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Devil Arms FAQ by Wr4ith Bl4d3

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 06/22/05


              - Devil Arms: Strengths and Weakness v.1.04f -


    "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. 
                     Then the victory is yours. 
 It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell." 
                                                            -Buddha quotes
Written by: Henry Santosa a.k.a Wr4ith_Bl4d3
e-mail: Wr4ith_Bl4d3@yahoo.com

-   Introduction................................0001
-   Legend......................................0002
-   Agni Rudra..................................0003
-   Beowulf.....................................0004
-   Cerberus....................................0005
-   Rebellion (by: YuriSEAL and me).............0006
-   Nevan.......................................0007
-   Contact.....................................0008
-   Special Thanks..............................0009
-   Legal Issues................................0010


Introduction                                                           0001


	Devil May Cry considered one of the hardest games released on the 
PS2, including Shinobi and others. The game is packed with some ridiculous 
learning curves as well merciless enemies which tear at your character as 
well as your sanity, along with its complicated weapon systems and styles 
new players are often lost at first. And that is why I have decided to write 
a FAQ, in order to point out the advantages of the many weapons in the game 
as well as their weaknesses. Note that this FAQ won't tell you how to 
complete certain parts of the game, it simply states my opinions on the 
weapons and the potential damage it could perform.

	Before I start I would like to send a few thank-you(s) to 
L337 Onimusha and YuriSEAL (Feel free to complain if I spelt your name wrong) 
for their support, because without them this FAQ would be lying in page 59 
in the forum. So without further ado here is the Devil Arms FAQ.
	Oh god it's been a few months since I visited GameFAQs, guess moving
and starting uni is really taxing on your free time T_T. But here it is
probably the last version of the FAQ, I finally spent the time to recheck
everything and corrected (many^infinity) mistakes.

Legend:                                                                0002

T: Triangle (Attack button)
mT: mash attack button
mO: mash circle button
O: Circle (Style attack button)
~: A pause to initiate another attack
=: Switch to another weapon
>: Towards enemy
<: Away from enemy
SM: Swordmaster


                            -Agni Rudra-                              0003


               "And where two waging fires meet together 
               They do consume the thing that feeds their fury. 
               Though little fire grows great with little wind, 
               Yet extreme gusts will blow out fire and all." 
                                      William Shakespeare quotes

A very balanced weapon, it strikes fast, rapidly and does decent damage. It 
is also one of the better weapons for crowd control because of its sweeping 
main combo and its sword master style moves. However it's not a perfect 
weapon, some attacks has noticeable recoil or leave Dante open to enemy 
attacks, where the only option is to either take it like a man, or DT and
reduce the potential damage.

***Move List and brief description***
Combo I:          T,T,T,T,T,T
Combo II:         T~T,T
Combo III:        T~T~T
- Million Slash:  T~T~mT
Aerial Cross:     T (in air)
Jet-Stream:       R1+>+T
Whirlwind:        R1+<+T

Combo I - will be your primary crowd control with Agni Rudra, it has a big
range due to it's swinging motions and keeps Dante relatively thanks to
the fact that the move keeps Dante moving.

Combo II - is more targeted towards single opponents, it is not as strong
as Combo III however has much faster recoil.

Combo III - Million Slash, is the best way to eradicate a single enemy
without the use of Sword Master, as it is both powerful and focused.
Its wide sweeping arcs could also hit multiple enemies providing that
they are close enough. It is a great way to get SSStylish very quickly
using Agni Rudra.However beware of it's recoil as Dante can't dodge or
move during the last few seconds of the move.

Aerial Cross - a diagonal slash using both swords forming an X, it is
a powerful aerial attack, useful for finishing off a combo or a link
from Whirlwind.

Jet Stream - Agni Rudra's version of Stinger (see Rebellion), it slower
than Stinger and doesn't recover as quickly. However it is better in a 
way because it doesn't send the enemies flying back therefore a combo 
instantly creates a combo opportunity.

