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    Training Mode FAQ by Bluefuzzycow

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | By: Mangarein |
                    | Remodeled Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 Training Guide |
     | Version 1.0  |
     (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)
    Training Mode Updates!
    Version: 0.1
    Date: December 3rd, 2004
    Summary: I created the Dragonball Z Budokai 3 guide. This guide will help you
    through the training mode and the extra stuff along the way! This also helps
    people who rented the game, and do not have the instruction booklet.
    Version: 0.2
    Date: December 4th, 2004
    Summary: I made some changes in several sections, I'm looking on stuff to
    improve on before I go into the rest of the guide. I've added some more
    Version: 0.3
    Date: December 5th, 2004
    Summary: I added Chapters 4-6. I still haven't submitted it yet, waiting for
    Version: 0.4
    Date: December 6th, 2004
    Summary: Added Chapters 7-9. Close... Almost done.... Patience... Tranquility.
    Version: 0.5
    Date: December 7th, 2004
    Summary: I finished everything I'm probably going to add. I'm going to submit
    this tomorrow to Gamefaqs. It's 11 PM on a school night, I'm going to bed.
    Version: 0.6
    Date: December 16th, 2004
    Summary: I've added a Ultimate Attack section, sense I've gotten so many
    questions on it. I've also added permission for Neoseeker to use my guide.
    Thanks everyone for the feed back! A lot of updates!
    Version: 0.7
    Date: December 17th, 2004
    Summary: I've added another section with user submitted questions I am unable
    to understand or answer. I'm hoping fellow readers will read the section so I
    can get back to the others who asked the questions.
    Version: 0.8
    Date: December 22nd, 2004
    Summary: Gamingguru submitted the answer to one of my own of my questions that
    others have submitted. I added it to the questions section. Thank you! New
    Version: 0.9
    Date: December 23, 2004
    Summary: Thank you everyone for continuing feed back, I reply every day as I
    get your e-mails. I now also give permission for my guide to be used by
    www.wogaming.com . My sources say, version 1.0 will be the REMODEL version! ><
    Version: 1.0
    Date: December 25, 2004
    Summary: The remodeled version as many can tell is just in time for Christmas!
    All the stuff has been upgraded for more efficient viewing. New sections, and
    completely updated content! Also, errors that were remaining have been
    corrected. Thanks for the feed back and everything that my readers have done.
    Have a great holiday and a better New year!
    Version 1.1
    Date January 1st, 2005
    Summary: Okay, I know I said 1.0 was the last version, but I've decided to
    add one more section! This last section is for readers to submit their
    character codes for others to use and compare and fight each others! Check
    out the new section for details! Happy 2005!
     (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)
    Index of Contents
    (I)     Introduction
    (II)    Mangarein's News
    (III)   Controls
    (IV)    Practice Mode
       (A) Practice
        -Menu Information
        -Display Information
       (B) Training
        -Chapter 1  (Using the Scouter)
        -Chapter 2  (Movement and Basic Attacks)
        -Chapter 3  (Controlling KI energy)
        -Chapter 4  (Finishing moves and combination attacks)
        -Chapter 5  (Transformations)
        -Chapter 6  (Advanced Dodging Maneuvers)
        -Chapter 7  (Teleporting)
        -Chapter 8  (Hi-level Fighting)
        -Chapter 9  (Hyper Mode and Ultimate Attacks)
        -Chapter 10 (Dragon Rush)
        -Chapter 11 (Item Skills)
        -Chapter 12 (Super-Secret Technique... I promise it's not taunting)
    (V) Ultimate Attacks
    (VI) Dragon Universe FAQ
    (VII) Character Exchange
    (VIII) Block Buster Contest
    (IX) F.A.Q
    (X) Credits
    (XI) E-mails, misc.
                                (*)               (*)
                         (*)     Chapter I) Introduction (*)
                                   (*)         (*)
    Man, this guide has been through many changes and through the works on every
    possible aspect I could improve. I wouldn't have updated or changed anything
    if it weren't for my loyal readers and their questions, comments, and concerns
    and I still openly take all of those. Thank you, and I want to wish you all
    happy times for these few days that we all get together and feast and share
    gifts. Thank you from my heart, to yours.
