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    Weapon/Boss FAQ by worldeater65

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                         DEVIL MAY CRY 3:DANTES AWAKENING
                                 Weapon/Boss Faq                                  
                                   Version 1.55
              Copyright 2005-2006 Abraham Danevellan(worldeater65/warmasterofchaos)
                    For Use at www.gamefaqs.com and/or www.gamespot.com   
    0.1 Foreword/ Legal
    Hello and welcome! In this guide, for Devil May Cry 3:Dantes Awakening,  Will
    be for the weapons and gruelling bosses of this Devilish installment in the 
    series.  As you all know, the first one rocked and the second bombed. But this
    one has reinvented the series, in a good way that is.  I am at the DMC3 boards
    Reguraly if you need face to face help.  But hey, that's what my Faq is for,
    No? If you would like to donate info, E-mail me at shagohad@yahoo.com, provide
    your Gamefaqs name if needed.
    The Devil May Cry game series is (c) Capcom Ltd.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    As seen in the message boards, Captain Username is my arch enemy.  
    Cakes rule pies....
    0.2 Table of Contents!
    C--Fire Arms
     2C.Sawed-Off Shotgun
     4C.Kalina Ann
     7D.Leviathans' Heart
    E.Combo Fun
    Planning to upload new additions unto GF.
    Adding some weapon Strategies.
    Making corrections, adding new findings, stealing Captain Usernames pies...
    II.Introduction to the Faq
    Having problems finding that weapon?  Can't perform moves quick enough?  Well
    Troubles be gone!  The first section will be for the weapons, there moves, and
    what style they are best suitable for.  The moves, elements, strentghs, and 
    weaknesses will be thoroughly looked through.  I will also make a list of 
    monsters they are best affective for.
    The second section will be for the bosses.  Hard aren't they?  Tips are very
    much welcome, so contact me at shagohad@yahoo.com if I am missing in snips of
    info or if you want to donate a tip.  Here I will list the bosses, there
    locations, weaknesses, difficulty, and if applicable what weapon they drop.
    Now....enjoy my Faq!
    L2:Switch Guns
    R2:Switch Melee weapons
    Triangle(T):Sword attack
    Circle*(O):Style initiate button
    L1:Devil Trigger(DT) 
    *Depending on the style, O will do different moves.
    *These controls are for the default settings*
    1B. Rebellion
    Weapon type:Sword
    Best suited Style:Swordmaster
    Description: This is Dantes favorite sword, he starts out with it.  This
    weapon is best suited for almost every job, and it is one of the shortest 
    weapons.  It's moves are Sword Pierce, Million Stab, Rising Dragon, Prop
    Shredder, and Stinger.  The DT for this form had butt wings, and a head       
    reminiscent of a Samurai helmet in my opinion.  This form is a well balance
    form, with good strength and speed.
    Move list:
    Rebellion Combo 1 - T T T
    Rebellion Combo 2 - T (pause) T T
    Helm Breaker - T in mid-air
    Stinger - R1 + Forward + T
    Stinger Level 2 - Same -^
    High Time - R1 + Back + T
    Million Stab - Repeatedly press T while executing a type 2 combo (Can also be
    initiated Stinger + T )
    Drive - Hold T, release
    Air Hike - Xx2 
    Sword Pierce-R1+Forward+C
    Prop Shredder-C
    Aerial Rave-C in mid-air
    Dance Macabre-R1+Away from enemy+C(Tap C fast for added effect)
    Crazy Dance-Dance Macabre, then tap C afterward
    2B. Cerberus
    Weapon Type:Tri-Chucks
    Best suited Style:Trickster
    Description:This weapon has the power of ice, and is obtained after defeating
    Ceberus.  This weapon is best suited for Trickster, as the weapon is quick to
    deal damage and to cut between a combo. Moves include Million Carats,
    Revolver, and Windmill.
    Move list:
    Cerberus Combo 1 T T T T T
    Cerberus Combo 2 - T T (pause) T T
    Swing - T in mid-air
    Revolver Level 1 - See below.
    Revolver Level 2 - R1 + Forward + T
    Windmill - R1 + Back + T
    Satellite - Repeatedly press T while executing a type 2 combo.
    Million Carats-Tap C fast while initiating Ice Spikes
    Ice Age-R1+Away+C
    Weapon Type:Gauntlets and Leg guards
    Best suited Style:Royal Guard
    Description:This weapon has the power of light, and is awarded after defeating
    Vergil.  This weapon is best suited for Royal Guard, as it has a good defense
    but is slow, and releasing at the right time[while blocking] results in a 
    powerful attack. It has moces such as Killer Bee, Beast Uppercut, and Rising
    Move list:
    Combo 1 T T T
    Combo 2 - T T (pause) T
    Killer Bee - T in air.
    Straight - same
    Straight Level 2 - R1 + Forward + T
    Beast Uppercut - R1 + Back + T
    Rising Dragon - R1 + Back + T T ( it's a quick followup of Beast Uppercut, 
    obviously, it lets you follow after launching )
    Hyper Fist - Repeatedly press T during type 2 combo.