Whirlwind - Agni Rudra's version of High Time, basically an uppercut that
sends the enemy flying upwards. Dante will follow the enemy if the T 
button is held

***Description of SM moves***

*Crossed Swords (O)*

A powerful upward diagonal slash by both swords forming an X, it is a 
powerful move both for ending combos or as a semi powerful attack/ 
However it leaves Dante open afterwards when he re-sheaths the blades. 
I often use it to end a combo since it is more powerful than most of the 
other moves and it can hit multiple opponents sending them flying away.

*Sky Dance (O whilst in air)*

An aerial combo, best linked from Whirlwind (R1+<+T). It is a multi hit 
aerial combo that ends with a spinning downward slash that could hit 
nearby enemies that are waiting on the ground. Again it leaves Dante 
open after he lands, so for certain situations it might simply be better 
to end the combo with Aerial Cross (T in air) and jump again using air 
hike and landing in a safer location.

*Crawler (R1+>+O)*

Dante strikes the ground with both swords, creating a wave of fire and 
wind that strikes any enemies across its path. It is a long range attack 
that could be useful after a move that launches the enemy far away, like 
Crossed Swords. However as with many long range moves, it is slow in
recoil, but makes it up with its range. 

*Twister (R1+<+O) > Tempest (mO)*

My favorite Agni Rudra move, Dante connects the blades and spins them 
above his head creating a tornado of fire and wind. All nearby enemies are
hurt including those which are in midair. But that's not the end of the 
move, mash the O button and Dante will launch into the air and create an 
even larger tornado (Tempest <OmO). And no it doesn't end there, after the 
move end you can cancel right away into Sky Dance or switch to another 
weapon like Beowulf and end the combo with Volcano. 

***Strategies and other tidbits***

Agni Rudra is great for crowd control, its primary combo T,T,T,T,T ends 
with a spinning slash with both weapons combined. Essentially protecting 
Dante from all directions, and Twister can also cause great damage to all 
nearby enemies. it is also a great weapon for comboing since its moves 
comes out fast and doesn't send the enemies flying. So you can switch 
weapons at almost anytime during many of its moves. 

Did you know Agni Rudra also has three standard combos, yup T,T,T,T,T 
; T~TT ; T~T~TmT. So there you go 3 combos for a single weapon, it's a 
great weapon that is very versatile. You can mix it with any other weapon 
and achieve long and powerful combos, since it has moves for all 
situations, ranging from powerful aerial combos, to long range attacks. 

In terms of risk, this weapon is slightly higher than Rebellion. Its range 
is shorter and its recoil is slower, however it makes up for it with 
increased attack power and versatility. It has a decent long range move, 
and an attack that hits from all sides which ends with Dante in the air 
easily escaping most enemies. Its combos might not bite as badly as Beowulf,
but it does attack much more quick and rapidly with less recoil, and often 
hitting more than one opponent with its wide sweeping motions.

Agni Rudra's dashing attack (>T sorry the name escapes me) is slightly 
riskier as a lunging move, unlike Stinger which comes out immediately 
and ends almost instantly as well. However unlike Stinger, it doesn't 
send the enemy flying away giving you a window of opportunity to combo him. 
So it might not be as safe, however its long term benefits overcomes this

I find Agni Rudra's air damage to be the highest. Against a boss which 
cannot escape, you can combo Aerial Cross with the Sky Dance 
(in air T,O,O,O,T) Which I believe does more damage than simply completing 
the Sky Dance combo. You can extend this combo further, by simply changing
to Rebellion and perform aerial rave with that or do it the other way around
starting with Rebellion and finishing the combo with Agni Rudra. Either way
probably one of the safer methods of developing style as well as doing tons
of damage.

There are other neat combos with Rebellion and Agni Rudra like a simple 
Stinger followed by a Crawler (>T,=,>O). I believe you can further improve 
this combo, by using sword pierce before crawler. However I haven't tested 
that, but I will point out (once again) that Agni Rudra is quite capable 
in long range combat as it is in close range combat.