                                  (*)           (*)
                         (*)   Chapter II) Mangarein's News   (*)
                                            (*)     (*)
    This is the news section on what's up with me and how things are going on the
    old FAQ writing business.
    Our website is still under work, it'll be up soon. I'm so excited about the
    flash/html hybrid. My site might host my works, please join when it is
    created, I will add a link when it is. Thanks.
    = Guide                           =Percent Done = Type                       =
    = Dragonball Z: Budokai 3         = CANCELLED   = Trunks Character Guide     =
    = Resident Evil 4                 = CANCELLED   = Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough=
    = Red Ninja: End of Honor         = CANCELLED   = RN Walkthrough             =
    All of the above guides have been cancelled, do to a newer secret project that
    will be worked on and renovated soon.
    This guide has been an adventure for me and many people have benefited from
    it, thank you so much for reading my guide and sending feedback. As of Update
    1.0, I am no longer answering questions. I will however except feedback
    (comments, concerns, etc).
    Thank you so much, have a great 2005!
                                              (*)           (*)
                      (*)       Chapter III) Controls   (*)
                               (*)     (*)
    | Menu Controls |
    | _____________________________________
    |/Directional Buttons/Left Analog Stick
    |\This moves the highlight around the main menu and sub menus. Using this you
    | \can select many of the features on them.
    | _____________________________________
    |/X Button
    |\Selects the highlighted item on the menu.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Triangle Button
    |\Cancels the selection you have on the menu
    | Dragon Universe Controls |
    | _____________________________________
    |/Left Analog Stick
    |\Moves your person forward or backward.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Right Analog Stick
    |\Turns your person right or left.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Triangle Button
    |\This activates your dragon radar or changes the zoom on the map.
    | _____________________________________
    |/X Button
    |\Allows you to move to the point of choice.
    | _____________________________________
    |/L1 Button + Left Analog Stick
    |\This causes your character to quickly turn around.
    | _____________________________________
    |/L1 Button
    |\Allows you to fly faster.
    | _____________________________________
    |/R1 Button
    |\This allows you to sense other cpu's KI levels.
    | _____________________________________
    |\Opens the Pause Menu. (With save and quit features)
    | Battle Controls |
    | _____________________________________
    |/X Button
    |\Used: The X Button is used for guard. If you hold X and tap back twice on 
    | \the control pad twice (holding it the second time) you will power up till 
    |  \your gauge goes to full. Also, holding X and pressing up and down will 
    |   \cause you to move up and down to another angle around your enemy.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Triangle Button
    |\Used: The Triangle Button is used for kicking. It can be used in rapid
    | \successions to do multiple kicks. The Triangle Button can also be used in
    |  \large combos to do more powerful attacks.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Circle Button
    |\Used: The Circle Button is used to fire KI beams. New to the Dragonball Z
    | \Budokai franchise is the ability to fire multiple KI beams at your enemy
    |  \without stopping. The circle button may also be used in combinations 
    |   \with the other fighting buttons to trigger more devastating KI attacks.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Square Button
    |\Used: This makes your character punch. You can press the Square Button 
    | \several times to do a punching combo. Square and the other fighting buttons
    |  \combined can make powerful physical and energy attacks.
    | _____________________________________
    |/R1 Button
    |\Used: Punch and Kick at the same time. This is also referred to as throwing.
    | \If you use this while near an opponent your character should execute their
    |  \own style of throw.
    | _____________________________________
    |/R2 Button
    |\Used: Punch and Guard at the same time.
    | _____________________________________
    |/Start Button
    |\Used: This pauses the game, and the menu comes up. You can choose any of the
    | \options on the menu while here.
    Basic Picture of Button Layout-
                                    |P   E|
                                          (*)           (*)
                      (*)    Chapter IV) Practice Mode             (*)
                                     (*)                        (*)
    (A)-Practice Mode
    Practice mode is a free style arena where you control one character. You can
    use it this mode to practice difficult techniques and other strategies. You
    can make the computer stand still or fight back if you want. In this mode you
    will never run out of life and your energy can be set at max by pressing SELECT
    button. There really is nothing to this mode.