    Air Hike-Xx2
    Zodiac-C on ground
    The Hammer-C in air
    Real Impact-R1+Back+C
    Tornado-Real Impact, C repeatedly
    WeaponType:Guitar/Scythe thingy/ Long range bat launcher(XDXD)
    Best suited Style: Doppleganger
    Description:This weapon has the power of Thunder, and is awarded after beating
    Nevan.  This weapon is best suited for Doppleganger as it's long range makes 
    it excellent for beating enemies close and far, and even better with twice the
    range.This weapon is the only one(So far) with a DT unique move, Air Raid(With 
    good 'ol Vortex) The combos may get confusing, as tune-up is the main source 
    of combos.  Also a VERY unique weapon ever...
    Move List:
    Tune-up - T on ground
    Combo 1 - Neutral stick + T while in Tune-up mode
    Combo 2 - Tap left + T in Tune-up mode
    Jam Session - Repeatedly press T while doing combo type 2.
    Combo 3 - Tap right + T in Tune-up mode.
    Air Play - T in midair.
    Bat Rift - R1 + back + T
    Reverb Shock - R1 + Forward + T
    Bat Rift Level 2 - Same
    Air Raid - R1 + X in air
    Thunderbolt - Square while performing Air Raid
    Vortex - T while performing Air Raid
    Air Slash-C in air
    Crazy Roll-Feedback, Tap C repeatedly on finish
    Distortion-R1+Back from Dante+C
    Weapon type:Double sword(Fire Wind), doubles as a attached double sword.
    Best suited Style:Quiksilver
    Description: Obtained after killing Agni & Rudra.  This weapon is best suited
    for Quiksilver as freezing time and fast combos(Not as fast as Ceberus, but
    much stronger) will let you kill the enemy as fast as 1 2 3.  This weapon has
    the power of fire and wind, and it is fast and doubles as attached blades with
    longer distance.  But it's speed is also it's downfall, as sometimes pressing
    the attack button once will trigger two attacks and may screw up on the combo
    you're working on.
    Moves List:
    A&R Combo 1 - T T T T T
    A&R Combo 2 - T, pause T T
    A&R Combo 3 - T, pause, T, pause, T
    Aerial Cross - T in air
    Jetstream - Same
    Jetstream level 2 - Same
    Jetstream level 3 - R1 + Forward + T ( Think: Stinger. He runs at them [great 
    animation] and delivers a ton of slashes )
    Whirlwind - R1 + Back + T ( if you hold T you launch and follow )
    Million Slash - T repeatedly after type 3 combo.
    Air Hike Xx2
    Crossed Swords-C
    Sky Dance-C in air
    Twister-R1+Away from enemy+C
    Tempest-Twister, C repeatedly
    C. Fire Arms
    I will treat all of these weapons as if you are using Gunslinger.
    Note, The handguns and Shotgun both have charge shot, so I will not list them
    in their lists.
    C1.  Ebony & Ivory
    Type: Handguns, one Silver one Black, Gold triggers.
    Description:  Said to be upgraded versions of Spardas' hand guns, Luce & Ombra,
    E&I both have infinite ammo.  They are balance for both close and far range,
    and are the best weapon for juggling things.  Dante starts with these weapons,
    so from the start, if you use these weapons wisely, you could start off 
    Move list:
    Twosome Time:Press C rapidly, Move right stick to fire right hand anywhere.
    Great for killing two birds with...errr....two stones?
    Rain Storm:Circle in mid-air
    Wild Stomp:  Press S rapidly(Or C)on a downed enemy, and Dante will step on 
    the enemy and fire rapidly, and end with a kick.
    C2.  Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Type:  Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Description:  This weapon is best for close-range, and is obtained in mission
    3.  This weapon is devastating with GunSlinger, and will be helpful against 
    some boss fights.
    Move List:
    Fireworks:  C repeatedly.
    Gun Stinger:  R1+C+Forward.
    Point Blank-Gun Stinger, C repeatedly
    C3.  Artemis
    Type-Demonic transfurmigation weapon
    Descriptions-THE weapon for multi-enemy hits, this weapon shoots laser arrows
    depending how many lock ons you have.  It is devastating against the Hell 
    Prides and Envies.
    Move List:
    Normal Laser-Hold S or C to lock on, then shoot.
    Acid Rain-Sphere, C repeatedly
    4C.Kalina Ann
    Description-The best radius blast weapon, this has the ability to hook on to 
    the enemy, and fire multiple missiles.  The must for crowd clearers, this gun
    is obtained after beating Lady.
    Move list:
    Hysteric-Hold C
    Note:Cannot be fire in air.
    Description-A powerful Rifle, this gun is excellent for far range combat, and 
    pierces through the enemies.  Takes down Hell Wraths with about 3 shots.  This
    weapon is gotten in an altart on Mission 9.  
    Move list:
    Piercing bullet-S
    Trick Shot-C
    Reflector-Tap C after doing Sniper.
    Note:Cannot be fired in air.
    D. Bosses
    Where-Mission 5
    The Boss fight starts out with a hilarious cutscene, but get's serious as hell 
    when it's done.  This boss specializes in attack, and should be taken out 
    first.  When he swings his sword backwards, he is going to perform a stabbing
    move, which takes out 1 1/2(On Normal) bars of health. 
    When his sword is on fire, take it out with Revolvers and Flickers, as his long
    range fire stream will own you in no time.  Yes, it is more annoying then 
    Rudras tornado, but on that later in this section.  I'd recommend 
    Lvl. 2 Trickster, as they might gang up on you.  Like 80 % of the time.  
