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Guide and Walkthrough by tamashii

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 05/10/2005


Shin Megami Tensei

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner


(by Christiana Bakarich aka tamashii)

                     T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S

01 ) Table of Contents      | G#TTT  | Sections of this guide.
02 ) Legal Information      | G#LLL  | Copyright protection/legal info.
03 ) Latest Updates         | G#UUU  | What was added in the last update.
04 ) Introduction           | G#III  | A bit about myself and this guide.
05 ) Walkthrough*           | G#100  | Walkthrough for the game.
06 ) Items*                 | G#200  | List, discriptions, and price of items.
07 ) Mantra*                | G#300  | Descriptions of the Mantras on the grid.
08 ) Skills*                | G#400  | Skills acquired through learning Mantra.
09 ) Combos*                | G#500  | List of the different skill combos.
10 ) Past Revisions         | G#RRR  | History of this guide.
11 ) Credits                | G#CCC  | All who contributed... Thank you!
12 ) Contact Information    | G#ZZZ  | How to reach me.

*Indicates Section Under Construction

                       L E G A L     I N F O R M A T I O N

This document is copyrighted to me, Christiana Bakarich. It is intended for 
private use only. It cannot be used in any form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or
form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, and it can't be given
away with the game. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes,
regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation
of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of
it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted
to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters, names, places, or
miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.

If you are a webmaster of a site that wishes to post this document, you may do
so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If permission
is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document, and you must
leave it in txt format. Under NO circumstances will this guide be permitted to
be hosted at www.CheatCC.com.

As of May 10, 2005, only the following site(s) may host this guide:


                         L A T E S T     U P D A T E S

Version 0.8 (May 10, 2005)
  --Completed walkthrough section for the Southern and Northern Tunnels.

                            I N T R O D U C T I O N

Hi, my name is Christiana Bakarich. You might know me around the GameFAQs
message boards under the username tamashii. I wouldn't be surprised if you've
never heard of me, though.

I remember when I first popped in my copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne...and
was instantly blown away. With that game, I fell in love with the MegaTen
series and ATLUS, as well. I have yet to find a game of theirs that I have not
enjoyed immensely. I clearly recall waiting and wanting for this game for
several months. And when I finally got my hands on it, I was floored. It was
even better than I had imagined.

Until now, all of my contributions have been related to game scripts and the
like. I decided that since I adore this game so much, I would try my hand at a
walkthrough/FAQ for it. I've never done one before, and frankly, it's pretty
tough. But I'm truly enjoying every minute of it. And of course, when I heard
that there was to be no official strategy guide -- or ANY published guide --
for this game (not even a DoubleJump guide, unfortunately), it firmed my
resolve to contribute something for this wonderful game.

This is not an easy game to figure out on your own, by any means. But I do
enjoy a challenge.

What else? I've tried to make this guide as spoiler-free as possible, but it
is impossible to keep everything a secret. This will eventually be a full
Walkthrough/FAQ, covering enemy stats, Mantra, Combos, items, and secret extra
bosses. Still, I'll do my best not to ruin anything related to the main plot.
I'll leave it for you to discover. But, I may throw in an ambiguous comment
here or there to let you know you're at the right place, okay?

The style so far is not the best, I understand. I'm just trying to get this up
as fast as possible so people can start using it. I intend to tone it down a
bit and organize it a little better once the basic walkthrough is complete.

Sorry, I'm going on about nothing here, aren't I? Just know that I love this
game, I love writing this guide, and I'm happy to contribute what I can to the
online community of gamers.

Just have a little more patience, please?

                             W A L K T H R O U G H

Okay! Here we go, everyone!


After the series of cutscenes is over, you gain control of Serph. 

Controls and Menu

Okay, now that you have control, let's see what we've got. Pressing Triangle
brings up your map. This only works inside buildings and dungeons, though. It's
an auto-map, which means it's filled in as you explore. R1 takes you to the
map of the floor below you, while L1 takes you to the map of the floor below.
You can use either Triangle or Circle buttons to exit the map. When running
around a building or dungeon, you can always check the lower right corner of
your screen for the mini-map.

You may notice, when running around, two things at the top of your screen. One
is fairly self-explanatory -- it just gives you the name of the place you're
currently wandering around. The other is the Solar Noise meter: That round
glowing thing at the top left of your screen that'll display MIN, 1/8, 2/8,
3/8, HALF, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, and MAX. It will cycle up and back down the scale
repeatedly as long as you are moving.

Square button brings up your menu. Ooh, you start out with 2000 Macca! That's
pretty nice. Anyway, at this point in the game, you start out with three
characters in your party: Serph, Heat, and Argilla. Right now you only have two
options available to you: Item and Config. Item gives you three sub-options:
Use, which permits you to use items on your characters and look at what you
have in your inventory. We start off with Ration x 10. Next we have Ammo, which
shows any ammunitions you may have in stock, and lets you equip them to your
character. Ammo is used only in human form. While you may want to spend most of
your battles in demon form, if you're Surprised you'll enter battle in human
form. It's always nice to be able to do decent damage, so you should think
about occasionally upgrading your ammo. The last option in the Item Menu is
Special. Right now, we only have the Tag Ring. The tag ring stores personal
information on you -- particularly your performance in battles. It records your

Anyway, next. The Config menu. Not much here, just your basic options.
Vibration function on or off, easy enough. Menu Memory remembers your last
selections in battle. Auto Repeat remembers your last actions for use with the
Auto Battle function. Incidentally, you can switch your battles to Auto by
pressing the Triangle button in a battle. You can regain manual control by
pressing Triangle again, or just pressing Circle. Finally, there's Camera Mode,
which lets you use regular controls when changing the camera view in the field
or using reverse controls. That's it for now for the menu.

Note that you can change the camera view when in a wide area by using the L1
and R1 buttons. You can also use the right analog stick if you wish. You
usually can't change the camera angle when in a small room, though.


Alright, now that we understand that, let's move!

You're currently in the Strategy Room of your Tribe (Embryon)'s Base,
Muladhara. The Strategy Room is located in the Middle Layer of your base. Heat,
Argilla, Gale, and Cielo are in here, too. Talk to them if you wish.

Exit the Strategy Room via the north door. Now you're in a hallway with lots of
doors! Enter the door to your right at the first intersection and inspect the 
purple node to get Revival Bead x 1. In the room directly across from where you
got the item, the girl with black hair is in bed. You can check her out if you

At the next intersection, ignore the door on the left -- there's nothing there.
Instead, head to the door on the right. Mini-cutscene! Now you can visit Vendor
locations. The Vendor allows you to purchase items and ammo, as well as sell
any items you have.

The Vendor has available for purchase at this point in the game:

Ration         100
Revival Bead   500
Dis-Poison     200
Dis-Stun       100
Panacea        150
Shot Shell     800

You can buy some things if you wish, but you won't really need them yet. You'll
find more healing items and better ammo coming up soon, so don't waste your
Macca -- it's not easy to come by.

Alright, let's head up to the end of the hallway now. Go left first, and you'll
be treated to another mini-cutscene that enables you to visit the Large Karma
Terminals. At these terminals you can do several things: Save (your game),
Teleport (between other Large Karma Terminals that you've already visited),
Restore (pay a little bit of Macca to heal your characters), and Exit. Exit
takes you back out of the Large Karma Terminal room. Note that all Large Karma
Terminals will have identical options. Later on, they'll be able to do
something else for you that's very very useful, but you'll have to wait a
little while for that.

Finally, let's head out of the building. We're going to go down the short
hallway directly across from the Large Karma Terminal. Hooray! We're outside!
And in the rain. But that doesn't seem to bother Serph, so let's keep going.

We're going to get some more goodies, so let's run up the short stairs to the
main ledge, and head up the first set of stairs you see on the right side. Go
in the building. Hmm, more doors and a blue wall at the end of the hallway.
Let's go in the first door to the right. Check the purple node inside for
Chakra Drop x 3. Ignore the door across from the room you just went in, there
isn't anything in there. Go up to the next set of doors and enter the one on
the left. Touch this purple node for Dis-Poison x 2. Go back out, and enter the
room directly across from it. Touch the purple node for Soma Drop x 1. You can
examine the blue wall if you want, but you can't get past it, so let's go back

You can talk to Argilla and Heat if you want to. A lot of the NPCs in your
territory give you handy information, so it's always good to talk to everyone
after an event or cutscene. Sometimes they'll give you hints to push you in the
right direction, or handy battle tips.

Alright, let's get out of here. Head up north until you see a sort of metal
cage. It's an elevator, and we want on it. So examine it and head on up! Now
that we're on the Upper Layer, head left and up the stairs, past the NPCs, and
toward the orange flag. It'll give you an option to leave the area. Say yes.
Now, we're supposed to head over to Svadhisthana, but let's stop over at Ground
Zero (where we were during the beginning cutscenes) first.

   Ground Zero

Oh, no! Just by entering, your party members each lost 3 HP from hunger. That's
alright, it's cheap to heal. Talk to the NPC male with blue hair, directly in
front of you, and he forks over Ration x 5. You can talk to Argilla and Heat
again if you want. There's really nothing else to do here, though.

If you're worried about the health you just lost, you can head back to
Muladhara, into the Middle Layer main building, and to the Large Karma
Terminal. It'll cost you a piddly 9 Macca to heal yourself, but you can just
as easily heal in the next area, so it's up to you.

Okay, time to head over to Svadhisthana finally.


Another cutscene. When you regain control, head south-east. Examine the purple
node for Soma Drop x 1. If you want to look around, there's the exit to the
area at the southwest corner. You can tell by the green glowing columns. If you
head up the left side, there's another Vendor. Nothing new is being sold yet,
though. Talk to Heat and Argilla again if you want, then head into the building
at the northeast corner of the area.

   Vanguards Base

Very short entrance cutscene. We're on floor 1F, obviously. Head to the door at
the north of the map (in other words, to your left from where you entered).
You'll know it by the red glowing flower-thing on the door. Go in.

Awesome, another Large Karma Terminal. Restore if you haven't already, then
save. Exit the room.

Enter the door directly across from the karma terminal room. In here, go up the
stairs onto the platform and inspect the purple node for Panacea x 2. Take the
stairs at the north end of the platform down again, and head all the way left
until you get to a door. Enter.

In this room, there is a large wall blocking your way and a switch. Before you
mess with either of those, though, you should head through the door to your
right. Continue along the hall, ignoring the stairs for the time being. In the
room at the end is another purple node. Touch it for Ration x 3. 

Now go back to the stairs we passed earlier. Head up them to get to floor 2F. 
There is a blue wall at the end of the hall in front of the stairs, but we
can't do anything with that yet. Head down around the stairs instead, then go
into the room at the end. If you haven't touched the switch yet, you can run
across the top of the wall and touch the purple node on the other side for
Chakra Drop x 3. Okay, now head back out and down the stairs again, then into
the room with the switch.

Hmm, the wall's in your way, isn't it? Well, not a problem. Inspect the switch,
use it. Hooray, the wall goes down. Enter the door that was behind the wall.

Stairs again. Go up to the platform, and touch another purple node in the upper
corner. This time we get another Chakra Drop x 3. Go back down the stairs.

Oh, what's this glowing red thing, you ask? Well, that's a Small Karma
Terminal, silly. Small Karma Terminals only let you save and teleport, at this
point of the game. If you choose to teleport with this one, it will take you
alllll the way back to the Large Karma Terminal at the beginning of the
dungeon. There's no reason to yet, since we haven't gotten in any battles yet
and therefore don't need to be healed. You can save if you wish, however.

Now. From the karma terminal, head left. Yep, we're going under the platform.
Head down as far as you can, and touch the purple node there. We get a neat
Revival Bead x 1.

When you're ready, head up to the doors at the top of the screen. Enter them,
and we get a cutscene and our very first battle -- Demon Ghoul x 2.

First battle tutorial

Alright, time for some instructions. The tutorial gives you a few very small
helpful words, but that's about it. Anyway, the turn icons at the top right of
the screen indicate the number of actions your party can take. Well, yes. That
means you can attack three times per turn, right? Once for each character. Turn
order is determined solely by position on the battlefield. Serph is first, then
Heat, then Argilla. When no icons are remaining, it is then the enemies' turn.

Okay, now we get to see what we can do in battle. If you check your mini-menu
at the bottom left of the battle screen, you can use the D-pad or the left
analog stick to pass through the different options. First up, on the far left
of the list (and also the default option list) is Fight. In demon-form, the
first option is Attack. That's the simple attack that doesn't cost any HP or
MP. Under that are whatever magic skills, physical skills, and shield skills
that character has equipped. Under whatever skills you have equipped would be
the Pass option. This allows you to pass your turn without acting, but you'll
only expend half a turn icon. While you're human, you only get basic weapon and
Pass options. You don't get to use any of your skills.

Next up we have the Item mini-menu. This allows you to use any item in your
Item inventory. Of course, currently, we only have healing and recovery items.

Then there's the Member mini-menu. This has three options: Revert, which allows
you to revert to human form; Deploy, which allows you to replace an ally with
someone in your reserve party (this option is not yet available because we have
no reserve party); and Withdraw, which lets one member retreat from battle. Oh,
and you should remember that when you're in human form, the Revert option is
replaced by the Transform option, which allows you to turn back into a demon.

The final mini-menu, on the far right, is Escape. It has only one option,
Retreat. This allows the entire party to run from battle. Of course, if you
fail to escape, then you lose your entire turns for the round, so be careful.

In this case, with Serph, we have Bufu (weak ice magic against one enemy for
3 MP) and Void Ice (shield from ice attacks - whole party). Heat has Venom Claw
(weak physical damage and chance of poison against one enemy for 4 HP) and Mad
Rush (light physical damage against all enemies for 5 HP). Argilla has Dia
(restore moderate amount of HP for one ally for 3 MP), Patra (cures Charm,
Sleep, and Panic status effects for one ally for 10 MP), and Analyze (see one
enemy's info for 2 MP).

Don't bother using Analyze in this battle, by the way, since you can't see this
enemy's information yet.

Note that while in demon form, Serph (Varna) is strong to ice, but weak to
fire. Heat (Agni) is strong to fire, but weak to ice. And Argilla (Prithivi) is
strong to earth, but weak to force. If you use an attack that an enemy is weak
to, you'll only spend half a turn for that attack.

