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Game Script by NoCookieHere

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/11/2006

                 / \
                /   \
               /     \
   |                              |
   |   Shin Megami Tensei:        |
   |   Digital Devil Saga 1       |
   |   Indepth Game Script FAQ    | *** THIS GUIDE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS ***
   |   Version 1.2                |
   |                              |
    Project Begain:	07/24/2006
    Last Updated:	09/11/2006

 o  Written and compiled by Amy Wu (NoCookieHere at GameFAQs).

 o  The latest version of this FAQ can only be found at:

 o  Please DO NOT reproduce this FAQ, in any portion or entirety, on 
    other websites. You may print this for personal use ONLY.

 o  This FAQ is for personal use only. No portion of this FAQ will be allowed 
    to be used for commercial purposes.

 o  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

  O  Table of Contents     

  I.    Introduction............................................[ #100 ]

  II.   How To Read This Guide..................................[ #200 ]
              o Basics
              o Organization
              o Legend
              o Abbreviations

  III.  Game Script.............................................[ #300 ]
              o Opening Sequences...............................[ #3A0 ]
              o Muladhara: Introduction.........................[ #3B0 ]
              o Svadhisthana: Vanguards Base....................[ #3C0 ]
              o Muladhara: The Divine Message...................[ #3D1 ]
              o Karma Temple: New Laws of the Land..............[ #3E0 ]
              o Muladhara: Alliance.............................[ #3F0 ]
              o Interlude 1.....................................[ #3G1 ]
              o Manipura: Maribel Base..........................[ #3H1 ]
              o Interlude 2.....................................[ #3G2 ]
              o Anahata: Solids' Citadel........................[ #3I0 ]
              o Interlude 3.....................................[ #3G3 ]
              o Manipura II: Diversion..........................[ #3H2 ]
              o Interlude 4.....................................[ #3G4 ]
              o Muladhara: Solids' Invasion.....................[ #3D2 ]
              o Interlude 5.....................................[ #3G5 ]
              o Coordinate 136: The Two Princes.................[ #3J0 ]
              o Interlude 6.....................................[ #3G6 ]
              o Deserted Ship: Bat Hunting......................[ #3K0 ]
              o Embryon Base 2..................................[ #3L0 ]
              o Interlude 7.....................................[ #3G7 ]
              o Svadhisthana: Waterways.........................[ #3M0 ]
              o Interlude 8.....................................[ #3G8 ]
              o Anja: Brutes Base...............................[ #3N0 ]
              o Interlude 9.....................................[ #3G9 ]
              o Karma Temple: Stairways to Nirvana..............[ #3O0 ]
              o Final Battle to Ending Sequence.................[ #3P0 ]
  IV.   Side Quest Scripts......................................[ #400 ]
              o King Frost's Treasure Hunt......................[ #4A1 ]
              o Beelzebub Runs Amok.............................[ #4B2 ]
              o Menace of the Waterways: Orochi.................[ #4C3 ]
              o Attack of the Uber Rookies......................[ #4D4 ]
              o Wraith of Anja: Metatron........................[ #4E5 ]
              o The Ultimate Beatdown: Demi-Fiend...............[ #4F6 ]

  V.    Version History.........................................[ #500 ]

  VI.   Contact Information.....................................[ #600 ]

  VII.  Thanks + Credits........................................[ #700 ]

* Ctrl-F the codes to find the corresponding section.  Easy, ja?

  I.  Introduction                                              [ #0100 ]

  Welcome to my Digital Devil Saga 1 Game Script FAQ. As you may already know,
  this is the first part in a two-part saga which will end with DDS2. Part 1
  primarily deals with the introduction of the premise and MUCH character
  development. The goal of this FAQ is to provide a complete sense of how the
  story comes together by including pretty much all the script there is in
  the game.

  Although DDS presents the story to the player in a more traditional sense
  than Nocturne, the player is still required to do some detective work 
  throughout the game. Hints and little information tibits are often tucked 
  away in the dialogues of seemingly-unimportant NPCs, but players might often
  miss these tibits since one may need to do some heavy-duty backtracking.
  By including as much of the NPC dialogues as possible, I hope to supplement
  the enjoyment of those who missed them during their play-throughs.

  Because DDS1 has become a rare game to find nowadays, I realize that some
  people cannot find this game and are playing DDS2 without experiencing DDS1
  first. I have taken this into consideration and provided a bit more 
  description of non-verbal parts in case anyone is reading this to catch up
  on the plot before diving into DDS2. However, as always, the script alone
  does not do the whole game justice (the presentation and voice acting is 
  top notch). Definetly play it if you can! :)

  I hope you will find this script helpful. Enjoy~

  Before we begin, the obligatory:


  Ok? Okay!

  II. How To Read This Guide                                    [ #200 ]

  |     Basics     |

  Basic format:

        - Created in Courier New font, size 10.

        - Best viewed in Courier New or any fixed-width fonts.

        - 79 characters per line.

        - Format is optimized for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
          I can't guarantee for other browsers since I don't have them
          to check with.

        - Word Wrap off in when saved in MS Notepad.
          You probably won't need it though.

  |  Organization  |

  The script guide is organized in the way similar to how a player progresses 
  through the game. In addition to major story sequences, NPC and battle 
  scripts are also embedded in their prospective sections as they occur 
  throughout the game.  

  NPCs that inhabit the world often held pieces of stories untold or provide 
  interesting tibits that add to the DDS worldview.  Their dialogues are 
  collected under the "Interlude" section in between major story chapters as 
  these dialogues often reflect the current state of the world.

  Side-quests and miscellaneous scripts will be put in their own section
  because they do not directly impact the main story.  

  |     Legend     |

  [ ]   Indicate major sections of game areas and storyline.

  < >   Sub-sections, scenarios, or environment status.

  * *   Actions or emotes by the main characters.

  ( )   Supplemental information and/or description.

   -    Dialogue choices available to player character in response to another.
        Responses and follow-up dialogues are formatted similar to a BBS. For
        example, different responses will be one tier lower than the previous
        choice, and so on.

   %    What characters say when player character talk to them while exploring. 
        These are, for the most part, self-contained dialogues. Although
        sometimes, a couple characters in close proximities may refer to
        same topics.

   >    Miscellaneous messages from game environment or game system.
        These are taken directly from in-game texts.

   This is the basic system I've used as I jot down the scripts. I think
   it should be fairly easy to read without much confusion.

  |  Abbreviations |

  There are many NPCs in the game who are not named, but are labeled by the 
  Tribe they belong to.  Since some of the labels are a bit too long to be 
  used constantly, I will be using abbreviation sometimes. They are mostly
  used in multi-tiered dialogues where space is limited.

  For example:

  MoE       Member of the Embryon

  XMoV      Ex-member of the Vanguard


  III.  Game Script                                             [ #300 ]

--|| Opening Sequences ||---------------------------------------[ #3A0 ]-------


(Mysterious dialogues are exchanged through digital statics...)

"NO, PLEASE....."

"There is no turning back. I found the answer. 
 Man should return to its origins, and embrace the truth."


"You, like me, need only what was lost."


"I will release the uncontrollable rage that lurks inside them...
...the fury of demons."



[Junkyard Wasteland: Ground Zero]

(The Embryon members gather on the battle field.)

Argilla: I have never seen anything of that nature.

(Argilla hands Serph the scanner.)

(Serph wears it and and surveys the battle field.
 Information is displayed as he scans.)

Argilla: Harley is present.

(Serph continues his survey and came upon a large unidentified pod
 sitting in the middle of the area.) 

> " - NO DATA - "

(Serph motioned his commands and the Embryon begins their assault.)

Argilla: New recruits are always available, but a leader is irreplaceable.
         Remember that.

(The Embryon members charges forward.)

(Harley also motioned his men to begin.)

(Serph heard a bell. It was a gray cat perched above them all.
 Their eyes met, but the instant was broken by the Vanguard's
 incoming arrows.)

(The arrow exploded on impact.  Serph fires his gun as he rolls out of
 the way.)

(Bullets and arrows disintegrate from a force-field surrounding the pod.)

(The pod explodes... The air is still.)

Gale: Warning to the Vanguards:
      Remove the unidentified object at coordinates 2314 5873.
      Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war.

Harley: Warning to the Embryon:
        Remove the unidentified object at coordinates 2314 5873.
        Failure to comply will be deemed an act of war.

(The pod glows and a beam of light suddenly shoots from the heavens.
 The light pierces through every single one of the combatants.)

(They begin to change... into demons...)

Harley: What is this?

> "Devour everything"
  (The command seeps into the combatants' consciousness.
   It repeats endlessly...)

> "Om Mani Padome Hm" 
  (The mantra flashes through the combatants' minds.
   It means Pearl of the holy lotus.)

> "Varna"

(Serph transformed into Varna and tears through his enemies. 
 He devours them.)

(Screams can be heard... 
 Sounds of blood and gore splatters all around can be heard...)

(An image of the clear blue sky appears in Serph's mind...
 It is nothing like the familiar gray sky of the Junkyard.)

(When the Embryons has come to again, they are human once more.
 The Vanguards are no longer in sight.)

Gale: What happened...? Where are the Vanguards?

Argilla: *Coughs* My chest is on fire.

(The "Water Crown" Atma is now branded upon Serph's cheek.
 It glows lightly.)

Cielo: Leader.

(Serph walks over to where the pod used to be. The crater is glowing,
 and a mysterious girl is found inside, curled up in the fetal position.)

Heat: ...Any thoughts? 
      Strange... I feel like I have met this girl before.
      I want to know more about her.
      I am sure you feel the same, Serph.

--|| Muladhara: Introduction ||---------------------------------[ #3B0 ]-------

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Middle Layer: Strategy Room>

(Serph and Heat enters the Strategy Room; The others await them.)

Cielo: Heat, how is she?

Heat: Still sleeping.

Argilla: She did not have a Tag Ring.
         Who could she be?

Gale: The woman is not our concern.
      The ramification of the battle are unclear.
      What are these markings?

(The Embryon members looks at the Atmas, now branded on their bodies.)

Gale: Our priority is to clarify the situation.

Heat: I will go to the Vanguards.

Cielo: To the Vanguard's territory?

Heat: I will.
      They may have an answer for us.
      Serph and I will go. ...And one more.
      The rest will stay and guard the base.

Argilla: I will go.
         I want an explanation.


%Heat: Harley is still alive.
       He was present when she appeared, so he may know details about
       this girl.

%Gale: Do not concern yourself with the girl. Our only concern should
       be reaching Nirvana.

%Cielo: I feel like I have met her before.
        Argilla shares this sentiment.

%Argilla: I have not felt well since we returned...


[Embryon Base]

<Middle Layer: Primary Halls>

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     Unknown objects have been appearing ever since the light flowed
     through the Junkyard.
     When you approach the objects, items and equipment appear.
     If you see one, you should probably take advantage of this anomaly.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Have you recovered your memory, sir?
     Do you remember the Vendor?
	- Yes, I am fine.

                MoE: Of course. That is good to hear.
                     Remember to stock up on items from the Vendor

	- Please remind me.

                MoE: Each time you defeat an enemy, Macca credits are
                     recorded in your Tag Ring.
                     You can exchange Macca for items and equipments at
                     various Vendor locations.
                     There's a Vendor in our base, as well.
                     Why not pay it a visit?

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Do you remember everything now, sir?
     Do you want to know about the Karma Terminals?

	- I already know.

                MoE: I see. That's good to hear.
                     If you do not use Karma Termials, it will be very
                     difficult to reach Nirvana.

	- Tell me about Large Terminals.

                MoE: You may teleport, recover, and save at Large Karma
                     If you are defeated, your progress up to that point will
                     be erased. Make sure to save and recover often.
                     There is a Large Terminal in our base.
                     Why don't you try it out?

	- Tell me about Small Terminals.

                MoE: Small Karma Terminals are just simplified versions of
                     the Large Terminals.
                     Small Terminals do not allow recovery.
                     Small Terminals usually connect to a Large Terminal in
                     the same area.
                     This base does not have a Small Terminal. There would be
                     little use for one here.


<Middle Layer: Room>

> It is the girl with black hair.
> She seems to be asleep.


<Middle Layer: Outdoors>

%Argilla: Muladhara is Embryon's territory.
          It is the smallest area, sandwiched between the Vanguards' and
          Maribel's sectors.

%Heat: Let them keep watch. We need to confirm information.

%Member of the Embryon (brown hair):
     Everyone is acting illogically after being touched by the light.
     What is this strange mark?

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     Who is that person you brought here, sir? I have never seen that 
     color hair.

%Member of the Embryon (red hair):
     Has your memory returned, sir?
     Do you remember where the exit is located?

	- Of course, I'm fine.

                MoE: You have recovered, then. That is good to hear.

	- Please confirm its location.

                MoE: Take that elevator to the upper level.
                     Orange is the color of the Embryon. Each color marks
                     the boundaries of its Tribe.

<Middle Layer: Secondary Halls>

%Members of the Embryon (blue hair):
     After the light, I woke up and that wall was there.
     I have never seen such a thing.

> A blue wall stands in the way. Serph cannot pass through it.


[Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     Are you feeling any better? Well, is there anything you would like to
     know, sir?

	- No.

                MoE: I see.

	- About the Tribes.

                MoE: They are the 6 major groups who divide and rule
                     the Junkyard.
                     "The Embryon" is one such group. We all follow you, sir.
                     Anything else, sir?

	- About the Junkyard.

                MoE: That is the name of this world we live in.
                     It is divided into seven areas:
                     Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudha,
                     Anja, and Sahasrara.
                     Anything else, sir?

	- About the war.

                MoE: The Tribes of the Junkyard are all fighting to rule over
                     the other Tribes.
                     The triumphant group will be allowed into Nirvana.
                     Anything else, sir?

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Do you have adequate medical supplies, boss?

	- No need to remind me.

                MoE: That is good to hear.
                     Be sure to heal your wounds before going into battle.

	- I'm low on supplies.

                MoE: There are many threats in battle besides normal wounds,
                     such as poison and paralysis.
                     If your curative stock is low, replenish at the Vendor.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     I see that you are departing for Svadhisthana.
     The Vanguards are at an advantage. Be careful, sir.


[Ground Zero: Battle Zone]

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     There is no telling what lies outside of our territory.
     Take this with you, sir.
     > Obtained 5 Rations.

%Argilla: Something happened here. I want to know what that was.

%Heat: Why was that woman here? Is she related to this marking?

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     The Vanguards have gone into hiding. What happened, boss?

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     That light spread throughout the Junkyard. Was it one of the Vanguards'
     new weapons?

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     What is it, sir?

	- Nothing.

                MoE: I understand. That is good to hear.

	- Tell me about Nirvana.

                MoE: No specific information is known, but it is often 
                     considered to be a true paradise.
                     We must strive to reach it. That is the law.
                     Do you have any concerns, sir?

	- Tell me about Tribes.

                MoE: Each Tribe can be identified by their color. Our color
                     as the Embryon is orange.
                     If the leader is defeated, his Tribe must follow the
                     victor. That is the law.
                     Do you have any concerns, sir?

--|| Svadhisthana: Vanguards Base ||----------------------------[ #3C0 ]-------

[Svadhisthana: Entrance]

(The Party arrives in Svadhisthana.  The Vanguard base is reminisence of
 of something like a cross between a temple and a castle.  
 The area is adorn with the Vanguards' flag: Green.)

*Serph, Heat, and Argilla hide behind some rubbles and survey the area.*

Argilla: Something is wrong.
         There are no guards.

Heat: That works. 
      Let us go.


%Argilla: They are entirely vulnerable.
          What happened to the Vanguards?

%Heat: They fear us.

	- Why?

		Heat: We will find out soon.

	- What is fear?

		Heat: Just look around. It cannot be explained.


[Vanguards Base]

<1F: Halls>

(The party activates a switch to lower the wall partition that was blocking
 the way deeper into the base.)

> Sounds can be heard from inside the room.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party entered to see Harley and his men hide behind a barracade.
 His teeth chatters and his body trembles in desparate fear.)

Harley: Don't come any closer.
        No... Stay back... Don't eat me. Please...

Argilla: Harley... What are you... saying?

Harley: You murdered them and ate them all!
        You all... turned into monsters...
        and then you... devoured all of my men!
        That light... That weird light shot right through us...
        and then everyone... everyone started freaking the hell out!

(Harley is slowly taken over by his Atma. His eyes glows fiercely
 and he aims his gun at the Party.)

Argilla: Don't.

Harley: Everyone started attacking each other...
        You ripped them apart with your bare hands!
        And then, and then...

Argilla: Stop. Be quiet.

(Harley and his men are gripped by fear. They fire at the Party.)

Harley: God, help me!!

Argilla: Shut up!

*Argilla fires her gun in rage, killing Harley's men.*

(Heat's Atma glows and he looked on. He smiles in anticipation.)

(Harley's dead men became taken over by their Atma.
 Their bodies begin to transform.)

(Harley screams and runs away in terror.)

Argilla: I... couldn't have.
         No... Not me...
         I didn't... do that.
         I didn't... eat those people. I couldn't have!
         It wasn't me!

(Argilla is taken over by her emotion, her eyes glowed.
 Her self has awakened completely.)

(The ghouls stood up to confront the party.)

(The Party is taken over by their Atmas. They transforms into demons as well.)

*Battles 2 Demon Ghouls*

(Argilla is sickened by the thoughts of eating the fallen.
 She is nausiated and shaking.)

Argilla: What's... What's happening to us?
         No, I... I can't eat them.
         I can't eat them.

Heat: Why do you hesitate? Circumstance are different now.
      If you refuse to eat, you will perish like them.

> Serph and Heat devoured the defeated enemies.
> After the battle, their HP will recover slightly because they consumed
  their enemies.


%Argilla: Let us find Harley, Serph. Perhaps he can explain this strange

%Heat: I can remember it in a vague sense.
       Sweet fluid dripping from a torn throat... splattering as I sink
       my teeth into rich flesh...
       This is a good sensation.


[Vanguards Base]

<1F: Halls>

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No. 

(The Party confronts Harley...)

Harley: Yeaargh!
        Raise the wall!

(A member of the Vanguards on the second floor hit the switch, and a
 wall partition is raised between Serph's group and Harley.)

<2F: In front of the switch>

Member of the Vanguards:
     There's a voice in my head... It keeps saying... devour...
     Keep devouring... Devour more...

*Battles 1 Dragon Cockatrice*

(Serph hit the switch and the partition is lowered.)

(The Party is ambushed by two Vanguards.)

Member of the Vanguards:
    They've chased us this far... The Embryon...

*Battles 2 Beast Empusas*

> A familiar presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(It's Harley again...)

Harley: G-Get away from me!

(Harley runs away nervously.  The Party decides to follow him.)

> A familiar presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(A gibbering Harley...)

Harley: I'll give you my territory and my hideout...
        Just leave me alone!

(He runs again.)

> A familiar presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Harley runs through the door again. He's going in a circle.)

Heat: Try something new. Block the path and drive him into a dead end.


<2F: Switch>

(The Party hits the switch and the wall partitions' position is reversed.)

(Harley's path is blocked. He can only turn the other way.)

> Sounds can be heard from within the room.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Harley: Stay away!

Argilla: Harley, tell us what's going on!

Heat: That is not important. Who exactly is the girl?

Harley: What girl? Please don't... I don't know anything! I'm telling 
        the truth...

*Heat grabs Harley.*

Heat: Why don't you know?
      We were the only ones on the battlefield. 
      Now, who is the girl? Where did she come from?
      Answer me, Harley.
      Why the hell can't I get that girl out of my mind!?

*Heat lifts Harley up by the collar.*

Harley: Please... I really don't know...

*Heat hurls Harley across the room into the wall.*  

(Harley slumps down onto the floor.)

Harley: I see now... There is one thing I finally understand...

(Harley's Atma has taken over him. He transforms into a demon.)

Harley: In this world, it's eat... or be eaten!

*Boss Battle: Asura Hayagriva*
Hayagriva: Ugh...! That hurt, you bastards!!
Hayagriva: Burn! Burn to ashes!!
Hayagriva: I'll roast your flesh 'til it's nice and tender.

(Harley is defeated by the Embryon.)

Heat: Harley didn't know anything.
      Let's get out of here.

Argilla: I feel... so weak...
         Serph, we must get back to the base.


[Svadhisthana: Outside]

(The area is now adorn with the Embryon flag.)

%Heat: What an annoying woman.
       Well, if she changes her mind, I'll just grab that guy over there.

%Argilla: Get back... to the base.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1:
     Harley is dead. We will follow the Embryon.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2:
     We will obey Junkyard law. You are the new boss.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 3:
     New leader, are you adequately supplied?
     Use the Vendor efficiently to avoid being injured in battle.


[Ground Zero]

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     Have your memories returned?
     What about basic strategy?

	- I am fine.

                MoE: Oh, of course.
                     Without the basics, you cannot hope to be victorious
                     in later battles.

	- Do you have any suggestions?

                MoE: Find an enemy's weakness, then exploit it mercilessly.
                     This will force the enemy into a defensive position,
                     allowing you to continue on the offensive.
                     Do not forget the principles of aggressive fighting.

%Argilla: That thing and its... light.  That's why we...

%Heat: If I've ever seen black hair like that, then why...?

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Sir, I can feel... something... My body... a monster...
     It... it's in my head! I can hear it!

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The strange light was not a weapon of the Vanguards.

--|| Muladhara: The Divine Message ||---------------------------[ #3D1 ]-------

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Harley has been defeated?
     Our leader is truly strong. The Vanguards fell to only three members
     of the Embryon.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Pay attention to battle formation.
     Formation changes will alter your battle strategy.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

(The Party returns to the Base. Serph carries a weakened Argilla on his back.)

(The Party hears gunshots coming from the halls.)

(Cielo scrambles outside and fires at an agile demon in green.)

(Heat jumps between Cielo and the demon, ready for battle...)

Cielo: Heat, that is Gale...

Heat: So, you're hungry, Gale? Wanna eat me?

(The Party hears a soft singing from inside the hall. It was the the voice
 of the mysterious black-haired girl.)

(Gale kneels in her arms as he slowly returns to normal.
 Argilla begins to return to normal as well.)

Heat: What in the hell was that?

Girl: A song.

Cielo: That was a... "song?"

Girl: Yes, a song.

Gale: Tell me... who are you?

Girl: My name is Sera. I've come to help everyone.

Argilla: You came to help us...? From where...?

Sera: I don't know... I can't remember...
      I just know that... that I'm here to help everyone.


[Embryon Base]

<Middle Layer: Strategy Room>

(The Party gathered in the room, Sera is present as well.
 Gale paces around in thoughts.)

Gale: Your explanation is flawed.
      We know nothing about you.
      You say that you remembered nothing.
      Why, then, would you help us?
      I do not comprehend.

Sera: I'm sorry.

Argilla: The thing is...
         I've heard that song somewhere.

Cielo: I have too.

Heat: Yeah, same here.

Gale: I have not. I do not comprehend.

Sera: I'm sorry.

Argilla: But, as long as she's here, we'll be safe from one another.
         We may even be able to return to normal...

Heat: You've felt that hunger... You've felt that power inside you.
      All of us have changed. So deal with it.

Argilla: So... we'll be this way forever?

Gale: Regardless, nothing has been resolved.
      The Karma Temple will identify --

(The transmission machine is turned on...)

Dissemination Machine: This is a transmission from the Karma Temple.
                       All Tribe leaders are to report to the Temple 

Gale: For what purpose, Dissemination Machine?

Dissemination Machine: Questions of this nature are not permitted.
                       Report to the Temple immediately.


%Heat: Sera... Her name is... Sera.

%Gale: Do not question orders from the Temple. Serph, you must go to 
       the Temple.
       It may shed light on who Sera is, or what is going on.

%Cielo: As long as the girl remains with us, we will not have to worry
        about devouring our own Tribe.

%Argilla: They summoned every leader...? That isn't normal.

%Sera: I'm sorry... I really don't remember anything...


[Embryon Base]

<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Argilla: Heat and I don't... sound the same.
          Heat is far harsher than before. I wonder how different I seem
          to him...
          Haven't I always talked like this?

%Heat: How dare they call us up like that... At least they can fill us in
       about Sera.
       ...They do manage the entire Junkyard.
       They'd better not tell us that they don't know anything!

