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Dante has awakened the gamer's adrenaline in this frenetic action game 01/04/07 brutusmuktuk
My favorite action/adventure game for the PS2, hands down. 04/24/06 ABUSIVExGAMER
So Close to Perfect, it's Scary! 05/31/05 Agent101c
Dante is young, but somehow better than before 05/13/05 Alucard517
Jackpot! 03/15/05 Auron255
"Devil May Cry 3 is The Best Action Game Ever Made." 03/02/05 Dahbomb
DMC3 is the best action game EVER!!! 03/10/05 DanteRules
The Handsome Devil returns 03/28/05 dargonnetlr
It DMC3 really difficult? Yes. Is it still really fun? Hell yeah. 02/17/06 Evil Dave
Dante is younger, faster, and ready to rock! 03/31/14 FantasyMayDie
A broken masterpiece 12/26/05 Galactus21
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, thy name is Devil May Cry 3! 06/23/06 Gamerfreak25
I still think Devil May Cry is a dumb name though. 03/07/05 HYD
You Will Never Want to Play Another Action Game Again 10/17/05 jayseedubya
Strap in. This ride's going to get a little hectic. 03/17/05 lasthero
Dante's Surviving Grace 04/25/05 lihimsidhe
Dante finally gets the action he deserves. 07/03/07 Lunadea
The Devil May Cry's Triumphant Return 08/09/05 MalachiX
The Seven (Not So) Deady Sins 03/16/05 midwinter
Improves on all the fundamentals of DMC 03/01/05 Myst_M
This game not only makes up for the let-down of DMC2... 04/18/05 Mysticcat
Dante Rocks... Literally 03/22/05 NeoTS
A good ride that ultimately doesn't deliver 03/09/05 radioraheem
Capcom has renewed my faith in DMC with the best action game this generation! 04/25/05 Sevogajre
Dante's back. 05/04/07 ShadowGuardian9
One of the better action games ever, but the camera system refuses to get out of the way. 09/25/13 UltimaterializerX
Oh my god, Vespy gave DMC3 a 7?!? 04/07/05 Vesperas
Worth it if you have the patience. 07/12/05 YourWorstNightmare
This is one of the best games made, and I'll tell you why. 11/08/05 zombiesmusher01

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