Why did I get New Cycle if I haven't even beaten the game?

  1. So I had already formed an alliance with the Maribel and played some of the dungeon after that. I decided to take a break and play other games in the meantime. Two days ago I beat Persona 3 FES and saved the file for New Game + I boot up DDS on my Ps2 after about a month and I hit load game. And next thing you know, it says new cycle with 0 hours

    Help please

    User Info: Orpheus_TheFool

    Orpheus_TheFool - 1 year ago


  1. It seems you ran into a rare bug. Maybe the saving program in P3 FES did mess with your DDS save. I don't think you can rescue your previous saved game.

    User Info: Nervesache

    Nervesache - 8 months ago 0   0
  2. Damn, well it's not like it really matters anymore since I got there in a few hours after having to restart. But thanks for answering anyways. Also, dang! It's been a year since that happened?

    User Info: Orpheus_TheFool

    Orpheus_TheFool - 6 months ago

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