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Story Guide by ahoujed

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/21/07

Okami Storyline Summaries by ahojed( ahojed@yahoo.com )

Story summaries for the awesome game Okami.  The first is brief, the second is
long.  This is hugely spoiler-ific, so tread carefully.  It goes over the whole
game.  I have a short chronological summary and then a full summary of the game.
I typed this up out of boredom, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

1. Short Chronological Summary

On the Celestial Plains live the Celestials, ruled by the sun goddess Okami
Amaterasu, mother of creation and light of the world.  One day, a refugee from
the somehow devastated Moon Tribe named Ushiwaka arrives in the huge ship, "Ark
of the Yamato", and begins to live with them.

Soon, the Celestial Plane is attacked by the powerful monster Orochi and his
minions, who travel to them from the sea of stars.  Ushiwaka helps the wolf god
Okami Amaterasu battle the Orochi.  He tells her the only way to defeat it is to
wait for the chosen one, Izanagi, to be born.  Amaterasu believes him and drags
Orochi down to the land of mortals where she waits for Izanagi.

The Celestials continue to be attacked by the monsters and, along with Ushiwaka,
flee on Ark of Yamato.  Unfortunetly, and unknown to Ushiwaka, Yami, the ruler
and source of all the monsters, had been waiting on the ship.  His minions
attack the Celestials and kill them all, causing the ship to crash in a frozen
lake in the land of Kamui.  Only Ushiwaka manages to survive and waits for the
path to the heavens to open once more.

Meanwhile, the Orochi devours a maiden from Kamiki village every year on the
fifteenth day of the eigth month.  Amaterasu, percieved as a white wolf, always
wanders the village around the time this happens.  The people think of Amaterasu
as an harbinger of the Orochi.

On the hundredth year of this, Izanami, beloved of Izanagi, is chosen as the
sacrifice.  Unfortunetely, Amaterasu is in the future helping that future time's
weaker Amaterasu fight the twin demons Lechku and Nechku.  Fortunetely, a weaker
Amaterasu from the future (slightly before the battle with Lechku and Nechku) is
there instead.  That Amaterasu brings Izanagi to the Orochi where they fight the
monster.  Amaterasu howls to summon the moon, which changes Izanagi's sword into
the Tsukuyomi.  With Izanagi's help, the Amaterasu from the future defeats the
Orochi and it is sealed into Tsukuyomi.  Right before being sealed, the Orochi
tries to kill Izanagi with a boulder in last ditch final attack.  The Amaterasu
from the current time arrives just in time (although in a heavily wounded state)
to throw herself in the way.  Izanagi carries her back to the village where she
dies and a statue is made in her honor.  Izanagi is honored in legend himself.
The Amaterasu from the future returns to its own time to battle Lechku and

One hundred years pass, and a descendant of Izanagi namd Susano draws Tsukuyomi,
which releases the Orochi.  The land is devastated by Orochi.  A wood spirit
named Sakuya revives Amaterasu.  Amaterasu previously had the 13 Celestial Brush
techniques, which were scattered upon her death.  Furthermore, the people's
belief in the gods has weakened, weakening her further.  Even in this very
weakened state, Amaterasu agrees to restore the land.

Accompanying her is Issun, a tiny creature who wishes to see the Celestial Brush
techniques.  Appearing to them with prophecies is Ushiwaka.  Eventually, they
relive the legend of 100 years ago and defeat the Orochi again with help from
Izanagi's descendant Susano.  They are not finished yet though and continue on
throughout the land to defeat the powerful Ninetails as well as the twin demons
Lechku and Nechku with the help of the Amaterasu from the past.  They help out
all the people of the land, defeat all the known monsters, and finally find all
13 Celestial Brushes.

At some time, the Ark of Yamato comes alive once more.  Amaterasu and Ushiwaka
travel aboard.  Issun can not follow them and instead paints paintings that
restore the people's faith in the gods.  Using the power of the Celestial Brush
techniques and the power derived from the people's faith, Amaterasu and Ushiwaka
finally defeat Yami.  They return to the Celestial Plains where peace will be
restored to the land.