      -Display Information
    On the practice mode screen is a small display at the bottom (if you have it
    turned on). This tells you the statistics of your character and what kind of
    damage he is doing.
    Example of the Display
       Max Hits          0  <This indicates the most hits you've done in one combo
       Damage            0  <This indicates the damage your last attack has done
       Total Damage      0  <This indicates the most damage you have done
       Attack            0% <This measures how much percent your attack power is
       Guard             0% <This measures how much percent your guard power is
       Dodge             0  <This is how many times you have dodged successfully
       Max Dodge         0  <This is the most dodges you have done in a row
    (B)-Training Mode
    Chapter 1) Using the Scouter
    Kami Explains: This will train you how to use the scouter to check health and
    KI energy levels.
    !Raditz: So you've come, Kakarot... Looks like I'll have another easy win.
    Well, take this Scouter, Kakarot!
    *Goku: What's this?
    !Raditz: Must I explain everything?! It's a Scouter! A device used to measure
    your opponent's strength in battle! This gauge shows health!
    Observe the gauge the hand cursor points at. That is your health.
    When you get hit, it'll go down an amount depending on how strong the
    attack is.
    !Raditz: If you reduce your opponent’s health to level to zero, you win! Don't
    let your guard until you're sure it's gone!
    Check your enemy’s health gauge to see how much they have left compared
    to your health bar. Some times knocking them threw walls and using trump
    attacks will help you pull through even if you are behind!
    !Raditz: This one shows your KI energy level! Special attacks like energy 
    waves and finishing moves use up your KI energy.
    Observe the gauge with the cursor pointing to it. This is your KI gauge. This
    will deplete as you use energy attacks or power up into a higher form such as
    Super Saiyan 2 or Cell Level 2.
    !Raditz: If you deplete your energy, it will gradually return to this level. On
    the other hand, your energy gets beyond this level (the third bar), it 
    naturally begins to decrease! So watch out!
    !Raditz: This gauge measures fatigue! You can raise your opponent's level of
    fatigue by performing an ultimate attack!
    Observe the icon the cursor points at. As it grows red your character's fatigue
    gets higher and higher. This may cause difficulties in fighting and using
    bigger attacks.
    *Goku: Hmmm...
    !Raditz: Just think of all we could do, Kakarot! Doesn't it get your Saiyan
    blood pumping?!
    *Goku: Yeah! Now I'll get Gohan back for sure!
    !Raditz: What!?!
    *Goku: You heard me! Give me back my son!
    !Raditz: Rrrr... So you're a weakling and a fool! Your a disgrace to your
    entire race!
    Chapter 2) Movement and Basic Attacks
    Kami Explains: Next, we will cover the fundamentals: Movement and basic
    !Piccolo: We don't have time to waste! The Saiyans are on their way!
    *Gohan: Okay!
    !Piccolo: The first thing you need is a change of clothes!
    *Gohan: Uhhh...
    !Piccolo: We'll be doing some intense training. But first you must master the
    basics! You're no good to anyone if you can't move when it really counts!
    *Gohan: R... Right...!
    !Piccolo: So let's start with movement. Press forward to Advance, press back
    to retreat. Try it!
    Using the directional pad walk forward to touch Piccolo and back.
    Walking around a while will also trigger Success. Woah... Intense! ^.^
    !Piccolo: Next is stepping. Press left or right twice to step forward or
    Tap the back and forward directional buttons and make Gohan go back
    and forth. You'll get a success easily here.
    !Piccolo: Next is rushing. Press left or right twice, but hold it down the
    second time. Try it in both directions.
    Tap and hold the button forward to dash forward and repeat only tap
    the back button and hold to fly backwards. This is a rush. You may have to do
    it a few times for the game to say Success.
    !Piccolo: You can dodge poorly executed attacks by shifting your body. Press
    the G button and up or down.
    *Actions: Tap Up or Down while holding X button to jump around your enemy. Do
    this both ways in a complete circle to complete this task.
    !Piccolo: But if you're evading all the time you'll never be able to defeat
    your enemy! Good! It looks like you've got your movement under control! Let's
    move on.
    *Gohan: Okay!
