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    Blue Orb/Secret Mission Locations by aki_kun

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 02/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.10 by aki_kun
    This FAQ can currently be found at:
    1. http://www.gamefaqs.com
    2. http://www.supercheats.com
    3. http://www.1up.com
    			    *Table Of Contents:*
    *Note: The " ~ " sign represents that there is a Secret Mission available on 
    the corresponding Mission/Stage.
    1. Version History
    2. Legal Info
    3. Introduction
    4. Combat Adjudicators
    5. Blue Orb Fragments & Secret Mission Locations
       5.1 - Mission 3: The Devils Tower
    	 ~ Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist
       5.2 - Mission 4: The Unwanted One
       5.3 - Mission 5: Of Devils and Swords
    	 ~ Secret Mission 2: Untouchable
       5.4 - Mission 6: Family Ties
       5.5 - Mission 7: A Chance Meeting
    	 ~ Secret Mission 3: Death From Above
       5.6 - Mission 8: A Renewed Fear
    	 ~ Secret Mission 4: Devil's Teetor-Totter
       5.7 - Mission 9: Faded Memories
    	 ~ Secret Mission 5: Destroyer
       5.8 - Mission 10: The Job
    	 ~ Secret Mission 6: Flight of the Demon
       5.9 - Mission 11: Revenge
    	 ~ Secret Mission 7: Hang 10
       5.10 - Mission 13: Chaos' Warm Welcome
    	  ~ Secret Mission 8: Tough Guys
       5.11 - Mission 14: Drive
    	  ~ Secret Mission 9: Target Practice
       5.12 - Mission 15: The Gatecrasher
       5.13 - Mission 16: Win or Lose
    	  ~ Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light
       5.14 - Mission 17: Inner Demons
    	  ~ Secret Mission 11: On Pins And Needles
       5.15 - Mission 18: Invading Hell
    	  ~ Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension
    6. Contact Info
    7. Credits
    			  * 1. Version History: *
    Version 1.00 - completed the FAQ.
    Version 1.01 - added Version History.
    	     - made some minor corrections.
    	     - added tip from Rob Burns for Secret Mission 3.
    Version 1.02 - added tip from Stuart Lawson for Secret Mission 7.
    	     - corrected the location of the Blue Orb in Mission 7.
    Version 1.03 - added tip to Obtain Blue Orb in Mission 9.
    	     - added tip from Berserker93 to obtain Blue Orb in Mission 9.
    	     - added tip from ForteMP3 for Secret Mission 12. Thanks to 
    	       OmegaMaelstrom for telling.
    	     - added solutions for some of the Crystal Puzzles in Secret 
    	       Mission 10.
    	     - added directions to reach Underground Arena in Mission 15.
    Version 1.04 - added section for Combat Adjudicators.
    	     - added tip for Secret Mission 4.
    Version 1.05 - added tip from chronomitch for Secret Mission 11.
    	     - added tip from Shadow Dragon-X for Secret Mission 4.
    	     - finally decided to add Table Of Contents.
    Version 1.06 - added glitch for Secret Mission 4. Thanks to YuriSEAL Prime for 
    	     - the advice.
    	     - added the title of each Secret Mission.
    	     - made some more corrections.
    Version 1.07 - added tips from DesertStorm459 and krazykevin1 for Secret 
    	       Mission 4.
    Version 1.08 - made some more corrections.
    Version 1.09 - added tip from Robert Davidson for Secret Mission 4.
    	     - made some modifications.
    Version 1.10 - added sequences for other weapons.
    	     - added the title of each Mission listed in the FAQ.
    Version 1.11 - corrections, corrections, corrections...
    			     * 2. Legal Info: *
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission, except 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to host my 
    FAQ, please contact me before hand.
    			     * 3. Introduction: *
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ. As you all should know this is the 3rd DMC 
    series, and like any other DMC game, there are Blue Orb Fragments located all 
    over the game (and some are awarded after the completion of Secret Missions). 
    It is highly recommended that you find all the Blue Orb Fragments as this 
    will increase the health capacity of your life bar.
    You are also required to buy additional Blue Orbs from the Divinity Statues. 