Against a single opponent, I would prefer to either launch it into the air 
and Sky Dance/Aerial Cross him or perhaps Sky Dance and Helm Splitter. 
Which is good since it ends the combo on the ground with Rebellion, a 
perfect chance to use Dance Maccabre. So as you can see Agni Rudra can fit 
into many situations, not only to keep opponents back but to also go into 
the offensive making it an excellent weapon.


                               -Beowulf-                               0004


   "Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light"
                            - Sarrah Williams

A great weapon that is capable of producing the largest amount of damage in 
the shortest period of time. However it does have its weaknesses, first of 
all it's a gauntlet therefore it lacks the range and crowd control of 
larger weapons. In a nutshell a weapon which directs large amounts of 
damage to quickly kill one opponent at a time. However with the Swordmaster 
style it has extra moves to remedy this weakness.

***Move List and brief description***
Combo I:          T,T,T
Combo II:         T,T~T,T
- Hyper Fist:     T,T~mT
Killer Bee:       T (in air)
Straight:         R1+>+T
Beast Uppercut:   R1+<+T
Rising Dragon:    R1+<+T,T

Combo I - A standard punch, punch, kick combo, where the kick launches the
opponent and has a noticeable recoil. However it is safe most of the time
and delivers quite a lot of damage, for its lack of crowdcontrol.

Combo II - A more powerful combo, that does potentially more damage, for
more risk

Combo III - An even more powerful combo, that comes at the risk of its
recoil after the ender. Unlike other crazy mashing moves, it is very 
difficult to hit more than one opponent with this move. However luckily 
Dante can jump or roll midcombo to cancel it.

Killer Bee - A great aerial attack as it sends Dante at a diagonal angle
towards his opponent. It deals quite a large damage, however as with
other Beowulf move it has some recoil. 

Straight - Beowulf's version of Stinger, fast, sends enemy flying and does
decent damage. However it is slightly slower than Rebellion's stinger.
Incorporated with Rebellion you can do a double lunging move which is
great for moving rapidly and quickly towards an opponent.

Beast Uppercut - Rising Dragon : Beowulf's version of High Time, more
damaging that High Time, however is slower at start up. And compared with
other uppercut moves it is slightly different because you can charge it
to make it more deadly. And to launch with the opponent you need to press
T and quickly press it again in rapid succession, sending both Dante and
the opponent in the air for combo opportunities. 

***Description of Swordmaster style moves:***

*Zodiac (O)*

A long range elemental attack, similar to meteor from DMC.  Dante rears 
back crouching slightly and placing his right arm in an uppercut position 
and his other arm pointing forwards, once released Dante launches a 
ray of light from his arm towards the targeted enemy. Zodiac could be 
delayed/charged, which causes an increase of damage and range.

*The Hammer (O Button in Air)*

A double handed strike downwards in midair, send enemies directly 
plummeting from the air, and it does not send Dante to the ground like 
Killer Bee or Helm Splitter. It is quite powerful and is a good followup 
from a Beast Uppercut.And could then be followed by a Helm Splitter 
(Rebellion) or Volcano.

*Volcano (R1+>+O Button)*

Dante punches the earth and a great pillar of light emerges from the 
ground hurting nearby enemies. It can hurt enemies that are jumping towards
Dante. It is powerful and the startup time is not bad, however if whiffed 
the recoil from the move would probably allow enemies to get hits in. It is
a great crowd control move as most enemies will be thrown backwards when 
they're hit.

*Real Impact (R1+<+O) > Tornado (mO)*

It is a rising uppercut with a very long starting time, Dante rears back 
putting his right arm in an uppercut position, once the startup is finished 
Dante punches the enemy with incredible speed launching himself and the 
enemy into the air, and he could then follow up with Tornado which is a 
Street Fighter style whirlwind kick damaging any enemies that are in the 
air or is originally launched with Real Impact.  After Tornado, Dante can 
then Killer Bee towards the ground, or simply land and continue fighting. 
However Real Impact has one of the longest starting time other than Drive, 
so the move is not to be used thoughtlessly (< is that a real word?)