Now, since this is actually a very easy battle, we want to take the opportunity
to get a few Combos. Combos are what they sound like -- an attack performed by
two or more characters simultaneously. Of course, it should be noted that the
number of characters involved equals the number of turns sacrificed for the
move. Combos are unlocked depending on which skills your party members have
equipped. But they're neat, and can come in handy, so we shall unlock three of
them now. What we're going to do first is turn everyone back into human form.
As soon as everyone in your battle party is human, you will get a note on your
screen informing you that you have discovered a new Combo, Crossfire. Since
this is your first discovered combo, they will be explained onscreen. Now you
will have the Combo sub-menu, which is put inbetween the Fight and Item lists.
The Combo menu and the Combo attacks will only be available if you have the
proper skills equipped to perform the Combo attack, though. Anyway, Crossfire
uses all three party members in human form, with their guns. Takes three turns.

Now we want the other Combos. So we're going to transform Serph back into his
demon form, Varna. Hooray! We discovered Fire Shot and Earth Shot! Fire Shot
does fire damage to all enemies for 6 MP. It's used by Heat in human form
paired with anyone in demon form that has a Void (Shield) skill equipped. Earth
Shot does earth damage to one enemy for 4 MP. It is used by Argilla in human
form paired with anyone in demon form that has a Void (Shield) skill equipped.

Well, then. If you experiment a little bit with your new combos, or even if you
just hack away at them -- the Demon Ghouls should go down easy, no problem. Now
to the battle result screen. You should be awarded 20 Karma, Ration x 2, and a
bit of Macca. Serph should level up, and Heat and Argilla should be very close
to leveling up. You can tell their levels under ther grey Karma heading -- the
ones with a green/yellow bar. Atma Points are the purple bars adjacent to the
green bars. They all have question marks above them.

Now that Serph has gained a level, it's time to distribute his status points.
Every time you level up, you get three points to distribute. With Serph you get
to shape how he grows entirely by yourself -- there's no limit to what you can
do with him. You can make him a strong physical fighter like Heat, or a mage
like Argilla. Or you can go back and forth. I strongly suggest putting at least
one point into Vi (Vitality, or physical defense/HP raising) at each level. You
should also put a lot of your points into St (Strength, or power of your
physical attacks), particularly if you intend to Hunt or use your Hunting
skills often. Hunting will be explained later. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too
much about Ag (Agility) and Lu (Luck) besides throwing an occasional point in
their direction. They aren't quite as important as the other three.

If you get lucky, something special will happen when you level up, and you'll
overflow with power. Several things can happen -- HP restored, MP restored,
complete healing, or a random stat gain.


After battle, you'll get a cutscene. Serph and Heat will recover slightly after
battle because they devour their enemies' corpses. You can talk to Argilla and
Heat again if you wish. I suggest heading back to the Small Karma Terminal and
saving. Be aware that now you will start getting random enemy encounters.
Quite frequently. It wouldn't be bad to spend a little while getting used to
the battle system, particularly if you haven't played Shin Megami Tensei:
Nocturne to be familiar with the system. A level or two wouldn't hurt your
characters at all, either, but it isn't really necessary. Still, if you feel
like it, now is an excellent opportunity to level up.

Time to check out the menu again, a lot of stuff has been added to it.

Controls and Menu

The first addition to the main menu is the Skill menu. Once you've selected it,
you get to select a character. It shows which skills you have assigned/equipped
to each character. If you have healing or recovery skills, such as Argilla's
Dia, you can use them on your characters.

The next addition is Set. Set is where you select a character and assign/equip
skills to them. There is a small box on the upper left of your screen that
shows the skills you currently have equipped, and a big list on the right side
of the screen for all the skills. That's one great thing about Digital Devil
Saga -- you get to keep all the skills you learn. Of course, there are a very
limited amount that you can have active at any time, but you are able to switch
out skills according to the situation you find yourself in. Anyway, there are
four skill lists -- Physical, Magic, Shield, and Auto. All the blank lines will
be filled in as you learn skills.

Combo, the next new option on your menu, lists all the Combos you have
discovered. If you followed my (lengthy) tutorial of the first battle, you
should have three already. All those Combo spaces will be filled in as you
discover them. Of course, to discover more Combos, you'll have to learn more
skills. Unfortunately, we can't do that yet, but we will be able to soon.

Next up is Mantra. It shows the Atma Point bar and the skills that the
character you selected is in the process of learning. As soon as you max out,
or "Master", the AP bar, those skills will be learned.

The Status menu shows the numerical stats for whichever character you've
selected. It shows that character's demon form, demon name, elemental strength
and weakness, as well as the assigned/equipped skills. Not only that, but it
also shows your character's level, avatar, name, symbol, current/max HP,
current/max MP, karma til the next level, and the ammo and ammo power of the
weapon they have in human form. It's a lot of information, isn't it? Anyway,
if you hit right or left on your d-pad or left analog stick, you'll be able to
access the mantra status page (it's the same page as under the Mantra menu).

Party, the final addition, just lets you reorder your party. Whoever you put in
the position of the party leader will act first in battles. Support 1 will act
next, and finally Support 2 will get the third turn. This is where you should
set up your party for boss battles. Sometimes turn order can make all the


Time to progress further into the dungeon. Go back to the room where Argilla
and Heat are. This time, head into the door to the right. Ignore the stairs for
a moment. Instead, go past them and into the room at the end of the hallway.
Another cutscene. Well, can't do anything here at the moment. Head back out and
go up the stairs this time.

We want to go into the room that's in front of you as you get off the stairs.
In this room, head to your right and then up. That wall that just blocked off
your path earlier now is actually helpful to you! Run across it. Oh boy, we get
to fight an overgrown chicken. Actually, a Dragon Cockatrice. Ah well,
shouldn't be too tough. In-game tutorial concerning weaknesses and critical
damage commences. If you exploit an enemy's weakness, you will do critical
damage to that enemy. You will also only expend half a turn icon, effectively
giving you the opportunity to perform an extra attack. However! If you miss or
the enemy dodges, you lose two turn icons. Of course, the enemy has to play by
the same rules. So you should always try to use an attack that will exploit the
enemies' weaknesses, and you should learn skills to protect your own
weaknesses. Anyway, he'll go down in a few turns even with just hacking away at
him, but Serph/Varna's Bufu is pretty cheap so you might as well use it against
him. You may even freeze him, and that's always good -- it usually means that
the other party members get to do critical damage to him.

After the battle, hit the switch to move the door, and take the ladder down. Go
in the door that was behind the wall earlier. Go up then left, following the
path. Now, you're in a large room. There are stairs along the west side going
down, a hallway above them, and two small terminals. One of them, you're
familiar with -- a red Small Karma Terminal. Before you head to that one, you
should use the green Life Terminal. You only get the options to Restore and
Exit, here, but you're probably in need of healing at this point. After you've
healed you should go save.

The stairs in this room? Take them down to the lower level. Continue along the
path. Ignore the red and yellow walls, there's nothing Serph can do to get by
them yet. Head up the stairs at the end of the path. This hallway is pretty
straightforward as well. Just keep going until you get to the door at the end.
Head outside. There's no enemies out here. Go down to the bottom, then head
down the little staircase. Run across the large flat area to the other stairs,
and go up these. A purple node! Touch it to get Soma Drop x 1. Now head all the
way back through the halls, down and back up the stairs, to the room with the
red and green terminals.

This time we're heading up the hall above the terminals and stairs. Go north,
then left, following the hallway. Sigh...another forced battle. Cats, this
time. Okay, they're actually called Beast Empusas, but they yowl like cats...
You'd think people would turn into more impressive demons than barnyard and
domesticated animals, you know?... oh, well, they're easy enough to kill.

In-game tutorial begins again. They instruct you to use Serph's skill Void Ice.
The Empusas use ice skills, which Heat/Agni is weak to. So you might as well
protect him by having Serph/Varna cast Void Ice on the party every time the
Empusas cast ice skills. If you've mastered Heat's next skill set already, you
can use Agi agaisnt the Empusas for additional damage, and get an extra turn.

After battle, I recommend that you go back and heal any damage you may have
taken, as well as save.

When you're ready, go ahead back up the northwest path and enter the door. A
cutscene. Guess what? You have to catch him. Pay attention, or you'll end up
running circles around each other. Enter the door across from the one you came
in through. Note that those Beast Empusas and the Dragon Cockatrices are
now common enemies. Alright, at the first opportunity, take the left path.
Follow it until you hit the stairs, then go up the stairs. Go around the stairs
and along the path until you hit a door. Enter, and touch the yellow node --
awesome! We get Charge Shot x 1! Equip it to someone right away. I think Heat
would be best, since his basic human-form gun attack hits all enemies. Now exit
this room and go back past the stairs. Enter the door.

Remember walking across that wall earlier? We get to do it again. On the other
side, hit the switch. Cutscene. We can catch him now! Head back along the other
wall we just raised, and exit this room. Go back down the stairs. Now head back
to that intersection. Go up to the door at the end of the path we ignored
earlier. Hmm, can't get through. Well, that's okay. From this door, go straight
back to the door we first came through. Alright, this is where we encountered
the guy earlier. Take the middle door this time -- the one to the north. Follow
this long hallway, through the large empty room. Continue along the hall. Enter
the door at the end.

Hmm, this room looks familiar. The wall you dropped earlier is blocking the
other side of the room, but that's what we want. Take the door we haven't been
through yet. Not much option here, go up the stairs. Enter the door just at the
top. Cutscene. Now, you can go up either side if you want, but I suggest going
up the right side and taking the ladder down. There's three items down here in
the purple nodes -- Revival Gem x 1, Chakra Drop x 1, and Ice Blast x 1. Go
back up the ladder. Recover and Save at the two terminals if you wish, then
head up the path between them to the door when you're prepared. I'd recommend
being around level 5-6 for this battle.


So...now we're fighting zoo animals? Well, whatever. Our first real boss fight,
against Asura Hayagriva. He's got a weakness to ice attacks, so have Serph/
Varna spam Bufu. Remember, there's a good chance you'll freeze him -- and
then everyone gets critical hits and half-turns. Watch out for his attacks --
Serph/Varna is weak to them. If it's a problem have Heat/Agni cast Void Fire.
If you haven't been avoiding fights, this battle shouldn't be that difficult.
Once he starts talking though, he starts casting Void Ice on himself, making
the Bufu/Freeze strategy useless. Cover Serph's weakness here, because when
Asura Hayagriva isn't casting Void Ice on himself, he's using Fire Storm (whole
party fire attack) or Skewer (single character attack with large fire damage).
And if he gets a hit in on Serph, he gets an extra turn to deal even more
damage. It's a good idea to cast Void Fire every turn.

After battle, there's another cutscene. And after that, we're deposited outside
the Vanguard base dungeon, in Svadhisthana. You can talk to Heat, Argilla, and
your new tribe members. There isn't really anything to do here, so let's leave
and go back to our home base, Muladhara.


Ah, it's good to be back. Take the elevator down to trigger a few cutscenes.

After those are over, we're back in the Strategy Room in the Middle Layer. This
time we can talk to Heat, Argilla, Cielo, Gale, and Sera. Go out of this room.
Use the Large Karma Terminal to save and heal if you wish, then head outside to
the street. Here you can talk to Heat and Argilla again, as well as a handful
of Embryon NPCs. We have our orders though, so head up the elevator to the
Upper Level, and out of Muladhara.

We want to go to Sahasrara, the large tower in the middle of the map.


A few NPCs to talk to, from all the different tribes. You can also talk to
Argilla and that strange cat on the first part of the path. On the second, you
are able to talk to Heat. Anyway, we want to keep heading up toward that large
building. Go up the stairs and enter the building.

Once inside, you can explore, but there isn't really anything of interest. A
few guards to talk to, that's it. Ahead and to the left of the entrance is a
Large Karma Terminal where you can save if you want. Head up through the door
in the center.

More NPCs. Take the platform up. Talk to the guard and tell him you want to
enter to get to the next cutscene.

Now, this cutscene is special: you get to make a choice in it. This choice, I
have been assured, does not affect your current game. It may affect certain
events and the ending to the sequel.

After the cutscene, you can review the new information in the terminal in front
of you. The game informs you that you can now use Karma Terminals to download
mantras -- battle skill programs. Head back out when you're done. Take the
platform back, exit the room. As soon as you try to pass the Large Karma
Terminal area, one of your tribemembers stops you. He suggests that you take a
moment to download some new mantras, since you probably mastered both Serph's
and Heat's first set. By mastering mantra, new mantra sets are unlocked and
become available for download. To get the best skills, you have to learn a lot
of the beginning skills.

A new option is now available at ALL karma terminals: Get Mantra. You go here
when you have enough Macca, and pay to unlock new mantra sets. If you buy more
than one at once, make sure you've downloaded the one you want to work on first
-- otherwise you'll automatically be working on the one you last paid for. To
see the entire mantra set screen, hit the square button on the main Mantra

I suggest having everyone download the Protection set and the Devourer set. Of
course, Serph already has Devourer and Argilla already has Protection, so you
don't have to worry about that. Heat though, will have to decide which set he
wants to work on first. After that, I suggest you finish up the Earth Spirit
set for Argilla. If you have a ton of spare Macca to throw around, you could
get the second level skillsets for each character's starting skills. Anyway,
download the one you want to work on, Save, and exit the temple.

Once outside, talk to Heat and Argilla. Alright, we have stuff to figure out,
so let's go back to Muladhara.


Take the elevator down to the Middle Layer. Enter the main building.

Before we head up to the Strategy Room, stop by the Vendor to see their updated

Ration          100 Macca
Revival Bead    500 Macca
Dis-Poison      200 Macca
Dis-Ache        150 Macca
Dis-Mute        150 Macca
Dis-Stun        100 Macca
Dis-Curse       200 Macca
Panacea         150 Macca
Molotov         500 Macca
Ice Blast       500 Macca
Thunder Rod     500 Macca
Sonic Stone     500 Macca
Land Mine       500 Macca
Shot Shell      800 Macca
Charge Shot    1500 Macca

It's really up to you, but I wouldn't waste my Macca on anything but maybe a
Revival Bead or a couple Dis-Curse/Dis-Mute. Even then, you probably won't
really need to.

Alright, now go to the Strategy Room for a cutscene. You get to make another
choice. Then there's another cutscene, and a third one. The third cutscene also
contains a choice. Then there's one more cutscene. It's the same old party to
talk to once you regain control -- Heat, Gale, Cielo, Sera, and Argilla.