    Secret Missions are available within some of the regular Missions. That is, 
    you can trigger a particular Secret Mission by examining a certain object 
    within its corresponding Mission. For example, Secret Mission 1 is triggered 
    by examining a particular door in Mission 3. In section 5 of this FAQ, I have 
    listed down the locations and the objects to be examined in order to trigger 
    each of the Secret Missions available in the game. There are a total of 12 
    Secret Missions available throughout the entire game.
    You will still be able to continue through the game even if you are not able 
    to complete any of the Secret Missions. And fear not, the storyline of the 
    game will not be disrupted if you decide to do so. However, this is not 
    advisable because the clearance of a Secret Mission is very rewarding, which 
    is a Blue Orb Fragment. A Blue Orb Fragment will only be awarded after the 
    player succeeds in clearing the Secret Mission ONCE. If you decide to repeat 
    a cleared Secret Mission, your reward will be a really large Red Orb instead 
    of a Blue Orb Fragment. So it's very important that the player clears each 
    Secret Mission at least once.
    Blue Orb Fragments that are obtained throughout the Missions of the game 
    (including those rewarded in the Secret Missions) are only fragments of a 
    full Blue Orb piece. After you've obtained four of these Blue Orb Fragments, 
    the four fragments will then merge to become one full Blue Orb piece. This 
    full Blue Orb piece now is the same as those that can be purchased at any of 
    the Divinity Statues.
    After obtaining one full Blue Orb, one additional bar of life will then be 
    added to your total health capacity.
    So in other words:
    1. You find Blue Orb Fragments in the Missions and Secret Missions of the 
       game. Four Blue Orb Fragments equals to one full Blue Orb piece.
    2. You purchase full Blue Orb pieces from the Divinity Statues.
    After obtaining all the Blue Orb Fragments and purchasing all of the full 
    Blue Orb pieces, your total health capacity will reach its maximum amount, 
    which is a total of 20 bars of life.
    There are many ways in obtaining the Blue Orb Fragments located throughout 
    the game, especially after you've completed the game once. After completing 
    the game once, you would have (or should have) collected all the Styles and 
    weapons available in the game. The characteristics and actions of each weapon 
    will further aid you in your quest of obtaining all the Blue Orb Fragments 
    and the completion of all the Secret Missions in the game.
    One last note, the tips stated in this FAQ is aimed at helping you obtain all 
    the Blue Orb Fragments (and clearing all the Secret Missions) the first time 
    through the game.
    			  * 4. Combat Adjudicators: *
    Combat Adjudicators are statue-looking structures located all over the game. 
    Whenever a Combat Adjudicator is destroyed, the player is rewarded with a 
    Blue Orb Fragment.
    Each Combat Adjudicator can be destroyed by meeting two basic requirements:
    1. By using the weapon specified.
    2. By meeting the Stylish Rank specified. The amount of flames present on the 
       Combat Adjudicator determines the Stylish Rank required in order to break 
       the Combat Adjudicator. The more flames present, the higher the required 
       Stylish Rank is.
    Meeting requirement "1" should not be a problem. I've listed down which 
    specific weapon should be used for each Combat Adjudicator in the section 
    The tricky part is meeting requirement "2". Some Combat Adjudicators are just
    free Blue Orb Fragments waiting to be taken, while others can be really 
    The key to meeting requirement "2" is by circling your moves. This means that 
    you should try NOT to repeat the same move twice in a row. It would be better 
    if you could line-up your moves in a particular sequence, beginning the 
    sequence with one move and then ending the sequence with another move. After 
    that, just repeat the cycle from your beginning move, and continue to do so 
    until the Combat Adjudicator finally breaks apart.
    Let us use Rebellion as an example. 
    Here are some of the moves for Rebellion:
    A) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle			{Rebellion Combo I}
    B) Triangle, (pause) Triangle, Triangle		{Rebellion Combo II}
    C) Triangle, (pause) Triangle, (mash) Triangle	{Combo II into Million Stab}
    D) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's forward) + 
       Triangle					{Stinger}
    E) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's forward) + 
       (mash) Triangle				{Stinger into Million Stab}
    F) In air Triangle				{Helm Breaker}
    G) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's back) + 
       Triangle					{High Time}
    Now, start lining-up the sequence you would prefer. I have listed three 
    sequences as an example.