***Strategy and other tidbits***

Beowulf is different from other weapons, because of its short range and 
chargeable moves. Nearly all of Beowulf's moves can be charged in order to 
increase its damage. However that's not the extent of its usefulness. The 
charge can be used as a defensive maneuver instead of charging head on 
towards an enemy group sometimes, it is wise to stay back and charge and 
when the enemy approaches you can feed them with a charged straight or 
other attack.

You will almost always start a Beowulf attack with T,T because other moves 
such as straight or Volcano will ruin your combo opportunities by sending 
them flying. Why T,T? you ask, why not T,T,T? Because T,T opens up more 
opportunities than T,T,T in fact instead of dialing T,T,T it is often 
better to simply go T,T and consider your next action from there. Also 
T,T,T leads to a the kick ender, which is quick to start however during 
the jumping kick Dante could not roll or cancel into another move or even
block with Royal Guard. That's why I often opt for T,T rather than T,T,T.
T,T can lead to almost any Beowulf move, from the Beast uppercut which can
lead to many awesome combos, or even Volcano to keep enemies at bay and 
prevent further attacks. Or in a hypothetical situation where the opponent
dies from T,T you can immediately target a new opponent and perform Straight
(>T). Now if you were performing T,T,T this option won't be available until 
Dante lands his high kick.

It's basic T,T,T attack is a powerful punch, punch kick combo, in which the
kick launches the enemy up. Allowing you either jump up and use Killer Bee
(T, in air) or The Hammer (O in air with SM) to send the opponent plummeting
to the ground. That or you can charge a dragon uppercut and launch it when 
they land launching them up again. Or my personal favorite follow up is to use
The Real Impact (<C) followed by Tornado to cause large amounts of damage, 
however the problem with this combo is to make sure that you will hit the 
launched enemy, because a whiffed Real Impact is a tragedy.

Did you know that the Beowulf can charge one of those wheel thingies in one 
combo. T,T~mT this combo is the most damaging combo that does not involve
any other moves, however it has a very short range and is risky as there is 
not much movement in the combo and you're a very easy target whilst using it. 
However you can cancel out of the move anytime during the rapid punches which 
makes it safe enough to be used against a small group of enemies.

One of the key to using Beowulf and not getting hit is to put an enemy group
in disarray and kill the opponent one at a time, and then delivering 
multiple combos and making an escape when the recovered enemies attempt to
attack you. How is this accomplished? well a preferred method I use is to 
simply use Kalina Ann to send enemies flying. However there is also another
method which is Volcano the move hits multiple opponents, and could be 
cancelled from a T,T; so when pummeling on a single opponent with enemies
approaching launch a Volcano and see those enemies flying backwards. Though 
of course a whiffed Volcano is dangerous, sometimes the risk should be 
taken depending on the situation.


                              -Cerberus-                               0005


        "Line in nature is not found; Unit and universe are round; 
  In vain produced, all rays return; Evil will bless, and ice will burn" 
                            - Ralph Waldo 

A weapon that's probably not as familiar or famous, first of all it's not
as powerful and as appealing (you know how people react to weapons 
without an edge). However its power comes in crowd control, speed and 
its ability to work with other weapons. Its properties also make it
great against bosses like Agni Rudra. 

***Move List***
Combo I:          T,T,T,T,T
Combo II:         T,T~T,T
- Satellite:      T,T~mT
Swing:            T (in air)
Revolver:         R1+>+T
Windmill:         R1+<+T

Combo I - rapid powerful swings of the Cerberus, able to hit multiple
nearby opponents. Making it a great weapon for close combat with many

Combo II - similar combo to I, however it has a slightly further range
in its 5th and 6th strike and ends in a windmill. Can be cancelled into
satellite for striking enemies around Dante.

Swing - a great aerial move that has decent range and does decent damage.
Basically a large swing of the Cerberus.

Revolver - a spinning forward strike that hits multiple times, Dante
leaps forwards and spinning rapidly in midair. Good damage, strikes enemy
to the front and rear. However Dante is susceptible to damage during the
attack, and the attack can't be cancelled.

