 
    (if you hit it by accident just defeat the orbot who comes out). At the top 
    of the tree it is possible but difficult to "ride" the bat who flies above 
    and drops mines to the left and reach a gem. I recommend you try to do this, 
    since later you'll need to do the some thing to get to the bonus round 
    Continue right until you come to a tree blocking your progress. Butt it twice 
    to knock it down and create a bridge. Defeat any orbots in your path and 
    continue to a large depression with a spinner. You can just cross this 
    depression with the ceiling handles but try grabbing the spinner and shooting 
    yourself up/right or up/left. It's tricky for a beginner but you want to try 
    to land on the ledge above the depression, where a 1-UP and a chicken are. 
    Keep trying until you make it or get too frustrated and just move on. Anyway 
    ahead is another tree; knock it down too and cross your bridge. Continue 
    right to a tree you can climb; climb to the top and wait for a mine-dropping 
    bat to fly your way. When he is above you jump and grab straight up and hold 
    down the B button. Hopefully you'll grab the bat from below and dangle below 
    him as he flies to the right, without swinging. Don't press left or right or 
    you'll start to swing, which makes landing on the next ledge much trickier. 
    When the bat flies close enough to the next ledge, release B and hold right; 
    you'll butt the bat and land on the ledge if you were close enough. Be very 
    careful because if you mess up, you have to either pass up the bonus round or 
    die on purpose to make the bat reappear.
    As if that wasn't hard enough, you now need to do the same thing AGAIN. Take 
    it easy, stay calm and be sure to grab the bat directly from below, not 
    diagonally. If you grab him while he's dropping a mine your arms will go 
    right through him; hopefully, this won't happen though. After your second 
    successful ride go right to a chicken (what makes these chickens so mean is 
    that they like to swoop down and charge along the ground; try to bop them 
    when they're in the air) a blue star, and the bonus round spinner. After your 
    attempt at the bonus round drop off this ledge to the right the last part of 
    the area involves the screen darkening and a lizard in the background hurling 
    purple strawberries at you. The strawberries usually miss by a wide margin 
    but if on the mark they can be very hard to dodge. Jump and grab diagonally 
    at the lantern tree things to turn the lights back on and stop the lizard in 
    the background. Watch out as the screen will darken a second time. Be VERY 
    careful of the purple lizard who waits after the second lantern tree (he 
    still gets me even though I've played the game many times). After the second 
    lantern tree is the end of round handle. There is no mini-boss at the end of 
    area 2, but now you will face...
    Time to fight Riho, the boss of Flora. All boss battles begin with you 
    running right to the actual battle (sometimes you will be attacked as you do 
    this but not here). After the light comes on and Riho appears, enjoy the 
    beautiful boss music, because Riho isn't that hard. He'll float around and 
    throw little whirlwinds down at you, and sometimes cause giant snowflakes to 
    fall from the sky. The former are easy to dodge; the latter are somewhat 
    harder but if you grab him fast enough, he won't have time to do that attack. 
    Grab him three times and the monkey on his back will fall to the ground; hit 
    him too. Repeat this three times (if Riho is too high for you to grab you can 
    still grab him by jumping and grabbing straight up at the peak of your jump, 
    but eventually he will move down) and the monkey will be defeated and Riho 
    will surrender. Congratulations, you have completed the first planet. Be 
    warned: Ristar is notorious for its extremely hard boss battles, and though 
    you got off easy this time, you will not on future planets. Grab the spinner 
    that appears and Ristar will automatically fling himself off of Flora (you'll 
    get your end-of-planet bonuses as Ristar flies through space, cool!!!) and 
    onto the next planet, Undertow.
    3b. UNDERTOW
    Time to get your feet wet and master swimming! Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, 
    Ristar does not need to breathe at all (hooray!) However, you may find 
    swimming tricky at first. Press the directional pad to move and hold button A 
    or C to swim faster. To jump out of the water swim to the surface, hold up, 
    and press A or C. You'll probably find you have trouble grabbing underwater 
    even though your controls are still the same (I still have trouble with 
    grabbing underwater) because you tend to grab in the wrong direction, so 
    you'll have to take it really slow. Add to that some rather nasty fishy foes 
    to handle (including the mother of all sharks as the boss) and you've got 
    yourself a bit of a challenge. Let's get it on!
    Area 1:
    This area is simple enough and is kind of an introduction to swimming. The 
    basic rule of swimming is TAKE IT SLOW - avoid pressing the speed button most 
    of the time, even if you are experienced. You never know what lurks behind a 
    corner or off the screen. In any event when you land walk right and the ocean 
    will rise to fill up the level. Immediately swim to the left to the bonus 
    round spinner. Wasn't that a piece of cake? Now for the main area... Swim to 
    the right along the surface. When you encounter some land jump out of the 
    water and onto it, and walk to the right. Flying fish will attack but if you 
    hold to the right you will not get a scratch and avoid some nasty swimming 
    below. Once the land ends, jump back into the water and swim to the right.
    I should mention another key rule of swimming right now: ONLY FIGHT WHEN YOU 
    HAVE TO. It's very difficult to grab underwater enemies and the more agile 
    ones have a big advantage over you, so avoid them if you can! Besides, 
    especially in this level, there are so many you'd have to be a masochist to 
    try to defeat them all. Anyway swim down and right, through the gap in the 
    stone wall at the ocean floor (swim over the jellyfish blocking your way; 
    don't grab him or you might get shocked) and watch out for a red lobster who 
    pops out of the sea bed. Swim back up to the surface and hop over the stone 
    wall. Back in the water, the water will rise and fall rapidly, so swim to the 
    right in the churning ocean avoiding water creatures as best you can. Watch 
    out, as on the ocean floor is a moray eel, a fellow you don't want on your 
    tail. These guys are extremely agile and absolutely relentless in their 
    attack, so avoid probing the ocean floor (they'll only appear if you get 
    close enough) and if you find one after you, try to run rather than fight. If 
    you must fight you're virtually certain to get hit; just try to grab the 
    little devil before it makes off with your whole life bar.
    When the water rises swim over to the far right, and hop over the narrow 
    wall. On the other side swim down and right to an area with spiny sea 
    urchins. Avoid contact with them and only defeat enemies directly in your 
    way. One such enemy is another jellyfish; your best course of action here is 
    to grab him and *hope* he doesn't electrify himself at the moment you grab 
    him. After this guy, a moray eel swims up to attack, so QUICKLY swim down and 
    right and once in the narrow shaft, swim up as fast as you can. The eel will 
    be hot on your tail and may get you if you aren't quick enough, but try your 
    best, and at the top of the shaft, hop out of the water to escape that eel! 
    Walk to the right and the flying fish won't get you, then drop down the 
    chasm. If you are at full health, hold to the right. If you are at less than 
    full health hold to the left. There are spikes on the right side of the drop 
    but a blue star on the left, in a small alcove. Grab it (deftly avoiding the 
    spikes) and jump out of the water. Go right to the mini-boss.
    Mini-boss: This is the easiest mini-boss in the game. A huge wave will appear 
    behind you. It will crest once, then crest again higher, this time revealing 
    three orbots, one of whom will drop a projectile on you. Avoid that. Then the 
    wave will go really high, all three orbots will drop something on you, and 
    the wave will crash (it's quite a cool effect) leaving the orbots high and 
    dry. Stay away from them as the wave falls and once it is safe, take them out 
    one by one. The pattern will repeat three times, the second time with gray 
    fish in the wave (watch out, they shoot a lot of projectiles - slip in 
    between them) and the third time with jellyfish (the easiest; they don't 
    shoot anything at all). After defeating the three trios of aquatic foes, 
    proceed right to the end of the stage.
    Area 2:
    This is a completely different area from area 1. Basically you'll be going 
    through a submerged series of tunnels, encountering various enemies and 
    obstacles, and have to defeat enemies to open barriers. This stage is harder 
    than the first so beware and take it slow. In the first area you'll probably 
    notice a treasure chest on a ledge; that chest contains a 1-UP. To get it is 
    rather tricky, however. Swim to the right on the surface and jump onto the 
    dry land. If the little starfish grabs onto you and impedes your jumping 
    ability, drop into the water to knock him off. Wait for a purple bubble to 
    float up, then jump onto it. A series of bubbles will float up out of the 
    water and when you land on them, they stop moving and disappear after a 
    second. You need to use these as stairs to reach the chest, impossible as it 
    seems - the key is to wait a split second on each bubble before you make each 
    jump to avoid jumping over the next bubble and having to start over. Even if 
    you get frustrated and give up, I recommend giving this a try, since later 
    you'll need to do the same thing to reach the bonus round.
    Alright, on with the main stage. Swim down to a blue face in the wall that 
    resembles an Aztec calendar who spits orange squids out of his mouth. After 
    he releases a squid swim down and butt him to destroy him and open the path 
    ahead. The next room has another similar enemy; defeat him as well and swim 
    up. The third area has two squid swimming around it. Defeat them both to open 
    the barrier, and swim up and out of the water. Walk right over the land, over 
    the closed barrier, to another blue Aztec calendar guy, this one releasing 
    frogs. Defeat any frogs he releases, and when possible run under him and grab 
    the handholds. Climb up and when you are high enough, grab diagonally up and 
    left and hopefully you will hit and destroy the foe. If you have trouble it 
    may be worth grabbing the bare wall above the handles several times to get 
    extra height. Watch out for the frogs, and when the enemy generator is 
    destroyed, swim down through the gap.
    Next you'll encounter a large nautilus (honestly, who thought up these ideas? 
    They deserve a promotion) who is inactive, but his three children are 
    swimming around the room. Bop them being careful not to swim into them, and 
    when they hit the sack, Daddy wakes up and starts shooting mines at you from 
    his shell. Press yourself against the floor (which is somewhat difficult, 
    since Ristar naturally floats up) and after his mine flies off the screen, 
    grab his head with a horizontal grab. After one hit he'll launch two mines; 
    use the same strategy, attacking after the second mine falls out of the way 
    and staying well back so the mines don't hit you. Then comes three mines; hit 
    him one more time (don't try getting in all three hits at once; it's best to 
    take it slow here) and he'll die, leaving two gems and a star. Grab the booty 
    and swim down/left.
    As soon as you enter the next tunnel, swim right AS FAST AS YOU CAN. When you 
    get to a turbine at the end of the tunnel ,hit it to smash it and swim up. If 
    you are too slow the turbine will generate a powerful current which will slow 
    you down and could sweep you back into the spikes. It's possible to duck into 
    an alcove on the floor or ceiling of the tunnel but that's too slow; it's 
    much faster and easier to just grab the bull... er, turbine... by the horns. 
    After that you'll be in a chamber with slowly rising water and six squid 
    stranded in the air. Take them out BEFORE they get submerged and become 
    active, or they can cause you some trouble. Don't just grab aimlessly; grab 
    carefully to accurately hit the stationary creatures. After defeating the six 
    squid jump over the right wall into a large area. This part is hard, because 
    it requires you to destroy two enemy generators. The one on the floor that 
    releases squid is a pushover; the one in the top right corner (above the 
    water) who drops frogs onto the surface is quite hard.
    I recommend luring the frogs he releases (he can only release three at a 
    time) over to the left, then swimming under them and back to the generator, 
    and destroying it before they can get back when the water is high enough 
    (watch out for the fireballs the frogs release). After defeating both 
    generators swim down to meet another nautilus. Defeat him the same way you 
    did the first and swim up/right to a small room with two treasure chests. 
    What is inside them is random; it can be a squid, a gem, a star or a 1-UP. 
    Open them and get whatever you wind up with, then swim down/right to another 
    tunnel with a turbine. Like before just swim to the right like mad and put 
    the turbine out of commission before it can sweep you backward. Then swim up 
    into a tunnel with some nautilus kids. Swim left, taking out the kids, and 
    Daddy at the end, then swim back up to the surface.
    Now you could just swim right to the end of the area, avoiding a generator on 
    the way, but not so fast. See that ledge high above the water that's 
    seemingly inaccessible? That's where the bonus round spinner is. To get there 
    you'll need to use the floating bubbles. They are very small and tough to 
    predict, but you do get infinite attempts (defeat the generator to the left 
    to keep his frogs from bothering you first). I know those bubbles can be 
    horribly frustrating and I myself have trouble with them from time to time, 
    but if you take it easy and jump just a split second after you'd make an 
    instinctive leap, you'll make it. When you do finally get to the ledge play 
    the bonus round, then swim right to the end of the stage.
    It's now time for a duel with Jaws' relative, Ohsat the hammerhead shark. 