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     So, her name is Sera. Her hair still bothers me.


[Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer: Exit>

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     The Karma Temple is located in the Sahasrara area in the very center
     of the Junkyard, sir.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     The Macca results are assessed by the Karma Temple.
     The rating is based on efficient actions during battle.

	- I understand.

                MoE: Of course you do, sir.

	- What does that mean?

                MoE: During a battle, the Temple keeps track of how many
                     turns pass.
                     The fewer turns a battle lasts, the more Macca is added
                     to your Tag Ring.
                     Kill enemies as swiftly as possible.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The Karma Temple is the tallest structure in the Junkyard.

--|| Karma Temple: New Laws of the Land ||----------------------[ #3E0 ]-------

[Sahasrara: The Karma Temple]

(The Party arrives at Sahasrara, the heart of the Junkyard where the 
 Karma Temple looms over all. Rain and mist covers the tower.
 The atmosphere is surreal, to say the least.)

<Temple Entrace>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     People from all Tribes come here to gather information, sir.
     That is why fighting is forbidden.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Everyone has arrived. Calling all Tribe bosses at once is unprecedented.
     The Temple must have a very important message.

%Argilla: *Looking at a small black creature* What is this?

%Mysterious Cat: ....
                 > It's that animal.
                 > It peers at you through deep, silver eyes.

%Heat: There's food all around us.

%Member of the Maribel (red hair):
     So, you are the one marked with the Water Crown brand...
     The man who destroyed the Vanguards...

%Member of the Solids (green hair):
     I came here to size you up myself, but you're just a skinny little
     pretty boy.
     But I see strength behind those eyes of yours...
     You changed early like me, didn't you?


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Karma Temple guard 1: This area has been designated by the Karma Temple
                       as a free area.

%Karma Temple guard 2: A cease fire is strictly enforced in this area.
                       All conflict is prohibited.

%Member of the Wolves (blue hair):
     You're the Embryon's leader? You're no match for Lupa.

%Member of the Brutes:
     It doesn't matter how many Tribes you defeat. We Brutes are number one!

%Karma Temple guard: Only Tribe leaders are permitted to enter the temple
                     at this time.
                     Do you wish to enter?

	- Enter.
	- Come back later.


<Karma Temple: Dissemination Room>

(Serph walks inside the room and takes his spot among the Tribe Leaders.)

(Varin Omega shot an aggressive glare at Serph as he enters.)

(Serph activated the console with his Tag Ring.)

(The Dissemination Machine is activated.
 The eerie figures upon the machine turns their hands.)

Jinana, Leader of the Maribel: Everyone is present. Why have we been summoned, 
                               Dissemination Machine?

Dissemination Machine: No answer to your query is available. There are no 
                       pertinent issues to be addressed at this time.

Mick, Leader of the Solids: I do not understand this. The Temple summoned --

Voice: I summoned you...

(The Dissemination Machine short-circuits and is over-ridden.)

(A Karma Circle appears before the leaders.)

Voice: I am Angel.
       I am the one you invoke as you gaze at the heavens.

Varin Omega: Angel...

Angel: Listen closely, as there is not much time.
       Mark these words as the Temple's new commandments.
       Soon, the laws of nature governing this world shall regress to a 
       more primal state of being.
       The key lies in the Atma you have gained.
       Atma is the power of demons, signified by the brands upon your flesh.
       A demon gains power by feeding.
       Rend... Slaughter... Devour your enemies.
       There is no other ways to survive. You cannot escape your hunger,
       Warrors of Purgatory.

Jinana: What is a "demon?"

Angel: The essence of your new selves, your Karma. You cannot yet undesrstand.
       If you wish to learn the truth, slay those assenbled here and ascend to 
       All that you desire shall be granted in Nirvana.
       End the stalemate with your newly awakened powers and fullfill my 
       commandment at once.

Lupa: You speak words that we do not understand.
      Aside from our new power, nothing has changed.

Angel: Incorrect. There is one addedum:
       The black-haired girl.
       One Tribe will conquer this purgatory and seize the black-haired girl:
       Nirvana shall open its gate to this girl alone.

	- What is the girl's name?
	- Who is that girl?

Angel: You...! *statics*
       Remember this, *statics*
       If you want *statics* know the truth *statics* Sera.
       ...devouring everyone in your path!

(Angel's presence is interrupted by the Solar Noise and disappears.)

Dissemination Machine: Critical System Update: The Temple acknoledge demon 
                       System Inquiry: Review this information, 
                       Child of Purgatory?

> The Karma Temple now offers battle skill programs called Mantras.
> Mantras are obtained by downloading them from the Karma Terminals in
  each area.

%Dissemination Machine: Which information do you wish to view?

	- About demons.

                DM: A demon is a person's "Atma," or true character.
                    Everything born of God holds the informational possibility
                    of demons.
                    The "Virus" is merely a trigger.
                    Do you wish to know more?

	- About Karma.

                DM: "Karma" is the sum of your deeds in this life.
                    The more demons hunted and devoured, the more Karma gained.
                    Karma is the source of strength.
                    Do you wish to know more?

	- About devouring.

                DM: Demons must consume Magnetite in order to survive.
                    All things contain traces of this information construct,
                    but humans and demons require great energy.
                    The only way to preserve the information of one's existence
                    is to devour one's enemies.
                    Do you wish to know more?

	- About Solar Noise.

                DM: Demons are influenced by "Information Noise."
                    Hunting is also affected by fluctuation of "Solar Noise."
                    Do you wish to know more?

	- Nothing.

                DM: Devour others to gain Karma and become the strongest
                    being, Child of Purgatory -- one who devours.


[Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Member of the Wolves:
     You've never encountered a Tribe of our strength.

%Member of the Brutes:
     It doesn't matter how the laws changed... We Brutes are number one!

Member of the Embryon:
     Sir, they've begun providing Mantras.
     If you utilize Hunt Skills, you should be able to master them.
     Why don't you try downloading Mantras from this terminal?


[Karma Temple]


%Argilla: Something happened, didn't it?
          Heat, we need to get back to headquarters.

%Heat: Just returning to headquarters without asking anything?
       Hey, what's the deal?

%Memeber of the Maribel (red hair):
     Get out of my way... I am going to find the black-haired woman.

%Member of the Solids (green hair):
     So this is the mark of Atma... which means, we are all demons.

%Member of the Solids (blue hair):
     I know the truth, man with the Water Crown brand.
     In demon form, you are weak to fire attacks. There's no use trying to
     hide it.
     Having the ability to analyze an enemy's weak point turns the tide
     in many battles...

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Atma, the power of demons...
     It seems our Tribe was not the only one to receive such power.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     New information was released by the Temple.
     Everyone is talking about Atma and the black-haired woman. 


[Svadhisthana: A brief detour]

<Former Vanguard Base: Outside>

%Argilla: A defeated Tribe follows the leader of the victorious Tribe.
          That's the law.

%Heat: What a buncha losers! I'll never end up like them.


[Ground Zero: A brief detour]

%Argilla: So now, we don't just kill people, we have to devour them too!?
          Eat... or be eaten...
          How could we possibly deserve something like this!?

%Heat: What are you talking about? It's the same old war.
       There's no difference between devouring and killing.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     This power is that of a demon. The Temple issued information on 
     the subject.
     Everyone's... confused, sir.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The new law requires us to devour our enemies to become stronger.

--|| Muladhara: Alliance ||-------------------------------------[ #3F0 ]-------

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Boss, did you experience the Solar Noise at the Temple?
     ...I know that term refers to the sun, though I have never seen it...

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     Did the Temple send that light?
     Why would they not simply issue a summons?


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     I have not heard of this "Angel." Is it related to the black-haired girl?

%Heat: Come to think of it... I've never seen anyone with hair like Sera's.

%Argilla: And, the color of her eyes... Where did she come from?

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     So this mark indicates our newly acquired powers...


<Middle Layer: Primary Halls>

%Member of the Embryon (orange hair):
     What's the deal, boss?
     When I become a demon, I'm very strong... but I can't deal with cold
     very well.
     I hope nobody has attacks that freeze the air or something.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Sir, a new option is available at the Karma Terminals.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Sir, are you aware that the Temple is looking for cells?
     You can exchange cells for Macca at the Temple.

	- I know.

                MoE: Of course.

	- What is a cell?

                MoE: The Temple has not defined its properties, but that
                     information is not necessary for us.
                     Simply exchange it for Macca at the Vendor whenever
                     you find it.

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     I have devoured several enemies, as commanded by law. Some went down
     easier than others.


[Embryon Base]

<Strategy Room>

Heat: If we wanna know about Sera, "bring her to Nirvana."
      Is that all she had to say?

Gale: Angel... I do not know this name.

Cielo: You truly remember nothing?

(Sera seems disrought and frustrated.)

Sera: I'm very sorry...

Argilla: Atma? Child of Purgatory?
         Now what do we do?

	- We will head to Nirvana.

		Heat: Nothing's changed. 

	- I am uncertain.

		Heat: What's there to think about?

Heat: We'll crush the other Tribes and reach Nirvana...
      ...by using this new power.

Gale: I have no objections. Our goal remains the same.

Cielo: I am in Sera's debt.

Argilla: I just want to be normal.
         I'll do anything to find a cure for this curse!

Gale: It is decided.
      Allow me to propose a plan.

(Gale pulls up the map of the Junkyard on the machine.
 Information of the major Tribes are displayed.)

Gale: As we are aware, there is only one way to reach Nirvana.
      That is to defeat the 5 other ruling Tribes...
      ...and present ourselves to the Temple.
      The largest Tribe, the Brutes, is presently struggling against 
      the Wolves.
      It is unclear whether the Solids or Meribel pose the next greatest 
      As for us, though we defeated the Vanguards, we are severely lakcing 
      in manpower.

Heat: *Laughs* Who cares?
      We'll devour them one by one.

Argilla: Easier said than done.
         What's your plan?

Gale: If we feign an alliance with one of weaker Tribes and defeat their 
      ...we can then crush them afterward.

Argilla: You mean... We're going to side with our enemy?

Gale: Until now, the Tribes have relied solely on their own strength 
      and resources.
      But, an inflexible mind limits one's strategic options.

Argilla: So, "Our enemy's enemy is our friend."
         You've certainly changed.

Gale: You are the ones who have changed.
      Your emotions have clearly become unstable.
      I do not comprehend.

Heat: What about Sera, then?
      I'm sure everyone's hot on her trail, by now.

Gale: Cielo and I shall remain here. No one knows of her whereabouts.
      Hereafter, we should istitute a policy of silence regarind Sera's 

Cielo: What is our leader's decision?

	- We will help them without betrayal.

                Heat: You're too naive.
                      Kill them, before they kill us.

	- We will proceed according to plan.

                Argilla: It doesn't seem right...
                         ...but so be it.

Gale: First, we head to the Meribel's territory.
      Their boss is skilled, but the individual members are weak.
      It is advantageous for them to accept us, and defeating them will 
      not pose a problem.


%Heat: Hold on, Sera. We'll make sure you regain your memories, too.

%Gale: Angel...
       The name sounds familiar, but it should not... This is weighing a
       great deal on my mind.

%Cielo: If Sera had not been here, Gale would have devoured me.
        If doing this helps Sera too, then I do not mind.

%Argilla: I've made up my mind...
          If I let myself die, then I'll never be normal again.

%Sera: I'm alright, I...
       ...I just have a small headache.
       I just want us to be together... Please don't do anything dangerous.


[Embryon Base]

<Middle Layer: Primary Halls>

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     I came face to face with a rare demon.
     It was close, but I devoured it in the end. I gained a lot of Macca.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Sir, it seems that a fresh stock of ammunition is now available.

	- I know.

                MoE: Really? How did you find out already?

	- Is that right?

                MoE: The regular bullets and explosives have been replaced
                     by anti-demon rounds.
                     They apparently have additional effects as well, such
                     as fire, electricity, and so on.
                     Stop by the Vendor and see for yourself.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Sir, there is a message from the Temple.
     It is an outline of the Mantra system.

	- I will skip it.

                MoE: I see.
                     In any case, Mantras play an important role in battle.

	- Please explain.

                MoE: Macca is required to gain Mantras.
                     If you want to strengthen your party, then each member
                     will need their own Mantra.
                     As you can see, you will need to earn a lot of Macca.

%Member of the Embryon (orange hair):
     Do you know what fear is, sir?
     It may be hard to believe, but sometimes enemies become afraid and lose
     their will to fight.
     Don't let them escape -- devour them right away!


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Argilla: Now that I think about it, everyone has been acting strangely
          since receiving Atma.

%Heat: Gale's a bastard, making us go through all that...

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     Ever since this marking appeared, my thoughts have been... ...crowded.
     I see things in my mind... that I know I have never seen.


<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Though we have modified them to harm demons...
     ...firearms still are not one hundred percent effective.
     They may be effective in emergencies, however. Do not neglect your
     weapon equipment.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The Maribel's territory lies to the north, in Manipura. They are 
     stronger than the Vanguards.
     Do not relax your guard, sir.

--|| Interlude 1 ||---------------------------------------------[ #3G1 ]-------

(At this time, short detours become available.
 The primary focus of this section is to collect additional dialogues from
 various PCs and NPCs by backtracking through previous areas.)

[Ground Zero]

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     Fighting is a combination of defense and offense. Don't forget defense
     in the heat of battle.

	- I understand.

                MoE: Yes, sir. That is why you are the leader.

	- Provide an example.

                MoE: The Atma allows you to create barriers which defend 
                     against different types of attack.
                     If you block attacks, it will be easy to gain the upper
                     hand in battle.
                     Some skills not only block attacks, but repel or absorb
                     Vary your offensive and defensive tactics. Always strive
                     to control the battle.

%Heat: No matter how many times we return, there's no going back.
       You need to realize that.

%Argilla: I agree... Staying here only brings back bad memories.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     We've examined it thoroughly, but it doesn't make sense, sir.

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The new law requires us to devour our enemies to become stronger.


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Base]


%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1:
     Harley is dead.
     He left something important in his room before he fell.

%Member of the Embryon (orange hair):
     Sir, rookies are encroaching on our territory.

	- It is of little concern.

                MoE: Yes, sir.

	- Rookies?

                MoE: Perhaps the light affected your memory more seriouly
                     than you first thought, sir.
                     Rookies are newcomers. We were once rookies, as well.
                     Rookies form into groups and become a Tribe. They are
                     then bound to the law, and Nirvana.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2:
     Sir, the cell exchange rate seems to fluctuate.
     If you plan carefully for the best rate, you will earn more Macca.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 3:
     Rookies are trying to form a new Tribe, using this as their headquarters.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 4:
     As their numbers increase, they are becoming much more of a burden.
     What will we do, sir?

%Argilla: Why are we here, or all places?
          Serph, try to keep our battles to a minimum.

%Heat: These newbies have guts. I like that in a meal.


<Former Vanguards Base: Command Room>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     This belonged to Harley, but he was defeated.
     The new leader inherits the possessions of the old...
     > Obtained Blue Key.
     Have you seen a strange blue wall?
     Harley used this key to make the blue wall disappear.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]


%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The Maribel's leader is a woman, but she is a strong warrior.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     We have fought the Maribel.
     Bat's knife skills have killed many of us. Be careful, sir.

%Argilla: We can't let them find Sera. Let's hurry back.

%Heat: I don't know what kinda girl she is, but it won't matter much after
       I devour her.

%Member of the Maribel:
     Our leader, Jinana, is the Maribel's strongest warrior.
     You are no match for her.

%Member of the Solids 1:
     Jinana of the Maribel?
     She was hot. What a waste, to have Mick devour her.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Member of the Wolves:
     Jinana's Atma is "Aurora."

%Member of the Brutes:
     The leader of the Meribel? HA! We Brutes are number one!

--|| Manipura: Maribel Base ||----------------------------------[ #3H1 ]-------

[Manipura: Maribel Territory]

<Meribel Base: Entrance>

(The Party walks toward the Maribel Base. It is a city guarded by various
 walls and gates.  The area is adorned with Meribel's color: Red.)

(Members of the Meribel lined up upon the walls to take a good
 look at the Embryon.)

(The gate opens. Jinana and Bat walk out of the gate to greet the Party.)

Jinana: I assume you all have "the power."
        How else could you have made it this far?

Argilla: So, then... You're the same as us.

Jinana: Not just me. Nearly all of us have changed.
        Soon, everyone in the Junkyard will be this way.
        The war will escalate. God has cursed us all...

Argilla: What's "cursed?"
         Who is this "god?"

Jinana: I do not know. The thought appeared in my mind.

Argilla: Are you sad?

Jinana: What is "sad?"

Argilla: I'm not sure... You just... seemed that way.

Jinana: Many of us have died due to this unexplaind power.
        If my reaction is "sad," then yes, I am sad.
        Explain your business.

(The Party explained their intent.)

Jinana: Interesting.
        But first of all, you must prove that you are worthy of fighting 
        alongside the Maribel.

(Jinana turns to head back inside the gate.)

Argilla: Wait, Jinana!

Jinana: The Tribe is hungry.
        I'll be waiting for you, if you can survive.

(Bat glances back menacingly as both he and Jinana head back into the Base.)


<Meribel Base: Entrance>

%Heat: She wants to see our skills? Great. I'll give her an up-close

%Argilla: We didn't come here to fight. We need to prove that to Jinana.

%Member of the Maribel 1 (by the gate):
     If we defeat you, the Maribel will control 3 regions.

%Member of the Meribel 2 (by the door): Leave now or you will die.


[Meribel Base]

> Hungry glances surround the party...

> Voices are heard whispering.
  Voice: ...At last. Our food is here...

<2F: Gate 01>

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Proceed through the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> The other's presence can no longer be felt.

<2F: Halls>

> Voices can be heard whispering.
  Voice: I'll devour her breasts...
  Voice: Her ass is delicious...
  Voice: I'm going to savor her legs.

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door and go outside?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Meribel: The Embryon!
                       You want to fight the Solids with us? I don't get it.
                       It'd help a lot more if you let us help ourselves to 
                       your delicious bodies.

*Battles 1 Dragon Cockatrice*

Argilla: Get it, now?
         You'll be better of if you help us out.

Member of the Meribel: Er, yeah...
                       I understand...
                       Everyone's starving, though. Watch your back, okay?
                       The others might just attack you.

%Member of the Meribel: Jinana is waiting at Gate 4.
                        Watch your step. Everybody here is starving.


<1F: Gate 02>

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Proceed through the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Party is ambushed by a group.)

*Battles 1 Demon Yaka, 4 Demon Pretas*

> Voices can be heard whispering...
  Voice: They're so fresh... ...it only makes me hungrier.


<2F: Gate 03>

> Voices can be heard whispering.
  Voice: I thought they'd be food by now... Looks like they aren't as 
         weak as we thought...

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door and go outside?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party is ambushed.)

*Battles 3 Aerial Machas*

> Voices can be heard whispering...
  Voice: Oh, they're very strong. ...We'll need more men...


<Rooftop: Ladder>

> Something's down there...
> Descend down the ladder?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> The other's presence can no longer be felt.



Member of the Meribel: It is as Jinana said. You have already made it this far.
                       She granted us permission to devour you, if possible.
                       This is odd. How was I unable to devour you?

(The Party is surrounded by Meribels.)

*Battles 3 Demon Yakas*
*Reinforcement appears: 5 Demon Yakas*
*Reinforcement appears: 1 Demon Gyu-ki*

Member of the Maribel: Hmph... I couldn't devour you...
                       Well, to be honest... I'm in danger, now...
                       So, um... HEELP MEEE!!

%Membef of the Maribel: Sp-Spare me...
                        This g-g-gate leads back to the entrance...
                        Jinana's just beyond Gate 4.


<1F: Gate 04>

> Sounds can be heard from the other side of the gate.
> Go through the gate?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Jinana and Bat awaits the Party by the fountain.)

Argilla: Jinana, we didn't come here to fight against you!

(Jinana signals Bat to test the Party's strength.)

(Bat flashes his knife. He taunts the Party.)

Bat: My name is Bat. Remember it.
     It will be carved into your corpse.

Heat: I've been dying for a snack.
      Come here.

(Bat transforms into a demon to confront the party.)

*Boss Battle: Asura Camazotz*

(Agni walked toward Bat and grabs his head...ready to take a bite.)

(Serph held out his arm and command Heat to stop.)

Agni: Don't stop me.
      This is the new law! We must devour those weaker than us!

Argilla: Heat!

Jinana: Why do you not kill Bat?
        According to the new commandment, your ally is correct.

Argilla: Why...? I don't want to.
         I don't like needless killing.

Jinana: Your name... tell me.

Argilla: Argilla.

Jinana: Argilla. I accept your Tribe's proposal.
        The Maribel will ally themselves with the Embryon.

*Agni threw Bat onto the ground.*

Bat: Jinana, you can't trust them!
     If I had more power...

Jinana: I am the one in charge here.
        Go tend to your wounds.

Argilla: We thank you, Jinana.

Jinana: "Thank you"... such beautiful words...
        Follow me.

(Bat tightens his fist in anger.)


[Anahata: Wasteland]

(The Embryon and the Maribel arrive at Anahata, the Solids' territory.)

(The Solids' fortress is a mighty defense. It seems impenetratable.)

(The Party surveys the walls with their scanners.)

Jinana: That is the Solid's citadel.
        That is why even the Brutes cannot overtake them.

Argilla: ...So that's why they can focus on attacking your Tribe.

Heat: All you gotta do kill the boss.

(The scanner picks up Mick's image, high upon the walls.)

Jinana: Mick the Slug is very careful...
        He never set foot on the battlefield.

Argilla: That's no good. What do we do?

Jinana: The Maribel will create a diversion.
        While we distract the Solids, sneak in and kill Mick.

--|| Interlude 2: ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G2 ]-------

(Dispite being led directly to the Solids, the player is allowed to 
 wander around the Junkyard a bit.  More dialogues can be picked up on
 the way.)

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The Citadel is a mighty fortress in the Solids' territory of Anahata.
     It is considered impregnable. Be ever vigilant, sir.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Certain demons seem to be weak to gunfire.
     Your method of attack should take your opponent into consideration.

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     Devour others to survive and steal their power...
     That seems different from simply killing our enemies.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     Why can't this Angel find the black-haired girl herself?
     Is there some reason it needs our help?

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     I agree with the group.
     I may be echoing Ms. Argilla, but I don't want to take part
     in manslaughter.

%Heat: Why the hell does she like that woman so much?
       Is this about that "sad" crap?

%Argilla: Hey, Serph.
          We don't need to fight Jinana any more, right?


<Strategy Room>

%Heat: Friends...?

%Gale: I see. The negotiation was successful, then.
       Remember that they will become our enemies eventually.
       Allow the Solids to weaken the Maribel if possible.

%Cielo: Do not worry, sir. No one knows about Sera's location.

%Argilla: Wait a minute, Gale. We can trust Jinana.
          We shouldn't fight if we don't really need to...

%Sera: You seem to have a lot of friends, Serph.

	- Friends?

                Sera: That's right, friends.
                      Isn't everyone here your friend?
                      Friends are more important than anything else.
                      Life's empty without them.
                      I hope you continue to make friends.

	- Friends... Maybe so...

                Sera: I'm happy for you, Serph.
                      Always cherish your friends.
                      I hope you continue to make friends.


[Manipura: Meribel's Territory]

<Meribel's Base: Outside>

%Heat: Why don't we just devour them, now that their leader is gone?

%Argilla: I'll stop you if you even try it.

%Member of the Meribel 1 (besides the gate):
     This gate will not be opened until Jinana returns.

%Member of the Meribel 2 (next to the door):
     Jinana's main force is en route to the Citadel. Leave now.

%Member of the Meribel 3:
     I will trust you... ...to take care of Jinana.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     The Wolves and the Brutes are busy fighting one another.
     Now is the time to strike against the Solids.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Sir, what is that creature?

%Argilla: Jinana's men will be heading out, soon.
          If we don't hurry, we'll be left behind.

%Mysterious Cat: > It's that animal.
                 > Looking closely, you can see a strange bell around its neck.

%Heat: Sneaking through the shadows is for wussies...
       Why can't we just take 'em head on?

%Member of the Meribel (red hair):
     The Solid's base is a complex labyrinth.
     You must survive the maze in order to reach Mick.