    Im serious.  
    Either Parry his attack twice or thrice to knock out his sword outta his hand.
    Warning though, it could only be knocked out on the attack where Agni says 
    "See Ya!" or something like that.  That is his signature move, the stab.  
    So side and downward swipes won't work, as I myself have tried.  If you attack
    him while he raises his weapon, you'll just hit him; it won't count as a parry.
    Later on, if you kill Rudra, He will gain his weapon, making him a 
    He will start using Jet Stream, which should be jumped over when he charges at 
    you,Twister, which he does when he raises his weapons over his head, and 
    finally a variant of crawler, which trickster IS needed for beginners or if you 
    are experienced, you could just roll outta the way, even then he throws 3-4 
    crawlers.  His most devastating attack though, is a stab with both swords.  If
    you are able to deflect this, it will take roughly 5-6 parries to make him drop
    the weapons.
    They both may sometimes run into the end of the rooms, and perform a Helm 
    Breaker like move; if you try to take 'em head on, they will cross slash you.
    Agni is slower then Rudra, as he doesn't move as much and his sword attacks 
    take a while 'till the animation finishes.
    Rebellion:Using the Rebellion only, it is possible to defeat them but it is 
    very difficult, as RE is a pretty slow weapon.  When they are on the far side
    of the room, try to Stinger(Lvl 2 reccomended) to reach them and hit them.  You
    could also Stinger after they launch into the air so you will easily dodge 
    them.  Whenever they block, use Prop Shredder to make him stagger, and keep
    using it as it won't make him flinch and he will continue to stagger by 
    deflecting his sword.  When fighting the 2nd version of this boss fight,Dodge
    back immediately after the cutscene ends.  Whenever he does his stinger-like
    move, AVOID THIS ATTACK AT ALL COSTS.  It is very difficult to deflect this
    because of RE's speed.  But when he does the other combo, do RE combo II to 
    deflece this attack.  An alternate way is Million stab, but that is a bit risky
    since it isn't very wide.  Continue this process until he is beat.
    Cerberus:  With this weapon it is pretty easy.  Revolver to parry him, Ice Age
    when in a tight spot.  And Million Carats for major damage.  If they are both
    ganged up(Next to you) Try doing Revolver to Damage both.  If timed right, you
    could parry them(Block) Their weapons and they may drop them.  Agni is weak 
    against Cerberus, so aim on him first.  When you kill one, it should only get
    easier.  Backwards jump, and Revolver when he attacks upwards or Stingers.  
    Keep doing this(With Revolver, timing should be the least of your worries) for
    atleast 4-6 times.  When he drops both swords, Try hitting him twice, Windmill,
    and Revolver and repeat for quick moves.  He should be no sweat.
    Where-Mission 19
    Type-Demon Blob
    Ah yes, the once would-be god is nothing but a blob.  Never the less, don't let
    your guard down.  I recommend Trickster, so you won't get damaged the first 
    half of this fight.
    He attacks using tentacles that could hit from anywhere, so trickster is useful
    in dodging the tentacles.  Everytime you take about 1/10 of his life, he leaves
    and summons weird dolphin things, legions, which could be killed easily by the
    Kalina Ann.  When he turns yellow, he will release a projectle, which takes 
    away about three small bars of life.  Once you go halfway through his life bar,
    Vergil will join you, but you can't use your style or DT.  Arkham increases the
    projectles he shoots and more Dolphins appear.
    Use Trickster to dodge the Projectles, and counter with Revolver or Windmill.
    If you are using A&R, do Jet Stream(LVL.3 recommended) to set him on flames.
    Using the KA on the dolphins increases the DT by alot, so use your DT before
    you take 1/10 of his life.
    Sometimes it's best if you jump over his head and strike with the Cerberus'
    air attack(Not combo)Switch quickly to A&R and do it's attack and repeat.  Not
    only will you fall slower, but Arkham will lose a good chunk of life if done 
    Once Vergil joins you, the strategy above is useful as Vergil sucks for some
    reason and whoops you later, also because Arkham becomes more vicious.
    Where-Mission 11
    This boss means business.  He starts out with combos that end in Light Blasts
    (Volcano).  If you hit his eye, he will be blind temporarly and swing crazily.
    I recommend Trickster for this style, as when his eye turns red he goes crazy.
    When his eye turns red, it will take 2-4 air hit's to make him flinch, making
    him annoying.  He runs around like crazy, smashing into you and hitting left
    and right.  It would be best to jump over him and air-hang with Ebony & Ivory.
    He sometimes goes to a corner, where he starts knocking towers at you.  He may
    sometimes drop a tower and run into it, if you don't have good relflexes it 
    will most likely catch you off guard.
    He sometimes pops out his wings, which shoot light arrows and you will get hit
    80% of the time with them.  If you have lvl. 3 Trickster, it will be much 
    easier.  The best thing to do is to fire at him from far away, and hit him on 
    eye when he gets next to you.
    A great alternate for Trickster is swordmaster, as it will make his eye, when
    turned red, easier to make him flinch while hitting him.  If you have Beowulf,
    it's fun to Kick him from far away.