    Sequence I:- A), D), C), G), F), repeat from A)
    Sequence II:- C), D), A), G), F), B), repeat from C)
    Sequence III:- C), A), E), F), G), A), repeat from C)
    From the three sequences listed above, it can be noted that Seqeunce I is the
    most effective. Here's why:
    In Sequence II, the beginning move is C), and the ending move is B). Although 
    they are listed as two different "moves", but in actual fact, the first two 
    "slashing animations" that Dante does are the same. Notice that both of this 
    moves have "Triangle, (pause) Triangle,... Therefore, the first two hits will 
    be registered as a set of repetitive moves. Thus, this two hits will cause 
    your Stylish Rank to decrease.
    For Sequence III, the beginning move and the ending move are totally 
    different. However, the part where "C), A), E)" is listed will cause your 
    Stylish Rank to decrease. This is because the "slashing animation" for the 
    last hit of C) and E) are the same. Therefore, a set of repetitive moves will 
    be registered.
    As you can see, none of this happens in Seqeunce I. Which proves it to be the 
    most effective.
    So, in short you should:
    1. Practice all the moves available for the particular weapon. Get all of 
       them done right.
    2. List down a non-repetitive sequence. You can do it! Get creative!
    This goes for all the other types of weapons as well.
    Below are some sequences for the other types of weapons. Please note that I 
    did not purchase any moves for any of the weapons (except for Nevan's Air 
    Raid). It will be much easier if you purchase all the moves available for 
    each weapon beforehand.
    A) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle	{Cerberus Combo I}
    B) Triangle, Triangle, (pause) Triangle, Triangle	{Cerberus Combo II}
    C) Triangle, Triangle, (pause) (mash) Triangle		{Satellite}
    D) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's forward) + 
       Triangle						{Revolver}
    F) In air Triangle					{Swing}
    Sequence: A), C), D), F), A), B), D), F), repeat from beginning of sequence
    -Agni and Rudra:
    A) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle	     {A&R Combo I}
    B) Triangle, (pause) Triangle, Triangle			     {A&R Combo II}
    C) Triangle, (pause) Triangle, (pause) Triangle		     {A&R Combo III}
    D) Triangle, (pause) Triangle, (pause) (mash) Triangle	     {Million Slash}
    E) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's forward) + 
       Triangle						     {Jet-Stream}
    F) In air Triangle					     {Aerial Cross}
    Sequence: A), D), E), B), F), repeat from beginning of sequence
    *Note: I equiped Swordmaster Style. To change into Tune-Up stance, just hit 
     Triangle while Dante is on the ground.
    A) (Keep left analog stick in neutral position) + Triangle while in Tune-Up 
       stance						{Nevan Combo I}
    B) (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's left) + Triangle while in 
       Tune-Up stance					{Nevan Combo II}
    C) (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's right) + Triangle while in 
       Tune-Up mode					{Nevan Combo III}
    D) (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's left) + (mash) Triangle while 
       in Tune-Up stance				{Jam Session}
    E) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's back) + 
       Triangle					{Bat Rift}
    F) Cricle					{Slash}
    Sequence: A), C), D), E), F), repeat from beginning of sequence
    *Note: Most of Beowulf's moves can be charged. The charge version of a move 
     can be done by holding down the move's respective button (either Triangle or 
     Circle, depending on which move) for a short period of time, and then 
     releasing the button after allowing Dante to charge the move. 
     It seems that Beowulf's normal moves can be repeated by using their 
     respective charge versions. 
     For example,
     Normal version -> Charged version -> Next move -> Next move (charged version) 
     You'll get what I mean once you've tried it out.
    A) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle				{Beowulf Combo I}
    B) Triangle, Triangle, (pause) Triangle, Triangle	{Beowulf Combo II}
    C) Triangle, Triangle, (pause) (mash) Triangle		{Hyper Fist}
    D) (charge) Triangle, (charge) Triangle, (pause) (charge) Triangle, 
       (charge) Triangle				{Combo II charged version}
    E) Hold down R1 + (Tilt the left analog stick towards Dante's forward) + 
       Triangle						{Straight}
    F) In air Triangle					{Killer Bee}
    Sequence: A), C), E), F), D), repeat from beginning of sequence
    The sequences listed above are just samples. It is not a necessity that you 
    follow it exactly. You can always come up with your own sequence. 