No matter what you chose, it's now time to head to Manipura. Save if you wish,
then exit the building. Take the elevator up, exit Muladhara.


There's a cutscene as soon as you enter. Before going in though, you can talk
to some NPCs and Heat and Argilla of course. Head all the way east. Just before
the giant rocks, to the north, there's a door. Go in. Down the stairs, touch
the purple node. Wow, a Revival Gem x 1! That's good. Back up the stairs and
out we go.

Go back and enter the door to the northwest.

   Maribel Base

Enter the first door to your left. Ignore the door straight in front of you,
it's locked. Turn right and enter the door with the red flower on it for the
first Large Karma Terminal of this dungeon. Save if you want. 

The first door on the right is the Vendor. There's nothing new, so unless you
have the urge to stock up, ignore it.

In this area, you will begin to get random encounters again. Head north up the
ramp. You can inspect the gate if you want: remember the number 01 on it. Take
the left path in the far north area by the gate, and continue up and to the
right to find a purple node containing Dis-Poison x 3.

Now head back to the first intersection. Go left. Go straight all the way to
the door at the end. Enter the door. In the upper left corner of this room is
a yellow node! Touch it to get Error Cell x 1. These Cells can be sold at
Vendor locations to get Macca. Now exit the room. We want to go up the stairs
that we just passed, now, so do so. Follow the little path along until you get
to a door. Enter. Follow the path along the inside of the building until you
reach another door. Use it.

Oh, my. Someone sounds hungry. Let's go find them and eat them first! Hit the
switch and enter the gate.

Hmm? Guess he ran away. Oh, well. Follow the path up and to the left. Take the
set of stairs up, then use the ladder to go further up. Follow the short path
around and take this ladder down. Ooh! See it? Run to the end and smack the
yellow node to get Active Cell x 1. Now go all the way back up the ladder, back
across, and back down the ladder. Okay, now go up north until you get to the
very end. Ignore the door on your right (all it has is one of those annoying
blue walls) and enter the door to the north. Eww... that's kinda dirty, isn't
it? A small part of why this game is rated M, I guess. Anyway, move straight
ahead to the next door to the north, and enter. Hey! Another purple node to
touch! This one gives us Brave Ration x 1. Okay, exit this room. Back in the
hallway, you can head to the right and then up. Use the door here when you're

Oh, boy, a forced fight. It's just a Dragon Cockatrice, though...not a problem
at this point. A scene. Ooh! For your troubles, you get to touch another yellow
node. This one grants us a Frigid Shot x 1. You can talk to the guy you just
defeated (I'm guessing that's him, anyway) for some useful information.
Remember Gate 4, then.

Okay, we're going to backtrack a little bit here. Go all the way out and back
down the stairs. This time go north. Oh, look! A Small Karma Terminal! It's a
good idea to save here. Depending on how much you've been wandering around and
fighting demons, you may have gained enough AP to master a set of skills. So
you can use this Small Karma Terminal to download a new mantra set to work on

When you're finished with the karma terminal, go to the opposite corner of the
little area you're in and hit the switch to unlock Gate 2. When you're ready,
go through the gate.

A forced battle. These things should be easy to take out with Heat, and Serph
can take them out quick if you've been throwing his stat points into St. Have
Argilla attack the new one, Demon Yaka, in the middle.

After the battle, go back and save if you want. Otherwise, follow the path down
the ramp until you hit the intersection. Head left and up the two sets of
stairs, first. At the end of the little path is a yellow node. Touch it for
Active Cell x 1. Now head back to the intersection.

Head into the door in the middle. Another useless blue wall. Pass it and use
the door at the end of the hall. Not much choice here, up the ladder we go.
This path is long, but pretty straightforward. Once you get to the
intersection, head to your left for a purple node containing Chakra Drop x 2.
Now go in the opposite direction. Continue along until you reach a switch. Go
ahead and press it.

Phew...it's a long way back down to that gate. Backtrack to the ladder and take
it down. Go through the two doors. This time you want to go for the door that
was to the right of the path you first entered this section on. It's in the
back corner. Anyway, enter this door and head down the hall. When you get a
choice, you're going to want to go into the door to the side first. Yup,
another purple node. This one coughs up Dis-Ache x 3. Go out of this room and
into the door at the end of the hall.

Hiding from you again, eh? It's a good idea to save here, if you want. If
you're doing poorly on HP/MP or Macca, you can use the Small Karma Terminal
here to teleport back to the Large Karma Terminal. You can restore there, and
the Vendor is nearby for selling those Cells we've acquired. It should be noted
that the Cells fetch the highest amount of Macca during the MAX Solar Noise
stage. If you wait a bit until you fetch another cell, you can sell all four of
them and the Temple will award you with two new items for sale at the Vendor:

Muscle Drink   2000 Macca
Spyglass       5000 Macca

However, you're just about to come up on a Life Terminal, so don't go out of
your way if you don't want to.

When you're ready, head through Gate 3. Oh, boy! A forced battle. This time,
it's against three Aerial Macha. You start out in human form in this battle,
and it's actually a good idea to stay that way this time. The human-form guns
do a lot of damage to aerial enemies. If you've equipped the Charge Shot and
Frigid Shot that we've picked up earlier to your characters, there's also a
chance that you can Shock or Freeze the silly birds. Either way, it shouldn't
be too difficult of a battle. After the battle, you should see a green Life
Terminal in front of you. You may or may not be hurting. Use it if you wish.
Also consider heading back through the gate to the Small Karma Terminal to

Moving on! Ignore the stairs at the moment. Head past them and make a left.
Enter the first door you see on your left side -- in the back corner is a
yellow node. It forks over Devil Cell x 1 when you inspect it. Nothing else in
here, so exit this room. Continue on, taking the left fork when you get a
chance. Go ahead and open the door at the end. You'll see another yellow node,
but this time it's a battle, not an item. Your target: Demon Ikusa x 2. Be
careful if you decide to fight these guys -- they can deal some serious damage
to your party. Unless you've already mastered the Mantra that grants a force
type attack, there's no weakness for you to exploit. Heal your characters if
they drop under 70 HP, particularly Argilla (she has low defense). Otherwise,
if both of the Demon Ikusa use it, Raving Slash or Hell Thrust might kill off a
character in only one turn, and that would suck. Also, they can cause Panic.
I've noticed that when one of your characters is inflicted with Panic, they
usually revert or transform as their first move. Be warned also that the Ikusa
can call in reinforcement Ikusa.

Side Quest: First Field Hunt

Whether you choose to fight that battle or not, there is another opportunity
here -- a Field Hunt! That door on the right side that we passed to get to the
Demon Ikusa x 2 is where it's located. The basic idea is to run around as Varna
and hit the square button when you're right next to one of the purple things.
Run along the hallway and destroy as many as you can as fast as you can. When
you hit the intersection, head to the right and hit all the purple things, then
enter the door there and destroy the purple things inside. Go back out and do
the same for the left side. When you come out of the second room there will be
one last set of purple demons in the hallway -- follow them back into the first
room, and hurry up and hit the square button when you're next to that angry red

Defeating the Mitama before they get a chance to run away is the hardest part.
There are three of them. They are weak to ice attacks, but chances are only
Serph has any ice attacks learned, right? So use Serph at the beginning of your
turn to cast Bufu on one of the Ara Mitama. This should frighten him. Oh, boy,
I really hope you took my advice earlier and learned the Devourer Mantra,
because using Devour on the Mitama when they're frightened is pretty much the
only way you'll be able to damage them enough to reap the wonderful AP by
eating them before they run away. Once one of the Ara Mitama is frightened, you
should go all-out and try to eat him as fast as you can.

Be warned, however, that using Hunt skills so frequently is likely to give one
of your demons a stomacheache. Have a few Dis-Ache on hand before attempting
this if you find it to be a problem. You want to heal Ache before the end of
the battle, otherwise you don't get to keep whatever AP that character earned.
And if that character was one of the ones that managed to Devour a Mitama, well
then all that AP was wasted and none of your other members get any, either.
Also, characters afflicted with Ache will sometimes skip a turn due to their
painful tummyache. And that's bad. So heal it right away! Anyway, if you choose
to do this little sidequest now, good luck! And consider yourself lucky if you
manage to nab two of the Mitama, because at this point getting all three is
nearly impossible. You only get one shot at this for now, so if you mess up,
you should reload and try again until you're satisfied with your results.

If you have one of the chance-for-instant-kill Hunt skills, and you use it on
a frightened enemy, it almost always instantly kills that enemy. I've never yet
seen it fail when an enemy is frightened. I recommend being at level 11-12 for
this, but don't level up too much -- there's a sort of level cap after which
the Mitama are too scared of you to show up.


Alright. Go back to the area that has the green Life Terminal. We're going to
take the stairs up now. As soon as you get to the top, use the door to your
immediate right. There's nothing in the room straight ahead, so take the path
to the left. Go straight down to the end, ignoring the side path, and enter the
door. Ooh, there's two purple nodes! Touch them both to get Revival Gem x 1 and
Odd Morsel x 1. Exit this room, and take the path to your right. This takes you
back outside to the same area you entered the building from. See the stairs
next to you? Take those up. Follow the path along until you get to a Small
Karma Terminal. Save if you wish. When you're prepared, head down the ladder.

Continue along the path until you run into a member of the Maribel. Another
fight, surprise! Just a handful of Demon Yaka. Shouldn't be hard. Unfortunately
they'll call in several more Demon Yaka when you finish them off. Just plug
away at them, and watch your health. After you finish off the second party, the
stupid things will call in a big demon, Demon Gyu-Ki. The big guy is weak to
earth attacks, so put Tera or Matera on Argilla. This monster has powerful,
powerful attacks (when he beefs them up, as he does almost every turn) that can
take out one character in a single hit. You want to keep as much health as
possible here, every turn you get. Make sure everyone's healed before Gyu-Ki
gets his turn, or he could wipe out one of your characters. This can be a
difficult battle.

After you've won the battle, you can talk to the guy you just beat up. He'll
give you a useful tip about Gate 5. Of course, you could just have easily
figured it out yourself just standing next to the gate...but whatever. The
switch to open Gate 5 is right next to the gate, so use it if you want and go
use the Vendor or Large Karma Terminal. Continue past the gate. You can use the
red Small Karma Terminal to save if you don't want to go back out to the Large
Karma Terminal. Go hit the switch nearby to unlock Gate 4...but we don't want
to go in just yet. Go across from Gate 4 and enter the door. There's a purple
node inside containing Chakra Pot x 1. Exit this room. Make sure you're
prepared for battle, because there's a boss waiting just on the other side of
Gate 4. Enter this last gate for a cutscene and...


Use physical attacks on him when he's flying. When he draws his wings around
himself, use earth attacks against him. His Raving Slash can cause Panic, so
watch out for that. This should be a fairly easy battle. I recommend being
around levels 12-14.


One last cutscene, and you find yourself done with Manipura for now. You find
yourself in the Wasteland after the battle. You can talk to Argilla, Heat, and
Jinana here. You can exit the Wasteland and head wherever you like, but
to progress the story we want to go to into Anahata. However if you have extra
Macca you feel like throwing around, the Vendor is now stocked with some new

Metal Jacket    5000 Macca
Frigid Shot     6000 Macca

And if you go back to your base's Strategy Room and talk to Sera, she'll ask
you a question about friends that you can make a choice with. It doesn't seem
to affect anything though, so it's up to you.

You can also go back through the Vanguards' base in Svadhisthana and talk to
the man standing in the room you killed the old Vanguard leader in. He will
hand over the Blue Key.


Go ahead and climb up the ladder. We're on the citadel wall now. Inspect the
cannons or not, your choice, but you don't get anything. Head up the stairs and
into the large door for a scene.

   The Citadel

Well, that makes things easier. Head down the stairs and enter the door at the
bottom. In this large room, there are two doors on your right. Enter the one
closest to you and touch a purple node containing Dark Veil x 2. Inspect the
walls if you like -- looks like a lot of the guns are missing. My, those are
some...interesting paintings (reliefs?) on the wall, there. I suppose it
contributes to the high rating of the game. Exit this room and head into the
adjacent room for two purple nodes. One contains Blast x 2, and the other
contains Shock Bomb x 2. More guns and lovely art. When you're done, go to the
double doors at the opposite end of the room from where you came in. Use the

Follow the path to the intersection. Head right first, and go to the bottom
door. Still-warm beds, nice. Touch both purple nodes for Wind Wall x 3 and Bolt
Wall x 3. Head out and to the room directly opposite. More warm beds. Touch
these two purple nodes for Dis-Mute x 2 and Moldy Roll x 3. Exit this room and
run across to the other side of the hallway now, entering the door that would
be at the bottom from the direction you first entered this area. Warm beds here
too, along with a purple node containing Chakra Drop x 3. Opposite that room
are yet more beds, and another purple node with Dis-Stun x 3 inside.

When you're finished looting the Solids' beds, head to the end of the hallway.
There is a red Small Karma Terminal here you should use. Get ready, because as
soon as you walk through the door next to the karma terminal you'll get a scene
and a battle. Watch out, these Aerial Archangels are pretty strong to physical
attacks, and they can inflict Mute on your characters -- that means, no skills
that cost MP. Just whittle them down and keep an eye on your health.

After this battle you'll begin to get random encounters. Anyway, ignore the
platform in the upper-middle of the room for now, and focus on the door in the
top left corner. In the corner of this room is a yellow node. Inspect it for
Error Cell x 1. Now exit and go to the door in the top right of the main room.
Ignore the stairs leading down, and keep going on the path. Follow along until
you get to another intersection. Head to the right now and touch the purple
node for Revival Gem x 1. Ignore the left side, all there is back there is a
yellow wall that we can't get through right now. Head back to the intersection
and take the stairs down now. Ignore the blue wall (even if you have the Blue
Key) and take the door in front of you.

Now we're in a room with two doors in the top corners. Ignore the one to the
left, it can't be entered. Take the upper door on the right instead. Hooray, a
red Small Karma Terminal. Too bad it isn't a Life Terminal, you're probably in
need of healing, right? Oh, well. Save anyway, and then go through the door at
the top of the room. A scene.