    I found out Hovering(Rebellion DT, R1+X) is a great way to avoid his rushes. If
    you sword pierce his towers(Only when they are struck towards you) They will 
    hit him for good damage and will relinquish green orbs.  Heh, I always wanted
    to use that word...Anywho an alternate while he is throwing towers is to get 
    close to him(Yes, get close!)And try your hand at Dance Macabre-ing him.  As 
    long as you are moving slowly around him, he will never hit you with his punchs
    or towers.  When he does the angel wings, Use Ultimate to block the Arrow-thing
    attack he does.
    Agni & Rudra:
    This should be simple with Swordmaster.  Do Temptest when infront of him to hit
    his eye and cause a good chunk of damage.  While he is struggling, do Million
    Slash behind him to take another chunk of life.  Try to do this twice before he
    goes into rage mode.  When he rushes at you, Crawler him while far away, and 
    when he is rushing at you, Temptest him.  He won't hit you and you'll hit him
    for good damage.  When he throws towers at you get close to him,as it is nearly
    impossible to return his towers back to him.  Air Combo his eye to try and make
    him flinch.  WhirlWind and then initiate the Combo to hit him to best affect.
    Where-Mission 3
    This is the second boss you encounter, and he's as tough as he comes.  He has
    three heads, each of which have a different ability.  One Fires Ice, Another
    Stamps his paw and ice spikes come in a line.  The final one breaths cold air
    on the ground and if you touch it you will get frozen. There is also an attack
    which causes ice to fall from the sky.  The best suited style for this boss is
    He will sometimes swipe at you, headbutt you, and ram you.  And bite you.  The
    best weapon to use is Agni and Rudra, as Cerberus is weak against fire.  Once
    you take 1/3 of his life, he screams "You're not human, are you?" and a hell
    load of ice spikes pop out infront of him.  Dodge by jumping or by dashing.
    The first thing you have to do is remove the ice from his heads and legs.  Use
    Ebony and Ivory to shoot from afar, and then jump towards the heads and use 
    A&R's attacks on it.  Once he has less then 50% health, all his attacks 
    increase in strength.   
    If he charges at you, try jumping on his back.  The only thing that could hit
    you is the falling spikes.
    Royal Guard-
    Yes, I know it isn't a weapon, but this works EXTREMELY well as all his 
    attacks could be blocked...I will show you a list.
    Ice Breath
    Ice Spheres
    Ice passage(stomp initiated Icicles, not confirmed.)
    Air Block/Block:
    Falling Icicles
    Ice Passage(Unconfiremed)
    Head Butt(Unconfirmed)
    When he uses the Falling Icicles, jump and air block!  If done correctly, a 
    flash, 'chink' noise,All three RG gauges,and 6-7 DT gauges should be filled.  
    AND NO DAMAGE! Beautiful on DMD....It's a life saver.  Attack the middle head 
    with release for the damage.
    Agni & Rudra:
    Shoot the ice off his head.  From then on, he should be cake.  Temptest him,
    Air Combo him, whatever.  Just don't get cocky and dodge his charges and ice
    attacks. Try Million Slashing his legs to make him fall.  Using Temptest will
    damage all three of his heads, and great for destroying Falling Ice/Ice Shoot.
    A&R seems to do more damage then any other weapon, and is a fact by the fire
    that lingers on his head/Foot.
    Where-Mission 17
    This guy is easy.  Hit the lights, room gets bright, attack.  He does most of 
    the moves Dante does, and sometimes will use a dark version of Beowulf volcano.
    The best choice of accessories are Trickster, A&R, and Cerberus.  He will 
    charge at you while trying to turn on a light, but just wall jump over him.
    The best move to use is Revolver on the lights.
    Once all the lights come on, he will succumb to your pain for like 15 seconds.
    Use big combos, like million slash, flicker, windmill, etc.  This boss isn't 
    that hard.  Give him some of his own medicine by using Doppleganger style...
    If you have Ultimate(RG Lvl.3)  His slashes should actually heal you.  I found
    out when he uses the dark spheres(The ones that turn off the lights), Using 
    Ultimate will block them.  Great if you don't want to be disturbed.
    Cerberus:  With the lights, Revolver them for the fastest affect.  Ice Age to
    block his dark sphere attack.  While in DT, it doubles the speed of this 
    progress.  When ever you turn on all the lights, repeat this combo:T,T Revolver
    Windmill.  This is the fastest and best way to remove his life quickly.
    Nevan:  Crazy Roll on the lights to turn them on. Air Slashing while jumping 
    works good too.  When he is open, Reverb Shock to quickly get close to him.
    After that try Distortion or do Jam Session for maximum affect.  If doing 
    Distortion, forget Reverb shock.  If you have time after Distortion, then do 
    with him as you will.  Instead of Distortion, simply follow this combo....
    Reverb>Crazy Roll>Reverb for heavy damage, but leaves you closer to him when he
    regenerates the darkness.
    Where-Mission 12
    Type-Horse & Carriage
    This guy is difficult.  At first, at the bridge, he just rams you.  Blast him
    with E&I or Spiral, and try to jump on his back and hit him from there.  When 
    he stops, hit him until he falls down.  Continue hitting him and the bridge
    should collapse into a round arena. 
