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Collectibles Guide by GTRagnarok

Version: Final | Updated: 07/15/2008
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Collectibles Guide
By: GTRagnarok
Version:  Final

1. About This Guide
2. Travel Guides
3. Treasure
4. Sun Fragments
5. Secret Brush Skills
6. Copyright And Legal Stuff
7. Contact Info
8. Conclusion

1. About This Guide

     This is a collectibles guide for Okami.  It incorporates the Travel
guides, unique treasures, Sun Fragments, and secret brush skills.  For Stray
Beads, there's another great guide available on GameFAQs. I've only included
the unique treasures seeing as how you can easilyobtain multiple copies of
the normal ones.

2. Travel Guides

1.  Travel Tips - You get this automatically when you start the game

2.  Greenspout Tips - In Hana Valley, after learning Bloom, bloom the cursed
                      grass near the bridge to make it appear

3.  Digging Tips - After blooming the Guardian Sapling in Hana Valley, go
                   back and fight the demons at the campfire again.  The
                   guide is on the island that appears

4.  Fleeing Battle - It appears in front of the Guardian Sapling in Shinshu
                     Field after you bloom the sapling

5.  Feeding - In Shinshu Field, it's located beside the sign at the entrance
              to Agata Forest

6.  Legend of Orochi - In Shinshu Field, it's right in front of Tama's house

7.  Enhancing Weapons - In Agata Forest, it's right in front of the Tsuta
                        Ruins entrance

8.  Battle Tips - It's right beside Kiba, the demon fang merchant, in Agata
                  Forest on the path towards Taka Pass

9.  Enhancing Divinity - Right after entering Tsuta Ruins, it's in a chest
                         opposite the save mirror

10. Godhood Tips - In Tsuta, it's on the steps leading up to the boss chamber

11. Ink Bullet Tips - In Agata Forest, you'll find it right after crossing the
                      log near the exit to Taka Pass

12. Brush Tips - In the Gale Shrine in the room with the windmills and
                 rotating platform, it's right on the edge of the west path
                 after you turn the platform

13. Mother Tree - In the City Checkpoint, there's a staircase to the left,
                  right before crossing the bridge.  The travel guide is under
                  the staircase

14. Land of the Gods - In Sei-An City, it's the chest on the right in
                       Priestess Rao's room

15. Celestial Envoy - In Ryoshima Coast, inside the Sunken Ship.  It's among
                      the many chests that you find in the first large room

16. Veil of Mist Tech - It appears immediately after getting the Fog Pot from
                        the Emperor in Sei-An City for 80 Demon Fangs

17. Holy Artifacts - In the Queen's palace in Sei-An City, it's right before
                     the lava room after going up the elevator

18. Northern Land - In the area of the Queen's palace, there are two side
                    rooms that branch off of the main building.  It's inside
                    the room on the right

19. Inferno Tech - It appears immediately after learning Fireburst from Chef
                   Yama in Sei-An City

20. Mark of Kabegami - On Catcall Island in North Ryoshima Coast, it's at the
                       base of the tower

21. Galestorm Tech - It appears immediately after learning Whirlwind from Chef
                     Umi in North Ryoshima Coast

22. Powerslash 2 - It appears immediately after learning Powerslash 2 from the
                   Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast

23. Cherry Bomb 2 - It appears immediately after learning Cherry Bomb 2 from
                    the Divine Spring in North Ryoshima Coast

24. Waterspout Tech 1 - It appears immediately after learning Fountain
                        in the Dragon Palace

25. Waterspout Tech 2 - It appears immediately after learning Deluge in Sei-An

26. Thunderstorm Tech - It appears immediately after learning Thunderbolt from
                        Gen in Sei-An City

27. Another Civilization - In Ezofuji, it's right beside the save mirror that
                           is next to the praying altar

28. Cherry Bomb 3 - It appears immediately after learning Cherry Bomb 3 from
                    the Divine Spring in Kamui

