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Goku Guide by SSJBen

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/10/2005

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
Goku Character FAQ
By: SSJBen
Version: 2.0

<1> Update History
<2> The Pro's and Con's of Goku
<3> Basic Combos and Strategies
<4> Intermediate and Advanced Combos
<5> Goku's Capsules and Setups
<6> Goku's Dragon Universe Walkthrough
<7> Legal Stuff and Closing

<1> Update History
28/12/2004 - Started work on the guide.
30/12/2004 - Finished the guide.
07/01/2005 - Added some capsule setups for Goku and edited some stuffs.
08/01/2005 - Intermediate and Advanced combos are in.
09/01/2005 - Added a walkthrough on Goku's DU.

<2> The Pro's and Con's of Goku

- Good nice combos which can lead to massive damage.
- 5 transformation, which means you can power up to Super Saiyan 4.
- Goku's deathmoves are extremely powerful.
- A well balanced fighter in the game, you can go offensive or defensive at
  any time during a battle.


- Have to use Breakthrough capsule to make Goku useful, due to his numerous
  different amount of transformations and attacks.
- Might be a little hard to juggle your opponent in the air at times.
- His combos can be hard to pull out at times, and its easy to get wrong
  in the middle of it.
- Goku isn't really fast. He has decent speed, somehow I do feel that Goku
  is slower in Budokai 3. In the last 2 Budokai games, he was a little faster.


Goku is a great balanced fighter in Budokai 3. In DA, Goku can be really
overpowered if you have 20 attack and 20 arts. His 10x Kamehameha can
deal around 2k damage to someone who has 20 Guard and 20 health.

Also his Super Spirit Bomb attack is also one of the most powerful ultimate
attack in the game. His Warp Kamehameha, of course can be a real 1 hit killer
Dragon Rush move in DA as well. Goku's Deathmoves are of course combo
friendly, even short combos can lead up to massive damage. This makes Goku
one of the best characters in the game as he is in the anime and manga.

<3> Basic Combos and Strategies

P: Punch
K: Kick
E: Energy
G: Guard
>: Forward
<: Backward
-: Cancel
^: Juggle
*: Stun
=: Sidestep
+Basic Combos+

Here are some of the basic combos you can use with Goku. Later on, I will add
Advanced Combos which is gonna be more interesting and difficult to pull out.

- Punches -

<P,P = This is the most useful air starter juggler for Goku. Its easy to pull
       and you can immedietly juggle your opponents in the air right away.

<P,<P = This is the alternate air starter juggler for Goku. Its basically the
        same, just that Goku's second punch is a backhand blow instead of an

>P,P,<P,P,P = This is a 4 hit air to ground smash. Goku with smash his
              opponent into the air and smash his opponent down to the ground.
              This is a useful move to dazzle your opponent a little if you
              need an extra second or two to recharge your Ki.

P,P,P,>P = This combo can be a Teleportation combo starter if done in the air.
           Hold down the >P at the end if you want to charge up the punch. In
           other words, if you opponent is blocking you might want to guard 
           break them.

<P,<P,^,>P,P,<P,P,P = A 7 hit air to ground juggling combo. You can either
                      start off with the primary air starter, or alternate
                      air starter. Its up to you, this combo can do quite
                      a nice ammount of damage as well.

- Kicks -

>K,K,K,K,K = A basic kick combo. Nothing special about it though. Use it any
             time you like.

>K,K,<K = This move will make Goku kick his opponent to the air. If you are
          in Hyper Mode, press the E button immedietly and you go into Dragon

K,K,>K,>K = 4 hit Air to Ground combo. This is bassically the same concept as
            the punch 4 hit air to ground. Goku just use his legs this time
            and of course, does a little more damage.

>K,K,K,>K,K = A Teleportation combo starter if done in the air. Same as the
              punch version, but this one does a little more damage.
- Punch + Kicks -

<P,P,^,>K,K,K,K,K = A pop up basic combo. Its effective as you will launch
                    your opponent far away, giving you time to recharge your

<P,P,^,>K,K,K,>K,K = A 9 Hit punch to kick combo. You can TC your opponents
                     to do extra damage at the end of the combo.

P,P,K,K,P = Nothing special about this one, a multi 5 punch and kick combo. It
            ends with a headbutt though.

