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Guide and Walkthrough by wolfzoon

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/14/2005

                    __        _____  ____  __  __ ____
                    \ \      / / _ \|  _ \|  \/  / ___| _
                     \ \ /\ / / | | | |_) | |\/| \___ \(_)
                      \ V  V /| |_| |  _ <| |  | |___) |_
                       \_/\_/  \___/|_| \_\_|  |_|____/(_)
   __            _                        _                _
  / _| ___  _ __| |_ ___  _   _ _ __   __| | ___ _ __  ___(_) ___  __ _  ___
 | |_ / _ \| '__| __/ __|| | | | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__|/ __| |/ _ \/ _` |/ _ \
 |  _| (_) | |  | |_\__ \| |_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |   \__ \ |  __/ (_| |  __/
 |_|  \___/|_|   \__|___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|   |___/_|\___|\__, |\___|

                                 by Wolfzoon
                            Created on: 2005-08-10
                           Last Update: 2005-08-14

                             %Table of Contents%

|VERSION HISTORY                   |VH01|Obvious...           |Complete   ?%|
|Author Information                |AI01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |
|Recommended Controls              |RC01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |
|Weapon Information                |WI01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |
|WALKTROUGH                          |WT01|Campaign Mode      |  Complete   |
|The Army of the Dead                |WT11|Egyptian level 1   |  Complete   |
|The City of the Ancients            |WT12|Egyptian level 2   |  Complete   |
|Ooh, and it makes me Wonder         |WT13|Egyptian level 3   |  Complete   |
|Pharaoh enough!                     |WT14|Egyptian level 4   |  Complete   |
|Giza chance Seth...                 |WT15|Egyptian level 5   |  Complete   |
|Kidnapped!                          |WT21|Greek level 1      |  Complete   |
|In Hot Pursuit                      |WT22|Greek level 2      |  Complete   |
|Ship of Fools                       |WT23|Greek level 3      |  Complete   |
|Enemy at the Gates                  |WT24|Greek level 4      |  Complete   |
|The Final Assault                   |WT25|Greek level 5      |  Complete   |
|Fall of the Warlords                |WT31|Oriental level 1   |  Complete   |
|Rise of the Monks                   |WT32|Oriental level 2   |  Complete   |
|Fall and Rise of the Defences       |WT33|Oriental level 3   |  Complete   |
|Rise, Fall and Rise of the Wonder   |WT34|Oriental level 4   |  Complete   |
|Rise, Fall, Rise, etc... oh whatever|WT35|Oriental level 5   |  Complete   |
|The Magic of Merlin                 |WT41|Medieval level 1   |  Complete   |
|A Knight to Remember                |WT42|Medieval level 2   |  Complete   |
|The Kingdom is Born                 |WT43|Medieval level 3   |  Complete   |
|A Quest                             |WT44|Medieval level 4   |  Complete   |
|Mordred and Morgana                 |WT45|Medieval level 5   |  Complete   |
|Deathmatch Challenges             |DM01|Info on them...      |Complete   0%|
|Hints and Tips                    |HT01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |
|Multiplayer Tips                  |MT01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |
|Legal Info                        |LI01|Obvious...           |  Complete   |
|Credits                           |CR01|Ditto...             |  Complete   |

                            %VERSION HISTORY|VH01%

version 1.01: Added Hints and Tips, and Multiplayer Tips.
version 1.00: Started this FAQ. Made walkthroughs on each level.

                           %Author Information|AI01%

     Well, you'll know me as Wolfzoon who lives in the Netherlands. I play  
puzzle and strategy games, and sometimes some shooters. Some classics like 
Abe's Exodus are still on my computer, great game too! This is my first FAQ 
by the way, and I'm 15, so anybody can write a FAQ. I also own a NGC and a 
Nintendo 64. I have completed Worms: Forts under Siege for 100% now, I just 
got gold on "Enemy at the Gates". Not much more interesting info about me, 
let's move on to the game. :D

                         %Recommended Controls|RC01%

     If you have a thumb button on your mouse, I'd recommend that as a first-
person-view button. And if you have a middle mouse button, make that one 
blimp view. Obviously, most people will use the arrows to move, and if you 
belong to them, make numpad 0 jump.

