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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SilverPhoenix

    Version: 0.99.1 | Updated: 06/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spyro the Dragon 5: A Hero's Tail -- NTSC version
    Platform(s): PlayStation2, GameCube, X-Box
    Developer/Publisher: Eurocom Entertainment; Vivendi Universal
    Author: SilverPhoenix (K. Martin)
    Version 0.99, Jun-19-07
    Preliminary FAQ Sheet
                 This Guide is dedicated to the memory of one of the
                greatest FAQers ever, Kao Megura. May he rest in peace.
    If you don't know from other guides, the 'gibberish' letters following the
    chapter names are Ctrl-F keywords; press Ctrl-F, type one in, and press Enter
    twice. There you are, at the beginning of the section you wanted. Easy, huh?
    |                                   Contents                                  |
       1. Disclaimer [DSCL]
       2. Legalese [LGLS]
       3. Getting Started
          3.0 Story [STRY]
          3.1 Health [HLTH]
          3.2 Controls [CNTR]
          3.3 Characters [CHCT]
          3.4 Enemies [ENMS]
          3.5 Bosses [BOSS]
       4. Walkthrough [WLKT]
          4.1 Realm: Dragon Kingdom [HUB1]
              4.1.1 Dragon Village [DRVI]
              4.1.2 Crocovile Swamp [CRSW]
              4.1.3 Dragonfly Falls [DRFA]
              4.1.4 Boss Fight: Gnasty Gnorc [BSS1]
          4.2 Realm: Lost Cities [HUB2]
              4.2.1 Coastal Remains [CORE]
              4.2.2 Sunken Ruins [SURU]
              4.2.3 Cloudy Domain [CLDO]
              4.2.4 Boss Fight: Ineptune [BSS2]
          4.3 Realm: Icy Wilderness [HUB3]
              4.3.1 Frostbite Village [FRVI]
              4.3.2 Gloomy Glacier [GLGL]
              4.3.3 Ice Citadel [ICCI]
              4.3.4 Frostbite Village, Revisited [FVRE]
              4.3.5 Boss Fight: Red the Dragon [BSS3]
          4.4 Realm: Volcanic Isle [HUB4]
              4.4.1 Stormy Beach [STBE]
              4.4.2 Molten Mount [MOMO]
              4.4.3 Magma Falls (Top) [MAFA]
              4.4.3b Magma Falls (Bottom) [MAF2]
              4.4.4 Dark Mine [DAMI]
              4.4.5 Red's Laboratory [RELB]
              4.4.6 Boss Fight: Mecha-Red [BSS4]
       5. Collectibles
          5.1 Dark Gems [DAGE]
          5.2 Light Gems [LIGE]
          5.3 Dragon Eggs [DRGE]
       6. FAQs [FRAQ]
       7. Outside Sources [OTSS]
       8. Credits/Contact [CRED]
    |                               Disclaimer [DSCL]                             |
    Spyro, "A Hero's Tail", and *all* related names, objects, etc., are TM and
    copyright 2004 Universal Games and Eurocom Entertainment Software. Some source
    material is from several different websites, as well as the official Demo Disc.
    All webarticles are copyrighted by their original authors.  No copyright
    infringement is intended, implied, or claimed.
    By the very nature of the document, it is riddled with **SPOILERS**. Please
    consider yourself warned. :)
    This guide is designed for all three versions of AHT (GCN, PS2, & XBX). The
    XBox control listing was originally provided by 'blvjmh' (via weblink; see
    sources) and is reprinted from the game manuals. Some other button commands
    were contributed by 'nosnibor28'. The final Secret Area, and the final boss
    section, were written by readers KathrynsDad and Carl G., respectively. Actual
    gameplay may vary from system to system in minor details, though in practice
    there should be no difference, as those details should constitute nothing more
    major than the location of various gems, and possibly graphical quality.
    |                                Legalese [LGLS]                              |
    This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, phoenix4777-at-
    msn-dot-com (etc.), as of 10-25-04; updates are also copyrighted. It may only
    be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com, wonderdogsoftware.com, and pyrephoenix.com.
    Please do not request to be allowed to host it on your site, as I may update
    without warning and I don't want outdated versions floating around the Net.
    You may download and save a copy for your own personal use, and may print out
    a single copy, also for your own personal use. It may not be distributed in any
    media, written or electronic; it also may not be published, whether or not for
    profit, without my prior -written- permission.
    I'm sorry to be so harsh; unfortunately that's the nature of the beast these
    |                                Getting Started                              |
                                    The Story [STRY]
    Note: For backstory purposes only, it is *strongly recommended*, though
    certainly not necessary, that you play the first three Spyro games, released
    for the Playstation, before playing AHT. They are 'Spyro the Dragon', 'Spyro 2:
    Ripto's Rage'/'Gateway to Glimmer' (depending on where you live) and 'Spyro 3:
    Year of the Dragon'.
    This time out, everyone's favorite little purple dragon goes head to head with
    one of his own; the appropriately-named Red, a (what else?) evil red dragon.
    From the manual: "Since Spyro's last adventure, the Dragon Realms have enjoyed
    a long period of peace and prosperity. However, a shadowy figure from the
    distant past has returned to disrupt the serenity of the land--the evil dragon,
    Red! Now he has come back for vengeance!
    "There is but one dragon who has the courage and strength to battle Red and
    foil his diabolical plan--the mighty Spyro!"
    The back of the box says, "Spyro's band of five explosive allies must track
    down and destroy the deadly dark gems. The mysterious dragon, Red, has
    created the gems in order to corrupt the mighty Dragon Realms with evil. The
    ferocious five must restore the magnificence to their worlds or risk losing
    their home to darkness."
    Finally, official press releases, and the unfolding story in-game, say that
    Red was booted from the Dragon Council ages ago, and like any good villain,
    swore his revenge. He's mined and scattered 'Dark Gems' around the Dragon
    Realms, which are evil gems that suck light and goodness from the world
    around them, in order to twist the Dragon Realms to his bidding.
    Red's found a couple of evil buddies to help out: Gnasty Gnorc is back, and
    another all-new villain(ess), named Ineptune, evil queen of the Seven Seas.
    Naturally, Spyro is, once again, called upon to save the world as the dragons
    know it.
                                      Health [HLTH]
    To regain health: Use a weapon breath on, or charge at, any of the little
    critters (such as rats) that hang out in the Dragon Realms. They'll turn into
    butterflies, which Sparx will eat, regaining 1/4 of Spyro's health.
    (yellow=full health, blue=3/4 health, green=1/2 health, no Sparx=one hit left!)
                                        Controls [CNTR]
    Spyro has both new and old abilities in this game. Flame, Ice, and Lightning
    Breaths all make return appearances, and Bubble Breath from EtD has upgraded to
    Water Breath. He can use all-new moves like Double Jumps, Ledge Grabs, Wall
    Kicks, a Pole Spin, and an upgraded headbash, now called the Horn Dive.
    Hunter the cheetah can also double jump and stomp, and adds punching, a Slide
    Attack, a Bow Swipe, arrows, Fire Arrows, and a Bow Spin to his movelist.
    Sgt. Byrd can fire air-to-air homing missiles and air-to-surface bombs.
    Sparx, now having fully 3-D levels, can not only shoot normally, but can fire
    missiles and smart bombs!
    Finally, Blink the Mole can Double Jump, Buttstomp, use a claw attack, dig,
    shoot his lasers, and throw bombs.
        |                  Playing the PlayStation 2 version                  |
        | X=X button | T=Triangle button | []=Square button | O=Circle button |
        |L1, L2, R1, R2=shoulder buttons | L3, R3=left & right analog sticks  |
                  |           Playing the GameCube version            |
                  | A=A button | B=B button | X=X button | Y=Y button |
                  |  L, R=shoulder buttons  | C-stick: 'camera' stick |
                  | Z=Z trigger |   D-pad=the plus(+)-shaped button   |
                 |              Playing the Xbox version               |
                 | A=A button | B=B button  | X=X button | Y=Y button  |
                 | Wh=White button |   D-pad=8-way directional button  |
                 | Bl=Black button | LA, RA=left & right analog sticks |
                 | L, R=shoulder buttons |       Back=Back button      |
    When you're on the ground, the Control Stick (GCN) and the left analog stick
    (PS2 and XBox) will move you in the obvious ways: left=left, up=up, down=down,
    and right=right.
    If you're in first-person view, up and down are normal by default, that is,
    pressing up will move your view up (away from the ground), and vice-versa.
    Left and right stay the same. To change this, go to the options menu and
    choose "First Person Y-Axis."
    If you're playing as Sgt Byrd, up and down are *REVERSED* by default, even
    though they call it 'Normal'. For Byrd, pressing up will move you down
    (toward the ground), and vice-versa. Left and right stay the same. To change
    this, go to the options menu and choose "Sgt. Byrd Y-Axis."
    If you're playing as Sparx, up and down are normal by default, that is,
    pressing up will move your view up (away from the ground), and vice-versa.
    Left and right stay the same. To change this, go to the options menu and
    choose "Sparx Y-Axis."
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    General Controls:         |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                 Move Camera: |  C-stick    |       R3        |      RA     |
           Display Basic HUD: |   Tap Z     |       R2        |      Bl     |
          Display Map Screen: |   Hold Z    |     Select      |     Back    |
                       Pause: |   Start     |     Start       |     Start   |
    On the Map Screen:        |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
          Task List (at map): |     Y       |       []        |      X      |
    Items Collected (at map): |     X       |       O         |      Y      |
               Help (at map): |     A       |       X         |      A      |
      Power-ups (from items): |     R       |       R1        |      R      |
      Items (from power-ups): |     L       |       L1        |      L      |
            Map (from items): |     B       |       T         |      B      |
            Change Level Map: |   L & R     |    L1 & R1      |    L & R    |
        Resume Play (at map): |   B or Z    |  T or Select    |  B or Back  |
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    Playing as Spyro:         |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                    Walk/Run: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
              Breath Select*: |   D-pad     |      D-pad      |    D-pad    |
                        Jump: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
                 Double-jump: |  A, Tap A   |    X, Tap X     |  A, Tap A   |
                       Glide: |  A, Hold A  |    X, Hold X    |  A, Hold A  |
                   Horn Dive: | A, Tap A, X |   X, Tap X, O   | A, Tap A, B |
           Paddle Underwater: |   Hold A    |      Hold X     |    Hold A   |
               Wing Shield**: |   Hold B    |      Hold T     |    Hold Y   |
              Charge or dive: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
             Swim Underwater: |   Hold X    |      Hold O     |    Hold B   |
          Main Breath Attack: |     Y       |        []       |      X      |
            Secondary Attack: |     R       |        R1       |      R      |
           First-Person View: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
      *Fire, Water, Ice, or Lightning Breaths.  **When learned.