>P,P,P,K,>K = Punch to kick air Launcher. Also another Teleportation combo
              starter. Fairly useful any time during your match.

<P,P,^,>K,P,P,P,E = A real basic Kamehameha juggling combo. Nothing really
                    really special though. It just does a little more damage.

<P,<P,^,>P,P,P,K,E = Just a basic juggling Dragon Fist. It does more damage
                     than just a normal one though.

Here are some basic strategies that you should know when using Goku to fight.

- Always try to run away from your opponent when he is in Hyper Mode. When his
  Ki gauge runs out and if you have atleast 5 Ki bars, dash infront of your
  opponent and go into Hyper Mode. Launch an ultimate move immedietly, this
  is a real effective technique IMO.

- Always try to have high Ki. Since the more Ki you have, you will get more
  bonus attack %. Having high Ki will be really useful because when your 
  opponent runs out of Ki in Hyper Mode, you can immedietly go into Hyper
  Mode and launch an Ultimate move. Or else, you can only hit your opponent
  into DragonRush mode which is of course alot more difficult to get the
  finishing blow.

- Only go into Hyper Mode if you are confident enough that you can hit your
  opponent into Dragon Rush or an Ultimate attack. If not, avoid it at all

- Try not to use Advanced combos on your opponent all the time. Only do it
  when his Ki is low. That way he won't have th chance to Teleport Counter

- Sometimes, Basic and Intermediate combos are better than Advanced combos.
  Basic combos are short and easy to pull out, and they do nice nifty damage
  to your opponent. Intermediate combos are in another way an upgraded version
  of basic combos put together. You should use Intermediate combos on your
  opponent more often than basic and advanced combos.

- Teleporting is a good way of dodging attacks from your opponents. But
  make sure you keep an eye out for your Ki gauge as Teleporting takes 1 Ki
  bar away.

- Sometimes Teleport Combo can do heavy damage as well. Especially when
  combined with Deathmoves like Dragon Fist. But of course, it takes up
  1 Ki bar and your opponent can Counter your Teleport as well. So use
  it sparringly.

- Teleport Counter only when its nessasary. If the opponent is doing low
  damage, don't Teleport Counter because it takes 3 full Ki bars away.
  Thats ALOT if you ask me.

- When your opponent launch a deathmove, just sidestep and launch your own
  deathmove. This is just basic common-sense though, and its also a great
  technique sometimes.

- If you can't dodge your opponent's deathmove, then try to block it. Although
  it does damage, it doesn't do full damage which is better than getting hit
  head on.

- In a beam struggle, always try to win over your opponent. Because if you do,
  your deathmove will do an incredible amount of damage.

- In Dragon Arena though, always have high HP, Attack, Arts and Guard. If you
  watch the Anime, this 4 stats actually does represents Goku in the anime.

<4> Intermediate and Advanced Combos
Here are the intermediate and advanced combos for Goku. It can be a little
teddious and frustrating to pull off at times, but practise will make you
good at it.

+Intermediate Combos+
Intermediate combos are sometimes better than Advanced Combos. Using advanded
combos on an opponent when his Ki is high, he can easily Teleport Counter
you. Thus, you are wasting your time and oppening a door for your opponent
to attack. Thats when Intermediate Combos comes in, it doesn't do as much
damage as advanced combos, but it is much safer.

Juggling Kamehameha
Commments: Something easy to pull off and remember. The Kamehameha damage
at the end can deal a nice considerable amount of damage. Infact this combo
can be used as a DragonRush combo as well. Just activate Hyper Mode and
proceed with the combo, at the end of it you will go into DragonRush. Now
here comes the big part. If you have 2 Warp Kamehameha capsule equipped, and
if you get through the DragonRush button sequence succesfully, its pretty much
instant KO for you opponent.

Base Form Goes Super Saiyan to Dragon Fist
Comments: This combo is somewhat a little trickier to pull off. You will have
to start off with base form though, or this combo will not work. At the end
if the Dragon Fist attack, you can choose to Teleport Combo. Its up to you.

