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  1. I don't know how and I would like it if someone could explain this to me!!!!!!!

    User Info: Kilalalover

    Kilalalover - 8 years ago

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  1. There are two ways to play Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening on multiplayer.
    The first one is when you're fighting the arkham blob-like form, after you beat up half of its life, vergil will show up. When he shows up, you can put a second controller and press start, and then player two will control vergil. But the camera will only follow player one, so player two has to be careful not to get lost.
    The second way is if you get sparda infinite devil power form, and chose the doppelganger ability. That way, the player two will control sparda's shadow.

    User Info: shiroi15yomi

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  1. Two ways:
    1)When Vergil joins you in the Arkham battle the second player can press start on his controller and he will control Vergil. The only problem is that you have to go through some level and face Arkham by yourself for half the battle just to play with another person. Also the camera follows player one, if Vergil gets lost then you can press circle to appear next to Dante.
    2)Doppelganger style makes another form of you. A second player can press start to join. The style drains DT and your doppelganger won't stay for very long. A way to fix this though is to use the infinite DT costume and the doppelganger will stay.

    User Info: MythSolstice

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  2. 1.) Select the unlimited devil trigger costume or the one which has somewhat purple sort of flame coming out from behind Dante, and than go to customize you're style with Doppelganger style, than start the mission, attach second controller to the port, than press R1 with circle, or with which you perform you're style moves, than you'll get a shadow aside, than press start button on the second controller, you'll get dual players, one is Dante and other is shadow of Dante, but unfortunately you'll get to use only that devil arm with what Dante has during creating his shadow:( you can't change untill you ask the first player to get back to normal and choose other weapon, and again shadowfy himself:) and the other one is at mission 19, after you get blob Arkham's life half, Dante tired of beating the Blob, and when the blob attacks you Vergil will come to save you when the blob attacks you with his hand, and after starting the game you'll see Vergil with you, attach second controller and press start button, the second player will play as Vergil, but you can't be seen if you get aside from Dante, so stick to him and kill the blob:)

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