Oh, boy. I love traps. Exit this room. Scene. Even better than pitfalls! Today
doesn't look like it's going to be much fun for Serph and company. Enter the
first room you see for a big fight. Awesome, another one of these bastard Demon
Gyu-Ki. It's okay, same as last time. Just make sure you aren't still suffering
Mute from those stupid Aerial Archangels, or you'll be toast before you know
it. After you finish kicking Gyu-Ki's ass, grab the purple node in the room for
Medical Kit x 1. Okay, nothing else in this area, so head out of this tiny room
and head for the door at the end. Go straight through this area and through the
next door.

In this area, go into the first door. It should be on your left. You'll have to
fight another Demon Gyu-Ki. Once you're finished with him, inspect the purple
node for Dis-Poison x 2. Exit this room. Back in the main hallway, keep going.
You should see a corpse against one wall. Inspect it...oh, dear. That info
might have been useful ten minutes ago. Enter the door on the right just past
the corpse. Hm, another one. Examine this one too. Left is right, but right is
left? Cryptic. How fun. Continue through the door opposite that which we came
in through. There should be two rooms in here. Enter both, but they're empty.
Go all the way back out to the main hallway again. This time go through the
door at the end.

Why, hello there! We see our exit, a lovely ladder. But we also see a door. We
want the door first. Now, this large room has a ton of doors. Let's head up the
right side first. The first room is empty. The second is too, but has another
door that leads to another big room. This room has two doors that lead to empty
rooms, but it also has a corpse. That's what we want to check out. Caution with
the yellow-eyed one, eh? That means nothing to us at the moment, but I suppose
it will shortly enough. Keep going. If you hadn't noticed, all these little
rooms connect back together, okay? There's another room that contains a Gyu-Ki,
and you can kill him to collect a yellow node that contains Code Cell x 1.
Directly across from this room is an empty room. Just past this set of doors is
another set -- again, one room contains a Gyu-Ki monster that is hiding a
purple cell with a Revival Gem x 1 in it. The room across from this room is
empty. Nothing else here, but you should be pretty near the door you first came
into this area through, so go back out and use the ladder to go up.

Enter the door. As soon as you do, you are presented with two of those statues
with the red eyes that we were warned about. You know what that means --
pitfalls. We want to avoid falling again, so we're going to take the door to
the right. Run down the long, straight path until you get to that familiar door
with the red flower on it. Finally -- a Large Karma Terminal! Now is a great
time to restore, download fresh mantras, and save.

When you're ready, note that there are four doors in this room. We will take
the one in the bottom-left corner first. Head left again here. Take the first
door we come across and ignore the second -- the second door only deadends with
a pitfall. Anyway, in this room stick to the left wall. Use the door on that
wall. You want to avoid both other doors -- one leads to a pitfall, the other
only gives you a fake yellow node that damages your party. If you did as I
instructed you, you should be able to inspect the yellow node in this last
room, which contains Active Cell x 1. Now we get to backtrack. Exit this room,
and go through the only door in the next room. Stick along the wall to your
right and use the door there. Now turn to your left and follow the hallway.
Exit this area through the first door on your right. Go back and save, if you

This time, we're going to use the door in the upper right corner of the room.
So enter the door, and follow the path until you get to the intersection. The
door right in front of you leads to an empty room, so ignore it. You want to
go RIGHT. I know, you can see the floating yellow node up the left path, but
the red-eyed statue there will nail you if you try to go that way. So go right.
Enter the first door you come to -- which is on the bottom. Wow, two nodes in
here! Grab Vital Noise x 1 from the purple one, and and fight two Beast Nue
in the other. Don't worry, they're easy. Whether or not you fight them is up to
you. When you're done in here, go back out into the hallway. Continue up the
path to another intersection. Again, go RIGHT. Directly to your left is another
of those annoying red-eyed statues. Ignore the door, too -- another red-eyed
statue stupid pitfall trap. We don't want it. Follow the path around then, and
you can finally get to that yellow node! It gives you Code Cell x 1. Now we
get to backtrack our way to the room with the Large Karma Terminal. It's pretty
straightforward. Go and save and restore if you need to.

All right, let's take the door at the top left corner now. Follow the path
until you get to the intersection. There's a door on each side. Head to the
door on the left first. Oh, all those statues are scary, aren't they? Don't
worry, only the red-eyed ones have traps in front of them. You'll find that the
only door you can get to is in the top-right corner, so head for it. When you
enter it, you discover -- *gasp* a Small Karma Terminal! Oh, and another
corpse. Examine it for a clue. 'Watch out for that woman. She will repel
you...' I wonder who that's referring to? I have a bad feeling we'll find out
soon. Save if you want, then go through the other door in this room. You'll be
forced to fight, but that's okay. You heard what she said to you, right? You
have to kick her ass now! Evil Valkyrie is very strong to physical attacks, and
often counters if you try to hit her with a basic attack. So go for magic here.
After you beat her up, you get to grab the yellow node in this room -- wow!
L Statue Key x 1. That sounds really useful. It must be, it's a Special Item.

You can unlock the other door in here if you wish, but it just goes way back to
the area we first came in through. We want to go back to the intersection and
down the right path, so let's backtrack. Exit this room. Save at the small
terminal if you want. There are two ways you can go about this; backtrack
carefully through the red-eyed statues and hope you don't step on the wrong
floor space, or you could just use the small terminal to teleport back to the
Large Karma Terminal. I personally think it's easier to teleport, but whatever
works for you. Either way, we want to get back to that intersection.

Once you're at the intersection, head right. Go through the door. Carefully,
move forward and to the left just enough to get to the purple node for Brave
Ration x 1. Backtrack the short way to the Large Karma Terminal room. Save if
you want to.

All right, we're finally going to enter the last door in this room. Go through
the door to the bottom-right of this room. Follow the hall to the door. Use it.
Follow this path down until you hit an intersection. The right path is blocked
by a blue wall. You can destroy it now if you have the key, but I'll get into
the walkthrough for that part later. We want to head left at the intersection
here. But be careful not to go all the way to the end; the yellow-eyed statue
is actually a red-eyed statue. Get close enough to it, and you'll see. We want
to enter the door on the right, just before the statue.

Ah, a good ol' blue-eyed statue. That one's safe. Follow the path along around
it, and enter the door to the left side. Ooh, another intersection. This time,
head right, follow the path, and enter the door at the end. Well, another room
with those irritating statues. Grab the Soma Drop x 1 from the purple node just
in front of you, and get out of this room back the way we came in. There's
nothing on the path to the left, just a statue and a pitfall, so go back
through the door. Around the blue-eyed statue again, and through the next door.
Alright, we're back at one of the first intersections. Take the door that is
in the very middle, between the two paths, this time.

Oi, another stupid bunch of yellow-eyed traps trying to fool you. There's a
Small Karma Terminal in the room in the top-left corner. If you go down,
there's a corpse with a useless hint warning you about it getting tough ahead.
Of course it's gonna get tough, we're near the end of a dungeon! Go past him
carefully around the statue traps until you reach the top-right corner. In the
room here is another forced fight. This guy is new -- Dragon Tarrasque. He's
weak to earth. Just keep plugging away at him, and watch your health. He'll go
down quick enough. Anyway, once that giant monster is out of the way, you are
free to examine the yellow node in this room, which gives you a lovely R Statue
Key x 1. That happens to be the other Special Item we've been hunting for in
this dungeon.

Time to go back to the Large Karma Terminal. The quickest way is to weave back
through the red-eyed statues into the room with the Small Karma Terminal, and
use it to teleport. Once you're back at the Large Karma Terminal, it's a very
good idea to heal, save, and finish any Mantra you're close to mastering. When
you're ready, head down the long path directly across from the Large Karma
Terminal, back into the room with the two red-eyed statues that are facing each
other. We need to get to the door that's just beyond them. Well, that's where
the keys come in! For the statue on the right, you're going to insert the R
Statue Key and turn it to the LEFT. For the statue on the left, you're going to
insert the L Statue Key and turn it to the RIGHT. When you've fixed the trap,
you'll get a short scene. But you can now get to the door that was between the
statues. Enter it. Continue along the path, and go down the stairs when you get
to them. Enter the door when you get to the bottom. Follow the straight path
down to another door, and use it. Continue on the path until you see a familiar
door on your right side -- another Large Karma Terminal. Now would be a good
time to save, if only to save yourself the trouble of fixing the trap and
wandering all the way down here. Okay, now continue going down the path. When
you get to the intersection, use the door to your left. There's a purple node
down in the corner of this large room. It contains Revival Gem x 1. Exit this
room, and continue down the path. Enter the door at the end of the path. In
this room, get on the elevator. It'll take you up.

Make sure you're ready. As soon as you open up those doors, you'll have to
fight two sets of regular enemies and then the boss with two regular enemies.
Anyway, there's a scene when you open the door. After the battle, there's a
scene. After the scene, you can talk to Heat and Argilla. Heal up if you need
to and enter the other set of doors. Take this elevator down. Use the door, and
follow the path up. Enter the door at the end of the long path.

Go around the unused statues, and you should see a door with a welcome red
symbol on it. You guessed it, another Large Karma Terminal. Use it to save,
restore, and download some new Mantras if you need to. Directly across from the
karma terminal is a Vendor shop. There's nothing new, but you can sell some of
your cells if you'd like to.

When you're ready, enter the door just past those two rooms. Open the gate.
Be warned, there's a boss on the other side...make sure you're absolutely
prepared. It's going to be a long battle. I recommend being around levels 19-21
for it.

A lengthy cutscene. Poor thing...


Asura Usas has a lot of HP, and has a Whirlwind skill that can damage the whole
party. Watch out, because she can Charm your characters, as well. She can also
half a character's HP with Hama. Do keep an eye on your HP. And finally, Asura
Usas can summon Beast Unicorns. Seriously watch out if she does this, because
they team up against you with a Seraph Lore attack that can do 100+ damage to
all party members. Ignore the Unicorns in favor of attacking Asura Usas. You
can deal with them once she's gone.

The Beast Unicorns can use Hama on their own, too. I really recommend learning
the Angelic Grace combo -- have all three active party members with Dia
equipped. This combo takes all three turns, but it greatly heals all of your
party and boosts your party's defense, to boot. Very handy combo to have. It
should cost all of 8 MP per character to use, so it's not bad at all. But I
believe there's a limit on how often you can use it, so you can't rely on it

If you have it, Void Expel can prevent Seraph Lore from damaging your party.
The Unicorns are weak to death magic, so if you have it you can cast Mudo on
them to take them out quick.

This battle will take a while, so take your time and it shouldn't be too hard.


After the battle, there's another long cutscene. I do so love character
development, don't you? Anyway, there isn't much you can do here, so let's
leave Anahata. We need to go back to our base.


Take the elevator down. Talk to the NPCs and Heat and Argilla if you like, then
head into the Middle Layer main building. Restore and save.

The Vendor now has some new stock...some of which might have been introduced to
you as spoils from the last dungeon. Anyway, here they are:

Brave Ration     500 Macca
Holy Arrow      2000 Macca

As well, if you sell a couple more cells to the Vendor you will unlock for

Chakra Drop     3000 Macca
Magic Reed      3000 Macca

Remember to sell your cells when the Solar Noise is at MAX stage for the best
profit. At MAX noise level, those Code Cells will fetch almost 10,000 Macca
each! So sell sell sell!

When you're all finished stocking up and you're ready to move on, enter the
room that Sera was sleeping in before for a cutscene. Well, looks like we know
where we need to go now. Talk to Heat, Cielo, and Argilla if you wish. You can
examine Sera, too. When you're ready, head back out to Manipura.


An...interesting cutscene upon entering. Woohoo! And Gale finally joins the
party. He's strong to force and weak to elec, by the way. It would be a good
idea to head back to Muladhara before entering the base and change out Gale's

When you're ready, head up into the base.

   Maribel Base

Once you enter, you'll start getting random enemy encounters. Some of these
guys are from the Citadel, notice that? You may also notice that they always
run away. So don't bother battling, really. Just run, or pass turns until the
enemies all run away.

Head up past the Vendor and the door leading to the karma terminal. Once you
head up the first section you should see a member of Solid. He runs down the
path to Gate 5. Follow him. Go through the gate. Head toward Gate 4. We see him
again! Stop and save if you want. There's a familiar person we have to fight...
Go through the gate when you're ready.


He's still the same as last time. Unfortunately, this time he will summon two
demons by the name of Fiend Baphomet. He Guards himself a lot, particularly
while his Baphomets are still around him. He will often cast Void Expel and
Void Earth. He is weak to Earth attacks, but you should wait to attack him
until after you've taken out the Baphomet.

These Baphomets will cast several Death skills like Curse and Mudo. Gale comes
with Void Death, so you should switch Heat out for Gale if you haven't already,
at least for this battle. Have Argilla cast an earth skill like Tera or Matera
whenever Asura Camazotz doesn't use Void Earth. When Asura Camazotz doesn't
cast Void Expel, take advantage of the opportunity to use Expel type skills on
Baphomet, because that's their weakness. Hama works great, by the way.

Once the Baphomet are gone, Asura Camazotz starts absorbing the HP of your
party members with Leech. He also has a whole-party attack called Spiral Edge.
Note that both Expel and Earth attacks are now shielded, so don't use them.
Rage is also about to become your most hated enemy skill. It gives Asura
Camazotz two more half-turns when he uses it -- and he starts to use it nearly
every damn turn he gets. With these two turns he will use Spiral Edge and Leech
-- attacking your whole party or absorbing health. It's gonna be hard to keep
everyone alive here, but try your best. Watch your health, and you should be
able to win here.


After that tough battle, there's a confusing cutscene. Great, just great. We
want to get out of here, but guess what? They've locked Gate 4 behind us to
trap us in. They lock Gate 6, as well. And we lose a party member. What's going
on? Let's worry about getting out of here first. We start at the intersection,
so turn left. Walk up the stairs to get to the purple node, which contains
Dis-Poison x 3. Go back and check out the single door opposite Gate 4. In here
you'll find something new -- a Rejuvenating Light. This is the first time in
the game you get an absolutely free healing device. So make use of it!! There's
also a Small Karma Terminal in here to save your game and load new Mantras
with. Spending a little while leveling up here is a great, great idea. Now is
a perfect time to learn a couple more Hunt skills and the Protection Mantra on
Gale. If you have the Macca and feel like running around doing some extra
battling, download the Mitama Mantra for Gale to get the Shared Karma skill.
You might even have enough Macca to buy the Holy Beast Mantra for one of your
characters -- if so, I recommend you do so as soon as possible. Iron Stomach
and AP Divide for the win! Even if you don't have enough currently, the battles
around here give pretty good Macca. You can get anywhere from 400-1500 Macca
per encounter.