Goku Stunner Super Spirit Bomb
Comments: In order to make this combo go well, you will have to start from
base form. Also, make sure you have Super Saiyan equipped or else Goku will
just unleash the normal Spirit Bomb attack. I suggest using the breakthrough
capsule though.
+Advanced Combos+
First of all, advanced combos can be a real risky thing to do against a good
player. So don't always use advanced combos, try using it only when your
opponent is low on Ki and when you are confident that you can pull it off.
Here are some Goku advanced combos of my own.

Power of the 10x Kamehameha
Comments: This combo is extremely long and hard to pull off. But if you manage
to suceed, then it can deal atleast more than 2k damage to your opponent.
Please make note that I used the Breakthrough capsule to do this combo.

Double Dragon Fist
(P+K+G)^(K,K,>K,K,E,E,E,E,E,E,>E) (Teleport x3)
Comments: It doesn't do as much damage as the 10xKamehameha combo, but it
doesn't give your opponent the chance to dodge or counter-attack. You can
start this combo on Super Saiyan 2 form, but don't use this combo when
you are in a higher state. I would best reccomend that you start with
normal base form though, that way you won't go wrong.

Kamehameha to DragonRush
(K,K,K,K=)*(>P,K,K-)*(>K,P,P)*(P+K+G+E) (K,K,K,K=)*(>K,P,P,P,E)
Comments: You might think that how will I have the time to do Goku's KKKK
cancel after going into HyperMode. Now, thats why I added the >KPP stun
combo in there, you have to be fast because as soon as the your opponent
is stunt you will have to go into HyperMode. Then again, as soon as
you are in HyperMode, proceed with the KKKK cancel/sidestep immedietly.
Timing is the most important thing in this combo.

Instant Kill-Super Dragon Punch
Comments: This combo is a sure instant kill for your opponent provided
you have the breakthrough capsule eqquipped. Or atleast 2 Spirit Bomb
capsules equipped. This combo should do around 3.2k of damage to your
opponent though.

<5>Goku's Capsules and Setups
NOTE: Please do note that the damage ratios are done by using Goku's 
breakthrough capsule and at full Ki level.

NOTE: Another note, Goku's Kamehameha will change into 10x Kamehameha when
he transforms into Super Saiyan 4.

NOTE: To use the Super Spirit Bomb, you have to equip the SSJ capsule. Then
only it will work. If not, its just a plain Spirit Bomb attack.

NOTE: If you try to use a Spirit Bomb attack higher than Kaiokenx10 state,
you will do the Super Dragon Punch instead.

Kaiokenx10 - Increases 5% Attack Power
           - Requires 3 Ki Gauge
           - Baseline Ki remains at 3

Super Saiyan - Increases 5% Attack Power
             - Requires 4 Ki Gauge
             - Baseline Ki increases to 4

Super Saiyan 2 - Increases 5% Attack Power
               - Requires 5 Ki Gauge
               - Baseline Ki remains at 4

Super Saiyan 3 - Increases 10% Attack Power
               - Requires 6 Ki Gauge
               - Baseline Ki increases to 5

Super Saiyan 4 - Increases 15% Attack Power
               - Requires 7 Ki Gauge
               - Baseline Ki increases to 6

Death Moves:
Kamehameha [Requires 1 Ki Gauge] - >E 
[390 Damage = Base]
[408 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[420 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[438 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[468 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[903 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: The plain old Kamehameha. One of the most useful deathmoves
in the game. Why is that? Because of damage and its easy to pull off
at anytime during the match. The incredible power 10xKamehameha can
be obtained if you transform to SS4 during the match.

Kamehameha [Requires 1 Ki Gauge] - P,P,P,P,E
[530 Damage = Base]
[569 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[593 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[632 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[701 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1085 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: This is a combo up Kamehameha. Its been here since the first
Budokai though. But even if its old, its still useful at times nevertheless.

Kamehameha [Requires 1 Ki Gauge] - >K,P,P,P,E
[613 Damage = Base]
[660 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[686 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[735 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[804 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1196 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: Similar to the punch combo, however Goku starts with a kick. Then
he follows in by juggling his opponents on the air with a few uppercuts,
proceeded with a Kamehameha. This combo of course is better than the punching
version as it does more damage and a little harder for the opponent to TC you.

Kamehameha [Requires 1 Ki Gauge] - <P,P,*,P,P,P,P,E
[617 Damage = Base]
[673 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[701 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[748 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[811 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1214 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: This is an air juggling combo Kamehameha made up by me. But 
anyway, you will have to use this combo in the air or it won't be effective.
Infact you can Teleport Combo your opponent after the Kamehameha shot. That
will add some witchy damage.

