Review by Cortolio

Reviewed: 07/25/05

Midnight Club 3:Lame Edition

Foreword: I loved Midnight Club 2. The game was great. Full of content and excitement galore. One thing I loved about the game was the way the cities were layed out and how cool they felt to be racing in. But this version (I'm not saying sequel because it doesn't even feel like the same series) is an insult to its predecessors. Obviously this review is based on the point of view from someone who played the last two games. Also I haven't bothered making a Story section of the review because there's no point. How could anu racing game have a great gripping story?

Graphics: 7/10
Okay the graphics are better than the last game, but not by much. I played 2 and 3 back to back to see the difference and there was hardly any. In fact Midnight Club 3 graphics although smoother, feel alot less gritty and street like. The streets look nice but appear like they're coated in chrome and not worn down by decades of driving. For a fairly recent game the graphics are almost outdated.

Gameplay: 6/10

One thing MC3DE got sorta right was the arcadey feel. The driving is still solid and easy to get used to, but they ruined the E-Brake by making it feel lame and uninspired. Also the customization is the only good part of the gameplay. The customization is easy to use and you can really be creative. The only downside of the customization is the crappy exhaust pipes for non-muscle cars and that the camera tends to trail off to the side. As for the races boy are they repetitive, easy and unrewarding. Some of the races are exactly the same course but with a different name. SNORE! The great thing about Midnight Club 2 is that after beating a challenger you win their car, but in this sad version all you get is some money, parts, or unlock a new class of cars. SNORE!!!AGAIN!!! The game's pretty easy at some points, then frustratingly hard. Make sure you pace yourself or you'll end up beating the game way too fast and that's a kick in the pants if you payed full price.

Sound: 6/10

The car sounds are pretty cool. They all sound right and not out of place. However, they're no where near Gran Turismo worthy. Here's something MC3DE does have in common with Gran Turismo is that the soundtrack although fairly good, doesn't really contribute to the racing feel of the game.
Still it's better than the crappy MC2 made up songs like "Playa Take Your Top Down"

Multiplayability and Online Playability: 9/10

Midnight Club 3 does a great job of making a fun multiplayer game. The online part is challenging and exciting and loads of fun. The two player part is great for having fun with friends and just chillin'.

Replayability: 1/10

Replay the game? Are you kidding? Why? There's no point! Don't even consider it no matter how bored you are.

Conclusion: 6/10

Worth buying? No, but a fantastic rent if you're looking for a weekend of so so laid back racing. MC3 is a lame attempt at making a jam packed arcade masterpiece and should have never been made. But if you like your racers easy and unfulfiling this game is most definetly for you.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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