                         %Weapon Information|WI01%

     As you might have noticed, the weapons are arranged in a certain way. 
With a few exceptions, it's like this...

             |  Ground  |  Tower   | Keep  |    Castle     |    Citadel     |
Ballistic    |Bazooka   |Mortar    |Onager |Homing Pigeon  |Rocket Launcher |
Timed Throws |Grenade   |Cluster   |Carnage|Fridge Launcher|Trebuchet       |
Controllable |50s canary|Old Woman |Rhino  |Super Hippo    |Monkey Troop    |
God Powers   |Elec.Storm|Earthquake|Flood  |Nucleair Strike|Armageddon      |
Strikes      |Air Strike|Napalm    |Mines  |Animal Strike  |Troyan Donkey   |
Line-of-Sight|Fire Punch|Ballista  |Minigun|Super Ballista |Laser Beam      |

     So, from left to right, everything deals more damage, but you shouldn't 
use Troyan Donkeys on worms and Old Womans on buildings. Weapons that are 
harder to use in a column usually deal more damage. Just find out which 
weapons suit you. I hope this helps...


     This walkthrough can't help you aim or anything, but it helps you build 
the right buildings, it shows you what's in some crates, and tells you which 
weapons to use. If needed, I will make a building chart. In this letters mean 
buildings, and stripes mean walls. If a letter is a Capital, it means a 
victory location is beneath it. I will show what is needed. The legend goes 
like this:

X=Stronghold                           H=Hospital
T=Tower                                F=weapon Factory
K=Keep                                 S=Science lab
C=Castle                               W=Wonder
D=citaDel                              L=Lighthouse
*=Victory Location                can never have star on it

                 %The Army of the Dead|WT11|Egyptian level 1%

     Just a basic first level, jump and collect the crates, evade mines by, 
well, going away, and double backflip(which doesn't need to be a BACKflip, by 
the way) when it's about to explode, so you're way further from it. Fire 
punch the targets, and get to the star...

               %The City of the Ancients|WT12|Egyptian level 2%

     With your first worm, jump on the building with two enemy worms on it. 
Punch one off the ledge, and grab the crate in the retreat time. Second worm, 
second enemy off. Then with your third worm, create a keep and flood the 

             %Ooh, and it makes me Wonder|WT13|Egyptian level 3%

                                 Build Chart:
The ??? means that        W
in some versions, the      \
lighthouses ARE a pair,     L4
but in some,(like mine,)
they aren't. Then they       4L-S
sometimes do come in pairs,      \
and sometimes they are just       s-d-c
connectable, like these two.           \

                                       ?|?  1


     Create a tower on the star and bombard the yellow worms with strikes. 
Then just create keeps to the lighthouses while destroying blue's stronghold 
with a siege Onager or A Rhino something. Keep building Keeps until you reach 
the star. Then, wipe out some yellow worms using a mine strike. You can just 
launch a Rhino in and let him crush the Stronghold. If everyone died, just 
keep building and skip go. By the way, on top of the pyramid is, among some 
utilities, a laser. A long way to climb...

                   %Pharaoh enough!|WT14|Egyptian level 4%

                                 Build chart:

                                      c k
                                     /  |
                                    X   k

            Firstly, use the Jet pack(s) to collect the building crates, and 
then build a castle. For, if you get a building out of a crate, you don't 
need all the stars required to build it. Forget the weak link, just fire 
Rhinos and Onagers at the Stronghold. Beware with Rhinos, however, that if 
they haven't landed yet but bump into something, they can fly off. After a 
while you should destroy it and the pharaoh explodes.

                   %Giza chance Seth...|WT15|Egyptian level 5%

     The enemy starts off with three science labs, so their damage is 250%! 
Just start buildin' towards the stars and cover yourself with girders. 
Especially the first tower is targeted a lot. After building a keep with a 
fair line of sight, launch a Rhino at the tower and after it's done, storm 
the Stronghold. Just Rhino, Hippo, and Pigeon it to destruction.