    !Piccolo: Now for the basic attacks. Punch with the P button and kick with the
    K button. Give it a try.
    Kick several times with the Triangle Button then punch a few times
    with the Square Button.
    !Piccolo: Push the attack buttons continuously to put together combination 
    attacks. Have at it!
    Punch several times in and row then kick several times in a row to
    complete this task.
    !Piccolo: Good. You can change your technique by pressing left or right when
    you attack. Be sure your opponent doesn't read your attack when you use
    combination moves. You can also attack while rushing. A rush attack is an
    effective technique. Charge!!!
    Use the dash technique learned earlier (tap and hold the forward
    directional pad button). When you are close to Piccolo keep dashing and use
    punch just as your about to run into him to rush attack him.
    !Piccolo: Next is guarding. Guard with the G button. Even when you block, you
    still take some damage, so be careful!
    Defend yourself from Piccolo by simply holding the X button until it
    gives you the success. I activated Burst mode on accident while holding guard
    when he hit me.
    !Piccolo: Well done. Don't ever forget these basics, no matter what kind of
    situation you find yourself in! -The Sky Darkens- Huh?
    *Gohan: Bu... But, it's the middle of the day! Why did it get dark all of a
    !Piccolo: Shenron...So, Goku has returned...
    Chapter 3) Controlling KI energy
    Kami Explains: In this training exercise, you will learn to control your KI
    !Krillen: Alright, Gohan. Let's try some image training. Close your eyes, and
    visualize Planet Namek.
    *Gohan: Right. I can see it.
    !Krillen: Now, if you're not careful, the Saiyans will spot you on their
    scouters. You need to control your KI energy. You got that, Gohan?
    *Gohan: Yes.
    !Krillen: Good. Then try gathering your energy. Hold down the G button and
    press back twice.
    >>Actions: Hold down the X Button and tap the back button twice holding it the
    second time. Your character should start to have smoke or dust swirl around him
    as he powers up.
    !Krillen: Next, let's try firing a blast. Press the E button, and you can
    throw an Energy Wave.
    >>Actions: Tap the Circle button several times to fire multiple KI blasts.
    !Krillen: How 'bout that! Like father, like son! Let's try some more. If you
    time your blocks right, you can deflect an Energy Wave or knock it back at
    your opponent. Try it both ways.
    >>Action: When Krillen fires a energy blast at you, block it by tapping X 
    right as it's about to hit you. You have to do this twice, once hitting it 
    away and once reflecting it at him.
    !Krillen: Wow! I'm impressed! Maybe I should've done some training with
    Piccolo, too. That's all I've got for you. Nice work.
    *Gohan: Thanks, Krillen.
    Chapter 4) Finishing moves and Combination attacks
    Kami explains: You must now learn to use such tactics as Finishing Moves and
    Combinations to your advantage.
    !Vegeta: Hey, son of Kakarot.
    *Gohan: Y... Yes...
    !Vegeta: We need your help in the battle against Frieza. You're still young,
    but you may be of use.
    *Gohan: Oh...
    !Vegeta: Let's see if you're worth your salt. You need to be ready to launch
    a Finishing Move at any time. Fallow these commands.
    >>Actions: Press right on the d-pad while pressing the circle button at the 
    same time to do Masenko.
    !Vegeta: Hmm. Not bad. But, if you do it with a combination move, It'll be
    even better. Try it with these commands.
    >>Actions: Press Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Energy (S, S, S, S , Circle) to
    perform a stronger form of Masenko
    !Vegeta: Now we'll practice a KI Burst. Counter my Finishing Move with one of
    your own. When the KI burst starts, push all of your buttons as fast as you
    can. And be warned -- I won't hold back.
    >>Actions: A tricky part, but easy enough. Fire your beam at the same time he
    does his then rotate the control stick or press buttons to have a little
    struggle between his blast and yours.
    !Vegeta: I suppose that will do. When the time comes, fight boldly like a
    Saiyan. Until then, I need to catch up on some sleep.
    *Gohan: Yes... G. Goodnight... Thank you very much.
    Chapter 5) Transformations
    Kami explains: This exercise will teach you about Transformations.