Kamehameha [Requires 1 Ki Gauge] - <P,<P,*,>K,P,P,P,E
[715 Damage = Base]
[769 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[801 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[857 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[891 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1332 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: Another juggling combo Kamehameha. But this one requires you
to do it on the ground. This combo of course does more damage than the
punching version, but you cannot Teleport Combo your opponent since its
done on the ground.

Dragon Fist [Requires 2 Ki Gauge] - <E
[644 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[690 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[720 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[771 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[861 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: The second deathmove for Goku, and also a new capsule in the
game. The attacks are fast and the damage outclass the plain Kamehameha. The
bad thing about this move is that your opponent can easily Teleport Counter it
and then hit your from behind. Only use it when your opponent has less than 3
Ki bars though, or use it as a finishing move.

Dragon Fist [Requires 2 Ki Gauge] - >P,P,P,K,E
[877 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[901 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[940 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[1003 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1117 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: Goku will punch 3 times followed by a kick, then he will unleash
the Dragon Fist. It does real good damage, but as I said before your opponent
can easily Teleport Counter it. So use it sparringly.

Dragon Fist [Requires 2 Ki Gauge] - K,K,>K,K,E
[912 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[935 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[1114 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[1045 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1160 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: This one is the kick version, does a little more damage than
the punch-kick version as well. Can be a little tricky to pull off at times
in a heat of a battle, use it only when you are confident.

Dragon Fist [Requires 2 Ki Gauge] - <P,<P,*,>P,P,P,K,E
[848 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[901 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[909 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[971 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1048 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: Another bonus juggling attack I made up. This can be done on
ground or air. It does not matter, and the bonus to this combo is that this is
actually a Teleport Combo starter. Can do really great damage if your opponent
do not Teleport Counter.

Ultimate Attacks:
Spirit Bomb [Requires 5 Ki Gauge] - P+K+G+E in Hyper Mode
[1250 Damage = Base]
[1312 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
Description: This is just a plain spirit bomb. Does way less damage than the
Super Spirit Bomb. In most cases you won't use this as a finishing blow, but
instead the Super Spirit Bomb.

Super Spirit Bomb [Requires 5 Ki Gauge] - P+K+G+E in Hyper Mode
[2310 Damage = Base]
[2320 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
Description: The Super Spirit Bomb is indeed one of the most powerful(if not
the most) Ultimate attack in the game. If you are trying to finish your
opponent quick and you are confident that you can hit him in Hyper Mode, by
all means use this attack.

Super Dragon Fist [Requires 5 Ki Gauge] - P+K+G+E in Hyper Mode
[1650 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[1725 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[1875 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[2100 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: The Super Dragon Fist is a substitute for the Super Spirit Bomb.
It does less damage than the Super Spirit Bomb even if you are in 
Super Saiyan 4 state. But of course, that doesn't the Super Dragon Fist isn't
powerful. Its extremely dangerous as well because if done in Super Saiyan 4
state, it does almost about the same damage as the Super Spirit Bomb. Another
note is that, the Super Dragon Fist looks super cool.

Warp Kamehameha [No Ki Gauge Requirements] - Dragon Rush mode
[1341 Damage = Base]
[1406 Damage = Kaiokenx10]
[1444 Damage = Super Saiyan]
[1509 Damage = Super Saiyan 2]
[1612 Damage = Super Saiyan 3]
[1806 Damage = Super Saiyan 4]
Description: This will be your Dragon Rush finishing move if you equip it.
If you succeed in the Dragon Rush, the Warp Kamehameha actually outclass the
other 2 Ultimate attacks. Now I say that because if you added up all the
damage done in the first 2 waves plust the attack you use to launch your
opponent into Dragon Rush, you can almost instant kill anyone in a Duel and
World Tournament match. In Dragon Arena, with 20 arts and 20 Attack you can
do more than 6k damage to a lvl 99 character. Even more if you combo up before
launching your opponent into Dragon Rush.
+Goku Capsule Setups+

Standard Goku:
Breakthrough Capsule
Comments: This setup is basically the default setup for Goku. Why? Because
Goku have 5 transformations, 2 deathmoves, 1 DragonRush finisher and 1
Ultimate attack. Of course, if you want to cramp everything in then there
won't be enough space. So a Breakthrough capsule is the best choice.