Don't bother trying to use the terminal to teleport -- they think ahead. The
path to the left, past where we just found that purple node, leads directly to
it but the other door to the exit is blocked from the outside.

What we're going to do instead is use the switch next to Gate 6 and unlock it.
Do so, and go through the gate. Hmm, a forced battle against some Solids. They
appear as a group of three Beast Kelpies, which are weak to fire. Physical
attacks do good damage too, though. So just take them out. Once the first group
is gone, reinforcements will appear, though -- and once that second set is
done, a third set will appear. Watch out, they can use the Mazionga combo
together. Watch out for Comatose, too. Causes sleep. Nothing too bad, though.
After the last set, there will be one more lone Kelpie.

After the battle, take the door next to you. Follow the path inside until you
get to an intersection. Go through the door to your left. Inside is a yellow
node -- that gives up Code Cell x 1! Head out of this room and continue down
the hallway, past the yellow wall to the door at the end. Exit. As soon as
you're back outside, head right and up. See that purple node? Touch it to get
Dis-Stun x 2. If you continue right you can go back to Gate 6, but we don't
really need to. Go back to the ladder that was in front of you when you exited
the building a second ago. Go up. Collect the Dis-Curse x 3 from the purple
node nearby, then follow along the path. Continue along until you see another
ladder at the end. Take this one down.

Follow this path until you see another ladder. Take it up. Run straight ahead
and inspect the yellow node for Quantum Cell x 1. Turn around and head back
down the ladder. At the bottom, head straight and continue along the path. At
the intersection, you'll see two ramps. Take the one on the left first toward
Gate 7. Well, it was open when we got there...there's a Small Karma Terminal
here that you can use. Whether you choose to use it or not, head back to the
intersection and take the right fork this time. Head up to the switch. Oh?
Another forced fight.

This time the Solids turn into Beast Nue x 2. They are weak to force...which
is why it's great to use Gale's Zanma against them. Unfortunately, these guys
have the same lovely habit of calling in reinforcements. When you destroy the
first enemy party, three more Nue's come up. Be warned, though, that these Nue
have Blood Curse which can cause Curse to the whole party. And again, when the
second party is disposed of a third round of Beast Nue x 3 come. I hope you
have plenty of Dis-Curse stocked up. After the third party is, unfortunately,
another party of three Nue. Watch out if the Nue's cast the Combo Mamudoon,
though. It has a chance to instantly kill your party members, and the last
parties of Nue can cast it more than once. Gale is probably the only person in
your party with a strong enough force attack to do any real damage, and he's
also probably the only one with the Void Death skill. So if you find yourself
having difficulty with this battle, go back and teach Serph and Argilla some
force skills. Another tactic would be to use a fatal Hunt attack when you
manage to frighten a Nue. The quicker they're taken out, the less likely you'll
be to lose. Anyway, after all of those groups will be a final Nue. Blast his
ass, and you'll finally be done.

After the battle, re-unlock Gate 7 with the switch. Go back around, save, and
head through the gate. You're probably hurting, right? If you check your map,
you should realize that you're back in familiar territory. So head up a little
and to your left, and make your way up to the Life Terminal. Use it or not, up
to you.

Now head up the stairs next to the Life Terminal. Ignore the doors and take the
next set of stairs up. Follow the path along and use the Small Karma Terminal
up here. When you're finished, take the nearby ladder down. Run down the path
to face off against the next group of Solids. 

This time you're up against two new enemies, Fiend Onkot. They use skills to
raise their stats mostly, and cause Mute status. They are weak to elec skills,
so try to use those. Also, Zanma does some decent damage, so use that as well
if you wish. Try to avoid physical attacks, they're strong to them. Anyway,
after you take out the first two, three more of them appear. An annoyingly
familiar habit, isn't it? Take them out too. Watch out, though, FOUR more
appear after you take out the second set. But luckily, that's all of them.

After the battle, continue along the path. When you get to Gate 5, go ahead and
unlock it. Before you go in, though, continue on and unlock Gate 4. Use the
Small Karma Terminal here if you wish. Go back to Gate 5, and go through it.
Head up the stairs and towards the exit. You can head to the Large Karma
Terminal if you want. You can even hit the Vendor if you feel you need to, but
we're almost done here, so you don't need to bother, really. Anyway, you should
see one last Solid guarding the exit. Guess what? It's a boss.


This guy repels Expel attacks, so don't try to use those. He uses Executioner,
which can do massive damage to one character. He also uses Stun Wave which can
Stun your party. You should try to heal every turn, since Atavaka can wipe out
your party before you're even aware of it. You'll be using quite a few Dis-Stun
here. Also, be aware that he has some higher level and whole-party elemental
attacks like Materazi, Mazanma, and Maragion. He will often use Mind Charge
before he uses these to power them up.

He is weak to earth, though. So take advantage of that weakness to get in as
many turns as possible. Keep healing and pounding him with earth attacks, and
he'll go down.


Exit the area when you're done. There are no random encounters out here. Talk
to Gale and Argilla if you wish, and the NPCs too. Otherwise, it's time to head
back to the home base.


Take the elevator down and enter the main building. All a bit of a mess, eh?
Save if you want, and make sure you'll all set on your Mantras.

The Vendor now has some new stock:

Hero Ration    2000 Macca
Dark Veil      2000 Macca
Hollow Point  10000 Macca
Tranq Shot    10000 Macca

And don't forget to sell the Cells you've recently obtained. Unless you ran
around for hours and got a few Active Cell and Error Cell drops from those Evil
Valkyrie, you probably won't have enough for the next Cell-selling bonus.

All right. When you're all prepared, enter the Strategy Room for a cutscene.
Some familiar faces...and a strange, strange accent. Anyway, we gain Heat back.
And he's mastered the Mantra he was learning when he left, isn't that nice? Be
sure to buy him a fresh one from the karma terminal before you leave. Head out
of this building and back up the elevator. Leave Muladhara.

   Coordinate 136

You can talk to your party members outside the big building. Gale has some
interesting choices, none of which have any impact on the game, but still...
Anyway, continue north and enter the doors. There'll be a cutscene. A rather
amusing cutscene...

And another. I suppose they want you to go on that journey of mystery and
adventure. Well, not like we have much choice, do we? If you look around this
room, you will see the door to a Large Karma Terminal in the top right corner.
Be aware that you are now able to get random enemy encounters.

Also, you can inspect the wall to the left of the door. It repeats the creepy
recording's message from earlier. Enter the door up ahead when you're ready.

Hmm, another weird broadcast. Well, that was ...interesting. Predictable, but
interesting, heh. After the cutscene, examine the painting. After, you can also
inspect the Twinklebell. I'm wondering if that's copyright infringement...
Anyway, you should get some idea of what you need to do. Talk to the people,
find the painting of the good prince, and avoid talking to the evil prince.
Right? Right.

Well, we can take the right path or the left path at this point. We want to go
left first. Notice that we can talk to the paintings for tips... Anyway, when
you get to the first intersection enter the door to the right. In here, ignore
the door straight in front of you. Go left instead. Now, along this path, be
mindful of those paintings. Yes, those ones of the prince, at the end. If you
step in front of those, you'll end up falling through a trapdoor. Very similar
to those red-eyed statues. Avoid falling by peering around the corners first
through changing the camera angles, or just follow what I say. Up to you.

If you find yourself falling through a trapdoor, you'll be in a small room. You
can talk to skeletons if you wish... they have some lame jokes. Actually, you
will want to fall down here once so you can pick up the Magic Noise x 1 that's
in a purple node here. Exit this room through the gold/blue glowing door. You
will find yourself in a hallway. If you go to your right, through the door,
you'll be in a more brightly lit hallway. Follow it along and go up the stairs,
and through the next door. You'll be right back in the room we started out in.
Don't worry, the other path only lead to a long sort of maze full of dead ends.
Of course, those dead ends are all one-way doors from other painting traps...

Anyway! Go back to that room we were in, if you went down through the traps.
You want to take the door to your right. In here, head straight down to the
end... you can go in the door here if you want, but there's more evil prince
paintings. If you drop down through these, you'll be in a room with a yellow
node containing Quantum Cell x 1. If you're strapped for cash -- and chances
are, you will be at this point -- go ahead and grab it. Backtrack up to that
room we were in.

This time, instead of going through the door straight in front of us, we're
going through a different one. Head up to the very top of the room, and head
right. Now you should be in front of two doors here, in the corner. If you want
you could go through the door to the right/east. It's another trapdoor, but in
the pit is a purple node containing MP Noise x 1. If you choose to get it,
you'll have to backtrack again.

Take the north door. Not much choice, head right through the door. In this
hallway, if you drop through the trap straight ahead, you can grab a purple
node with Moldy Roll x 3. This one isn't that great, so it's up to you whether
or not you fetch it. Backtrack if you did. Instead of going straight back down
the trap, head to the right. At this intersection, head left. Go straight now
through the door at the end.

In this room, straight in front of you, there'll be a painting on your left.
Examine it. Opposite the painting is a purple node containing Soma Drop x 1.
Go back to that first intersection in this room, and head down the path to the
door. Guess what? That was the easy, short way back to the room with the
princess painting! Go talk to her to open up that gate that was blocking the
north path in this room. Before you take that path, though, it's a good idea to
save and restore your characters.

Also, remember that path to the right in the room with the princess painting
that we ignored earlier? You can go in there if you want now. Talk to the three
paintings on the wall if you wish to. Go in through either door. Depending on
whether or not you fetched the items down below or went exploring yourself
earlier, the evil prince painting trapdoors may or may not have been set off.
Ignore the first door in here, there's a trap. The second door leads basically
to the trap at the end of the hall, so you don't need to bother. Fall in the
trap at the end of the hall. Down here there's a purple node containing
Chakra Pot x 1! That's pretty nice. Backtrack up to the first level now. It's
time to head up those stairs we recently unlocked.

Okay. As you enter the room here, you'll see two of those impassable yellow
walls. Nothing to do but head up the next set of stairs. Of course, as you get
close to them, you'll be forced into a fight with some Solid members. And...
they provide some interesting entertainment. Say 'no' to commence the fight.
You'll be against two new enemies: Fiend Jack Frost, and Fiend Pyro Jack. Jack
Frost is weak to fire, naturally. Pyro Jack, however, is weak to ice. And Jack
frost absorbs ice, just as Pyro Jack absorbs fire. So be sure to equip single
enemy elemental skills for this battle. Take out Jack Frost first, since he can
heal both himself and Pyro Jack. Use Void Ice and Void Fire skills if you're
having difficulties. Watch out for Pyro Jack's entire party attack, Maragion.

After the battle, you'll get Jack Cell x 1. That's good. Watch out when you
sell these Jack Cells, though. As opposed to the other types of Cells, these
fetch the most Macca at the MIN Solar Noise phase, not MAX. Anyway, when you're
ready, head up the stairs to the third floor. If I were you, I'd make a beeline
for that Small Karma Terminal next to the blocked gate. But first, another

Okay. In here, there's another Twinklebell. The blocked gate is to the north.
There are two other doors in here, one leading to the east wing and one leading
to the west. Also, in case you wanted to see what the broadcast said again, you
can inspect the frame on the wall just to the right of the blocked gate. Talk
to Twinklebell. Sounds interesting. The princess and the good prince face each
other. However, the evil prince is standing between them. So we get to use a
mirror and move the princess around so that her "love" can reach the good
prince. Easy enough, right?

Door to the west first, again. Follow the hall around the corner and enter the
door. Whee... lots of stuff in this room. Two immovable mirrors, two locked
chests, the good prince statue, the evil prince statue, the princess statue,
and another mirror with a switch. First, go behind the princess statue. Hit the
right switch. Now go to the small mirror and hit that switch. First puzzle,
complete! Short scene. Now go unlock those chests for some goodies! The one in
the bottom right corner contains Revival Gem x 1. The one in the top right
corner contains Organic Cell x 1. Oh, note that in these puzzle rooms there are
no random enemy encounters. A slight reprieve.

Okay, go back out and save if you wish. One of those locks on the gate was
removed, see? Time to go through that door to the east, now. At the first
intersection, take the door to your left. You probably guessed it -- another
puzzle. Two chests, TWO evil prince statues, a princess statue, a good prince
statue, three immovable mirror statues, and three small mirrors with switches.
First, hit the right switch on the princess statue. Now go to the small mirror
that the light has just hit, and use the switch there. The path of the light
changes again. This time head to the small mirror in the bottom right corner
and use the switch there. Finally, head to the third small mirror in the bottom
left corner, and hit that switch. Voila! Puzzle completed. Go grab the chests.
The one in the bottom right corner gives you a Quantum Cell x 1, and the one
in the bottom left corner contains HP Noise x 1. Anyway, when you're finished
in here, head back out and go down the hall to the next door -- that we just

A third puzzle. In this room there are two chests, a princess statue, a good
prince statue, two evil prince statues, six immovable mirrors, and four smaller
mirrors with switches. Go to the princess statue first, again. This time, hit
the left switch. Follow the light path along to the first mirror with a switch,
in the bottom left corner. Use the switch. Follow the light path along to the
very last mirror it hits. Turn this one, and the light will hit the good
prince statue! Hooray, we're finished with these mirror puzzles! Grab the chest
in the top right corner for Magic Noise x 1. The chest in the bottom right
corner contains Soma x 1. Backtrack to the room with the Small Karma Terminal.
Save if you wish. And, it's time to go up the stairs to the next area.

No choice here. Enter the door straight ahead. As soon as you enter, there'll
be another scene and broadcast. Directions here: move the good prince statue
opposite the evil prince statue via the roller coaster. You can use zoom mode
camera in this room by using the right analog stick, and go back to normal
mode by hitting circle button. We want to get the good prince statue to be
right up under the princess portrait, basically. Or, on the right side of the
cross on the wall, if that makes it any clearer. Note that there are four
platforms here: two directly in front of you, with one on each side of
Twinklebell, and two more up on the left side of the room. At the top of the
room just beyond the platforms on the left side, there's a frame on the wall
that will recap what the broadcast told us earlier.