%Member of the Solids:
     You're asking around about Mick? Take my word for it, don't waste
     your time.
     Sneaky tricks are what our boss is best at.
     You're only wasting your time.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Member of the Wolves:
     Mick the Slug's Atma is called "Solar Eclipse."

%Member of the Brutes:
     Screw those Solid bastards... The Brutes'll destroy everyone!

--|| Anahata: Solids' Citadel ||--------------------------------[ #3I0 ]-------

[Anahata: Solid's Territory]

<Citadel: Outside>

%Argilla: I guess we'll need to do this Jinana's way.

%Heat: I don't like this at all...
       Reason? How the hell should I know?

%Jinana: Mick should not be aware of the fact that you and I have joined 
         The Solids' guard will be concentrated at the entrance.

(The Party climbs the ladder up the walls of the Citadel.)


[Solids Base]

<Citadel: 4F>

Member of the Solids 1: The Maribel are attacking at the Citadel's main gate. 
                        They seem to be about 500 strong.

Member of the Solids 2: They can't surround us, or attack us from behind. 
                        Defend the main gate.

Member of the Solids 1: Roger. Let's go!

Member of the Solids 2: They never learn, do they?

(The Solids head toward the main gate. There are no guards left in the area.)

(The Party sneaks into the barracks area.)


<Citadel: 3F>

> Someone is on the other side of the door.
> Enter?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Solids (blue hair):
     Th-The Embryon!? You're not the Maribel!

Member of the Solids (green hair):
     Who cares? Food is food. Let's get rid of them.

*Battles 2 Aerial Archangels*


<Citadel: 2F>

(The Party enters a room with various giant statues...)

> The gaze of a giant red-eyed statue is fixed in this direction.

(When the Party steps in front of the statue, the trap-door opens,
 and the Party is dropped to the lowest level dungeon.)

???: Heh heh heh...


<Citadel: 1F Dungeons>

(The Part is dropped into a jail cell.
 The entire area is filled with gas that makes one's head dizzy
 every few steps.)

Argilla: First a pitfall, then toxic gas... These traps are pretty elaborate.

Heat: They add something to the charm of the impregnable citadel,
      don't you think?
      Not that it matters. Let's keep moving.

<Dungeon Room>

> A commotion can be heard in the room...
> Enter?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Party is ambushed by a monster in the cell.)

*Battles 1 Demon Gyu-Ki*

<Citadel: 1F Dungeons>

> The dead body of a member of the Maribel.
> Worn-out words can be seen at the corpse's fingertip.
> Dying message: Don't stand in front of the red-eyed statues...

> The dead body of a member of the Maribel.
> Worn-out words can be seen at the corpse's fingertip.
> Dying message: Left is right, but right is left.

> The dead body of a member of the Maribel.
> Worn-out words can be seen at the corpse's fingertip.
> Dying message: Approach the yellow-eyed ones with caution...


<Citadel: 2F>

(The Party came across two statues facing each other...
 A slot can be found in front of each statue.)

> The statue has red eyes.
> It looks like something can be inserted in the statue's side.

<Room with maze of statues>

> The dead body of a member of the Maribel.
> Worn-out words can be seen at the corpse's fingertip.
> Dying message: Careful with the next one...
                 It's tough...

> A commotion can be heard in the room...
> Enter?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Party is ambushed by a demon waiting inside the room.)

*Battles 1 Dragon Tarrasque*

> Obtained R Statue Key x 1.

<Another room with maze of statues>

> The dead body of a member of the Maribel.
> Worn-out words can be seen at the corpse's fingertip.
> Dying message: Watch out for that woman.
                 She will repel you...

> Someone is on the other side of the door.
> Enter?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Solids (woman):
     Aha... I thought the thong chick had come back again...
     ...but this is some bitch in a long, ugly skirt.
     Either way, you have horrible taste, so you might as well die!

*Battles 1 Evil Valkyrie*

> Obtained L Statue Key x 1.

(Party goes back to the room with the two statues facing each other...)

(Serph used the two keys and deactivated both statues.)

Argilla: So much for the traps. Now, we need to find Mick...

Heat: Something's not right.
      I smell a rat... Let's be careful.


<Citadel: 12F>

<Mick's Room>

> This seems to be Mick's room.
> Enter Mick's room?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party runs in, but does not see Mick.)

(Demon soldiers appears from the shadows and surround the Party.)

Member of the Solids: So, Embryon came. Just like he said.
                      Bat came squealing to us.
                      Mick has probably devoured the Maribel's leader by now.

Argilla: -- He what?

Heat: That bastard! 
      Shoud've devoured him when I had the chance.

(The Solids transformed into a demon and faces the Party.)

Turdak: Feeding time!

*Battles 4 Demon Ikusas*
*Reinforcement: 4 Demon Ikusas*
*Reinforcement: 2 Demon Ikusas, 1 Demon Turdak*

(The Party defeats the group of Solids.)

Argilla: We're required to obey our leaders by law!
         How could he betray her?

Heat: I'm not surprised...
      Following an incompetent leader tends to get you killed pretty 
      damn fast.

Argilla: Heat!

Heat: So what now? You wanna run away like sissies?

Argilla: Serph, we can't leave Jinana. Let's rescue her.


%Heat: So we came here to trap them...
       ...by walking right into the fire.
       What the hell, Serph?

%Argilla: Jinana and the Maribel should be at the front gate.
          Let's hurry, Serph.


<Citadel: 1F>

<Main Gate>

> Jinana should be on the other side.
> Open the citadel gate?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party sees dead Maribel soldiers littered across the battlefield.)

(They see Mick, beating upon Jinana mercilessly.)

Mick: Did ya really expect to beat me on an empty stomach!?

(Mick threw Jinana's body toward the Party.)

Argilla: Jinana, are you...

Heat: No way! That stupid woman never devoured anyone!?

Jinana: I'm the same as you... I won't kill needless--

(Jinana began to loose control and change. She pushes Argilla aside...)

Argilla: Jinana--?

(Jinana tries to resist her change, but it is no use.)

Jinana: Get... away...! Far... from me.


<Meanwhile in Muladhara...> 

(Sera sings by herself...)

(The mysterious cat, Cielo, and Gale are beside her.)

(Cielo tries to befriend the cat, wagging his fingers.)

(Gale tries to hum along. An image of a crying woman flashes across
 his mind.  He is perplexed.)

Gale: What... was that?

(Gale's eyes flashes briefly, but it turns back to its original grayish hue.)

(The image of Jinana's Atma flashed across Sera's mind. She is
 suddenly alarmed.)

Sera: Everyone! Run...!


<Back at the Citadel gate...>

Argilla: Jinana...

Mick: Heh... Ha ha!
      Mwa ha ha HA!
      So, she's turned all demon now, eh?
      Seems like anyone who has the power ends up like that sooner or later.
      It started happening to some a' my men...
      But, they sure stated good going down.
      Serves 'em right for trying to gang up on me.

(Jinana has finished her transformation...)

Mick: Have fun devouring each other.
      And I'm gonna go snack on whatever soldiers that stupid bitch still has

(The Party has no choice, Serph and Heat transform into their demon forms.)

Heat: Change, dammit! Don't show her any mercy!

(Jinana whips her demonic vines at Argilla, barely missing her.)

(With no choice, Argilla conceeds and changes into her demon form.)

*Boss Battle: Asura Usas*

(The Party defeats Jinana; Jinana falls in a pool of blood.)

*Argilla kneels beside Jinana.*

Argilla: Jinana...

Jinana: You three... are strong. *Smiles faintly*

Argilla: There's a girl at our base who can help you control this power.
         It won't be like this anymore.
         You and I get along don't we? 
         I'm sure the others will like you as well.
         Come with us... Okay? Come and see Sera... Please...?

(Argilla's tears fall upon Jinana's cheek.)

Jinana: Your eyes... Those are...
        They must be... tears...

Argilla: I... I don't know... why.
         They keep coming... I can't stop, Jinana.

(Jinana holds a hand to Argilla's cheek.)

Jinana: Argilla, do not be sad.
        Finally... I have become... your comrade.

(Jinana's gray eyes flashes into color briefly...)

Argilla: Comrade?

Jinana: Yes... Your comrade.
        Saying it... feels right.

(Jinana closes her eyes, and her hand falls.  She has passed.)

*Heat walks over to Argilla.*

Heat: Devour her.

*Argilla slaps Heat across the face.*

Argilla: We're finding Mick.
         Nirvana's suppose to be paradise, right?
         We'll return to normal. Nobody will suffer like this anymore.
         That's it... I'm tired of this place.

Heat: What a waste...

(Bat perched upside-down from the roof of the Citadel, witnessing the
 entire event.)

--|| Interlude 3: ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G3 ]-------

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Do not worry about Sera's safety.
     None of the other Tribes should know she is here.

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     I am not as hungry when I hear Sera singing.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Member of the Embryon (light blue hair):
     This is the first time I have heard a song. What is this feeling, boss?

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     Leave Muladhara to us.

%Heat: I know I've heard that song somewhere before...

%Argilla: I finally understand what Sera meant when she said she came here
          to help us.
          Her song is the only thing preventing us from losing our grip
          on humanity.


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: Outside>

%Argilla: Comrades...
          I wonder if we're "comrades" too.

%Heat: I know you're hungry, but try to wait a little longer.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     You killed Jinana? I expect no less from our leader.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Reports claim Mick is invading Manipura right now.

%Argilla: I wonder if leaving Jinana there was right...

	- She's risen to the clouds by now.

                Argilla: Those who die rise to the clouds and fall back to the
                         Junkyard as rain.
                         That's natural... But, it feels like I'm forgetting
                         something important.

	- It seems we're forgetting something.

                Argilla: I know. Isn't there... something you do when a
                         person dies?
                         And, why does my... chest hurt?

%Mysterous Cat: > It's that animal.
                > Its eyes seem to be filled with compassion for Argilla.

%Heat: Why're we wasting time here? Shouldn't we be chasing that fat sack
       of crap?
       Don't tell me... We aren't gonna kill him, either?

	- We must avenge Jinana's death.

                Heat: Then let's get our asses moving!

	- ...I don't want to fight him.

                Heat: If that's how you're approaching this, then you're
                      going to die.
                      Your half-assed thinking's already cost people their
                      lives. If you hadn't stopped me before...
                      Y'know what? Fine, go ahead and die. At least then I
                      can show this Tribe what a real leader is like.

%Ex-member of the Maribel:
     I've been looking for you, man marked by the Water Crown.
     Is it... true that Jinana died?

	- I am sorry...

                XMoM: Dammit! I'm going to tear Bat apart for this!
                      I'm going to kill that son of a...
                      You'll kill him for me if you can, right?

	- It is true.

                XMoM: Dammit! I'll eat Bat alive for this!
                      I'm going to kill that son of a...
                      You'll kill him for me if you can, right?

%Member of the Solids:
     So her beautiful body is gone...
     Hey, don't gimme that. I'm trying t'feel sorry for her.
     ...Why would I pity her, anyway?


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Member of the Wolves:
     The world has awoken because of Atma. We will all begin...
     ...to change...

%Member of the Brutes:
     Even if you kill Jinana, we Brutes are number one!

--|| Manipura: Diversions  ||-----------------------------------[ #3H2 ]-------

[Manupura: Maribel Territory]

<Former Meribel Base: Entrance>

(The Former Meribel Base is now adorned with the Embryon's flag.)

(The former Meribel base is up in smoke... The party is too late.)

(Argilla noticed Gale's arrival with Embryon members.) 

Argilla: Gale!
         Why're you here?

Gale: Sera said something unusual...
      ...that you were in danger.

Heat: Sera said that? But, how--!? She couldn't have known...

Gale: What transpired?

(The Party takes a moment to update Gale on the situation.)

Gale: I see. We have failed.
      Let us devise a new plan.

(Argilla became irritated with Gale's being unmoved by the turn of events.)

Argilla: Plan! Plan! Plan!
         How can you be like that!? Our comrade died!

*Argilla grabs Gale in anger.*

Gale: ...Comrade?
      I do not comprehend.

*Argilla lets go of Gale and walks away.*

Heat: Just ignored her.
      She's just pissed 'cause her girlfriend got killed.

Gale: What is 'pissed'?
      'Her girlfriend'...?

*Heat shakes his head.*

Argilla: We're going after Mick. Don't try to stop us.

Gale: You have a point. I believe it may still be feasible, now that 
      he has left the Citadel.
      This is acceptable. I will now accompany you.

> Gale joined the party.


%Gale: Mick is our target. There is little reason to kill others needlessly.

%Heat: You really think it's okay to leave Cielo in charge?

%Argilla: Ready, Serph?

%Member of the Embryon (red hair):
     Cielo is guarding Sera. Please, do not worry.



%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     This territory's ours, now that Jinana's dead.
     Let's flush out the invading Solids.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (wounded):
     Some of the Solids are able to kill their enemies in a single strike.
     Do not underestimate them.


[Former Meribel Base]

(The Party sees Solids running around the base.)

> That is a member of the Solids.

(The Party chases after the running Solids.)


<Gate 04>

> Sounds can be heard from the other side of the gate.
> Go through the gate?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Solids members slowly present themselves to the Party, but they do nothing.)

Argilla: What's up with these guys?
         Where the hell is Mick!?

(Heat steps forward, and the Solids seem to retreat slowly.)

Gale: They are not attacking. This is a diversion.

Argilla: A diversion...? What do you mean? We're outnumbered.

(Serph and Heat noticed someone behind the Party -- it is Bat.)

Bat: Think again, dumbass.

Heat: Bastard...

Gale: I understand... This was a trap.

(Bat transforms and attacks the party.)

*Boss Battle: Asure Camazotz, 2 Fiend Baphomet*
Camazotz: Hehe... Well, let the fun begin.
Camazotz: Heh heh, do I sense some hostility?
          Not so fast... You gotta eat your vegetables before you can dessert!
Camazotz: Bravo, bravo.
          Heh heh, I guess it's my turn now.

(Heat runs off, presumably back to the Embryon Base.)

Prithivi: What the hell is going on!?

*Argilla held Bat down on the ground.*

Camazotz: *Snickers* You're too late.
          That stupid girl's in Mick's hand by now.

Prithivi: How do you know about Sera!?

(Bat taunts Argilla and mimics her tone of voice...)

Camazotz: "There's a girl at our base who can help you control this power."
          "Come with us... Come and see Sera... Please...?"

Prithivi: You... son of a--

Gale: They are a step ahead of us... if they knew that much.
      They are planning to neutralize us... using Sera's power.

Prithivi: How do you know that?
          Don't tell me that you...

Gale: It is logical.

Prithivi: She's just a girl who can sing.
          How dare you drag her into this mess!

Gale: I do not comprehend.
      Logic demands the most efficient response to...

Prithivi: No!
          It's not right!

(Argilla begins to turn back to normal.
 Bat kicks her away and escapes into the sky.)

Camazotz: I'll taste your flesh one day, woman!

Gale: It may be too late. We should return to base.

Member of the Solids:
     Ha ha ha! Close the gate!
     Don't let them get away.

> Heat left the party.

(The Solids locked the gates, trapping the Party inside the base.)


[Former Meribel Base]


%Ex-member of the Maribel (wounded):
     That green object appeared as light fell from the sky.
     It appears to heal anything it comes into contact with.

<Gate 06>

> A presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Proceed through the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Solids: Ha ha ha! You idiots won't escape that easily.

*Battles 3 Beast Kelpies*
*Reinforcement: 3 Beast Kelpies*
Kelpie: Hehehe. C'mon and relax, brudda.
        Let's have some fun togetha. Hahaha!
*Reinforcement: 3 more Beast Kelpies*
*Reinforcement: 1 last Beast Kelpie*
Kelpie: ...Huh? Yo. I'm da only one left!?

Member of the Solids: Crap, they're getting away. After them!

<Gate 07>

Member of the Solids: Stop where you are!

Member of the Solids: We almost missed 'em... Good thing we were in a hurry.
                      There they are, at gate #7. Outnumber them!

*Battles 2 Beast Nues*
*Reinforcement: 3 Beast Nues*
*Reinforcement: 3 Beast Nues*
*Reinforcement: 3 Beast Nues*
*Reinforcement: 1 last Nue*

<1F: Alley>

Member of the Solids: Dammit! They're already here...
                      Weren't we supposed to stall them here...?

*Battles 2 Fiend Onkots*
*Reinforcement: 3 Fiend Onkots*
*Reinforcement: 4 Fiend Onkots*

<Main Gate>

Member of the Solids: I said wait, dammit!!

*Boss Battle: Evil Atavaka*

(The Party leaves the premise to return to base.)

--|| Interlude 4  ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G4 ]-------

[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Former Maribel Base: Entrance>

%Gale: They are one step ahead of us.
       Bat and Mick are more intelligent than they seem.

%Argilla: What should I do? It's all my fault...

%Ex-member of the Maribel:
     Jinana's dead... We lost our territory... And, everyone's acting weird.



%Ex-member of the Maribel 1:
     What the hell!? Those damn Solids are acting like they still own
     the place.
     ...Pisses me off.

%Ex-member of the Maribel 2:
     I guess we're following you from now on, huh? It's nice to meet you, sir.


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: Entrance>

%Gale: They do not pose a threat. We should return to headquarters immediately.

%Argilla: Serph, worry about Sera for now.


[Anahata: Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Gale: Strategically, there is no reason to be here.
       Bat's diversion was intended to distract us in order for the main
       force to capture Sera.
       Thus, wasting time here plays into the enemy's hands, and puts us
       at a disadvantage.
       We must move quickly if we are to ensure Sera's safety and stymie
       Mick's plans.
       What I mean to say, is that we need to return to headquarters
       Do you understand, Serph?

	- I understand.

                Gale: Then, let us be on our way.
                      We need to return to headquarters immediately.

	- I do not understand.

                Gale: I shall repeat it, then:
                      *Gale repeats the whole thing again.*

%Argilla: Enough, already! We don't have time for lectures!


[Savasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     It seems our headquarters was attacked.
     H-Hurry! You have to return to base and help them!

%Ex-member of the Vanguard:
     I-I've never even considered betraying you, sir...

%Argilla: I'm an idiot for letting someone like him trick me again...

%Ex-member of the Maribel:
     Jinana named us all comrades...
     And then that bastard, Bat...!

%Member of the Solids:
     I'm only a messenger. I don't have anything to do with Mick's plans.
     That sissy over there's glaring at me, and I can't stand it!


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Gale: Has Argilla been like that all along...?
       I doubt she can still operate at full capacity.

%Member of the Wolves:
     Betrayal is the most shameful of sins. The Wolves detest it.

%Member of the Brutes:
     You wussy Tribes can waste your time killing each other...
     The Brutes are goin to Nirvana.

--|| Muladhara: Solids' Invasion ||-----------------------------[ #3D2 ]-------

[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     I... I didn't run away! That was part of my strategy.
     If you know you're outclassed in battle, escape and rearrange your forces.
     That's a basic tenet of warfare! Don't blame me!

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair, wounded):
     A-Am I going to die... again? I'm... tired of dying... Mother...


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Argilla (tendint to the girl): Serph, I think this girl will make it!

%Member of the Embryon (light blue haired girl):
     I'm sorry... Mick... took the girl...

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair, wounded):
     The Solids... They attacked us...

%Gale: They did not even spare time to devour our fallen.
       This assault was well planned out.

<Middle Layer: Primary Halls>

(Blood can be seen splattered all over the wall.)

(Embryon members no longer guard the halls...)


<Strategy Room>

(Bood and bullet holes can be seen all over the Strategy Room.
 The room is trashed thoroughly.)

(Cielo slumps in a corner of the room, wounded.)

Heat: Why the hell couldn't you protect one girl!?

*Heat walks over to Cielo and grabs him by the collar.*

Cielo: I'm... sorry. I...

*Heat drops Cielo onto the ground in anger.*

Gale: Why are you so concerned with Sera?
      You do not know, do you?

Heat: I'll kill you--

*Serph grabs Heat's arm before Heat can lay a punch on Gale.*

Argilla: That's enough!

Gale: It is not just Heat. You have all changed since Sera arrived.
      You may be confused, but do not blame Cielo.

Heat: Cute little speech... but what about you, huh?

Gale: I have not changed.

(The same image of a crying woman flashes through Gale's mind once more.
 But Gale dismisses it.)

Gale: I am myself.
      The solution lies in Sera's lost memories.
      Instead of simply lashing out, let us think.

*Gale walks over to Cielo.*

Gale: Where is Sera?
      They allowed you to live in order to give us that information.
      Where is she?

Cielo: ...the northern ruins at coordinate 136...

(Heat runs out in a hurry as soon as he heard the next destination.)

Argilla: Heat!

Gale: He cannot succeeed alone. We should follow.

Cielo: I...

(Cielo's eyes flash into color. His self has awakened like the others.)

Cielo: I wanna come along, too!
       I gotta redeem myself for all dis!

Argilla: You should rest here. You won't be much help if you're hurt.

(The Party leaves the room without Cielo.)

> Heat joined the party.


%Gale: Cielo also shows signs of emotional instability.
       I wonder if this power is causing the change.

%Argilla: Everything's going to change. Sera will guide us...
          ...whether she knows it or not.

%Cielo: I don't just want to get even... I owe her, now.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Gale: I ordered a watch on Cielo. He may try to leave on his own.
       It is becoming difficult to keep the Tribe members under control,
       especially Heat.
       Have you noticed?

%Argilla: Coordinate 136... That's where the ruins are.
          They're using Sera as bait to lure us into their trap.

%Heat: Stop screwing around. We need to get Sera back!

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair, standing now):
     We will keep watch on Cielo. Serph, you be careful as well.
     I'm tired of seeing people die.

%Member of the Embryon (light blue haired girl):
     It hurts... but I can fight. Please, sir... I want to be useful.


<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     I wonder what Nirvana's like.
     Is it really worth all this trouble?

%Member of the Embryon (green hair): With my Atma powers...
 Member of the Embryon (red hair): ...and my gunfire...
 Member of the Embryon (both): ...we're the perfect couple! No rival Tribe
                               can withstand the might of our combined powers!
 Member of the Embryon (red hair): Next time, they won't stand a chance.

--|| Interlude 5: ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G5 ]-------

[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: Entrance>

%Gale: Mick's plan is obvious.
       Sera's safety is guaranteed, but we will be unable to move against
       our enemy.
       For the moment, we can only prepare by increasing our combat abilities.

%Argilla: They're going to trap you by using Sera as a shield.
          You should really stay here...
          But, I know you aren't going to listen.

%Heat: That chunky bastard! If he does anything to Sera...
       ...I'll tear out his heart and hang it from that damn citadel.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1:
     Rookies keep springing up, no matter how many of them we devour.
     They're like machines.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2:
     Those rookies are still resisting. I can't devour any more of them...
     Can you handle them, sir?


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Former Maribel Base: Entrance>

%Gale: If Mick managed to defeat you, the Solids would become the Strongest
       Should the Wolves or Brutes realize this fact, they will attempt 
       to interfere.
       This would only cause unnecessary complications.
       We need to eliminate the Solids as soon as possible.

%Argilla: Serph... Do you think Sera will go along with Mick's plan?
          Won't they lose their powers, as well?

%Heat: I don't care what that dumb sack of crap is planning.
       We'll take her back by force.



%Ex-member of the Maribel:
     You can count on us if you get in a fix, believe you me.


[Anahata: Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Gale: A second repetition seems superflouous, but so be it:
       When circumstances change, so do intended destinations. There is no
       reason to remain here.
       The Solids are fortified at the Citadel and coordinate 136. 
       The Citadel is already clear.
       Thusly, coordinate 136 remains. We must go now to coordinate 136.
       It is quite simple, really.
       Do you comprehend?

	- I comprehend.

                Gale: Then coordinate 136 is our new destination. 
                      Let us proceed.

	- I do not comprehend.

                Gale: I shall repeat it then. 
                      *Gale repeats the whole thing...*

%Argilla: You like this place that much? 
          Why? Nothing here is worthwhile.

%Heat: That Citadel will be ours pretty soon...
       So you just worry about getting Sera back.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Sera is that powerful?
     Who in the world is she?

