NG+ Demi-Fiend Save File?

  1. Hello there

    Can anyone here kindly provide me with a save file in which Demi-Fiend is unlocked, but hasn't been beaten yet?
    Seeing as how everyone claims that he is very hard to beat, I would very much like to fight against him.

    The game that I own is the NTSC-U, USA one [SLUS-20974].

    If you do not have the PS2 save file (MAX/CB), and have instead played the game on the PCSX2 emulator,
    you can give me a Save State instead. (Preferably, saved right outside his door in Anahata. Or somewhere nearby.)

    And yes, I have downloaded the save files from this site, but they do not have what I need.

    Thank you for your time.

    User Info: LuckyCross

    LuckyCross - 2 years ago

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