    He runs around, launching explosive arrowsat you, around 5-7 at a time, 
    depending on your difficulty.  He may sometimes run to the middle of the arena,
    in which packs of 3[missiles] will be launched at you.  You Cerberus' Revolver
    or Windmill to hit him fast, and wait until he drops down.  If you hit him too
    much, he will slow time, disappear, and charge at you.
    He may sometimes summon flames, which first come to circle you and then appear
    under you.  Air Hike is recommended for dodging this.  While he is running 
    around, jump on his carriage and do Million Slash for a trunk load of damage.
    Once he reaches half life, he releases globes which time freeze you.  The 
    missile launch rate increases, and sometimes when you get hit by a globe,spears
    will circle you and launch at you one at a time.  Have fun using Quicksilver on
    him....nyah nyah nyah.
    If you have guts, try Air Hiking into his carriage or back while he is circling
    the arena.  Nothing he can do there....nyah nyah nyah!
    Nevan: Get on his back and Distoriong or Crazy Roll.  While using Distortion,
    you may start sliding off, so Crazy Roll is reccomended.  While you're in the
    middle of the arena, Reverbing shock, getting as close as you can, is the best
    way to take of damage from him without getting hurt.  When he runs to the 
    middle of the arena, Jam Session so you'll damage him(If done close to the 
    carriage, you'll do double the damage) pretty well.  Once the Time orbs appear,
    try avoiding this all you can, as since Nevan has no Air Hike you may get hit
    easily by the giant horse.
    7D.Leviathans' Heart
    Where-Mission 8
    Type-Orb Heart, Main heart, DT heart
    This guy is annoying.  He has Hell Envies surrounding him during the fight, but
    don't bother him.  When The main heart uses the laser beam it will kill.  The
    main heart has two main attacks, 3 Electro orbs and laser beams.  As he gets
    weaker, 2 lasers will appear and the rate they 'scan' the area increases as the
    speed does too.
    If you aim for the left heart, you won't provoke him into using the lasers, and
    you will be able to collect the orbs enemies drop.  But the right heart will 
    steal all your DT runes.  The best weapons for the hearts are Cerberus, A&R,
    and Trickster.  Basically, double jump, and initiate their air attacks.  Switch
    after EACH attack and keep repeating for maximum effect.  If purple orbs appear
    air hike away.  The main core will appear until the heart you stopped revives.
    If you aim for the right heart, whenever you defeat it the main core will use
    it's laser beam attack, close, then open again, so attacking this heart gives
    you less time to attack the main core, but since you have more DT it is kinda
    easier, as this is the heart I aim for.
    When attacking the core, switch between Revolver and Windmill.  An alternate
    way is to use Million Slash and finish with Revolver.  Read my combo fun 
    section for this move.  Just ignore the Envies, and watch out for them in DMD
    mode.  You will die if not careful.If they are bothering you, Air trick behind
    them(L3 to switch targets) and get 'em from there.  Depending on the difficulty
    more or less Envies will appear.
    A&R:  This should be easy with SM and Air Hike.  Go to whichever heart you want
    and then double Air Hike RIGHT NEXT TO THE HEART(So you're literally sliding 
    off it) and do the air combo.  If done right, air hike again(Sometimes you may
    'land' on the heart for a couple seconds and it may seem you may still be 
    sliding when you're not) and do the air combo again.  If done, you will 
    infinitely be jumping, avoiding the beams and Envies, and the heart will be a
    easy target.  Watch out when the Heart is stopped; you'll probably fall into
    the pit of ravaging Envies.  When surrounded, use Temptest to clear the way.
    Where-Mission 17
    The easiest boss in the game, Lady is easy to dodge and easy to hurt.  She will
    easily dies with Revolver/Million stab in minutes.  She jumps around the room
    throwing grenades when untop of the bookcase.  Whenever she stops at a hallway
    and plants her Bazooka on the floor, she will launch multiple missiles that 
    seek you and each missile does 1/2 of a bar damage-wise.
    She will use her grapple to go from place to place, and will fire her machine 
    gun while doing so.  She will fire her gun when you are close to her.  She will
    also usually fire Her Kalina Ann at you.
    Where-Mission 9
    Hot.  In a freaky kind of way.  DMC vets should be familiar with her moving,
    ala Shadow from DMC1.  She has many attacks, all of which can be predicted by
    her noises.  She has a wall of bats surrounding you, and there are two ways to
    remove them.  One is to let her fire them all, the other take 'em all out your
    self.  The best weapons for this fight is Cerberus, as she succumbs to.  Best
    Style is Gunslinger.
    Her attacks vary, but each could be told with a sort of "talk" she does before
    activating them.  'Hows this' activates a bunch of electro-ball-bats that fly
    toward you.  The more damage that is done the more bats that appear.  I've seen
    up to 24, so roll or dash a couple times.  When she laughs, she will either 
    cover the floor with lightning(Has to be on one end of the room) or Shadow 
    spikes will appear infront of you, chasing you.
    When she says "Don't you like me?" she fires a stream of bats, doing alot of 
    damage if not dodged.  When she says "Now you shall become tired" she summon
    Electrical pillars(Think of Phantoms Fire Pillars).  Depending on how much life
    you took off, She could summon up too 5 Pillars on the highest difficulty.
    "Get Ready" is a cue for for her spinning attack.  Again, the less health she
    has the more she lasts.