2. Full Detailed Summary

Every year on August 14, a white arrow would strike the house of a maiden in
Kamiki Village.  To keep the village from being destroyed, this maiden would be
offered to the 8-Headed Serpent, Yamata no Orochi (Orochi).  In the week before
this event, a white wolf named Shiranui, thought to be a servant of the Orochi,
would wander the village.

One year the chosen maiden was Izunami (Nami), the beloved of a swordsman named
Izanagi (Nagi).  The night she was to be sacrificed, Izanagi disguised himself
as her and got the Orochi drunk with Eight Purification Sake.  Still, the fight
was long and he eventually ran out of stamina.  But right before he was killed,
Shiranui jumped in and took over the fight.

Shiranui had great powers which controlled the world around them, but the Orochi
was still too strong.  With the last of his strength, Shiranui howled and
brought forth the moon, which transformed Izanagi's sword into Tsukuyomi.  Using
Tsukuyomi, Izanagi defeated the Orochi and sealed him.  He brought Shiranui, who
had died from poison wounds, to Kamiki Village where he and Shiranui were
eventually  honored with statues.

100 years passed.  On the hundredth year, a man snuck into the Moon Cave and
removed Tsukiyomi, releasing the Orochi once more, who immediately devastated
the land and covered it in curses.

Soon after, the wood sprite Sakuya revived Shiranui, who was actually the sun
goddess Amaterasu.  She told Amaterasu that the world was in ruin because of the
Orochi's revival and only Amaterasu could restore it.  But Amaterasu would need
to recover the 13 Celestial Brush techniques and restore the people's faith in
the gods to get enough power to save the world.

Issun, the one-inch boy, jumped out of Sakuya's kimono.  He called himself a
wandering artist and presented a drawing of Sakuya.  His goal was to collect the
13 Celestial Brushes, which were scattered across the land of Nippon, held by 13
different gods.  They had the power to effect and control the world.  After
learning that Amaterasu already possessed one of the celestial brush techniques,
Sun, Issun decided to stay and help with Amaterasu's quest.

Amaterasu soon finds another two celestial techniques, Rejuvination and Issen,
and used them to revive Kamiki Village.  The exit to Kamiki Village was blocked
by a huge boulder.  Amaterasu met the villagers, including the elder Mr. Orange,
the sake brewer Kushinada, a boy namd Mushikai (Mushi) and his dog Hayate, and
the lazy descendant of Izanagi, Susano.  Susano surprised himself by slicing the
boulder in two, although Amaterasu used Brush Techniques to secretly aid him.

Amaterasu and Issun continued to the Shinsuu Plains and, after running into
Susano once again, lifted the curse on the area.  They found the fourth and
fifth celestial brush techniques, Blossom and Cherry Bomb, before continuing to
Agata Forest.  After lifting the curse there, they met the Tao Priest Ushiwaka
(Waka), who was the guardian of the Moon Cave and was seeking a way to defeat
the Orochi.  After a short battle with Amaterasu, he left them with a prophecy
about a log.

The bridge between Agata Forest and Taka Pass was destroyed, so Amaterasu and
Issun helped a forest-dwelling child named Kokari find his dog Ume, who he had
accidentally abandoned in the nearby ruins.  Ume was swallowed by the great
monster Spider Lady.  Amaterasu soon defeated the monster, found the Celestial
Technique Vine, and rescued Ume.  Ume revealed he chose to stay behind for the
adventure.  Kokari was inspired by this and declared that he would repair the
bridge like his father asked him too.  While he was repairing the bridge, Susano
swept them all away on a huge log.  With the help of the Brush Techniques, they
were saved and the log served as the bridge to Takamiyadaira (Taka Pass).