    Whichever way works for you. I personally prefer simple and short sequences. 
    The longer and more "fancy" your sequences are, the harder it is for you to 
    remember them.
    Remember that I did not include moves that are purchased from the Divinity 
    Statue and moves from the Swordmaster Style (except for Nevan, whereby moves 
    from a Level 1 Swordmaster Style were used). If those moves are included, the 
    variety of sequences that you can come up with are endless. 
    However, I found it rather difficult to purchase all the moves as well as 
    obtain a Level 3 Swordmaster Style at the earlier stages of the game. 
    Therefore, I decided to use the basic moves that were already available (and 
    some moves from the Level 1 Swordmaster Style, which was used with Nevan).
    1. Try using the Swordmaster Style. The circle (action) button gives you a 
       few extra moves. It'll be even better if you've achieved a Level 3 
       Swordmaster Style.
    2. Never panic when you notice your Stylish Rank decreasing. Just quickly 
       pause the game and start coming up with a new sequence. Your Stylish Rank 
       won't decrease when the game is paused. Once you've got a new sequence,
       just resume the game.
    3. Use the "Crazy Combo" Move (such as Million Stab or Satellite) of each 
       weapon. These Moves are without a doubt crucial in destroying Combat 
       Adjudicators. However, if not properly placed within a sequence, these 
       Moves might backfire and cause your Stylish Rank to decrease REALLY FAST! 
       Just be sure to place them well, and don't spam the moves too much.
    4. Always remember, the Combat Adjudicator test both your skill and 
       creativity in executing combos. The better you vary your combo sequence, 
       the quicker your Stylish Rank will increase.
    Well, that's about it. There's no shortcut to it. Just follow the steps and 
    tips listed above and add in a little patience, and you'll surely be able to 
    destroy all the Combat Adjudicators.
    			# 5.1 - Mission 3: The Devils Tower #
    13th Avenue:- Upper platform on the right of the screen.
    13th Avenue:- Combat Adjudicator(Statue) on the platform left of the screen.
    13th Avenue:- Secret Mission 1. The door on the right side of the screen 
    	      just after the garbage collector.
    Secret Mission 1 Title - The Exorcist.
    Secret Mission 1 Objective:- Kill everyone within the time limit.
    			# 5.2 - Mission 4: The Unwanted One #
    Incandescent Space:- Above the door which leads back to the Chamber of Echoes. 
    		     Impossible to miss.
    			# 5.3 - Mission 5: Of Devils and Swords #
    Endless Infernum:- The Combat Adjudicator (Statue) across of the room to
    		   Gigapede (the one where the stairs fall off, and you drop
    		   into the chamber of sins). Need to use Cerberus.
    Surge of Fortunas:- Secret Mission 2. The red structure next to the circular
    Secret Mission 2 Title - Untouchable.
    Secret Mission 2 Objective:- Kill everyone without being hit.
    			# 5.4 - Mission 6: Family Ties #
    The Dark Corridor:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue) next to the blue door. Need 
    		    to use Agni and Rudra.
    			# 5.5 - Mission 7: A Chance Meeting #
    The Dark Corridor:- Secret Mission 3. The red structure in a hole on the 
    		    right of the brown door.
    Secret Mission 3 Title - Death From Above.
    Secret Mission 3 Objective:- Stay in the air for 20 seconds.
    			     (Tip: Try alternating Swordmaster's Aerial Rave 
    			     with gun shots. Try to "aim" yourself to land on 
    			     the heads of the Hell Prides, then quickly off 
    			     their heads. Air Hike when you have to. Keep 
    			     repeating this process until you've reached the 
    			     time limit.)
    			     (Alternative tip: If you stand in one of the 
    			     corners and let the Hell Prides follow you, you 
    			     can jump, then Wall Hike, and then jump off the 
    			     Hell Prides to remain in the air.)
    Pitch-Black Void:- Head to the stairs leading to the blue door. At the 
    		   horizontal beams area above the stairs. It's floating 
    		   somewhere above the middle beam.
    Lift Room:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue). Need to use Rebellion.
    			# 5.6 - Mission 8: A Renewed Fear #
    Leviathan's Stomach:- On the ship.