Windmill - a defensive move great for cancelling enemy moves, however has
slight recoil.

***Description of SM moves:***

*Flicker (O)*

Dante swings Cerberus around him, hitting enemies that are close to him. 
Effective as a combo ender or to interrupt attacking enemies, it does 
decent damage, but nothing phenomenal.

*Crystal (R1+>+O)*

Dante thrusts Cerberus into the ground and a wave of ice appears from the
ground hitting any opponent in front of him. This is one of the move that
makes Cerberus versatile as an alternate weapon, you can stinger (straight
or any other move that send the opponent flying forward) and switch to 
Cerberus to use Crystal punishing the opponent even further.

*Million Carats (>OmO)*

A follow up to Crystal, Dante hits the ground hard with the hilts of 
Cerberus causing ice to split from the ground all around him. Useful 
since Crystal is a move that leaves Dante open and if an opponent is 
somewhere near him a followup to Million Carats is a good idea. The 
problem with the move is there is a slight start up time, however you 
can immediately jump right after the move is finished.

*Ice Age (R1+<+O)*

Dante swings Cerberus quickly around him covering him in a sheet of ice. 
This move despite looking useless at first, is actually pretty useful. 
Especially against multiple opponents, basically when Dante is covered in 
ice enemies trying to attack will only get hurt trying to get close. And 
it also eliminates some long range attacks, such as the ones used by the 
Abyss. So in a situation where you're fighting multiple Abysses, you simply
hone in on one and start wailing on it, when you spot another Abyss 
preparing to launch a projectile start Ice Age. You will not only hurt 
the opponent you're wailing on, but you'll also protect yourself from the
projectile. However there is a start up and recoil after the move, and 
as usual the enemies can hurt you.

*** Strategy and other tidbits ***

Cerberus is a fine choice for aerial battles, it's revolver move mixed 
with it's T attack in air does fine damage. However Agni Rudra is still 
better, because first of all it can Air Hike (which I believe Cerberus 
should have) and it could air combo with it's Sword Master style.

In risk, I would rank Cerberus next to or under Rebellion, because its 
attacks are so fast that it can usually stun most enemies before they
even attack. And with combos like satelite and Ice Age, which are
more defensive than they are offensive, often times enemies will have
trouble reaching you.

Cerberus also have the shortest list of shop items, it only has two moves
which is revolver (>T and in air) and Windmill (<T) which ironically can
also be accessed through a combo TT~TTmT. 

Revolver is a very interesting move, because it hits enemies to the front
and back. So like other Cerberus moves, has some defensive application.
So in a situation where enemies are advancing from the front and back,
revolver would be a fine choice indeed. Although the situation doesn't 
come all that often :S

However despite all these limitations Cerberus is still a fine alternate 
weapon. It will work well with Rebellion or Beowulf because it can 
instantly be switched and it's fast and sweeping moves will help Dante 
protect against multiple opponents. Plus it has Ice Age which will protect 
Dante from most enemy attacks. Though I hate mixing Agni Rudra with 
Cerberus because they don't have any fast moves that puts you in the 
enemies' face e.g. stinger or straight, however it does offer great 
offence against multiple opponents close and far (e.g Crawler, Tempest, 
Ice Age, Million Carrats and their wonderful sweeping combos). 

I also find that Royal Guard works quite well with Cerberus, because you can
cancel to Guard most of the time during its main combo. So you can really set
up an offensive defense by whipping enemies about, and when an enemy is
about to attack you can quickly use Just Guard and continue wailing on muliple


                            -Rebellion-                                0006


        "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, 
                       is man's original virtue. 
          It is through disobedience that progress has been made,
               through disobedience and through rebellion." 
                         -Oscar Wilde quotes

***Move List***
Combo I:          T,T,T
Combo II:         T~T,T
- Million Stab:   T~mT
Helm Breaker:     T (in air)
Stinger:          R1+>+T
High Time:        R1+<+T
Drive:            T(hold and release)

Combo I - a standard three sword slash, that is actually quite powerful
for a starter weapon

Combo II - a great move for defense and offense. Basically a standard strike
followed by a spinning slash that hits and stuns nearby opponent. Allowing
for almost any follow up, including the million stab.