    !Goku: Ha ha! I give a pretty mean haircut, if I do say so myself!
    *Gohan: Thanks, Dad.
    !Goku: Alright. Now that you've become a Super Saiyan, I'll teach you more
    about KI energy.
    !Gohan: Great! Thanks!
    *Goku: Here's the deal. Finishing Moves and Energy Waves use a type of energy
    called KI. If your KI gauge is full, your attack will be strong. If it's low,
    your attack will be weak. So it's important to keep your KI energy as high as
    you can during a fight.
    *Gohan: Got it.
    !Goku: Now. I'll have you charge into a Super Saiyan. When your KI is high,
    transform by pressing P, K, and G all at one.
    >>Actions: Press the L2 trigger or P, K, and G at the same time to become a
    Super Saiyan.
    !Goku: Hey... Nice work, Gohan. Great. That's enough for today. How about
    being a good boy and massaging your dad's shoulders.
    *Gohan: Alright, Dad.
    Chapter 6) Advanced Dodging Maneuvers
    Kami explains: You will now begin training in the more advanced defensive
    maneuvers, such as rolling and dodging.
    *Videl: Oh, Gohan...
    !Gohan: V... Videl... What are you doing...?
    *Videl: Well, I thought I'd come and practice my Flying Technique with you. Do
    you mind being my sparring partner? Well there's no one at home to practice
    with...  Dad's pretty lazy when it comes to training... Well, here goes, Gohan.
    !Gohan: Wha... Hey...!?
    >>Actions: None. The game will make Videl attack at Gohan who will counter by
    rolling back onto his feet and go back to more talking.
    *Videl: How... How did you roll like that?
    !Gohan: When you're going down, hit the G button. Do you want to give it a
    >>Actions: Wait for Gohan to hit you then hit X before you fall to roll.
    !Gohan: Yes, that's it.
    *Videl: Alright! I'm going to go all-out now!
    >>Actions: None. The game will make Videl attack at Gohan who will dodge all 
    of your punches and go back to more talking.
    *Videl: What? I can't hit you? I've never seen anyone do that except Dad!
    !Gohan: You can do it, too. Videl. Watch your opponent's attack carefully, and
    hit the G button at just the right time.
    >>Actions: Hit the X button while he swings at you to dodge his punches, after
    a few dodges it'll give you Success.
    *Videl: Yeah! I did it!!!
    !Gohan: Just be careful, because your KI level will go down each time you do
    *Videl: But, Gohan! You were going easy on me weren't you?!
    !Gohan: Uh? Huh? Well... No!
    *Videl: I see... You're hiding your full strength until the World Tournament.
    Okay, I can wait until the Championship.
    !Gohan: Uh, alright...
    *Videl: You're going to practice with Goten now, right? I'll leave you boys to
    it, then...
    !Gohan: Alright. And Hey! You did great!
    *Videl: I'll see you at the World Tournament. Bye!
    Chapter 7) Teleportation
    Kami explains: There are still more advanced techniques that you must learn,
    such as Teleport and Pursue.
    *Vegeta: Trunks! Are you ready?!
    !Trunks: Yeah.
    !Vegeta: Then pay attention! Gohan has been training his brother for the World
    Tournament. Don't underestimate him. He's going to be very difficult opponent
    to beat. You need to be ready!
    *Trunks: Okay!
    !Vegeta: I'm going to teach you to Teleport. This will drain your KI energy,
    but it's an important move when you're in a bind. I'll demonstrate. Now, 
    attack me!
    >>Actions: None. Trunks will fly forward and attempt to hit Vegeta, whom flips
    and strikes Trunks from behind.
    *Trunks: Wha...? What happened? How'd you get behind me?! 
    !Vegeta: This is Teleporting. It allows you to move behind your opponent at an
    extremely high speed. Time your move with you’re opponent's attack. Press the
    G button and towards your opponent.
    >>Actions: Use The X Button + Forward when he's about to attack you. Trunks 
    will fly behind Vegeta.
    *Trunks: Ha! I went behind you, Dad! You can't get me!
    !Vegeta: Don't get cocky! If you can do it, your opponent can do it, too!
    Don't forget!!
