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Reviewed: 08/10/07

Chabos Review.


Hi, this is another review from me, Chabos. Well, Midnight Club 3 DUB edition is like many other racing games, but at the same time, it does have some features with most racing games without. To find out more, read on.

Racing games, as most of you know, involves cars of different types. But Midnight Club has something more. It also enables players to compete in Bikes. Vehicle skills depending on vehicle types are also unique to this game. The routes to finishing point are not determined, meaning decisions are chosen by the player for the fastest or shortest route to victory.

Vehicles sometimes are required to “fly” over buildings in some races but nearly all races consist of hidden place to “fly”. It must be self-discovered.

Game Play:

Game Play is pretty straight-forward, and the learning curve of the game is not that hard. There are 3 types of races to participate.

Tournaments are no room for defeats, meaning there are no room for 2nd place. you actually have to restart the race even if you are in the 2nd place, which is somehow a bit annoying. However, the tournaments consist of 3 stages, where accumulated points of all 3 races are calculated in a overall score. Usually being 1st in 2 of the races net you guaranteed victory in the Tournament.

Optional street races can be found anywhere, represented by a big red dot on the map. Usually have no restrictions on the vehicles you driving. Exotics owned all…

Challenged races are races against some characters in the game. They are represented by a blue triangle. Opponents usually move around where you just have to flash headlights at them, and race will commence upon reaching the starting point.

Among these 3 types of races, there are again 3 different types of races, which are not determined by the player. They are circuits, ordered and un-ordered race.

Circuits are straight-forward. Player needs to complete the race in laps, mostly 2, but there are more.

Ordered races meaning player have to reach checkpoints after checkpoints in order to proceed. Routes to checkpoints aren’t determined. Player is allowed to go anywhere so long as they reach the checkpoints. Checkpoints are not negligible, and are represented on screen by a big yellow arrow pointing towards destination of next checkpoint.

Un-ordered races means player have to get all the checkpoints in any manner before going for the ending point. Usually requires moving all over the city.

Vehicle skills are implemented for different types of vehicles.

“Roar” are usually meant for bikes, muscle cars etc.
It simulates a loud noise emitting from your vehicle to make the other vehicles on the screen to actually give way.

“Indestructible” are usually meant for bigger types.
It means anything touches the vehicle will be knocked far away. Only trains are not affected.

“Slow” are meant for normal cars & exotics.
It simulates bullet time, where cars are manoeuvred through bullet time mode and goes through tight spaces or crowded expressways between the cars.


Graphics in this game did not fully utilize what the PS2 are capable of. Nonetheless, its still look great. One thing nice about this game is the special effects upon triggering the Nox, it makes the screen looked “blur” simulating the excessive speed of the vehicles.

Customizing the vehicles has more options to choose from. But it is only unlocked through races, tournaments. It still looked amazing.

The other thing that is sad to say was the vehicle design… Although they looked real-liked, but they are somehow looks “square ish”.


Midnight Club is a very unique racing game as compared to other types. The only thing that inferior is the graphics. I feel that in racing game, graphics aren’t that important after all. You are racing, you’ll be focussing the road, obstacles, cars, opponent’s tail lights rather than looking at the buildings, sceneries etc.

Sadly, the game does not have any New Game Plus feature. Otherwise, it will deserve more points though.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 6
Replay-ability: 6

So my score for this is 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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