    Leviathan's Stomach:- Secret Mission 4. Jump off the ship. Destroy the 
    		      barriers on the bottom left of the ship and examine 
    		      the blue structure behind.
    Secret Mission 4 Title - Devil's Teetor-Totter.
    Secret Mission 4 Objective:- Avoid overweighing the elevator to get it to the
    			     (Tip: This is one tough cookie. The truth is, 
    			     there isn't any actual tip for this. If your 
    			     planning of getting this done the first time 
    			     through, then you're gonna need a lot of 
                                 practice and patience. 
    			     When the Hell Prides board the elevator, start 
    			     attacking the one which is not in a guarding 
    			     stance. If possible, try to make sure that your 
    			     attack lands on all of them. That way, you'll be 
    			     able to deal damage to the one that's not 
    			     guarding, and at the same time knock the 
    			     guarding ones towards the edge of the elevator. 
    			     If all of them are in a guarding stance, just 
    			     stop attacking for a moment, wait for anyone of 
    			     them to let down its guard, and then resume 
    			     attacking. Once you see anyone of them stagger 
    			     backwards, immediately Stinger it off the 
    			     Just remember, you have to try to hit more than 
    			     one enemy when you're attacking, otherwise 
    			     you'll never make it to the next wave of Hell 
    			     Prides. Shotgun moves like Fireworks, Gun 
    			     Stinger and Point Blank would be useful if you 
    			     have a Level 3 Gunslinger Style equipped.
    			     If you still can't clear this Secret Mission, 
    			     just come back next time when you've finished 
    			     the game once. Then equip yourself with Kalina 
    			     Ann and blast away!)
    			     (Alternative Tip 1: Equip Royal Guard Style 
    			     Level 2. Stand in the center on the elevator. 
    			     When the Hell Prides Appear, they'll immediately 
    			     attack you. Use Block & Charge to absorb their 
    			     When you've successfully absorbed 8 hits, 
    			     quickly use Release. This will vaporize all of 
    			     them in one attack. Just repeat the procedure 
    			     for the next few waves until you reach the Blue 
    			     Orb Fragment.)
    			     (Alternative Tip 2: Equip Gunslinger Style 
    			     together with Shotgun.
    			     When the first wave of Hell Prides appear on the 
    			     elevator, quickly use Fireworks to push them to 
    			     the edge of the elevator, then just slash them 
    			     off. Just repeat this until you reach the top.)
    			     (Alternative Tip 3: Start stocking up on Holy 
    			     Water before you begin this Secret Missions. 
    			     You'll be able to find at least two Holy Water 
    			     items lying around the areas in few missions 
    			     before hand. Use one for each wave of Hell 
    			     Prides. One Holy Water is enough to deal with a 
    			     wave of them. Just repeat the procedure until 
    			     you obtain the Blue Orb Fragment at the top.)
    			     (Alternative Tip 4: Equip yourself with 
    			     Swordmaster Style Level 3 together with Agni 
    			     and Rudra. Start the secret mission and wait in 
    			     the middle of the elevator for the first wave to 
    			     appear. Once they appear, perform "Twister" 
    			     (R1 + back left analog stick + circle) and 
    			     then followed-up with "Tempest" (repeatedly 
    			     press circle during twister move). If you do it 
    			     right and all enemies are hit, they won't be 
    			     killed but one more hit with any close range 
    			     weapon and they will be dead. Repeat for all 
    			     waves and your done.)
    			     {Warning! If you want to play this game 
    			     legitimately, just skip this part. Alright guys, 
    			     I've been receiving LOTS of mail regarding this 
    			     issue. First of all, this technique really is a 
    			     glitch. Second, this glitch was intentionally 
    			     implemented by the developers as a type of 
    			     safety precaution for the game. I've noticed 
    			     that when the glitch is performed, some of the 
    			     Hell Prides accidentally leap of the elevator 
    			     while chasing after you (which makes this 
    			     legitimate), whilst others just disappear 
    			     without a trace (which makes this illegitimate). 
    			     Therefore, I can't really conclude whether this 
    			     is an illegitimate glitch or not. All I can say 
    			     is, a glitch is a glitch. Don't use this if you 
    			     want to play fair.