Take the right-side platform in front of you first. Hit the switch, ride the
platform, then step off. The platform departs again -- this time, without you.
Ah, well. Enter the door. Run up the hallway until you get to the room, and
touch the yellow node for a battle. You'll fight Beast Taown x 2. They absorb
force, so don't use that. They are weak to earth skills however, so include
some of those before you initiate this battle. Watch out, because these Taown
often counter physical attacks against them.

If you choose not to fight the Taown, that's fine. Head down the hall, to your
left. When the hall opens up into another room, you can examine the purple node
for Luck Noise x 1. Take the door here. Follow this long hallway around the
corners and down to the doors at the end. Use the doors. And, down the stairs
we go. We end up at the landing at the beginning of the fourth floor. Just go
through the doors to get back into the room with the platforms.

Okay, now activate the platform to the immediate left of Twinklebell. Again,
the platform abandons you. Go through the doors. Follow the hallway along until
it opens up into a room. Touch the yellow node for Nerve Shot x 1. Use the
doors to your right. A red wall to your left in here, that we can't get past
yet. Ignore it, go to the right. Up the stairs, use the doors. Back at the
landing at the beginning of this floor.

Back into the room with the platforms. Go up along the left wall now, and take
the platform that does NOT have the prince statue on it. As soon as you get off
the platform, it leaves without you. Of course. Hit the switch here, though.
Voila! Now we can get the good prince statue in the right place! Head through
the doors here. Go along the hallway until it opens up into a room. In here is
a purple node containing Revival Gem x 1. Follow the hall along to your right.
Enter the doors at the end, and go down the long stairs. At the bottom, go
through those familiar doors back to the landing.

If you're really hurting, go back to the Small Karma Terminal (or even take
that down to the Large Karma Terminal to heal up). It's a ways to backtrack,
but you might need it. The enemies here are tough. And you can easily eat up a
lot of MP battling through them. If you're doing okay healthwise, then just
wait a little bit.

Finally, we're going to use that last platform. Activate the platform that has
the good prince statue on it. Oh, note that you can use the ladder to get back
down if you need to. When you're ready, head through the newly-accessible
doors. Through here, head up the stairs. Enter the doors at the top. Oho! A
Small Karma Terminal! Head for it. You'll be halted by another broadcast. A
very confusing one. Afterwards, use the karma terminal if you want. There's
another frame you can expect on the upper right side wall, but it's useless.
Head up through the next set of doors when you're ready. Take the stairs up and
through the next door for another scene and broadcast.

Oh, dear. Another puzzle. Go to your left first and examine the yellow glowing
cracks along the bottom wall. There'll be a scene. If you want a little more
info on the story of the good prince, the evil prince, and the princess, you
can read the little plates all around the large room here. Actually, most of
them are just recaps of the earlier pieces of the story...not in the right
order, though. And that one broadcast still isn't made clear, unfortunately.
You can inspect the portrait, too. Note that the camera mode we used in the
platform room can also be used here. There are four mirrors suspended from the
ceiling, and three on platforms on this level. On the lower level,
accessible via the ladder, there is a Twinklebell statue, two large mirrors,
a small switch mirror on a platform far away, a yellow node on a platform far
away, and a switch. Note that again, in this puzzle room, you will not get any
random enemy encounters.

Take the ladder down and activate the switch. Now take the ladder back up. Head
for the platform nearest the beam of light. Take it down. The light should now
be hitting the mirror we just rode down with. Take the ladder back up, now.
Head to the east side of the room, where the lone platform is. Press the switch
on the smaller mirror. Ride the platform back up. Now run around to the
platform that was closest to the ladder. Step off the platform and hit the
switch right next to it. Take the ladder back up. Head back to the only
platform left up here, on the east side of the room. Ride it down. The beam of
light should now pierce the painting and reveal a set of doors behind it. First
though, head back to the switch down here that changes the tracks. Hit it. Now
run back to that last platform you used. Ride it to a ledge in the corner. On
this ledge is that yellow node. Touch it for Yellow Key x 1! Now ride the
platform back, run around back to the ladder, and run up through those doors we
just revealed. Now is a great time to save, seeing as there's a Small Karma
Terminal not three feet from where you're standing.

Head up the sets of stairs to the top, past the bells, and go through the door.
Now head left and up a much shorter set of stairs. There's another Small Karma
Terminal up here that you can use. If you need any new Mantra, now would be a
good time to change them out. Saving here, too, is a good idea. When you're
ready, head through the double doors to the left of the terminal. Use the door
in the middle at the top of the room. Make absolutely sure you're ready, there
is a tough boss on the other side of this door.

Quite a shocking cutscene. Two choices. I'm not yet sure if these choices have
an effect on events in DDS2 yet, so check back soon for details.

For the first choice, if you chose the second option, you will have a short
fight. You will only be able to use your basic Attack option, though. Well, you
can Pass a turn or Revert to human form, too.


There are two parts to this demon: the large body, and the head. You'll see
what I mean shortly. Use physical attacks on the body for your first turn, and
Asura Rahu's head will take one party member captive in a sort of bubble. When
this happens, focus your attacks on the head. Do as much damage to the head as
quick as possible, though, because the head will gradually absorb HP from the
captured character. After about a round of this, the head will drop your
character and rejoin the main body. It then casts Psycho Rage to give itself
four half-turns that it uses to cast support spells on itself. Directly after
he does this, make sure your characters are full up on HP. The body will use
Dragon Quake, which can hit your whole party for quite a bit of damage,
especially if he uses it twice in a row. We still want to focus our attacks on
the head for now. Be warned that the head may come off again and capture
another character again.

The head is weak to force, if you prefer to attack with magic over physical.
And the body is weak to fire. So equip the appropriate skills. Make sure you
don't have elemental skills that attack both enemies. The head is resistant to
fire, for example, so you'd waste two turns. If you have Agilao on Serph, then
keep him in. Otherwise, trade him out for Heat.

Don't worry if you use a lot of healing items, revive items, or MP -- this can
be a very tough battle. Argilla is a must -- she has natural resistance to the
earth element attack Dragon Quake that is sprung on you at least once every
turn. It is quite possible to solo with her in this battle, provided you have
Diarama and a handful of Chakra Drop. I know, that's how I had to defeat this
guy! Also, it's a good idea to stick Gale in there somewhere, since he came
pre-equipped with some good force skills. Just keep your HP as full as
possible, and keep plugging away at him. He will go down eventually.


After the battle, there's another cutscene. Another choice here, but it seems
to be just a casual little choice, not a plot-effecting one. After the cutscene
you are notified that Cielo has joined your party! Finally! Now we have
everyone. Check out his skills and get yourself acquainted with him, if you
want. He is in need of some healing skills, though, and some physical and Hunt
skills. Be sure to get him started on those. And then you find yourself right
outside the entrance to Coordinate 136 building. Try to leave the area for
another small scene, and an idea of what we have to do next. On your way out,
you can talk to your party members, Sera, and some of your tribe members. Now
you can exit this area.

It's a good idea to head back to the Embryon Base now and stock up, heal, save,
and sell your cells.


Back at home, you can talk to all your party members outside and some of your
NPC tribe members. Sera, who's sitting right beside the path as you enter, has
an odd choice if you talk to her. It doesn't affect anything, though. Use the
Large Karma terminal to restore, get mantra, and save if you feel like it. I
recommend doing so.

Now, at the Vendor, some new items are for sale:

Revival Gem   10000 Macca
Dis-Stone       300 Macca
Fire Bomb      3000 Macca
Frost Bomb     3000 Macca
Shock Bomb     3000 Macca
Blast          3000 Macca
Magni Bomb     3000 Macca
Iron Shot     15000 Macca
Nerve Shot    15000 Macca

You should have several cells, now. Wait until MAX Solar Noise level and sell
them off -- EXCEPT THE JACK CELLS. Those sell for the most at the MIN stage.
Depending on how much you sell your cells for and how many you cell, you can
get another transmission from the Karma Temple about new items in stock:

Graven Shard  50000 Macca
Chakra Pot    10000 Macca
Estoma Spray   3000 Macca

Estoma Sprays are expensive, but if you find it difficult to get to a Large
Karma Terminal and your characters are hurting, you might want to buy one for
an emergency. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste your Macca. Even though that Graven
Shard looks handy, seeing as it's a reusable healing item... but the Macca is
better spent on Mantra, trust me.

Now, I advise you to spend the money you just earned on some new Mantra. I
would recommend buying something nice and expensive/difficult for Heat and
Argilla. You'll see why soon enough. Just do it.

When you're all set, it's time to head out. Leave the Embryon Base, and head
out to the big map. See that blue-ish highlighted place? The Deserted Ship?
Yup, that's where we want to go.

   Deserted Ship

When you enter, you might notice that you can talk to your party. Sera has
another little choice, if you want to talk to her. Gale and Heat have choices,
as well. Talk to the green-haired guy to move on. Cutscene. A highly amusing
cutscene, mind. At least, I thought so. That's followed by another cutscene.
After the cutscenes, Gale will give you your first directions. Remember, bottom
of the ship first. If you try to head back out to the balcony area, you'll be
stopped by Gale.

Note that Argilla and Heat have left the party. When you get them back, the
Mantra they had equipped will be mastered. That's why I told you to equip them
with the most difficult or expensive mantra, that much less work for you to do.
You're now stuck with a party of Serph, Gale, and Cielo...I hope you haven't
been neglecting Gale, because Cielo starts out a little weak.

So head to those double doors, that's the only place you can go. To your left
is a Small Karma Terminal. Right next to that is a set of broken doors you can
inspect. You can also inspect the broken stairs to the right of the karma
terminal. Neither nets you anything, so you don't have to. Opposite the karma
terminal is another set of doors. Use them. You end up outside in the perpetual
rain. Your way left is blocked by tables. Go right instead, up the stairs.
Follow along to the end, just past the set of stairs down. There's a purple
node here containing Medical Kit x 3. Take the stairs down and continue right
to the next set of doors. Enter.

Follow along the hallway until it opens up into a room. In here, the doors on
either side of the room are broken -- as is one of the elevators. The other
elevator is operational. That, or you can take the stairs down. The elevator
has the options of taking you to the 9th floor, 8th floor, or 3rd floor. You
are currently on the 9th floor. The stairs only take you down to the 8th floor,
and the only door you can enter here is, of course, the elevator. Take your
pick of the floor, you have to head down it eventually. Take it to the 3rd

There's only one door you can enter here, out of the three aside from the
elevator. There's also a sign on the wall you can inspect. The door we want is
right next to it. Enter the door, and follow the hallway along. It opens out
into a room with another Small Karma Terminal. There's only one direction you
can go: the hall continues to the right. Follow until you get to an
intersection. To the left is a door, and to the right is a staircase down. The
door leads to another hall, but Gale will nag you if you try to go that way.
Go down the stairs instead. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, continue
along and go up the short flight of stairs. Scene. Trap number 1, first floor,

Now take the stairs back down on the other side. Follow along until you get to
a door. Use it. Continue along the path. At the intersection, head to the right
first. Another intersection. Head to the left and enter the door. In here is a
purple node containing Hero Ration x 3. Go back out. The door directly opposite
will not open. As you head back towards the first intersection, there'll be a
scene. As well, there'll be a forced battle. Dragon Naga x 3. Easy enough to
take out. Head across to the left side that we ignored previously. Take the
door to your left. Inside is a purple node you can inspect for
Attack Mirror x 2. Head back out and take the door directly across from you.
In here, there's a Rejuvenating Light... which as we all know equals free
healing! If you want, you can spend a little while leveling up... but it isn't
very convenient, seeing as the nearest karma terminal is quite a ways away.
Still, it isn't a bad idea at all to familiarize yourself with the common

Head back to that one intersection, and back up the hallway. Head back up the
stairs, past the explosives we placed, down the stairs, and back up the next
set of stairs. Continue up the next two sets of stairs. Ignore that door, we
still can't use it. Head left at the intersection, and follow the hallway. I
suggest saving at the Small Karma Terminal here. You're probably in need of
some fresh Mantra, too. When you're ready, head over to the door to the south.
There'll be a small scene. You cannot use the elevator. Continue through the
door, and enter the small door on the same wall as the elevator. In here is a
yellow node that will give you Quantum Cell x 1 if you inspect it. Exit this
room. Back out in the bigger room, enter the door to your left. Follow the
path to the first intersection. Head left into the room. There's a handy Life
Terminal here. Of course, you have to pay... but it's better than nothing. The
enemies here can make you use a lot of MP. Go back out and continue along the
hall. Ignore the next intersection, the door there won't open. At the third
intersection, enter the room to the left. Trap number 2, third floor, set!

Exit this room. Continue on to the door at the end. Or try to, anyway. Scene.
A lovely nickname for our hero, don't you think? Alright, a forced battle. You
may recognize these fellas: Beast Taown x 2. Pound 'em with earth. If you don't
have that, use another moderate level elemental skill. Just don't use force.
Oh, and avoid using physical unless you want to take a beating -- the Taown use
High-Counter, and can hit for 100+ damage to one character.

After that, use the door we were headed for before that interruption. Continue
on the path until you get to an intersection. To the right is a door, and to
the left is a set of stairs. Go to the right and enter the door first. In here
there is an elevator, a set of double doors, and a small door. The double doors
lead to an empty room, so don't waste your time. Head for the small door to the
right. Follow the hall, go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is an
intersection. Go left. Open the door. Scene. Trap number 3, second floor, set!

Head back out. Note that the door opposite is broken, so don't mess with it.
Head back up the stairs and into the room with the elevator. This time, we want
to use the elevator. So hop in. This time we have the option of riding to the
third floor, the fourth floor, and the fifth floor. We're on the third floor,
so we want to go to the fourth floor. Select your destination, and ride on up.

There's broken doors to the left and right, so ignore those. Head straight up
through the small door. Follow along, ignoring the intersection at the moment
in favor of heading straight. Enter the door here. There's a Small Karma
Terminal. It's a good idea to save. If you hadn't noticed, the enemies around
here have some death skills. It's not impossible to have your entire party
wiped out in one turn. Unless you've managed to master Death Resist for
everyone... only Cielo comes with it equipped. It's not a bad idea to set it on
him, by the way, just so Mamudo doesn't instantly slaughter your whole group.