    When she says "Are you ashamed of yourself?"  She will fire Lines of 
    electricity as seen on DMC1 with Griffon.  Jump over and fire E&I so you will
    hover a bit.
    When she says "You cannot escape from me"  She goes and will try to kiss you.
    Sure, you may think "Se><Y!!!" But she sucks your life and adds it to her own.
    DT or jump to dodge this attack, which will drain atleast 5 bars in 2 seconds.
    If you are confident, DT and spam revolver on her batshield to remove it 
    quickly, and then unleash all your combos on her.  Watch out though, jump when
    her eyes glow red, or you will get hurt by her shadow.  When she goes to the
    other side, Charge your handguns and fire at her to remove her bats.  Or Gun
    Stinger(If you Can) And fire at her.
    She will activate her attacks quicker later on, so be ready.  If you are using
    Sword master lvl. 3+A&R, Twister/Temptest is EXCELLENT for removing the bats
    and adding to your SSStylish meter.  While she is staggering, before her Shadow
    swallows her, activate Ice Age to damage her and avoid damage yourself.  Using
    Ice Spikes while she is spinning should raise your Style gauge up to 'Alright!'
    I have found using Twister/Temptest, Revolver, and Windmill to raise your DT 
    gauge by ALOT.  VERY USEFUL when killing her. 
    Cerberus: Spam Revolver on her bat Shield and DT when she falls to the ground 
    and barrage her with T, T, Flicker for quick, deadly combos.  When ever she 
    spins, use The Ice Spikes to hit her from far away.  Once she finishes, 
    Revolver into her to take of alot of bats/Health.  When she tries to kiss you,
    Jump and hover by jumping off her/ Use T to let you hover a bit.
    Nevan: Sexy, Nevan on Nevan...>.>.  Anywho, to remove her bats, Crazy Roll into
    her or Slash her.  When she is down, Distortion, Combo I, whatever you like. I
    reccomend Crazy Roll, as it does the job.  When she is in a Bat Tower, jump and
    Air Raid(Not to high though, Enough to Vortex Nevan) For exceptional damage/Bat
    Where-Mission 5
    Faster then Agni, this sucker will move around like a mad bunny.  No joke.  
    He has the power of wind and has no weakness like Agni, so he will be harder to
    take out.  He has a onslaught of moves, each which has a wide range of attack.
    When he has his sword reversed(The head, literally, is facing forward) he will 
    side swipe you, which begins from a high place(Jumping may not be enough) and
    slash downward. Most of his attacks will come from outside the screen.  
    Remember, if his shadow is in-screen watch out.  This doesn't apply to Agni as
    He will always attack head on.
    Rudra likes to dodge around, giving no breaks for stingers and Revolvers.  Even
    if he isn't attacking he likes to circle around you, giving you a sense of 
    being cornered.  When his blades catch on wind, he becomes faster and his 
    attack animations go faster.  He will sometimes use Tornado, disturbing you and
    throwing you on the ground.  Roll or Dash away from this.  His sword attacks 
    are harder to parry, as he attacks faster then Agni.   Later on, if you kill 
    Agni, He will gain his weapon, making him a living-organic-hell. He will still
    move as fast and activate the moves faster.
    He will start using Jet Stream, which should be jumped over when he charges at 
    you,Twister, which he does when he raises his weapons over his head, and 
    finally a variant of crawler, which trickster IS needed for beginners or if you 
    are experienced, you could just roll outta the way, even then he throws 3-4 
    crawlers.  His most devastating attack though, is a stab with both swords.  If
    you are able to deflect this, it will take roughly 5-6 parries to make him drop
    the weapons.
    They both may sometimes run into the end of the rooms, and perform a Helm 
    Breaker like move; if you try to take 'em head on, they will cross slash you.
    Rudra is faster then Agni, and his sword attacks will come to a suprise but do
    less damage.
    Where-Mission 7, 13, 20
    Type-Half demon
    On top of Temen-Ni-Gru
    This fight with Vergil is the easiest of the three.  You both start out on 
    opposite sides of the tower, and Vergil will use his sword to block bullets
    coming to him.  He has the ability to dash behind you, and will shoot Phantom
    Spheres, which unleash two sword slashes.  His combos are Up+down slashes.  
    He says "Die" or "Scum" when he is about to unleash a Stinger-like move, but 
    with more width then the Stinger.  He also releases Phantom swords on DMD.  
    He may also sometimes teleport and slash you.  On DMD he will  also DT.
    The best weapon to use is Cerberus and Rebellion.  Start off with firing E&I 
    and roll when he becomes blurry.  He may slash or not, but never the less 
    attack him before he puts his sword away.  He will flinch as long as you keep
    hitting him until after I while.  But he will only flinch before he puts his
    sword away or he is just standing there.
    The best thing to do is learn the patterns of his attacks.  Jump when you hear
    Scum/Die.  Roll when you hear "Wheres your motivation" or "Now I'm motivated",
    and the best thing to buy for this mission is Revolver lvl. 2.  Spam Revolver
    while Vergil is defenseless, it is a godsend.
    Demonic Pillar of Evil
    This one is difficult.  He uses a mix of Beowulf, Trickster, and Yamato. His
    attacks have no warning, and even then he will be hard to follow.  He likes to 
    use Killer Bee in this fight, but is open after using it.  Again, use Cerberus
    for this fight.  He has a 3-hit combo of Beowulf, each which will cause you to 
    flinch.  He will also DT everyonce in a while.  