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    Playing as Sgt. Byrd:     |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                    Maneuver: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                         Fly: |   Hold A    |      Hold X     |    Hold A   |
                 Turbo Boost: | Hold A + X  |   Hold X + []   |   Hold A+X  |
               Fire Missiles: |     R       |        R1       |      R      |
                  Drop Bombs: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    Playing as Blink:         |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                    Walk/Run: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                        Jump: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
                      Crouch: |     B       |        T        |      Y      |
                 Double-jump: |  A, Tap A   |    X, Tap X     |  A, Tap A   |
                  Butt Stomp: |  A, Tap X   |    X, Tap O     | A, Tap A, B |
                 Claw Attack: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
     Dig (near cracked walls: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
                Shoot Lasers: |     Y       |        []       |      X      |
                 Throw Bombs: |     R       |        R1       |      R      |
           First-Person View: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    In the Ball Gadget:       |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                    Maneuver: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                        Jump: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
                       Brake: |     X       |        []       |      X      |
                       Turbo: |     Y       |        O        |      B      |
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    Playing as Hunter:        |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                    Walk/Run: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                        Jump: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
                 Double-jump: |  A, Tap A   |    X, Tap X     |  A, Tap A   |
                       Stomp: |  A, Hold X  |   X, Tap X, O   | A, Tap A, B |
                    Bow Swat: |  A, Tap Y   |    X, Tap []    |  A, Tap X   |
         Bowspin (defensive): |   Hold B    |     Hold T      |    Hold Y   |
                       Punch: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
                Slide Attack: |  A, Tap X   |    X, Tap O     |  A, Tap B   |
                Shoot Arrows: |     Y       |        []       |      X      |
           Shoot Fire Arrows: |     R       |        R1       |      R      |
           First-Person View: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
                              |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
    Playing as Sparx:         |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
     Move Targeting Reticule: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                       Shoot: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
               Fire Missiles: |     B       |        O        |      X      |
                 Smart Bombs: |     Y       |        []       |      Y      |
                       Turbo: |     R       |        R1       |      R      |
                       Brake: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
                                  The Good Guys [CHCT]
    Spyro & Sparx
    If you don't know who these two are, how do you manage to play the game?
    Spyro's the little purple dragon that you control through the whole game. Sparx
    is his dragonfly helper, who controls how much life Spyro has left.
    (yellow=full health, blue=3/4 health, green=1/2 health, no Sparx=one hit left!)
    He also gets his own fully 3D missions in this game (yay!).
    The cheetah who helps Spyro out, teaching him how to use the various
    jump-and-glide abilities in the Spyro games. In AHT, he gets a much more active
    role, as you get to control him running, jumping, and firing his bow.
    Sgt. James Byrd
    The world's first--and only!--jet-pack-equipped penguin.
    This mole is the Professor's nephew. He has an arm-mounted laser cannon, and
    loves being underground, away from open spaces.
    And speaking of the Professor... A knowledgeable older mole who assists Spyro
    with technically-oriented things like teleport portals and Light Gems.
    A greedy bear dressed as a gypsy(?). Runs an item/accessory store chain in
    the Dragon Realms.
    A friendly fairy; saves your game so you have a continue point if you die in
    the middle of a level.
                                   Normal Enemies [ENMS]
    Gnorcs (small): Rat-like, greenish fellas. Like to shoot arrows at you. Flame
       or charge them.
    Gnorcs (large): These thick-skinned beasties take a puff of your flame breath
       to take down; they're too big to charge.
    Gnorcs (armored): Charge them to knock their armor loose, then flame them into
    And others. (coming soon!)
                                    Boss Enemies [BOSS]
    A red (what else?) evil dragon who's trying to take over the Dragon world,
    using Dark Gems to twist the Realms to darkness.
    Gnasty Gnorc
    Yep, he's back. Upset at his defeat in Spyro 1, he's joined Red and is looking
    to serve up a little thing called payback. Chances are, he ends up eating
    humble pie.
    Evil queen of the sea. A brand-new character, not much more than her name is
    known at this time. Though nosnibor28 points out that it "seems to be a
    combination of Neptune, Roman god of the sea, and the word 'inept,' which means
    incompetent or not graceful."
    Nothing is known about this boss, except its name. Presumably it's a robotic
    version of Red, or possibly an armored dragon-shaped vehicle.
    |                              Walkthrough [WLKT]                             |
    A note or two.
    First, I'm not going to be pointing out specific gems, unless there are some
    in random, easily-missed areas. There are going to be just too many to point
    to every single one. Also, it appears that when an enemy respawns in an area,
    so do the gems it gives you.
    Second, chances are I'm not going to point out fodder. If you see it, get it.
    Just an all-around good habit to be in, even if you aren't low on health.
    Currency: Gems are worth different values from prior games.
       Yellow = 100 | Purple = 25 | Green = 5 | Red = 1
    Moneybags' Stores:
    Moneybags has 15 items available for sale. In the regular store (the actual
    building) his prices are semi-reasonable. At any of the remote pads, there's
    a significant markup (25%).
      Ammo: Fire Bomb (50), Ball Lightning (250), Aqua Bomb (50), Ice Missile (100)
      Magazines: Fire +5 (500), Electric +1 (1000), Water +10 (250), Ice +2 (750)
      Items: Lockpick (500), Double Value Gems (1000), Butterfly Jar (1500)
      Upgrades: Health Unit (5000), Keychain (5000), Shockwave (10,000)
      Teleport Pass (100)
    The Ammo and Magazines are Spyro's secondary breath weapons; Ammo is per use,
    and Magazines allow you to carry more Ammo. The Teleport Pass transports you
    from one of Moneybags' activated remote stores to another; press the shoulder
    buttons to move between levels. The Health Unit gives Sparx another hit point
    (after green, he turns red). The Butterfly Jar refills your life to full twice
    per purchase; conceivably, with both this and the Health Unit in your
    possession you can take up to 12 hits. The Keychain and Lockpick
    (*coughkeycough*) go together; without the Keychain you can only hold one key
    at a time; once bought, you can carry up to three at once. The Double-Value
    Gems item does exactly what it says; it doubles the value of all gems you pick
    up for a short amount of time. Finally, the Shockwave gives your Horn Dive an
    extra oomph.
    I'd recommend starting out getting the Keychain as soon as you can, followed by
    the Shockwave and then the Health Unit. Going into a boss fight, you may want
    to purchase a Butterfly Jar, but it's not a high-priority purchase overall. I
    wouldn't bother with the Double Value Gems item, unless you know ahead of time
    that you're going to be getting a lot of gems in the next few minutes (first
    thing to do when starting in a new realm, for example). I'll leave the Ammo,
    Magazines, and Lockpicks up to your discretion; buy them (or not) as you
    please. Magazines don't run out; you can buy up to 8 of each, and they'll
    increase your maximum Ammo capacity in each breath type.
    Level Summaries and Checkboxes:
    In each level's summary, I give checkboxes for you to keep track of what you
    have or haven't done without going to the Map Screen. Each mini-game has an
    'Easy' and a 'Hard' level, but aren't checked off on the Status Screen until
    you've done both. The '[E][H]' checkboxes let you mark off one and come back
    later. Also, the '[R]' boxes are tasks that show up in each level of a Realm,
    but aren't completed until you've finished off all the levels.
                             Realm: Dragon Kingdom [HUB1]
    Dragon Village [DRVI]
       Access: Start here! | Fodder: White and Black Sheep
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 6 [][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 6 [][][][][][]
       Tasks: 11
       [] Visit Moneybags | [] Collect Gems | [] Buy Lock-Pick | [] Open Gate
       [] Visit Elder Tomas | [] Destroy Dark Gem | [] Retrieve Dragon Egg
       [] Collect 8 Light Gems | [] See Nanny | [E][H] Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    You start out in the Professor's lab, being told smidgens of info about Red and
    his plans, and having all your questions brushed off. The Prof. says you should
    go see Moneybags, and before he can open the door, you're gone! So much for
    locks... and cutscenes.
    Now, Spyro is under your control. Take note of the 'how to open your Status
    Screen' tutorial, then head over to see Moneybags (you don't have to, but you
    miss some dialog). He'll tell you to collect 500 gems, then come back and see
    him. Wander around this first area, paying attention to the various pop-up
    directions and the geography. Pay special attention to the cave with weeds
    in front of it, the locked gate, the hill you can't climb yet, and the closed
    When you've had enough of being babysat, you should have 550 gems (all that's
    available in the first area here). Go talk to Moneybags. Turns out he's a
    little wary of this new currency, but hey, he's greedy, so what does he care?
    Buy a lockpick, then go use it on the locked gate which you should have found
    while exploring.
    Whoa! Sparx can talk! After you recover from the surprise, go on through the
    tunnel to meet Zoe, the Continue Point fairy. Your first Dark Gem awaits on
    the other end... but you can't take it out just yet. Ember, the little pink
    dragon who's waiting next to it (and apparently has a major crush on Spyro...
    or is it something more?) tells you to go see Elder Tomas to find out how to
    destroy the Dark Cryst-*ahem*... sorry. Gem. Step on the switch to open the
    next tunnel, which will close behind you. This cave, while it will lead you
    to Tomas, has something more important in it: your first cracked wall. It's
    on the right, just past the entrance. Charge into it to break it open,
    collect the baskets of gems, and proceed. Tomas, who sounds an awful lot
    like Maechen, not to mention the Ents, will eventually tell you how to smash
    Dark Gems; climb the ledge across from the Elder to take out your first one,
    and watch the fun as another tunnel breaks open on the next ledge.
    Double-jump over there (you can't go back, remember? the gate closed behind
    you), and follow on through to meet Hunter for the first time in this game.
    He's standing next to another gate, this one with a big ol' target above it.
    He'll make you a deal; bring back a Dragon's Egg and he'll open the door for
    you. Hunter "reminds" you about how to glide, and says to get crackin'. Drop
    down first, and collect all the gems (and fodder) lying around on the bottom
    of the ravine, then climb up the little ledges to get back to where Hunter is.
    Don't worry about the "Strong Chest" for now.
    Cross the little platforms by gliding one to the next, and as you near the last
    ones, the game will warn you that you're about to meet your first enemy. Follow
    directions to make short work of him, go through the tunnel, and hop across
    these platforms (don't fall off here!) to rinse and repeat on the next Gnorc.
    Step on the switch, go through the door, and get zapped. The Viking-ish Gnorc
    in here is one you can just charge to defeat, so do it, then grab the Dragon's
    Egg in the next room. Go back outside, grab the little floating ball, and read
    the description. Use it on the Gnorc and grab the second Flame Bomb ammo. One
    more tunnel, one more (armored) Gnorc--you have to charge this one before
    flaming him. Drop down to be congratulated by Hunter, who then shoots the
    target and lets you out.
