PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Save Game File05/04/05starmarter214K
1 Hardcore History lesson E . C . W style
Save Game File09/07/05starmarter205K
16 Legendary Tag-Teams from the S.S.T-Killer Bees-Blade Runners
Save Game File03/14/05starmarter208K
16 WCW 16 NWO Superstars
Save Game File09/08/05starmarter210K
32 Legends (singles) Wrestlers from "Dr. Death to Doink to Kamala
Save Game File08/12/05starmarter198K
9 Versions Of Muta , From Old School to His recent Darkside attire.Plus 23 wrestlers from his career.
Save Game File01/24/05Richie Rich132K
All hacked characters, lots of money and 12 CAWS. Jeff Hardy and 2 Chris Daniels included.
Save Game File02/02/05starmarter206K
Cruiserweight Choas: GFAQS favorite cruiserweights from all over the world
Save Game File11/05/04hx63617370657233313652K
Everything Unlocked
Save Game File01/18/06Viral_Phoenix187K
Everything Unlocked except Superstar Challenges, CAWs taken from different video games and comics including Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Resident Evil 2, 3, & 4, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, my Personal CAW, a robot, and a boxer
Save Game File11/13/04Herugrim206K
Everything Unlocked, Max Money, 31 Real Wrestling CAWs and one original, 8 new stables, 6 ppvs, and 10 belts
Save Game File11/25/05Robbie Kennedy201K
Lots of Caws from PPV's
Save Game File04/03/05Mook_Dawg211K
Max Drive. THE definitive ECW save for SvR. 32 ECW CAWs, Tazz, Paul E and Lawler hacked. Belts, too. Many CAW-makers contributed to this. ECfnW!!!
Save Game File01/08/05NoCurseAtAll103K
Maxdrive Version of PS2Xtreme's LITA Save
Save Game File12/21/04starmarter161K
Ministry vs. The Corporation vs. D-X vs. The Brood vs. New Brood
Save Game File09/04/05SickMattMondo188K
MJ's Indy and Fictional CAW Save pack (Tons of Indy favorites!)
Save Game File01/16/05Straight Edge192K
Team sXe presents ROH- Current Roster (As of Final Battle 04) *Maxdrive*
Save Game File01/22/05Mr Shlim198K
Updated WWE save with 30 CAWs (2 Original CAWs).
Save Game File03/08/05Mr Shlim206K
WWE Save with 32 excellent CAWs. Everything unlocked plus Lawler,JR,Tazz,Cole,Vince hacked.
Save Game File03/27/05NextBigThingBrock200K
WWE Stars of the 80's, 90's and Now all in one great save. 31 CAWs in all. All popular hacks are included plus one PPV, some new/updated stables. Much thanks to the CAW creators out there.

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

Save Game File12/28/04BigChrisSpirito493K
BigChrisSpirito's Mega Save 32 CAWs hacked Taz and Davey Boy.. Hogan, Nash, DDP, Hall, Ramon, Demolition, Goldust, Lita, Vader, Steiner, Goldberg, Lesnar and more
Save Game File12/16/04broodwich493K
Broodwich's Uber SvR game save complete with caws,all 98 wrestlers,british bulldog in place of a-train,about 300-400,000 experience,and more
Save Game File12/26/04ChunksTM493K
ChunksTM Productions 2005 Presents: G.I. Joe Save #1! Includes 32 CAWs from "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" (16 Joes & 16 Cobras) created by ChunksTM. Everything unlocked with tons of money to work with. Enjoy! :)
Save Game File07/25/05ChunksTM494K
ChunksTM Productions 2005 Presents: NES Pro Wrestling Save! Includes 7 CAWs of wrestlers from "Pro Wrestling" on the NES. All CAWs & Movesets created by ChunksTM. Everything unlocked with tons of cash and 2 created belts. Enjoy!
Save Game File05/08/05Johnny Whicker495K
Jammin' Johnny's Old-School Legends Save (6 80's-era territories!!)
Save Game File12/04/04mob13pannik493K
NWA-TNA / WWE Caw Pack Abyss, Styles, AMW, Sabin, DDP, XXX, Hardy, KOW, Monty, Raven, 3LK, Siake, Vampiro, Gangrel, Hurricane, Reigns, Maven, Tomko, Viscera
Save Game File11/29/04Straight Edge493K
Team SxE Presents 'WWE The Current Roster'
Save Game File01/16/05Straight Edge493K
Team sXE Presents ROH-Current Roster (As of Final battle 04) *Sharkport*