All-out Attack Goku:
Saiyan Spirit
Paozaurus Tail
Comments: This is all out attack Goku. If you use this setup, try not to
defend alot. In other words, keep attacking. Do not give your opponent a
chance to fight back. Because if you do let your opponent have a chance on
attacking you, your opponent can inflict quite a big amount of damage.

Tough-nut Goku:
Dende's Recovery
Saiyan Spirit
Myterious Vest
Comments: This is a tough to crack nut Goku. This setup is for users who
likes to use their time and watch out for his opponents move. Striking them
when they have the chance. If you want, you can replace Z-sword with the
Saiyan Spirit capsule.

All-arounded Goku:
Super Saiyan
Super Spirit Bomb
General Vest
Comments: This a balanced Goku. You can take out the Super Spirit Bomb and
General Vest if you want and replace it with a Training Vest. That way, you
will have the same attack % and defense %. Meaning you can go offense or
defense during anytime in the battle.

Intant Ki-Flowing Goku:
Dende's Recovery
Comments: With this setup, you will have lots of Ki to spend. Firing 1
Kamehameha only takes half a ki bar away. So in other words, you will not have
to worry about your Ki gauge too much.
<6> Goku's Dragon Universe Walkthrough
NOTE: This walkthrough is meant for a first time play through of Goku's DU.
In other words, only use this walkthrough when you first start the game with
no capsules at all. This in other words is just a brief walkthrough, its not
an in-depth one.
+Saiyan Saga+
Dragon Ball Locations:
-Go near the mouth of the River, you will find the Dragon Radar there.
-Its off the coast near an island to the northeast.
Free Exp Location:
-Kami's Lookout, you should know where it is.

When first start off Goku's DU, you will get the Kamehameha capsule. But
anyway, lets bring up the map first shall we. Alrite, before flying to the
red dot, lets do some sidequest first shall we?

First, fly to the river near Central city. Thats northeast from the red
dot. Fly near the mouth of the river and you should see a "???" there. Land
and get the Dragon Radar. Now you have handy piece of electronic, lets search
for the Dragon Balls. Now, bring up the Dragon Radar and fly to an island
to the northeast. You should see the Dragon Ball on your radar.

After that, go to the World Martial Arts tournament island. Land, and a 
cutscene with Tien should take place. Win him and you will get a random vest
item. Thats really good because you would not have any vest capsule right now.

=Goku vs Tien=

This should be an easy battle provided you keep your edge. Meaning, try not
to get kicked out by Tien. An easy and cheap way to win is by just dashing
to the edge of the ring, and teleport counter as soon as Tien hits you.

Now you can go to the battle point and level up a few times first. Then you
can proceed back to the red dot on the map to face Nappa.
=Goku vs Raditz=

This is your first battle. So nothing really hard here, just pummel through
Raditz and use the Kamehameha when you have the chance.

You should level up after the fight. So put that nifty Z point into any stat
you want. I suggest health though. Alright, Goku have "died" right now,
and Goku have went to train with King Kai. After the cutscene talks, go back
to the plains. The place where you fought Raditz I mean. King Kai will give
you the Kaioken capsule! Yay! Put it into your tray if you like and then land
in the plains again for another fight.
=Goku vs Nappa=

Just another saiyan wanabe. A little tougher than the Raditz fight, as Nappa
will tend to go into HyperMode. Not to worry though, just run away and dodge.
When his ki is dried out, time for some basic pummel combos!
You are going to fight Vegeta next, so set your capsules up.
=Goku vs Vegeta=

Again, this fight is no big deal. Just go into Kaioken form, pummel the hack
out of Vegeta.
After the fight, you will proceed to the next saga. And yes, thats the Frieza
Saga! Super Saiyan, here we come!
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SAIYAN SAGA END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

+Frieza Saga+
Dragon Ball locations:
-The Dragon Radar is on Northeast island, on an edge near the south.
-Its just on the island on the North off the Northeast island.
-Its on the Southeast of the Northwest island.
Free Exp Locations:
-Fly over to the Namek vilage on the central island (after Recoome fight)
-Fly to Guru's House, near the Northwest Island (after Recoome fight) 