    Ohsat will begin the battle in the background. You cannot hurt him now and 
    likewise he cannot hurt you. Eventually he will swim off the screen and re-
    appear about a Ristar's height from the arena floor, in the foreground. Butt 
    him when he does this. Easier said than done, since he moves very fast. Your 
    best bet is to just swim toward the direction he will coem from and grab 
    repeatedly; hopefully you will connect with him. When you do get him he will 
    break one of the four corks holding the water in and the water level will 
    drop, limiting the space you can fight in. Unfortunately, Ohsat won't always 
    come to the foreground when he swims off the screen - sometimes he'll remain 
    in the background and do another attack. His favorite is bashing the pillars 
    in the background with his head and shaking rocks down onto you - quickly 
    swim to either side of the screen when he does this (otherwise you should 
    stay in the middle) and they will miss. Less frequently he'll release some 
    ugly-looking fish which you can dodge by staying high, or some jellyfish 
    which will blow up and are easy enough to avoid - just don't be in front of 
    them when they blow up.
    Ohsat requires a lot of patience and good luck to defeat, since you never 
    know when he's going to be vulnerable and when he is, you have to time a 
    horizontal grab at him perfectly to avoid being hit yourself. If Ohsat swims 
    off the screen at great speed swim to the surface immediately as he will fly 
    across the foreground at an equally fast clip and will plow into you if you 
    are in his way. You will only get some good chances to get him, so make the 
    best of them. Also, the battle gets harder each time you hit him since there 
    is less water to maneuver in. Just keep trying and HAVE FAITH!!! After four 
    hits the water will drain completely and Ohsat will be totally helpless; butt 
    him (it's always nice to deliver the final blow to an especially hard boss 
    who is helpless against your attack, and you will have another chance to do 
    this later on) and he will be sent to Davy Jones' locker. Watch Ristar 
    celebrate and grab the handle to be zipped on to...
    3c. SCORCH (or, star's bums were meant for toastin')
    First of all, please enjoy the absolutely awesome music of both areas of this 
    planet. Second of all, prepare for a hot time on this fiery world! If you 
    thought Undertow was bad, this place is much worse. You've really got to be 
    on top of your basic skills (especially grabbing) or you won't stand a chance 
    here. Making matters even worse is a very hard boss fight at the end of it 
    all. Is your tolerance for the heat high enough for this challenge? We will 
    find out...
    Area 1:
    Ristar is not a subtle game. The game sends a message to you at the very 
    beginning of this planet: this is not going to be easy. It begins with 
    flaming meteors raining down on your head. Run to the right as fast as you 
    can and when you get close enough to the green thing that's launching orbots 
    into the sky (who come down as flaming meteors) press down to drop into a 
    small chamber below the ground (which is, thankfully, also a safe bunker). 
    Hit the lever to burn the orbot launcher (too bad it doesn't fly off like a 
    rocket when the thrusters turn on - that'd be cool) and proceed right. Climb 
    up the wall and bash open the chest to find a gray statue of yourself. This 
    will be useful shortly. Grab it and you will hold it until you hit B again; 
    then you will throw it (other objects you can pick up work the same way). 
    Walk right and throw the statuette onto the three white circles on the ground 
    in a triangle shape; this will set off a trap to fall, thankfully not on you. 
    (If you lose the statue you can trigger these traps manually by setting them 
    off and walking to the left, and if they do fall on you, they won't hurt you 
    - but they will trap you for a second, giving nearby enemies a chance to nail 
    Destroy the trap and continue. Defeat the orbot who throws red rocks at you. 
    You'll see another trap, set it off the same way BUT BE VERY CAREFUL!!! There 
    are some thrusters below this one that will turn on and off rhythmically, and 
    you don't want to be turned into a star fry (get it? French fry... star 
    fry... oh never mind). Run over them when they turn off and you'll come to a 
    large depression. There are handholds on either side that you can use to 
    climb up, but there is also fire on each side, and a very nasty vulture who 
    patrols the area. Try to get him by swinging over the pipe hanging from the 
    ceiling on the left and grabbing him in midair. If you miss him but manage to 
    get by him don't bother going back to kill him. Don't let him grab you in his 
    talons; he will throw you in the fire. Also, beware with the grab to the 
    handholds on the right; the jump/grab looks and is hard to make.
    At the other side is another Ristar decoy. Grab it and walk right to two 
    ceiling handholds on the ceiling. Throw aside your sculpture and grab them 
    'cause the heat is comin'!!! An ocean of flame will rise from the planet's 
    crust and engulf the surface, so cling to those handles for dear life! When 
    the fire recedes drop down, grab the statue and throw it right to set off the 
    trap, destroy the trap and run right to more ceiling handles. Grab them to 
    avoid another onslaught of the sea of fire and when it recedes again, walk 
    right and it will disappear (for now). Grab a much-needed blue star to 
    restore your health. Things don't get any easier, though, as you'll now face 
    a series of chasms with handholds and fire inside them. Jump over the first 
    one; grab onto the handholds on the right side of the second one and clamber 
    up and out. The third one has a spinner in it. Take a deep breath and walk 
    off the ledge; and grab down and right and hopefully you will grab the 
    spinner and avoid a too-close encounter with the planet's fiery interior.
    Now you are spinning around at breakneck speed above a burning fire; I 
    wouldn't want to be in Ristar's shoes now, would you? The reason why you 
    grabbed this spinner, though, is that it leads to the bonus spinner. If you 
    want to get out of here alive and don't care about the bonus round do this 
    anyway; you'll avoid tangling with a vulture to the right who is pretty mean. 
    Launch yourself straight up and hopefully you'll sail between some floating 
    pipes. Once above them move over to the right with your remaining energy. 
    Hopefully you'll land on a floating platform to the right of the pipes where 
    the bonus round spinner is. If you fail to make it there it is possible, but 
    difficult, to swing across the pipes and reach it that way, but that requires 
    extremely accurate grabbing. Play a mercifully easy bonus round and when you 
    return, hold right. You should land beyond the chasms on safe ground.
    Ahead of you is an orbot launcher; thankfully these don't fall as flaming 
    meteors, but the thing is rather inconveniently in your way. It launches two 
    orbots in quick succession then pauses; use that pause to jump over it. You 
    cannot destroy it, so move on and swing up on the pipe. Grab the gold star 
    and haul to the right to avoid another meteor shower. You'll touch some white 
    circles that will cause a gem to appear behind you. If you are an experienced 
    video game player you might suspect that this gem is a decoy. Trust your 
    intuition and don't go back for that gem; rather, get to the right as fast as 
    possible, swinging between the pipes to move faster, avoiding touching the 
    ground. This isn't that hard as long as you've mastered grabbing to a fairly 
    advanced level, but you must hurry since more fire is coming, and if you are 
    too slow, it will catch you and turn you into a piece of star coal (heh heh). 
    Move to the right, swing up, then zip to the left and up again.
    Having escaped the fire, you now face some flaming meteors, but if you grab 
    the pipes to the right and don't miss a beat, they won't hurt you (you cannot 
    be injured while swinging). Once under the platform that serves as a nice 
    umbrella, grab the blue star (probably much needed) and swing down the pipe 
    to the right. Don't be too hasty with the next pipe, though; an orbot patrols 
    the next chamber below. Wait for him to move to the left along the bottom 
    before dropping down on the right. Take him out and repeat the procedure with 
    the next orbot, taking it nice and slow. Once past him drop down to the LEFT. 
    You'll land on a ledge with a spinner and an area to the left covered in 
    fire. If you have any daring left at all after this very hard stage grab the 
    spinner and shoot to the left, over the fire (fire cannot hurt you after you 
    launch off a spinner, BTW) to a 1-UP and another spinner to send you back. 
    This 1-UP isn't really that hard to get, as long as you can shoot left 
    instead of right on a spinner. Be sure not to miss it by mistake. Anyway drop 
    down to the right and go right to (thank you God!)...
    Mini-Boss: Take a deep breath, RELAX, and get out a pen and piece of paper. 
    This mini-boss is a joke, and after all this hard work you don't want to blow 
    it. Okay, four pairs of eyes will appear out of the six holes in the 
    background, with numbers above them. Then orbots will pop out of them, and 
    you must kill them in the order they appeared. If orbots are in the way, jump 
    over them - it can be nerve-wracking but isn't that hard if you take it slow. 
    To grab orbots in the air, I recommend grabbing diagonally. Be careful not to 
    grab the wrong orbot! After defeating them IN THE ORDER THEY APPEARED, a gem 
    will appear. Round 2 has five orbots but the numbers don't stick to them. On 
    your pen and paper, write a 2 by 3 grid and write in the numbers where the 
    orbots' eyes appear, pausing the game after each one appears. Then defeat the 
    orbots in order again, using your paper to remember the order. Round 6 has no 
    numbers at all, just pairs of eyes, and goes much faster and involves all six 
    holes. Again, write the order they appear in on a piece of paper and defeat 
    them. That ocean of flame below is there in case you make any mistakes... heh 
    heh heh. After you defeat the three batches of orbots go right to the end of 
    the stage but don't be too hasty; make sure to grab the 1-UP that falls from 
    the sky first! YEAH! Half of Scorch clear!
    Area 2:
    This isn't as bad as area 1, luckily. You're under a huge factory and will 
    tangle with more fire and new enemies. I'll be having you take the low road 
    simply because it's the simplest and no more dangerous than other paths. 
    First walk right, ignoring the spinner and shaft above you. You'll come to a 
    pulley, jump in and press and hold B to grab onto the pole. These pulleys are 
    simple to use - just hold B and press up or down to move up or down along the 
    rope - but complicating matters are the holes inside the walls that shoot 
    fireballs. You'll need to carefully climb past them after they shoot and stay 
    in the sometimes very narrow space in between them between when you make your 
    moves. They aren't too hard to handle, just take it slow (a recurring theme 
    in this game). Also, at the top to jump out you must release B, but as soon 
    as you do the pulley will drop back to the floor, so jump out as soon as you 
    release the B button. Next you'll meet an orbot with a ring of fire around 
    him (which brings back many fond memories of that song by... uh, I forget his 
    name). This fellow will singe your hands if you attempt to grab him normally; 
    instead you must jump and grab diagonally down/right in midair, which isn't 
    easy. I hate these guys. If he burns you take him out while you are flashing.
    Continue right and drop through the pipe if you want to try to reach a gold 
    star (it's tricky though; you must bounce off the right wall and reflect onto 
    the ledge) and you meet an enemy who looks like half a large orbot. Hit him 
    when he is not on fire (or when he is but away from the fire) but beware; 
    some of these guys are totally invincible and will burn you if you try to hit 
    them. To the right is a spinner. Breathe a sigh of relief, since this area is 
    one of the richest in the entire game. You'll need to have good spinner 
    skills to get the stuff but this is a great opportunity to practice them. 
    Grab the spinner from the bottom right (and *try* not to fall into the fire, 
    for Ristar's sake) and spin off. To the bottom right is a blue star. To the 
    top left on a small ledge is a 1000-point gem. To the top right, higher up is 
    a 1-UP. At the very top left corner is the bonus round spinner. You can grab 
    the pipe below it to pull yourself up if you don't have enough height to 
    reach it. Keep trying to get all these goodies; they are worth a lot of 
    effort even if you get frustrated. Be sure to grab the 1-UP and gem AGAIN 
    after the bonus round!
    Alas, the rest of the stage isn't nearly as fun. Up/right of the spinner is 
    the path ahead, and on it is an orbot and a half-orb. Defeat them and drop 
    down, then swing to the right. Climb up and drop down again. If you can help 
    it; don't let the orbot touch the bomb; he will blast a huge section of floor 
    away, leaving flame in its wake. Go to the right, climb up and grab the gold 
    star to the top left. Climb up farther and avoid the flame hole. Jump into 
    the pulley and it will drop to the burning floor (why doesn't this factory 
    just burn down?) and hopefully you won't hit a fireball on the way down. Now 
    jump onto the rather dangerously small post the pulley is attached to, and 
    from there jump onto the next pulley. Rather than deal with the third pulley 
    (which gets dicey because of the flame holes crisscrossing up there) just 
    jump directly from one tiny pole to the other on the floor. Swing up and drop 
    down to the right, ignoring the spinner. To the right is another orbot with a 
    ring of fire (Applebee's commercial?) around him. Grab him from above as best 
    you can, and climb into the pulley and climb up, being careful of flame 
    At the top jump to the right and swing up through the pipe (farther to the 
    right will take you back where you were before) and go right. You'll come to 
    a bridge that an orbot will destroy with a bomb; allow this to happen and 
    drop down, and swing to the right ignoring the spinner. Above you an orbot 
    will set off a bomb that will gut a large portion of the factory. Run to the 
    right without stopping and just as the explosion starts to clear, or just 
    before, JUMP! You'll avoid a pit of fire that opens up below you. If you fall 
    in anyway just jump out and go right to the end of the stage. Nice job making 
    it through that heated planet, but before you can pat yourself on the back 
    and listen to a nice song to congratulate yourself with, there's the little 
    matter of a demonic boss to be taken care of...