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     I've heard of this area, coordinate 136.
     Supposedly, it's full of strange buildings, the likes of which we've
     never seen.

%Argilla: I still don't like devouring... 
          But, how can we fight if we lose our powers?

%Heat: Sera'd never go with that ass bastard...

%Ex-member of the Maribel:
     Jinana told us that Nirvana is a world without war...
     She called it paradise...
     Can such a world really exist?

%Member of the Solids:
     I hear coordinate 136 is full of clever traps and puzzles.
     Geez, just trying to show my enemy a little mercy... whatever that is.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Gale: I have yet to form a strategy. 
       It is best to look for a weakness we might exploit.

%Member of the Wolves:
     Our current battle is waged against the Brutes.
     We are currently overpowered... But, in the end, we will triumph.

%Member of the Brutes:
     You're next, after the Wolves are devoured. Hope yer ready...

--|| Coordinate 136: The Two Princes ||-------------------------[ #3J0 ]-------

[Coordinate 136: Ruins]

(The Party enters coordinate 136. It is a strange ruin with abandoned stalls,
 fallen archways, and a beautiful white castle.)


%Argilla: What's this building? I've seen it somewhere before.

%Heat: What the hell... I've never seen a building like that...
       ...Then, why do I feel like I know it?

%Gale: These must be the ruins. 
       I assume they want us to proceed inside.

	- The ruins of what?

                Gale: Many old cities are buried underneath the Junkyard.
                      This appears to be one such city, though the style of
                      architecture is unlike others I have seen.
                      There are no apparent uses for such an odd style.
                      I do not comprehend.

	- ...Is this an amusement park?

                Gale: What is an "amusement park?"

			- It is a place to have fun.

                                Gale: Fun? I do not comprehend.
                                      We should proceed with caution...

			- I am not exactly sure.

                                Gale: Lately, I have trouble understanding you.
                                      The world seems to ignore logic, and 
                                      people are acting irrationally.


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

(The Party enters the Castle-like building... Its decor seems to be from
 a land far away.)


<Cut Scene: Back in the Embryon Base...>

(Cielo stares at the ceiling while lying on the bed. He's being detained
 inside his room, and he's bored out of his skulls.)

(The Cat walks out from under the bed. It climbs the side of the bed and 
 seeks attention from Cielo.)

Cielo: 'ey, how'd you get in here, little kitty cat?

Cat: Meow~~

(The Cat runs over to the door and scratches it, wanting to be let out.)

Cielo: Sorry, my little friend. De guard not gwon let us outside dis room.

(Cielo seemed like he suddenly has a good idea.)

Cielo's voice: Hey, little help please?

Embryon Guard: If I open this door, Gale will eat me alive.

Cielo's voice: It isn't me!
               It's, uh... de cat! De cat's doin' it! I think he wants to 
               go outside.

Embryon Guard: The cat?
               You mean, a CAT cat? 

Cielo's voice: Ja, that cat. Aww, he's so cute... Come on, let him out!

Cat's voice: Meow~~

(The guard thinks for a bit and opens the door a little bit.
 The Cat jumped into his face, catching the guard...well, off guard.)

Guard: Gah!!

(Cielo knocked into the guard while he's pre-occupied with the Cat and
 ran over him.)

Cielo: Nice work, little bro!

(The Cat went on its merry way, shaking it out a bit as he walked.)

Cielo: 'ey! Where ya goin'?


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<1F: Entrance>

(The Party walks into the Castle. They are greeted by the automatic

> A static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

Welcome to Destiny Land's beautiful Mystery Castle.
The story to be told now...
...is that of a beautiful princess and two princes.
What dramatic conclusion awaits you along this path?
Now, open the door, and watch the tale unfold...
Let us depart on a journey of mystery and adventure!

> The transmission faded away...


<1F: Halls>

> A static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

This story took place not long ago...
In a certain kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess with mysterious powers. 
Her powers were very special, for they protected the country and drove 
away hardship.
However, one day, an evil being captured the princess, and planned to use
her powers for evil.
She was imprisoned high up in a tall tower.
In a neighboring kningdom, there lived two princes, who happened to be close
friends of the princess.
Their personalities were exact opposites of one another.
One prince was always kind...
The other was brash, and took a liking to violence.
Thus, behind their backs...
People begain calling them the "good prince" and the "evil prince."
In fact, the princess was secretly in love with the good prince.

> The transmission faded away...

(The Party comes upon a large painting of the princess...
 She had long black hair and is dressed in a pink dress.)

> A voice emanates from the painting...

Princess: Oh, my good prince! I wish I could convey how my heart truly feels...
          Dearest traveler, might you carry these tidings to my beloved?
          As for his whereabouts...
          A fairy named Twinklebell may be able to guide you.
          Otherwise, as the people...
          ...the people behind those doors.

(The barriers to the side doors are removed.)
Princess: ........
          ...No, forget what I just asked of you.
          I am a captive... Dreaming otherwise will only cause pain and sorrow.

%Princess: I want to tell the good prince how I truly feel.
           That's my one true wish...

(The Party comes upon a glowing pixie statue...)

Twinklebell: Hi There! How are you?
             Are you enjoying Mystery Castle?
             My name's Twinklebell, and I'll be your navigator today.
             Nice to meet you!
             The first attraction is...
             "Show the prince how much the princess luuuuuvs him."
             There are a lot of portraits on this floor -- all of the prince.
             Unfortunately, there's only one portrait of the good prince,
             whom she loves.
             Please convey her love to the right person...
             If you listen carefully to what everyone says, you should be 
             able to find him.
             The good prince is dressed in blue. Don't forget that!
             If you talk to the evil prince, you'll be in big trouble...
             Well then, happy searching!

(If you just walk by Twinklebell without talking to her first...)

Twinklebell: Heeey, you jerk! Don't you dare ignore me!
             Didn't the princess tell you to talk to me?
             Geez, take someone's advice.
             *sigh* Okay, I'll start all over.
             *Proceeds with her script above*


<1F: West Halls>

(There are many paintings hung on the walls...)

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Polulace: Some fell victim to the evil prince's traps.
          Please return safely.

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: The good prince was always calm.
          I've heard that he lived by the credo, "slowly make haste."

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: Nobles look identical when seen from a distance.
          The only way to distinguish good from evil is to examine them 
          up close.

<1F: East Halls>

(There are many paintings hung on the walls...)

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: The good prince, eh?
          I think he dwells in lands east of the princess.

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: Be careful, young traveler!
          Be wary on your journey to locate the good prince...
          The evil prince has surely laid traps to impede your progress.

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: You wanna know where the good prince is?
          I think there's a treasure chest nearby. Yeah, that's it...
          Look for the chest.


<B1: Jail Cells>

(There will be many traps laid by the Evil Prince. If the Party comes near
 the Evil Prince, they will be dropped into a cell below...)

(Skeletons and more paintings hang on the walls of these cells.)

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: If you betray humanity, you'll rot in prison. Heh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: Tired of falling yet? Aww, I'm just ribbin' ya.
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: You fell again... Why not peacefully rest here...?
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: I am a murderer... I killed someone, and then I died.
          I suppose in a way... I killed myself. Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: The good prince is to the east of the princess.
          This is definitely true.
          However, you must pass through the west side of the castle in
          order to reach the east.
          It's a long way, so please be careful.

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: I'm sure you've already figured out that you're boned...
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice emanates from the painting...
Populace: I'm forced to live my life as a mere painting...
          ...all because I couldn't escape the traps set by the evil prince.
          Trust me, every painting west of the princess is the evil prince.
          Don't fall for his traps!

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: Why do you keep trying? Can't get the princess outta your skull?
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: Do you fight in the calcium? Ugh... that was a bad one.
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: C'mon, where's your nerve? ...Not that I have any.
          Hyeh heh heh...

> A voice is heard from the skeleton on the wall...
Skeleton: Still not giving up...? Well, we know you're not spineless.
          Hyeh heh heh...


<1F: East Halls>

(Finally, pitfalls after pitfalls...the Party finally finds the portrait
 of the Good Prince.)

> A voice emanates from the painting...

Good Prince: Hm...? You are here to convey the princess's feelings for me?
             So then, she does... I am grateful.
             Please sir, may I ask you a favor, as well?
             Please deliver a message to the princess for me.
             "I admire the strength and kindness with which you inspire
              your country..."
             "Once all is well, I hope that we might walk together along a
              beach that you fancy."
             That is all. I would appreciate you doing this for me,
             kind traveler.

%Good Prince: Be careful in your travels.


<1F: Main Hall>

(The Party returns to the Princess's portrait to deliver the Good Prince's

> A voice emanates from the painting...

Princess: He said that? Really? Oh, I'm so happy...
          Thank you very much, kind traveler.
          To show you my thanks, I shall remove the obstruction which blocked
          your path.

(The blockage to upper levels has been removed.)

Princess: Oh, my dear, good prince... My feelings grow ever stronger.

%Twinklebell: Congrats!! You just finished the first game!
              The next one's on the third floor.
              Are you ready?


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<2F: Halls>

(Two Yellow Walls blocks the Party's path.)

(Just as the Party is ready to continue and head upstairs...)

Member of the Solids: Yo fellas!

(...two Solids in weird poses stopped the Party.)

Member of the Solids 1: I knew you'd show if I waited here ho.

Member of the Solids 2: Bat and the boss already flew up top.
                        They had the girl with 'em when they flew up high, ho.
                        Hee ho!

Members of the Solids (both): Hee! Ho!

> Continue listening to the HipHop Brothers?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Solids 2: But, but!
                        Get out! Out!
                        You cannot go, ho!
                        And, that's because--
                        We will eat yo' bones! Ho!

(The HipHop Brothers transform into Jack Frost and Pyro Jack and attacks.)

*Battles 1 Fiend Jack Frost, 1 Fiend Pyro Jack*
Jack Frost: Hee to the ho and we gotta go...
Pyro Jack: This ain't lookin' good ho sheezy yo!
Jack Frost: Shout it, don't devour it, hee ho -- we're screwed!

(After beating them senseless...)

Pyro Jack: Darn! Crap! Damn! Damn!
           Let's retreat for the moment, ho!

(They run. But not before leaving a message for our Party...)

Pyro Jack: ...You suck!

> Obtained Jack Cell.


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<3F: Main Hall>

> A static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

However, in the same manner... The evil prince was madly in love with the
He often interfered with the princess and her love.
He desperatly craved her affections for himself
But try as he might...
No matter what he does...
Her feelings for the good prince never changed.

> The transmission faded away...

Twinklebell: Hey! Twinklebee here!
             This game is called...
             "Let's convey the princess's love by dodging obstacles!"
             The princess and her prince will be facing each other...
             Standing between them is the evil prince, interfering with
             "their love."
             There's also a mirror. Using a switch, you can move the mirror
             and the princess.
             If you manipulate them properly, the princess's love will
             reach the good prince safely.
             Well... Good luck!


<3F: West Mirror Room> and <3F: East Mirror Rooms>

(The Party successfully manipulated the mirrors so the Good Prince recieves
 the princess's light.)

Statue of the Princess: Oh, kind traveller...
                        Thank you for conveying my love to the prince.
                        To show my appreciation, I will unlock the treasure
                        chest in this room.
                        On my good prince... My love for you grows stronger
                        every day...


<3F: Main Hall>

Twinklebell: Congratulations for clearing the stage!
             Head up to the fourth floor for the next one.


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<4F: Main Hall>

> A static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

Once the princess was captured, it wasn't long before the princes came 
to the tower.
They both meant to rescue the princess...
However, the evil prince, in his hatred for the good prince...
Challeneged him to a duel, that he might never reach the princess.
There, in front of the princess, the two men faced each other...
...and the duel began!

> The transmission faded away...

Twinklebell: Hi there. Twinklebell's back!
             This game is called...
             "Reproduce the duel by having the princes face each other."
             A statue of the good prince is on the roller coaster.
             Move the statue so that it faces the evil prince.
             By the way, the statue of the evil prince is...
             Over there! (Right by the exit.)
             See that cross panel near him? Head toward that!
             Oh, and before I forget...
             You can look around the room in zoom mode by moving the 
             right analog stick.
             Press the circle button to change the view back to normal mode.
             Well, good luck!

(After fiddling around with the contraptions and riding the roller coasters
 a couple times for the heck of it... The duel is finally set up.)

> The duel preparation is complete.

(The Party proceeds to the upper level.)


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<6F: Main Hall>

> A terribly static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

But.... prince... a blow from... ...
laughed... killing... princess
The princess... was...
n fact, the "...prince" was really prince...
And... the ...
To save... beloved princess... challenged...
The "...prince... "...prince" ... in fact was human...

> The transmission faded away...


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<7F: Dark Room>

(After climbing the stairs, the Party arrived in a dark room.
 The plaques of each parts of the story is displayed along with a 
 gloomy painting...)

> A static broadcast can be heard from somewhere...

The truly good prince was struck by a fatal blow
But, before he could
The princess collasped in front of the tragically slain body
Her heart was overcome with despair, and that power called forth great 
Thusly, the world fell under a terrible darkness.

> The transmission faded away...

> The title of the painting is displayed.
  "Carrying your corpse in the darkness where light cannot reach."

(The light puzzle cannot be activated because the room is so dark.)

(However, as they walk around the room, the Party noticed a crack in the
 wall.  It glows softly, as though light is just behind it.)

> The sign is cracked, and light is shining through the cracks.

Heat: We went through all those stupid games, just to find a dead end!?
      I'm in a hurry here. No more of this crap!!

*Heat punches the wall where the crack was... it broke.*

(Light now shines into the room.)

Gale: So, at times, illogical outbursts may open up new paths.
      I assume that next, we must use this light as our guide.

(The Party climbs downstairs into the roller coaster area.)


<6F: Puzzle Room>

Twinklebell: Ahh, it's finally gotten light again...!
             I was worried it'd stay dark forever.
             I can't believe it got so dark...
             The device was working fine, before.
             But, you saved me. Thanks bunches!
             Well, this game is called... Er...
             I haven't looked at the script in awhile, so... Heh, sorry!
             But, oh -- hey! 
             I bet that picture of the princess is the key!
             That depressing picture wasn't there before.
             I bet a path will open if you do something with it.
             This is the last stage, so hang in there!

(After the Party finishes the puzzle, the light shines upon the gloomy
 painting on the 7th floor.  It is destroyed, revealing a path to the very
 topmost floor.)

Twinklebell: You're awesome!
             You figured out the game without any explanation from me!
             That's a good lesson: think for yourself, and take action.

(The Party climbs upward. Up and up and up the stairs...)


[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<11F: Princess's Chamber>

(The Princess's Chamber is desolated. Shards of broken windows littered
 the floor.)

> The presence of humans can be felt outside.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party opens the door to the balcony outside.)


<11F: Balcony>

(Mick and Bat awaits the Party outside. Mick holds Sera in his grip.)

Sera: Serph!

Mick: Oh, how nice. You came all this way so that I could devour you.
      C'mon, let's hear you sing. And if you do a good job, I'll bring you 
      along to Nirvana.

Sera: Who'd want to go with you?

Mick: Aww, y'don't like me? Well...if you're not going to cooperate, then...
      ...maybe I'll snap yer little neck right now.

Heat: Get your grubby hands off her! I'll tear you apart, y'fat freak!

Mick: *Chuckles* Alright, come n'get a' piece of me.

(Bat sniggers...)

*Heat walks toward Bat to face him... His arms lounging behind his head.*

(Bat walks toward Heat. As he close the distance, in one swift movement, 
 he grabs his knife and stabs Heat in the stomach. Blood splattered onto
 Bat's face.)

(Sera gasps and looks away.)

(Heat is in pain, but managed to hold his voice.)

Bat: Here's a little something for last time.

Heat: You...!

Bat: If you want the girl back, then kill your leader.
     Maybe we'll reward you and your and your sweetheart with a trip to 

(Bat slides the knife out of Heat's stomach.)

Bat: Mick doesn't give a dmang about her, and neither do I.
     Once we're there, she'll all yours.

(Bat whispers to Heat in a low voice.)

Bat: And... Listen carefully. Do as i say, and it'll be worth your while.

(Bat walks away...)

*Heat looks toward Sera and weighs his options...*
*Heat turns to face the Party.*

Argilla: Heat, no! you can't trust that traitor!

Heat: I knew this was coming... Now we'll know for sure who's superior.

Sera: Heat, stop!

(Gale moves forward, but Mick held out his hand.)

Mick: Don't move, maggot!

Gale: There is no alternative. Defeat him, Serph.

*Heat stands before the party, still bleeding, and waiting...*

        - No, I can't.

                *Heat rushes forward to meet Serph.*

                *Event Battle: Asura Agni*
                Heat: Dammit... *Transforms into Agni*
                Agni: Don't wuss out now. This is serious!
                      C'mon! Fight me!!
                Agni: What are you waiting for? C'mon and fight!
                Agni: What's wrong with you!? Are you that weak!?

        - ...I understand.

                *Heat rushes forward to meet Serph.*

                *Event Battle: Asura Agni*
                Heat: Heh... *Transforms into Agni*
                Agni: Alright then... Let's see what you're made of, 
                      Mr. Leader...
                      Time to die!!
                Agni: Heh... Not bad. But, not good enough!
                Agni: Heh heh, so you're ready to get serious...

(Varna was slide across the floor during the fight with Agni.)

(It seems as though Agni smashed Varna into the ground...
 But to Varna's surprise, Agni only smashed the ground besides him on purpose.
 They lock in combat once again.)

(If you chose to fight Heat:)
        Agni: Give me a break, will ya? I'll get Sera back.

(If you chose not to fight Heat:)
        Agni: Act like you're loosing. I'll get Sera back.

(Sera looks on as she comes to a determination. She slips from Mick's grasp.)

(Sera tries to jump off the balcony to escape, but Mick grabbed her arms 
 in time.)

Mick: No y'don't! I don't think so girlie.

(Sera looks upward defiantly. Her eyes flash white, and a great resonance
 swept across the Junkyard.)

(A sound pierces through everyone's head and they all held their heads 
 in pain.)

Argilla: What the--!?

Bat: Gah! My ears...

Mick: Ah... Ugh...

Sera: *Commands* Let go of me.

(Mick lets go of Sera in spite of himself. Sera is dropped into the air and
 falls downward.)

Agni: Sera!

(Bat flies and grabs Sera from midair.)

Camazotz: You witch!

Mick: Hey, nice catch! Now, just don't drop her.

Camazotz: I really thought you were better than this, Mick. 
          ...Guess I was wrong, huh?

Mick: Whaaat!?

Camazotz: I'm going to join the Brutes. It's been my plan all along.

Argilla: I knew it!

(Agni rushes toward Camazotz, however...)

Camazotz: Don't move, moron!
          ... Or I'll crush her skull!

(A beam of laser suddenly shoots across the sky, slicing Bat's wing into

(Bat screams and drops Sera. He falls into the water below.)

(A flying demon rushes forward and snatches Sera in time.)

Dyaus: Gotcha!

Argilla: Cielo!


(While the commotion is going on, Mick tip-toed back inside to room.
 He intends to escape now that the situation is no longer in his favor.)

(However, Gale had already blocked the door.)

Gale: Where are you going?

(Mick seems to be so nervous that he has lost his mind.)

Mick: Mwa-Mwa ha ha HA! ...Heh.

Argilla: Serph, what was it Heat said he'd do back there

	- It went like this...

		Heat: Yep...

	- I forgot.

		Heat: You really suck, you know that?

Heat: We'll tear you apart, you fat freak!

(With no where to run, Mick transforms into a demon in a last ditch effort.)

Mick: DIE!!

*Boss Battle: Asura Rahu (body), Asura Rahu (head)
Rahu: Heh heh, I'll suck the life out of ya!!


<Coordinate 136: Entrance>

Cielo: Here you go, brudda.

(Cielo hands Sera back to Serph. She is still unconcious.)

*Serph looks at Sera in his arms...*

Argilla: Well, it looks like Bat got away.

Gale: We will meet him again. He is strong. 
      He would make a better ally than Cielo.

Cielo: Oh, come on! I totally saved Sera back dere!

Argilla: Are you joking! Bat makes me sick!

Cielo: Yeah, what she said!

Gale: What is "joking?"

Argilla: As far as I know, it means you aren't serious.

Gale: I do not comprehend.

*Sera opens her eyes.*

Sera: Serph...

*Sera holds Serph tightly.*

Sera: Serph!
      I'm sorry!
      You're hurt...

Cielo: Ja, Heat don't understand "self control."

Argilla: Well, at least everyone's alright now.

Sera: I'm sorry. I... I came here to help but...
      I've only created problems.
      There really isnt' anywhere I belong...

Cielo: 'ey, why you say dat, Sera?

Heat: You've got a place to stay.
      Well, I mean... We're y'know...

Argilla: We're comrades, am I right?

Heat: Yeah, thats it...

Sera: Comrades...?

Cielo: *Smiles* Dat's right.

Gale: I do not comprehend.

Argilla: Oh hush, that's enough from you.

Heat: Hey, say something, Serph.

	- Sera's our comrade.

                *Sera runs to hug Serph.*

                Heat: ....... *Scowls*

	- .........

                Argilla: Try speaking up for a change.
                         Well, you know what he means. Don't worry about
                         it, Sera.

                *Sera runs to hug Serph.*

                Heat: ...... *Scowls*


[Coordinate 136: Ruins]


Argilla: Bat and the Brutes will probably come after Sera again.
         What do we do, Serph?

Gale: I have devised a plan. It is time that we trapped them.
      The problem is how we will ensure Sera's safety. 
      We must also choose an ideal location for the trap.

Cielo: An ideal location?
       I know de perfect place!
       I noticed it from de air on de way here.

> They received information on a huge vessel's remains.

--|| Interlude 6  ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G6 ]-------

[Coordinate 136: Ruins]


%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     The Brutes, lead by Varin Omega, should provide a challenge.

%Gale: If events proceed smoothly, we may be able to eliminate some of
       Varin's forces.
       We will regain control of this battle.

%Argilla: That bastard was planning to use Mick all along.
          People are nothing but tools to him. I won't let him get away
          with that...

%Cielo: De place isn't too far from here.
        Just like dis building, I felt like I'd seen it before...

%Heat: Does Sera's power scare you?
       ...Just to let you know, I don't give a damn who she really is.

%Sera: What did I... do to Mick?
       I don't know what you're talking about.
       But... I'm very sorry that you two were hurt so badly.
       It's all my fault...

%Member of the Embryon (orange hair):
     Members of the Solids may still be lurking about.
     We need to conduct a full search.


[Muladhara: Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Sera: I'm sorry, Serph.
       It's all my fault that you have to leave.
       Are you going to miss it?

        - Just... a little.

                Sera: A place like this holds on to everyone's memories.
                      Sad memories are thorns in the searching eye.
                      Happy ones are droplets of gentle life.
                      I remember someone telling me that our lives are
                      journeys across an endless wasteland of corpses...

        - Miss it?

                Sera: You're leaving a place filled with the memories of
                      people who lived here.
                      It must feel sad, to reflect on all the times that
                      has passed here.

%MoE Couple (red hair): I'm sick and tired of this.
                        Why do you always get to devour the enemies that
                        *I* weaken!?
 MoE Couple (green hair): I need to gain power somehow. 
                          What's wrong with that?
 MoE Couple (red hair): So you benefit from all my hard work?
                        No, I'm done with this!

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     Why do we need to kill each other in order to earn a place in paradise?
     ...*cough* Never mind. Forget I said anything.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Heat: We can't keep Sera here any longer.
       I won't let anyone take her... ever again.

%Argilla: I guess this is goodbye for awhile.
          Relocation to a new base never used to affect me, but now...
          It makes me sad.

%Cielo: Too bad dey already know Sera be wit' us.

%Gale: We have already located a new base where we can easily hide Sera.
       I deployed a scout to confirm the area's safety.
       Let us wait for him to report back.


<Middle Layer: Primary Hall>

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     Mick's finally been defeated?
     I'm glad you're all okay.

%Member of the Embryon (light blue haired girl):
     We'll guard this base even if the rest of Embryon relocates.
     ...But, please come back to visit from time to time.


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: Entrance>

%Gale: So, she has no need to consume food for energy?
       I do not comprehend...

%Cielo: Heat is violent when he be devourin' someone.
        It's a bit harsh for girls to watch.