Upon arriving, I suggest searching for the Dragon Balls first. First fly to
the northeast continent. Bring up your radar and fly north, you should see the
Dragon Ball on your radar on an island. Then fly back to the middle of the
northwest continent. This time, fly southwest. Bring up your radar and you
should see it.
Then after that fly to the red dots on your map and "save" Gohan, Krillin,
and Vegeta. Afterthat, get ready for a fight with Recoome of the Ginyu Force!
=Goku vs Recoome=

A pretty easy fight actually. Just use some basic combos on him and Recoome
will go down real easily. Its not the size that matters, its the tactics and
power that matters.

After the fight, I suggest you going to the battle point and rack some levels
up. Then if you want, you can go to the Namek village and Guru's house
for a free level. When you are all set, proceed to the red dot. 
=Goku vs Ginyu=

This fight is a little harder than the one with Recoome. Ginyu tends to go
into HyperMode frequently. As always, just run and dodge him. Go into Kaioken
from the start and hit hard.

After the fight, you can either continue to level up at the battle point or
head straight to the red dot. This time, you face Frieza!
=Goku vs Frieza=

This battle is interesting. I'd have to say that, because for the first time
in DU, you will face someone as strong as you. Transform into Kaioken state
and use juggling combos. He can Teleport Counter, but you can Teleport Counter
back as well. Use Kamehameha when you see fit, and unleash a DragonRush of
your own when the time is right.

After the fight, the story continues as Krillin is killed. Then.... finally
you get the Super Saiyan capsule! Get ready for the next Frieza battle.
=Goku vs Frieza= (Second Time)

The hardest battle yet. Frieza will start off in 100% Final Form which has
more attack% than you have in SSJ. Try not to get hit by his ultimate attack,
or else you are in for some serious trouble. In this fight, you will have a
new deathmove. Thats the Dragon Fist, but my advice is to use it sparringly as
Frieza can counter it pretty easily if you are playing on Very Hard

Once the fight is over, Frieza's Saga is particularly done. You will go on
with Cell/Android saga.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<FRIEZA SAGA END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

+Cell/Android Saga+
Dragon Ball Locations:
-Just fly over to Bulma's house in the West city. She will give it to you.
-Just fly to the ocean where the compass is located on the map.
Free Exp Locations:
-Kami's Lookout

First off, I suggest you find the Dragon Balls first. There's only 1 Dragon
Ball to be found in this saga. Just fly to the ocean where the compass is on
the map. After that, I suggest you go level up a little on the battle point
near Goku's house. Once you have level up enough, fly over to Kami's Lookout
and gain a free extra level. Fly to the forest area where the Time Machine
is located(north of Korin's Tower). Land there for a cutscene and you will
fight Metal Cooler.
=Goku Vs Metal Cooler=

This is nothing hard. But Metal Cooler can be on your nerves sometimes if you
are playing on Very Hard mode or a higher difficulty. His Sauzer-Blade can
do high damage, so try to avoid it at all cost. Metal Cooler's Destrutive Ray
is just a modified clone of Frieza's Beam attack. Just finish him fast with
yourself transformed into SSJ and you should get a random capsule.

After all that is done, fly around the world one more time and find for hidden
capsules and zenny. When you are ready, just fly over to the red dot and face
Cell! Don't forget to stop by Kami's lookout for a free level up as well!
=Goku vs Cell=

Becareful with Cell, he can blow off an Enery Field easily on a difficulty
higher than Very Hard when you are close range. It does high amount of damage
and I think you would not want that. Also, try not to get hit by his Spirit
Bomb ultimate, it can take off around 2 bars of health away from you. Use
Kamehameha on him and avoid using Dragon Fist. Thats because, he will always
dodge Dragon Fist and you will end up open for an attack for Cell.

When the fight is over, the game continues to the Buu Saga! Things are getting
interesting here.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<CELL/ANDROID SAGA END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

+Buu Saga+
Dragon Ball Locations:
-The Dragon Radar is on the mountain to the Northeast.
-Its on an island east of the World Martial Arts Tournament.
-Directly east from North City.