    			     Here's how you do it. Equip yourself with 
    			     Trickster. When the elevator is rising, wait 
    			     for the first wave of Hell Prides to appear. As 
    			     soon as they appear, jump towards the wall which 
    			     is located north of the elevator, then Wall Hike 
    			     up that wall. At the end of the Wall Hike 
    			     animation, quickly Air Hike BACK onto the 
    			     elevator. You'll notice that all the Hell Prides 
    			     have disappeared. Just repeat the process for 
    			     the next few waves of Hell Prides until you 
    			     reach the top of the room.
    			     Note: It's not necessary for you to use the wall 
    			     on the north to do it. You can also try using 
    			     any of the "pillars" located at any corner of 
    			     the elevator to perform this trick. Just use 
    			     whichever one that you prefer.}
    Leviathan's Intestines:- After obtaining the "Ignis Fatuus" item in the 
    			 Leviathan's Retina, head on to the next area (which
    			 is the Leviathan's Intestines). Stay on the left
    			 along the path. You will notice a small pathway on 
    			 the left, which leads to a Combat Adjudicator 
    			 (Statue) at the end of it. Need to use Cerberus.
    			# 5.7 - Mission 9: Faded Memories #
    Subterranean Garden:- Above the Divinity Statue. Need to use Trickster and 
    		      Air Hike. 
    		      (Tip: Wall Hike on the wall left of the Divinity 
    		      Statue. As soon as you see Dante will do a "backwards 
    		      leap animation" at the end of the Wall Hike, 
    		      immediately Air Hike into the platform above the 
    		      Divinity Statue.)
    		      (Alternative Tip: Needs Level 2 Trickster Style 
    		      Equipped. Do an Air Hike in front of the Divinity 
    		      Statue. Then shoot once with the handguns immediately 
    		      followed by a Sky Star. Dante will "float" a little 
    		      higher when you fire the handguns once.) 
    Limestone Cavern:- Secret Mission 5. After going through the waterfall, keep 
    		   an eye out on the right side of the path. You will notice 
    		   a small passage hole, which leads to a pair of 
    		   crystal-like structures. Examine them to enter the Secret 
    Secret Mission 5 Title - Destroyer.
    Secret Mission 5 Objective:- Destroy all 50 breakable items.
    Subterranean Lake:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue) at opposite ends of the
    		    Divinity Statue. Which means that you'll pass by the
    		    Divinity Statue and the waterfall before you reach it.
    		    You'll need to use Nevan, so go defeat her first, then
    		    come back later (or you could even come back in some of
    		    the next few missions).
    			    # 5.8 - Mission 10: The Job #
    Subterranean Lake:- Secret Mission 6. After using the "Stone Mask" to raise 
    		    the bridge. Cross the bridge to reach a giant statue. 
    		    Examine the blue skull on the back right of the statue.
    Secret Mission 6 Title - Flight of the Demon.
    Secret Mission 6 Objective:- Collect all 40 orbs within the time limit. 
    			     (Tip: Use Trickster and MUST equip yourself with 
    			     Nevan's Air Raid. Use Air Raid to obtain the 
    			     orbs that are floating very high at the 
    			     beginning of the Secret Mission. Don't forget to 
    			     fill up your Devil Trigger gauge before starting 
    			     the Secret Mission.)
    			   # 5.9 - Mission 11: Revenge #
    Gears of Madness :- Secret Mission 7. Before reaching the yellow door at the
    		    end of this area. You will notice a ledge somewhere at 
    		    the left of the yellow door. Jump onto the ledge then Air 
    		    Hike onto the platform above it. Examine the red seal 
    Secret Mission 7 Title - Hang 10.
    Secret Mission 7 Objective:- Obtain the Blue Orb Fragment within the time 
    			     (Tip: Try to Free Ride your way to the end.)
    			     (Alternative tip: If you do it on your way back 
    			     in Mission 12 after obtaining the Haywire Neo 
    			     Generator, you'll have infinite Devil Trigger. 
    			     Now you can just run all the way to the end and 
    			     grab the Blue Orb Fragment. Watch your health 
    Altar Of Evil Pathway:- Above you, at the entrance. Use the pipe lines to 
    			reach it.
    Temperance Wagon:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue). Beneath the stairs that you 
                       came from. Need to use Agni and Rudra.