                       %Kidnapped!|WT21|Greek level 1%

     Let's see, towers in the well, health behind the house, and a useless 
crate on a bungee cord. Another useless crate is atop the stairs. You can 
grab the buildings and build them as shelter and distraction for the enemy, 
but you real goal is to travel on foot to the worms and blast a bazooka 
between their eyes. One shot, one kill. Even a bazooka on the left enemy 
tower could destroy it. Don't use any tower-weapons, except for the ballista 
to shoot the barrels atop the temple. Quite fun, not good... Also, don't take 
the stairs, but just go straight forward with double forwardflips. On the 
house, cliff, cliff, and there you are. Don't spend half an hour climbing 

                      %In Hot Pursuit|WT22|Greek level 2%

     There's a Rhino and a Keep crate on the ship to your left, that which 
you can't normally see on the map, it's too far. There's also two health 
packs behind you, if you're low on it. Basically, just shoot ballistas at the 
towers, and after that's done, advance with towers, while punching 'em. Build 
a hospital and spawn your army.

                      %Ship of Fools|WT23|Greek level 3%

     First, jetpack to the two nearest weapon crates, there's nice ammo in 
it. After that, just Pigeon, Hippo, etc. their stronghold. Shouldn't take too 
long, you have a science lab. After that, jetpack the crates, and skip go 
with your other worms until you have the farthest worm.

                    %Enemy at the Gates|WT24|Greek level 4%

     Hardest level, trophy-wise. First, build a tower in front of the left 
statue, given you're facing the gate. Collect the crate, which by the way, 
appears every time that tower is built. Then jetpack up, and bazooka 'em. If 
you destroy said tower yourself, you can build there right away instead of 
waiting three turns. So build a tower and destroy the other, using an Onager. 
Next turn, copy turn 1. Tower, crate, jetpack, bazooka. Then, build a tower 
and launch a Hippo at the uppermost tower, supposedly with a worm on it. Aim 
for the worm, as long as the upper bit of the tower is destroyed. Next turn, 
bazooka. Rhino the LOWER Stronghold after building a tower. Go on by bazooka-
ing worms, building towers, and Hippo-ing the lower Stronghold. Three Hippos 
and a Rhino should be enough. Then just fire everything you got at the worms 
if they still live.

                    %The Final Assault|WT25|Greek level 5%

     Kind of what the narrator tells you, destroy the stronghold using, I 
don't know, RHINOS, and go for a Citadel. Put the Trojan Donkey between the 
Stronghold and the citadel HELEN ISN'T ON! By the way, that TNT isn't that 
strong, she's far away from it, and she will most probably survive if they 
explode, just don't hit HER. Be careful all the time that your chain to the 
fourth star isn't destroyed, and at the fourth star, be sure to build a 
castle. The Trojan Donkey, will just damage the Stronghold A LOT, but won't 
destroy it. You have to finish the job using well-aimed Chili con Carnages 
and Miniguns. Just destroy it! By the way, the "the Stronghold is gone so 
I'll explode too" explosion from the citadel Helen's standing on isn't big 
enough to set off the TNT.

                 %Fall of the Warlords|WT31|Oriental level 1%

     Hardest level, level-wise. Three poems:

        The Sissy

Jetpack to him,
picking up the crate
in the lake,
and blast him to crap.

                 The Samurai

Jetpack to the crates, avoiding mine.
Next turn, build a Keep, and you shall whine.
From the Keep before those powers,
Fire a Rhino to destroy the right towers.
Build, if possible, another Keep
and Rhino the left row of towers will weep.
Ballista the towers that still stand
and they disappear by my magic wand.
Destroy then the castle, with mortars and stuff
until all that is left is a piece of fluff.
Circle the Stronghold, with towers you will
and it won't even cost you one lousy gil.