    The leader of Scorch is Adahan, an enormous, mechanical mole with relentless 
    attacks. Unlike your first tow boss battles, here you'll have to deal with 
    falling rocks as you approach the main battle. There is a blue star on the 
    way to help you out but it may or may not be useful to you. The rocks are 
    very difficult to dodge but fall randomly so hopefully they will miss you. 
    Also, remember that if you die (as you undoubtedly will on your first try) 
    you will resume the battle at the main battle and will not have to deal with 
    the rocks.
    Anyway, once past the rocks, Adahan will make a spectacular entrance - 
    blasting through the floor with his claws first (he always appears in the 
    center, so *please please please* don't stand there) and do one of two 
    things: hover in the far upper corner or land in the far lower corner. If he 
    hovers he'll shoot his arms at you; they will miss if you stand below and a 
    little to the side of him. After he launches his arms he will drop back to 
    the floor and burrow into it. Run over and grab where he will land and you 
    will hit him if you touch him before he touches the floor. It is very 
    difficult to hit him when he takes to the air, however. If he lands he will 
    again do one of two things: shoot his arms at you, one by one, or launch a 
    series of ground waves at you. Whatever he sends at you, jump over it (if he 
    shoots his arms you'll need lightning reflexes) and hit him with a horizontal 
    grab from the floor. You need to aim low to hurt him.
    After two hits the floor will collapse and you'll plunge down an endless 
    shaft. Adahan will appear above you and try to drop through you. You need to 
    grab him in free-fall - very difficult. Thankfully you'll only need to do it 
    in this battle. Your grab must be timed perfectly to connect with him and not 
    vice versa. If he falls off the screen he will reappear clinging to one wall; 
    it's a long shot but grab continuously at one wall (don't get to close to 
    it!) and you might get him. Otherwise, it'll just take lightning reflexes 
    again. Good luck. After hitting him once you'll land on ground once again and 
    the pattern repeats. If you made it this far you *can* do it again, it just 
    might take a few tries. After hitting him twice on the ground and once in the 
    shaft again, he will blow up. You'll land and parts of him will fall around 
    you, along with a little red mole who was inside the robot controlling it. If 
    you let him he'll start launching mini-ground waves at you so butt him 
    immediately and enjoy as he starts crying all over the place. Whew, glad 
    that's over with! Snatch that handle and fly away to a more peaceful (well, 
    somewhat) world...
    4. SONATA
    Now I *have* seen it all. Many action/adventure games have a water level, an 
    ice level, a volcano/fire level, but this is the weirdest place I've ever 
    seen. Ristar's designers certainly deserve some sort of award for creativity. 
    This is a music-obsessed world, and the game designers did some no-holds 
    barred creativity with that theme: handholds are in the shape of flutes, as 
    are grabbing poles, and enemies will launch dangerous musical notes at you. 
    Wowwee! Although this world isn't exactly calm and easy (it's too late in the 
    game for that) it is easier and less frenetic than Scorch, and a good place 
    to relax for the great challenges ahead. So get ready to tune out...
    Area 1:
    This area has four major sections, and in each section, you've got to get a 
    metronome safely through a series of obstacles to a large, imposing songbird 
    who will not let you pass until given his desired timer.
    Section 1: A warm-up section, you'll see the metronome right in front of you, 
    btu don't pick it up just yet - go right and take out the orbot first. If an 
    orbot gets his hands (stubs, whatever) on a metronome he will steal it and go 
    back, forcing you to backtrack to retrieve it (and take him out as well) so 
    try not to let these guys touch your precious cargo. Also, the fan, although 
    it is unnecessary, will lift the metronome vertically in a column of air. 
    This section is extremely short.
    Section 2: Now the "real" level begins. One thing you may notice is that the 
    level's music gets longer and more intricate each time you complete a 
    section; nice touch! The metronome here is resting on some spikes. To grab it 
    you'll need to grab straight down for it as you jump over it; it's tricky but 
    you can try indefinitely. Only get hit grabbing it as a last resort. Tote in 
    right and stand under the claw to have your burden eased for a short while, 
    as the claw will take the metronome over to the right past two enemies. The 
    first is a blue creature who bounces around and launches dangerous musical 
    notes (these home in, so watch out) and the second is an orbot. After 
    retrieving the metronome go right and throw it onto the fan. Climb up the 
    flute-holds to the left and at the top, stand at the edge of the ledge and 
    reach out to grab your metronome back from the column of air. Now stand under 
    the claw to have it airlifted over the perilous spikes to the left; get 
    across yourself by means of the flute-poles (which shouldn't be too hard by 
    On the other side, throw the metronome onto the fan and climb up on the 
    floating green platforms (grab onto the grips on the sides of them) and once 
    at the top, retrieve your metronome but leave it where it is. Climb onto the 
    green platform and jump onto another green platform to the right. It's a long 
    jump but keep trying; you'll need a up/right diagonal grab. Once on this 
    platform you'll see another platform to the right. Get ready for another hard 
    jump; the best way to make this one is to jump off the platform you are on 
    and hold right, grabbing HORIZONTALLY as you are level with the flute-hold on 
    the left of this ledge. Hopefully you'll grab it and pull yourself up to the 
    bonus round spinner. That wasn't too hard, but the bonus round itself is a 
    different matter. After your return drop down and defeat the orbot. NOW bring 
    your metronome over. The last obstacle in this section is a bed of spikes 
    with a pole floating above it. Stand a few paces away from the left edge of 
    the spikes so the metronome doesn't hit the pole and bounce back when you 
    throw it right, but flies under the pole and lands at least halfway across 
    the spikes. Swing over, re-grab your metronome from the right and give it to 
    the demanding songbird.
    Section 3: This section opens with a blue star, but don't savor your full 
    life bar just yet; you'll be dropping one unit of it shortly. Jump to the 
    right and swing over the pole onto the bed of spikes; you will get hit but 
    should be able to grab the metronome (why oh why are these dang things always 
    on spikes?!?) and get out of there with no further damage. It's very hard to 
    nab this one without touching the spikes, btu you're welcome to try. The way 
    to the right is impossible to take if you want to take your metronome with 
    you, so throw it onto the hole with a down arrow over it to transport it to 
    the underground. Swing down yourself and throw it onto the switch to open the 
    door. When you try to re-grab it though, the door slams shut. What's a star 
    to do? Stand to the right of the door and grab your metronome from there, and 
    Ristar will pull it through the door before it closes.
    To the right is an annoying section with several enemies. Try not to let your 
    metronome get stolen and don't let the claw get it either - it will take it 
    backward here. Get through as best you can and on the other side, throw the 
    metronome onto the fan but LEAVE IT THERE - swing up to the main area and 
    kill the orbot first; you wouldn't want him getting his grubby little 
    hands/stubs/whatever on your precious metronome. Then throw the metronome 
    into the transport pipe and give it to the songbird.
    Section 4: The final, but also the hardest, section. First of all the 
    metronome is itself very hard to get; it's in an alcove in the right wall of 
    the chasm you immediately encounter. If you fail to grab it on your first try 
    shoot up using the spinner to the top right ledge, drop and curl your fall 
    around by holding right to land in the desired spot. Matters get no easier as 
    you fall to the bottom, though there is a blue star to restore your health. 
    First you'll need to get the metronome over another spike pit like the one 
    before, only this time there's just a tiny stub of a pole hanging from a low 
    ceiling for you to use, so I hope you can grab accurately. Next come some 
    bombs; do not worry, as they will only explode if you grab them (so, boys and 
    girls, try not to do that).
    Halfway through the bombs is a blue guy; he's very nasty as you'll have to 
    throw aside your metronome, defeat him without touching a note, and re-grab 
    your metronome, always being mindful of the perilous bombs. Jump over the 
    remaining bombs and again, throw away your metronome (TO THE LEFT) and take 
    out the orbot before proceeding. Open the door like you did before and throw 
    your metronome onto the fan; climb up and retrieve it. Let the claw take it 
    over some spikes and go under them yourself; there's a tunnel in the floor 
    guarded by a blue enemy. On the other side lift up your metronome again and 
    head right. Drop your metronome for a moment to deal with the three bird 
    heads ahead. They will drop to the floor randomly and try to crush you, so 
    take them out! You can only do this when they slam the floor but they take 
    only one hit, so grab continuously at the spot they are aimed at and you will 
    hit them when they do take the plunge. Be patient; these guys are not worth 
    getting hit by.
    After this you come to a large chasm. Stand close to the edge but not right 
    on the edge, jump STRAIGHT UP, and at the peak of your jump throw the 
    metronome to the right. It should land on the other side of the chasm, and 
    you can cross yourself by jumping and grabbing the handholds to the right. If 
    you or the metronome fall into the chasm you'll have to play a section of the 
    level again. On the other side is another chasm. Grab your metronome and drop 
    down the left half of it - DO NOT throw away your metronome, even though it 
    may be your immediate instinct. You don't want it getting stuck on the spikes 
    to the right. At the bottom give your metronome to the fourth and final 
    songbird, grab the blue star and go right to the...
    Mini-Boss: This is easy enough; you'll need to dispose of three bird heads 
    that crash down to the floor like the ones before but take three hits to 
    beat. The strategy is identical - stand close to the spot where one bird is 
    pointed at (but not so close he'll hit you) and grab continuously at that 
    spot. If you have a turbo function on your controller, use it. You can get in 
    2 hits at a time at the beginning of the battle, but only 1 thereafter. After 
    a while the heads will start bobbing and orbots will float in a wave motion 
    across the screen. Stand near the middle and dodge them or take them out, 
    being careful not to stand under a bird head as they will resume their normal 
    sequence abruptly. When they do so, continue flailing your arms. You should 
    take them out in the second or third sequence, hopefully.
    Area 2:
    This area is something of a challenge but nothing inordinate. Everything 
    here, even more than area 1, is music-oriented, and the music is rather disco 
    club-esque, don't you think? In any event swing across the pole and grab and 
    HOLD ONTO the zipline. It will carry you down over a dangerous, spike section 
    but will crash and drop you onto spikes, so drop off as soon as you see land 
    below you (you'll need good timing as you'll be going pretty fast at this 
    point). Drop down and you'll meet a bird who is looks and acts something like 
    a sumo wrestler. These guys are a PAIN. They stomp and cause a doll to fall 
    into their hands; it may seem harmless but it's a deadly projectile when they 
    wind up to chuck it at you. Stand about two Ristars away from them and when 
    you think they're about to throw their doll, walk away and JUMP! Hopefully 
    the doll will be thrown short and sail under you, and you can take out the 
    foe (quickly, or he'll get himself another doll, and when he is holding a 
    doll he is invulnerable).
    Climb back to the surface and hit he large drum the zipline is attached to. 
    An object - randomly a gem, star, 1-UP or enemy - will come out. To the right 
    is a tube-shaped thing that launches orbots who float in a wave like at the 
    mini-boss, but are a bit harder to avoid. Take it slow here - these guys are 
    the cheapest hits in the whole level, and I still get hit by them - and butt 
    the tube to smash it. Drop down after hitting the second and last drum that 
    yields an item; now you will face three dancing electric guitars (now I've 
    seen everything in a video game) who sometimes slam the floor. You get often 
    get past them unscathed by just dashing by but you improve your odds of doing 
    so by jumping over the spot they are dancing in front of. Sometimes, though, 
    they'll get you anyway; that's just the luck of the draw. On the other side 
    is another sumo bird; this one is even more of a pain than the first because 
    behind you is a dancing guitar which reduces your room to run. Take him out 
    as best you can and flip up back to the surface.
    To the right will be some drums which serve as VERY powerful trampolines; 
    bouncing on these will send Ristar spinning and flying into the air. However, 
    this part isn't all fun in games and has a major dark side: spikes, and lots 
    of 'em. Bounce to the right twice being careful to avoid the spikes between 
    the drums, and grab the pole halfway up the next drum shaft and swing to the 
    right. The next shaft has spikes sheathing its right side. Hand onto the left 
    and just before you hit the drum at the bottom (or just after) grab the left 
    wall to bounce off and break your fall, so you do not have to impeccably time 
    your grab to the right to avoid missing the pole and hitting the spikes 
    instead (though you'll still need to time your grab very well). The next 
    shaft has a stationary orbot blocking the way to the next area. At the peak 
    of your bounce reach right and butt him out of the way, being careful not to 
    accidentally grab the spikes instead. The next shaft is spiked on BOTH SIDES, 
    so tap left and right quickly as you tumble down it to avoid impalement.