    Onward. Through the tunnel, take out two more armored Gnorcs, take note of the
    big ol' locked chest, and go over to the weird machine hanging out in the
    corner. After the Professor's done asking if you've played Mario, Mario 64,
    the Pagemaster, or Zelda, he'll open the door to the Nursery... just in time
    for you to watch a bunch of thieves get away.
    Nanny Shoutfire (heh) tells you about the 80 Eggs that have just run out the
    door. You volunteer to get them back--why not? You're gonna be out there,
    saving the world anyway... grab the Light Gem and go through the other door,
    back into the main starting area.
    You have a few options here. First, stop by Moneybags' shop and grab some
    lockpicks. You can, if you want, get a gem multiplier, but remember they're
    temporary use only, so there's not really any need to get one yet. Go back
    through the Nursery and use one on that big chest. A Dragon's Egg! Next,
    remember that ledge that you couldn't get up earlier? Well, go jump up there.
    Hey, look, another chest. This one is... a Light Gem! Go on down through the
    tunnel, eliminating the armored Gnorc on the way, and look around this next
    area. Learn about switches on walls, ram into it, and jump onto the platforms
    it activates. Hop across them quickly, starting with the one right by the
    switch and going to the right. They'll start to lower as you jump off the
    second platform, but keep going; as long as you double-jump to the next you
    should make it. Your goal is the ledge with the little oval blue door, this
    first time. You'll find a rocket when you get up here; fire it off by
    breathing flame on it, then go in the door and get your Light Gem.
    Glide over to where the chest used to be, collecting the gems there. Get back
    to the switch and throw it, then hop to the second platform. From here, go
    over and destroy the second Dark Gem. This will reveal a little room
    containing a Dragon's Egg. Next, drop back down and go talk to Sgt. Byrd,
    whom I'm sure you've noticed waiting patiently by now.
    He takes you to a Speedway. The first time through, you'll get a Dragon's Egg,
    which he considers small beans. Byrd offers to fly it again, for a Light Gem
    this time. You have 3 minutes on Easy (the first run), and 1:48 on Hard,
    though both times are augmented considerably by the collectibles in the
    Speedway. The mini-level isn't that tough; hold down your 'Fly' button to keep
    Byrd in the air, keep pressing the 'Missiles' button to shoot constantly, and
    keep moving. There are Arches, Rings, Gnorcs, Birds, and Targets in this
    Speedway; if you keep firing and find all the Arches and Rings you shouldn't
    have any real trouble on either difficulty. One Ring is hidden inside a rock
    formation, but keep your eyes peeled and you should be all set.
    Finally, head back toward where you came into this area and look for a broken
    spot on the wall. Charge into it, and you'll find a small tunnel, leading to an
    open area with a couple of small Gnorc archers and some Flame Bomb ammo.
    You can use the ammo to eliminate them, if you're lucky; otherwise, just
    flame or charge them down. Get the Dragon's Egg in the creek, then climb the
    stairs and jump out over the hole to grab the Light Gem. If you fall in,
    you'll get scolded by the Professor; if not, either jump in to see what I
    mean, or retrace your steps back to the beginning of the level.
    One more thing, and Dragon Village is done (for now). Go back to where Ember
    was (remember the gate you originally bought a lockpick for?) and destroy the
    Dark Gem there. The bridge rebuilds itself, and you can cross it, to find
    another locked chest with a Light Gem, and a tunnel that leads to Crocovile
    Swamp. On the way through, you'll come to a chasm with a floating platform.
    Jump on the platform and wait--it'll ferry you across.
    Crocovile Swamp [CRSW]
       Access: from Dragon Village | Fodder: Swamprats, Bats
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 10 [][][][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 8 [][][][][][][][]
       Tasks: 7
       [] Visit Elder Magnus | [] Use Pole Spin | [] Find Blink the Mole
       [E][H] Let Blink explore | [] Visit Fredneck the Frog
       [E][H] Clear Fred's Critter Problem | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    You'll come out of the tunnel from Dragon Village to find a little round room
    with a bunch of tentacles waiting for you. Stay near the wall, flaming any
    tentacles you care to, and make your way down the ramp toward the other exit.
    If you want to grab the Flame Bomb ammo, feel free; just don't fall in the mud
    around the little island. Go through the exit tunnel, and take a quick look
    around. First thing you'll see is a hologram of Moneybags; go talk to him. He
    gloats about how you can buy anything from here that you could from the main
    shop... for shipping and handling, of course. If you don't have one on you,
    buy a lockpick. Go back to looking around this intro area. Sooner or later
    you're going to run into bone-club-wielding lizards, known as Crocoviles
    (hence the name of the place). Flame or charge these guys to eliminate 'em.
    The next thing you see, down in a narrow valley below a number of ledges, is a
    door with the same red-glowing symbol as the 'Strong Chests'. Not surprisingly,
    perhaps, it's a 'Strong Door', which you can't open yet. Back past Moneybags'
    outlet, to the left, there's a Dark Gem right out in the open. Go destroy it.
    This will cause a chunk of mountainside to drop, and three ledges to rise.
    Climb them, and hop into the new tunnel. Just past Zoe, look carefully at the
    wall on the right. See the little crack near the ground? Charge into it, and
    flame the spider hiding right inside. Follow the tunnel up to find... a locked
    treasure chest, with a Light Gem inside. Go on back down to Zoe, and continue
    on down the tunnel.
    Kill off a spider or two on the way down, and on the other end, explore the
    small area. Watch out for spiders; they can shoot little web projectiles at
    you. A new enemy here is what looks like Piranha Plants from the Mario games;
    be careful, because some can flame you back! One quick flame will take both the
    spiders and the plants down. On the far edge of this area, you'll see a
    platform out in the muck. Hop out to it, and the three that follow, for a
    Dragon's Egg. Get back to the land, head on back up the tunnel, and go past
    Moneybag's store.
    Climb the ledges above the Strong Door. Time the spiked logs, and jump as
    they're going in. The ledges spiral up from here past three Crocoviles, two
    Strong Chests, and a small muckpit (don't fall in). From the top of this set of
    Ledges (hey, look! The floor up here is cracked!), glide across to the cannon
    out on the floating island. Use it to open those two chests on the ledge
    pyramid, then shoot the top level of the pyramid itself to reveal a Light Gem!
    When you're done shooting, go get the gems and Light Gem, then get back down to
    ground level.
    From Moneybags' portal, go right past the pyramid, and down the low slope to
    hear about the Supercharge Gadget, which takes 40 Light Gems to activate. Keep
    going, hop over the muck on the other side and get the chest, then come back
    and take out the sudden ambush of enemies. Ignore the tunnel for a moment,
    climb the few ledges, take out the lizard, and notice that there's a locked
    chest. It's got a Dragon's Egg inside; go ahead and get it now if you want.
    Either way, go on through the tunnel, which has a new hazard; rising and
    falling floor spikes, which are pretty easy to avoid. Out the other end of the
    tunnel to find...
    An ancient temple, several Piranha plants, another Moneybags portal, and
    another tunnel. We'll ignore the tunnel for now. Kill off all the Piranha
    plants, avoiding their fireballs on the way. In the process, you'll see a pair
    of headbash switches on the ground. Hit each as you find it; one is on a high
    ledge, and one is to the right of the temple door. You'll be rewarded with,
    what else, an open temple. Go inside, and take out the lizard-man. Step briefly
    on the switch he was on to open the gate, and go on in to get the chests. The
    locked one contains a Dragon's Egg; go on outside and buy a key--excuse me, a
    lockpick *rolls eyes*--if you want to get it now.
    Step on the other floor switch in here to drop the big rock door. Go through
    and hop platform to platform, being wary of the big swinging axes and the
    Crocovile. A Light Gem awaits on the far end; getting it sets off the axes that
    weren't swinging, starts boulders falling,  and spawns a few large, unhappy
    Gnorcs on the platforms. If you get knocked down, don't sweat it; you'll
    respawn back at the entrance from the tunnel outside. The last room of the
    temple requires Electric Breath, so remember it for later, and head outside.
    The tunnel I mentioned is to the left of the temple doorway as you're facing
    out. Hop down the stairs, then back up the next set of ledges. Take out the
    Piranha Plant, then go through the tunnel. More floor spikes, and a pair of
    Crocoviles later... JulieCanada writes, "Just before you exit this tunnel, look
    on the wall on your left. You'll see a blue wall stone amongst green stones.
    Headbutt it and a secret door will open. You'll find plenty of jewels inside."
    There's also a Light Gem inside, by the way.  Get zapped by Zoe on the other
    end of the tunnel. There's a headbash-chest out across the muck to the left, a
    Light Gem behind a gate above you, and a Crocovile on a little island straight
    ahead of you. Get the chest if you want, then go take on the lizard. Hop to
    the platform, then to the next island for a description of Polespin poles. Go
    back to the platform, then jump to the next one. Wait here a moment if you want
    to get the Light Gem. See the stones rising and sinking in the muck? You need
    to hop across them. Quick reflexes will get you to the other side, where a
    Crocovile and a Piranha Plant await your flames. Burn 'em, then hop to the
    upper ledge and take your prize.
    Go back out across the islands and platforms, and this time keep going. You'll
    see Blink the mole trapped in a cage straight ahead. Go step on the switch to
    release him, and play the minigames if you want. The easy level consists of
    exploring the cave and destroying five Dark Gem shards for a Dragon's Egg,
    while the hard level has you destroying ten of them for a Light Gem. Opening
    Blink's cage will also open the gate above him, but you can't get up there yet.
    Go past his cage, through the low opening to the left. A giant tree, another
    Moneybags shop, and a Dark Gem await you here. Smash the Dark Gem, go inside
    the tree, and talk to Elder Magnus, who will teach you the Polespin ability.
    Try it out inside the tree, to get yourself a Light Gem. Go back to the
    starting pole, and use the polespin in the opposite direction to get to a ledge
    which will take you outside; from here you can glide to a ledge with a Dragon's
    Play around here a little more for some more chests. When you're ready to move
    on, go back to Blink's cage, and notice the poles behind it. Climb them to find
    a cob-webby tunnel at the top. Turn around, and look out at the far wall.
    Notice the tunnel opening across the way. Glide over there (it's just far
    enough to make it). Hop to the first platform, then turn to the left and jump
    to the ledge with the Crocovile. Take him out, and you should see a Dragon's
    Egg behind a gate. Charge into the gate, and it should should break away,
    leaving you free to grab the egg. Go back to the cobwebby tunnel above Blink,
    and head on through it, taking out the lurking spiders on the way. At the other
    end is the third Dark Gem for this level. Destroy it to find Fredneck the
    Frog's house. Fred will agree to grow some lilypads so you can leave the swamp.
