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Reviewed: 05/06/05

Best. Racing. Game. EVER. Hands Down.

The long anticipated sequel to Midnight Club II comes Midnight Club III DUB Edition (DUB is a magazine not something made up) How well does it stack up? Let’s find out

Gameplay: 10/10

As with any racing game the controls are more or less the same. Analog to move, X to Accelerate, R1 to handbrake nothing new. Except for the special moves. As you progress with each type of car in their respective car clubs you’ll gain a special move for the TPE of car (not just that car you’re using) for some it’s ZONE a move which slows down time and give you precise control. Along with, ROAR a move which sends a ‘roar’ from you exhaust scaring cars (and opponents) out of your way. And AGRO, If they don’t move, you’ll move them! This move allows you to absolutely PLOW through any traffic what-so-ever. Downside to all this? Special moves cannot be used in Multiplayer or Online modes.

As far as races go they’re very enjoyable and if you don’t do any optional races you will rarely repeat the same race. Even if you do, they’re amazingly fun.

MC3 gives the player three cities to play in. Starting with San Diego, then Atlanta, and finally Detroit: The Motor City. Once you finish all the Blue Arrow Racers (Career Races) in one city, you’ll unlock the next.

Customization: 10/10

Trim, Hud, Rims, Bumpers, Spoilers, Riders anything! Customize almost every aspect from cars such as Mitsubishi Eclipse, to a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R all the way to the big guns, McLaren 95’ FI. And the ULTIMATE 100% complete car…. Is a secret.

Difficulty: 9/10

They’re as good as you are! You, as a driver, get a Skill Point Rating. Opponents match this or go a little bit higher in difficulty and then you race. Some people find this makes the game too hard, some others find it too easy. You decide.

Graphics: 9/10

If I were to compare Need for Speed to this in the graphics department NFS would win, but not by much. The graphics that MC3 has give it almost, a special feel, while you’re racing. The sense of speed is overwhelming at some times.

Sound: 10/10

Roughly 45 or more tracks in this game most Techno, Rock, and a little bit (not a lot) of Rap. Some songs new, few songs old. Some very recently released songs are on the soundtrack which is impressive.

Online: 10/10

Online mode is utterly AMAZING! You want to race, then race, want to play a race you created? Go right ahead. Wanna play Tag, or King of the Hill? Go right ahead. Just want to bum around and cruise? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Every mode that is playable offline is playable online! Rockstar hit a home-run with the online mode.

Rent Or Buy?

Buy definitely. It should take the average gamer approx. 50 HRS of career racing to race 100%. With online mode being so fantastic it’ll keep you busy as well.

Overall: 10/10

Midnight Club III holds true to the feeling of the other two. It blows NFS out of the water. If the NFS series wants to catch up, they should take after this game. Rockstar really did well.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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