    Grab the gold star to the right but don't proceed just yet; drop back down 
    the shaft (if you're daring). At the bottom is a pole on the right side. If 
    you have lightning (and I mean godlike) reflexes grab it and swing over; if 
    you are mortal like myself you will most certainly miss and grab the spikes; 
    just don't hit the drum and bounce back up, wasting your precious hit point. 
    Once across the pole you'll be in an area with four drums, the second and 
    fourth blasting you right into ceiling spikes. Avoid them by grabbing the 
    sides of the shaft afer you hit the drum to break your ascent and hold right 
    to proceed. The second shaft is shorter and thus harder than the first. To 
    the right is the bonus round spinner. Zip off to bonus land and retrace your 
    steps to the top of the spike-lined shaft when you return. Now go to the 
    right along the surface.
    You'll now need to cross some spikes via poles, but here there's a twist: the 
    poles can only be grabbed where they don't have green horns attached to them. 
    That makes matters rather hairy, but try to grab the right portions of the 
    pole and swing across. If you grab horns you aren't a pincushion - you just 
    bounce off and can try again if you're quick enough. On the other side drop 
    down to a series of shafts that I don't believe require a great deal of 
    explanation. Just be careful of spikes and orbots (and take them out if 
    they're in your way). Eventually you'll get to a wide shaft with platforms 
    extending out on each side (you must have noticed by now, but the floor in 
    this area is piano keyboards) making it very hard to bounce up. You must tap 
    left and right to weave between the obstructions and will probably soon give 
    up, but if you do succeed through dumb luck or persistence, you will be 
    rewarded with a 1-UP.
    Farther along is a large room with drums separated by four orbot tubes: two 
    on the floor and two on the ceiling. Again, this room is pretty easy if you 
    take your time and destroy each tube one at a time, allowing the orbots 
    released by each one to disappear before proceeding. On the other side bounce 
    back up to the upper level, and you'll face on more sumo bird. This one you 
    hopefully won't have as much trouble with because you've got plenty of room 
    to jump over his doll and don't really need to get in close and move back as 
    long as you keep your distance. Then comes a last orbot launcher tube; duck 
    in and out of the wave of orbots and destroy the tube at the end. Drop down, 
    swing over to the right and you're done. Time for the stage - and a battle 
    Awaunek, the giant hawk at the end of Sonata, isn't that bad, as Ristar 
    bosses go. Walk right and the curtain will open to reveal an awesome 
    background. A songbird will start to sing, but Awaunek isn't having any of 
    that (he isn't very fond of good music) and he (she?) rather rudely rams the 
    poor chap off its perch, and takes over the orchestra. The background goes 
    all wavy and the boss music goes wild (if there's something Ristar hasn't 
    done yet, please tell me) and Awaunek will launch a few attacks from his 
    perch. He will shoot trios of ugly, painful musical notes out, or sometimes a 
    single note that bounces along the floor and must be jumped over. He also 
    periodically causes debris to rain from the roof - avoid that too. I know you 
    are SICK of hearing me say this, but if you have any patience with me left, 
    TAKE YOUR TIME. Awaunek can prove very troublesome if you try to beat him 
    fast and don't have total confidence in what you are doing, as he takes a 
    while to beat.
    Basically, you'll need to butt his perch (not him) three times to knock him 
    off of it while dodging his attacks. Every time you hit the perch you'll be 
    bounced far back so DON'T try getting more than one hit in at once unless you 
    are suicidal (or just in a big hurry and very good at the game). After three 
    hits he will tumble off his perch and the music and background return to 
    normal. After Awaunek recovers he will either dive at you, rain down feathers 
    on you, or just ram the floor. If you wait about five seconds the songbird, 
    restored to its perch, will give you a gold star, an endless supply of life 
    restoration. The problem is that Awaunek's attacks (especially the feathers) 
    are rather hard to dodge so it's risky to try for this. Hit him twice (you 
    can always get in one hit as soon as he recovers, and he's a very big target 
    to hit - when he's flying mid-screen, you can hit him with a jumping vertical 
    grab) and he will ram the little bird off his perch again and repeat the 
    whole pattern. After a long, exhausting but hopefully not TOO difficult 
    struggle (you need to knock him off the perch four times) he will succumb to 
    your relentless head-butting and bite it. Enjoy the songbird's (now 
    rightfully established in its rightful place) tune and the warm feeling you 
    get from the crowd's applause - it may do you some good in the next world...
    3e. FREON
    Okay, you had your siesta from regular adventure gaming (Sonata wasn't 
    exactly a normal planet by anybody's standards) but now it's back to the cold 
    (in the case, very cold), hard reality. Your next stop and target for 
    liberation is an iceball in the middle of nowhere (two things I want to know 
    - how the heck does anybody live here and why the heck did Greedy bother 
    taking it over?) Named after a cooling gas that is currently tearing up the 
    ozone layer and, ironically, making OUR world more and more like Scorch (now 
    wouldn't that be bad?) this place has the slipperiest terrain in any video 
    game I know (if you think I'm wrong just play for a little while in this 
    place) some melted areas (maybe global warming is affecting this world as 
    well) and a boss whom I'd prefer not to talk about just yet. Get ready for 
    some frozen fun...
    Area 1:
    This area is a training area to the mechanics of ice and snow and is not too 
    hard. You'll spot the mini-boss sneaking glances and sometimes taking shots 
    at you throughout the level. It begins with a sequence ripped off of Sonic 3: 
    a brief ski ride down a steep slope as Ristar plummets to the surface from 
    outer space. Once that's over go right to a spinner and shoot up/right (in 
    general, take the high road in this area, as the bonus round spinner is at 
    the end near the top). Swing over the pole at the top of the ramp and walk 
    right to the "ice slide". When you touch one of these you will lose all 
    control of Ristar as the poor fellow slides uncontrollably in one direction. 
    The directional pad will do nothing when you're on a slide but you can jump - 
    and you must to avoid enemies and/or jump free of the ice slide. This fist 
    one has no enemies but does have a glowing diamond that will shoot you away 
    like if you had shot off a spinner. Touch it but hold right to angle yourself 
    to the right, and land on the higher ledge with the gem to the right.
    To the right over a pole is another slide; this one with some obstacles; 
    three small sets of spikes, with an orbot positioned above the third. The 
    first two are fairly easy to hop over, for the third, don't jump too soon or 
    you will crash into the orbot. Be sure to jump off at the right side or 
    you'll slide back to the left. Grab the gold star and swing down to another 
    slide; slide to the right. When you see the end, jump (all slides have ramps 
    on their ends that will flip you up and send you in the other direction, so 
    you must always jump off) and grab the pole in midair to swing across to 
    another ice slide. This one has two orbots on it; jump over them. When you 
    get to the end you'll need to jump off at the last possible second (after the 
    slide moves down a little bit near the end) to avoid a mid-air collision with 
    the orbot. Now you are on a snowy, stable (non-slippery) ledge with an orbot 
    floating midway across a chasm to the right.
    Now for the aggravating part. It is possible (but EXTREMELY hard) to get 
    across this gap by jumping, but your most practical way of getting over is to 
    jump and grab the orbot diagonally in midair. When you do this he will start 
    to fall; you'll swing to the right of him. Then, release B to head-butt him 
    and hold right to land on the slide. If you mess this up you cannot try again 
    since the orbot will never reappear (unless you die) so unless you absolutely 
    must reach the bonus round, you might as well take the low road for the rest 
    of the area. On this road you will be on your own, so good luck. Once on the 
    ice slide to the right of the chasm you'll face another tricky spot; as the 
    ramp at the end flips you up you must grab the pole to the right horizontally 
    at exactly the right moment (it's very small so your timing must be on the 
    mark) or face the prospect of sliding back to the left and in the same 
    predicament as before. *Hopefully*, though, you'll make it, but your troubles 
    won't stop there. Ahead is a gap in the slide guarded by a vertically moving 
    orbot; rather than try to avoid him and risk falling into the gap just take 
    the hit but hold right to be sure to land on the right side of the slide.
    At the end of the slippery area (at last!) JUMP and grab STRAIGHT UP in 
    midair. This is the key to grabbing that little nub of an ice pole sticking 
    out from the ledge to the right, though your timing must still be very good, 
    it's almost impossible to grab it if you grab diagonally. If you succeed 
    you'll get 2 1-UPS as a reward! Even better, drop down to find a blue star. 
    Heal and relax; you're past the worst now. To the right is a bed of ice 
    spikes that starts bouncing up and down when you get close to it. The key to 
    getting by it is to run straight at it, jump and grab horizontally at the 
    handgrips o the right, and pull yourself up to the ledge above. If you do it 
    without missing a beat you'll make it just in time and avoid damage, but be 
    ready for it and avoid the freeze response, since it is almost impossible to 
    get by without taking a hit once the spikes start bouncing up and down. 
    Following the first one is a second one, this one trickier because it has 
    only one, lower handhold, but the same tactics apply.
    Okay, almost there! Ahead is a slide in a tunnel but above you is a 
    horizontal and vertical pole; grab them and swing up to the level above. 
    You'll face some gargoyle-like creatures who drop icicles, but they aren't 
    much trouble; avoid them and go right to a series of blue floors. These 
    floors "collapse" (not really collapse, but change position so you can no 
    longer stand on them) when you touch them, so try to touch as few as possible 
    as you cross the bridge, making use of the patches of normal ground. Once on 
    the other side take a deep breath for your final challenge. Above and to the 
    right is a single handgrip on the cliff. Jump to the right and grab up/right 
    in midair. If you miss, it is possible, but difficult, to make your way back 
    up, but the bridge will be harder because some of the floors will be 
    unusable. Hopefully you'll grab it straight and true and pull yourself up to, 
    at long last, the bonus round spinner. This is what you came all this way 
    for. When you play a remarkably easy bonus stage and come back, HOLD RIGHT 
    HARD. You'll land on a high ledge; jump off to the right and go right to the 
    Mini-Boss: You'll be battling that weird alien dude who's been following you 
    throughout the level here. If you don't return from the bonus round you'll 
    first meet him when he holds out a bomb to you. Jump and hit his top part 
    when he sets the bomb down while avoiding the bomb at all costs. Bonk him and 
    proceed right to the main battle. You'll be having a snowball fight and need 
    to hit him three times with a snowball to beat him. Unfortunately, he can 
    throw back, and rather hard. Jump over his horizontal tosses and just avoid 
    his high, arching ones (they should never be a problem). Between his throws 
    stand still and a snowball will appear at your feet. Pick it up and throw it 
    like you do any object. BUT, you can only hurt him when he's holding a 
    snowball over his head, about to throw it at you, otherwise he will block it. 
    This makes matters VERY tricky, as you'll need to throw BEFORE he holds his 
    projectile aloft so it hits him at the right time. It will take a lot of 
    practice to nail the timing down, but if you get good at dodging his 
    snowballs, you should get plenty of tries. You can throw your snowballs high 
    by holding up as you throw them, but those are no more likely to hit him as 
    his are to hit you. Bash him three times and he'll get a headache and beat a 
    hasty retreat. He'll fight on your side later on, but first, it's time to 
    test Ristar's tolerance of freezing water...
    Area 2:
    Luckily, Ristar doesn't mind water that normal human beings would freeze to 
    death in, but unfortunately, neither do a lot of other, less likeable things. 
    This area is harder than area 1 so take it slow and easy. First you'll face 
    the threat of three pink mine shooters on the ground. These shoot two mines, 
    then pause; jump over them during those two pauses. The mines will drop back 
    to the ground and explode near the launcher; it's a wonder they don't blow it 
    up, actually. These can be destroyed by butting them but in my opinion it 
    isn't worth it. After that you'll face a more serious threat of bombs being 
    dropped by a guy who floats back and forth out of reach and resembles Lakitu 
    in Super Mario Brothers. You can take him out if you want but again I'd just 
    as soon move on, being very careful of the ground waves the bombs launch in 
    both directions when they explode. If you can, grab the bombs in midair to 
    disable them and prevent them from making ground waves. Drop into the water 
    on the right being careful of the spawning salmon. Swimming is no different 
    than before, but of course, this water area is more difficult.