    He'll also have a 'shoot the critters' minigame for you, with the by-now
    standard 'Easy' and 'Hard' modes. Jumping across the lilypads, stop on the
    second one and look to the right. There's a Light Gem on a ledge; glide over
    and nab it.
    That's it for now. We'll have to come back later to finish things off. Right
    now, head back to Dragon Village--we have eight Light Gems, and that means we
    can power up the Professor's Ball Gadget, and head for Dragonfly Falls.
    Dragonfly Falls [DRFA]
       Access: from Dragon Village, via Ball Gadget | Fodder: Sheep, Rats
       Dark Gems: 4 [][][][] | Light Gems: 9 [][][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 6 [][][][][][]
       Tasks: 5
       [] Collect 70 Light Gems | [E][H] Clear Sparx Shooter
       [] Retrieve Dragon Egg | [] Retrieve Light Gem
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    The Ball Gadget is quite a bit of fun. You roll around in a large ball, picking
    up gems, breaking crates, and running over enemies. The trip to Dragonfly Falls
    is pretty straight-forward, with only a couple of possible trouble spots. The
    first is going up a ramp; stay at full speed and jump at the end to get across
    the gap. The second spot is near the end; you have to roll up a wall and jump a
    little bit to get onto a ledge with three spinning bumpers. The end is right
    around the corner from here.
    Into the level proper, head on down the first passage, which has more floor-
    spikes just before the end. Climb the ledges, and notice the cracked wall just
    past Zoe. Charge on in, grab the gems, and upon leaving, notice the lone
    Crocovile on a ledge opposite the way you came into the level. He's guarding a
    locked treasure Chest, which holds a Light Gem.
    Moving forward, you should be seeing lots of lush tropical forestation, and not
    a lot of enemies just yet. The wide area just ahead has a Moneybags portal just
    through the far exit, and a Crocovile guarding another cracked wall. Defeat
    him, charge the wall, and flame the little black bats that are immediately
    going to dive-bomb you. Hidden down this passageway is a Dark Gem (and a number
    of shards). Once you destroy the Dark Gem, it'll reveal another opening, behind
    which is a Dragon's Egg.
    Further on! Past Moneybags' shop, you'll find three goats waiting to charge
    you, and a random Goatkeeper who wants nothing more than to swipe at you with
    his staff. Flame the lot of 'em, then look around. There's one of those "Strong
    Doors" off to one side, and a cannon opposite. Glide over to the cannon; you
    should land on a ledge with a button in the floor. Activating it will raise a
    wooden platform near the door; hop on up to the cannon (watch out for the
    Crocovile on the way) and use your gunpowder-based key. Nothing else to use the
    cannon on, so go on down to the floor of this area, and make your way over to
    the wooden platform, then into the now-open doorway. There's a Light Gem just
    sitting there for the taking, and a cracked wall at the back. Bust it open for
    a whole mess o' gems, then head back to the walkway where you started.
    Down the next corridor are a series of wall-spikes; get past them and out into
    another open area. Unless you're looking for gems, you can just breeze right
    through this next part, as the ledges on each side only hold enemies and a few
    gems, and no major collectibles. There's a Piranha Plant to the left, a large
    Gnorc on the right, and an armored Gnorc further on, also on the left. Heading
    through the next corridor, it splits to give you two choices. You can head to
    the right, with a number of floor-spikes and a dead end, or go left, toward
    more lush greenery. We're going left.
    The first thing you see is a pair of grassy pedestals out in the middle, with
    three Vultures flying around in the distance. Glide out to the first pedestal,
    and cross the gap toward the left. Destroy the Dark Gem over here to reveal a
    cannon. Hop on, and use it to blow up the two giant boulders across the way,
    which drops another cannon over there. Jump back to the first pedestal, then on
    to the second one. They may tilt, but don't worry; they won't fall out from
    under you.
    Get across to that second cannon, and blow up the boulder on the pedestal the
    birds are circling. You need to hit the crack, not just the side of it, so
    adjust your aim as needed. Take out the birds, too, if you want to, then hop
    off the cannon and cross to the far ledge. As you get over there, two more
    birds will fly out from the left-hand opening. Go on in to find a Dragon's Egg
    sitting in a giant nest. Grab it, come back out, and head down the right-hand
    If you hop up the chests strategically stacked down here, you'll find the first
    of your Secret Areas. This one takes 70 Light Gems to open; we'll be back
    (much) later. Get zapped by Zoe, then step up to the ledge and look around.
    Start by gliding out to the closest floating platform. From there, you should
    be able to see a Dark Gem down to the right. Head on down there and smash it,
    filling the area behind it with water and submerging a cracked wall. Hop in the
    water, get told how to swim, and get over to the cracked spot. Bust through it
    to find a Light Gem.
    Go back to the open area and start collecting gems. From the starting point,
    about a third of the way around the edge of the room clockwise you'll find a
    hole in the wall. Sparx points out that you can't fit in, but he can. Mini-game
    time. You get the usual Dragon's Egg and Light Gem. From this ledge, if you've
    gotten all the gems you care to from the rest of this area, hop down to the
    ledge with gems and a Crocovile. Through this tunnel, you'll find a bay. Don't
    go in the water here--it's full of piranhas! First things first, glide way on
    over to a ledge to the right. If you don't get up there, you'll find a Wall
    Kick slot, which you can't use yet, so you'll have to come back. If you do get
    up there now, you'll find a bunch of baskets around a tree, a Crocovile, and a
    cracked wall, which has a Dragon's Egg inside.
    Drop down (if you got up there, of course), and if you don't have one, talk to
    Moneybags for a key. Hop across the islands and platforms to get to the locked
    Treasure Chest on the other side, which holds a Light Gem. Go back out to the
    middle of the bay, on the closest grassy platform to where you come in. Get
    into first-person view, and when the vultures start dive-bombing you, flame
    them. (Regular flame breath should work; only use the Fire Bombs if they aren't
    close to you.)
    Cross the wooden platforms to the far grassy one, and get the Light Gem there,
    then keep going across the platforms to the opposite side from the entry point.
    Climb on up the ledges, and glide across to where Zoe and Hunter await.
    A little talking to Hunter, who wants to go "be awesome", and you now control
    the cheetah. Walk on through the cave, climb the first ledge, and you'll come
    out on a series of ledges and platforms. Trina the explanations fairy will walk
    you through Hunter's controls as you go; my best advice for playing as Hunter
    is anytime you see an enemy, switch to first-person view and shoot it as soon
    as possible, from as far away as possible. Hop across ledges and platforms--be
    sure to shoot the little archer Gnorc on a high ledge--until you get to where
    Zoe waits to zap you next to a waterfall. Jump through the waterfall (if you
    look carefully you'll see a gem or two waiting on the other side) to find a
    hidden room with several Gnorcs (just shoot them), a lot of gems, and a couple
    of Fire Arrows.
    Get back out of this room, go to the end of this walkway, and climb the patch
    on the wall where Trina explains about climbing. The room at the end will have
    more gems and more Fire Arrows; get them, climb back down, and continue on
    across the platforms. From the first one you jump to, look around in first-
    person view and shoot the archer Gnorc before he sees you. Cross to the next
    ledge, and shoot the two Gnorcs here (one next to you and one across the way).
    Cross to where the one opposite was, and follow Trina's directions to open the
    cracked wall for some more gems. Get the fodder that's over here if you need
    to, then go back to where the other Gnorc was. Stand there for a minute, get
    into first-person, and shoot down the three vultures. Ahead of you, you should
    see a Dragon's Egg in a nest; this is a long jump, so be sure to double-jump
    from the very edge of this platform.
    Get the egg, then turn right and shoot the archer Gnorc on the ledge and the
    large Gnorc waiting below you, then hop down to where the large Gnorc was. Turn
    left, shoot the next Gnorc, jump over there, grab the Light Gem and drop off
    the ledge, and turn to the right. Head on out, talk to Spyro, and you're done.
    Back as Spyro, jump back across to the little land bridge, and go off the other
    side to the wooden ledge. Glide to the next bit of land, and if you explore
    around a little, you'll find another Wall Kick slot. You should see a Light Gem
    waiting; you can't get to it yet. Back on down to near the start of this area,
    but not past where the wooden ledge was, climb grassy ledges to a fenced-in
    ledge with two small metal chests on it. Stand at the edge up here, and you
    should see a moving platform coming toward you in a moment. Hop out to it, and
    from the other end of its flight, glide to a high ledge with a Dark Gem on it.
    Destroy the Dark Gem, and the mountainside will fall away. A thermal will
    activate, along with an explanation of what it does. Hop in, jump out at the
    top, and head on down the tunnel. You'll see several floor-spikes popping up
    and down; this is where the tunnel split oh-so-long ago. Head on back to the
    beginning of the level, take the Ball Gadget home, and you're ready to go fight
    Boss Fight: Gnasty Gnorc [BSS1]
       Access: from Dragon Village | Fodder: None (random butterflies may appear)
       Dark Gems: 0 [X] | Light Gems: 0 [X] | Dragon Eggs: 0 [X]
       Tasks: 3
       [] Defeat Gnasty Gnorc | [] Use Electric Breath | [] Activate the Teleporter
    Hey, look! The first boss of the game, and there's a certain kind of parallel
    at work here, as he's also the main boss of the first Spyro game.
    Upon first entering Gnasty's Cave, you'll meet Flame, a young red dragon who
    was trapped when Red placed the Dark Gem seal. Just behind him is another
    Dragon's Egg, giving you the final one for Dragon Village. Continue on down the
    tunnel. When you see "Gnasty Gnorc's Cave" at the bottom of the screen, walk a
    little further, and a cutscene kicks in. Sit back and enjoy the banter.
    In a couple of minutes, Spyro gets sick of Gnasty, and the fight begins. Run
    circles around Gnasty, while he takes swings at you with that big ol' club of
    his. This is a three-stage fight; in stage one, he's got just three attacks.
    First, he'll bang his club on the ground three times, sending shockwaves each
    time; just doublejump over them. If you get too close he'll swat at you
    directly; that's number two. His third attack is smashing his club down and
    sending out a shockwave with little whirlwinds attached; if they hit you,
    you'll take damage. Now. The first and second attacks give you no chance to
    fight back. The third, if it misses you, will cause Gnasty's club to get stuck
    in the ground. While he's doing his best to unstick it, run around behind him
    and flame his butt (yes, you read that right). Three hits triggers a temper
    tantrum, and Gnasty will change tactics.
    He gains another attack in this round; in addition to the first three, he'll
    pound the ground to cause boulders to rain out of the ceiling. Not too tough to
    avoid; they cast a shadow wherever they're about to fall. The overall tactics
    stay the same; wait for him to get his club stuck, flame his (heart-covered!)
    boxers, rinse, repeat. Three more hits trigger another temper tantrum, and
    another attack set.