    *Trunks: Okay.
    !Vegeta: Good answer. Next, I'll teach you "Pursue" After you've sent your
    opponent flying, pursue him and knock him back again. Press the E button while
    he's in the air.
    >>Actions: Use the L2 button to knock him in the air, right when you hit him
    press the Guard Button (X) to warp around and hit him several times.
    !Vegeta: Okay. That should be good.
    *Trunks: Hey, Dad... Aren't we going to go to the amusement park?
    !Vegeta: Hmph. After the World Tournament! And... Only if you beat Gohan's kid
    *Trunks But... But...
    Chapter 8) Hi-level Fighting
    Kami explains: Now for the advanced offensive maneuvers. Learn to perform a
    Charge Attack and a Guard Crash.
    *Trunks: Are you ready, Gohan?
    !Gohan: Yes, let's do it. The androids are gone for now, so we can get some
    practice in.
    *Trunks: Alright.
    !Gohan: I'll teach you some tricks to break your opponent's guard. First is
    throwing. Get close to your opponent and push the P and G buttons simultaneously
    to throw you opponent.
    >>Actions: Walk to Gohan, and press L1 to throw him.
    !Gohan: No problem. If you are about to be thrown, you can block it by trying
    to throw your opponent, too. Next is charging. It doesn't matter if your
    opponent is guarding when you charge. Try these commands...
    >>Actions: Press forward and R1 to break his guard.
    !Gohan: And finally, during a rush attack, you can also do a Guard Crash. Use
    these commands to attack...
    >>Actions: Press forward twice on the d-pad then hit R1 to break his guard.
    !Gohan: That's good, Trunks. Another attack is to use a stand-off. If you
    enter a stand-off, you can take one attack. Try these commands...
    >>Actions: Hit R1 as Gohan hits you to knock him away.
    !Gohan: When two opponents enter a stand-off, you will see a burst of light.
    Push the buttons as fast as you can. If you win, you'll throw your opponent.
    Give it a try!
    >>Actions: Use the R1 at the same time he does to enter burst mode, then pound
    as many buttons as you want or rotate the control stick.
    !Gohan: That's enough for today.
    *Trunks: Is it?... I... I just wish I were a Super Saiyan. Then I could be
    strong like you...
    !Gohan: No need to rush, Trunks... You're still young, and you're getting
    stronger by the minute. You'll get there. And when you do, I'll probably need
    you to look out for me.
    *Trunks: Okay... Oh, yeah, Gohan... Why don't you eat at our place tonight?
    My mom will be happy to see you.
    !Gohan: Well, alright. Sounds good.
    Chapter 9) Hyper Mode and Ultimate Attacks
    Kami explains: This training will prepare you for Hyper Mode and Ultimate
    !Piccolo: We've entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but we still don't have
    time to waste! You have to prepare to face Buu.
    *Gotenks: Ha ha! Yeah! And we've already thought of some awesome new attacks!
    !Piccolo: In order to perform an Ultimate Attack, release your KI energy and
    enter the Hyper Mode. Press the P, K, G, and E buttons at the same time.
    >>Actions: Hit R2 to transform into hyper mode instantly.
    !Piccolo: That's an impressive display of power! But you can only release your
    KI energy for a limited period of time. Before you run out of KI energy, press
    the P, K, G, and E buttons again to launch an Ultimate Attack!
    >>Actions: Press R2 while near Piccolo, to use your ultimate attack.
    !Piccolo: Woah! I've never seen an attack like that!
    *Gotenks: Pretty cool, huh? I should be able to take care of that Buu creep,
    no problem!
    !Piccolo: Don't be over-confident! You still have a long way to go before
    you can defeat Majin Buu! Keep practicing
    *Gotenks: Yeah, yeah. Fine!
    Chapter 9) Dragon Rush
    Kami explains: You are now ready to learn the Dragon Rush. This tactic will
    prove invaluable in the many difficult battles ahead.
    *Cell: Grr... What happened? Why can't hit that Gohan brat with an Ultimate
    !Freiza: Don't you know, Cell? You can't just use Ultimate Attack anytime you
    *Cell: What?!?