    It starts with an underwater, sideways mine launcher. Like the others you can 
    either destroy it or swim by between mines. Grab the floating diamond-shaped 
    rock blocking the passage t the right to destroy it. Grab the gold star being 
    careful of the ceiling spikes. Next comes a section that's quite familiar; a 
    horizontal corridor with a turbine at the end that attempts to push you back 
    into the urchins with its strong current. However, now there's a crucial 
    difference: there are now enemies (salmon) in the corridor, so blindly 
    plunging ahead is not the best thing to do. Instead, slowly (without hitting 
    the A or C button) swim ahead, taking refuge in alcoves in the top or bottom 
    of the tunnel whenever possible to wait out the turbine's onslaught and 
    proceeding when it slows back down. When you get to the turbine you don't 
    need to destroy it; it's optional to do so. Being wary of salmon, jump out of 
    the water, go right and grab the gold star, and drop back into the drink.
    Swim down and you'll face a pair of mine shooters guarding the shaft. Dispose 
    of them one by one; otherwise they're likely to hit you. Below is another 
    tunnel with a turbine; this one has no urchins or things to hurt you at the 
    back and is relatively short. Swim through it using the same tactics, then 
    swim up and back to the surface. Go left and when you see a tall snowman, hit 
    his middle or upper sections; this will knock him out of alignment and allow 
    you to climb up and over him. While standing on him you should also take out 
    the bomb-dropping guy too. Walk left onto the ice slide, and allow yourself 
    to be flipped up. As you slide back to the right, jump and grab the handles 
    and climb up. Now walk to the right and grab the blue star. You'll have to 
    deal with four large toad statues at this point; luckily, this is the first 
    and last time you must face them, since they are no fun to play with. The 
    first and third drop bombs that launch ground waves; the second and fourth 
    drop normal mines which are much easier to deal with. It's very tricky when 
    you're in between them and jumping over ground waves from both directions, 
    but just plunge through as best you can.
    When under the last toad statue grab the pink mine launcher from behind to 
    dispose of it and jump over to the ice slide. As you tumble down the ramp, 
    get ready to jump! Jump right over to another ice slide at the right time - 
    as soon as it comes into view, but not too soon or you'll get a face full of 
    the floating orbot between the two. Drop back into the water (if you miss the 
    jump you'll have to backtrack a bit to try again). Now you'll need to get 
    through a corridor blocked by rocks while staying ahead of a sea urchin who 
    will slowly pursue you. The sea urchin is invincible so to escape this 
    situation, use your head - that is, use your head to break through the 
    obstructing rocks (that's a joke from Toy Story 2). Once through you'll face 
    a nasty mine shooter; it's advisable to quickly shoot by and down between 
    flying mines here.
    Next up is the third and last turbine tunnel; this one is much harder, 
    because your only way of avoiding being swept back into oblivion is some 
    ceiling handles midway down the tunnel, and it has three salmon swimming 
    around in it. You'll probably need to do some power swimming to get to the 
    turbine before it can sweep you back; hopefully you wont crash into a salmon 
    by doing so. After destroying (or just bypassing) the turbine, swim up. Now 
    for the maddening part. Ahead of you in a small, surface pool is an orbot 
    surrounded by seven mines that rotate around him. One spot around him will be 
    empty; when it goes by swim up and grab him directly from below, hugging the 
    right wall in the tunnel below to make sure your grab is on the money. Take 
    him out and hop onto a series of ice slides. These form a pyramid of sorts; 
    you'll need to jump from slide to slide and move up.
    The problem is two-fold: you need to jump off each slide at the LAST possible 
    second to make it to the next slide, and should you miss a jump, not only do 
    you need to start over, you'll also take a hit (hopefully only one) from Mr. 
    Orbot-with-the-Mines down below, who regenerates. This makes for a very, very 
    tough situation here, as there are about six or seven perfect jumps you have 
    to make. The slides get smaller as you go up as well. This is one spot where 
    I can't be of much help; your timing and the precision of your jumps will 
    decide your fate. I can, however, tell you something important: the bonus 
    round spinner is in the top left corner of this area. To grab it requires a 
    real leap of faith (beginners who are having big trouble with this section 
    are well advised to skip this, as you'll need to start over afterwards) on 
    the seventh slide (the fourth one up on the left) which is very small. As 
    soon as you land on it, jump and you'll sail over the ramp at the end and fly 
    to the left. Be prepared to almost instantaneously grab diagonally up and 
    left to grab a tiny floating pole and swing over to the bonus round spinner. 
    You can reach it from the ground if you miss it on your swing from the pole.
    After that you'll probably need to start over (you can swing back to the 
    seventh slide with the pole but most likely won't have enough speed and just 
    tumble back to the pond and its nasty inhabitant). Your second time through, 
    on the seventh slide, get ready to make one more nail-biter jump. Then you 
    must make an almost instantaneous leap from the tiny eighth slide. On the 
    ninth and final slide which extends to the right, jump over the ramp at the 
    end (you don't want to get sent back into that mess) and drop down to... the 
    exit!!! At long last! After that hard challenge, you're probably hoping for a 
    nice, easy, or at least not too frustrating boss to this ice hole. No such 
    Time to fight (drum roll please) Itamor. He is probably the coolest boss in 
    Ristar or in any video game and would be a lot of fun if he wasn't so 
    horrifically tough. A hideous beast of living rock, he's a cross between the 
    abominable snowman, the devil, and Jabba the Hutt. As you walk to the right 
    you will quake with fear as the monstrosity rises out of the frozen ocean and 
    leaps to the foreground to do battle with you. You will witness his great 
    girth in its full might and should suspect that your puny head may not be too 
    useful against this guy... as it turns out, it's totally useless, so don't 
    waste your time and lives. You'll need to figure out another way to beat him. 
    Please bear in mind that this boss is the one I consider most likely to 
    frustrating people into never playing Ristar again, so please be patient!
    Your foe-turned-friend (the mini-boss of area 1) will periodically run onto 
    the screen toting, of all things, a steaming pizza (the madness never stops 
    in this game). Resist your temptation to gobble it up in this frozen world, 
    however; you need to use it to thaw Itamor out by throwing it in his mouth. 
    The trouble is, you can't make him eat the dang thing unless his mouth's 
    open. (This will likely remind veteran gamers of Wart, final boss of Super 
    Mario Brothers 2, a fellow who was not a vegetable lover by any means). He 
    opens his mouth after he chomps down his red icy thing (I'm not sure what it 
    is, but man does this guy have some appetite). Stand about at the fourth orb 
    from the left (in the background) and after he stomps chomping, he will 
    pause; throw your pizza then. It will take a few tries to get he timing down.
    Trouble is, Itamor doesn't always open his mouth obligingly; like Ohsat he 
    can do a few other things. One is to throw blocks of frozen tomato sauce at 
    you (which explode, strangely enough). Dodge these like you did the sumo 
    wrestlers' dolls on Sonata: stand halfway across the screen as he winds up to 
    throw, then as he throws, move BACK and JUMP to make him throw short. He also 
    breathes out blasts if freezing gas (Sonic 3 ripoff again) that freeze you in 
    a block of ice. This itself doesn't hurt you but you'd better get loose fast 
    (by banging on the buttons like crazy) as he'll either try to nail you with a 
    tomato sauce throw or attempt to eat you (!)
    When he attempts to eat you run to the left; it seems there is no way to 
    avoid the suction of his gaping maw, but actually there is; just grab 
    continuously in midair. Ristar cannot be sucked up while he does this. Sure 
    it defies the laws of physics but who cares; it's enough to prevent Ristar 
    from becoming an ice demon's lunch! Eventually your alien pal will bring you 
    a pizza. Throw it at Itamor's wide-open mouth! This is made complicated by 
    the fact that he will be sucking you up at the same time, so you'll have a 
    short window of time in which to throw, but that's the way it is normally 
    anyway. Also, oddly enough, even should Itamor ingest you, you won't die! 
    You'll only be hurt. Unfortunately, if you ever miss with a pizza, it will 
    disappear as the frozen ground turns it into useless sludge.
    Those are Itamor's attacks, but should you successfully get him to eat a 
    pizza, watch out! He will go nuts (either he really hates it or he really 
    likes it, I'm not sure) and blast up off the screen. (How the heck does he 
    lift all that weight?!?) Watch his shadow as it coasts to the left and stops 
    and stand AT LEAST A RISTAR'S LENGTH from it. Itamor will plunge back to 
    Earth and bounce back to his favorite seat on the right of the screen. As 
    soon as he lands and bounces up, RUN UNDER HIM!!! However, if you are too 
    close to his shadow, you might wind up underneath his great bottom and end up 
    flatter than a gumdrop under a chair. After this proceed with the battle as 
    usual. Note that on your very first attempt at the battle your pal will 
    automatically throw a pizza into Itamor's mouth; this will NOT damage him but 
    is intended to show you how to fight him if you were clueless. You WILL have 
    to dodge his blast up and down routine, though.
    Itamor will take four pizzas to thaw out (ever eaten four whole pizzas? I did 
    on a bet once - no, just kidding). When he is satiated at last he will vomit 
    black orbots (yuck!) and go to sleep. He can no longer harm you so enjoy 
    dancing around his sleeping hulk until you give him a final bonk with your 
    head, and send his now-inert mass flying back into its own, underwater final 
    resting place. Proceed to dance with joy (and have some pizza if there's any 
    around); you have bested one of the hardest bosses in video gaming! Your 
    alien friend who proved so indispensable will wave good-bye as you leave the 
    snow and ice behind and head off to a small, dark blue world that is your 
    last stop on this endless quest.
    In case you thought the game would cut you a break after what you just came 
    through, prepare to be disappointed. I warned you at the beginning of the 
    walkthrough that this wouldn't be easy! Automaton IS the last planet (though 
    you've also got a showdown on Greedy spaceship in store) and is, as you can 
    get, a super-mechanized place ruled by robots, analogous to Scrap Brain, 
    Metropolis, Launch Base, Death Egg, or Gene Gadget/Panic Puppet Zones 
    (depending on the Sonic game). It is also the nearest thing to "H" in 
    Ristar's solar system - at least the first area is. The second area and the 
    boss are actually a royal cinch, but the first round simply will not let up. 
    Bear this in mind: if you can make it just a little further, through the 
    first area, you've made it past the worst of the game, and there won't be any 
    more ridiculously hard boss battles (although Greedy, the final boss, is no 
    pushover). So let us get this on with!
    Area 1:
    This area is to normal levels what Itamor is to bosses: it is the worst. It 
    is long and full of nasty spots. Its only redeeming factor is cool music. The 
    background looks weird; what's that blue smoke above the factory floor 
    supposed to be? Anyway, the first thing you'll encounter is the first of 
    three enemies in this area (besides orbots): a fire-tube thing. It will move 
    along the floor over a space and periodically stop to shoot blasts of 
    fireballs into the air. Luckily the fireballs don't fly too far horizontally, 
    so grab it - and get back, as it will split into two miniature versions of 
    itself! Destroy them the same way and proceed to another new foe: a spiked 
    see-saw guy. This is a robot that continuously bounces back and forth, 
    tottering on a pole with two spiked balls on either side. To get by this 
    fellow safely you must grab the pole he is tottering on when the spiked ball 
    closest to you moves up, which will knock him out. But, your timing must be 
    excellent or you'll get a handful of pain. Wait for him to slow down before 
    you make your move.
    The first major weird thing you'll encounter is a huge area of purple girders 
    that change positions (appearing and disappearing) whenever you hit the B 
    button. Otherwise, they function like normal poles. There are spikes at the 
    bottom of this area so be careful. Basically, what you should do is climb up 
    and if the girder you want to grab disappears on you, try to avoid falling. 
    It's risky but sometimes productive to grab at empty spaces hoping a girder 
    appears there. There's not much advice I can offer on this crazy part; just 
    climb up as best you can! It's not THAT hard and is actually kind of fun. If 
    you're having trouble some of the girders on the left ALWAYS are solid, so 
    bear that in mind. Anyway at the top there will be a way to the right, but 
    you want to get to the upper left, where you'll see a glowing pad. Touch it 
    to be propelled upward at an incredible rate (like the drums on Sonata and 
    the glowing floors in the bonus rounds).
    Grab the handholds on the ceiling and climb right (if you're climbing 
    backwards, that is okay) carefully timing your moves to avoid a collision 
    with a floating orbot. On the right side drop onto a greenish, glowing floor. 
    This floor is exactly like the ice slides of Freon; slide to the right and 
    DON'T JUMP at the end. You'll land on another similar floor below it; NOW 
    jump IMMEDIATELY or you'll be slung back to the left by the ramp at the end. 
    If you did it right you should be standing on top of or next to a chest. 
    Stand on top of it, jump straight up and grab straight down to crack it open 
    without risking falling onto the glowing floor. It contains a 1-UP. You only 
    get one shot at obtaining this, so do it right.