    Panels on the walls fall open, revealing big electric conductors. Gnasty uses
    these to power a whole new set of attacks, and this is where it gets
    interesting. He can still swat you if you get too close, so don't. He still
    uses the three-hit shockwave; still just a doublejump over it. He has four
    other attacks; the first is shooting a solid beam of electricity straight at
    you. Just keep running to avoid it. Second, he can throw two different kinds of
    lightning at you. The first is a pair of lightning bolts; jump over the first
    and land to avoid the second--if you double-jump, you'll jump right into the
    second one, so just tap the jump button. With this one as well, Gnasty's club
    will get stuck if he misses you, so go flame away. The second kind of lightning
    he can throw is a series of ball lightning, and you need to double-jump high to
    avoid this one.
    The final attack Gnasty can use in this round is a single-hit shockwave which
    throws an electrical surge as well. If he misses you with this shockwave, the
    club will get stuck again. Go use your flame! Three final hits later, the
    battle is yours.
    If you die after you've taken off either one-third or two-thirds of his health,
    you'll start anew at that point.
    Gnasty's defeat will release Amp, the electricity fairy who talks very very
    quickly. She'll give you Electric Breath abilities. For now, jump onto the
    platform that appears, and use your new breath weapon on the... thing in the
    middle. it activates the platform, and you float on over to the exit. Back into
    Dragon Village proper, and you get a short cutscene about the teleporter in
    which Spyro manages to annoy the Professor.
    Before you use the teleporter, remember the room in Crocovile Swamp's temple,
    which had electrical switches inside? If you go back there now, you have ten
    seconds to spark all four switches and open the door. Behind it is a round room
    with a pit, the bottom of which has a Crocovile and a few chests, and a small
    U-shaped corridor which hides an Egg Thief. Chase him down to retrieve it.
    Other possible unfinished tasks you may wish to complete before moving on:
    mini-games from one or more of the other characters and/or Locked Chests.
                               Realm: Lost Cities [HUB2]
    Coastal Remains [CORE]
       Access: from Dragon Village, via Teleporter | Fodder: Hermit Crabs, Rats
       Dark Gems: 4 [][][][] | Light Gems: 9 [][][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 7 [][][][][][][]
       Tasks: 9
       [] Access the Cloudy Domain | [] Collect 20 Light Gems
       [] Access the Sunken Ruins | [] Activate 1st Water Wheel
       [] Activate 2nd Water Wheel | [] Collect Reward | [E][H] Let Blink explore
       [E][H] Save the Turtles | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    After a short cutscene, of Red grumping because you beat Gnasty, you arrive in
    a small sandy valley. Moneybags (proudly) has a store straight ahead, with the
    normal prices and items available, a Locked Chest behind the store (with only
    200 Gems inside) and the sealed boss cave off to the left. You need 20 Dark
    Gems to access it, so let's get crackin'!
    Starting simple here, there are five openings from this intro area. Head down
    the first one to the right while facing the teleport machine. You'll first meet
    a new enemy here: sandcrabs. Small crabs can just be charged into, or zapped
    with Electric Breath. The large crabs can be killed with Electric Breath, which
    is the easy way; Jester tells me that there's another way: by waiting for them
    to snap their claws at you, charging into them, then delivering a headbash. A
    large Gnorc and four crabs later, you meet Otto the (what else?) Otter. He's a
    surfer, dude. Spyro's less than impressed, but listens anyway--someone drained
    the water out of Otto's pool, and it'd be righteous if Spyro could refill it.
    He'll give you a Light Gem, dude, what are you waiting for?
    Hop into the drained pool and make your way to the far end. Climb the ledges to
    the right, and head down the short passage. Kill the Gnorcs and the blue...
    er... beasts (dragondogs?) here, then climb up and use your Polespin ability to
    get the waterwheel moving again. Just jump from one to the other, and repeat--
    you'll see when you get there. You have to fill the gauge to the top, and it
    wants to go back down if you're too slow for it.
    Head back to the now half-full pool, jump in, and climb out via the pedestal
    straight ahead. Drop into the hole in the little alcove in front of you, and go
    past Zoe, then around two corners and drop down through the doorway. Looking
    around the immediate area, you'll find a Moneybags portal, Blink, a Dark Gem to
    the left of Blink, and a passage leading down to the right. Smash the Dark Gem,
    and two paths will open up. The left one leads down a hallway with two archer
    Gnorcs and two of their larger cousins. Take 'em all out, and you'll see a
    Dragon's Egg waiting on top of a tall pedestal behind the second large Gnorc.
    Use your Electric Breath on the two floating platforms, then climb on up the
    resultant stairway.
    The right-hand path leads past two more archers to the second waterwheel. To
    reactivate this one, you have to jump from platform to platform, fairly
    quickly. Once that's done, you'll get a cutscene of the pool filling the rest
    of the way up, and you can go explore the other end of the area past Moneybags
    and Blink before returning for your reward from Otto.
    Down this passage, you'll go past another archer and a set of spiky, swinging
    seashells. Some mini-tiki spearmen attack, and past them another set of
    swinger seashells awaits you. Zoe will zap you as you come out onto a beach
    where an armored Gnorc awaits. Kill him, then head on down to the far end of
    the beach. Hop from platform to platform until you get to the last one down
    here, then hop into the water. Turn around and hop into the lower level of the
    tower you just left to find a Light Gem. Hop out onto the little platform, then
    glide over to the next one (toward the center of the water). Climb up the lower
    platform right next to the large one with a headbash chest on top, get the
    chest, then continue on across the platforms toward the Dark Gem you should be
    able to see by now. When you reach it, do the obvious thing and smash it, then
    watch as the entrance to the Sunken Ruins rises from the sea bed, along with
    six progressively taller platforms around it. Climb on up to the top of the
    large glowing globe, and notice that it looks as though there's a target on
    top? Well, it is one. Headbash it, and watch the shards fly. The new floor here
    is all elevator, so if you want to go play in Sunken Ruins and come back here
    later, by all means do so.
    Otherwise, head on back to where Otto waits. On your way back, talk to Blink if
    you want to try the new minigame area. In Otto's pool, climb up to the first
    low ledge, with a headbash chest on it. Glide over to the next one, also with a
    headbash chest, then one more glide, to the Light Gem. Finally, go talk to Otto
    for the Light Gem he's holding for you.
    Back out in the main intro area, the next passageway (2nd to the right of the
    Teleport Machine) is a quick little detour. Past two large crabs is a pool with
    a sign indicating piranhas in the water, so try not to fall in. Hop up onto the
    ledge, then across the floating seashells. There are two possible goals here;
    one is the ledge guarded by a mini-tiki spearman, and all he's guarding is a
    few gems. The other goal is the ledge at the far end of the seashells, and
    there's a Dragon's Egg hiding in the little chamber here. Head on back out to
    the main area.
    The next passage along is the sealed boss tunnel, so we'll ignore it for now.
    Facing the boss passage, there are two more places to explore. One is directly
    on your right, and one is behind you and slightly to the right. We'll take the
    straight-right one first. Climb up through the pink seashell-tunnel to find an
    open area with two little huts, each of which will disgorge as many mini-tiki
    spearmen as you can kill. Hop on top of the huts and headbash to destroy them,
    then kill off any spearmen left behind.
    This area has three possible exits. The furthest to the left as you enter is
    the first one we'll look at. Hey, look! A Secret Area door, and it only takes
    20 Light Gems to open it. If you've been following closely, you should have at
    least that many by now. Go on down and through, to find an open valley, with an
    Egg Thief, who's easy to surprise and flame before he starts running. Take out
    any enemies you'd like (there are four archers and three large Gnorcs), and
    collect all sorts of gems. Go down to the far end of the valley, and what looks
    like just rock is revealed to be ledges. Hop up them, and into a hidden chamber
    containing a Light Gem.
    Head on back to the previous area, and get zapped by Zoe. Next, turn around,
    and go down the far right tunnel. On the other side, Zoe waits again (man,
    those brain cells must be dropping like flies, eh?), and so does a Gnorc on the
    big island straight across from you. He's guarding a Dark Gem, so get out there
    and bust him up, then smash the Dark Gem while you're at it.
    This raises several islands from the water, including one with a cannon which
    will be used in just a couple of minutes. Turn around and look at the wall by
    the cave you came from. See the spin-poles? Glide on over to them, and make
    your way across. You want to jump to the first two moving ones just before they
    get to the end of their paths; meanwhile, when you're on those moving poles,
    wait until they come to the end and stop for a second to jump off. Six poles
    later, you're on solid ground again. Cross the islands, nabbing the Dragon's
    Egg on the way, until you get to the Strong Chests. Stop and look at the wall
    with the door set into it. Notice the spinpoles below it? Glide on over to them
    (you can actually get to the middle one from here, if you want). When the
    spikes move in, jump to the next one in line, and from the last one into the
    whirlwind. At the top of the whirlwind, glide over to the cannon's island and
    open the door; hit any of the Strong Chests you care to whilst you're here.
    An alternate way of reaching the cannon has been brought to my attention, by
    two different readers. Within an hour of each other, no less. I'll let the
    first one, 'moviegirl', do the talking: "If you double jump and glide from the
    island with the Gnorc on it, you can just make the bottom of the whirlwind.
    When that takes you up to the top, you can then glide over to the island with
    the cannon on it.  Destroy whatever Strong Chests you wish, and the door into
    the next setting.  Then, double jump and glide over to the island furthest from
    Zoe (closest to the ocean netting).  If you have Sparx, he will collect most
    (unfortunately, not all) of the gems that are waiting.  Swim back to the first
    whirlwind (the one closest to Zoe) and then double jump onto the island that
    had the Gnorc on it.  Collect whatever gems you want, then double jump and
    glide over to the whirlwind next to the spikes that move in and out.  When you
    reach the top of the whirlwind, you can then jump and glide out and around into
    the open doorway. All of this, and you never have to touch one of those bloody
    spinning poles! :)" Note that with this method, you can't reach the Dragon's
    Egg above the island.
    Whichever route you choose, make your way over to the doorway, and go down the
    little passage, avoiding the three swinging seashells. Out the other side lies
    another cove, which you're standing on a ledge overlooking. The final Dark Gem
    awaits you here; destroying it raises a couple of stair-sized ledges you can
    use to come back up here.
    Glide across to the platforms in the water, and hop across them and the
    floating seashells to reach a broken tower on the far side of the cove. A
    Dragon's Egg is just kinda hanging out up here. Grab it, then jump down to the
    beach on this end of the cove. There's a cracked wall right here; bust through
    it to find a very worried Mother Turtle (who sounds an awful lot like Mary
    Poppins!). She would awfully appreciate it if you could use a turret gun to
    keep the sandcrabs and vultures from stealing her children away while they try
    to make it to the water's edge. The two levels here involve saving first 20,
    then 27, baby turtles. It's pretty tough.