    He may sometimes teleport and use Killer Bee, so watch out for it.  After you
    take about 1/3 of his life, he will start using Yamato and do more Variant
    combos with Beowulf.  Once I study his attacks I will be back with more info...
    The End of Vergil-Gate to The Netherworld.
    The most Friggin-pain-aggravating-son-of-a-I-wanna-kill-you- battle in the DMC
    history of existance.  Even though I like to mock him by walking like him >_>
    He has all attacks as before, but has new Force Edge(FE) combos.  He has 
    Stinger, a 4-move combo that is Slide slash with Yamato, Downward slash with FE
    teleporting Helm Breaker, and then a Stinger.  Takes atleast 10 bars on Hard,
    more on DMD.  I have yet to beat him on DMD -_-.
    He will also Counter(When attacked with fist moving upward) with 
    Stinger/Long Slash or Helm Breaker.  He can easily be caused to flinch, but 
    this time it has to be before FE is put away.  And he always puts it away 
    before Yamato.  He will also use Phantom swords/Sword Sphere in this battle, 
    but they will be used atleast 200% more then the last fights.  Ever wondered
    where Dante got Round Trip?  Vergil uses that in this game.  Same exact 
    animation, but the sword is annoying.  Shoot it repeatedly to make it spin away
    and go and attack him.
    Once you take 6/10 of his life off, prepare to die.  It is inevitable, even for
    you Vets out there.  He goes into a super duper mega Killing all DT mode.  He
    moves 2000% faster, and will perform one of Many Mega Death Moves.  The first
    seems to be a billion Helm Breakers, no break in between.  The second is a 
    Trillion Phantom Spheres, and move wavy in this one or they will start
    appearing infront of you. He moves incredibly fast in DT mode here-on after, 
    and cannot be countered.  Here just wait 'till he tires out.  He will be open
    afterwards, so don't hesitate.
    Again, spam Revolver/Windmill when close and Spiral when far away.  If you 
    think you could handle the phantom, then use Nevan.  Other then that, have fun
    losing the first time you fight him.
    I recommend using Trickster.  Whenever he teleports far away from you, 
    Air Trick or Dash or Star Dash to him.  If he is performing multiple Spheres, 
    this is a great oppurtunity to attack him with Cerberus.  When ever he performs
    the Helm Breaker combo, roll away, jump, and attack him from the air.  
    He will stagger, so attack him while he is still in that animation so he won't 
    break off so fast.  Once you take a tenth of his life, he will DT.  He will 
    have full Stinger range, so watch out.  DT yourself and attack him.  If you hit
    him enough times, he will Un-Devil Trigger And stagger.  Pump him with all the
    ice you have.  But leave him DTed for a while, he well heal almost all his 
    life.  Attack him, even if you have no DT left.
    As I have seen around in the boards, Beowulf is popular among this fight, but
    then again I like speed>Strength, so thats just me.  Anywho From what I have
    seen in videos, Beowulf+DT explosion(Hold L1) could take him down quickly, 
    using lvl. 3 Royal guard.  Once I try this out my self, I will post here what
    I did and how it exactly works.
    Weapon Strategies:
    Rebellion:Use Tricktster.  When he gets close to you at first, activate a 
    stinger and he will stagger or counter.  If he staggers, attack him from the 
    back.  If he counters, jump.  You should know he counters by looking at his 
    hand.  If it goes to his weapon, jump backwards immediately.  Usually, when you
    have an opening, do the RE II combo with a high time and Helm Breaker, as the
    Million Stab doesn't do alot of damage to Vergil.  Once he goes into Berserk 
    mode, basically run from his Helm Breakers and double jump forward/backwards 
    from his Phantom Spheres.  When he is open, Stinger to get close to him and 
    activate your combos!
    Cerberus:Use Sword Master.  While he is walking toward you, do the same or fire
    E&I.  Taunt him to make him dash near you.  When he dashes, activate Revolver
    so he will be hit and won't hit you 70% of the time. Whenever you get an 
    opening, do 4 hits of the combo, cancel into Windmill, then Revolver as a 
    finisher.  Whenever he DT's, you should also DT.  Charge up to him and attack 
    him repeatedly with Revolver.  Once he goes to berserk mode, dodge his 
    continuios Helm Breakers by running in DT.  Use Ice Age when he is using the
    millenium Spheres.  When he is open after super DTing, do a 4 hit combo and
    finish with Million Carats for alot of damage and no chance to be countered.
    Beowulf:Ok, it is kinda easy.  Using Royal Guard Ultimate, you could easily 
    block his Helm Breakers and add life to yourself.  This also should raise your 
    Release Gauge(Tip:Look at the three orbs next to your life.  Once they are all 
    glowing, that should be win you should release it)  Using DT flux and executing 
    Straight and the 3 combo move, it should take junks of his life it away.  While 
    he is in DT, Killer Bee him until it is removed.