%Argilla: Hm... Has Sera eaten anything since we found her?

%Heat: Sera, aren't you hungry?

%Sera: I'm alright.
       Please don't do anything dangerous.


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Former Maribel Base: Entrance>

%Ex-member of the Maribel (blond hair):
     I'll do anything for you, sir.
     Do you want to... devour me?

%Argilla: What's that girl's problem?
          She's ticking me off.

%Heat: This is lame... C'mon, let's go.

%Sera: Serph, I think Argilla is feeling jealous...



%Gale: They still do not understand that Mick has been defeated.
       This is troublesome.

%Cielo: Why's dat guy actin' like an old geezer?


[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Ex-member of the Solids: OK, yo, let's hear it.
                          Embryon's in the Junkyizzle,
                          kinna get a hell YEAH!?

%Sera: In this world, those who die rise to the clouds and become rain.
       Oh... My head hurts...

%Heat: We're too close to the Brutes... We can't hide Sera here.

%Gale: The same thing is happening here.
       I had intended to make use of the Solids' manpower.

%Argilla: I wonder if Jinana has already risen to the clouds...

%Cielo: I think I'd get along wit' dem, ja?

%Ex-member of the Solids (purple haired girl):
     I'd prefer a Tribe who can really get my groove thing shakin'.
     Sign me up, boss.

%Ex-member of the Solids (blue haired guy):
     Dose of us who won't give up are still hangin' in da Citadel.
     Be careful there, bro.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     We're moving our headquarters near coordinate 136!?
     ...Ah, that's the false information I'm suppose to leak.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Mick was a bigger coward than I thought.
     Er, I mean... It's good to know that you're safe and sound.

%Argilla: Cielo said that a cat warned him we were in danger...
          But, how? Isn't a cat a small animal?

%Heat: Sera doesn't want to go inside.
       Hurry up and finish what you came here for.

%Sera: People have always raised their eyes to the heavens.
       Power, knowledge... This tower is amonument to such ignorant greed.
       If our destiny is to survive by feeding off of others, what does God
       intend by showing us light?
       Hm...? What was I saying?

%Ex-member of the Maribel (red hair):
     If we can kill Bat, then Jinana will finally be avenged...
     I'll do anything I can do to help, sir.

%Ex-member of the Solids:
     "For shelter, a big tree is better than a small one."
     That's how you gotta live in this world.
     Nice to meet you, new boss.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Cielo: Dat was a close call, ja? What do you think, brudda?
        I can be helpful too, y'know!
        Heh... Well, I did have some help.

%Gale: The Wolves are still holding out against the Brutes.
       Now is the time, Serph. We should act fast.

%Member of the Wolves: Damn the Brutes... They have us surrounded...

%Member of the Brutes: I don't give a damn if you moved yer stupid hideout... 
                       Get lost!

--|| Deserted Ship: Bat Hunting ||------------------------------[ #3K0 ]-------

[Sandy Beach: Deserted Ship]

<Ship: Entrance>

%Cielo: Look at Sera, bro. She look so happy...
        What was dat, before... crying?
        Her happy face seems ta fit her more dan a crying one.

%Argilla: That's a ship, isn't it?
          Don't they float... in the... ...ocean?

%Heat: Hey, Serph... Does it feel like you've seen this hunk of junk before?

        - Actually, yeah...

                Heat: You think so, too...
                      Sera, Argilla, Cielo -- all of us...
                      Doesn't it feel like we've been on this thing before?

        - No. We've never seen this before.

                Heat: That would make sense, but...
                      It's just like everything else. Something's not right...

%Gale: What is this?

        - It's called a ship.

                Gale: I know that.
                      In addition, I know that it is a seafaring vessel.
                      But, why is it here?
                      And the fact that I know about it...
                      How can that be...?

        - I don't know. What is it?

                Gale: I have never seen this before, but it resembles a 
                      warship. That is simple to understand...
                      But, why would such a craft be landlocked here?
                      And the fact that I know about warships...
                      How can that be...?

%Member of the Embryon:
     Sir, we're setting a trap here, correct?
     Don't forget to stock up on items before the mission.
     There probably won't be time to return for more.

        - I'm ready.

                MoE: We are fighting against the Brutes.
                     It may be a battle with death itself, but... don't die.

        - You're right...

                MoE: Well then, there's no time to lose?
                     Replenish your supplies at once.
                     There's no telling when they're going to attack!


<Inside the Ship>

(It seems to be an elaborate and high-class cruiser. The interior looks 
 luxurious, despite how run-down it had become.)

*Sera walks around and takes the view in.*

Sera: We have to destroy this ship...?

Gale: We will spread a rumor that you are hidden here. to get the attention of 
      Bat and the Brutes.
      Needless to say, this is a trap.

Argilla: They show up expecting to find Sera, and... boom!

(Sera becomes saddened, she looks at each of them. Her gaze settled on Serph.)

*Serph nods.*

Cielo: Hey, c'mon...! Why don't we try somewhere else? Eh? Guys?

Gale: The structure's material and design make this environment highly 

Cielo: Is it really dat simple?
       I mean, dey'll know it's a trap when Sera's not here!

Gale: "Sera" will be here.

Argilla and Cielo: Huh!?

(Sera looks at the Party. She seems confused, as well.)

(After a long while... )

(Cielo slowly steps backward as "Sera" walks toward the Party...)

(It was Argilla in Sera's clothes... She smiles and poses.)

(Cielo gave the Party a distressed, but wiry, look.)

Cielo: Okay... Dis seriously won't work.

Gale: Why is that?

Cielo: Obviously! Sera's isn't dis tall,
       her hair is way different,
       and her arms ain't dat thick--

*Cielo tries his best to gesture frantically how Argilla is nothing 
 like Sera.*

Sera (Argilla): Well, excuse me.

*Argilla knocks Cielo upside the head.*

Gale: They only need to be decieved from the distance.

(A member of the Embryon runs in and interrupts the session.)

Member of the Embryon: Boss, the Brutes are here!

Cielo: Already!?

Gale: ...Sera and Heat?

Member of the Embryon: They left for our new headquarters a few moments ago.
                       I hope they weren't spotted,

Gale: They moved faster than I expected.
      We must hurry; if we do not, they will devour us.

Cielo: Okay, okay! Let's do dis, den. Let's go!

Gale (To Argilla): Remain here and intercept Bat.
                   He is sure to enter through the windows.

Sera (Argilla): Understood.

Gale: Let us go. We will set traps for them throughout the ship.


<Sandy Beach: Outskirt>

(Meanwhile... Bat and the Brutes scout the area...)

Bat: *Sniffs* I can smell that Sera girl's scent in the ar.
     That woman's there too.

(Bat and Varin sees the vague outline of "Sera" on the deck of the ship.)

Bat: There's no mistake. Varin--

(Varin grabs Bat by the neck obruptly. He's not pleased.)

(Bat gasps in pain.)

Varin: Don't ever call me by that name.
       I am a colonel.
       Colonel Beck.

<Varin's flashback: Dissemination Room>

(It was from when Angel summoned the Tribe leaders to the Karma Temple.)

(After all the leaders had left, Varin stayed to confront Angel...)

Varin: That's right.
       And I even know who YOU really are, Angel!
       Now get me the hell out of here!

Angel: Very interesting...
       If you truly are the Colonel, you would know that is not possible.
       After all, it was you who requested this world be locked. Was it not?
       You must open the door on your own.

Varin: Don't give me that Nirvana crap. How dare you speak to me!

Angel: On that day, everything changed.
       Now, each individual shall be judged by his Karma.
       Even so, I pity those like you.
       I'm beginning to understand how this works. Allow me to help you.

(Varin walks away from the Dissemination Room.)

Angel: The bell shall sound, awakening the sleeping one.
       How long will your eyes remain shut?

<End Varin's flashback.>

Varin: Bring me that little punk and the Cyber Shaman, no matter what it takes!
       You won't get another chance.

(Varin makes the "slit your throat if you fail" sign to Bat.)

(Bat holds his throat as he gasps for air.)

Bat: Yes... Sir...

(Varin and his men walks away slowly and left Bat where he was.)


[Deserted Ship]

<9F: Main Deck>

(Back to the Party...)

Gale: You understand the plan, correct?
      First, we will plant an explosive at the bottom of the ship.
      Let us proceed.

> Heat and Argilla left the party.

(If you try to go back to the deck...)

Gale: Leave this sector to Argilla.
       We must proceed to the bottom of the ship.

(If you go to the wrong area...)

Gale: We shall enter that sector later.
      First, let us proceed to the bottom of the ship.

(If you take a wrong turn...)

Gale: Do you understand the operation?
      Let us proceed to the bottom of the ship.


<1F: Engine Room>

Gale: This is satisfactory.
      Let us plant the explosive here.

(Gale and Serph sticks the bomb onto the engine and sets the timer.)

> The explosive has been set.
> Locations remaining: 7

Gale: As we ascend, we must plant explosives on the floors above.
      One explosive is needed per floor, for a total of seven.
      Expedience is required for this mission. Let us hurry.

(As the Party turns the corner, they run into a group of Brutes soldiers.)

Member of the Brutes 1: There they are! It's them!

Member of the Brutes 2: Capture the leader and the girl, but kill everyone 

*Battles 3 Dragon Nagas*


<3F: Halls>

> A message is written:
  DANGER! Engine Room ahead.
  Employees only beyond this point.

(If you make a wrong turn again...)

Gale: After we plant an explosive on each floor, we will join Argilla
      in the hall.

Gale: As discussed previously...
      ...we cannot return via the same elevator we arrived in.
      Use the door to the right, instead.
      You, Leader, are the bait.
      Move quickly from place to place, and draw our opponents inside.

<3F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets a bomb on the generator.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 6 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.

> An explosive has been set.
> Locations remaining: 6

<3F: Halls>

(As the Party leaves the mechanical room...)

Member of the Brutes: There they are...
                      The Silver Fox is on the move: port side, toward the
                      bow. Call for backup!

Cielo: Dey took de bait! It's just like we planned...

Gale: Do not speak hastily.
      We cannot allow them to believe our leader is worth so few of their
      Destroy them so we may continue.

*Battles 2 Beast Taowns*


<2F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 5 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.


<4F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 4 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.


<Cutscene: Meanwhile on the 9th Floor...>

(Bat flies into the large room of the ship and sees what seems to be
 Sera's clothes on the floor. He lands and sniffs.)

Argilla's Voice: Too bad Sera isn't here, sucker.
                 Flying cana't save your ass in here. 
                 There's no escaping this time.

Argilla: Why did you sell Jinana out!?

Camazotz: Ask your idiot friend. He'd do the same thing.
          Oh, but you'll never see him again...
          ...not after I devour you!
          Jinana was delicious!

(Argilla remebers Jinana's dying image in her mind.)

(Argilla sees Bat's bloodied fangs.)

Privithi: ...No... You bastard!!

(Argilla flails her whips at Bat in rage. She huffs as Bat evades her attacks.)


(The player gains control of the Party once more.)

<5F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 3 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.

Member of the Brutes: I found 'em!
                      You're running away!? That makes me laugh -- Embryon's
                      leader is just a stupid coward!

Cielo: It makes me laugh dat you were stupid enough to fall for such an
       obvious trap!

*Battles 3 Demon Chatterskulls*


<6F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 2 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.


<7F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Of the 8 explosives, we have 1 left to set.
      Let us proceed to the next location.

Member of the Brutes: Don't move!

Member of the Brutes: This is Team Three, over.
                      We've driven the fox to a dead-end.
                      We're on the seventh floor, I repeat-- 

Gale: Silence them.

*Battles 2 Demon Phantoms, 1 Aerial Gurr*


<5F: Halls>

> Voices can be heard from the stairs...
Member of the Brutes: Hurry up! Get in position!
                      They're moving toward our present location.
                      We have to stop them, no matter what!

> The Brute's forces await up the stairs.
> Climb the stairs?

	- Yes.
	- No.


<8F: Halls>

Member of the Brutes: Here they come!

*Battles 3 Demon Sui-Kis*

<8F: Mechanical Room>

Gale: Alright, let us set one here.

*Gale sets the bomb.*

Gale: Good. Explosives have been set on all floors.
      All that remains is to escape from the ship after meeting up
      with Argilla.


<9F: Halls>

> A noise can be heard behind the door.
> Enter the hall?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Privithi whips around, trying to get at the flying Camazotz to no avail.)

(Camazotz attacks and pins Privithi down on the ground.)

Camazotz: You're no different than me... How many have YOU devoured...huh?
          We eat to survive. It's only natural.
          You're just like me. C'mon, admit it!
          Say it, bitch!!

(Camazotz opens his mouth as if ready to devour.)

(The Party runs in. Serph jumps and knocks Camazotz off from Privithi.)

Argilla: Serph!

*Boss Battle: Asura Camazotz*
> Argilla participates in the battle.
Camazotz: No! I won't die...
          You should be the ones...!
Camazotz: Heh heh, look out below!

(The bombs beep as the time is finally up... They explode.)

(A fiery wave sweeps across the halls and into the room where Bat lay
 wounded from the fight. He cannot escape and is caught in the blast.)

(The ship is completely blown up in a spectacular cloud of mushroom,
 while Cielo carries the Party to safety.)

Dyaus: Whoo-hoo!!


<Some landmass nearby.>

(The Party views their handywork from the safe distance.)

*Cielo kneels on the ground. He is worn out.*

Cielo: Oh man, You three are heavy...

Argilla: Do you realize... we could share the same fate as them?
         We all hate...
         We all fight...
         We all devour...
         ...just to survive
         But eventuall we all die.
         I couldn't... defend myself.
         We aren't any different from him!

(Argilla turns to Serph and lightly holds him, crying into his chest.)

Argilla: What's the point, then? Why live like this?
         Why are we even alive!?
         Serph... Tell me...

        - I don't know. But, we can't die yet.

        - Maybe we live to determine how we die.
        - .......

        - We'll survive this, and find our own answers.

(As far as I know, the followed sequence will be the same no matter which
 option the player chooses.)

--|| Embryon Base 2  ||-----------------------------------------[ #3L0 ]-------

(The Party is automatically relocated to the Embryon's new base.
 It seems Heat, Sera, and a portion of the Embryon has secured the new
 base while the Party was dealing with Bat and the Brutes.)

(The new base at a small corner in the Junkyard, surrounded by abandoned 
 apartment buildings.)

(Sera's singing can be heard in the immediate vacinity.)

[New Hideout: Embryon Base 2]


%Cielo: I don't exactly understand it, but thanks to dat song...
        ...we can stay human.

%Gale: A prayer that does not reach the heavens...
       Something important that is missing from it...

%Ex-member of the Solids (yellow hair):
     This song touches my... soul. It sounds sad, but very comforting.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (red hair):
    I just gave Gale my report on the state of the Wolves and Brutes.
    He can give you an update.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
    Everything is fine.
    All we hear is Sera's singing.

%Member of the Embryon (by the building):
    It might sound weird, but I feel like I remember something...
    when I hear Sera's song.

%Argilla: Sera called the song "Prayer"...
          "Teach us who we are, and guide us to the truth."
          That's what the words mean.
          But, she also said that it can't reach the heavens, because it's
          missing something important...

(If you try to leave the base...)

Gale: Serph, wait. It appears we are in trouble.
      It is imperative that we establish a strategy immediately.
      Let us discuss this matter inside.


<Embryon Base 2: Room>

(Sera sings in the abandoned building of Embryon Base 2, by the windows.)

(Heat stood by the hallway, silently watching Sera singing her song.)

Heat: You're that worried Serph?

Sera: Hm...? We're comrades.

Heat: That's not what I meant.

*Heat grabs Sera's arms and held her tightly.*

Heat: Serph can't protect ou... Cant you see that I'm stronger than him!?

Sera: Heat, you're hurting me.

Heat: Come on, you saw what happeend back there.
      I could have killed him without even trying!

Sera: I already know you're strong.
      But... But, strength isn't everything, Heat.

(Heat grabs Sera and kissed her forcefully.
 Sera struggles at first, but eventually gave up.) 

(When Heat sees her tears fall, he lets go.)

(Sera cries and runs out of the room.)

Heat: *Dismayed* Sera...

*Cielo and the others walks into the room and see Heat just standing there,

Cielo: 'ey... What's goin' on? Why you jus standin' dere, huh?

Heat: It's nothing.


<Embryon Base 2: Room>

(The Party hangs out by the windows as Gale accesses the situation.)

Gale: I have bad news.
      It seems that Vishundha has been overrun.

Cielo: You said da Wolves would last longer dan dat!

Gale: Thought it defies probability, the fact is undeniable.
      And to make matters worse, the remaining members of Solids have been
      forcibly enlisted by the Brutes Tribe.
      At this rate, I am afriad they will destroy us all.

Cielo: *Frustrated* Aww, gimme a break!
       Didn't Serph kill deir boss...? 
       Why did de Solids join de Brutes, huh?

Gale: Argilla... Tell me, would you follow Varin if he defeated Serph?

Argilla: Of course I wouldn't.

Gale: Heat?

Heat: *Not really paying attention* Huh?
      I'd take Serph's place.

Gale: Exactly.
      The law states that members of a defeated Tribe are to obey the
      leader of the victorious Tribe.
      That rule has been diregarded.

Argilla: The law seems to be losing its effect on us.
         But, why could that be?

Gale: Everyone has changed, just as you have.

Argilla: It sounds to me like you knew about this all along.
         What were you planning to do?

Gale: If the Wolves had held out, we could have fought the Brutes together.
      That is why this is so unfortunate.

(A member of the Embryon rushed into the room and interrupted the meeting.)

Member of the Embryon: Boss!
                       Lupa, from the Wolves....
                       He's asking to see you.

Gale: Did you say Lupa?
      Where did he come from?

Member of the Embryon: Well, you wouldn't believe it if I told you.
                       We have them detained at Svadhisthana.

Gale: Let us go, Serph.

*Serph nods.*

> Heat joined the party.


%Gale: We may be able to compensate for our small numbers, if the Wolves
       are fighting at full power.
       But, on the other hand, it is possible that Varin is behind this.
       Whatever the case, we will soon find out for ourselves...

%Argilla: Sera should come with us. We can't afford to have her taken again.

%Heat: *Still moody* It's nothing...
       Get going, I'll take care of Sera.

%Cielo: What's Heat's problem?
        And, why'd Sera go ova dere...?
        Dis certainly seems strange, ja?

%Sera: .....
       Don't worry... I'm fine.


<Embryon Base 2: Halls>

%Ex-member of the Brutes (purple hair):
     Svadhisthana used to belong to the Vanguards.


<Embryon Base 2: Entrance>

%Sera: Thank you Serph, I'm fine...

%Cielo: Sera looks sad again...
        She's much cuter when she smiles, ja?

%Gale: I will negotiate with Lupa. It is possible that Varin sent him
       as an assassin.
       A leader cannot be replaced.

%Ex-member of the Solids (yellow hair):
     Take the black-haired girl to Nirvana...
     ...and conquer the Junkyard.
     I wish we had a choice between the two.
     I'd easily choose the latter.

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     Heat must like Sera a lot... You can tell how desperate he is just
     by looking.
     I don't know what the big deal is... I would taste better than her.

%Heat: My chest is tearing itself apart...

%Argilla: I thought Sera was tired again, but something's different this
          Is she finally hungry?

--|| Interlude 7  ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G7 ]-------

[Muladhara: Old Embryon Base]

<Upper Layer>

%Sera: A town of rusted metal... The leaden sky... No, it isn't like this...
       What color is the sky you remember, Serph?

        - I think... it was clear blue.

                Sera: Yes, it was blue... Not at all like this.

        - A harsh, glaring yellow.

                Sera: Please stop!
                      You're different than that! You're not...

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     During battle the other day, I got reverted to human form.
     I panicked... I soooo thought I was dead for sure!
     Apparently, some people have the power to do that... Creepy, huh?

%Member of the Embryon (yellow hair):
     *sigh* ...Who do we have to kill next?
     I don't mean any disrespect, sir...
     But, the way we live right now... It doesn't make sense to me.
     What about the laws of nature?
     I can't really explain it.


<Middle Layer: Outside>

%Heat: The real color of the sky? Blue, of course!

%Argilla: I remember blue, too...
          But, how come we know that? This sky is the only one we've ever seen.

%Cielo: Add another vote for blue.
        De rainbow that appears after it stops raining is truly beautiful.
        I never seen one before, though.

%Gale: The sky's... color?
       The logical answer is obvious. There is only one sky.
       I do not comprehend.


<Middle Layer: Halls>

%Member of the Embryon (purple haire):
     I see. Bat's dead, too.
     I'm glad that you're safe.

%Member of the Embryon (light blue haired girl):
     It's interesting to watch you and the others devour demons.
     It excites me...
     There are so many ways to devour: Teeth, claws, epidermal absorption,
     or Ms. Argilla...
     ...All I can do is suck them through my strawlike mouth...


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Former Maribel Base: Entrance>

%Sera: That's the only song I know. 
       I remember someone with a lovely voice singing it...

%Heat: I only listen to metal.
       I don't know what that is... but at least that sounds right.

%Argilla: School...? I never heard of any Tribe like that.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (girl):
     I was always in the Maribel Tribe, but I remember a Tribe called...


<Former Maribel Base: Room>

%Gale: Of what do they speak? I do not comprehend.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (red haired fatty):
     Life is all about rock. I'm in this for the music: I'm not some tool...
     I'll teach my kid that, too. Rock on!

%Ex-member of the Maribel (punk girl):
     What's that supposed to mean, you old geezer!?
     We're a punk band, dammit! So back off your rules, and back off your
     jive, man.

%Cielo: I can really dance to dis beat!
        ...Wait. What de heck did that mean, bro?


[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Ex-member of the Solids (big guy):
     Embryon, tell me mon, is the Nirvana where y'wanna bounce to the yo
     and jiggity go?

%Sera: My Nirvana is being here, with all of you. This is where I belong.

%Heat: What kinda place is paradise? I know Sera will be there...
       I imagine a crystal blue sea... a clear, sunny sky... with you,
       Argilla, and Cielo...
       I wish I knew... what the hell that meant.

%Gale: The law states we must reach Nirvana. No additional reason should
       be necessary.

%Argilla: Things will be different in Nirvana.

%Cielo: You get t'Nirvana by killin' de most people, ja?
        Den, how can ya really call dat paradise?

%Ex-member of the Solids (blue hair):
     Dose of us who won't give up are still hangin' in da Citadel.
     Be careful there, bro.
%Ex-member of the Solids (purple haired girl):
     What do you think paradise is really like?
     I don't think things will be different there unless we come different,


[Coordinate 136]


%Heat: Hey, Serph.
       Do you remember that painting we saw inside?

        - Of a woman, right? I remember.

                Heat: It looked a lot like... Sera.
                      Why would there be a painting of her here?

        - Twinklebell? ...She was cute.

                Heat: What are you, stupid!?
                      ...Tch. Now I feel like an idiot for worrying about it
                      at all.

%Sera: A portrait that looks like me...?
       I don't... Oh, my head...

%Member of the Embryon (orange haired guy):
     I remember being in a Tribe called Government...
     Devouring occurred every day, and we called it "politics."
     I'm just as tough as you youngsters.

%Argilla: Hey, cut it out, you two! We don't have time for this!
          *sigh* Everything's different than it was before...

%Cielo: Dis place is kinda fun, ja?
        I felt dis way before... But, I can't remember when.

%Gale: You are forbidden to fight within the Tribe. 
       If you cannot follow this rule, I will intervene.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (blue hair):
     I hate this! I can't stand being in a Tribe with one of the Solids...

%Ex-member of the Solids (yellow dreadlocks):
     Grovel at my feet, and maybe I'll forget what you just said.


[Sahasrar: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue hair):
     Varin of the Brutes never gives up until he's conquered a Tribe.
     He's persistent like a... snake? That doesn't sound right.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     Varin's Atma is called "Ravana." It is a very formidable demon.

%Argilla: All of life is a competition...
          What's the point of surviving, then? And... why do I feel like I
          must protect my comrades?
          Something is wrong with this world. Like reality is... twisted.

%Heat: I'm sick of talking about this.
       The only way to survive is to kill others. That's how the world works.

%Sera: Heat's words, and Argilla's feelings...
       Which do you feel in your heart?