While lifting the curse on Taka Plains, Amaterasu and Issun once again met
Ushiwaka, who revealed that the Serpent's Crystal in Kusa village was needed to
break the barrier surrounding the Moon Cave.  The pair travelled to Kusa(nagi)
Village, which was plagued by monsters.  The pair found Princess Fuse, the
village's last surviving priestess, who was trying to restore the village.  She
revealed that their windmill, which spread the Divine Wind that drove monsters
away, had been stopped by the powerful monster Crimson Helm.  Only the power of
the Satomi Clan could defeat him.  Although she had summoned them, they had not
yet arrived.

Amaterasu and Issun found five of them within the city.  They were canine
warriors who each held a crystal orb.  Princess Fuse revealed that the remaining
three warriors were farther away.  Amaterasu and Issun left to scour the world
for them.

During their travels, they rescued a young Sparrow girl from two monsters posing
as humans.  Doing so allowed them access to Sasa Sanctuary, a special haven run
by Sparrows that only the pure of heart can find.  In a bamboo grove in Sasa
Sanctuary, Amaterasu and Issun found one of the Satomi Canine Warriors.

Soon after, Amaterasu and Issun met Kushinada at a holy spring.  She was
preparing to create the 8 Purification Sake for the annual festival of the
Orochi's defeat.  She was then attacked by monsters when Susano suddenly
appeared.  Amaterasu once again secretly helped him with the Brush Techniques
and Susano slayed all the monsters.  Susano immediately ran away because his
impossible strength now assured him that he was possessed.

Later in their travels, Amaterasu and Issun helped Kokari rescue Ume once more.
This time Ume has been swallowed by the (Jyouzu) Whopper, a huge fish that is
said to have swallowed the reflection of the moon.  With the help of Amaterasu,
Kokari caught the Whopper and rescued Ume, while also freeing the Celestial
Brush Technique Moon.  Amaterasu discovers that Ume is a member of the Satomi
Canine Clan.

Amaterasu and Issun returned to Kamiki village where they discovered that
Hayate, Mushikai's dog, was the final Satomi Clan Member.  None of the three
canine warriors could return to Princess Fuse because of their loyalty to their
current masters, but they were able to give their crystal orbs to Amaterasu.
With the three orbs, Amaterasu returned to Princess Fuse.

When they returned to Princess Fuse, the orbs of the other warriors all went to
Amaterasu, who was then asked by Princess Fuse to defeat Crimon Helm and restore
the windmill.  With the help of the orbs, Amaterasu restored the windmill,
discovered the celestial technique "Wind", and located the Crimson Helm.  The
Crimson Helm proved to be very formidable, but Amaterasu was able to use the
Wind technique to keep his flames at bay.  After a long battle, flame dragons
representing the Orochi rose from the Crimson Helm.  Susano appeared once more,
and Amaterasu once again helped him as he slayed the flame dragons and Crimson
Helm.  Susano cursed the gods and shouted that he didn't want their help, when a
shadowy head of the Orochi rose from within him.  Susano once again ran away in

Amaterasu and Issun turned their attention to the treasure behind the defeated
Crimson Helm: The Serpent's Crystal.  Before they could get to the item,
Ushiwaka appeared and took it for himself.  He tells them that only he can use
it and there would be no point of them having it.  He then prophesies that they
will have a rendevous with a girl before taking his leave.

Outside the cave, Princess Fuse and Kusa Village are celebrating the return of
the Divine Wind.  Amaterasu and Issun wonder what they should do next.  They
decide to go to Kamiki's festival in order to obtain some of Kushinada's 8
Purification Sake, in the hope it can be used once again to defeat the Orochi.
When they arrive at the village the night before the festival, they find that
Susano drank all the 8 Purification Sake and locked himself inside his house.
The villagers all want to know why he did this.

He tells them that he hated being a decendant of Izanagi and that he wanted to
prove there was no legend.  He was the one that drew Tsukiyomi and released the
Orochi, bringing ruin to the world.  He ran away to the village, placing a
boulder at the exit, to try to escape his responsibility.  However, this didn't
work.  No matter where he tried to run, the gods put him in situations where he
would fight, and gave him supernatural strength.  He just wanted to go away; he
didn' want to save the world.