Now go back out to that intersection, and take the side path there. Enter the
door at the end and get another scene. Hooray! Trap number 4, fourth floor,

Head out of this room, and backtrack at the intersection to the room with the
elevator. Enter the elevator and head for the fifth floor for a scene. Great.
Just great... Back to Serph. There's a set of double doors to his right, and a
small door to his left. Take the small door first. Head along the path. When
you get to an intersection, ignore the path heading straight. There's just a
broken door there. Instead, take the side path. Enter the door there. Again,
ignore the door straight ahead, it's broken. Take the side path here and go up
the stairs. There's another intersection at the top. There's a door to the
right, and the path continues around a corner to your left. Go through the door
to the right, first. Head straight, past the path to your left. Enter this door
at the end. Inside is a Life Terminal. Replenish your MP, at least. Go back out
and take the side path to your right. It curves around to another door. Enter.
A scene. Trap number 5, fifth floor, set!

Head back out of this room. When you get to the intersection, head out of this
area. If you're looking at the intersection head on, take the path to your
right. Yup, through the door. Now take the path straight in front of you and up
a new set of stairs. Enter the room at the top. You're immediately presented
with another intersection. Go right down the very long hall first. When the
hall opens up into a small room, keep going straight.

In here, go along til you hit yet another intersection. Take the side path to
the right now. Enter the room. Scene. Forced battle here, against Aerial Gurr
and Demon Phantom x 2. Weak to force, but they usually protect themselves from
it. Physical works fine on the Gurr, but you'll have to use Hama or other
elemental skills on the Phantoms until one of them neglects to cast Force
Drain. Should be a fairly easy battle. Watch your HP, though, and look out for
Mudo and Mamudo that the Phantoms like to cast. Trap number 6, seventh floor,

Head out of this room. At the intersection, head left. Don't worry, the door
to the right is empty. Now we're back at that sort of room that the hallway
widened into. Take that side path now. We're in a different, darker sort of
hall, now. Continue up, and to the right. There are a bunch of doors on both
sides of the hall, here. The first door on the left is warped. Pass it. The
second door on the left houses two purple nodes. The first one, just to the
left of the entrance, gives up Chakra Drop x 3. The second, at the top of the
room behind the bed, coughs up Revival Gem x 1. Go back out. The first door on
the right side is warped, too... So head into the second room on the right. In
here, there's a yellow node, which gives you Organic Cell x 1. That's pretty

When you're done collecting the items, head to the double doors at the end.
There's a Small Karma Terminal ahead and to the left in this room, and a broken
set of doors straight ahead. There's also a functional set of doors to the
right. Use the karma terminal to save and get fresh Mantras, if you need to.
When you're ready, use the doors to your right. A short scene. In this room,
there's a set of stairs, a broken elevator, and a small door that leads back
out into the tangle of intersecting hallways. Go up the stairs. There's a
forced fight here with Demon Sui-Ki x 3. These guys are tough. They will often
resort to comboing Mabufudyne, which hits your whole party for massive ice
damage. They are weak to fire though, so try to frighten and eat them to take
them out quick.

If you took a lot of damage or finished off a Mantra, you can head back down
to the Small Karma Terminal. You might want to save, as well. Anyway, after
the battle, you find yourself standing at the top of the staircase. There are
two broken sets of doors, one on the right and one on the left. Along the same
wall as the staircase is a broken elevator. If you inspect the rubble on the
left side of the room, you'll see that it's the broken staircase from the
beginning of our quest in the Deserted Ship. And, finally, directly across from
the stairs we just came up is a set of functional double doors. Head through

On the other side of these doors, there's -- surprise! -- another intersection.
There are a set of doors each on the left and right. Head right first. Enter
the door. Follow this wide hallway along and to the left. On the right side now
is a bunch of broken exterior windows. Ignore these. Head into the first door
on the left. In here is a purple node containing Hero Ration x 2. Head back
out. Continue down the hall to the second door on the left. In here, there's a
yellow node wedged between the two beds. Examine it for Neutron Shot x 1! I'd
equip that on someone right away, if I were you. Anyway, head back out to the
hall. Ignore the broken doors at the end. Head back along the hallway and out
to the intersection. From this door, head straight across and enter that door.

Same idea here as on the other side. Follow along the hall, turn right, and
ignore the broken windows. Might as well ignore the first room on the right,
too, because it's empty. Enter the second room. In the upper corner behind the
bed is a purple node that contains Magic Noise x 1. Okay, now exit this room,
and enter the doors at the end of the hall. Right in front of you here is a
Small Karma Terminal. Even better, to your immediate right is a Life Terminal.
I advise you to make use of both. There are also two sets of doors in here --
one ahead of you, and one to your right. Take the door that was straight ahead
of you from where you entered.

Follow the hall down to the intersection, ignoring the door to your right. It's
empty. At the intersection, go straight. The room just past the intersection
on the right side contains a yellow node that leads into a fight with Beast
Mothman x 2. These guys are weak to earth and repel elec, so fix your skillsets
accordingly. They aren't too tough, though. Watch out for Ziodyne and Mazionga,
and keep an eye on them when they cast Earth Drain so you don't end up healing
them. They have the ability to counterstrike your physical attacks, though.
Definitely keep an eye on your HP in this fight, if you choose to take these
guys on.

Back at that intersection, take the side path. Go all the way down and enter
the doors. Go down the long hall to the intersection. There's a small door on
the left side, and the hall continues to the right with a door on the right
side and a broken set of doors at the end. Use the door on the left side. Back
to the old, blue-ish lit environment. Continue along the hall until you get to
the first intersection. Go left, enter the door there. At the next intersection
where there's a door on either side, head left again and enter that door.
Scene. Trap number 7, eighth floor, set!

Exit this room. You can continue straight from this door. Round the corner,
ignore the left path at the next intersection (it only leads to an empty room),
and go through the door at the end. You're back in the hall right off the room
that contains the Life and Small Karma Terminals. However, before we head back
there, go through that intersection in here again. Instead of going through
that small door, this time we're heading to the right. Enter the door on the
right side. There's a yellow node in here containing Organic Cell x 1. Now head
back out and to the room with the terminals. Restore your party and save if you

Now enter the door on the side of the room, between the two terminals. Place
look familiar? Head to the elevator at your immediate left. Enter. Take it to
the third floor. From where you exit the elevator, use the door on the left
side of the room. The first door on the left leads to a Life Terminal... if
you need it, use it. If not, continue straight up the hall. Take the door at
the end. At the intersection take a right, through the door. Head for the
elevator here. Take it to the fifth floor. Once you exit the elevator, there'll
be two doors. One is a small one to your left, and the other is a set of doors
to your right. Head right and through the doors.

In here there's a broken set of doors to your left, and a functional set to the
right. That's all there is in here, so right we go. The first doors on either
side in here are broken. Pass them. The second door on the left has a purple
node with Medical Kit x 3. The second door on the right has a yellow node with
Theory Cell x 1. Exit this room, enter the small door at the end of the hall.

Pass the path to the right, and head straight. Enter the door. There's a Small
Karma Terminal in here. Use it. Now head back out and take the side path we
passed at that last intersection. Enter the door at the end. Scene. Final trap
set, fifth floor!

Unfortunately, setting this final trap also triggers another forced fight with
some Brutes members. They transform into Chatterskull x 3. These guys use some
death skills, so watch out for that. They are weak to fire, expel, charm, and
panic, so make use of some of those. They can cast Void Force and Void Expel,
though. And they take no damage from ice, earth, and death attacks... avoid
using those. They can be taken down with just physical attacks easily, though.
Whatever works for you.

After the battle, head out of this room. We need to get up to the ninth floor
and find Argilla, so let's do that. Save if you want, otherwise head up and
out. In the next hall, head straight to the next set of doors. Take the doors
to your left. Now use the elevator. Go to the third floor. Take the small door
on the right. Take a left at the intersection. Use the door. Ignore the first
two intersections. If you want, heal up at the Life Terminal in the room at the
third intersection. Continue on down the hall. Use the door at the end. Now
take the elevator here up to the ninth floor. Exit the elevator and head up
along the hall. Turn the corner, use the doors. Outside again. Head left as far
as you can, use the doors.

Ah, almost there. I really advise you to save at that Small Karma Terminal in
front of you. There's a boss coming up in a minute. Head up through the double
doors to the left when you're ready. Cutscene.


In this battle, you can switch in Argilla. I recommend it, since Asura Camazotz
is still pretty much the same: weak to earth. Instead of Rage, he's got Psycho
Rage this time. That grants him FOUR half-turns. Watch out for that. I'd equip
someone with Void Death, if they don't have a resist auto-skill learned yet.
Camazotz casts Curse a lot. When the silly bat is defending, which he almost
always does at the end of his turns, just cast a bunch of earth skills at him.
When he isn't all curled in on himself, pound him with physical attacks.

Camazotz also has an odd new skill: Zotzilaha Bane. It transforms whichever
character it hits into a small bat. When a character has become a bat, they
have reduced stats across the board. This can make Spiral Edge, his whole-party
attack, quite powerful. Not only that, but every time he uses it, he steals
30-40 HP from a character. And it never misses. Get used to healing a lot, and
using some Chakra items.


A few cutscenes after battle. Four choices in one, this time. Don't be
careless, it isn't easy to beat Asura Camazotz again. I'm not sure if any of
these have an impact on events in DDS2, but when I find out I'll get back to

   Embryon Base 2

Afterwards, you end up, well, with a new base of operations. Embryon
Base 2. Talk to the party members and some of your new tribe members. Try to
leave, and either Gale or Argilla will stop you. Only way to go is up. Enter
the door at the top.

A Life Terminal to the right, and a Small Karma Terminal straight ahead. Use
both. And, of course, a door on the left. Use that when you're all set.
Cutscene. Long, and surprising. You have your instructions, though. Off to
Svadhisthana we go.

After the scenes, Heat will join the party again. Your party members are all in
the same room; if you use the door to the upper left, you'll find Sera.
Otherwise, head back out through the doors on the left. Be sure to change out
Heat's mantra, now. Out and down the flights of stairs, now. Everyone is
present here this time, and most everyone has something new to say. The green
haired person in particular... now if I could just figure out which gender that
person is, heh. And Heat's angsting to himself.

Go ahead and enter Svadhisthana.


Head up on the left side upon entering and see what stock the Vendor has now.
Here are the new items for sale:

Medical Kit    5000 Macca
Wild Card      4000 Macca
Silver Shot   25000 Macca
Neutron Shot  25000 Macca

They're nice, but again I wouldn't waste the Macca. Go ahead and trade all your
cells in. It is unlikely that you will have earned enough for the next stock
bonus, however.  But the Macca will be very nice. When you're all stocked up
and ready to head in, enter the door across on the right side to begin your
trek through the base.

Of course, when you enter, you can head to the left and save in the Large Karma
Terminal. When you're done there, enter the door directly opposite it (to the
right of the main entrance). In here, head either up the platform and down the
other side, or go around it. Take the door to the left.

In here there's a switch to your left and a door to your right. Ignore both,
head through the door straight ahead. Ignore the stairs up the platform. Use
the Small Karma Terminal if you wish, but I honestly doubt you'll need to --
the enemies in here haven't changed since the first time we were here. So head
past the terminal to the doors at the end. Use them. In this room, head around
the stacks of crates and barrels, and go through the next door.

Ignore the stairs leading up. Go past them and take the set of doors at the
end. In here there's a ladder on the right side. Again, ignore it, head
straight through the next door. There will be a set of stairs in here leading
down. Nearby will be a set of terminals -- a Small Karma Terminal and a Life
Terminal. Take the stairs down. Follow the path along, past the red wall (you
can talk to one of your new tribe members here if you wish), past the yellow
wall, and up the next set of stairs. Continue along the hall to a tall set of
doors leading outside. Use them.

Ooh, outside now and away from the enemy encounters. There are a bunch of
people out here you can talk to, including your own party members. When you're
ready to move on, talk to Lupa. There will be a long sequence of fascinating
cutscenes. And when you're done, you'll find yourself...

   Samsara Tunnels -- Southern Tunnels

Talk to all your party members and Sera, if you want. There are not yet random
enemy encounters, so don't fuss over how many steps you take. You eventually
want to head in the direction past Sera, Argilla, and Gale, though. There will
be a mini-bridge you can run across to the opposite side of the walkway, and
just past that a much larger bridge. Cross this to get to a Large Karma
Terminal. I recommend saving here, that was a long cutscene.

Upon exiting the terminal room, head to your immediate right. Enter the door
at the end. NOW you'll start getting random enemy encounters. Follow the path
down, and across another large-ish bridge. Continue on and cross the next big
bridge. And, head on till you hit the door at the end. Use it.

Head up until you get to a short sort of bridge. If you look to your right, you
can examine a dead member of the Brutes. At the moment, ignore the doors on the
right side. Cross the large bridge to the side with the red wall. Head left
(back toward the direction you entered this area from) and enter the door at
the end. Head left along the wall until you reach a dead end. There will be a
purple node here containing MP Noise x 1. Head back through the door, and pass
the red wall. Continue to the end, and to the left will be a Small Karma
Terminal hidden in the corner. Atma Points are gained quickly here, so you've
probably mastered a few mantra. Even if you haven't, it's a good idea to save

When you're finished here, head across the bridge closest to you. Head to the
right, and take the door here. Follow the path along to the end and touch the
yellow node for a Logic Cell x 1! Now head back out. Stay along the left wall
(unless you need to save or change out mantras), and head to the door further

Cross the first bridge you see. There should be a dying member of Brutes
nearby, but ignore her. Head up past the next bridge and take the door. Now
follow the wall along to the end, and there'll be a purple node containing
Chakra Pot x 1. Head back through the door. If you cross the small bridge now
that we just ignored, and examine the dead Brutes member, you'll get a scene.

Head up past the body. Go all the way around the outside of the single room,
until you get to another bridge. Take this across, continue up, and enter the
room to get a scene and a forced fight with two Brutes members. Demon Sui-Ki
(a familiar friend from the Deserted Ship) is weak to fire skills and
Demon Fuu-Ki is weak to elec skills. Use the appropriate elements to win the
battle. Note that these guys can be eaten, so use your Hunt skills to take them
out quick if you wish. You will probably get Organic Cell x 1 and a nice bit of
Macca after this easy battle. Anyway, in this room that we've just cleared of
enemies, there is a yellow node to your right containing Organic Cell x 1.
Ahead and to the left is a purple node that'll cough up Revival Gem x 1 when
you touch it.