Helm Breaker - a powerful vertical strike from the air. It is powerful,
however it could be dangerous if done to attack a group of enemies.

Stinger - a powerful strike sending Dante dashing forward stabing at an
opponent. It is powerful, and sends the opponent flying, however has a 
noticeable recoil.

High Time - an uppercut done with the Rebellion that sends the enemy flying
enabling a follow up, to numerous possibilities.

Drive - a dangerous attack as it has a long startup, but deals an enormous
amount of damage almost as much as The Real Impact. However it is better in
a way because it can very easily hit multiple enemies.

***The Rebellion section of the FAQ was written by YuriSEAL (well he never
replied to whether or not he would like his work to be in a FAQ, but I 
think he won't mind :D)***

Probably my single favourite weapon. It's a sword - fairly good for crowd
control due to its long range, fairly fast due to the light weight and 
simplicity of the weapon, and fairly strong due to the fact that it's 
six feet long and sharp. It's a magical weapon (elementally, at least.)

***Description of SM moves:***

*Prop Shredder (O,O/O->mO)*
Dante spins the sword in front of him. He'll swing it in a vaguely upwards
motion, launching enemies, the first time. He'll then do the move again 
with no launching properties. The second spin can be extended (seemingly, 
at least) in the midst of combat. A fairly mediocre move, but useful for 
boosting style. It's also good for deflecting a few attacks (V3's Round Trip,
for example.)

*Aerial Rave (O,O,O,O in midair)*

Dante slashes four times in midair. The slashes aren't exactly ridiculously
strong, but they do fairly good damage and they boost style rank fairly 
quickly (especially when one hits multiple enemies.) Aerial Rave and Aerial
Cross are the best continuations to a rising High Time that exist. It's 
that simple.

*Sword Pierce (R1+>+Circle)*

Dante throws the sword, hopefully hitting an enemy with it. While the sword
is off in la-la land, you can perform thrust kicks on the ground (Stinger-
like)and dragon kicks in the air (homing downward kicks.) This move is fairly
good for tying up enemies from a distance, it has pretty good damage for a 
ranged attack, and it's quite good at deflecting a few attacks. Unfortunately,
now that the hand-to-hand moveset it once unlocked has been axed, the move 
is pretty mediocre. You can use it to get a bit of extra damage while you
use your other weapon, to knock back a few attacks, and to stun a few 
bosses or enemies.

*Dance Macabre->Crazy Dance (R1+<+O->mO)*

Dante dashes forward with an "Are you ready?" and performs a number of fast 
sword swings, culminating in a Million Stab which ends in a normal combo 
ender slash. If you mash Circle, then he will perform a pole dance and end 
in a pumped-up version of the pole dance exit swing. If there isn't a 
convenient pole, he'll spin on the sword. A very, very useful combo...When
the time is right. However, although the Crazy Dance portion renders you 
nearly immune to melee attacks, the Million Stab right before it is 
extremely dangerous, and the combo is so long that it's quite easy to get 
interrupted. When it's used, however, it can quite easily pump up one's 
style rank and lay the hurtin' on whoever's got your number.

***Strategies and other tidbits:***

It's an awesome weapon for comboing and getting Style ranks up. Million 
Stab and Aerial Rave will make your Style Rank skyrocket when you hit 
multiple enemies, and the Crazy Dance can get you from a Dull to a 
SSStylish with a measly two enemies taking it. Most of its moves don't 
have severe recovery lag and come out quickly (no delay.) It's an awesome

Million Stab is unique in that it's the only crazy combo move that can be 
performed in more than one way. Mashing Triangle during Combo #2(T~T), 
mashing Triangle during Stinger, and doing the Dance Macabre.