        - Definitely Heat.

                Sera: Yes, Heat may be correct. That is a strong, but very
                      sad way to live...
                      Serph, I wonder what causes such desires in humanity...

        - Argilla, I think.

                Sera: Argilla's feelings aren't unusual.
                      It's a very considerate way to live, but also very
                      Serph, I wonder what causes such desires in humanity...

%Ex-member of the Maribel (red haired girl):
     So you've finally killed Bat... Thank you.
     Why... am I crying?

%Ex-member of the Solids:
     I heard the Wolves refused to surrender, and were devoured.
     It amazes me they'd do that, and accept a violent death.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Cielo: Ahh, it be very serious here, ja?
        I do know one thing for sure, bro...
        Life is all in de mind, y'know. De bad times is when you gotta put
        on de happy face!

%Gale: An organism which doubts fighting to ensure its own survival...
       This is contradictory. I do not comprehend...

%Member of the Wolves: We've lost contact with Lupa.
                       ...Please, find him!

%Member of the Brutes: You think your weak strategies are going to stop the
                       Brutes? You're wrong -- we're strong!

--|| Svadhisthana: Waterways  ||-------------------------------[ #3M0 ]-------

(The Party arrives in Svadhisthana but do not see Lupa anywhere.
 Maybe they're in the wrong parts of Svadhisthana...?)

[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: Entrance>

%Gale: We should find out Lupa's intentions. Let us hurry, Serph.

%Cielo: Ohhh... Sera likes you, bro.
        Don't ask me how, but I know dis.

%Argilla: This must not be the place. Svadhisthana is huge.

%Heat: What's that loser want with us, now?

%Sera: Lupa is on the other side of town...
       I don't know why I have this feeling, but... I'm sure of it.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards:
     So, that's the black-haired girl.
     As she said, Lupa is waiting over there.


[Former Vanguard Base: Eastern Entrance]

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1: They came out of that hole.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2: Such a dignified man sould surely learn from
                               his defeat.

%Sera: A river of reincarnation flows from the rain of the dead.
       Within the egg's shell, lost souls continue their circulation...
       No... It shouldn't be like this...

%Heat: So that's Lupa... Looks tougher than I expected.
       ...Still no match for me, though.

%Gale: I see. I missed it completely.
       There is a path for rain to travel underground.

%Lupa: We have met once before, but allow me to introduce myself formally.
       I am Lupa, leader of the Wolves.
       I am sorry for my previous discourtesy. 
       I should have known you are a reasonable man.
       I trust you will forgive me.

%Member of the Wolves 1: We are Lupa's attendants. 
                         Allow us to be admitted into the presence of the
                         Embryon's leader.

%Member of the Wolvves 2: This is an official visit from the Wolves.
                          Treat us with respect.


(The Wolves waited near the Waterway entrance.
 Gale and Serph enter negotiation with Lupa.)

Gale: State your business.

Lupa: Will the Embryon assist us to defeat Varin?

Gale: Under what conditions?

(Lupa closed his eyes in contemplation.)

Lupa: Your leader will receive my head.
      In exchange, I ask you to treat my men farily.

(Gale slides out the knife hidden in his shoes and abruptly points it at
 Lupa's neck, stopping just short of making contact. He tests Lupa's resolve
 and sincerity.)

Argilla: Gale!

Gale: What assurance do we have that you are not here on Varin's behalf?

(The Wolves by Lupa's side tighten their fists and is ready for a fight,
 but Lupa held out his arms to stop the confrontation.)

Lupa: I vow upon my honor.

Gale: Honor...? What is this "honor" you speak of?

Lupa: I see it within you, as well.

Gale: I do not comprehend.
      How does one see such a thing?

Lupa: I can see it in your eyes.

(Gale's eyes flashes green briefly once more. However, they returned to their
 old grayness again.)


[Svadhisthana Waterways]

<Southern Tunnels>

(The Party and Lupa heads down into the waterways. They walk along the
 narrow paths with Lupa in lead.)

Cielo: Cyber Shaman?

Lupa: Varin has referred to the girl that way.
      Supposedly, she could easily destroy this world with her power.

(Sera's head hurts and she holds her head.)

Heat: Hey, you alright?

(Sera did not respond, there seems to be awkward tensions between the two.
 They continue along the path with the rest of the Party.)

Argilla: She doesn't even know anything about herself.
         How could she have such power...

Lupa: Can you honestly say you know yourself?

Gale: What...?

Lupa: I've had several dreams about a child lately.
      In these dreams, he calls me Father...

Gale: Dreams?

Lupa: I feel as if... I have something to tell the child.
      But, perhaps someone else will in my absence...

Gale: Someone else...

(Gale remembers the flashing image of the crying woman in his mind once more.)

Gale: That is illogical... I do not understand. Why do you not just tell 
      him yourself?

Lupa: Have you ever seen a child here in the Junkyard?
      You're beginning to understand.
      Why must we continue to fight this war?
      For what purpose does this world exist?
      Why have we developed identities?
      Once Varin is defeated, it is then that you will discover the truth.

(Gale and Serph exchanged a look.)

(The Party hears the voices of the Brutes in the area.)

Member of the Brutes: Comb the area!
                      Varin's gonna kill us if we don't find them.

(Soldiers of the Brutes runs around the tunnels in search of the Wolves

Member of the Brutes: Did you find them?
                      Serach down that way.

(Lupa and the Party hide by a corner of the waterway while the Brutes
 searches the area. They wait until the Brutes have passed them.)

Lupa: So they found this place, too...
      Up ahead is an entrance to their base.
      Go and kill Varin.
      I'll buy you some time.

Cielo: Against all dose guys? Ahh, now I know you crazy!

Lupa: I was the leader of my Tribe. You are the ones in danger.

Gale: What do you mean?

Lupa: The Wolves... fell to Varin alone.

Argilla: He did that? All by himself?

Lupa: He's become unstoppable, somehow.
      You cannot defeat him alone.
      In fact, her power may be the only way...

Sera: My... power?

(Lupa tosses his Tag Ring to Gale.)

Lupa: As promised.

Gale: Lupa.
      There is... someone I must meet, as well.
      Let us go to Nirvana together.

Lupa: In order to rule over the Tribes, you must defeat their leaders.
      Will the Temple make an exception?

Gale: If not, we will destroy the Temple.

Lupa: So be it.

(Lupa changes into Cerebus as he walks down the waterway.)


%Sera: Cyber... Shaman...

%Cielo: A child is like... a kid, ja? Like a little guy... dis big?

%Heat: Sera's going to destroy the world...?
       What the hell are you talking about!?

%Argilla: What's really going on? How can we understand...?

%Gale: Serph...
       Humans have a premature form during development, roughly between
       4 and 15 years of age...
       Can you remember the term for this?
        - It's a child.

                Gale: That's correct -- a child.
                      Why didn't we notice this before?
                      Lupa was right, there are only fully adult humans here.
                      His words may lead us to the truth.
                      Come on, we need to hurry.

        - A kid...?

                Gale: Serph, kid is the term for the maturing stage of a goat.
                      Think more carefully.


[Svadhisthana Waterways]

<Southern Tunnel>

(The Party comes across many fallen members of the Brutes along their path.)

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> He is already dead.

Member of the Brutes (wounded): Ugh...
> It is a member of the Brutes. She is wounded, but it appears Lupa left
  her alive.

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> He is in human form, so he must have been killed before he could transform.

Gale: They must have fallen by Lupa's hand.
      The corpses show no apparent damage. His technique is brilliant.

Heat: What? Is he too good to eat these guys? I'm sick of that showoff.


<Samsara Tunnels: Room>

> A strange presence can be felt behind the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Brutes: The Embryon...!
                      I see. Those damn Wolves are allying with you to
                      attack Ajna.
                      Don't underestimate us!

*Battles 1 Demon Sui-Ki, 1 Demon Fuu-ki*


<Southern Tunnels>

(More fallen Brutes lying around the tunnels.)

Member of the Brutes (wounded): D-Dammit... So... strong...
> It is a member of the Brutes. He fainted from his severe wounds,
  probably influcted by Lupa.

(The Party arrives at a foggy pathway. At the end, there is a glowing 
 pool of water disguised as a water hole.  It is, however, the entrance to
 the waterpump maze of the Samsara Tunnels.)

%Member of the Wolves (by the waterpump):
     Leader of Embryon, you must pass through the waterway to continue.
     Please take this with you.
     > Obtained Oxygen Tank.
     Stay mindful of the current, as well as Solar Noise.
     When Noise is at its maximum, the waterway will flood, and you'll be
     swept back here.
     Best of luck reaching the exit.

> An oxygen tank is requred to progress further.
> Equip the oxygen tank?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(Serph and the Party equipped the Oxygen Tank and dived in...)


<Water Pump A>

(After 2 Solar Noise...)

> The current seems to have increased in speed.

(At Half Solar Noise...)

> The current is gradually picking up speed.

(At 6 Solar Noise...)

> A sense of foreboding pervades the area.

(At MAX Solar Noise...)

> A large quantity of water is surging in this direction.
> Returned to the entrance.

(After some trial and error, the Party climbs out of the Water Pump
 into the Northern Tunnels.)


[Svadhisthana Waterways]

<Northern Tunnels>

> The howl of a beast can be heard...

Voice: There it is! That way!

(Sounds of trampling and thrashing can be heard from the distance...)

> It became quiet...

(More dead and wounded Brutes lying around the tunnel areas.)

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> The body was mercilessly torn to pieces and left for dead.

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> The body was torn to pieces then left for dead.

%Member of the Wolves: You're the Embryon, right?
                       Lupa passed by here...
                       He growled at me like he didn't remember who I was.
                       Maybe it's just dark in here...

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> His body is in shreds.

Gale: This must be one of Brutes' officers.
      It appears he was run down and then mutilated. 
      He must have been tortured before finally dying.
      Judging from the wounds, this was done by something very large.

Argilla: What a way to die...

Cielo: Whoa... He's completely ripped apart.
       Mon, mebbe dere be something down here besides us and Lupa, ja?

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> It appears he was brutally maimed.


<Northern Tunnel: level 2>

> A strange presence can be felt behind the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party is faced with a group of Brutes.)

Member of the Brutes 1: This is great. All we gotta do is kill them and that
                        crazy dog dude. Then we win, bro!

Member of the Brutes 2: It won't be a problem. We'll send the other guy,
                        later... ...Send him to our stomachs!

*Battles 1 Demon Kin-Ki, 1 Demon Sui-Ki, 1 Demon Fuu-Ki*

Voice: Wh-What's going on?
       No-Don't... YEEArrgghh!!

(Sounds of thumping and thrashing can be heard in the distance...)

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> His jugular is torn open.

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> Hi has been mutilated and his entrails are gnarled.

> It's one of the Wolves.
> There's a gaping hole where his throat should be.

> There's something in his hand.
> Take it?
	- Yes.
	- No.
> Obtained 2 Rations!

> It is a member of the Brutes.
> His jugular is torn open.


(The Party approaches the exit to Ajna.)

Gale: This must be it.

*Sera seems to have noticed something and looks back.* 

(Cerebus is approaching them. It has gone mad and its mouths spewing flames.)

Gale: Lupa...

Heat: Wait.
      He's not the same anymore.

Argilla: Jinana...
         It's just like Jinana.
         Sera, can't you help him!?

(Cerebus growls deeply, it is hungry.)

Sera: I don't think I can...
      It's too late. I can't do anything now...!

*Boss Battle: Asura Cerebus*

(The Party has defeated Lupa. The body of Cerebus lies in a pool of blood
 by the tunnel, it still has a few breath left.)

*Gale kneels besides Cerebus.*

Sera: You can't fight the hunger forever...
      Once it takes over, nobody can help you anymore...
      That's why God said...
      This cycle of sadness must not continue.
      But I... I...

*Sera breaks into tears.*

Lupa: Please... Devour me...

Gale: Lupa... What shall I tell your child?

Cerebus: *Dying* Tell him to become a man... of honor...
         He'll be carrying... an olive.. leaf...

Gale: Your honor does not die with you. I will find your son.

(Lupa's head fell and blood splatters onto Gale's face.)

(The Party mourns and their determination grows ever stronger.)

(Gale's eyes light up fiercely... His self has, at last, completely awakened.
 He is angry with regret.)

Gale: Be you angel or demon... 
      You will surely regreat giving me this cursed power!

--|| Interlude 8  ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G8 ]-------

[Svadhisthana: Eastern Entrance]

<Waterway Entrance>

%Member of the Wolves 1: Do you know of the soul?
                         It carries the information of one's feelings.
                         If someone inherits his soul, then Lupa will not
                         truly die. Just like...

%Member of the Wolves 2: We vowed service to Lupa. Forgive us, but we will
                         not abandon the color of the Wolves.

%Gale: Tribe color no longer has any meaning. Prove yourself, as an individual.

%Heat: What the hell are you talking about? If you die, it's all over!
       Nobody's going to use me. I'll survive, and have it all to myself.

%Sera: Why did God establish this cycle? It only multiplies sadness...

%Argilla: I felt something from Jinana, too... so I think I understand.

%Cielo: To think... Gale was always de stickler for da rules...
        Lupa musta been some guy, to turn that around.

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1: I understand what he means...
                               Our sould is immortal, and our feelings eternal.
                               My mother told me that, once...
                               Did I... have a mother...?

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2: There may be a place underground...
                               The rain is so natural that I never really
                               noticed it.


<Former Vanguards Base: Main Entrance>

%Heat: I never knew Gale could get so worked up.
       Why's he talking about finding someone?

%Sera: I couldn't save him...
       I must really seem useless...

%Argilla: Come to think of it...
          Gale asked me what could make a woman cry.
          I told him something probably made her sad... But why would he ask
          a question like that?

%Cielo: Even Gale be growin' impatient for once.
        C'mon, let's go brudda.

%Gale: Are you going to dishonor Lupa's memory?
       We must attack Varin immediately. Don't let Lupa's sacrifice be in vain.
       If you aren't ready, then I will lead the Embryon into battle.


[Embryon Base 2]


%Cielo: Memories... Dey carry so much weight, no?
        How do I know... what dis feels like, anyway...?

%Gale: I sang Sera's song, though I should not know it...
       ...to someone whose name I do not know, either...
       Who is that woman...?

%Sera: It's a memory...
       I thought I had... erased it, but it keeps coming back...
       There are memories that have been forgotten... even by the flow of

%Ex-member of the Solids (yellow-haired girl):
     People don't like leaving their home. You can see the remains of their
     lives in the ground.
     I've even heard that strange buildings are growing in the Brutes'

%Member of the Embryon (green-haired girl):
     This hideout is pretty much in ruins, too.
     The Junkyard is literally a city built upon piles of junk...
     But, who destroyed those cities so we could build this one?

%Heat: It's nothing...
       I just lost control for a minute.

%Member of the Embryon (by the building):
     Everyone has been talking about past lives which they can't remember...
     Is it because of Sera's song?

%Argilla: Jinana...



%Ex-member of the Brutes (purple hair):
     Cyber Shaman?
     I think I've heard that somewhere before...
     But, I have a feeling it isn't a very good memory...

%Ex-member of the Vanguards: Well, with that freaky red wall there, I'm sure
                             we'll be safe.
                             But, I suppose it could disappear at any time.
                             At that point, I don't know what will happen.
                             Hmm... Now I'm a little worried.
                             *cough* Ah, sir... What was I saying...?
                             I'm sure it's nothing to be too worried about...
                             You shouldn't get too close to Svadhisthana 
                             any more...



%Gale: I don't know what "Cyber Shaman" means.
       It is best to ask Varin directly.

%Argilla: I don't know, either.
          But, I feel like I know many things that I shouldn't know.

%Cielo: No way... Sera could never do such a ting!
        But, it would be pretty funny if she was dat strong, with her skinny
        little body!

%Sera: Cy...ber... Shaman... destroys the... world...
       I don't... I... don't know...

%Heat: Sera, um... Well, you know... Don't push yourself too hard...
       It's like Lupa said, all we need to do is reach Nirvana...
       I'll take you there.


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Room with Punk and Rocker>

%Gale: I understand now, though I didn't before.
       They are advocating different types of music.


[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Gale: The law dictates that we strive to reach Nirvana simply because we're
       told to do so.
       But, I have my own reasons now.
       In Nirvana, I will find out who I really am... and who that woman is.


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Sera: No... Don't climb... the tower...

%Argilla: This will be the end... Right, Serph?
          Then we can say goodbye to these bodies, and all the killing...

%Heat: What's wrong, Sera!? Is your head okay...?

%Ex-member of the Maribel (red-haired girl):
     So much has happened, but the final battle is here at last.
     Do it for all of us, sir. ...and for Jinana.

%Ex-member of the Solids: The Brutes or the Embryon... Varin or you...
                          Whatever the results, they will change the world
                          forever. I'll be hoping for your victory.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

%Cielo: If we kill Varin, den we finally be allowed into Nirvana.
        It's hard to believe we come this far, ja?

%Gale: Serph, this is the decisive battle.
       We can't fail now, after coming so far.
       There's no other way for Lupa's dying words to reach his son...

%Member of the Wolves: I see... The wolf met his end with honor.
                       Then, assume your destiny, leader of the Embryon.
                       Fulfill Lupa's final wish.

%Member of the Brutes: Your men will curse your name...
                       ...and you'll be torn limb from limb before you ever
                       even see Varin's face.

--|| Ajan: Brutes' Base  ||-------------------------------------[ #3N0 ]-------

(The Party appears from the Waterways into Brutes' Territory.)

[Ajna: Brutes' Territory]

<Vacinity of the Brutes Base: Waterway Exit>

%Member of the Brutes 1: One day, that building suddenly sprang out of nowhere.
                         Colonel took a scouting party inside, and it's been
                         our base ever since.
                         When he found the innermost room, the Colonel flew
                         into a rage.
                         Please, I'm giving you information...
                         Don't devour me...

%Member of the Brutes 2: We didn't anticipate a cowardly ambush because we
                         assumed our enemies were true soldiers.
                         If we knew to think like cowards, you would be
                         prisoners by now.

%Gale: Ruling by power is effective until people refuse to acknowledge
       that power.
       In us, the Karma Temple has engineered its own demise.

%Heat: I don't think anything surprises me anymore.
       Look at that building. Seen it before, haven't you?

%Argilla: That's Varin's headquarters?
          Serph, isn't that...?

%Sera: No one can avoid the fate which rains from the heavens...
       The only thing I can do... is pray.
       He had already been... overtaken by the virus...

%Member of the Wolves: Varin Omega is dangerous.
                       He must not be allowed to reach Nirvana.


(The Brutes Base is a large ruined building seemingly composited of many
 different smaller buildings all mashed together.  The blue flames which
 act as light torches gives it an eerie atmostphere.)

<Brutes' Base: Entrance>

%Member of the Wolves: You and Varin share a destiny... I know, because
                       I died on that day.

%Cielo: Dat building...
        It looks like it's made a' digital images or sumthin'.
        Doesn't it look weird?


[Cut-Scene: Brutes Base Innermost Room]

(It is the ruins of what seem like the room of a child. It is dark and

(Many framed pictures are placed on the cabinets neaer the windows, one of
 which holds a recording. Its flashing is the only source of light in the

(The recording loops incessively... Voices of "Sera" can be heard, as well as
 other... familiar voices... It seems like a recording of a beach gathering.)

(A sudden gust of wind blows through the window, knocking the framed images
 off the cabinet.  The recording fell and lay unceremoniously on the ground.)


[Brutes Base]

<Brutes Base: Main Hall>

> Varin must be somewhere in this building.
> Enmity is vibrating through the entire structure.

(Four pillars of light adorn the Main Hall. Three of which has a strange
 colored orb floating in the middle.)

%Member of the Wolves 1: Those shafts of light...
                         They feel just like those strange walls...
                         and those cells that the Temple is collecting...
                         Whatever those things are... they don't feel like
                         part of this world.

%Member of the Wolves 2: I dunno how it all works, but those objects seems
                         to be linked to the structure of the buildling.
                         Between them there's a... force.
                         I'm not sure how to describe it. Be careful.

> A strange blue object floats inside a pillar of light.
> Touch it?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> A strange red object floats inside a pillar of light.
> Touch it?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> Red rings appeared and began to spin around the object.
(A sudden shift in something like the space-time continunum occured...)
> The structure of the building seems to have changed...
> Negative energy can be felt from the west side of the mansion.


<Red Configuration: Room>

> A painting is hanging. It's a painting of a family standing beneath
  the setting sun.
> The canvas has been torn -- mercillesly ripped to shreds.


<Red Configuration: Halls>

> A hostile presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Brutes: A-An attack... from the Embryon!?
                      Our perimeter guard should have been perfect.
                      Where'd they come from!?

*Mini-Boss: Beast Catoblepas*

> The negative energy was not coming from Varin.
> Strong enmity still surges through the building.


<Brutes Base: Main Hall>

> Blue rings appeared and began to spin around the object.
(A sudden shift in something like the space-time continunum occured...)
> The structure of the building seems to have changed...
> Negative energy can be felt from the northwest side of the mansion.


<Blue Configuration: Ruined Library>

> A painting is resting against the wall. It's a painting of a castle.
> The canvas has been torn -- mercilessly ripped to shreds.


<Blue Configuration: Dining Room>

> A painting is hanging. It's a painting of the blue sky shining over the

> There is something under the table...
> Reach under the table?

	- Yes.
	- No.
> ......
> Obtained Odd Morsel.
> ......
> There may be something else...
> Reach even further?

	- Yes.
	- No.
> ......
> Obtained Soma!


<Blue Configuration: Halls>

> A hostile presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Brutes: Once we kill you, we'll be able to escape this
                      ridiculous nightmare at last!
                      Colonel Beck isn't the only one who wants to get the
                      hell out of here!

*Mini-Boss Battle: 5 Dragon Nidhoggrs*

> The negative energy was not coming from Varin.
> Strong enmity still surges through the building.


<Brutes Base: Main Hall>

> A strange green object floats inside a pillar of light.
> Touch it?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> Green rings appeared and began to spin around the object.
(A sudden shift in something like the space-time continunum occured...)
> The structure of the building seems to have changed...
> Negative energy can be felt from the east side of the mansion.


<Green Configuration: Halls>

> A hostile presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

Member of the Brutes: Pretty ballsy of you to venture this far into 
                      enemy territory.
                      So, the leader of the Embryon likes poking around 
                      places he doesn't belong.

*Mini-Boss Battle: Deity Isis*

> The negative energy was not coming from Varin.
> Strong enmity still surges through the building.

(The three configurations have all been activated.)

> A white object appeared in the pillar of light in the center of the hall.
> The Enmity within the building is growing ever stronger...


<Brutes Base: Main Hall>

> A strange object floats inside the pillar of light.
> Touch it?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> White rings appeared and began to spin around the object.
(A sudden shift in something like the space-time continunum occured...)
> The structure of the building seems to have changed...
> Negative energy can be felt from the north side of the mansion.


<White Configuration: Halls>

> An intense hatred pervades from behind the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party arrives at a large ruined hall similar to the entrance.
 The members are spread out, each trying to look for Varin. But they
 can't seem to find anyone here...)

Cielo: Well, nothin' upstairs -- aah!

(Something invisible grabs Cielo by the arm and flings him aside.)

Sera: Cielo!

Varin's Voice: It's been awhile, Serph.

Varin's Voice: Yes, that's the face. The one I couldn't forget, even if I 
               wanted to.

(Serph scans the room hastily but is knocked aside unexpectantly.)

Sera: Serph!

(Gale seems to have located the invisible Varin and kicks in its direction.
 Varin counters it easily and swiftly.)

Varin's Voice (to Gale): I don't know you.

(The same invisible force grabs Argilla by the neck and lifts her upward.)

Varin's Voice (to Argilla): But, I do you remember you.

Varin's Voice (to Argilla): How the hell can you follow the man who devoured

Argilla: What are you... talking about? I don't know --

Varin: You were the first to be devoured. Remember!?

(Argilla is flung across the room at the wall.)

(Varin finally shows himself to the Party.)

(Heat runs to throw a punch, but his fist is intercepted by Varin's hand.)

Varin (to Heat): And you, I feel sorry for you. How many times must you die 
                 for this woman!?