             The Businessman

This one won't rhyme, just build a keep
on the star that's in your grasp.
Destroy the buildings, the enemy's built,
towards the next heavenly jewel.
Just build keeps, and make some cover
or your worms' life 'll be over.
In the end, a wonder will shine
over all the goodness of time.

That was nice, wasn't it?

                   %Rise of the Monks|WT32|Oriental level 2%

     This is just a movin' level. Jetpack the crates, that's all. Now why are 
all those lighthouses and victory locations here?

             %Fall and Rise of the Defences|WT33|Oriental level 3%

                                 Build Chart:

                            crate   crate   c
                                crate       |
                            crate   crate   c
                                crate       |
                            crate   crate   d
                                crate       |


     Just build Tower, Keep, Castle and get a cutscene.
Then Rhino the bottom and Onager the top of the Stronghold.
Easy peasy. :D

           %Rise, Fall and Rise of the Wonder|WT34|Oriental level 4%

                                 Build Chart:

                                     crate t
                                     |/ \|/|
                                     t   T-t d
                                       E     |
                                       N     c
          For bet you didn't know,     I     |
          there are mines here-->-->M  M  M  k
                crate here too!      I I I   |
              with repair...          NNN    k
                                       E     |
                                     crate   t

     Make tower, jump up building, grab crate, jetpack to crate above 
Stronghold, MONKEY TROOP! Stand on Stronghold and bazooka worms. Make another 
tower, to the right this time, and just shoot 'em off. Make keep, tower, 
keep, keep, castle, castle, tower, citadel, as displayed in map. While doing 
so, destroy the tower as it is build up all the time. When having built the 
citadel, MONKEY TROOP! Goodbye Stronghold, or at least damage A LOT! Then 
bang it with all you've got left. Make towers to the star, and make a wonder 
at the EXACT same spot, where the Stronghold was. Otherwise, It's mission 

          %Rise, Fall, Rise, etc... oh whatever|WT35|Oriental level 5%

     You're on a big stranded ship that just won't sink... Have your worms 
build like crazy, and let one worm jump up the steer, up the pole, and grab 
all the crates. You can go easy on this one and destroy all the worms first, 
but then you have little firepower, and I don't think you can destroy the 
Stronghold in time to get gold, but at least you'll advance. So put all your 
firepower on the stronghold, as you need to destroy it, not all the worms. 
Can't give many hints here...

                  %The Magic of Merlin|WT41|Medieval level 1%

     Build a Keep to reinforce the towers, and Onage the tower near the 
lighthouse. Make a Keep up there, and start Minigunning the next Tower.
Next turn, make a Science Lab, and Onage the roof of the faraway Keep. They 
shouldn't be able to use it then. Fight your way through, and always start 
with the top of the building so they can't use it. Save your Chilli for the 
Stronghold. That's about it.

                 %A Knight to Remember|WT42|Medieval level 2%

     Build a Tower next to the existing one, and protect the existing one 
with girders. Advance to the next star and pick up all the crates down below 
using the jetpack. If the girder disappears, recreate it, and if not, try to 
lob some Hippo's, pigeons, or Chilis at the enemy Stronghold. Always see 
where the next lighthouse connects to, and build castles and stuff over 
there. 'Nuff said.

                 %The Kingdom is Born|WT43|Medieval level 3%

     Thou should build Camelot, Castle of all Castles. Thy plan should be 
under thy enemy's arse. Keeps diagonally, and towers horizontally. But 
beware, like this:                              or this:

           K-t-k                                 K-t-k
           |/|\|                                 |\|/|
           t-X-T                                 t-X-T
           |\|/|                                 |/|\|
           k-t-k                                 k-t-k

Thou should wipe out thy enemies too. Using Chilis and Miniguns at the 
Stronghold, no problem...

                        %A Quest|WT44|Medieval level 4%

     Get the Grail! Easier said than done, hmmm? Backflip twice and then open 
your parachute and you should easily make it. After awhile, you're placed on 
a citadel, and have been given limited ammo to destroy the enemy Stronghold.
Aim with Timed Throw-weapons first, then march in with Rhinos. 'Nuff said.
Then you will have to jump to thy grail. as there's a girder in every 
package, you start with one, you can enlarge them, and the first jumps can be 
made without, it's too easy!