After this, head back out of the room, across the bridge, and down. Take the
bridge next to the dying female Brutes member, and go back up to the bridge
with the dead guy on the opposite side. This time, cross the bridge and head
through the door to the left of the dead dude.

Out here, you can examine another dead Brutes member if you want. Otherwise,
cross the big bridge. The path to either side leads to a dead end, but there
should be a recessed door close by. That's the only place to go, so enter the

Dark and misty. Hmm. Follow the winding path up until you hit the end, where
there's a guy and a Small Karma Terminal. Save and refresh your mantras if you
need to. You can examine the Water Pump if you want, but you can't accomplish
anything by doing so until you talk to the guy. So, do so. Hooray! We get
Oxygen Tank x 1! One is all we ever need, really, since it's a special item.

Now, we have to dive into that tank. There are one-way tunnels underwater.
Basically, you choose a tunnel and go through it. Every time you pick a tunnel,
the Solar Noise level increases by one. Every two moves you make, you'll get
a warning. Now, the Solar Noise level starts out at MIN stage. When you get to
MAX stage, the current becomes too much for you to take and you get sent all
the way back to the beginning. So, you only have 8 possible moves. Oh, and note
that you can get into random battles, even down here underwater. Lastly, in the
first area, you can go back up the ladder if for some reason you aren't ready
to move on. Just turn 180 degrees and climb back up and out.

The only enemies down here are Beast Isora, Fiend Forneus, and Fiend Decarabia.

 And finally,
take the next tunnel straight ahead of you. That last long one should have
taken you to the end, where there's a ladder. Take the ladder up, and you'll
be in a new area.

(MIN - 1/8)  -- Take the tunnel on your right.
(1/8 - 2/8)  -- Now take the tunnel to your left.
(2/8 - 3/8)  -- Use the tunnel to your right.
(3/8 - HALF) -- Head straight up through the next tunnel.
(HALF - 5/8) -- Finally, head straight up once more into the next tunnel.

Done! Now take the ladder in here up to the new area.


Now, if you ever need to get back to the first area, just follow these moves:

(MIN - 1/8)  -- Head down the left tunnel. It's very long.
(1/8 - 2/8)  -- Head right. Now you can go up the ladder, and get out. Voila!

   Samsara Tunnels -- Northern Tunnels

Head straight until the path opens up into a large hall. Just to your left is
a big bridge. Run across it. Just to the left of that is a Large Karma
Terminal. I really suggest using it to restore your party's HP/MP, get new
Mantras, and SAVE.

Oh, to either side of the karma terminal room are dead Brutes members. Anyway.
Head back across the bridge now, and use the door at the end (not the end with
the Water Pump, the other end). Go up and left. You should see two (2!) yellow
nodes in here. The one closest to you contains Theory Cell x 1. The one further
back leads to a battle when you touch it. If you choose to fight, you'll be up
against Dragon Gorgon x 2. These guys are weak to fire, and strong to
ice/elec/force/death. So don't use those. Also, watch out for their Stone Gaze,
they like to petrify your characters and then shatter them. It should be a
pretty easy battle, though. You can Hunt these guys if you wish. After the
battle, you'll probably get Attack Mirror x 1 and around 10,000 Macca. But that
may vary. All right. When you're done here, head back, go across the bridge
again (save if you want) and go through the door on this side.

Follow the path up and right along the curved wall. When you get to the big
bridge, you can talk to one of the Wolves. Either way, cross the bridge and
continue on. Head up through the door at the end. In here, you have no choice.
You can talk to a dead Brutes for another scene. After, continue up through the
next door.

Here, head down and along the wall. Cross the big bridge when you come to it.
Go up the first ladder and touch the purple node for Luck Noise x 2. Go back
down. Continue along the path. Climb up the second ladder -- yep, the one
behind the waterfall. It might be a good idea to use the Small Karma Terminal
to your right once you're at the top. Head up through the door. Go up, continue
over the small bridge. Use the door at the end. Follow the path along until you
see a purple node. Touch it to get Great Chakra x 1. Head back out of this
area, through the long hallway, and back down the ladder. Now, head to the door
behind (and to the left) of the waterfall. Enter it. Follow the path along.
There's a yellow wall here. You can explore behind it if you want, but I won't
be getting into that in this section. Go across the big bridge. There is a dead
Brutes guy to the right. Go left instead, and through the door.

In here, continue along until you get to a small bridge. Head right a moment
first, and grab Revival Gem x 1 from the purple node. Head across the small
bridge and examine the dead Brutes member if you want. Otherwise, head across
the next bridge to the left. This time head back around toward the direction
you entered this room from. Use the door at the end. There'll be another door
to your right here. Use it. Pass the ladder for the time being. Head through
the door at the end, and follow the path straight through another door. Now
we're back in that curving room. Continue up the path along the wall until you
get to a dead end, where there should be a yellow node. Investigate it for
Forged Shot x 1. This is the strongest ammo you can get right now, so equip it
to someone right away. We're done in here, at any rate, so head all the way
back to that ladder we passed.

Head up the ladder, there's a Small Karma Terminal. Enter the door up here, and
you'll get in a fight with a bunch of Brutes. Two familiar faces, one new guy.
Demon Sui-Ki x 1, Demon Fuu-Ki x 1, and Demon Kin-Ki x 1. Sui-Ki is weak to
fire, Fuu-Ki is weak to elec, and Kin-Ki is weak to earth. For this battle,
you'll likely get a large wad of Macca afterwards. Continue straight up and
through the next door after the battle. Now take the ladder down. Head right,
across a big bridge.

If you take the first ladder you come to (goes up, by the way), you'll find
another Small Karma Terminal. But that's it. So go back down if you chose to
use it. Ignore the door in front of you for a moment, and go across the next
bridge. Follow the path to a dead-end. There's a purple node here that contains
Power Noise x 1. Now go back and take that door. Head straight. There's a Life
Terminal at the end. 

Now we're going to fetch the Red Key. Continue right, behind the waterfall.
There's a path leading into a new area in approximately the center of the wall
behind the waterfall. Follow this winding hallway up to a yellow wall. Use
your Yellow Key on it, if you have it. There's another Water Pump here. Go
down into it, equipping your Oxygen Tank.

This pump is similar to the first pump, but for two things: one, it's a whole
lot bigger, and two, you now are able to take 15 tunnels. The Solar Noise level
starts at MIN, and you have until it gets back to MIN before you have to start
over. The goal is to make it to the Water Gate in as few moves as possible,
reverse the flow of water, and go out through the new passage to get our item.
So. Here we go.

(MIN - 1/8)  -- Take the tunnel to your right.
(1/8 - 2/8)  -- Take the tunnel straight in front of you.
(2/8 - 3/8)  -- Again, take the tunnel straight ahead of you.
(3/8 - HALF) -- Take the tunnel to your left.
(HALF - 5/8) -- No choice but to take the tunnel straight ahead.
(5/8 - 6/8)  -- Take the left tunnel. In here, go left and open the valve.
(6/8 - 7/8)  -- Only one way to go, back through the tunnel we came in through.
(7/8 - MAX)  -- Use the left tunnel.
(MAX - 7/8)  -- Go straight ahead, it's the only option.
(7/8 - 6/8)  -- Again, only one way to go. Head left.
(6/8 - 5/8)  -- Take the tunnel to the right.
(5/8 - HALF) -- Take a right again.
(HALF - 3/8) -- A right tunnel again.
(3/8 - 2/8)  -- Aaaand, yet another right, please. (It's a very long tunnel!)

Now you should be in a room with another ladder out. So head up the ladder now.
Easy enough. Straight ahead is a yellow node. Touch it, and finally get your
Red Key x 1! Now, go back and dive into the water again. Don't worry, I'll help
you step-by-step to get out of here.

(MIN - 1/8)  -- Take the tunnel straight ahead. It's the only one.
(1/8 - 2/8)  -- Use the left tunnel.
(2/8 - 3/8)  -- Left again, please.
(3/8 - HALF) -- Another left.
(HALF - 5/8) -- And one more left.
(5/8 - 6/8)  -- Only one choice. Right.
(6/8 - 7/8)  -- Use the tunnel straight ahead.
(7/8 - MAX)  -- Tunnel to the right. Hit the Water Gate to reverse the flow.
(MAX - 7/8)  -- Go back through the tunnel we entered this room from.
(7/8 - 6/8)  -- Use the tunnel to your right.
(6/8 - 5/8)  -- Go straight into the next tunnel.
(5/8 - HALF) -- Take the right tunnel.
(HALF - 3/8) -- Use the tunnel straight ahead of you.
(3/8 - 2/8)  -- And, go straight one last time.

Head up to the ladder to your left. Voila! We're done here! Head back out to
the waterfall area. Use the Life Terminal if you wish. Now take that door next
to the Life Terminal. Head along the path, up the three ladders next to the
chain of waterfalls, and along the next path to a door. Once you use a door,
there'll be a sort of scene. Head left and examine the dead Brutes member if
you want. Otherwise, use the Large Karma Terminal here.

There are two walls in here you can explore behind -- a yellow one and a blue
one. I will cover these in a different section, though. Examine all the bodies
in here. One of the guys close to the yellow wall will have Ration x 2 you can
appropriate from him. What a nice guy. Shame his guts are leaking all over
your shoes, ne? Right. You can go out through the door to the right of the
blue wall, but it just curves back straight into the same room along the
opposite wall. So, don't bother. There is a boss fight coming up in a moment
here, though, so make sure you're ready. Saving is a good, good idea. When
you're all set, head up across the bridge in front of the karma terminal,
follow the path up, and try to get near the ladder. There will be a scene. Of
course, that'll trigger the boss fight. 

For this fight, I recommend being between levels 40-45. As long as you have the
skills to cover you, that's most important. Levels are just safety against
being knocked out fast.


There are three parts to this guy. Asura Cerberus (R), Asura Cerberus (C), and
Asura Cerberus (L). Naturally, the R = right head, C = center head, and
L = left head. I guess they are referring to the monster's right and left,
because it's backwards to you. Ah, well. It's irrelevant.

This guy (these guys?) can Counterstrike against physical attacks. Of course,
they also have a nasty habit of casting Ice Repel. Ice attacks seem to do more
damage than other spells, but there is no "weakness" sign on your screen, and
you don't get another half-turn for using them. Don't use fire, at all, because
it'll be absorbed. It doesn't do any good to heal your enemies. These guys love
to cast -nda skills to lower your stats and -kaja skills to raise their own.
They also have a horribly mean fire combo attack -- Pyriphlegethon. They can
cast it twice in a row, unfortunately, and that can spell instant death for
your party... particularly if they already have stat-boosting skills on them
and/or stat-lowering skills cast on you. Even when there's only two heads, they
can cast Phlegethon. And that hurts, too, trust me.

So unless your Serph has an auto skill to cover his weakness, I'd leave him
out. It's possible to beat these guys with him in your party, but why make it
harder for yourself than it has to be? Every time he gets hit with one of the
Cerberus' fire moves (the middle one loves casting Agilao, Maragion, and
Agidyne), the Cerberus' get another half-turn. Of course, the center head can
use Psycho Rage to give Cerberus more turns, so watch out for that. Keep your
health high to avoid being annihilated in one turn. The center head tends to
use Psycho Rage only when it's the last head left, though.

Also, mind the center head's Gate of Hell attack. It can cause Stone status.
If your entire party is Stoned, it's game over. And, of course, if one party
member is Stoned all the enemy has to do is smack 'em once and they've

It may be a good idea to equip Null Death if you have it, or Death
Resist. Other skills you may want to look at using for this battle are Mabufula
or Bufudyne/Zandyne (obtained from the appropriate fifth-level elemental
Mantra sets for 100k each), Tarunda/Sukunda/Rakunda from the expel line of
Mantra, and Tarukaja/Sukukaja/Rakukaja from the boost Mantras. It's very
unlikely that you've managed to build up enough Macca to learn the Insane God
Mantra that gives you Dekaja and Dekunda skills, but there's a way to use
these yet. You can perform combos to get them. Debilitate can be used through
equipped an -nda skill on each of your three active party members. Dekunda can
be used through equipping two of your characters with -kaja skills, and Dekaja
can be used through equipping two of your characters with -nda skills. If you
have a lot of difficulty beating this boss, go for these combos. They could
easily make all the difference.

I think the best method is to focus all of your attacks on either the center
head or the left head first. The center head casts Gate of Hell, which is a
pain in the ass. The left head is the one with all the healing abilities, which
makes it, too, a pain in the ass. We want to focus solely on one head at first
so that the damn heads have less of an opportunity to beat you up with their
special fire combos. Be aware that the center head has the most HP, though.

Just stick with it. As long as you're prepared, you should do fine. After the
battle, you'll probably get around 50000 Macca, and Great Chakra x 1 for your
troubles. You should expect somewhere around 7000 Karma, too.


After the boss battle is a cutscene. Ah, finally. 


Anyway, after the scene we're outside in Ajna. We're actually at the top of
that ladder we were heading up before the three-headed demonic puppy came to
play with us. Contine down/left here. You can stop and talk to some of the
Brutes members... although, some of their comments made me sorely tempted to
eat them. Grr. I suppose we can tolerate it, under the circumstances.

When you're ready to move on, head through the door. Here, pass through the
fenced area. To the right is a Large Karma Terminal, that I really suggest you
use now. Back outside, your party members are loitering to the left side of
the path you just came in through. Talk to them if you want. Above them is a
Vendor location! Hooray! Now we can sell all those great Cells we got. Now,
again, I suggest that you don't bother buying the stuff, save your Macca for
the Mantras. Particularly don't bother wasting Macca on ammo, because as usual
you find it for free in the dungeons. In fact, you should already have a
Forged Shot.

Anyway. Here's the new basic stock:

Wild Bomb      8000 Macca
Forged Shot   50000 Macca
Charm Shot    50000 Macca

Selling all your Cells will give you loads of Macca, but it doesn't seem like
the Karma Temple is willing to cough up new stock for selling them. Ah, well.
That Logic Cell you should have gotten will fetch just shy of 100000 Macca, if
you sell it at MAX Solar Noise level.

When you're all stocked up, healed, and ready to move on, head through the door
to the far left. (Ignore the door to the right, it's locked.)


                         P A S T     R E V I S I O N S

Version 0.7 (April 28, 2005)
  --Basic walkthrough through the Deserted Ship added.
  --Submitted for the first time, though incomplete.

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