29. Tribe of the Moon - In Kamui, there is a cave on the west side of the map,
                        near the small bridge.  The guide is on a small
                        platform inside the cave

30. Powerslash 3 - It appears immediately after learning Powerslash 3 from the
                   Divine Spring in Ezofuji

3. Treasure

Rabbit Statue - In Kamiki Village, slash one of the underwater chests in the
                creek near the small bridge to get the statue

              - In the Gale Shrine in the room with the large elevator, draw
                a Cherry Bomb on the elevator, but stand clear so that the
                elevator goes up without you.  Jump down to the area below to
                find the statue

Rat Statue - In Shinshu Field, it's inside a cave in front of Tama's house.
             It's hard to miss as it is necessary to blow up the cracked wall
             of the cave while learning Cherry Bomb

Tiger Statue - It's located in Taka Pass.  After you go through the tunnel
               near the entrance and come out on the upper level, head forward
               and look up to find a Konohana Blossom.  Use Vine on it and on
               all the subsequent blossoms.  You'll eventually reach the last
               one and drop down on a boulder with the statue.  Note that
               you'll find a small ledge as you're going through the blossoms.
               Just continue past it

Dragon Statue - In the City Checkpoint, after you get the bridge down, go to
                the middle of the bridge and use Vine on the Konohana Blossom
                above you.  Continue to use Vine on the blossoms that follow.
                Drop down after the fifth blossom to land on an island with
                the statue

Monkey Statue - It's inside the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima Coast.  After you
                connect the barrel to the hooks in the room with the giant
                hand, stand on the barrel and jump up to the ledge above you
                to find the statue

Rooster Statue - In Sei-An City, after clearing the mist, the statue is in a
                 chest behind where the Emperor is sitting

Sheep Statue - In Sei-An City's Aristocratic Quarter.  Right after you go past
               the two guards guarding the palace, turn right.  The statue
               is in a buried chest under the tree

Horse Statue - It's behind Waka's floating headquarter in Sei-An City.  To
               reach it, use waterspout on the pool in the southeast of the
               Commoner's Quarter

Boar Statue - It's in North Ryoshima Coast, in a hidden underground cave
              near the pool of golden water on the east side of the mainland.
              Drop down the ledge with the pool on the east side

Cat Statue - It's found on Catcall Tower in North Ryoshima Coast.  It's on the
             final small protruding platform (the one with all 8 red marks)

Dog Statue - It's on Watcher's Cape (the raised up plateau on the mainland
             that is only accessible by using the Catwalk skill) in North
             Ryoshima Coast.  The statue is buried in the circular center
             area.  It's in the middle of 3 small shrubs

Snake Statue - In Ryoshima Coast, it's between the two mountains that are tied
               with a rope out at sea

Bull Statue - In Agata Forest, it's buried right in front of the entrance to
              the Tsuta Ruins.  The Digging Champ dojo skill is required

Amber Tassels - It's in a buried chest in Kamui.  The chest is located just a
                few steps south of the Mermaid Spring

Amethyst Tassels - In Kamui, follow the frozen river north all the way to the
                   end.  You will find a ledge with some cranes and the

Jade Tassels - In a buried chest in Wep'keer.  Right after entering the
               village, turn to the right.  The chest is near the rabbits and
               the snowman

Cat's Eye Tassels - In Yoshpet Forest, take the very first wrong path that
                    you come across (a "wrong path" meaning that the path
                    splits left and right and you take the path that the arrow
                    sign isn't pointing to)

Agate Tassels - In Ponc'Tan, near the entrance.  There's a small platform to
                the right that you can either Vine or make a sprinting double
                jump to

Turquoise Tassels - In the second half of Ponc'tan, it's the very first chest
                    that you come across.  Hard to miss

Ruby Tassels - In Wawku Shrine.  In the very first room with the two cannons,
               there are two buried chests where the cannons are/were.  The
               one on the right contains the treasure

