1. Eric Vale Assistant Director
  2. Ken Shinoda Battle Programmer
  3. Vic Mignogna Broly
  4. Jim Boone Executive Producer
  5. Laura Bailey Gotenks VA
  6. Masako Nozawa Japanese voice of Goku (adult and kid), Gohan (Kid, Teen and Adult) Goten and Bardock
  7. Laura Bailey Kid Trunks VA
  8. Akira Toriyama Original Author
  9. Tom Nanjo Producer
  10. Hiroshi Kamo Sound Director
  11. Jeremy Inman Voice:: Android 16
  12. Chuck Huber Voice:Android 17
  13. Meridith Thompson Voice:Android 18
  14. Phillip Wilburn Voice:Android 19
  15. Tiffany Vollmer Voice:Bulma
  16. Brice Armstrong Voice:Captain Ginyu
  17. Dameon Clarke Voice:Cell
  18. Cynthia Cranz Voice:Chi-Chi
  19. Chris Forbis Voice:Dodoria
  20. Kent Williams Voice:Dr.Gero
  21. Linda Young Voice:Frieza
  22. Stephanie Nadolny Voice:Gohan
  23. Sean Schemmel Voice:Goku,King Kai
  24. Bill Townsley Voice:Guldo,Cui
  25. Chris Rager Voice:Hercule
  26. James Fields Voice:Hercule's annoucer
  27. Don (Sonny) Strait Voice:Krillin
  28. Michael McFarland Voice:Master Roshi,Yajirobe
  29. Phil Parsons Voice:Nappa
  30. Kyle Hebert Voice:Narrator,Great Saiyaman
  31. Brad Jackson Voice:Oolong
  32. Monika Antonelli Voice:Puar
  33. Justin Cook Voice:Raditz,Cell JR
  34. Lane Painta Voice:System Voice
  35. John Burgmier Voice:Tien,Saibamen
  36. Eric Vale Voice:Trunks,World Tournament Announcer
  37. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice:Vegeta,Piccolo,Yamcha

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