At that moment the arrow marking the Orochi's next sacrifice struck Kushinada's
house.  She took some of her special Thunder Brew and went to meet the Orochi,
hoping she could challenge him while trusting Susano would come to her aide.
Amaterasu and Issun refused to let her go alone and the villagers looked on
sadly as they left.

At the entrance of the Moon Cave, Ushiwaka had just succeeded in destroying the
barrier.  Suddenly a shadow of the Orochi pulled Kushinada inside.  Amaterasu
and Issun jumped in after her, while the barrier restored itself behind them,
seperating them from Ushiwaka.  They disguised themselves as an imp to wander
the cave freely.  By helping Orochi's imps, they were able to sneak into the
Orochi's main chambers.  They began to battle him, but the Orochi was too
powerful and could not be harmed.

Suddenly, Susano appeared.  The Orochi had ben waiting for him and urged him to
speak an incantation that would give great power to both the Orochi and Susano.
Susano refused and stated that he would defeat the Orochi.  Amaterasu used the
Thunder Brew to get the Orochi drunk, then howled to summon the moon.  Susano's
sword turned into Tsumugari and he quickly sliced off each of the Orochi's 8
heads, finally defeating the beast.

There was great celebration in Kamiki village.  However, Issun and Amaterasu
soon went to continue their journey to find the remaining four Celestial Brush

Their journey brought them to Ryoshima Coast, which was mysteriously cursed
despite the defeat of the Orochi.  After lifting the curse, they travelled to
the capital city, Sei-an.

Sei-an was covered in a poisonous green mist.  They had no contact with outside
world because the water guardian, the Water Dragon, had gone beserk and was
destroying all the ships in the sea.  Furthermore, their Queen Himiko secluded
herself in the temple.  The people were giving up hope.

In the city, Amaterasu and Issun found Ushiwaka.  He told them that a shadowy
esence was released from the Orochi upon its death and that it was yet causing
havoc in the world.  He then made another prophecy to them about a tiny entrance
before leaving.

The pair found and spoke with the beautiful priestess Tsudzurao, who was trying
to take care of the city.  Issun told her who they were and Tsudzurao asked for
Amaterasu's help in obtaining the Fox Rods, a treasure that could save the city.
It was being transported to the city, but the Water Dragon had sunk the ship
carrying it.  Amaterasu and Issun accompanied Tsudzurao to the sunken ship, but
the only treasure they found was the Lucky Mallet, which can reduce a person in
size.  While leaving the sunken ship, the water dragon attacked them.  Tsudzurao
ran away (leading Issun to mistrust her) while Amaterasu and Issun barely

The pair wandered the city more and heard about the emperor being sick.  They
heard rumors that the green poisonous mist is coming from him.  So Amaterasu
used the Lucky Mallet to shrink to Issun's size.  They sneak into the emperor's
castle through a crack in the wall.  While wandering in this state they release
another Brush Technique, a mist which slows down time, from a flask in the
emperor's treasure trove.  They then enter the Emperor's body, where they defeat
the demon sword Blight.  He was the source of the plague and the city is
returned to normal.

Amaterasu and Issun ensure that an imprisoned girl Kaguya, who is the
granddaughter of Kusa Village's Bamboo Seller, is set free.  She tells them she
is not really his granddaughter and that she is feeling summoned to Sasa
Sanctuary.  They try to visit Queen Himiko, but a sea of fire blocks the
entrance to her chambers.  Instead they travel Sasa Sanctuary, where Kaguya
unearths a Bamboo Rocketship with her grandfather.  He tells her he knew that it
was there because it is where he and his wife found her as a baby, before it
sank into the ground.  He never told her because he didn't want her to leave.
She then tells him she will return someday, but that she must go see where she
came from.  She leaves Amaterasu with the Fire Tablet treasure, her only
previous link to her past which the cursed emperor had tried to obtain.