Heat: What--?

Varin's Voice: Do not underestimate my power!

(Varin strikes a blow into Heat's stomach. "Madness" is inflicted unto Heat.)

(Heat falls onto the floor -- his Atma slowly taking over his body and
 becomes Agni. He roars uncontrollably.)

Varin: You look hungry.
       There's plenty to eat, here. Devour as much as you like.
       ...Tribes? ...Comrades?
       I'm sick of all that bullshit!
       I'll make you recall the sins you have forgotten.

Sera: Stop it!
      I won't allow that.
      How dare you... How dare you try to do this to them!?
      I won't let you hurt my friends!

Varin: You won't allow it?
       As if you have any right!
       To hell with you all. I've had enough of this god-forsaken dump
       I'll kill your precious leader and finally get out of this hellhole.

(Varin Omega transforms into his demon form. 
 He disappears from the Party's sight once again, and attacks.)


*Boss Battle: Asura Ravana*
> Ravana is invisible.

(The Party can only guess Ravana's position on the battlefield.
 They thrash into the thin air but grasped nothing.)

Sera: Wait! I might be able to help.
      I think I can... feel his presence.
      Oh! He's --
      He's in the center... or to the right. Definetly not the left.

(Ravana appears briefly when a Party member is able to land a hit on him.
 Ravana disappears again soon after an attack.)

Sera: He moved! Be careful, everyone...
      He isn't in the center. Try the left or right.

Sera: I can feel his presence on the left side.

(Sera can give alternative directions depending on where Ravana hides.)

Sera: He moved! Be careful, everyone...
      I can't feel his presence on either side... Try the center.

Ravana: Argh... Damn you!!

Ravana: Do not underestimate me!
        I will see you multilated and broken!
        Die... ...at the hand of Colonel Beck!

(Ravana stood up and changes. Its body folds inside out and a new skin
 became its armor.)

*Boss Battle 2: Asura Ravana*

Ravana: Devour each other...
        and spill your filthy guts everywhere!

(Ravana uses Hunger Wave and inflicts Mad status on the Party.)

Sera: Everyone, don't give in!

*Sera joins the battle and lend her voice to cure their madness.*

Ravana: You bastards!
        You will know the horror... the horror of being eaten alive!!
        Die tasting the terrible fear I have endured!!


(Varin is defeated... He lays on the floor before the Party.)

Argilla: Varin! What did you mean, I was devoured?

Varin: Don't call me... Don't call me by that name.
       I am a colonel... I am Colonel Beck.

Gale: You seem to know about Serph...
      Why is it...
      ...that you know about everyone except me?

(Varin laughs bitterly and coughs from his wounds.)

Varin: You're all fools...

Varin (to Serph): You,

Varin (to Argilla): and you,

Varin (to Cielo): and you too.

Varin: Have you forgotten how that girl cast us into this hell?

(The Party looks at each other, puzzled.)

(Varin focuses his gaze upon Serph.)

Varin: Let me remind you, then.
       You... and I... We are all humans who died...
       ... in the same Nirvana you're all desperate you reach.

Argilla: That can't be... We died!?

(Varin's body spasms violently. He is dying quickly.)

Varin: That girl will...
       ...destroy the world... She is truly...
       ...the devil...

(The light in Varin's eyes went out. The last image he saw was Sera's
 silhuette walking away from them all. He slumps on the floor and does not
 move again.  Varin is dead.)


%Argilla: Someone... Devoured me...?
          Who devoured me, and... ...how?

%Heat: Sera...! Where's Sera!?
       Sera's missing. We gotta find her, Serph.

%Cielo: H-Hey bro... Do you think dat we...
        Did we really die once?

(If you try to leave through the main door...)

Heat: Where the hell do you think you're going!? Sera's missing.


<2F: Room>

*Serph enterss the room.*

(Sera is inside the room, looking at the recorded video inside the picture
 frame. She cries and slumps on the bed by the side.... and disappears.)

*Serph runs toward where Sera was just a moment ago.*

(Serph picks up the image Sera left behind and looks...
 ...he seems confused, or that there seems to be something he is 
 searching for.)

(The Party enters the room as well.)

(The Cat meows besides the window.)

Cielo: You...

(The Cat jumps out of the window and disappears.)

Cielo: 'ey wait... I knew dat didn't make sense.
       Dat was the first cat dat I evah saw!
       So den, how did I know what it was!?

Gale: That is not all.
      We also know of "children," and "parents."
      And yet, none of these things exist here in the Junkyard.

Argilla: So then, we... we remember these things from Nirvana?
         We actually died before, and were sent to the Junkyard?
         Now we're like this -- we devour each other... Jinana, Lupa...
         So many people died...
         And you think Sera's behind all this!?
         How the hell could she be!?

Cielo: *Frustrated* I dunno! Y'know I ain't dat smart...

	- It doesn't matter.

                Argilla: Hm?

                Heat: Exactly. 
                      Knowing the truth won't change anything.
                      Who cares about this stupid world? So what if we died?
                      Forget all that crap.
                      Look at what all all of us have become.

	- There's no way to be sure...

                Heat: Who gives a damn?
                      Knowing the truth wouldn't change anything.
                      Who cares about this stupid world? So what if we died?
                      Forget all that crap. 
                      Look at what all of us have become.

Everyone: We're comrades.

Heat: Then, there's nothing to debate.
      *Sheepishly* Well, uh... I mean that... You can't be a comrade alone. 
      That's ridiculous.

Argilla: *Amused* ...Comrades?

Cielo: Scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 3.
       But all in all, I'd still say it's pretty good for a hotheaded 
       jerk. Ja?

Heat (to Serph): Maybe if you spoke up a bit more...

(A loud crash in the atmosphere is heard beyond the window...)

Heat: What the --

Cielo: De rain... just stopped.

Gale: The war is over, and the gates of Nirvana have opened.

(The air around the Karma Tower stirs uneasily. The wind howls ominously.)

Gale: Sera will be there.

--|| Interlude 9  ||--------------------------------------------[ #3G9 ]-------

[Anja: Former Brute's Territory]

<Mansion Entrance>

%Cielo: Yaah, I see it now. Dis was Sera's house...
        But, we died in Nirvana, didn't we...?
        What is Sera's house doin' here, den?
        We ain't in Nirvana. This don't make sense, mon.

%Argilla: This... This is Sera's house. We came here all the time...
          No... I want to remember...

%Heat: Don't waste time worrying about things you can't change.
       We can't abandon Sera... our comrade.
       That's all you need to know.

%Member of the Embryon: Some of Varin's loyalists are finally starting
                        to surrender.
                        I can't really understand them, though.

%Ex-member of the Brutes 1: You'll treat the prisoners of war humanely, right?
                            I've seen enough death...

%Ex-member of the Brutes 2: We were only following the Colonel's orders.
                            Please take us with you.
                            I want to see my wife and daughter!


<Anja: Alley>

%Gale: It's obvious now that I'm different from the rest of you.
       I did not exist in Varin's memory.
       You five are special.

        - What do you mean?

                Gale: I speculate there are two types of people in the
                      Those such as Heat, Argilla, Cielo and yourself, who
                      share memories with Sera...
                      ...and those whose past memories are lost, and who are
                      not connected with Sera -- like Lupa and myself.
                      However, considering Sera's house is here...
                      It's still not clear if we all died in Nirvana, as
                      Varin said...

        - Yes... I agree.

                Gale: Let us hope that our theory is correct.
                      We could be wrong.
                      ...There may be something else behind all of this.

%Member of the Embryon (red hair): It stopped raining...
                                   What's going on, sir!?

%Member of the Embryon (orange hair): Serph! I just remembered everything!
                                      I used to be in a Tribe called
                                      "Business." It was so cutthroat...
                                      I couldn't take it anymore... and...
                                      ...I hung myself.
                                      Please...! Tell me what this means!


[Muladhara: Embryon's Territory]

<Upper Layer>

%Member of the Embryon (yellow-haired guy):
     We've killed so many...
     I know it wasn't your decision, sir.
     It would be the same if another Tribe had won...
     I just don't feel any joy in our victory.


<Middle Layer>

%Heat: If we get Sera back and go to Nirvana, that should clear everything up.
       I'll kill anyone in my way -- even the Karma Temple.

%Argilla: If we came to the Junkyard when we died, do we come back to life if
          we reach Nirvana?
          This world is formed through the circulation of information,
          constantly refreshed by the rain.
          Is something like that possible?

%Cielo: I wonder what the deal is wit' dat cat.
        Dere's no other cats around. Where did dat one come from?

%Gale: There are things we know of which do not exist in the Junkyard...
       I never found that odd until the Atma changed us.
       The key must lie in that.

%Member of the Embryon (purple hair):
     We've all noticed what Gale was talking about. The sun, for example.
     We've never seen it, but it affects us and we understand what it is.
     How could that be...?

%Member of the Embryon (light blue-haired girl):
     Do I know what a child is? Is that some kind of joke, sir?
     I used to have two kids, you now.
     Heh, I may not look it, but--
     ...wait. How can that be? I confused myself, sir. Sir!


[Embryon Base 2]


%Cielo: Dis sucks... We finally goin' to Nirvana, but Sera disappeaered on us.

%Gale: Sera probably disappeared because she recalled something of the past.
       I doubt that she wants us to find out about it.

%Ex-member of the Solids (yellow-haired girl):
     I can remember a time before I died... I'm sure of it.
     I remember being with other people, and always competing at something.
     Humans seem the same, no matter the circumstances...

%Member of the Embryon (green hair):
     It feels like memories are junk stored in the back of my head...
     ...with someone else's thoughts.

%Heat: What are you hiding from us, Sera?
       ...You really don't trust me?

%Argilla: If... If Varin was telling the truth, do you think Sera would want
          to return to Nirvana?
          Is it really for the best?

%Member of the Embryon (by the buildling):
     At last... there will finally be a world without killing!
     What a time to be alive...



%Ex-member of the Solids (purple hair):
     Special delivery...
     That is, I mean, I have a messge for you.
     It seems they've found a place where the Citadel connects to the 
     sewer system.
     However, those who went in never came back out...
     Do you think something happened?

%Ex-member of the Brutes: No... Cyb--er Shaman... Cy...ber Sha...man...!
                          Ah... No, no... Th-The sun...! The sun!



%Argilla: The Karma Temple...
          I never thought about it, but... what exactly is the Karma Temple?
          Where did it come from?

%Gale: Angel of the Karma Temple, who seeks the Cyber Shaman...
       Who is this... Angel...?

%Cielo: How can we all feel like we known Sera forever...
        ...but none of us know de name Cyber Shaman?

%Heat: I don't care who tries to stop us, we're taking Sera to Nirvana!
       That's the only way we can find out the truth about her...
       I want to help her.


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguard's Territory]

<Main Entrance>

%Gale: I originally accepted this power without question...
       But, killing Lupa taught me of pain and regret.
       Why has the Temple cursed us with this Atma?

        - Perhaps they are testing us.

                Gale: What is there to test?

                        - The Atma.

                                Gale: The Atma... Demonic power...
                                      They collect data as we devour each
                                      other. This is possible... 
                                      But, to what end?

                        - Ourselves.

                                Gale: Yes, that would be ironic. But what is
                                      there to gain from testing us?

                        - That I do not know...

                                Gale: That's true -- if we knew the answer,
                                      we wouldnt be in this mess.
                                      Let's ask them ourselves.

        - I do not know.

                Gale: That's true -- if we knew the answer, we wouldn't be
                      in this mess. Let's ask them ourselves.

%Cielo: Argilla been devoured...?
        If dat be true, it means dere be demons like us in Nirvana...

%Argilla: If I was devoured, then I couldn't be here now, could I?

%Heat: It doesn't matter who Sera really is.
       I'm going to protect her!

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1: War raged constantly in the country I used
                               to live in... W-Wait... What am I saying?

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2: There's no point in fighting the rookies now,


<East Entrance>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards: I understand what he means...
                             Our soul is immortal, and our feelings eternal.
                             My mother told me that, once...
                             Did I... have a mother...?

%Heat: I don't give a damn about souls or recycled information.
       Let's find Sera.


[Manipura: Former Maribel's Territory]


%Argilla: Why would Gale be so different from the rest of us?

%Heat: There's no way Sera's here.
       Let's get to the Temple, Serph!

%Ex-member of the Maribel: I can hear someone inside of me.
                           She says, "I don't wanna go to school,"
                           "Don't make me compete with them!"
                           Please help me...



%Gale: Someone else...
       Have I become similar to them?

%Cielo: Man, dat guy's gotta be older'n he looks.
        ...Jus', I dunno how I can tell.

%Member of the Maribel (red mohawk guy):
     Getting concert tickets is tough sometimes, you know?
     Sometimes you try so hard, and get so far... but in the end that doesn't
     always matter.

%Member of the Maribel (punk girl):
     Old geezer, my ass.
     Hey, man. You know I'm really okay. Just don't piss me off.


[Anahata: Former Solids' Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Argilla: I thought things were different in Nirvana, but now...

%Cielo: Nirvana...
        It must be one nice place, brudda.

%Heat: If Sera's not in Nirvana, then I won't be either.

%Gale: The end may in fact be a new beginning.

%Ex-member of the Solids (purple-haired girl):
     So it's Nirvana time, huh?
     Nah, count me out. I have a feeling I'm better off down here.


[Coordinate 136]


%Heat: Dammit... None of this makes sense.

%Member of the Embryon (orange-haired guy):
     I remember being in a Tribe called Government...
     Devouring occurred every day, and we called it "politics."
     I'm just as tough as you youngsters.

%Argilla: I remember being here.
          Sera, Serph, Heat, and Cielo came, too...
          But, Gale wasn't with us.

%Cielo: Dat's right -- I came here wit' Sera!
        She was laughing and havin' a great time.

%Gale: So, the others received memories which aren't their own...
       That would make sense. I am certain that vision... isn't part of
       my memory.

%Ex-member of the Maribel (blue-haired guy):
     There was a guy like this in our band, too.
     Huh...? I'm not really sure what a band is, exactly...

%Ex-member of the Solids (big guy with dreadlocks):
     This metalhead won't shut up about rock and rolls...
     Er... metalhead? ...What the hell is that!?

--|| Karma Temple: Stairways to Nirvana ||----------------------[ #3O0 ]-------

[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]

<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Member of the Embryon (blue-haired guy):
     Sir! The guards won't allow us to enter, anymore.
     If we try, they kill us. What the hell's going on?

(The Party is blocked by two Karma Temple guards as they approach the
 entrance of the Karma Temple.)

Karma Temple Guard: All entry is forbidden. Leave now, or face termination.

	- Get out of my way. (Choose this option to proceed.)
	- ...I understand.

*Battles: 2 Temple Guards*

(The Party defeated the Temple Guards.)

%Member of the Embryon (blue-haired guy):
     Y-You... killed the guards.
     Was th-that really the right thing to do?



<Karma Temple: Halls>

(Sara walks slowly toward the Temple halls. She seems dazed...
 However, she was halted by two Temple Guards by the main door that leads
 to the innermost section of the Temple.)

Karma Temple guard: Those without a code are not permitted to enter.
                    Refusal to comply will result in termination.

Sera: Stand down.

(The Karma Temple guards' helmet blinks hectically. It almost seems as
 though they are being short-circuited...)

Karma Temple guards: Failsafe override confirmation.
                     Failsafe override confirmation.
                     One without code has been recognized as "Cyber Shaman."
                     Welcome back, Mother.

(Sera walks past the Temple guards... She took a glance backward.)

Sera: Serph and the others are coming. Do not let them pass.
      However, you are not permitted to kill them under any circumstances.


<Karma Temple: Entrance>

%Cielo: Dis is not what was s'posed ta happen...
        We're like da kings of de Junkyard. Dey should bow to us!
        We're de kings now, ja?

%Gale: They clearly don't want us to reach Nirvana.
       These probably aren't orders from the Karma Temple.
       You saw what Sera was capable of...

%Heat: Let's go! 
       Two mouths means you'll be devoured twice as fast!

%Argilla: Sera said that she came to help us.
          Is that where she went? 
          Is she going to accomplish what she came for... alone?

%Ex-member of the Solids: Hey, can you feel...
                          ...something inside of your head?
                          Ever since I received the Atma, I can hear, or...
                          feel... it.
                          It tells me that my true name is James Mason...

%James Mason: I hate to ask you this, but... Can you do me a favor?
              If you find a girl... named Amelia, I need you to tell her
              something for me.

	- Okay.

                James Mason: Thank you. Just tell her...
                             "Please be happy." ...That's all.

	- No chance.


<Karma Temple: Halls>

(The Party is stopped at the Main Hall.)

Karma Temple Guard: All entry is forbidden. Leave now, or face termination.

	- Get out of my way. (Choose this option to proceed.)
	- ...I understand.

*Battles 2 Temple Guards*



(Sera slowly walks into the Dissemination Room.
 She holds out her hands near the console and there was a brief flash of light.
 An elevator is activated and Sera gets in.)


<Karma Temple: Elevator>

(The Party gets on the elevator to follow Sera.
 The elevator shakes as it goes rapidly downward. They cannot stand still.)

Cielo: Whhooooaaaa!! Isn't dis more like fallin'!?

<Karma Temple: Sea of Milk>

(The Party arrived at a strange area, in the deepest part of the Karma Temple.
 It consisted of a single circular platform surrounded by a large body of
 water. There seems to be wraiths and spirits inside the water, constantly
 being stirred by a giant mechanism.)

Console: Welcome to the Samsara circulation system.
         Stage 1 process of repurifying discarded information currenly 
         in progress...
         Information of destroyed Asuras will be recycled in the Sea of Milk.

%Argilla: These are... unfinished humans...

%Gale: So, we enter this world fully developed...
       That explains the absence of children.

%Cielo: What is Asura? And, what de hell does Stage 1 mean?

%Heat: Sera's probably going to risk her life or something for our sake...
       We can't let her do that!

(The ground rumbles when the Party approaches the 2nd elevator.
 A guardian rises from the water and blocks the Party's way. It is a giant
 serpent with six arms and human face.)

Vasuki: Asuras with Karma shall not enter the Sea of Milk.
        That is the Cyber Shaman's will. Leave at once.

*Battles Dragon Vasuki*

(Vasuki is defeated and crumbles into the water.)


<Elevation: 394 ft>

> Sera's afterimage can be seen.

(An image of Sera appears briefly. The hallway lights up with eerie glows.)

> Sera's sorrowful afterimage vanished...

(The Party is faced with traps set by Sera. The glowing panels teleports
 them to an adjacent halls when they approach. Fortunately, it was not
 too hard to figure out a route. They proceed upward in the Karma Temple.)


<Elevation: 1902 ft>

> Sera's afterimage can be seen.

(An image of Sera appears briefly. The hallway lights up with eerie glows.)

> Sera's sorrowful afterimage vanished...

(The Party is dropped to 1837 ft when they stepped onto the glowing panels.)

(After a few layers of dropping and teleporting panels, the Party arrived
 at the next elevator. The proceed upward.)


<Elevation: 4100 ft>

> Sera's afterimage can be seen.

(An image of Sera appears briefly. She walks through a wall.)

> The sad image of Sera disappeared...

(After much crawling among alternating appearing and disappearing walls, 
 the Party proceed upward.)


<Elevation: 4264 ft>

(The Party appears on the outer path of the Karma Temple. Two large aerial
 guardians circle the tower and keep an eye on the Party.)

(There are various switches the Party has to activate to make a column of
 light appear. When the Party steps into the colum of light, the platforms
 rise to connect to higher paths.)

(As the Party approaches the entrance to the Temple, the two guardians
 confronts the Party...)

Jatayu: The Cyber Shaman does not wish to open the gate.
        Leave at once. I repeat, leave at once.

*Battles Aerial Jatayu*

Garuda: The Cyber Shaman does not wish for the birth of any Asuras.
        Leave immediately. Leave immediately.

*Battles Aerial Garuda*

(The Party heads inside and rides the elevator upward.)


<Elevation: 12694 ft>

> Sera's image is visible...

(An image of Sera appears briefly. A wall appears between the Party and
 the next elevator.)

> The sad image of Sera disappeared...

(Teleporting panels, drop-down trap panels, appearing-disappearing walls...
 they're all here. What else can the Party do but to lug themselves through
 those? Finally, persistence triumphs over all. The Party reaches the 
 elevator and heads upward...)


<Elevation: 21932 ft>

> An overwhelming presence can be felt from the other side of the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(A 7-cobra-headed guardian confronts the Party.)

Ananta: Replaying the Cyber Shaman's recorded message:
        "I'm sorry, everyone. I remember everything, now."
        "I want you all to stay here. Please, don't come any closer."
        "Trust me, this is for the best.
         ...Goodbye. Thank you for everything you've done."
        That is all. Leave immediately.

	- Alright...
	- My answer is no. (Choose this option to proceed.)

Ananta: Then you face immediate termination.

*Battles Dragon Ananta*


<Topmost Level>

%Cielo: Dat image of Sera on de way... She was crying, ja?
        We can't leave her alone now!

%Argilla: You must be suffering...
          Hold on, Sera. We'll catch up with you, no matter what happens.

%Heat: We can't turn back now.
       C'mon, Serph.

%Gale: Their defenses are getting noticeably stronger.
       If we continue, then we probably won't be able to turn back.

	- Let me think.

                Gale: Is there something on your mind, or are you afriad?
                      There's a reason we'd gotten this far, and received
                      the help of so many others.
                      Don't forget that.

	- I'm ready.

                Gale: So am I.
                      I'm sure Heat, Argilla, and Cielo feel the same way.
                      Let's go, Serph.

--|| Final Battle to Ending Sequence ||-------------------------[ #3P0 ]-------

[Karma Temple: Topmost Level]

(The Party climgs the long spiral stairway. Recycled spirits float just
 beyond their reaches.)



<Apex of the Karma Temple>

(Sera stood at the very top of the Karma Temple with her protecting Asura.
 She pleads to the emptiness.)

Sera: Angel... I know you're here.

(The red clouds gather and electricity dances about.
 Lightning and thunder strikes the area in a dramatic fashion.)

(A figure, dressed in white, appears from a bolt of lightning.)

Angel: Thanks to them, the shell has finally cracked open.
       You caused me quite a bit of trouble.

Sera: If I go back, will you leave the Junkyard alone?

Angel: I do not like wasting time.
       Do you really think I'd agree to that,
       knowing what I plan to do through you?

Sera: No... I can't do such horrible things...

(Sera's Asura reaches for its blades and locks her neck -- a gesture of

Sera: Please go!

Angel: Impressive, but you ARE the only remaining Cyber Shaman.
       It took five years to perfect the virus, but you can already use it 
       with ease. However...

(Angel produced a small glowing globe in her hand -- the "demon virus.")

Angel: I do not like wasting time.
       This wasn't easy to find...

(The Asura disintegrates at Angel's command.)

Angel: You care that much?
       Since you show no signs of regret, I'll make this simple for you...


<Stairway to Nirvana>

(The party continues to walk upward...)

(Soul crystals float about them like clouds. Each a perfect clear hexagon.)

Argilla: *Whispers* These are clouds...?

(Argilla starts to touch one of the floating crystals, however, huge rumbling
 began to shake the tower. The clouds dissipate and the horizon of the 
 Junkyard erodes.)

Heat: What the hell?

(The Junkyard is being "deleted" area by area.
 The rumbling increases in strength until the Party can no longer stand still.)

Cielo: Whoaa! Dis don't -- dis don't look good!


%Argilla: No... The Junkyard is... disappearing!
          Our comrades are still down there!

%Cielo: Okay, we really in trouble now!
        If we don't hurry, den we'll be erased too!

%Gale: Is this also Sera's doing?

        - I trust Sera.

                Gale: I can't think of anything else with enough power to do
                      such a thing...
                      ...Or, are you suggesting someone as powerful as Sera
                      is responsible?

        - It... can't be.

                Gale: Who else has such power?
                      What could have happened to Sera...?

%Heat: Sera's in trouble...
       Can't you tell!?



<Apex of the Karma Temple>

Sera: Stop! I'll do anything you say...
      Please! Don't delete them...

Argilla: Sera!

(Gale recognized Angel as the crying woman in his visions the moment he sees
 her before the Party.)