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

Save Game File04/21/05Leoboy725493K
Current TNA Roster, Contains 32 Caws with Movelists for all, Updated Stables, 4 Created Belts, and 1 PPV
Save Game File11/09/04MamawsBoy493K
Everything Unlocked Including A Orignal C.A.W Of My Friend.
Save Game File02/08/05CaptainRandom77493K
Updated TNA Roster, with everything unlocked and several hacks
Save Game File01/14/05NoCurseAtAll493K
X-Port Version of PS2Xtreme's LITA Save

PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File07/15/09sleamey316196K
Everything unlocked. Lots of Caws.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

Save Game File05/02/13Prinsto165K
27 Wrestlers from WWE in 2012. Never finished project, but here is what I have done so far. - Prinsto
Save Game File01/01/05CaptainCAWisma201K
32 Great CAWs, Bulldog, Coach, Tazz and Lawler hacked, tons of cash
Save Game File05/07/05MARKY RAMONE214K
PAL conversion of starmarters ECW save
Save Game File01/28/05SRW 04209K
WWF Late 80s Early 90s Caw save 32 CAWs Dayey Boy Smith hacked in evreything unlocked etc

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/04/04CaptainCAWisma493K
32 Indy CAWs, Everything unlocked, tons of cash,Movelists for all CAWs
Save Game File05/11/05CaptainCAWisma493K
32 Simpsons Character CAWs, Everything unlocked, Homer has hacked moveset, stables and more!
Save Game File11/17/04mrplugo493K
A Little Bit Of Everything Pal Version Of putt2win22 Save Xport2
Save Game File12/20/04NoLiMiT500K
Save with ICP,ABK,Raven,Vampiro,Hogan,Hall,Nash,Warrior,Shane,2 Original CAWs,Viscera,Crush,Mordecai,Daffney and more. thanks & credit to all the caw creators @ gamefaqs
Save Game File03/09/05NoLiMiT493K
Save with:Hulk Hogan(2 attires),Ultimate Warrior(3 attires),Randy Savage(5 attires),Shane McMahon(3 attires),Brian Pillman,Chris Kanyon(2 attires),CABs & Bulldog replace A-Train.Credit & Thanks to Bhangra for let me use his caw's!
Save Game File11/30/04mrplugo493K
Team SxE Presents 'WWE The Current Roster Uk Xport 2 Converted By mrplugo
Save Game File11/17/04mrplugo493K
The Pal Version Of MamawsBoy Save For Xport 2 (Uk Version)
Save Game File01/19/05mrplugo493K
UK (pal) Version Of This X-Port Version of PS2Xtreme's LITA Save
Save Game File11/28/04mrplugo493K
Uk Conversion Of Mike11940s WWEUpdate V1 Uk Xport 2 Version
Save Game File12/29/04Arsenal_666493K
UK PAL X-Port Save- All legends unlocked and added to season, 32 Legend CAWs from various creators including some of my own creations. More info on save on the SvsR CAW forum
Save Game File02/26/05mrplugo493K
UK Xport Conversion Of TheRageAgainstadrunk Raw Save
Save Game File07/29/05CaptainCAWisma493K
Updated TNA Roster - 32 TNA CAWs with Movelists, stables and hacks, by Dan "Captain CAWisma" Fookes
Save Game File12/22/04MattWooderson493K
X port version of Broodwich's game save. For use in PAL

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