You will immedietly get the Super Saiyan 2 capsule at the beginning. So thumbs
up to that! But anyway, lets find the Dragon Balls first. Fly to the World
Martial Arts Tournament, then bring up your Dragon Radar. Keep flying east
from there and you should see the Dragon Ball on the radar. After that, fly
to the North city. Fly directly east from there and you should spot the
Dragon Ball.

When all of that is done, I suggest you go level up a little first. Because
the upcomming Vegeta battle can be a little hard if you are under leveled.
When you are ready, head to the red dot.
=Goku vs Majin Vegeta=

Infact one of the best fights in the game. I am sure you will transform into
Super Saiyan 2 and fight it out with Vegeta. That ain't a bad idea at all, so
do it. Try not to get hit by Vegeta's ultimate attack, the Final Explosion. If
he is succesful, its instant KO for you. Also, try dodging and blcoking his
Atomic Blast deathmove. It does quite a handfull of damage. Other than that,
just use your favourite strategy to beat Majin Vegeta.

When you are done, the story will continue up till where Goku is about to
teach the fusion dance to Trunks and Goten. But then, you will have to go
"distract" Majin Buu from going to the west city. So head to the red dot!
=Goku vs Majin Buu=

Super Saiyan 3!! Now this is something awesome. A nice boost of power from
Super Saiyan 2. You must be really carefull with Majin Buu, he loves to
abuse the DragonRush. Also, try not to use long combos on him as he often
counter it. Kamehameha will be the best choice as the finishing move in this
fight though.

When you are done, the story will continue. After that, you will then regain
control of Goku. This time you will have to find Gohan and fuse with him. But
if you read the manga or watch the anime, you'll know what happen next...

Anyway, after the cutscene just fly to the next red dot. But before that, you
better take the time now to set your final capsule list up. Because after you
fuse with Vegeta, you won't have the chance to edit your capsules anymore.
Alrite, when you are there, you will fuse with Vegeta instead.
Thus, creating Vegetto! Get ready for a fight with Super Buu!
=Super Vegetto vs Super Buu(Gohan)=

Now, one thing you have to take note is that Vegetto isn't a totally new
character with different moves. His base moves are the same as Goku, so not
to worry. Of course, this is one of the hardest battles in Goku's DU. Start
inflicting serious amount of damage on Super Buu from the start. Super Buu
somewhats loves to telepot as well. Let him drain his ki off, and when he
is dried out... its time for Vegetto's ultimate attack, the Spirit Sword.

After the fight is over, you will end up in Super Buu's body. This time
though, you will have to fight the normal Super Buu himself.
=Goku vs Super Buu=

This match can be frustrating at times. Because as times goes on, your health
will drain off. The only strategy here is... keep attacking, don't even think
of defense here. This may sound like a mad man out for revenge, but thats
the way to do it in this match.

After the fight, you should get ready for the final battle in Supreme Kai's
plannet. Who are you fighting with? Kid Buu of course.
=Goku vs Kid Buu=

I suggest transforming into higher levels of SSJ only when you have the
required amount of Ki. Wasting your time on charging up Ki is oppening
yourself for attack. Kid Buu can do insane amount of damage with his combos
and his warp Kamehameha can almost instantly kill you. Give it all you have,
as this is the toughest battle yet!

After the fight, you can breathe a sign of relief. Sit back, enjoy the
memories of Goku. Then if you have the 7 Dragon Balls, you will automatically
call Shenron out. Pick a wish and be done with it.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<BUU SAGA END>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<7> Legal Stuff and Closing
First of all, this is the first ever FAQ I wrote for Gamefaqs. So in other
words, this guide is meant to help anyone who likes to use Goku in Budokai 3.
I hope the people who read this FAQ will enjoy it and find it helpful.

PLEASE though, do not post this at your website without my permission. If you
want to do that, please ask me first. 
My e-mail is haschel_winterburn@hotmail.com

The list of sites which can use my FAQ is:

I would like to thank:

Akira Toriyama - For making the one of the best ever and most succesful anime
of all time in the history of anime cartoon. After about 20 years, DragonBall
is still around today, that is something really awesome Akira Toriyama-san.
Thank you and I wish you all the best in your oncoming future.

Dimps/Atari - For making this awesome game. A real big improvement over the
last 2 Budokai games. Even though its not 100% perfect, but the improvements
made up for it. Thank you and Double Thumbs UP to you guys.   

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