***Strategies and other tidbits:*** by Wr4ith_Bl4d3

Definitely a weapon you can have equipped at all times, though it's ranged
attack is not as good as crawler, or crystal, it makes it up at it's close
combat prowess. It is probably the safest weapon, because of its size, 
fast attacks, and some crowdcontrol. It's only weakness is probably its damage

T~T is by far the most useful combo it has, essentially it's a diagonal 
slash followed by a spinning slash, that stuns all nearby opponent, and the
move actually lasts pretty long and does quite some damage. However the
real power of this combo, is that it's long and safe enough that you can
basically do anything. You can switch weapons and continue comboing, you 
can cancel into Dance Macabre, you can stinger, or just plain jump away
to get to a better location or run away if you like :S 

Dance Macabre is a great move, however I would only use it against single
enemies, or when I'm absolutely sure I won't get hurt whilst in mid combo.
Like Yuri mentioned it takes a while to finish the million stab, which
is the point where you're most vulnerable. So use the move with care,
because it has great potential if used right.

I often use Rebellion with Agni Rudra or Beowulf. Because I believe these
weapons compliment Rebellion's fighting style. Agni Rudra because it is
good allround, has great long range move, and can really aid in Rebellion's
air game, with it's Aerial Rave and Dance combo. Beowful simply because
Rebellion covers Beowulf's weakness, it can aid in crowd control and has
the stunning powers to open them up to Beowulf's extreme damage.

Rebellion also works exceptionaly well with Royal Guard, because like
Cerberus there are many times where you can cancel into Guard such as T~T.
And with Rebellions added range it might very well be the best weapon
to be paired with Royal Guard.


                              -Nevan-                                  0007


               "Yes, death is strong, but look you, 
                  the strongest, Stronger is music than death" 
                                          -Franz Werfel quotes

Right okay, Nevan this time around. I'll start by saying Nevan is not my 
favorite weapon. Why? Well it is by no means a bad weapon, it's fighting 
style is just so different from the other weapons primarily because it is 
a long range weapon as well as a short range one. And I feel that I'm not 
as mobile whilst using the weapon, which is very dangerous in this game. 

***Description of all moves***

*Tune Up*

Okay this is the first move you'll probably use when you grab Nevan. 
Basically Dante does a short swipe with Nevan and remains in a guitar 
playing stance, this stance will lead to other moves. Listed Below:

 - Combo 1 (T while in Tune up): 
   Basically Dante will start strumming on his guitar causing an 
   electric bat to spawn and attack the enemy. And if the attack button
   is held, more and more bats will spawn around him, effectively creating
   a shield and offering more damage when the bats are released.

 - Combo 2 (Press right and T while in Tune up):
   Very similar to Combo one except Dante will play the guitar a little 
   differently. And basically you can cover yourself with bats by switching 
   from Combo 1 to 2, which is good if you're surrounded. 

   - Jamming Session: 
   Is a follow up from Combo 2, simply start mashing and Dante will slide on
   to his knees, creating more bats which will spiral around him damaging 
   nearby enemies, the move ends with a large explosion and Dante yelling 
   "Yeah". The downside to this move is that the recoil time is a real pain,
   Dante will remain in his knees shouting "YEAH" and whilst he's doing 
   this you can't do anything except pray that all the enemies are stunned 
   by the move. However on a brighter note if you stop mashing early, before
   Dante goes "Yeah" you can jump and prevent the lag, but of course the
   most damage comes from the last shock of the move. So it's a double edged

 - Combo 3 (Press left and T while in Tune-up):
   Dante will strum the guitar and a shockwave of lighting will encompass 
   Dante sending all nearby enemies back. A good defensive move, especially 
   against incoming enemies. It comes out very quickly and is very useful 
   because of Nevan's more defensive attacking style. However with all fast 
   moves there will be a slight pause, which will leave you open.

*Reverb Shock (R1+>+T):*

Nevan's version of Stinger, Dante rushes forward putting the end of the 
guitar in front of him launching any enemies in front of him whilst 
summoning bats that will attack any more enemies in front of him.