    Next, drop down to the right and walk right. A floating red robot will appear 
    and shortly zip away. If at all possible jump and thwack him IMMEDIATELY, as 
    he'll come back and shoot three laser beams at you given a chance. These guys 
    are a pain, like the other two guys. Jump over the small bed of spikes, grab 
    the gold star, and swing over the spiked pole (which simply can only be 
    crossed one-way). Drop down to a glowing pad that will blast you up; grab the 
    handholds on the right and climb up to some weird gray shoes. When you are 
    wearing these (and you will for a while) the whole bottom half of the area 
    you're in is like water. I know most of you out there hate swimming and even 
    if you're pretty good at it, it makes grabbing enemies much harder, so most 
    of you aren't too happy about this, I suspect. Luckily, though, this is a 
    check point; if you die later on you'll come back to this spot (and I've used 
    four whole paragraphs just getting here).
    The next part I won't go heavily into; it's just a matter of "swimming" 
    through some corridors avoiding orbots and spikes. Take it easy and you 
    should be okay. Don't defeat enemies unless you have to! After a while you'll 
    come to a fork; you can go left or right. Right is the main path; left leads 
    to the bonus round. The bonus round is somewhat hard to access so I can 
    understand it if you don't want to bother (that's what I did when I first 
    played this level) but if you want to, here we go: first of all you'll 
    encounter a spiked see-saw and a fire-tube on the ceiling. Defeat the fire-
    tube, CAREFULLY, grabbing it from the side and moving away after the first 
    hit, before dealing with the see-saw. Defeat it as well and go left to a 
    large, dangerous room.
    You'll need to master a new skill here: climbing up a bare wall by repeatedly 
    grabbing it at a successively higher point. It's not hard really; you'll need 
    to climb up the left wall in this way. There's a fire-tube attached to it but 
    he won't be much trouble - you'll take him and his kids out automatically as 
    you climb the wall, or just climb past them uninjured. Have you noticed yet 
    that when you flip over after head-butting something your are invulnerable 
    for a half-second? This will be necessary to employ against the boss of 
    Automaton, so remember it. At the top of the wall (you'll have outstripped 
    your anti-gravity shoes at this point) get ready to make a tough move. Grab 
    the wall close to (but not right at) the top, then as soon as you flip over 
    and can grab again, grab up/right, clutching the floating orbot at the 
    ceiling in your hands. He will fall down; swing to his right side and 
    release; land on the ledge to the right. If you mess it up you can leave the 
    screen and come back to make him re-appear. Climb the handholds to the right 
    and at the top one, jump off to the left. There's the bonus round spinner. 
    Luckily, you'll find the bonus round to be a joke.
    On your return you'll need to get back down; there are several ways you can 
    try to do it but it seems that any way will likely get you hit, even if you 
    take your time, so it's up to you what to do. Once back down go right and 
    bash the see-saw thing again (don't bother with the fire-tube on the ceiling 
    this time) and go right to a wall of spikes. If you skipped the bonus round 
    path you'll be here as well, but will still have your anti-gravity shoes (you 
    lose them if you play the bonus stage). If you are in the former case, jump 
    and grab diagonally at the corner of the shaft above and pull yourself up 
    into it. If you can still float it's much easier; float up and jump up (out 
    of the "water", as it is) and grab the red girder with spikes on the top side 
    of it from below.
    You are now in for the hardest section of the game; from now until you 
    complete this area. This part is one of the worst; you'll be trapped in a 
    shaft with smooth, bare walls and a series of four red girders crossing it, 
    with spikes on the top and nothing on the bottom. You need to grab each of 
    them from below in succession to climb up. BUT, in each "chamber" you'll need 
    to grab the walls continuously to avoid hitting the spikes below, and from 
    there reach up and grab the girder above. This will prove extraordinarily 
    difficult and you will likely drop plenty of lives in this section before you 
    get it down. It's best to grab horizontally at the walls then time your grab 
    straight up when you are able to grab again but still high enough to be able 
    to reach the girder above. Most importantly, do not panic and keep calm, even 
    down to your last hit point! After four girders you will be at the top and 
    must either instantaneously reach up to the ceiling handles or hold left or 
    right to land on a ledge to avoid hitting the spikes.
    You're now at a fork. To the left is a path that leads to a 1-UP with the 
    following enemies: a fire-tube, a spiked see-saw, and two red laser robots. 
    Not worth taking, in my opinion, and I suspect you will agree with me. To the 
    right is a much-needed blue star, and more problems. To the right of the blue 
    star is a bed of spikes (rotating around a cylinder but no less lethal). Your 
    means of crossing these things of pain is a tiny green robot that resembles a 
    propeller cap. Grab it diagonally and it will float to the right and you will 
    swing from side to side of it. When possible (when you are to the right of it 
    and it is close enough to the edge of the spikes) release B (which you must 
    hold onto for dear life when riding the thing) and Ristar will bonk the 
    little thing (and not dent it) and hopefully land on safe ground.
    Drop through the floor to find (GREAT) a whole series of these things. This 
    time it's MUCH HARDER, since you will need to grab each one after the first 
    in mid-air after bouncing off the previous one. One misstep will mean your 
    doom as you bleed your life out on the endless beds of spikes below. Even 
    worse, sometimes the choppers will move so close together that you will 
    automatically release your grasp (usually you're close enough to the next 
    chopper to grab onto it when this happens, but it might startle you and cause 
    you to fall). HAVE FAITH!!! Make some daring, well-timed grabs, and good 
    luck! After five choppers (and a great deal of lives and muttered words) 
    you'll coast to the right, and bounce off on, at long last, solid floor. Walk 
    to the right to a spinner. Grab onto it and shoot right and you'll blast 
    through a wall (coolsville) and wind up at the mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Even this is maddening (although not as bad as the level). You'll 
    be facing an army of seven or so orbots (though there are more in the 
    background) led by a leader with a helmet, who attack in several formations. 
    To defeat each formation you must HIT THE LEADER ONCE. Then they will move 
    onto another formation. If you hit any orbot besides the leader, it will turn 
    black and no longer be able to hurt you. You must go through five formations; 
    they go in random order, except that the first one is also always the last. 
    Here are the four formations:
    Helix: The orbots will fly down in a V shape, then rotate around the floor 
    you are on in a helix formation, some in front of or behind you (like a 
    strand of DNA). Luckily, this formation is a snap - just stand a little to 
    the left of the first orbot to the left of the leader when they come down. 
    After the leader hits the floor and moves up and to the left, reach straight 
    up. You'll grab him and beat the whole formation before it even starts! Be 
    careful though: if you mess up on the initial chance you WILL have problems, 
    so try, try, try to get it right!
    Cross: The orbots fly at you in a cross formation with the leader at the 
    center. Grab at them and hit as many as you can; just grabbing relentlessly 
    at their formation, and hopefully you'll get lucky and grab the leader, 
    and/or incapacitate some of the normal ones so they don't get you. This is a 
    formation that takes guts to beat, since you'll need to grab relentlessly and 
    time your grabs well.
    Ring: Similar to cross except the orbots form a circle around their leader. 
    Same strategy as for cross but much harder and more likely to get hit, since 
    the orbots are more spread out and there's more chance that your wild grabs 
    will just miss. Keep trying and should you get hit, go for the leader 
    Frisbee (sorry I can't come up with a better name): The hardest formation, 
    but like Helix, you have a chance to take it out immediately, but only if 
    you're lucky. The orbots will come to the floor in a flat circle shaped like 
    a frisbee. Grab them. If you're lucky you'll get the leader and move on. 
    Usually, though, you'll just grab a normal orbot and incapacitate it. After 
    the initial attack they float out of your reach and launch themselves from 
    their ring at you, one by one. Run away from them and bear in mind that they 
    bounce off the floor. If you can, try to hit them to incapacitate. Try not to 
    get cornered. The leader fires last of all; try as hard as you can to get 
    him! If you fail they'll repeat their pattern without lowing to the floor 
    first (they only do that once). This is a nasty one so good luck!
    After five hits, the orbot squadron commander falls like a helpless duck to 
    the center of the screen. Your immediate impulse will be to bash him into 
    kingdom come but not so fast; hold him in your grip for a while and savor the 
    moment (this is, incidentally, the last point in the game where you can 
    really do this) before booting him into the stratosphere. Mosey on over to 
    the right and... the exit!!! Yes!!! Automaton 1 clear!!!
    Area 2:
    After what you just came through you probably desperately need a respite, but 
    for once, the game cooperates. Area 2 is no picnic but nothing like as bad as 
    area 1, and is actually kind of fun. One reason it is much easier is when you 
    die you don't need to go back at all, since each teleporter is also a check 
    point!!! You'll be in the bowels of a factory on Automaton trapped in a 
    series of rooms connected by teleporters. Before you panic at the prospect of 
    getting lost in this huge maze relax; getting lost is almost impossible. Each 
    teleporter is one-way so you simply must progress from room to room avoiding 
    the perils of each one. Some rooms do have two teleporters but all the time 
    the harder one to access simply leads to something good that the easy one to 
    access does not. Some teleporters need to be activated by throwing a diamond 
    into the slot next to them; the diamond is to be found somewhere in the room. 
    Other ones you just need to make it to in one piece. This level has some of 
    the craziest situations in any video game in some of the rooms, but most of 
    them are only a problem if you don't know what to do... which can only occur 
    without a handy-dandy walkthrough sitting right next to you, of course. So 
    let's plunge right in!
    Room 1 - Nothing to harm you here; just throw the diamond in the slot and 
    Room 2 - This room has a robot floating around it. He gets faster every time 
    you hit him and takes three hits to beat. He is a real PITA but hopefully 
    you'll be able to get the better of him by this point in the game. Once he is 
    in the scrap pile, a yellow diamond will appear. Do your stuff.
    Room 3 - You'll encounter a moving platform here. This platform must be 
    manipulated to make it take you to the teleporter, which is otherwise 
    unreachable BUT BE VERY CAREFUL!!! If this baby should push you into a wall, 
    floor of ceiling, you DIE INSTANTLY, no questions asked. So don't play 
    around. To manipulate it hit it in the direction you want it to go. I 
    recommend hitting it when it is near the floor to get it moving horizontally, 
    then when it moves over to the right, hit it from above to get it moving 
    vertically, and ride it to the teleporter.
    Room 4 - A piece of cake; just walk right to the teleporter; you'll get 
    zapped into the background but that's no big deal.
    Room 5 - Grab the spinner and shoot up/right to the teleporter. Don't worry; 
    the spikes can't hurt you when you're in "shooting star" form. Remember you 
    can press button A or C to stop shooting whenever you want.
    Room 6 - A breather room with no danger; grab the gold star to restore your 
    Room 7 - The "big blue robot" room. You'll immediately meet a large, imposing 
    big blue robot that will slowly step forward and try to crush you into the 
    wall on the left. Should it succeed, you are a flat star and a dead star, my 
    friend. To avoid that fate hit its feet when one foot is in the air taking a 
    step. It will fall back and totter - IMMEDIATELY run forward and hit its feet 
    again. If you aren't fast enough it will take a huge leap forward - bad news. 
    Repeat the pattern until you knock the machine into the wall and it self-
    destructs. Glad that's over with...
    Room 8 - This is the hardest room in the level, IMHO. It's got FOUR moving 
    platforms that work the same as the one in room 3 worked. You'll need to get 
    on of them to get you to the teleporter without getting turned into a star 
    pancake by them. I'd recommend getting one platform away from the others and 
    using it like you did the one in room 3, trying to avoid the other three 
    platforms at the same time. TAKE YOUR TIME and DON'T BE DARING!
    Room 9 - This room is annoying. It's got four pieces of the background that 
    you can pull down to reveal things behind them. There's nothing for it but to 
    grab one and pull it down, and cross your fingers. In random order, inside 
    the four openings are single orbot, a group of orbots, a green droid like the 
    one in room 2 (egads!) And the necessary activator diamond. Be sure to 
    destroy any enemies you release as soon as you release them to avoid getting 
    Room 10 - This room has the first, and only, moving spinners in the game. 
    Eight rotate in a circle. You can just exit in the bottom right corner if you 
    wish, or grab a spinner and attempt to reach the other teleporter in the 
    upper right corner (you'll need to bounce off a wall to do this).
    Room 11 - Made it to the hard to reach teleporter in the previous room? Your 
    reward is a 1-UP.
    Room 12 - Meet the tanks, nasty little (or not so little) machines that shoot 
    missiles at you. Jump over the missiles, which move quite fast (you can 
    actually pick them up, but it's very dangerous) and when you get close 
    enough, butt the tank. After one hit it will charge at you; stay calm and 
    immediately upon falling back grab again and you'll send it to the scrap 
    heap. The hardest part is approaching while jumping over the missiles. You'll 
    need to make it past three tanks on three separate levels to make it to the 
    teleporter. Don't bother destroying the ceiling tank.
