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Reviewed: 03/09/05

All that is greatness.

Tekken, the now legendary 3D fighting series, is celebrating its 10th year, but can Tekken 5 provide the birthday bash Tekken so rightfully disserves?

Story 10/10
The Tekken story has always been a good one. Of course Tekken 5 revolves around the Mishima Family feud between Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin. Jin is trying to suppress the Devil Gene inside him whilst Heihachi is attempting to re-take the Mishima Zaibatsu and Kazuya tries to get revenge on G Corporation. Of course the story deviates to include other characters like Xiaoyu’s struggle to help the Mishima clan, Kuma’s devotion to Heihachi, King and Marduk’s rivalry, etc. The story is played out pretty well in the prologue/epilogues of each character’s Story Mode, along with their “Boss Battles” with related characters and their FMV endings.

Graphics 10/10
The visuals for T5 are simply amazing. A lot of people are saying that the PS2 is getting past its prime in the graphics department, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at this game. The graphics are amazing and character animations are extremely well done. Each of the 30+ characters move as fluid as water and interact greatly.

Gameplay 9/10
T5 is a completely rebuilt system based of Tekken 3’s gameplay system. The Tekken Series’ fluid control remains here in T5. The tradition continues with the left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick system. T5 includes great Game Mechanics such as Side Stepping, Aerial Throws, Evasion Tactics, and others. Walls return from Tekken 4 so fans of wall combos will be happy, however the position change feature has been taken out, so people who enjoyed that feature will be disappointed. Probably the biggest thing added to T5 is the character customization feature. Players can earn G from different modes to spend on part they can use to customize their favorite character along with buying alternate costumes and costume colors. Only one profile can be saved per memory card so your friends can’t save a custom character under their own name which is kind of a downside but they can easily register their name on their on memory card and use their characters against yours, much like the arcade’s Data Card system. You spend hours playing to get those parts and costumes. Some costumes are actually alternate characters. IE Christie’s alternate costume is Eddy Gordo. The only real downside to the gameplay is the 1337 cheapness of the final arcade boss Jinpachi. However, this can be overlooked I suppose.

Audio 10/10
The sounds of Tekken 5 are truly amazing. Hits and grunts sound great and character voices are done pretty well I believe. Characters speak their native tongues, and somehow understand each other O_o. The music in T5 is absolutely awesome. Once you unlock the theatre option, you might find yourself listening to the music from the game. I’m partial to the Moonlit Wilderness theme myself.

Difficulty 8/10
T5 can have its moments when it can be hard (IE fighting Jinpachi), but practice makes perfect.

Replayability 10/10
This game has a huge replay factor. Unlocking all the characters, completing all 30+ character’s story modes to get all the FMVs, and of course, customizing your favorite characters and challenging your friends. Me and a friend of mine can play this game for hours on end, and I’m sure you and your friends can too. People will be playing the game for a while because it’s just that damn good.

Rent or Buy? BUY!!!!!! Any Tekken fan will love this game, I promise. If you’re skeptical, give it a rent, but I guarantee it’s a great buy. New comers to the series should probably give it a rent first, but fans of the series should definitely shell out the extra $50 for the special edition package with the art book and good quality arcade stick.

Overall 10/10
This game is so great; my words truly cannot do it justice. Just buy it, man. Buy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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