    If you're having trouble, GunValkyrie writes, "Just keep shooting in a very
    narrow band. Draw invisible lines down the beach on each side of where the
    turtles walk along the sand and down to the water. What I was doing wrong was
    trying to shoot the vultures in the air and was moving and veering too far from
    the objective. Just stay focused and let THEM come to YOU. Cuz once you are
    firing too far left or right and MISS you've lost that turtle plus 3 others
    from the other side."
    There are a couple more points of interest in this cove, most notably the Light
    Gem hanging high in the air over a waterwheel. You can't get that until you've
    gotten the Water Breath, so leave it for now and come back later. There's also
    a locked treasure chest on the high grass near where you came in; it only has
    150 gems inside, so it may not be worth your time (or money) to get it.
    For now, find the exit tunnel, or head back out the way you came in. If you go
    through the exit tunnel, you'll see that you're coming out of the tunnel that
    we ignored a while back, on the opposite side of Moneybags' store from the boss
    cave. Go back to the tunnel to the right of the boss cave, just past Moneybags,
    and go through the center exit in that area.
    The next open-sky area has a couple of low platforms and one high one. You
    can't do anything with them at the moment, so just go past them and through to
    the next area. In here, there are a number of windmills with poles between
    them, and a switch on the ground in front of a platform with a Light Gem above
    it. Headbash the switch, and get 18 seconds to dash down to the platforms you
    bypassed on the way here, which are now raised so you can reach the high
    platform. Once you're up top, glide over to the pole in front of the opening in
    the rock, and hop over to the ledge. From here, jump from pole to pole,
    avoiding the windmill blades, until you reach the platform at the end with the
    Light Gem. Drop down and go through the next tunnel. There are some pits in
    here which are filled with what looks like sand; don't step in it, because it's
    an instant kill, like lava. Just glide past them to get to the end of the
    There are two exits from this new area; one, straight ahead, leads to Cloudy
    Domain, and has Zoe standing (floating, really) in front of it. The other, off
    to the right, takes a little work to get to, but it's worth it. First, hop
    ledge to ledge until you can get onto the Electric Breath-powered seashell, and
    zap it. This will take you through the gap in the hills, and let you off next
    to another set of ledges. Collect any gems you may want, then zap the Electric
    Breath-powered floating platform. Go to the other side of the central pillar
    and jump up to the top of it, then from there to the float you just activated.
    Hop off the other side for a couple of chests, and glide across to where a
    Light Gem awaits. Finally, get onto the new Electric Breath seashell and zap it
    to go back to the starting point. If you've done everything you'd like to at
    this point, there's no reason for you to hold back; jump on the elevator to
    take you to Cloudy Domain, or head over to the elevator for Sunken Ruins if you
    want to go there instead.
    Cloudy Domain  [CLDO]
       Access: from Coastal Remains | Fodder: Chickens
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 8 [][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 7 [][][][][][][]
       Tasks: 4
       [] Visit Elder Titan | [] Use Wing Shield
       [E][H] Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    The very first thing you'll likely see in this level is a locked Treasure
    Chest. Thankfully, Moneybags is right next to it, so you can buy a key pretty
    easily. The Chest holds a Light Gem; get it, then buy a replacement key. Next,
    take out the Gnorc on patrol, and cross the bridge into the small room. There's
    a switch on the floor which will open the door ahead of you, and another switch
    on the wall behind you. Hit it and watch the cutscene of the two propellers
    turning over to reveal two more switches, then head on through the door. Let me
    warn you right now: this is a floating level, so I'm going to say "platform" a
    lot. :D
    Ahead of you, you'll find two linked platforms floating back and forth. Hop
    onto the first one, zap the floating Gnorc that's above it, and hop to the
    next. Zap this Gnorc (use a Secondary breath weapon if you have to), and fly
    across the gap to where a Dark Gem awaits. Smashing it reboots a whirlwind
    generator; glide over there and light the firework on the edge for some Fire
    Bomb ammo. Go up the whirlwind to find some fodder, three Strong Chests, a
    large Gnorc, and two small Gnorcs guarding a Light Gem. Zap the three Gnorcs,
    grab the Light Gem and any fodder you might need, and cross the gap to where
    Moneybags Portal awaits.
    Walk around the back of this building to find the Professor waiting with a
    Supercharge Portal; if you've gotten 40 Light Gems by now you can use it to
    open the Strong Door on the next island (which encloses a locked Treasure Chest
    with a Dragon's Egg inside), and the Strong Chests on the island you came over
    here from. If not, just turn around to find a switch on the back wall of the
    building; press it to open the door to where the slightly senile Elder Titan
    waits to teach you Wing Shield.
    When he's done talking, go through the next door, up the steps, and across the
    small gap to grab a Dragon's Egg. Use your new ability to deflect the boomerang
    back at the floating Gnorc, and cross the platforms behind him for a Light Gem.
    Head back to the beginning of the level.
    Once you get there, turn around and face back into the level. The two switches
    here do pretty much the same thing: lower floating platforms. However, they
    each lead to very different places.
    The left-hand switch lowers a platform leading to a path which curves back on
    itself. Cross the new platform and glide past the Gnorc with wings (he'll just
    watch you do this), and take out the armored Gnorc on the next platform.
    There's a small hovering Gnorc between you and the next building, but he's out
    of range. He'll breathe fire at you if you stand still too long, so jump and
    glide past him, into the building. There's a Treasure Chest which holds a
    Dragon's Egg in here, and a headbash switch out the other side. This switch
    lowers another hovering platform, from which you can jump to a small moving
    platform. Jump on the next platform, with the basket in the middle, and use
    Electric Breath to zap the hovering Gnorc ahead of you. Jump to the moving
    platform he was guarding, and off the other side to yet another stationary one.
    Zap the little Gnorc before he can breathe fire at you, and jump and glide to
    the light blue platform he was in front of. Don't stay here too long, as once
    you've touched each ring of this type of platform, it'll vanish. Jump to the
    next building, head on through it, and set off the firework for a few gems.
    Jump and glide into the gems ahead of you to reach the next floating platform,
    and grab the Light Gem above it once you get there. Jump down to the platform
    below you, which is one of the first two you started this path on, and get back
    to the bridge from the beginning.
    The other switch, on the right, leads to a fork in the road. The right-hand
    fork will lead across a number of small solid platforms and several vanishing
    ones to a Light Gem, while the left fork leads to a medium-sized platform with
    an elevator built into it. Hop on the platform, and from there to a vanishing
    platform with a Dragon's Egg in the middle of it; grab the Egg, and if you
    can't get back to the elevator, Zoe's right above you, so you won't respawn
    very far away. On the opposite side of the elevator from where Zoe hovers lies
    a pair of small platforms. Jump on one, and it will cause the other to rotate
    around it, and vice-versa. Use these to cross the level, toward the low
    building you can see in the distance. When you get to the building, find and
    catch the Egg Thief who lives there, then use a second set of rotating
    platforms to cross a second gap and find Zoe. Cross the next couple of
    platforms and go in the building to find an elevator; go on up to find and
    destroy the next Dark Gem.
    This will restore a bridge to the next building along; cross over to it and
    head up the whirlwind to find Sgt. Byrd anxiously awaiting his next assignment.
    Before talking with the intrepid penguin, cross the bridges beside him, and hit
    the switch beside the next building to lower a platform with a whirlwind on it.
    When you get the Wall Kick ability, come back here and head up through the
    whirlwind for a chance to use it. Glide across the gap between the next two
    buildings in order to destroy the last Dark Gem on the level. This will lower a
    platform-bridge to a Ball Gadget minigame. Fall into the hole in the middle of
    the roof here, and go out the door to find a switch that will make getting back
    here easier.
    Clean up anything you haven't done yet, like Sgt. Byrd's level and the Ball
    Gadget minigame, and head back to Coastal Remains to tackle the Sunken Ruins if
    you haven't already. Otherwise, go take on Ineptune.
    Sunken Ruins [SURU]
       Access: from Coastal Remains | Fodder: Rats
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 8 [][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 6 [][][][][][]
       Tasks: 3
       [] Collect 24 Light Gems | [E][H] Clear Sparx Shooter
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Coming off the elevator, you'll encounter a merman and a few of his pets. Take
    them out, and it's the only time you'll ever see them (they don't respawn
    later, for some reason). The treasure chest in this first room isn't really
    worth opening (it only holds some secondary Breath ammo), but get it if you
    like. Taking a quick look around, the big iron door on your left won't open
    just yet, so head on down toward Moneybags' portal. Pick up some keys from him;
    there are a lot of treasure chests in this level. Take out the merman and go
    through the door.
    Dive into the pool of water, and follow the trail of gems to the other opening.
    Watch out for the mermen on the way; they'll try to stick you with their
    tridents. Out the other side, before you go through the door, turn around and
    hop over the rubble. Kill off the merman and open the chest for a Dragon's Egg,
    then head back to the new door. Hey, look, a Dark Gem. Smash it to release the
    whirlwind generators in the floor, and hop into the nearest one. At the top,
    hop out and glide to the next one, and so forth around the room until you reach
    the level of the ledges up top.
    Glide to the nearest ledge for a Dragon's Egg, and cross the ledges to a locked
    treasure chest which holds a Light Gem, then fire off the firework rocket and
    get back to floor level for the gems the firework releases. Climb the steps to
    one side of the room and go through the opening for a fun conversation with a
    mermaid named Lily, then grab the locked chest in here for another Light Gem.
    The markers Lily refers to are the seashell-shaped lights suspended from the
    top of this next pool; just follow them to the next opening. Out the other
    side, you'll see the Professor waiting at a new Gadget Portal: Invincibility!
    This will let you swim through the green water which the pool in the floor of
    this room holds. Dash through the gadget portal and dive into the water. Turn
    around and swim back toward the portal end of the room, avoiding the propellers
    on the way. When you make it through, grab the Light Gem to open a window, and
    hop through it.
    Head down the next corridor, and down the ledges, to find a Moneybags Portal in
    front of a door. Stock up on keys if you want, then go through the doorway. In
    this room you'll find another Invincibility Portal (which doesn't seem to have
    much use right now), a Sparx minigame, and a pair of brightly glowing columns
    which bring up the Wall Kick message for now (when you get Wall-kick, come back
    for a Dragon's Egg). Play the Sparx minigame if you'd like, then grab
    invincibility and fall through the hole in the floor. Kill the dragon-dogs down
    here, grab any gems you want to, and go through the corridor. Get zapped by
    Zoe, and go through the next door into a big room full of columns.
