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Reviewed: 11/28/05 | Updated: 01/16/06

Best racing game of 2005

As many new racing games arise this past year, only but a few really stood out. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, was probably the most looked at of the year. Sure Gran Turismo 4 had the fame of games past, and Burnout was famous for its crashes, but Midnight had something the others didn’t. A certain uniqueness that comes with very few racing games now.

Totally sick game play. The most fun I have had with a racing game in years. You start out with one car, and as you progress, you can buy more and more, and customize them in any way possible. Whether it is from a custom name on the car, or a certain color, or colors, you could customize any and everything that you could imagine. But what good would that do, if it couldn’t race? Well, every single car has a different racing style, seeing as how an Escalade would not drive the same a low rider.

Plus, every type of car has its own special move that is unique to it. Some car can slow time, while some SUVs can crush threw buses and semis. And with the turbo bar, you will have to decide when to use it, and when to save it stored up. The braking and handling flow exceptionally well in the game, unlike some other famous racing games, such as Grand Turismo. Plus There is the fact that you have multiple camera views you can choose from to use, which was very nice to gamers who don’t like to drive in just third or first person.

The story is a little lame in this game to tell the truth. You are the son of a rich father, who has sent you to one of his good friends, to start your racing career. You get your first car, and drive around the streets of L.A. looking for new challenges. After a while, you get to go to two other cities, Atlanta and Detroit. All you pretty much do is beat new challenges and get more cars. Nothing to great or exciting.

No doubt, best part about MC3 is its Music. The game features a full soundtrack from everything from T.I. (rap artist) to Jimmy Eat World (pop rock). There are over about forty songs in the game, and you can choose what you want to listen to whenever you choose. The cars sound just as awesome as the music does. Everything sounds perfect in this installment, and gives nothing short of the full aspect of the ps2 or x-box, or whatever other system you are playing this on.

Graphics wise, nothing wrong with this department either. The game looks wonderful in all aspects of what was promised. The lighting on cars is just brilliant and the few cameos of people in the game look great. Whether it be a simple motorcycle, or a vintage sports car, everything looks spectacular. I was in awe when I first saw my car’s racing down the freeway and the lights and everything reflected in it.

Overall, the game excels in pretty much every aspect except for storyline, which seriously was lame. You can play this game for hours, by your self or with friends, and never get bored. A definite buy all the way. Best racing game of 2005 hands down. Not only does the game look great, but it also handles like gold and sounds as realistic as if you were behind that glistening Blue Escalade that you just won for beating a

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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