    !Freiza: If you launch an Ultimate Attack against an opponent before his
    Fatigue gauge is full, it's easier to escape full damage.
    *Cell: What?! I didn't know that! So, what do I have to do to raise my
    opponent's fatigue?
    !Freiza: You use a Dragon Rush. If you press a different button than your
    opponent during a Dragon Rush, you can make your opponent fatigued. Let's say
    I'm your opponent. Go into Hyper Mode and use a Pursue Attack.
    >>Actions: Use the L2 button to change into hyper mode then hit your opponent
    in the air using the pursuit technique to enter Dragon Rush.
    *Cell: Perfect! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now, no one will stop me!
    !Freiza: Go, then, and annihilate those vile Saiyans!
    *Cell: I will, if I ever get out of H.F.I.L (Home for Infinity Losers)
    !Freiza: ......
    Chapter 10) Item Capsules
    Kami explains: The time has come to learn about Item Skills. Remember, knowing
    when to use them is just as important as knowing how.
    *Goku: Hey, Bulma. I need a way to make myself stronger.
    !Bulma: What?! You're kidding, right? Didn't you guys just beat Majin Buu?
    *Goku: Umm...
    !Bulma: Well, alright. I suppose there's one way...
    *Goku: Really?!
    !Bulma: If you still want to be stronger, this is about all that's left.
    *Goku: Huh? A capsule?
    !Bulma: Give it a try. Hold down the G button and push down on the directional
    buttons twice.
    >>Actions: Hold the X button and hit down twice. Notice, the capsule healed 
    him two bars on his health meter.
    *Goku: Hey! Lunch! Yum!!! This will definitely give me strength!
    !Bulma: I told you! It's call an Item Skill, and it can give you a big
    advantage during battle.
    *Goku: C'mon don't you have any more? I'm still hungry!
    !Bulma: You can only use one during a fight. If you want more, you'll have to
    wait until you get home.
    *Goku: Hmph. Well, I'll bet I can get something else to eat from Chi-Chi.
    Thanks, Bulma! See you!!
    Chapter 12) Final Secrets... I promise it's not taunting.
    Kami explains:  This will be your final training exercise. Calm your mind, as
    you absorb these secret techniques.
    !Yamcha: There's still one more super-secret technique you can use to win a
    *Tien: Super-secret technique?
    !Yamcha: That's right... The most awesome technique there is... Taunting!!! 
    If you can get in a good taunt against your opponent, you can lower his KI 
    energy. Hold down the G button and press on the directional pad twice when you
    don't have any Item Skills. I'll show you. But it'll take some serious
    training to be able to pull this off as cool as me.
    >>Actions: None. Yamcha will attempt to taunt, Tien will knock him down and
    taunt first.
    !Yamcha: Wha...?
    *Tien: Don't forget. If you hit your opponent while he's taunting you, you
    won't lose any energy. I'd say that pretty much wraps up our lesson for the
    day. Keep practicing.
    !Yamcha: Uh? Wha...? Wait...!
    That is the ending of the training mode. You will get an item skill "Bibidi's
    Pot" for completing the entire training mode.
    Item: Bibidi's Pot
    Slots: 3
    Effect: Random effect activated from among all Item Skills.
    Buttons: G + down , down   during battle.
    Characters: Everyone can use this item.
    Comments: Can only equip Item Skill once per tray.
                                 (*)                (*)
                      (*)    Chapter V) Ultimate Attacks     (*)
                          (*)                        (*)
    Ultimate attacks by far, have baffled more people in this game than most other
    attacks. Ultimate attacks are powerful attacks, that can go either way
    depending on fatigue, skill, and timing.
    During an Ultimate attack, two bars appear on your side, and on your enemies
    side. When the small bar rapidly fills, you tap the X button as close as you
    can without going over, or you will be penalized. Do this to increase your
    bigger bar. If yours is bigger at the end of the short time, you'll do more
    damage. Either way, you'll do some form of damage.
                                     (*)           (*)
              (*)   Chapter VI) Dragon Universe Questions  (*)
                 (*)                        (*)
    Q. Is this a board game based fighter like, Budokai 2?
    A. No, it's now free roaming. You can't walk, but you fly around the DBZ
    Character Stats for Dragon Universe
    Health: Increases number of bars of health that your fighter has.