    Room 13 - IMMEDIATELY walk right, smash through the wall with your head, and 
    grab diagonally from the floor at the spinner and HOLD ON!!! a few seconds 
    after your arrival in this room orbots will start raining from the ceiling 
    like there's no tomorrow, and they will surely bludgeon you to death unless 
    you cling to that spinner for dear life. Eventually they will stop raining 
    and an activator diamond will appear.
    Room 14 - Grab another gold star.
    Room 15 - The second room with you moving in the background, this one's more 
    complicated, but remember that anything (spinners and handholds) you see in 
    the foreground will be in the background as well, and you'll be fine.
    Room 16 - This room is shaped like a large L, with you starting at the vertex 
    of the letter, teleporter #1 to your right and teleport #2 far above you. You 
    have a spinner before you and must decide which way to go. Teleporter #2 is 
    obviously much harder to reach, but if you succeed...
    Room 17 - Nothing here except the bonus round spinner. Accessible through 
    teleporter #2 in room 16.
    Room 18 - The final room (hard to believe there are only 18 rooms, only 14 of 
    which have anything dangerous in them!) And it's a cinch; just grab the 
    spinner and shoot right, past the tanks, to the end of the stage.
    You're probably trembling with terror as you prepare to meet the boss of this 
    planet as you remember Adahan and Itamor, but don't worry. Uranim looks hard 
    and is hard if you don't know what you're doing, but if you do know what to 
    do, he's a pushover! Alas, your trek to Uranim's lair will not be peaceful, 
    as your antagonist will hurl metal bolts along the floor at you as you run to 
    meet him. When the monitors behind you show him throw a bolt, JUMP. After a 
    while you'll reach him. Uranim will use all sorts of attacks (many of which 
    involve throwing things at you supplied to him by his operator, the mad 
    scientist with the huge head in the machine in the background). He seems 
    impossible but don't worry. Grab the cyborg, er, the bull by the horns and 
    run up to him and start pounding your away at his armor with your tough 
    little head. Unlike the monstrous Itamor, Uranim's armor will be pierced 
    (even though he's a super cyborg, Greedy's finest invention) but he will take 
    a certain amount of abuse before falling to your knees. He will do all sorts 
    of attacks but as long as you beat on the B button like crazy and grab him 
    continuously, they will miss, since you cannot be hurt as you bounce off an 
    Keep pummeling him (a turbo controller will help) ignoring his attacks until 
    he falls over, stunned. Now the claw above you will move over to you and try 
    to hit you. Avoid it and stand to one side of Uranim with the claw on the 
    other side. As the claw comes toward you jump over Uranim - the timing is 
    tricky but you can try as long as you need. Eventually you should be able to 
    get the claw to hit Uranim instead of you, which will really hurt him and 
    also re-awaken him, so get ready for another round of incessant bashing away. 
    The only thing Uranim can do to cause you problems is when he jumps or throws 
    himself across the room. When he does that run over to him and continue 
    bashing him like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes he will fake being stunned 
    but not really be so beware of that. After four hits from the claw and a 
    final series of head-butts from you, Uranim will hit the sack. The huge 
    machine behind you, however, will pick up his mutilated frame and blast out 
    of the room; it's Greedy's spaceship in disguise!!! Grab the spinner and 
    follow the space pirate. Your next planet will be a dark red world - WAIT A 
    Well, here you are. You've blasted through all six planets in this crazy 
    solar system and smashed their corrupted leaders, and made it onto Greedy's 
    spaceship itself. Oddly enough, the ship sometimes looks like a spaceship and 
    sometimes like a castle on a cloud, but inside, it's just one huge, 
    mechanical mess. Amazingly, the "normal" portion of this section, far from 
    being a living hell, is not only a complete cinch, it's very short. You'll 
    need to get through one very easy and simple area and then face two bosses in 
    a row. The bosses are a challenge but not any worse than anything you've 
    faced so far, and this IS then final section of the whole game, so I hope you 
    understand. Alright, let us start marching through this spaceship and whip 
    Greedy's tail once and for all. Best of luck!!!
    "Normal" section:
    This begins with Ristar flying into Greedy's spaceship with such velocity 
    that he smashes a large hole in its outer shell with his rock-hard head. 
    Aside from how the heck Ristar manages to burst through a sheet of solid 
    metal, why doesn't the gaping hole in the side of the ship suck all the air 
    out? Ah, the impossibility of video games. Anyway this section involves 
    climbing up through the core of Greedy's home (I'm telling you, the guy has 
    no taste; he's painted his ship's interior purple and green) while bopping a 
    few sluggish orbots and being watched by a floating robotic eye that has been 
    disconnected from its body. You're going to find out what socket that eye 
    goes into very soon... be prepared. A major disappointment is that instead of 
    an awesome, climactic tune playing, that awful "battle entry" music plays in 
    this area.
    Luckily it isn't very long. Begin by flipping up through two flashing beams 
    (Greedy's cruiser sure looks cool - check out the background - but much of 
    what's here is just for show, not dangerous) and walk to the left (there's a 
    few orbots throughout this section, destroy them obviously). Climb the 
    handholds located so conveniently for your use (apparently Greedy is anxious 
    to meet you). At the top grab the two vertical electric beams to your right 
    (it'll take diagonal grabs) and grab more handholds on the right wall (you 
    can also just climb the right wall through the "continuous bash" method, but 
    that way is slower). Climb up and walk left. Next you need to climb up the 
    narrow shaft to the left; there are no handholds so you'll have to use your 
    head and arms. Just keep bashing the wall continuously higher; you can try as 
    long as necessary. After that drop down to the left and a spinner awaits you. 
    Shoot almost straight up and either grab the horizontal beam overhead 
    directly from below, or land on the ledge on the right and use that for a 
    lift-up. You can also grab and climb the walls if needed. Once on top of the 
    beam, walk right through the doorway of doom and WHOOMP! You are done! Ole - 
    you have made it through the easiest area in all of Ristar.
    Now the fun begins. As soon as you enter the boss room (which has an even 
    BETTER floor and background) run to the right to avoid being zapped by an 
    electric field. Charge right to meet... Inonis (name from boss rush mode), 
    that dude with the big head who operated Uranim recently and has a gift for 
    inventing large, annoying things of pain. He will be sitting in an inactive 
    machine that resembles a Black & Decker power drill with a cool-looking 
    extension cord, armed to the teeth. When that little eye nestles itself on 
    the machine's socket (which you cannot prevent) Mr. Big Bad Robot will awaken 
    and start shooting everything at you but the kitchen sink. His attacks are: 
    boomerangs, streams of bullets, white bolts of energy, and huge electric 
    blasts from a pistol-like device.
    The boomerangs are a real pain since they will fly behind you and swing 
    around several times before disappearing and the energy bolts are no picnic 
    either as they will launch at chest height and are almost impossible to jump 
    over (the holes on the back of the robot's scalp will turn white when one is 
    about to fire). The bullets shouldn't be too hard to dodge, but don't stand 
    directly in front of the machine. The same strategy for Uranim applies but 
    there's a twist here. Whenever you hit Inonis you will be knocked quite far 
    back, so it is impossible to continuously butt him without spending some time 
    on the floor, where you are vulnerable. This makes your life MUCH harder but 
    use the same tactics - keep butting and butting his head repeatedly, ignoring 
    the shield it throws up (every time Inonis bounces in his seat you've scored 
    a hit) and eventually (4-5 hits) the machine will be temporarily stunned and 
    Inonis will drop down to attempt repairs. Butt him and there will be a small 
    explosion; this indicates a major hit.
    You then must repeat the process. Do NOT at all retreat, as Inonis will 
    advance and you'll find yourself eventually pressed between him and that 
    electric field, a bad situation. The best way to dodge his attacks is just to 
    keep bashing him and hope that you are bouncing back off him when the attack 
    fires and it misses. This is the only real way to dodge the energy bolts and 
    electric blasts from the pistol thing. It takes excellent timing but can be 
    done. The boomerangs can be dodged the same way. Just keep up the relentless 
    assault. You are going to take a couple of hits; hopefully you can outlast 
    the machine. After five explosions Inonis' latest creation will be reduced to 
    a pile of junk. Walk to the right and under the tube to be taken to...
    Final Battle:
    The beam will take you up, Star Trek-esque, to meet Greedy himself in an 
    orange-brown, flashy room in the spaceship. Aside from the awful music (can't 
    they come up with something decent to play now, of all times, when they've 
    spoiled us for the whole rest of the game? Oh well) Greedy makes the perfect 
    end boss. A lot of final bosses in other games require incredible feats of 
    dexterity to defeat and can be very frustrating for even experienced players. 
    Greedy has no such problems. I did have a lot of trouble defeating him the 
    first time I played the game, but it is my hope that you will have less 
    difficulty. The first thing you'll realize is that the Greedster isn't 
    exactly solid; he's more of an apparition than a real enemy, and he can 
    teleport around the room. The final fight has four phases:
    Phase 1: Kind of a pre-fight, Greedy will launch five laser droids from his 
    hand to cause you trouble to decide if you're worth fighting. These droids 
    will warp to a different location every few seconds and fire a small blue 
    energy ball at where you're standing. The best way to avoid them is to run in 
    one direction and hopefully the balls will miss; occasionally they get you 
    anyway. After they fire turn around and hit one of them (you'll probably need 
    to jump and grab to reach them) to knock it into oblivion. Then run in one 
    direction again as you can only knock out one before they move again (it is 
    possible to try for more if you're daring but that's quite risky). After 
    defeating Greedy's vanguard it's on to...
    Phase 2: Greedy will now warp around the room at great speed, sometimes 
    disappearing and appearing somewhere else. Although his erratic movements 
    make it tricky, you must jump and grab him when he's fully formed. He never 
    moves to the floor so it's unlikely he'll hit you directly. When you get him 
    he'll drop two orbots. Defeat them and continue. Always defeat them before 
    you do anything else! If you fail to hit Greedy for long enough he will raise 
    his arm and surround himself with eight black orbots. He will now be out of 
    grabbing range so all you can do is dodge the orbots as he shoots them at 
    you, one by one, similar to the "Frisbee" formation of the mini-boss on 
    Automaton but easier because they don't reflect off the floor. If you manage 
    to grab one of the orbs as it flies at you a star will appear, but this is 
    not advisable, as 90% of the time, your arms will miss the projectile and it 
    will smack you instead. After shooting off all his orbots Greedy will resume 
    his pattern; try to hit him before he can do it again. Five hits and the room 
    darkens and phase 3 begins.
    *BUG: Even though it rarely happens, if you grab Greedy just as he is about 
    to surround himself with the black orbots and hit him after they appear, he 
    will continue warping around but also shoot black orbots at you! This is 
    almost always fatal to you; a horrific bug!
    Phase 3: The hardest phase of the battle, Greedy will floaty in the top 
    center out of reach and generate a black hole to one side of him that 
    attempts to suck you up. Getting sucked into Greedy's vortex will kill you 
    instantly! To avoid that fate grab the orbot that falls from the ceiling 
    (and, strangely enough, will not get sucked up) and HANG ON for dear life!!! 
    After a few seconds another orbot will fall. If it falls far away from you, 
    you lucked out and can stay put. If it falls close by and moves toward you 
    IMMEDIATELY (how the heck many times have I capitalized that word in this 
    FAQ?!?) butt the orbot you are currently clinging to and immediately grab the 
    new one. If you wait until the new one is almost on you chances are you'll 
    touch it as you bounce off the first one and take a hit, which usually means 
    instant death. If you find yourself with no orbot nearby to grab you can also 
    grab continuously (same principle as with Itamor) to avoid being sucked to 
    your doom. A third orbot will eventually fall, but by this time the black 
    hole will usually disappear and you're on to the final phase!
    Phase 4: This phase causes me to die uncountable times until I discovered a 
    new method for it, which makes it a total cinch! Greedy will be directly 
    above you. He will appear two times for a brief second; it is possible but 
    extremely hard to jump and grab him from below. Don't even try that; instead, 
    wait for Greedy to appear and disappear twice and the screen will darken. 
