Review by soujahshade

Reviewed: 10/25/04

Get On Da Mic : Rapaoke Revolution Anyone?

Eidos has now joined the rankings of helping individuals either living their dreams of being "hood rich" or hiding your own lyrical shame in Get On Da Mic.

With many modes of play you're sure to "Rock The Mic" with both Single and Multiplayer options.

In Single player you can choose to start your own Career. The story? Simple... you'll play with 6 default characters in an "8 Mile"esc story from rags to riches as you record your first mix tape, impressing producers, signing your contract and going on your first world tour. Before you are wisked to exotic locations like your very own bathroom or your local street corner, you can enter the practice mode to familiarize yourself with not only lyrics, gameplay and tweak the options of your mic.

Graphically you won't find too much eye candy, the character animations are alright for what they are worth but that isn't what moved it off the shelf to begin with. Dance moves are far and few between but you can definitely see that they have a few hip hop artists down to a "T".

The Sounds: Like "KR" none of the original artists were featured on this game so expect a few good and bad impressions of the artists that did make these songs famous. There have also been a few changes to some of the beat as well... personally "KR" did a better match up of coming closer to the orginals than they did here.

The thing that really brings this game to life would really have to be the freestyle mode featuring not only remakes but also beats made by a few little known artists as well. This is a feature tied into multiplayer as well will definitely have you and any of your friends with "mad skillz" to the test as you can also judge each other on your performance and lyrics. Don't want to battle? Simple... just co-op a song and wreck the mic together... hey nothing wrong with being duo rather than solo in this game.

Get On Da Mic gets a 7 from me for its ability to get rappers and wannabes off the back seat the pop rich Karaoke Revolution left them on.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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