*Bat Rift (R1+<+T): *

Nevan's uppercut which launches enemies and if held Dante will place the 
guitar over his shoulders and start strumming creating bats that will attack
nearby enemies.

***Description of SM Moves***

*Slash and Air-Slash (O or O in air): *

Nevan transform into a scythe and Dante performs a downwards slash. This is 
quite effective as a finisher, however it is less defensive than all other 
Nevan move and it has some recoil so I don't really know why you should use 
this move.

*Feedback (R1+Hold left+O) : *

Dante spins Nevan around him rapidly and then leaps forward and strums the 
guitar creating a tiny shockwave. This is actually a pretty good move if 
you're surrounded by enemies. Or after launching an opponent since it juggles
quite well.

*Crazy Roll (mash O whilst doing Feedback) : *

A follow up to Feedback, if you keep mashing T Dante will spin Nevan wildly
spinning in the air and finishing the combo by a diagonal swing of Nevan. 
Basically a better version of feedback, once again good against lots of 

*Distortion (R1+<+O) :*

Dante strums Nevan rapidly covering himself in a purplish glow.And when he 
stops strumming, waves of bats stream forward to attack the enemies. If held 
more bats will spawn and attack the enemies. I guess it's a decent move 
albeit slow to start up and it is not bad in terms of increasing stylish

***Strategies and other tid bits***

Okay you can read that I'm not too enthusiastic about Nevan, because I can
barely use the weapon. Unlike Agni Rudra or Rebellion which I enjoy using. 
The way I use Nevan is simply performing combo 1, 2, 3 and that way nothing 
will get close to me and if something does I will do an extended combo 2 or 
combo 3 and then I'll flee like a little girl. I don't know why but I just
don't like Nevan. However I can say that it is effective in remaining 
defensive and attacking multiple opponents from afar. 

One way I like to use Nevan is to use it for its Reverb slash, which is 
actually one of its more useful move in my opinion, I can simply Reverb
Slash, and change weapon to do deliver more damage. So in a way, you can
stay afar and use the combos, and then when the enemies are close you can
Reverb Slash and then continue on from there using a more close-range 
oriented weapon, such as Rebellion or Beowulf.

After some more testing I feel that I've judged the weapon too early, it is
not as damaging as the other weapon, nor do I feel comfortable with it.
But it is a very interesting weapon, and it's very unique, though I might
not use it ever again, I have to say it is rather fun using it at times.

*Another update OMG WTF*
Okay after my few months break, I decided to replay DMC, and this time
using Nevan. Once again the weapon reveals that it's secret. So long
as you know what you're doing, the weapon is safe enough and probably
has the best crowd control. By grouping enemies together and using
Jam session allowing with Reverb Shock, you can really mess a group
of enemies up. And this is a good thing especially in DMD, where you
don't want to kill enemies one by one, because that'll just cause other
enemies to DT and put you in a precarious position.

Using it against DTed enemies is probably not a good idea, because it
can't really stun the enemy. Leave that to the power hitters such as
Beowulf, so once again don't underestimate this weapon. It is great
in capable hands.

***Nevan strategy by Derakon***

"I use Nevan primarily as a style booster. It's great for crowd
control, primarily because of two moves: Jam Session and Feedback. Jam
Session is like a Million Stab or Million Slash move, except that it
has an insanely huge area of effect. If you catch two enemies with it,
you'll be up in the S ranks from nothing; three gets you SSStylish
easily. Feedback is a shorter, closer-range version of Jam Session,
essentially. It has very little startup time, though, which makes it
useful when you're in a hurry (or if you can't pull off Jam Session
reliably). Both are well-suited to racking up the style after you've
knocked the enemies down with another weapon.

In general, Nevan is a crowd-control weapon. Its attacks that hit a
single enemy are not terribly useful in my experience, but its
multitarget attacks hit many times. Wading into a group of enemies and
doing Feedback, or using Jam Session on some stunned enemies, is a
great way to safely gain style (and inflict some respectable damage in
the process)."



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