Review by family_guy_12

Reviewed: 12/12/05

Near Perfect Game

I picked this game up just hoping for a solid racing game, and instead, I got something way more.

Gameplay: 10/10

I thought this game ran very smooth, and with new additions like zone, agro, and roar, I thought it added tons to the already great experience.

The open city was also a great addition. This gave you the chance to take your ride out for a spin, and not be forced to race. This also gave you a chance to explore the city before you had to race.

Honestly though, who wouldn't want to race. Overall I thought that the racing experience was amazing. The lights blurred, and you had an amazing sense of speed in every move you made. You also could use NOS and slip-stream turbo adding even more to the sensation of speed.

Something people might not like is the rubber band A-I. If you crashed, it would make it too easy to catch back up with the other racers. Lucky for those people, you have a skill level, and it can make the game harder (or easier depending on your skill level).

Sound: 9/10

This soundtrack was amazing. They had a huge soundtrack, and on top of a big soundtrack, they had great variety. They also have a handy place on the pause menu where you can change the music to which genre you want to listen to.

After getting past the fact that it didn't change your engine sound when you changed your exhaust tip and little things like that, I felt the in game sounds were just as good. If you were scraping on guard rail, it actually sounded like you were scraping on metal. If you were shifting, you could actually hear the car shifting. I found it to be stunning.

Customization: 10/10

Normally I wouldn't put this here, but the customization in this game is amazing. With tons of different customizable parts, and licensed vehicles and manufacturers, it was fun trying to put together what you imagined what your dream car would look like.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics in this game were stunning. The moment I saw the cars and environments, I was speechless. I was amazed on how accurate the cars looked and how stunning the environments were. I was also impressed with visible damage on the car.

On the downside of this, everything looked like it was brand new, and nothing had worn it down. Not even your car crashes really put a dent in anything but light poles.

Replay Value: 9/10

This game was great for replay value. If you didn't get enough, there are unlimited street races (red dots), and with all the money you make from winning races, you can buy more cars you couldn't afford while you were racing in the beginning of the game. You could also create your dream car if you didn't have enough money to while you wre playing earlier.

Upon finishing the game, you can also restart another career and try different challenges like a stock challenge where you can't upgrade any of your cars. I thoroughly enjoyed making up different challenges for myself.

Overall: 9/10

I found this game to be a solid racing game with good replay value, and good gameplay.



Rent or Buy?
I think this game is a definite buy now that it is going down in price. It gives you a solid racing experience, and it has fun customization. The open city also gives you many opportunities on things to do when you get bored of the racing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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