    Greedy will now appear directly to your top left and throw down a bolt of 
    lightning he's borrowed from Zeus. You can dodge this by running to the left 
    but instead, as the screen darkens grab up/left continuously. Most of the 
    time your arms will be right where Greedy will appear and you'll land the 
    space pirate a solid blow to the underside. He will do this twice; repeat 
    your attack. Occasionally you'll miss and get zapped but hopefully that will 
    not happen. Greedy will then appear directly above you; pay him no heed if he 
    appear to the left or right, but if he appears in the center jump up and hit 
    him NOW! If you miss he'll create another black hole and you'll have to 
    repeat phase 3 again! Stay in the center to make sure you're positioned 
    correctly to hit Greedy should he try this. After five low blows the 
    Greedster will hit the mat and you've won the game!
    4. Bonus Round walkthroughs
    This section gives information on how to complete the twelve bonus stages in 
    the game. Unfortunately I do not have the times you need to complete the 
    stages under to earn continues; maybe I will have them in an updated FAQ. 
    Obviously the continue times are longer for the harder stages (although you 
    have the same amount of time to successfully complete each stage, 1 minute). 
    You can't die in a bonus round but some stages have spikes; touching them 
    will speed up the timer. Some of these mini-levels are challenging to the 
    extreme, so prepare to get frustrated! 
    1-1: This one's a joke (but not a harbinger of things to come). Grab the 
    spinner and shoot straight up to either side (not in the center) and land on 
    the platform in the top center of the stage where the treasure is. If you 
    don't quite make it you can also just climb the walls, head over head style 
    (see the end of the walkthrough for details) high enough to fall on the 
    platform. Your first treasure is a star on a pedestal I call a SUPERSTAR.
    1-2: This one's a bit trickier but you should be able to do it. It requires 
    some fancy grabbing like you'll need to do late in the game to stay alive. 
    All grabbing poles in bonus rounds are glowing red pads, and there's a whole 
    series of them here, vertical and horizontal. You'll need to rappel and flip 
    yourself around these pads and climb up to the top, where your treasure, an 
    APPLE GEM, is. There are some tricky spots like when you need to swing 
    horizontally and then immediately grab straight up to grab another pole, but 
    it's good practice for later in the game and you do have enough time to have 
    several slip-ups and still make it.
    2-1: This one's interesting but really easy. First of all, although the area 
    appears to be empty, it's filled with water (as is appropriate as you are on 
    Undertow). The treasure is in plain sight and it's a snap to swim over and 
    open it, but... the prize, the PEARL, will float around the room and you've 
    got to grab it as it floats by. There's several strategies - you can swim 
    after it if you're on top of your swimming skills or stay in one place and 
    wait for it to come to you - but either way it'll take a quick, nimble grab 
    to snare it. Luckily you've got all the time in the world to do so.
    2-2: This is the first really hard bonus round. The room will have water at 
    the bottom and a series of spinners leading up to the treasure, at the far 
    top left. You best bet is to grab the spinner overhead (not as easy as it 
    looks, as you must jump out of the water and grab it) and shoot up and a 
    little to the right, so that you're not right up against the left wall. You 
    want to shoot up onto the ledge at the far top left, but you don't want to 
    bump your head on it and get sent back down. If you manage to grab another 
    spinner you might as well take aim and cross your fingers, but I think it's 
    easiest (at least no harder) to shoot for the treasure from the first, bottom 
    spinner. Don't try to climb up from spinner to spinner like the programmers 
    intended. It will take a very lucky shot to get this one, especially if 
    you're bad with spinners. You do have a good bit of time to make that shot 
    but the pressure of the ticking clock can break your concentration. Good 
    luck, peoples! Your treasure is a GOLDEN TEAPOT (?)
    3-1: This one's PATHETIC. Yeah, there's some spikes, but all you need to do 
    is grab the glowing handholds, climb up, over, and down to reach your prize. 
    You can get impaled repeatedly and still make it with ease because the path 
    is so short. Plunge on through and grab the treasure, the FIRE SWORD (which 
    sounds like it belongs more in Final Fantasy than an action game).
    3-2: Another easy round, you'll face a horizontal row of spinners over a bed 
    of spikes with the treasure at the far side. Just grab the first spinner and 
    shoot right, reflecting off the ceiling or floor to go farther, and when yo 
    run out of steam grab another spinner and repeat. Easy as pie. You might get 
    stabbed once or twice but don't let your jumpy timer unnerve you. Your reward 
    is a STONE POT (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, perhaps?)
    4-1: This is a hard one (it seems that all the bonus rounds are either really 
    easy or really hard, doesn't it?) You'll face a 5 X 5 box of 25 empty chests 
    that disappear when you grab them, with the real chest (that holds the COW 
    BELLS - quite appropriate for this planet) on a high wall to the right. To 
    get there first you'll need to make a stairway by destroying some chests 
    being very careful not to destroy chest you'll need to stand on. I recommend 
    using two columns and destroying every other chest in each one, and climbing 
    up to the top row that way. When destroying a chest jump toward it and grab 
    diagonally at it (time it well or pay dearly). Once at the top row jump and 
    grab straight up to grab the ceiling handles. Climb to the right and get 
    ready to make a tough move. The only way to reach the elusive treasure is to 
    drop off the ceiling handles to the right and almost instantaneously grab 
    up/right at the tiny glowing pad and swing over. It's very hard to time and 
    you will likely miss a few times before getting it. If you miss go back to 
    the left destroying any chests necessary, but be sure to keep your stairway 
    intact! There are spikes at the bottom of the wall as well, so watch out.
    4-2: Another pathetic one, this time involving glowing pads that blast you up 
    high into the air when you touch them. You'll know how to handle these pads 
    as they work the same way as the drums in the main level, and all you have to 
    do is bounce over to the right over some spike-encrusted mountains. You are 
    likely to get impaled once or twice as you go but no matter. After three 
    mountains you'll reach a mountain that's too high to bounce over but does 
    have a tunnel through it, so go through there. Bounce up and to the left and 
    land on the (spiked) top of the final mountain to the right. Drop down the 
    spiked crags and at the bottom, you will be the proud new owner of a BASE 
    5-1: All you need to do here is make one tough grab (or two). Jump straight 
    up and you will tumble down the ice slide and eventually fall onto a new one. 
    When you do immediately jump and grab up/right. This slide dumps you into the 
    bottom one where you don't want to go (if you go there you'll need to climb 
    back to pretty much where you started from). But, jump and grab and if you 
    time it right you'll grab a horizontal pole floating above the end of the 
    slide. Now you must immediately grab the pole AGAIN and swing BACK across it, 
    and land on the slide going to the left. Your final test is to jump over a 
    small rise in the slide which, if you touch it, will send you back to the 
    right. Hop over it and you'll be slid right to a decadent CHERRY SUNDAE! 
    Sweet... but who'd want ice cream in this frigid place? Pack it away for a 
    warmer world and proceed...
    5-2: Time for another nasty one, this bonus round has three sections, all of 
    them quite difficult. First you'll be on two ice slides with a tiny hole 
    between them and you must jump into that hole, which is quite difficult as 
    you'll be sliding very fast and must time a hop perfectly to avoid being too 
    short or too long. Once you finally get in there you'll face an underwater 
    gauntlet of spikes. Carefully swim through the caverns (don't even THINK 
    about pressing the A or C buttons) and remember that if you stay still you 
    will float up, so try to keep moving. It's not really hard, just take it 
    really careful. At the end just before you jump out of the water beware: 
    there are some INVISIBLE spikes on the ceiling there! Jump up onto an ice 
    slide and get ready to make a hard jump. You must jump from this slide to the 
    one on the left by jumping at the LAST possible second (which should bring 
    back memories of the section preceding the bonus round). It will take some 
    attempts but you can keep trying as long as your clock lasts. Once on the 
    final slide you're still not done; you must jump straight up and grab that 
    teeny tiny bar above you as you fly by it. Jump and grab straight up... and 
    pray! You'll keep sliding back and forth as long as you don't jump off 
    (please, don't do that) so you can keep trying. Once you finally make it jump 
    from the little bar to the right and get your much deserved treasure, a 
    magnificent diamond I call the STAR OF FREON.
    6-1: The hardest stage in the game by far actually has the EASIEST bonus 
    round, believe it or not (hey, they do cut you breaks in this game, despite 
    what you might think). All you need to do, my friend, is climb up the left 
    side by bouncing on the glowing pads, swing over to the right, and drop back 
    down (it's easier to grab the little bars blocking your way if you grab the 
    sides of the shafts to break your momentum). At the bottom is the GOLDEN WAND 
    (another treasure inappropriate for this game). It's cute watching Ristar 
    bounce up and down for a few seconds after he grabs the treasure, too!
    6-2: Well, they sure saved the best for last. This bonus round is one of the 
    hardest I've seen in ANY game, period. You'll first need to climb a wall with 
    crags that are seemingly impossible to climb. The key to winning this bonus 
    stage is knowing the exact second after you grab something and bounce off it 
    when you can grab again and grabbing right then. First climb the wall to your 
    right (you must have total mastery of that skill to stand a chance) and grab 
    just below the purple gem on the platform above (the highest possible point 
    that can be grabbed) HORIZONTALLY (so you bounce off a little higher). Then 
    at the earliest possible second grab diagonally at the wall above and to the 
    right. If you grab at the earliest possible second before you fall you will 
    make it. Now on the first crag you must do the same thing to reach the next 
    one (again, grab horizontally as high as you can, then immediately grab 
    diagonally). Jump and grab the bar above you to make it over the first wall. 
    The next wall you must climb has the same principle except you must grab at a 
    swinging bar above instead of another wall, which makes it a little easier.
    Once at the final section you've already made it farther than the average 
    gamer, but alas, you have only gotten through the easy part. Your heart will 
    fill with dread as you look up and see four surfaces you must grab in 
    succession, with no handholds, just rocky walls. Jump and grab diagonally at 
    the bottom right corner of the first platform, then grab it horizontally as 
    high as possible a few grabs later, and from there grab diagonally at the 
    next platform. It's the same as before except one false grab and you'll fall 
    to the bottom or at least a lower platform and need to do part of it again, 
    with your clock dwindling away and your movements getting more and more 
    panicked. Try to stay calm and cool while doing this. Once you've made it to 
    the fourth ledge (the 
    platform with the treasure) get ready for your biggest grab of the game. Grab 
    the ledge horizontally as high as possible, then grab up/left, at the 
    horizontal pole. You must time it perfectly for your arms to be close enough 
    to latch on, but once you grab that pole, you're done. Hop to the right and 
    grab the STAR OF AUTOMATON, a flat, orange but no less magnificent 
    counterpart to the STAR OF FREON, and rejoice - you have beaten 6-2's bonus 
    5. Passwords
    These are secret codes you can enter at the passwords screen of the options 
    menu (select "passwords") to put cheat codes into effect. The four six-letter 
    ones get revealed to you at the end of the game - IF you got all the 
    treasures. If you didn't get all the treasures you'll get some of them, or 
    maybe some letters of some of them. If you got less than four treasures you 
    won't get anything at all. Here are the passwords (spell them out by pressing 
    the A or C buttons and press "end" to put them into effect)
    AGES - See some "about the game" information (like the year it was released) 
    but that's about it.
    SUPER - Play the game with one hit point, one life... and infinite continues. 
    Try it if you want to practice playing bosses or levels perfectly (or just 
    want one heck of a challenge).
    MAGURO - Enter this and go to sound test and you can turn "ONCHI" on or off. 
    When "ONCHI" (something in Japanese?) is on, the music sounds really bizarre 
    and terrible. Have fun torturing your ears.
    MUSEUM - Play the game in "boss rush" mode; you'll fight all eight bosses and 
    try to beat them as quickly as possible. See how fast times you can rack up!
    DOFEEL - Similar to the previous code but with bonus stages instead of 
    bosses, and you can play any one you want and try to beat your best time any 
    number of times rather than play them in order. Sega has complied the fastest 
    possible times (although some of those times may have used debugging or 
    something; there's NO WAY you could beat those bonus rounds in those times) 
    and you can see how close you can get.
    ILOVEU - The level select code. You can begin play at any level or boss you 
    XXXXXX - Erases all codes currently in effect (turning the power off does the 
    same thing).
    6. Conclusion
    Well, I hope you enjoyed Ristar and that my FAQ/walkthrough helped you with 
    it. It's a nice game to fool around with, whether on the old Genesis or the 
    new GameCube. If you have any questions, comments or concerns I am happy to 
    answer them; my e-mail address is j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net . Thank you for 
    playing Ristar. Again, thanks go out to Sega for making the game and Jess 
    Regan for writing the first walkthrough on it. Once again, this 
    FAQ/walkthrough is copyright William Walker, all rights reserved. If I ever 
    write more FAQs I hope to change gears to the SNES games and write/revamp 
    FAQ/walkthroughs for those games. Good luck with Ristar and see you on the 
    dark side!

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