Using the Fire Tablet trasure, Amaterasu visits Queen Himiko.  She reveals her
beautiful face and Issun forgets all his doubts about hers.  She tells them that
she really is concerned about the people, although she locks herself away.  She
tells them that the source of the problems is actually Oni Island, to the north.
The island randomly appears and disappears and she has secluded herself in order
to use the treasure, Crystal Ball, to locate the island.  She then tells them
that the Water Dragon is the only way for them to enter Oni Island, so they must
travel north and visit the Dragonians, who control it.  She asks for their help
and they freely give it.

They travel to North Ryoshima coast, where Ushiwaka appears and informs them
that he already lifted the curse on this area.  Issun taunts him more, and
Ushiwaka tells him a story about a boy who ran from his family, stealing his
father's drawing of a wood sprite and claiming to be a master artist.  Issun
stays silent and Ushiwaka leaves.

They soon find a fisherman named Urashima who claims to have visited the
Dragonian palace under the sea.  Investigating the legend, they meet Orca, and
emissary to the Dragonian palace.  He tells them he will bring Amaterasu and
Issun to the palace if they can find a magic whirlpool.

Amaterasu and Issun investigate a huge tower and meet the cat god holding the
Climbing Brush technique.  Using that technique, they climb a certain cliff and
restore the whirlpool nebula, whose reflection is the whirlpool Orca asked them
to find.

Amaterasu and Issun travel to the Dragon Palace and have an audience with
Otohime.  She tells them that dark forces attacked their palace from Oni Island
and the Water Dragon came in and destroyed them, but suffered grave wounds that
caused it to go mad.  The only hope for breaking into Oni Island is to obtain
the Dragon Orb from inside the Water Dragon, which Otohime can use to control
the Water Dragon.

Amaterasu and Issun do as Otohime asks of them.  After they extract the Dragon
Orb, they are attacked by fox demons.  After they defeat these, they find the
Fox Rods.  When they manage to emerge from the Water Dragon, the beast dies, and
it is revealed that it was really King Wang, the leader of the Dragonians.  He
thanks Amaterasu and Issun and tells them that he was able to steal the Fox Rods
from the Dark Lord of Oni Island, which weakened it greatly, but then lost
control of his mind.  He asks that they help the Dragonians and defeat the Dark

Before meeting with Otohime again, the heroes met Tsudzurao and give her the Fox
Rods.  When they meet Otohime, she reveals that the Water Dragon was indeed her
husband who had undergone the transformation ritual to save the Dragonians.  She
asks if they found the Fox Rods and they tell her they gave it to Tsudzurao.
Otohime warns them that many enemies are after it and that all hope will be lost
if it falls into the Dark Lord's hands once more.  Suddenly King Wang sends a
message to the audience.  The Dragon Orb comes to life and shows them Tsudzurao
being attacked by the Kyubi in Ankoku temple.  Amaterasu and Issun rush to her
aid and follow an etheral Tsudzurao through a secret passage to Himiko's

Queen Himiko has been killed by the Dark Lord and Issun can not understand why
her barrier did not protect her.  Tsudzurao emerges from the corner and tells
them how scared she is and how hopeless the situation seems after seeing the
Dark Lord.  Amaterasu growls and attacks her, for she is actually the Dark Lord.
Issun realizes that the image shown to them in he Dragon Orb was actually from
the past, when the Dark Lord obtained the real Tsudzurao's body.

The Dark Lord tells them that she will kill them and then nothin will be in her
way.  She takes the Crystal Orb and swallows it so that she may never again be
found.  Amaterasu briefly battle her and manages to get the Crystal Orb back.
The Dark Lord changes into its true form, the Kyubi (Ninetails), but there is
not enough room to defeat Amaterasu in Himiko's chambers, so the Kyubi leaves.

Issun is at a loss as to what they can do when suddenly the Crystal Orb displays
Himiko.  Himiko speaks to them, telling them that she transferred her etheral
self to the Crystal Orb and allowed it to be swallowed so that she could use the
Dark Lord's power.  She was able to give them the location of Oni Island at the
sunset of that day.  The Crystal Orb shatters due to the power Himiko used and
with her dying words, she prays for their success.