                  %Mordred and Morgana|WT45|Medieval level 5%

     After quite a long story, you'll start off. Build a tower to the right 
and destroy the two middle enemy worms with a Rhino. Perhaps even take the 
Tower down with them. Shouldn't be that much of a trouble, as a Rhino deals 
180 damage to a worm every fraction it touches them. Just build to the star, 
take your chance Rhinoing the worms, or Onage the top of buildings if you 
can't take a shot. After they died, it's even easier. Build to the other 
star, pickup the Science lab with the jetpack, and destroy the Stronghold.
It's a pity Worms 3D and Worms: FuS have such easy final levels...

                             %Hints and Tips|HT01%

     1.Always try to get a weak link to a group of buildings. It sounds truly
       basic, because it is.
     2.If you yourself have a weak link somewhere, try to make a strong
       building there, by capturing all other stars first.
     3.You can shoot from a building if its central platform on top is still
       intact. Thus, you can also shoot the top of enemy's buildings off so
       that you disable the building.
     4.Don't forget that harder to use weapons inflict more damage.
     5.Always decide what to do to win, kill all the worms or destroy the

                            %Multiplayer Tips|MT01%

     This section isn't here to help you aim, or anything like that, but to 
help you with some settings of the fortpot, weapons, etc.

The fortpot reels are like this.

          Reel 1                     Reel 2                 Reel 3
      All Or Nothing                  ----                   ----
     Anyone's building          Anyone's building      Anyone's building
      Attack Or Build                 ----                   ----
     Build Crates Only          Build Crates Only      Build Crates Only
    Building stockpiles        Building Stockpiles    Building Stockpiles
       Crates Galore              Crates Galore          Crates Galore 
         Crate Spy                  Crate Spy              Crate Spy 
      Deadly Bazookas                 ----                   ----     
       Don't Push Me              Don't Push Me          Don't Push Me
       God Buildings                  ----                   ----
       God Only Knows             God Only Knows         God Only Knows
    Building Protection               ----                   ----     
       Gimme Shelter                  ----                   ----     
        Low Gravity                Low Gravity            Low Gravity   
         No Links                   No Links               No Links   
           ----                   Put It There               ----     
       Rhino-A-Go-Go              Rhino-A-Go-Go          Rhino-A-Go-Go  
     Specialist Worms           Specialist Worms       Specialist Worms
           ----                 Stand Your Ground            ----     
     Stronghold Power           Stronghold Power       Stronghold Power
Super Bazookas and Grenades           ----                   ----     
     Wind Affects All           Wind Affects All       Wind Affects All
        2X damage                  2X damage              2X damage   

This all makes for 24X19X17=7752 possibilities.
So far, I've got 1344 possibilities double.
Some kind of math guy could tell me the real number if he wants to.

Nice options are:

All Or Nothing, No Links, Stronghold Power; Buildings pack a punch but must
all be destroyed. Works great if you set a lot of buildings.
Deadly Bazookas, Crate Spy, and Crates Galore; Everyone hunts for the 
bazookas, and if you set weapons low...
All Or Nothing, No Links, Deadly Bazookas; Combination of before 2...

Combinations are endless...

Gimme Shelter, Don't Push Me, Low Gravity; better be on Buildings when turn 
Super Bazookas and Grenades, Wind Affects All, Specialist Worms; Prepare for 
a long, exhausting battle.
Rhino-A-Go-Go, Crates Galore, God only Knows; Do this one with no weapons and 
with tons of weapon factories for TOTAL CHAOS!!!

These were just some nice ideas... Feel free to mail me some more...


You             : For reading this far.
Me              : For writing it.
My parents      : For raising me.
Sega and Team 17: For making such a great game.

If you want to contact me, send mail to wolfzoon@hotmail.com

                                 %Legal Info%

Copyright 2005 Oscar Brandt
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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