    Nevan:Impossible you say?  No, it is not.  Using Swordmaster lvl. 3, it is very
    possible to beat him.  The fight begins with him walking towards you.  Use 
    Distortion and charge it up to it's full power.  Launch to take 1/20 of his 
    life.  If he does not Dash near you, taunt him so he will do so.  Activate 
    Crazy Roll, so it doesn't matter where he dashes to you.  Run away a bit and
    face him again.  Here I have layed out a couple options:
    -Taunt him again and activate Crazy Roll
    -Reverb Shock(Lvl. 2), Crazy Roll, Finish with Reverb Shock.
    -DT and perform air raid.
    -Play a few sweet melodies on Nevan.
    Depending on the one you choose, it could be easier or harder.  Whenever he 
    does his charge, jump and Air Slash(Air Slash so when your right on top of him,
    no need to jump over), land, and activate Crazy Roll.  When he is in his DT 
    form, either:
    -DT and Air Raid him
    -or Crazy Roll him
    I reccomend the Crazy Roll as Air Raiding will provoke him into using his Helm
    Breaker and/or Phantom Spheres, which will knock you into the ground.  When he
    goes into berserk mode, DT while he does the Hundred Spheres of Death and Air
    Raid, only moving.  Remember to change directions, as Spheres may appear in
    front of you.  When he does the Hundred Helm Breakers, simply run, it is your
    best weapon.  Look at his height he falls while Helm Breaking; you will notice
    that each time he Helm Breaks he is closer and closer to the ground.  Use this
    to your advantage, so you could predict when he will stop Helm Breaking. Use
    the bats while jumping if he is comboing to keep you propelled in the air. 
    Simply spamming Crazy Roll when you have an opening should make this fight 
    easier for you.
    E. Combo Fun
    Here I will list multiple combos, each which will raise your Rank all the way
    to SSStylish(For me, anyway...) 
    A&R:Agni Rudra
    R2:Quick Switch
    Million Windmills
    Stinger>Million Stab/Slash>R2>Windmill
    Impossible you say?No.
    The Million Stab/Slash animation continues even after you switch weapons, 
    so just tap R1+T+Frw and you'll cancel into Windmill.
    Fireworks of a Million Kicks
    Level 2 Stinger is recommended.
    Fireworks>Stinger when satisfied>Million Stab>R2>Rising Dragon>Killer Bee
    This is good for hitting an enemy from afar and then closing up and then 
    throwing him some distance from you.  Good for dispersing Lusts and Sloths.
    Heaven and Hell
    High Time>Aerial Rave>R2>Aerial Combo
    Rinse and Repeat until satisfied.  This is good for taking out enemies out one
    on one, and if you finish it with the A&I aerial combo, Dante will smash down
    for some more damage.
    Arrows of the Slashing Windmills
    Million Slash>R2>Lock on Arrows,press and release quick(It won't target 
    multiple demons, but it will still shoot multiple arrows at once)>Windmill
    Good for Hell Greeds.
    Dance of a Million Swords
    A&R+Re+E&I (LVL3 SM)
    Million Slash>R2>Stinger>Million Stab>Prop Shredder>R2>Jet Stream>R2>
    Prop Shredder>Dance Macabre>High Time>Juggle with guns>Jump+Air Combo>R2>
    Finish with A&R Air Combo.
    EXCELLENT for most ground enemies, this is great for keeping Sloths and Prides
    from ambushing you.  Watch out though, Lusts are annoying and you may get 
    disturbed by them. 
    Bite on this, it's Hot!
    TTT>Ice Spikes>R2>Crawler
    Good for Spiders, as they succumb to fire.
    It's Raining Demons! 
    High Time>R2>Bat rift in air(Make it quick)> Air Dash>Shoot the enemy>
    Land on Him>Ride him and fire.
    Good for singling out and enemies, ending with a barrage of bullets at the end.
    Stay Still Fido!
    Million Slash>Quicksilver>WhirlWind>R2>Rising Dragon>Shotgun blast.
    Fun for looks.
    Hold T>T+Right>Hold T>Bck+T>Left+T>Distortion>Left+T>Jam Session.
    Nyah Nyah, fun fun guitar playing.  Good for keeping yourself from getting
    surrounded by enemies.  Sounds sweet too.
    What is 'Ashes to Ashes?'
    Reverb shock>Feedback>CrazyRoll>R2>Jet Stream>Twister>Temptest>R2+DT>Air Raid>
    Not only do you play some sweet sweet music, but you get to fry the enemy!  
    Great for lifting  Sloths/Lusts into the air.
    From Jerry Burdge:
    This is a little combo that I used on most of the ground bosses, it takes a 
    good chunk of life and actually pulls up the style meter pretty well. 
    The only draw back I find is that a lot of them just can back off or
    guard around the time you hit Hyper Fist, anyways the line-up is Beowulf 
    and A&R for this combo:
    Beowulf Type II Combo/Hyper Fist/R2/Twister+Tempest/R2/Killer Bee
    Thanks alot Jerry ^_^
    G.  Credits
    Dahbomb:Thanks for the list of Bosses.
    Receipt:Thanks for the list of moves.
    Thanks for CJayC for making a great FAQ site.
    Thanks to YuriSEAL telling me my faq is basic, thus I started fleshing it out:D 
    Thanks for Captain Username letting me steal her/his pies....
    Thanks for Neoseeker for being the first none GF site to post my faq.
    Check Username.
    Coming Soon!
    Strategies against the bosses for each weapon.(2/4 done)
    Extras section. 

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