Amaterasu and Issun race to the location of Oni Island, even though they can not
break the barrier.  At a cliff overlooking the island, they find Otohime.  She
tells them hope is not lost and then uses the Dragon Orb to change herself into
the Water Dragon.  She breaks the barrier and acts as a bridge for Amaterasu and
Issun to Oni Island.

The two work hard to reach the summit of Oni Island.  On Oni Island they find a
tiger deity who gives them the Celestial Brush Technique which controls
lightning.  They have many races with a guardian of the island, who eventually
grows fond of them because of their willpower and leads them to the summit,
where the Dark Lord, the Kyubi, awaits them.  She tells them that the Ryoshima
area was bestowed upon her by Yami, the dark lord of all evil, from the north.

Amaterasu uses the lightning in the stormy sky to destroy the Kyubi's tails, one
by one, until only one tail is left.  In this weakened state, Amaterasu is able
to avenge Queen Himiko and defeat the Kyubi.  As with the Orochi, a dark essence
escapes from the Kyubi, which meets with the dark essence of Blight and travels
towards the far north.  Amaterasu and Issun decide to travel north to find the
final Celestial Brush technique and finally cleanse the land.

Soon they run into Ushiwaka once more, who tells them to go to Shinsuu Plains.
They go there and use lightning to activate a strange machine that brings them
to Kamui, the frozen northern lands.  There they meet and fight an Oinu warrior
named Oki(kurmi).  The Oinu can change into dogs.  Okikurmi recognizes Issun as
a Poncle who ran away from his village.  Issun recognizes the sword he wields as
the sacred sword of Wep'Keepa village.  Okikurmi tells them that he will kill
monsters until the sword glows silver and breaks the wall of ice, as the
prophecy of his village foretells.  Okikurmi then runs off.

After cleansing Kamui, the heroes go to Wep'keepa village.  All the doors are
locked in the village and the only person they can find is a man in front of the
village elder's house.  He is Samickle, the acting chief of the village.  He
tells Issun to leave the village.  As he and Amaterasu leave, a villager named
Kai invites them ino her house.

She tells them that after an evil energy came from the south, two sealed demons
named Nechku and Lechku were released.  They have caused the blizzard to be
worse than normal and the entire village is in danger.  The elder went to fight
them, but he lost and Samickle had to rescue him.  Samickle declared himself
chieftan and Okikurmi stole the village's sacred sword to defeat the monsters.
Furthermore, Kai's little sister, Lika, the village's hope, has gone missing.

The village elder calls for Amaterasu and Issun.  He tells them that he is
supposed to use the volcanic incantation to cause the volcanoes to errupt,
warming the area.  Due to his injuries, he can not do it.  The only other person
with the ability to perform the incantation is Lika, who is missing.  He asks
Amaterasu to find her before the day of darkness, a full day solar eclipse that
makes demons very powerful.  He suspects she went to the dangerous Yoshipetai
forest.  Amaterasu agrees to help.  Amaterasu is sent to get a special treasure
from Tuskle that will allow entry into the forest.

Amaterasu finds the stone of the sacred sword in front of a lake of ice.  In the
lake is a huge ship.  When Amaterasu finds Tuskle, she tells them that it is the
Ark of Yamato.  The legend says that Celestials from the Celestial Plains, which
rests above the land of mortals, were travelling in that ship when they were
attacked by monsters.  The ship crashed and all but one Celestial were devoured.
This ark is the source of all monsters in Nippon.

Amaterasu and Issun obtain the treasure and go to the forest, where Kai guides
them to the village of the Poncles.  Issun refuses to enter.  In the village,
Amaterasu learns that Issun once helped Kai when she was injured in the forest
and became her friend.  Also, his grandfather, the chief of the village, trained
Issun to become a great painter.  But he was very strict, and as a result Issun
ran away from the village.  Amaterasu also learns that Lika went into the
mysterious sacred gate that only a special sword may open.

