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  1. Iam stuck after i get the vajura where do i go next? I need a word for word walthrough by another user please.

    User Info: SharieGibbs

    SharieGibbs - 9 years ago
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    Sweet il try now the room called living room of status. Is the room where the monsters with many arms and a big eyeball right?

    User Info: SharieGibbs

    SharieGibbs - 9 years ago

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  1. You need to carry the Vajura and get back to the place called " Living Room Status ". If you notice carefully, there will be a hidden area in this room. Killed all the monster here then go to the place has some monsters shooting ice to you before. All the monsters shooting ice to you will in the higher level, jump to this level and find around in the area near the monster shooting ice, you will get to the place has a cage contains a thing. Run to the opposite side of the cage and press O to put the Vajure in the machine. When the cage opened, get the Soul of Steal. Do you remember the place has a bridge to cross but when you go half, the bridge will be broken and you fall down ?. Get back here and you will be able to walk on the air with Soul of Steal then put the Soul of Steal by pressing O button near the door. Move to the next level to prepare for a boss fight.

    User Info: krauser1989

    krauser1989 - 9 years ago 1   0

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  1. The Enigmas don't shoot ice: they shoot arrows... >__>. (Blue ones in lower difficulty modes; red ones in harder difficulties.)

    There won't be any enemies when you return to that room with the Vajura - not initially at any rate. There is a recess in the wall on the balcony, which has a mechanism that you can stick the Vajura into. Stick it in <_<. Then run up the steps into the newly-opened cage and pick up the Soul of Steel. Enemies will now appear, which you must defeat before you can exit the room.

    Anyway, yeah: the rest is as Krauser said. Return to the Abyss from Mission 4 and walk across the newly-formed but invisible floor. Use the Soul of Steel on the door, light the dial in the next area and take the elevator up to the next boss... :p

    PS: If the elevator gets too crowded with Prides, it will sink to the bottom. Use Stingers, Helm Breakers, etc. to knock the Prides off the elevator and be careful to not go flying off yourself. Alternatively you can use a Trickster glitch: stand in front of one of the struts then when a wave of Prides appears, jump up, press [style] to do a wall-dash at the height of your jump, then fire E&I - by the time you land all the Prides should've vanished. Rinse and repeat.

    User Info: JochNessMonster

    JochNessMonster - 9 years ago 1   0
  2. " Living Room Status " is the room has a long hall then you will go to a place with two stairs on both sides and in the middle has a big thing ( Like a status, I'm not remember exactly ), not the room that you fought with the big monster boss. It seems the room has a light green door, not dark green door.

    User Info: krauser1989

    krauser1989 - 9 years ago 0   0

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