Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 04/07/06

A badly put together game

I adore the Karaoke Revolution titles and own all 5 of them. Well, today I was in EB Games and saw that they had this game, Get On Da Mic. Well, I figured I might as well complete my singing game collection and snatched it up since it was fairly cheap. Boy do I regret this. Let's try to cover it all....

This is the only singing game with a story line. Think 8 Mile and you have it all down. It starts with you raping in a bathroom, followed by the street corner and so on and so forth. I guess it's cool to have a story and thankfully it gives me a reason not to do all 40 of the songs in this game, or however many there are.

Graphic wise the game is decent. It can use the Eyetoy but I didn't mess with that feature. Character models are good. Slightly better than what Karaoke Revolution gives you and a lot more customization but the character selection is a bit less as well. Levels look nice and all that jazz.

The sound in a music based game is a major aspect of it all. Seriously, it all boils down to the music and this is a rap only title. Don't like rap? Then don't bother with this game. I like some rap but I have to be honest here, most of the rap in this title is edited (poorly as it's very easy to figure out what curse word is censored (ass is A## and every word is used, but bleeped) and this is my least favorite type of rap. I don't need to be singing about "gardening tools" and sex and dope and whatever else these songs are going on about. As a rap fan I'm sure there is a lot to offer here. Kanye, Biggie, Snoop Dog, ect. Sound effects just aren't here and voice acting is barely there and I noticed some guy from MTV doing a hosting job on the game so I guess they hired him to do his own voice.

It's a voice only game so control is simple. You need a mic to play the game. It can come bundled with the mic or buy a mic with something else or alone. Going through menus is done via the controller and is simple but nothing is worse than selecting a song by mistake and not being able to go back because it loads up automatically.

Ah, the game play. How does one screw up a singing game? Well, ask Eidos because they have. Now, let's cover the modes shall we. We have story mode, multiplayer mode, practice mode and a few other obvious choices. I only messed with story mode but I must be honest, there is no way the problems in story mode could be fixed up in any of the other modes.

Now, in story mode you gain money (in odd amounts) and you can use that to buy new clothes, a house ect. This is cool and I wish Karaoke Revolution would add it to their games even though you unlock stuff in that series by scoring well in the songs. Now, you gain money by singing the songs or raping or whatever.

Now, this is where Get On Da Mic has a problem. In Karaoke Revolution you have a one line bar with a note meter that shows you what notes to hit, to hold a note ect. In Get On Da Mic it's a bit odd. Imagine if you can two bars on the bottom. Words are usually on each bar but not always. The bars fill up with a white line and when it hits the words you "rap" them. Once a bar is finished it drops to the next and when that one is finished it bounces back to the one above it, as there are only two bars. It sounds easy but imagine this. A lot of rap songs have chorus bits. You don't get to do those of course so instead of having anything to do you just watch the whiteness slowly fill of the meter until it reaches a word or drops down to hit a word. It moves really slow at times as there can be minute gaps with no words for you. This would be fine but it all speeds back up when words do appear and can really throw you off. I found the judging in the game to be very simple as I wasn't sure if I was even doing well but my meters were always full.

See, the game has another problem. There are times where the words are so fast that the game can't give them to you in a fair amount of time. A lot of sings were feeding me words right after I was suppose to have said them. That isn't fair because we all don't know the words to rap songs. This really makes the game almost unplayable in my eyes as it just takes away from the fairness that a game should have.

As for replay value I'm not sure. If you can get past the stupid glaring faults the game has and lets face it, it shouldn't have those, then you can find more fun with beating the game with all of the characters, doing multiplayer ect.

I paid under 9 bucks for this game. I still feel ripped off because to be honest, it really isn't very fun. I found that many times the words were being said before the whiteness was reaching the words but I was still getting a perfect on them. It's just a badly done game all around. Rap fans may enjoy it if they know most of the songs and they should considering knew half and don't even listen to a lot of rap.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 6/10
Control - 7/10
Game Play - 3/10
Replay Value - 4/10

Final Score - 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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