    Wander around the ground floor of this room, collecting gems and breaking Dark
    Gem shards, and when you're ready, climb the ledges in the corner. Up top, open
    the treasure chest for a Dragon's Egg, then hop ledge to ledge across the room,
    avoiding the green fish-spit along the way. At the other end, grab the Light
    Gem and hop onto the floating platform. Zap the electric switch to be taken to
    a doorway above the fish-heads. Down the hallway, hop onto the elevator and
    ride it down. At the bottom, go further on down the spiral, past a Dark Gem
    shard, and through the doorway into a large open room (Room 1). Collect any
    gems you'd like in here, then line yourself up and dash through the
    Invincibility Portal toward the pool of green water. Dive in, and swim forward.
    About halfway along, toward the bottom of the pool, waits a Light Gem; grab it,
    then head back toward the surface at the other end. An almost-mirror twin of
    the room you just left awaits you here (this is Room 2). Climb the ledges in
    the corner and cross the spin-poles to a ledge with a switch on it. Headbash
    the switch for a quick shot of more poles appearing in Room 1. Go back there,
    in the same way you got here, and repeat the ledge-to-poles-to-ledge
    performance, and headbash the new switch to reveal more spin-poles in Room 2.
    The new poles will allow you to reach a Dark Gem. Smash it, then go down the
    corridor behind it to access the upper level of Room 1 for a firework which
    will open the gems on the bottom level of Room 1, and a locked chest holding a
    Dragon's Egg. Get any gems you'd like, and head to the newly-opened exit in
    Room 2.
    Climb the spiral down this hallway, and go through the door behind Moneybags'
    portal. In here, head clockwise around the room until you reach the floating
    platform. Zap the Electric Breath switch on it to be raised to the top level of
    ledges. Headbash the switch up here, watch the minor cutscene, then zap the
    electric switch at the edge of the platform to move the long pole toward you.
    Jump to it, and hang there. When the pole stops moving again, jump off toward
    the next ledge. Headbash the new switch, and repeat the whole procedure. When
    the statue is one step away from completely raised, you'll have hit all the
    switches available; time to do a little collecting. Drop onto the mid-level of
    ledges and make your way around. You'll find a firework which will open the
    Strong Chests for a load of gems (as usual), and a locked Chest which holds a
    Light Gem. Finally, glide out to the center and smash the Dark Gem. Go through
    the new doorway, and down the hallway. The mermen will still try to throw
    spears at you, and there are a few crabs to deal with, but overall routine
    Follow the corridor along, and end up in a room with a large elevator platform
    in the middle. Hop onto it, and onto the ledges around it at the top. Open the
    locked chest up here for a Light Gem, then climb the rubble at one end of the
    room into one last hallway. Headbash the switch here to open the door from the
    beginning of the level that wouldn't open for you then, and take a right in the
    next room to find Zoe and the elevator that brought you here.
    Head on back to the Coastal Remains, and if there's nothing left to do, go
    release the seal on the boss cave and head down the tunnel.
    Boss Fight: Ineptune [BSS2]
       Access: from Coastal Remains | Fodder: None (random butterflies may appear)
       Dark Gems: 0 [X] | Light Gems: 0 [X] | Dragon Eggs: 0 [X]
       [] Defeat Ineptune.
    Wow. Ineptune is, well, inept. She's Ursula's second cousin, going by looks,
    and her belt buckle is her weakness (don't look at me, I didn't write it). She
    apparently thinks Spyro is large, and he yells at her for not being cliche
    enough. :D Don't fall in the green water.
    Starting out, Ineptune has two attacks; she'll breath nasty gasses at you, and
    throw around balls of gas. When she throws the gas balls, run out of the way;
    they aren't homing. As far as the bad breath is concerned, just stand at the
    far end of the platform from her, and wait for her to run out. She'll pause for
    a moment to catch her breath; charge across the platform and right into that
    shiny jewel of a belt buckle. This will drive her back against the wall, and
    daze her for a second. She'll dive underwater and pull off a chunk of the
    platform you're on, switching it for one with a phaser cannon mounted on it.
    This will try to hit you a few times; just jump over the beam. When it's missed
    you completely, or when it hits you, the platform will re-emerge and so will
    Ineptune, to repeat the whole performance. Three of these first-round hits,
    Round two. *ding!* Ineptune will rant a little, then drop the whole fight one
    level. Nothing's changed. Same tactics as before; when she's done spewing and
    is catching her breath, charge the jewel. This time she dives underwater and
    makes two platforms shoot phasers at you. Avoid it, exactly as before. Another
    three hits, another rant, and on to round three.
    *Ding ding!* Go back up a paragraph, and reread round two. The only change is
    that the phasers are harder to jump over because they aren't synched this time,
    and there's two levels of them. Three final hits, and you've taken Ineptune to
    school and stuffed her into Davy Jones' locker. You get Water Breath for
    defeating the massive mermaid. Head on back to Coastal Remains, and head on
    down to that lone waterwheel with the Light Gem hovering above it. Jump on the
    platform, switch to your new breath, and squirt away; you'll rapidly be raised
    to a level where you can grab the Gem.
    Wrap up anything you haven't done yet that you'd like to get out of the way
    now, like minigames or locked chests, and head over to the teleporter. You can
    now go to Frostbite Village.
                               Realm: Icy Wilderness [HUB3]
    Frostbite Village [FRVI]
       Access: from Dragon Village, via Teleporter | Fodder:
       Dark Gems: 5 [][][][][] | Light Gems: 9 [][][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 7 [][][][][][][]
       Tasks: 6
       [] Turn on the Electric Nodes | [E][H] Peggy's Playground
       [E][H] Let Blink Explore | [] Collect 95 Light Gems | [] Defeat Red
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Before you arrive, you'll get another cutscene of Red throwing a tantrum, and
    setting a trap to stop Spyro's run, then a fade-to-black.
    When you first teleport in, you'll notice one major aspect: it's frozen (as if
    the name didn't give it away, right?) Most of the enemies will be able to be
    defeated with your Fire Breath.
    Take a quick look around this intro area. You'll find five exits; two are
    Strong Doors, one is the sealed Boss Cave, one opens with a simple headbashed
    button (located directly in front of the door), and one has Phil the Penguin
    guarding it. Start with the door guarded by Phil. He asks you to unlock his
    security system in order to get through the door behind him. The six Electric
    Breath switches are, in order, right behind you, on top of the frozen fountain
    in the center area, behind the ice formation between the Strong Door and the
    headbash-button-locked door, inside the ice arch in front of Moneybags' store,
    behind the fence to the right of Moneybags, and behind the Teleporter which
    brought you here.
    Once the door is open, head on through. Out the other side of the short
    passage, find a waterwheel embedded in the ground behind Zoe. Activate it to
    raise a platform across the way. Glide on over, and hop up to the ledge to find
    a headbash button, which will drop a gate on the far side of the area. Hop onto
    the floating platform to get over to it, and grab the Light Gem and gems that
    are stashed in the tiny niche. Drop back down to the ice, and go into the
    opening to your left. Smash the Dark Gem here to reveal a hole in the ice which
    leads down to an open area with a lot of Eskimoles, who are guarding a Dragon's
    Egg and a locked Treasure Chest, which only holds some ammo--up to you whether
    or not to open it.
    Climb back up through the hole in the ice, and back around the corner to meet
    Phil's wife Peggy. She'll ask you to use a turret to knock  out some Eskimoles
    and Yetis who are keeping normal, law-abiding citizens from using the
    playground. You get the usual rewards for helping her out, and that's it for
    this area. Head back up to where Phil was (talk to him again for a funny
    response), and cross the central area to the headbash button on the ground.
    Inside the next cave, time your passing so that you don't get squished by a
    giant snowball, and drop to the ground level once you come out on the other
    side. Head straight ahead, ignoring the series of ledges along the right-hand
    wall, and go around the corner to the right. Ahead of you, past the platforms,
    you should see a constant barrage of snow falling onto an upper ledge. Get on
    up there and destroy the Dark Gem to end the falls, revealing a small room with
    Blink waiting inside. Play through the two levels of his minigame, or put it
    off if you like.
    [Begin Blink's Frostbite Village minigame]
    Both Easy and Hard routes are identical in length; I'm not going to list Shard
    locations at the moment.
    Slide down the ramp and through the opening to the left. Get bombs and open the
    door ahead of you, then go up the stairs and drop to the ice platforms way
    below you. Jump back to the dry land, and climb the wall-kick that's now ahead
    on the left. Go through the tiny area, and climb more stairs. At the top, blow
    up the sheet of ice, then jump out to the floating breakaway platform, and hop
    right back off to reach a stable pillar platform. Time your next jump so that
    you don't get knocked into the water, and hop across the gaps to reach a bomb-
    pad/save point.
    Kill the enemies on the far ledges to both right and left of you so they can't
    shoot you off the monkey bars. Go get any treasure you might care to, and be
    careful of the spider-things crawling around on the monkey bars. Get over to
    the ledge that's to the right of the start, and repeat the 'shoot all enemies'
    maneuver. Make your way past the spiders to that ledge, then from here across
    to one final ledge that will lead to the Diggable exit from this area.
    In the next cavern, get bombs, then blow up the wall/door to the right. Climb
    the stairs inside, and use bombs to clear yoru way across the floating
    platforms. Cross to the far ledges and collect/blow up everything you need to.
    Drop down to ground level and take out all the skeletons/eskimoles running
    around, then continue across the ice in the direction you didn't come from.
    Keep taking out skeletons, Yetis, giant bugs, and Gem Shards as you make your
    way up the slopes. When you get to the end of the slopes, you should find both
    the final Shard and a Dig spot. Blow up the Shard before going through the
    hole! In fact, unless you know you missed a Shard right near the beginning,
    don't even bother going through it--it just leads you back to the very
    beginning of the level.
    [End Blink's Frostbite Village minigame]
    Head on back to the lowest ledge you passed on the way to Blink's cave. Climb
    on up, and at the top of the ledges, headbash the switch to lower a gate.
    Cross the platforms leading to the newly open doorway, but go past it to the
    platforms where a giant snowball is bouncing from on high. Get to the ledge
    just the other side of this platform, then through the passage. Drop down to
    ground level on the other end, and catch the Egg Thief, then use the thermal
    and platforms to get to the opposite side from the entry. Head down this small
    passage for a Light Gem.
    Head back out to the area you came here from, and go through the doorway you
    opened and ignored. Get past the swinging spiked logs, and talk to Moneybags
    via the portal on the other end of the tunnel if you like. You can't Wall-kick
    yet, so just cross the ice and enter the tunnel on the other side. The game
    takes over from here, so watch the storyline, and prepare for Gloomy Glacier.
    Gloomy Glacier [GLGL]
       Access: from Frostbite Village | Fodder: Rats
       Dark Gems: 0 [X] | Light Gems: 8 [][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 6 [][][][][][]
       Tasks: 3
       [] Find Ice Citadel | [] Clear Bentley's Cave | [E][H] Clear Sparx Shooter
    This is a Hunter-only level!