    KI: reduces the amount of KI it takes for your character to use special 
    Attack: Improves the damage your character deals in regular attacks.
    Guard: Lessens the damage your character takes from attacks.
    Arts: Increases the amount of damage your character deals using special 
    Ability: Makes equipped capsules and items more effective.
    Com: Improves how well the computer controls your character when fighting 
    against another opponent from around the world.
                            (*)             (*)
              (*)  Chapter VII) Character Exchange    (*)
                 (*)                        (*)
    This is the section where you can submit your character code for other readers
    to use and play against on their games. To submit one e-mail the following
    to Jaheavenridge@comcast.net  with the subject  "Character Exchange". 
    Include the following in your e-mail:
    Character Name:
    Character level:
    Health Stat:
    KI Stat:
    Attack Stat:
    Guard Stat:
    Arts Stat:
    Ability Stat:
    Com Stat:
    Character Password:
    I will display them in this section for others, I hope the more others submit
    the more we'll get in this section. So please consider all the possibilities.
    Thank you very much!
                            (*)             (*)
              (*)  Chapter VIII) Block Buster Contest    (*)
                 (*)                        (*)
    At Blockbuster, when you rent Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 with your membership
    card, you will receive one point in the drawling. Using a game pass gives you
    two points every time you rent it. After a period of time, names will be
    randomly drawn, and the winners have chances at getting over $900 in DBZ
    merchandise such as Budokai 3 (limited edition), cards, and even movies!
    Good luck in the contest, and send me some of your winnings! :)
                                     (*)           (*)
              (*)   Chapter IX) F.A.Q (*)
                 (*)                        (*)
    Q. Why did you make a Training Mode Guide?
    A. I had free time, and I wanted to practice making guides.
    Q. What's the purpose of this guide?
    A. It's the script and a more in-depth explanation of the buttons and what the
    game wants you to do in the training mode.
    Q. Can I submit errors, comments, and new stuff to add?
    A. Yes, submit them using the section with my e-mail information in it.
    A. Thanks a lot everyone, I have been getting tons of feed back. I really
    appreciate that.
    Q. Do you have guides for any other games?
    A. Not yet, but as new games come out... I may do more.
    Q. Do you recommend DBZ: Budokai 3?
    A. Go for it!
    Q. Your guide sucks!
    A. Your titled to your opinion, I respect all the opinions I get. Thanks
                        (*)           (*)
              (*)   Chapter X) Credits                  (*)
                       (*)                        (*)
    As the final version... I really must take time to compile these people that
    made the difference...
    CJayC- Thanks for hosting my guide at Gamefaqs.
    WOgaming- Thanks for hosting my guide.
    Neoseeker- Thanks for hosting my guide.
    Atari- Thanks for releasing the third installment of the Budokai series.
    Sony- Making the Playstation 2.
    Nintendo- Releasing the first Budokai, encouraging me to get a PS2 and then
    get Budokai 2.
    Blockbuster- For the rentals of this game.
    Gamingguru- Thanks for additional information on the Dragon Universe stats and
    what they do.
    Mom- R.I.P
    Myself- For completely redoing my guide.
    The following people have IMed me and supported me and gave me inspiration:
    Thanks to them all
    Sites with permission to use my guide:
    Do NOT put this guide on any site unless you have my direct permission.
                                     (*)           (*)
              (*)   Chapter XI) E-mail, Legal Misc (*)
                 (*)                        (*)
    I now reaccept questions, comments, concerns, and character submissions. I
    would please like to request that in the subject you say 'Dragonball Z:
    Budokai 3 Training Guide... then the subject such as Question or Comment etc.
    E-mail me at: Jaheavenridge@comcast.net
    AIM: Jayheavenridge
    MSN: Jaheavenridge@comcast.net
    Copy Right 2004 Mangarein.  I do not own any of the trade mark characters or
    names in this guide. I did how ever write this guide, do not use any of the
    parts unless you have my direct permission. Thank you!
    Inspirational Quote:
    "Your not just making guides for the new players, but also the high level
    players as well" -Darkgea
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