    			# 5.10 - Mission 13: Chaos' Warm Welcome #
    Spiral Staircase:- Secret Mission 8. Examine the red light on the wall.
    Secret Mission 8 Title - Tough Guys.
    Secret Mission 8 Objective:- Kill all the enemies.
    Obsidian Path:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue). Need to use Nevan.
    			   # 5.11 - Mission 14: Drive #
    Lair of Judgment Ruins:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue). Need to use Beowulf.
    Vertibule:- Secret Mission 9. When you reach an area with blue flame stands 
    	    on both sides of the pathway, Wall Hike above the left blue flame 
    	    to enter a crack in the wall. Examine the blue light in the 
    Secret Mission 9 Title - Target Practice.
    Secret Mission 9 Objective:- Do not let even one enemy escape.
    			    (Tip: Equip yourself with Gunslinger Style and 
    			    shoot down every last one of them! 
    			    Equipping this Style is not a must, but it does 
    			    make things a lot easier. If you can tap your 
    			    guns fast enough, then just ignore this tip.)
    Hell's Highway:- After defeating all the Damned Chess Pieces, go through the 
    		 last gate and grab the Blue Orb Fragment.
    			# 5.12 - Mission 15: The Gatecrasher #
    Underground Arena:- At the Top Subterria Lock area, hit the dial TWICE which 
    		    is attached to the statue. Make sure that it rotates 
    		    TWICE! The colours on the dial with "pie" like segments 
    		    should be in the order as stated below:
    		    a) Top-Left segment Red.
    		    b) Top-Right segment Purple.
    		    c) Bottom segment Blue. 
    		    Then go through the door on the left of the statue. You 
    		    will enter the Marble Throughway. Just go forward through 
    		    the rooms, which are the Devilsprout Lift and then the 
    		    Spiral Corridor. You will then reach the Underground 
    		    Arena. From there, just jump down to ground level. The 
    		    Blue Orb Fragment is located somewhere around this area. 
    			# 5.13 - Mission 16: Win or Lose #
    Waking Sun Chamber:- Secret Mission 10. The door on the right of the Golden 
    		     Sun Altar.
    Secret Mission 10 Title - Guiding Light.
    Secret Mission 10 Objective:- Solve the Crystal Puzzle.
    There are a few puzzle types for this Secret Mission. Here are the solutions
    for those that I've found so far:
    C = Reflective Crystals
    X = Reflective Crystals to Break
    S = Statue
    W = Breakable Wall
    ____________	 _______________     ______________     ______________
      Type 1:	    Type 2:	         Type 3:	    Type 4:
    ------------	 ---------------     --------------     --------------
    +---------+ 	  +-----------+	     +-----------+       +-----------+ 
    |       C |	  | C   X C C |	     |   C   C C |       |     S S   |
    | C   C C |	  | C   X   C |	     | C   X C   |       |     X S C |
    |         |	  |   	      |	     |		 |       | C         |	    
    |   X     |	  | S   C   C |	     |       C C |       | C   C C C |
    |         |	  |           |	     |		 |       | C         |
    |     C   |	  | C   X   C |	     | C   X   C |       | C   X   C |
    |         |	  |           |	     |		 |       | C         |
    | C   S C |	  | C   X   C |	     |     C C	 |       | C C C X C |
    |   C X C |	  | C   X   X |	     | S   X   C |       | C   C   C |
    |         |	  |           |	     |		 |       | C         |
    | S   X C |	  | C   S C S |	     | S C C X 	 |       | C       C |
    | C       |	  +-----------+	     |   C C   C |       +-----------+
    | C C   C |                          +-----------+
    ____________	  ___________________
      Type 5:		Type 6:
    ------------	  -------------------
    +-----------+	    +---------------+
    |         C |	    |           | S |
    | S   C     |	    |           | X |
    | X X C X C |  	    | C     C   W C |
    | C     C C |	    | C   C C S |---+  
    | S C   X C |       | C   C C C |    
    | C C X     |       |   C C     |     
    |   X C C   |       | C C   X C |
    | C   S     |       |     X     |
    +-----------+       | C S C     |
    			# 5.14 - Mission 17: Inner Demons #
    Azure Garden:- A Blue Orb Fragment can be found in a small room on the left of 
    	       this area.