Amaterasu visits the chief, Ishaku, who recognizes Amaterasu.  Poncles are
Celestial Envoys.  Their purpose is to keep the people's faith in the gods
strong because faith gives gods power.  Ishaku was the poncle who travelled with
Amaterasu previously.

Amaterasu leaves the village and goes to the sacred gate, which Issun is able to
open with his sword.  Okikurmi appears as they open the gate and rushes in.
Amaterasu and Issun follow.

The gate leads to 100 years in the past.  Amaterasu and Issun are forced to live
out the legend of Izanagi.  Although Izanami was chosen, Lika is prepared to be
sacrificed to the Orochi.  Okikurmi appears to try to kill the Orochi, but fails
miserably.  Amaterasu howls and Izanagi uses his powered up sword to kill the
Orochi.  In a last attack before being sealed, the Orochi hurls a boulder at
Izanagi, which the fully powered (and somehow heavily injured) Amaterasu of that
time, travelling with the young Ishaku, gets in the way of.  That Amaterasu dies
and the 100 year old legend is fulfilled.

Amaterasu and Issun leave that time and return Lika to Wep'keepa village, where
they fnd Okikurmi has gone to Wawka Shrine alone to challenge Nechku and Lechku.
Amaterasu and Issun go after him.  They find the final Celestial Technique, Snow
Storm, and confront Lechku.  The fully powered Past Amaterasu from 100 years ago
is there and helps fight.  Okikurmi suddenly appears, fighting with Nechku.  It
launches a powerful attack that will kill Okikurmi, but Past Amaterasu jumps in
the way.  Although heavily injured, Amaterasu continues attacking the twin
demons.  Lechku and Nechku get very injured and retreat, throwing Past Amaterasu
from a cliff.  Present Amaterasu tries to rescue Past Amaterasu, but a tree
looks as though it will crush them both.  Okikurmi chooses to save the
Amaterasus instead of chasing the twin demons, and his sword finally glows

Past Amaterasu returns to its time with Ishaku to be killed by the Orochi as
Okikurmi and present Amaterasu finish off Nechku and Lechku.  With the demons
dead, Lika performs the incantation and saves the village.  When Okikurmi
returns the sacred sword, the lake of ice shatters and the Ark of Yamato rises.

Ushiwaka appears and travels aboard with Amaterasu to return to the Celestial
Plane.   Issun can not follow them and instead paints paintings that restores
the people's faith in the gods.  Amaterasu wanders the ship.  In the cargo bay
of the ship, Amaterasu finds Ushiwaka battling Yami, the source of all evil.

Ushiwaka is a member of the Moon Tribe who came to the Celestial Plane on the
Ark of the Yamato.  The Orochi attacked the Celestial Plane and Ushiwaka help
the Celestials fight it.  Ushiwaka told Okami Amaterasu, the important ruler of
the Celestial Plains, that the only way to defeat the Orochi was with the help
of the chosen one, Izanagi.  Amaterasu believed him.  Amaterasu dragged the
Orochi to earth and awaited the Chosen One.  Meanwhile, Ushiwaka escaped the
monsters with the Celestials on the Ark of Yamato, only to find it actaully
housed Yami, the source and ruler of all monsters.  The ark crashed to earth,
releasing the monsters on he world and causing the death of the Celestials.

Ushiwaka wants to redeem himself, but he can not defeat Yami.  Yami steals the
Brush Techniques from Amaterasu, who fights hard and reclaims them all.  Using
the power of the Celestial Brush techniques and the power derived from the
people's renewed faith, Amaterasu is finally able to defeat Yami.  Amaterasu and
Ushiwaka return to the Celestial Plains and peace is finally restored to the

:: Thanks to Clover and Capcom for the game, my friends and family for being my
friends and family, and always to God.

:: This guide was made by ahojed@yahoo.com, so don't outright steal it please.

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