Gale: *Gasps* Is that... Angel?

Angel: Thank you for coming.
       I intended on bringing you back but plans have changed.
       This matter no longer concerns you, so why dont you be good little
       children and leave?

Heat: We've had enough of your damn orders!
      We're taking Sera to Nirvana, so get your snobby bitch ass out of 
      the way!

(Angle sighs.)

Angel: Stop them.

Sera: Stay back!

(The party stops mid-motion immediately, frozen in their tracks.)

Cielo: What are you... doing to us... Sera...?

Sera: I'm glad... that we could... say goodbye.

(Sera steps backward toward the gate.
 She waves timidly. Tears rolled down her cheeks.)

Argilla: Don't... you can't...

(Serph begins to move his arms, and body, and legs... a little at a time.
 Heat, as well.)

Sera: Please stay back...
      Stay where you are, Serph.

Heat: Damn... it...

(Serph stood up and began to take steps as his Atma grows ever stronger.
 Blue lines glowed throughout his body.)

Sera: Please stop, I beg you...

(Angel seems to have come to a realization and puts the demon virus away.
 She walks forward...)

Angel: You are beautiful.
       To survive, you devour others.
       A demon epitomizes Karma in its simplest form.

(Sera sheds more tears.)

Angel: That should not be wasted.
       But, your hopes and beliefs are utterly worthless.

(Angel grabs Sera's head.)

(Serph fused into Varna and charges at Angel with his blade.
 Angel's arms demonized into claws to parry Varna's blade.)

Angel: At last we shall see the maturation of the seed I have sown in you!

(The Party can move once again and they rushes forward to confront Angel

Heat: Bring it on!

*Final Battle: Onmyo Harihara*

Harihara: Impressive... but it ends here!
          You shall not escape this purgatory!

(Harihara ascends toward the heavens. 
 Its data merges with the world and calls forth six elemental cores.)

*Final Battle Part II: Onmyo Harihara + 6 Cores*

(Harihara is defeated.)

Angel: Impossible...!

(Angel produces the demon virus in her hand once more.
 Varna jumps to slash at her but the demon virus confronts his blade.
 Both Angel and Varna recoiled backward from the impact.)

(The gate roars violently. 
 The space surrounding the Temple has become unstable.)

Angel: Do you have any idea what you what you've done!?

Angel: Now... Everything will disappear... Nothing will stop it!

(The Karma Temple is disintegrating as well...
 Columns topples, floor cracks... falling rocks...)

Gale: The gate! Run to the gate!

(Everyone runs while the floor crumbles.
 They jump among the falling platforms.)

Gale (To Angel): You too!

(Gale stretches his hand out to Angel, determined to save her also.)
(Glancing at Gale, a face familiar to her overlaps Gale's...
 She take his hand.)

Sera: No, Serph is still...!

(Heat runs toward the gate and grabs Sera on the last few steps of the stairs.)

Argilla: Serph!

Cielo: C'mon bro!

Heat: Damn it! He won't make it!

(Serph tries to make the last jump but alas the steps are already gone.
 He falls into the emptiness.)

(Sera screams.)

Sera: Serph!!

(Matter no longer exist. Everyone floats in empty space...
 Sera desparately reaches out for Serph's hands.
 They closes in, just enough to touch a finger, but not quite enough to
 hold onto.)

Sera: *Cries* I'll find you...

(Serph nods as the current swepts him away from the others.)


[Cue Credits]



<Another place, at another time... far away from the Junkyard...>

(Rumblings... A large egg-shaped dome in an unknown facility...
 Sera's body connected to various tubes...)

(Serph, in his cloak, looks at his hand and remembers the moment before
 he and Sera parted in the midst of the chaos.)

(Serph walks down a desert-covered ruin of a city...
 Stone statues of people in agnoy litters the streets...
 The blazing black sun hangs high above...)

> Are you ready for the real world?

(Statics flashes across the screen.)


To be continued... 

                        ...in Digital Devil Saga 2. ^__^

  IV. Side Quest Scripts                                        [ #400 ]

--|| King Frost's Treasure Hunt ||------------------------------[ #4A1 ]-------

[Coordinate 136: Abandoned Amusement Park]

<1F: Main Hall>

(A large blue treasure chest appears in the middle of the main hall.
 It is guarded by two Pyro Jacks.)

Pyro Jack: Yo, fellas...?
           Why are you still here ho?
           Mick's already winked off to the other world.
           I'm just chillin' with my partner here ho! Hee!

> Continue listening to the song of (one of) the HipHop Brothers?

	- Yes. (He just says "Hee ho!")
	- No.  (Choose this one to proceed.)

Pyro Jack: But, but!
           Get out! Out!
           No treasures for you, ho!
           And that's because--
           It's because--
           Our new king's on the hee ho throne.
           So go hee home! This is for the new king!
           You can't open the chest anyway, cus you don't have the key, ho!
           Please go hee home. I beg you.
           If you want what's inside the chest, go find the key, ho-hee!
           Revel in...er--  Repent of your evil deeds
           ...and serve the King. Hee may give you some treasure ho!

	- I can look for it. (Choose this one to proceed.)
	- No way.

Pyro Jack: Bring the key as soon as you find it ho.
           Our comrades may have already found it, though.

%Pyro Jack 2: I hope the key ho will turn up soon.


<Coordinate 136: 5F>

Formor: Wow, I found a Silver Key!
        Heey... Who th'hell are you...?
        What!? You want my frekin' key?
        Wah ha ha! That's rich... You'll have to take it from me, dumbass.
        I can't wait to find out how tasty you are...

*Battles Demon Formor*

> Obtained the Silver Key.


<Coordinate 136: 3F-Transit>

Titania: La la la... La la... How truly beautiful am I, queen of the fairies?
         It's such a great honor to be queen that it almost brings me to
         ...Hey! What're YOU looking at!?
         I get it! Now you're going to embarass me by telling all my comrades
         what you saw me doing!
         Not if I have anything to say about it, buster!
         I'll ram this Sugar Key so far up your ass that it can watch me kick
         the crap outta you!

*Battles Fiend Titania*

> Obtained the Sugar Key.


<1F: Main Hall>

Pyro Jack: Oh! You found a key ho!
           Let's open it, hee!

> Pyro Jack put the Sugar Key into the keyhole.

(The treasure chest pops open. What's inside!?)

Pyro Jack: BinHo!
           Okay. I'll take the treasure then, thank hee you ho.
           Ho ho ho! You're so naive, ho.
           I'll be rewarded by the King, hee ho!

(Pyro Jack grabs the loot and made a run for it... bastard.
 The Party will have to go "talk" to the King about this...)


<Princess's Chamber>

> An evil presence seeps through this door from the other side.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(What the...!?  Serph looks upward above the Princess's bed.
 The King sits atop the bedposts.)

King Frost: Heee Hooooo!
            This is the King's castle, HO.
            The King decides the HEE code.
            HEE HO Article One: 
            The King's possessions are the King's. Your possessions are too
            HEE HO.
            HEE HO Article Two:
            Those who disobey are sentenced to HEE HO death.

(The King raises his staff at the Party.)

*Boss Battle: Fiend King Frost*

> Obtained Ice Crystal.



(Ahh... There's the Pyro Jack hiding outside.)

Pyro Jack: Waaaaah....!
           I just remembered Article Three of the Hee Ho Code!
           If your boss is defeated, you have to obey the new Hee-ho.
           That means you're the new Hee. Forgive me, please ho.

--|| Beelzubub Runs Amok ||-------------------------------------[ #4B2 ]-------

(Rumors of a strange and crazy member of Vanguard circulates among the
 base. The mere mention of this guy sends shivers down most ex-member of the
 Vanguards' spines. Serph and the Embryon tread into the sealed basement to
 find out for themselves.)

[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Territory]

<Former Vanguards Base: B1>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards: It's a dead-end past here, boss.
                             That red wall appeared out of nowhere and sealed
                             off the basement.
                             The guys guarding Him were trapped inside, too...

*Serph opens the Red Wall with the Red Key.*

%Ex-member of the Vanguards: Are you going up ahead, sir?
                             Be careful, He's no rookie.


<B1: Halls>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 1:
     Whoa, don't get any closer.
     There's a guy locked away... He went crazy, and wouldn't stop
     devouring people...
     He was delirious, going on about the Wicked King...
     then began eating his own allies.
     We need to isolate him until he dies of starvation.

(As the Party runs around the basement, they realize the electricity had
 been cut. The switches around the area would not work yet.)

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 2:
     You want to know why it's so dark?
     We tripped the breaker on B2 to deactivate the wall mechanism.
     It's inconvenient, but it's better than letting that guy escape.


<B2: Halls>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 3:
     Yeeeeeeeek!! Please, don't eat me!
     *cough* Oh, it's you, sir. Don't scare me like that.

<B2: Electrical Room>

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 4:
     D-Don't touch that breaker!
     He'll escape if we turn the power back on.

> It's a circuit panel.
> Reset the circuit breaker?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(It's wouldn't fun if we don't turn it on, now, would it? So...)

> Electricity was restored.

Ex-member of the Vanguards 4:
     I tried stopping you. I'm not responsible for what happens next!

%Ex-member of the Vanguards 4:
     Remember... I tried to stop you.
     Don't blame me if anything bad happens!

(The Party arrives at an out-of-the-way alley of the Vanguard Basement...)

> A questionable presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party enters a strange warping space. A large blue-skinned man dressed
 in tiger pelt greets them... His eyes glows red, and his presence reeks
 of evil.)

Beelzebub: You know, Boss...
           Shouldn't there be absolute laws over the Junkyard?
           We should only be subject to the laws of nature.
           In other words... Someone as weak as you doesn't deserve to be
           in charge.

*Boss Battle: Fiend Beelzebub*
Beelzebub: A new oracle has emerged!

(Beelzebub has now been properly slapped around by the Party.)

Beelzebub: Ugh... Don't think that you've surpassed me, Boss...
           I... I'll devour others to grow strong...
           When next we meet, you will fall!

> Beelzebub disappeared.


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]

<Manipura Waterways: Southern Tunnels>

> A strong power can be sensed from beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party enters a strange warping space of green and red mists. A large
 fly shaman awaits them...)

Beelzebub: So, you ignorant shadows have arrived at last.
           Behold, I am Beelzubub!
           Now is the time to rise out of purgatory and cover the present
           world with terror and corruption.
           Kneel before the Wicked King...
           Offer yourselves to me!!

*Boss Battle: Fiend Beelzebub (Fly)*

Beelzebub: Your flesh shall fuel my ascendence...

(Beelzebub is finally defeated for good.)

--|| Menace of the Waterways: Orochi ||-------------------------[ #4C3 ]-------

[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Samsara Waterways: Southern Tunnels>

(The Party explores the Anahata waterways. Like the other waterways, this one
 is also part of the Samsara Tunnels. There isn't much of anything here, 
 except for maybe the most complex waterway maze...)

(The Party can see a giant 8-headed Dragon waiting by a small bridge from the
 distance. Each of its 8 heads slithers and hisses menacingly. However, the 
 Party must confront the beast if they were to continue ahead.)

Orochi: My prey escaped just as I was about to devour it...
        But, maybe my luck has changed.
        You look delicious. It must be my lucky day, afterall.
        I'll repay my good fortune by devouring you immediately!

*Boss Battle: Dragon Orochi*

(The Party gives Orochi a good beatdown.)


<Former Brutes Base: 3F>

(The exit of at the end of the Ahanata Waterway leads to the basement of
 the former Brutes Base... it had been abandoned, for the most part.)

(The Party comes across a body in the hallway...)

> It is a beautiful woman.
> She is not breathing... She is dead.
> There's something in her hand.
> Take it?

	- Yes.
	- No.

> Obtained Red Ring.

(What could the bloody ring be for...?)

--|| Attack of the Uber Rookies ||------------------------------[ #4D4 ]-------

[Saharsrara: Karma Temple]


(A little detour vacation before facing Angel...
 The Party waltz down the spiraling stairs of the Karma Temple only to find
 rumors of... Uber Rookies.)

%Member of the Embryon (red-haired guy):
     I-I'm glad to see you. An unbelievably strong band of rookies showed
     up out of nowhere!
     We've lost all transmission from Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata,
     and Ajna...
     We're cut off from every sector!
     ...You won't abandon us, will you? You gotta do something!

(Time for some Rookie-hunting sweeps around the Junkyard.)


[Svadhisthana: Former Vanguards Base]


%Gale: They either fled, or were devoured.
       Whichever case, the report seems to be true.

%Cielo: What de hell dey want now? We already won, ja?

%Argilla: Nobody's here... Don't tell me they've all been...!

%Heat: Damn these bastards! Makin' us waste our time...


<B2: Halls>

(A wounded Ex-member of the Vanguards slumps by the wall.)

%Ex-member of the Vanguards: Sir... There's a powerful woman who's...
                             looking for you.
                             G-Get outta here...

> A questionable presence can be felt beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party is ambushed by the woman waiting behind the door.)

Feng Huang: Ha ha... I finally found ya guys.
            Ya know what? I could care less about Nirvana...
            but our leader won't shut up about it.
            I'm tired of worms... It's time for something meatier!

*Battles: Aerial Feng Huang*

Feng Huang: Squawk, watch it! My beautiful feathers...
            You ruffled them! That's so wrong!

Feng Huang: MY FEATHERS!! You're seriously starting to piss me off!!

Feng Huang: I'm gonna pick your bones dry, squawk!

(The Feng Huang is, as they say, toast.)

> Obtained Crimson Orb.


[Ajna: Former Brutes Base]


%Heat: It's not like we can help people who have already been devoured.
       Hurry up! We need to find Sera!

%Argilla: This couldn't have happened at a worse time!

%Cielo: What should we do, bro?

%Gale: Dealing with them will not change our situation.
       However, they did kill some of our comrades.
       This could be considered revenge for such needless killing.


<Red Configuration: Halls>

(A wounded soldier lies beside the wall.)

%Ex-member of the Brutes: One man... destroyed...
                          He destroyed... our entire platoon...
                          He's... looking for you...
                          You... should withdraw... now...

> A strange presence can be felt from beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.


<Red Configuration: Piano Room>

(A man with eye-patch confronts the Party.)

Long: You were right, Huang Long...
      The easiest way to get to Nirvana...
      is to devour the last remaining Tribe leader.
      Hahaha, you saved me the trouble of finding you...
      Now, you'll be devoured!

*Battles: Dragon Long*

Long: You've gorged yourself on the sweet meats of purgatory...
      But, now it's our turn to feast!

Long: *cough* No... This... can't be!

(The Party puts Long on ice.)

> Obtained Azure Orb.


[Manipura: Former Maribel Territory]


%Cielo: It sucks dat we gotta dea wit dis instead of just going to de Temple.

%Argilla: This Atma crap only accomplishes one thing.
          What good is a world where one person stands alone on the bodies
          of his slain enemies?

%Heat: You care too much about thers, y'know that?
       If we're gonna do this, then hurry the hell up, already!

%Gale: If we are victorious, then all wars will end.
       I truly hope that this comes to pass.


<1F: Halls>

(A wounded soldier slumps beside the Yellow Wall.)

Ex-member of the Solids: Be careful... Some newbie just appeared,
                         asking about the boss.
                         --the hell!? He's suppose to be a newbie!?
                         He went right through that wall...

> A presence is felt beyond the door...
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(A man awaits the Party. He is standing on top of a table.)

Baihu: So, you have finally arrived.
       I knew that if I devoured your men, you would eventually show up.
       Nothing personal, but I cannot remain in this hellish prison.
       ...Prepare yourselves.

*Battles: Beast Baihu*

Baihu: Looks like I bit off more than I can chew...

Baihu: Ugh... I guess I overestimated my own strength...
       Well, it looks like this is it.
       But, I'm gonna go down fighting!

(At least he's got good sportsmanship! 
 Too bad the Party had to hang him out to dry... Bwa ha ha.)

> Obtained White Orb!


[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Citadel: Entrance>

%Heat: Sera... don't do anything stupid.

%Gale: There isn't time to lose.
       If we're going to eliminate them, let's do it quickly.

%Argilla: We've killed three of them, so that means their boss must be
          in the final area.
          ...But, something doesn't seem right, don't you think?

%Cielo: Three places down, ja?
        Let's look for deir boss, then!


<Citadel: 3F>

(A soldier held his wounds, he is barely standing.)

%Ex-member of the Solids (Red dreadlocks):
     That bastard is suspicious... He's no fledgling newbie.
     He... walked right through the wall...
     He's looking for you...
     Don't underestimate him... You'll end up just like me...

> Someone is on the other side of the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(A woman is waiting for the Party.)

(She is Gui Xian, a fanged tortoise with a dragon for tail.)

Gui Xian (Tail): Hey, we finally found them!

Gui Xian (Head): We? I believe I did all the work.

Gui Xian (Tail): If you call napping in your shell "work," then yes.

Gui Xian (Head): Can I help it if I require 9-10 hours of sleeps per day?

Gui Xian (Tail): You mean in addition to the 12 hours you get each night?

Gui Xian (Head): What can I say? 
                 Carrying an oversized worm around takes a lot out of me.

*Battles: Dragon Gui Xian*

Gui Xian (Head): Is that all you think about!?

Gui Xian (Tail): Listen, they're laughing at us over there.
                 We gotta do something about it!

Gui Xian (Head): Uh... This might be more than we can handle.

Gui Xian (Tail): Shut up, you coward!
                 Fight like a demon!

Gui Xian (Head): ........ Come on!!

(After some more beatings...)

Gui Xian (Head): Ugh... Pretty good...
                 I think you've learned your lesson, so we'll let you go now.

Gui Xian (Tail): What? Y-You wanna keep fighting!?
                 Y-You must be kidding!
                 Th-That's a good one...
                 Aheh ha ha... Very funny.

Gui Xian (Head): Uh, I don't think they're joking...

Gui Xian (Tail): In that case... 
                 I'm really gonna teach them a lesson this time!

Gui Xian (Head): ........

Gui Xian (Tail): Okay! Let's do this!
                 Well, what are you waiting for? Come on!

Gui Xian (Head): ........

Gui Xian (Tail): Y-yeah... c-come on...

(If that isn't the most talkative boss... heh.
 The schizophernic Gui Xian has now bit the dust... oh I kill myself. *ducks*)

> Obtained Copper Orb.


%Cielo: ALl our comrades were s'posed ta go to Nirvana wit' us...

%Argilla: Let's get back to the tower, Serph.
          It's time to face our destiny, and learn the truth about our lives.

%Gale: Sera knows all about this world, and everything about us.
       Let's head for the Temple, Serph.

%Heat: What a waste of time.
       Okay, everyone's happy. Let's get going!


[Sahasrara: Karma Temple]


(The red-haired Member of the Embryon now lies wounded by the path...)

Member of the Embryon: S-Some rookie... was looking for...
                       looking for you, sir...
                       I d-didn't... talk, but... this is what...
                       he did to me...
                       He went into the... temple...

(One more, eh...?)


<Elevation: 12530 ft>

> A Karma Temple guard was brutally murdered.

> An overwhelming presence can be felt from the other side of the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(An elder flamming dragon awaits the Party...)

Huang Long: So you've defeated the four Guardian Beasts...
            I see why you're the strongest Tribe.
            Is it the members' strength... Or is it the leader's...?
            I will learn as we battle.
            I shall devour you, and savor the climb to Nirvana.
            Bring it on!

*Battles: Dragon Huang Long*

Huang Long: Grrrraaaaagggghhhh!!

(Huang Long is defeated.)

(The Party continues deeper into the hallway and passed a Red Wall.
 An ammo node sits at the very end.)

> Obtained Golden Orb.

(And that is the end of the Uber Rookies.)

--|| Wraith of Anja: Metatron ||--------------------------------[ #4E5 ]-------

[Ajna: Former Brutes Base]


(Two girls stood side-by-side in front of the Brutes Mansion. 
 One is the light-blue haired Member of the Embryon, the other is a 
 red-haired Ex-member of the Maribel. They gaze into the mansion...
 their eyes... sparkling.)

Member of the Embryon: How are you holding up?

Ex-member of the Maribel: Sir, may I ask you something?
                          You've... been inside there before, haven't you?

        - That building? ...Yes.

                XMoM: Have you seen a demon with "beautiful silver wings?"
                      He is soooo dreamy.

                MoE: I want to meet him, but I totally freeze up when I try
                     to go inside.

                XMoM: Squeee! Maybe he'll give me his phone number!

                MoE: --? His what? What are you talking about?

        - No, I haven't.

		XMoM: Why are you being like that? 
                      We know you've been in there.

                MoE: We already know you've been inside that building.


<White Configuration>

> A strange presence can be felt from beyond the door.
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(A non-descript man stood in front of the Party.
 He notices the bloody Red Ring in Serph's possession...)

Newbie: Th-That ring...!!
        You bastard! Did you... Did you devour Laura!?

	- Yes.
	- No, I didn't do it.

                Newbie: Don't waste your breath, lying scum!
                        You'll pa for what you did!!

(The man beomes the silver angel, Metatron.)

*Battles: Aerial Metatron*

Metatron: My dear, I thought we would finally be together in the afterlife!

Metatron: Laaaaauuuuuraaaaaaaaaaaa!!

> Obtained Seraph Quill.



Ex-member of the Maribel: So that demon hunk has a girlfriend...
                          *sigh* Major bummer.
                          I'm not sure my heart will ever recover from 
                          the shock.

Member of the Embryon: Come on, cheer up.
                       Let's have a sleepover and eat ice cream until morning.

Ex-member of the Maribel: --? What are you talking about?
                          ...sounds fun, though.

--|| The Ultimate Beatdown: Demi-Fiend ||-----------------------[ #4F6 ]-------

  Are you feeling like the King of the Junkyard yet?

  After those Uber Rookies were easily kicked to the curbs, perhaps you 
  longed for more excitment... Something to slap you silly and kick your 
  ass all over the place... 

  One man answers that call -- the Demi-fiend (or, more fondly known as
  Hitoshura). And he's kind enough to travel from Nocturne to give you the 
  honor of witnessing what it means to be on the receiving end of "over kill."

[Anahata: Former Solids Territory]

<Citadel: 1F>

(The Party wanders aimlessly among the gaseous chambers of the Citadel
 dungeon... The place still cause dizziness from nausea. Sooner or later,
 the Party stumbles across a peculiar room.)

> A sense of foreboding pervades the area...
> Open the door?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party enters the room.)

> Feeling dizzy...

(The Party is knocked out cold. All they can see is the blackness of the
 void. Wait... what's this?!)

*Battle: Demi-Fiend + 2 lesser demons*

(After a battle of epic proportions...
 The Party wakes up in the same room, none the worse.)

> The gas must have been causing hallucinations.
> A message is written on the floor.

Dying Message: Death's vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of the
               long road -- neither human, nor devil...
               All bends to my will.

  V.  Version History                                           [ #500 ]

 v. 1.0  (9/4/2006)

	- Main script completed.
	- Basic format completed.
	- Submitted to GameFAQs for release.

 v. 1.2  (9/11/2006)

	- Demi-Fiend sidequest script completed.
	- Very minor changes and corrections to typos.

  VI.  Contact Information                                      [ #600 ]
  Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism?  

  If you find any mistakes or would like to contribute additional scripts 
  that I missed, please let me know. I will give you proper credits.

  If you'd like to contact me, I'd appreciate if you can observe some simple 

        - Mention Gamefaqs and DDS in the subject line. I will most likely 
          delete anything else that resemble spams.

        - Don't send me any attachments. I will delete it un-read. Period.

        - Have some semblance of grammar and spelling proficiency.  I don't 
          require your writing to be perfect, but if I can't understand it, 
          I won't read it.

        - Please practice netiquette and common sense.

  Now that those are out of the way, you can reach me via email at:

  karuros19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  VII.  Thanks + Credits                                        [ #0700 ]

  Thanks to:

        - Atlus, who brought over this incredible game.

        - CJayC, for the existence of GameFAQs.

        - Jagged Jim, for the excellent DDS1 and DDS2 FAQs that guided 
          my playthroughs.

        - Mochi, for listening to my DDS-obsessed rants and always being there.

        - You, for reading my script FAQ. :D

  Copyright 2006 Amy Wu (A.K.A. NoCookieHere/snowbubble)

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