Sapphire Tassels - In Wawku Shrine after climbing the large room with the
                   elevator shaft and going past the room with the fast
                   spinning gears, you'll be outside.  Here, just melt the
                   frozen chest to get the treasure

Emerald Tassels - In Wawku Shrine, after the outside area with a lot of
                  cannons, there's a room with a bunch of red hot spinning
                  wheels.  Here, there's a small platform on the left that
                  contains the treasure

4. Sun Fragments

1.  In Hana Valley, after obtaining the Bloom brush skill, bloom all the
    Cherry Blossoms and enemy trees to make the fragment appear in
    front of the giant mural

2.  In Kamiki, it's on the small island on the water behind Susano's house.
    It's hard to miss as you are forced to make water lilies to reach the
    island while learning the Water Lily brush skill

3.  In the Gale Shrine, it's at the very top.  After going up the final
    staircase to the top, turn back and it's in a nook above that staircase

4.  In Kusa Village, after obtaining the Galestorm brush skill, go to second
    level via the Konohana Blossom behind the inn.  Follow the wooden path
    and use Galestorm on the banners at the end.  Leap across to find the

5.  In Taka Pass, complete the treasure dig with Bingo after obtaining the
    Galestorm skill.  He's located near the exit to the City Checkpoint

6.  Defeat the Bandit Spider in the underground cave in Ryoshima Coast.  The
    cave is located in the north, below the temple.  Digging Champ dojo skill
    is required

7.  Inside the Sunken Ship in Ryoshima Coast.  In the room with the cannon,
    shoot the top gate to find the fragment

8.  In Sei-An City's Commoner's Quarter, find the locked gray building in the
    southwest.  Blow up the side of the building to get inside.  Inside, climb
    up to the second floor, walk along the beams, and drop down into the small
    caged area to find the fragment

9.  On Catcall Tower in North Ryoshima.  At the very top of the tower, there's
    a protruding platform behind the giant cat statue.  The fragment is
    located at the end of the platform

10. Defeat the Bandit Spider in the underground cave in North Ryoshima Coast.
    The cave is located on the medium sized island among the group of three in
    the west.  Digging Champ dojo skill is required

11. Defeat the Bandit Spider in the underground cave in Kamui.  The cave is
    located in the northernmost area.  Head up the path towards Wep'keer and
    jump off near the top and then head inside the small tunnel.  Digging
    Champ dojo skill required

12. In Wep'keer, head up the steps beside the merchant.  Head up the next
    steps to the left.  Head up the third set of steps to the left.  Turn
    right to find some sheep.  Go left here past the sheep and jump off when
    you get to the bridge with the frozen waterfall to find the fragment

13. In Ezofuji, it's found on a ledge that runs along the northernmost wall.
    To get to it, go up the main path on the left until you reach Tuskle's
    house.  Use Vine on the Konohana Blossom to the right, and then jump down
    to the cliff with the gray patch of dirt below.  Now look up and use Vine
    on the northern blossom to reach the ledge

14. In the second half of Yoshpet Forest, after the Ponc'tan Clearing, the
    fragment is located at the end of the third "wrong way" path

15. Defeat the Twin Demons Nechku and Lechku in Wawku Shrine to receive the
    final fragment

5. Secret Brush Skills

Fireburst - Learned from Chef Yama in the restaurant kitchen in Sei-An City's
            Commoner's Quarter.  You'll have to find the Golden Mushroom
            first.  To obtain it, head to Taka Pass.  Find the moles above the
            Cutter's house and beat them at their game.  Take the tea cup that
            you get to the shop owner at the entrance of Taka Pass to get the
            mushroom.  Give it to Yama and you'll be able to learn Fireburst,
            giving you the ability to summon fire at any time.