    God-Cube Chamber:- Combat Adjudicator (Statue). On the right end (ground
    		   level) of the God-Cube Chamber. Need to use Beowulf.
    Pitch-Black Void:- Secret Mission 11. Head up the stairs leading to the door
    		   (the corridor on the left). At the middle horizontal beam
    		   above the stairs. Examine the statue on the right (the 
    		   one which has light).
    Secret Mission 11 Title - On Pins And Needles.
    Secret Mission 11 Objective:- Avoid the Spikes and obtain the blue orb 
    			      located at the end of the area.
    			      (Tip: If you time it correctly, you can Sky 
    			      Star through the spikes without taking any 
    			# 5.15 - Mission 18: Invading Hell #
    Road to Despair:- Secret Mission 12. Before entering the mirror to the next
    		  area. Go to the back left of the big foot statue. Examine 
    		  the wall.
    Secret Mission 12 Title - Final Ascension.
    Secret Mission 12 Objective:- Obtain the Blue Orb Fragment on the top level.
    			      (Tip: Try using Trickster's Sky Star and 
    			      Nevan's Air Raid. Don't forget to get Air 
    			      (Alternative Tip: From the perspective of the 
    			      entrance door, find the block that rotates 
    			      towards the right wall and jump onto it. 
    			      Do a single jump off the block and do an upward 
    			      Wall Hike and you should see some platforms 
    			      that occasionally poke out of the walls. 
    			      Immediately Air Hike onto either platform, then 
    			      perform a double jump and Sky Star to the 
    			      second level doorway platform. From here, jump 
    			      onto the block that moves vertically. Wait 
    			      until it reaches it's highest point, then 
    			      quickly jump onto the block that moves in a 
    			      circular/winding path. Wait for it to get near 
    			      the wall, then do a single jump towards it and 
    			      Wall Hike upwards, followed by an Air Hike, 
    			      and finally Sky Star onto the Blue Orb Fragment 
    Lost Souls Nirvana:- Defeat all the bosses.
    There you have it! All 32 Blue Orb Fragments, which is equivalent to 8 full 
    Blue Orb pieces.
    The rest of the full Blue Orb pieces can be bought at the Divinity Statue by 
    using Red Orbs. ENJOY!
    			     * 6. Contact Info: *
    There are a few ways I can be contacted:
    1. GameFAQs Messaging board. The DMC 3 Board should be the best place (if 
       it's regarding this game, otherwise just forget about it.) Or you could 
       try asking the people there, they're a whole bunch of nice people. ^_^
    2. E-mail. 
       Be sure to include "Devil May Cry 3" as the subject. & you should only
       ask questions regarding blue orb locations or secret mission locations.
       Otherwise, please try do some research on the other FAQs available. I 
       would really appreciate any tips or strategies to improve my FAQ. Also, 
       if you notice any mistakes in my FAQ, please do not hesitate to inform 
       DO NOT SEND ME:
       - Crap mail, junk mail, anything that is useless or would be harmful to a 
       - Any non-constructive critism
       - E-mails with CONSTANT spelling and grammatical errors
       - E-mails in any other languages besides English
       - Do not sign me onto auto-mailers
       - Personal letters
       - Any form of insults or threats
       - Pornography
       Please do abide the above restraints. I reserve the right to ignore any
       e-mail you send me.
    			      * 7. Credits: *
    Thanks goes to:
    1. GameFAQs.com for hosting my FAQ.
    2. YuriSEAL Prime for putting up with all my annoying questions & for 
       guiding me on how to become a better DMC player. ;P
    3. The good little people at the DMC 3 messaging board for providing me 
       with info on DMC 3.
    4. CAPCOM for making this awesome game!
    5. Kel, Sue, and Kian for being the motivating force for me to complete this
       game with all the Blue Orbs.
    6. Kevan for double-checking this FAQ for me. ^_^
    7. Thanks to the readers for sending me some interesting strategies and tips, 
       and for supporting this FAQ. ^_^
    8. SuperCheats.com for hosting my FAQ.
    9. 1UP.com for hosting my FAQ.
    Copyright (c)2005 Dylan Lim. 
    All rights reserved.

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