Powerslash 2 - Obtained by offering 60,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in North
               Ryoshima Coast.  The spring is located on the small,
               northernmost island.  Slash the rock that is on the island to
               reveal a hole.  Powerslash 2 allows you to cut the purplish
               iron rocks

Powerslash 3 - Obtained by offering 360,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in
               Ezofuji.  The spring is located on a cliff that you jump to
               from the main left path.  Use the map to help locate the cliff.
               Once you're on the cliff, use Powerslash 2 to slash the iron
               rock, revealing a hole.  Powerslash 3 allows you to cut the
               greenish diamond rocks

Cherry Bomb 2 - Obtained by offering 120,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in North
                Ryoshima Coast.  The spring is located on the northern island
                that appears to have a natural pier.  Bomb the cracked ground
                on the island to reveal a hole.  Cherry Bomb 2 allows you to
                draw 2 bombs at once, IE you draw one, let it appear, and
                immediately draw another

Cherry Bomb 3 - Obtained by offering 300,000 Yen at the Divine Spring in
                Kamui.  The spring is located to the left of the Guardian
                Sapling.  Use the Konohana Blossom beside the sapling to get
                up there.  Then, use Cherry Bomb 2 to reveal the hole.  Cherry
                Bomb 3 allows you to draw 3 bombs at once, IE you draw one,
                let it appear, draw another, let it appear, and then draw a
                third one

Mist Warp - Obtained by trading 80 Demon Fangs with the Emperor in Sei-An City.
            After you've revived the Emperor and cleared the mist, go talk to
            him in his room and you can buy the Fog Pot for 80 Demon Fangs.
            It allows to warp between the larger save mirrors that have an
            X.  Just stand in front of a save mirror and draw an X through it.
            It allows you to reach a couple of, otherwise, unreachable places

Whirlwind - Learned from Chef Umi in the restaurant kitchen in North Ryoshima
            Coast.  First, you'll have to buy a Marlin Rod from the merchant
            in Sei-An City or the one in North Ryoshima Coast.  Then, head to
            one of the western islands and talk to the guy on the pier.  Help
            him fish a marlin.  Return to the kitchen and you'll be able to
            learn Whirlwind from Umi.  With it, you can summon a powerful
            tornado to surround you

Fountain (whirlpool) - Obtained after completing the digging game with the
                       dancer in the Dragon Palace.  Complete the reversed dig
                       and you'll be able to learn the skill from the dancer.
                       Fountain allows you to warp through the Mermaid Springs
                       without having to use a Mermaid Coin

Thunderbolt - Learned from Gen in Sei-An City's Aristocratic Quarter after Oni
              Island.  To learn it, you first need to head to Shinshu Field
              and beat Ida (the mailman running around) in a race three times.
              Once you beat him the third time, he will hand over the Gimmick
              Gear.  Now, go to the Aristocratic Quarter.  In the northwest
              area, there's a tall tower.  Climb it using the Catwalk skill
              and the cat statues in the back.  Inside, give the gear to Gen
              and you can learn Thunderbolt.  It allows you to summon
              lightning at any time

Deluge (rain) - This skill can be obtained after completing Oni Island.  Head
                behind the Queen's palace to find a small pool of water.  Use
                Waterspout and draw the water to the four giant stones in the
                background to learn Deluge.  It allows you to summon a
                rainstorm at will

Ice Storm - This skill is unique in that you don't have to complete any
            certain task to be able to use it.  It's available as soon as you
            get the Blizzard brush skill.  To use it, just draw an X with a
            line going through it (horizontally or vertically).  It will
            summon a rain of ice

6. Copyright And Legal Stuff

     This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and is a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

7. Contact Info

     If you:

- Want to use this guide on your website
- See a problem in this guide (I'd appreciate any notice about
  grammar/spelling errors that you see)
- Have any questions

Then contact me at:


Make sure to have Okami somewhere in the subject if you're going to email me.

8. Conclusion

     That's it.  I hope you've found this guide to be helpful.

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