    First things first. Talk to Bentley, who's apparently not feeling himself, and
    agree to take out the five yetis keeping him from moving back into his house.
    Climb the wall to get over there, then wander through the small cave area. If
    you shoot the enemy yetis as soon as you see them, chances are they'll never
    even touch you. Yeti locations: kitchen, the ... uh.. small roomlet right past
    that, the parlor, outside the bedroom, and in the bathroom. Things to watch
    for: two locked chests, one with a Dragon's Egg (the one in the bedroom), and
    one with several yellow gems; and a cracked wall leading back into the parlor.
    Watch for the ice in the hallway leading down from the kitchen; you can't walk
    back up it, and you can't double-jump while on it. There are also two Strong
    Chests here, which the Fire Arrows will readily open; one has more Fire Arrows,
    and the other holds a key. When all five yetis are down, go see Bentley for a
    Light Gem, and an opened gate to the next area.
    Avoid the floor spikes, and head down the hallway. Knock the yeti on his ass,
    then take a look at the next puzzle. Avoid the swinging hammers, and stomp on
    the four floor switches (you stomp the same way Spyro headbashes). Once the
    fourth one is triggered, the gate to the next area drops. Pass the floor
    switches and the purple gas-spitting skulls, and use a fire arrow to open the
    Strong Chest for a bounty of gems if you'd like. Drop into the next open area,
    and grab the Light Gem from the pedestal in the center. This triggers a scene
    of a mysterious cloaked figure calling up skeletons and sending them after you.
    Use your bow punch to make sure they return to being just bones, and twelve
    skeletons later, the next gate opens. Grab the Fire Arrows from where the
    magician was originally, then go down the newly-opened hallway to find a locked
    Treasure Chest in it, with a Dragon's Egg inside.
    Let Zoe zap you, then make your way past the swinging axe blades. At the second
    platform, switch to first-person view, and use a Fire Arrow to open the cracked
    wall on the next ledge. Jump over there and grab the Dragon's Egg, then
    continue on. Pause at the next platform to shoot down the Yeti and two
    Eskimoles, then shoot at the target on the framework behind them as well to
    raise a floating platform. Use this to jump over the gap. Get through the next
    tunnel, and after the gap, look to your left to find a yeti throwing snowballs
    at you from behind some bones. Punch through the bones, then take the yeti out,
    and claim your prize--another Light Gem. Back on track, climb the ledge, punch
    out the skeleton, and let Zoe zap you. Before crossing the bone bridges, look
    out and down to the left. Jump out onto the unstable floating platforms, and
    cross them to reach a Dragon's Egg. Once you get to it, turn around and wait a
    moment for the platforms to grow back, then get back up to the start.
    Shoot the yetis from a distance, then cross the bridges. On the second bridge,
    about halfway across, it will crumble out from under you; jump when it starts
    to fall apart. The third bridge has no middle; just double-jump across the gap.
    Get through the next tunnel, to an open area with more bridges and some rolling
    stones, though no Mick Jagger in evidence. Cross the fist two bridges quickly,
    and jump from the first breakaway platform to the ledge on the far right. Take
    out the yeti guarding a Light Gem, then turn and make your way across the rest
    of the breakaway platforms. Land on the spinning rib-bone, then cross to the
    next couple. Be careful of the falling rocks!
    From the pedestal with Zoe and the Dragon's Egg, shoot the yeti, then make your
    way down the next hallway. Complete Sparx' minigame now, or travel the whole
    level again later to get it done then. This is probably the easiest one of the
    shooters, so go for it! The hardest part is remembering to shoot both the
    spiders and the yetis or Eskimoles that show up on the bottom of the track in
    the Hard mode.
    Moving on. In the next open area, go right first. Hop on the moving platform,
    and from there to the pedestal where the yetis stands. Cross the breakaway
    platforms for a Light Gem and a Fire Arrow, then drop back down. Cross the
    bridge itself for another Fire Arrow, and make your way back to Zoe. Next, jump
    over to the next ledge. Climb the walls, and keep a safe distance from the
    arachnid-ly things. Use a Fire Arrow to defeat them, if you want. On the other
    side, turn around and shoot the yeti on the far pedestal, then the target
    behind him. It will open the gate above the climbable wall, and you want to
    head on up there for another Light Gem. Grab it, head on back down to the new
    tunnel, and walk on through. Be ready to jump; the floor is brittle in this
    short passage and will break under your feet.
    Past the breakable floor, there are a number of beartraps on the floor. Avoid
    them, jump the next gap, and avoid some more beartraps for a Light Gem. Walk
    out into the snow, and the game should take over from here. Welcome to Ice
    Citadel. Nice work.
    Ice Citadel  [ICCI]
       Access: from Gloomy Glacier, later Frostbite Village | Fodder: Rats
       Dark Gems: 5 [][][][][] | Light Gems: 8 [][][][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 7 [][][][][][][]
       Tasks: 3
       [] Free Elder Astor | [] Power the Supercharge Gadget
       [E][H] Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Head on out through the doorway, into a long hallway. In the last corner before
    the door, there's a locked Treasure Chest with some ammo inside; take it or not
    as you like. Just the other side of the door, you'll find a Moneybags portal;
    stock up if you like. To the left of the portal is a dead end with a little
    fodder, and some Strong Chests behind a screen; to the right is a hallway which
    leads to the other side of that screen. For now, go straight ahead and hop on
    the lower of the two floating platforms, then from here to the higher one. Hop
    off onto the upper level, take out the two Gnorcs, and jump onto the floating
    platform that's just sitting there. You'll be lifted to yet another platform,
    with a Light Gem hovering above it.
    Jump back down to the upper level (where the door is), and before using Water
    Breath on the waterwheel, walk behind it to find a firework. Flame it to open
    the Strong Chests from before, then drop down and follow the rocket's path to
    find the gems they left behind. While you're down here, you'll also find a door
    you can't open, and an armored Gnorc guarding a broken-down piece of machinery.
    Hop up onto the lip of the opening, blow some Flame Breath inside, and it
    should start rattling and clanking, and you'll get a Light Gem. Return to the
    outer area, climb back up the floating platforms, and activate the waterwheel.
    Go through the door and down the hallway. Use Electric Breath to destroy the
    beartraps, and you can take out the yetis however you'd like. After the second
    yeti, there's a small plate on the floor that looks kind of like an ant trap.
    Headbash it for some gems. Right around the corner is a headbash switch keeping
    the door shut. Activate it, and head through to find several beartraps and
    another broken boiler. Start it up for another Light Gem. Headbash the switch
    to open the next door, and continue on. At the first corner, take out the
    Gnorc, then look carefully at the left-hand wall. See the crack? Ram into it to
    reveal a locked Treasure Chest, with a Dragon's Egg inside. At the end of the
    hallway, open the door to reveal... a Dark Gem, in a dead end. Smash it for a
    Talk to Elder Astor to learn how to Wall-Kick up to the next hallway, where
    you'll find a locked Treasure Chest with a Light Gem inside. A quick trip
    through the short cave will find a Moneybags portal, and a Supercharge Portal
    to boot. Use the Supercharge to take a quick run through the Strong Door ahead
    of you, and the tunnels behind it, to reach a high ledge with another
    Supercharge Portal and a Dark Gem. Smash the Dark Gem, run through the Portal
    again, and hop across to the new opening. Charge up the tunnel to reach a
    Dragon's Egg at the end. Drop down, and head down the tunnel on the far end of
    the area from where you originally arrived. Take out the enemies in here, open
    the chest for some ammo if you want, and go out the other side.
    Out here, you'll find a Frost Gigas, who's easily laid to rest with a couple of
    shots of Flame Breath, a ramp covered in ice, another treasure chest (with more
    ammo inside) in a corner, and Sgt. Byrd in the opposite corner. There's also a
    Strong Door near the chest with the ammo; if you want to get it now, there's a
    Dragon's Egg behind it. Go back and get Supercharge ability again, then race
    down here and blow through the Strong Door. While you have Supercharge, head up
    the icy ramp and smash the Dark Gem to lower a drawbridge. On the other side is
    a Moneybags Portal and an Egg Thief (the slowest one I've ever seen, by the
    way--just walk up and flame him). In the next room here is a headbash switch,
    holding closed a door that leads back to the Frostbite Village.
    For now, head back down to where Sgt. Byrd waits, do his minigame now if you
    like, and head on down the corridor to his left. Use the switch to open the
    door, and circle the next room, taking out all the Gnorcs. Fire up the boiler
    in the middle, then hop onto the metal crate and head down the pipe. Out the
    other side, activate the boiler, and head through the doorway. Talk to
    Moneybags via portal if you want, then go talk to the foxy lady in the middle
    of the room. She asks you to finish lighting the boilers around the Citadel.
    (Talk to her a second time for a funny bit.) The locked treasure chest near her
    holds only a few gems, so probably don't bother.
    Go through the doorway opposite the entrance, and down the short hallway.
    Outside, look around to find a Dark Gem on your right. Take down the Gnorc
    guarding it, then smash the Gem itself to reveal a cannon. Hop on and start
    blowing things up. When you're done, glide across to the lowest doorway in the
    area. Take the elevator inside up for a Dragon's Egg, then from here, glide
    over to the round opening in the opposite wall to grab a Light Gem. Jump over
    to the next ledge (facing out, it's the one on your right). Go through the
    hallway here and step down on the other end to find the last of the boilers.
    Activate it, then go up the elevator to find a short hallway located behind the
    locked door from the beginning of the level. Return to the area with the
    cannon, and jump to the ledge to the left of the original entrance. Through the
    hallway, get zapped by Zoe on the other end, and turn to the right. Use the
    spin-poles to get to the higher ledge, where a Dragon's Egg awaits. From here,
    hop on the floating platform and zap the Electric switch to reach the ledge
    across the way. Smash the Dark Gem up here to raise a snow-covered bridge.
    Head down the tunnel on the other end of the bridge, and zap the Electric
    switch on the far end to open the door. Go talk to the Ice Princess for a Light
    Gem, then talk to Moneybags and spend 100 gems to warp between portals (go to
    the one labeled 'Drawbridge Drop-off"). Alternately, go back to the Supercharge
    Portal, and charge your way back up the icy ramp.
    From here, headbash the switch and go through the door. Down the tunnel, go
    through the next door, and grab the Supercharge ability. Bash your way through
    a series of Strong Chests, and when you reach the Light Gem, turn to the right
    and smash through a Strong Door to find another Supercharge Portal. Grab the
    Light Gem, get Supercharge again, and keep going down the corridor. Break
    through the door at the end, and find that you've reached Frostbite Village.
    Keep charging straight across, and break open the Strong Door on the far side
    of the clearing.
    Frostbite Village, Revisited [FVRE]
    We have two areas of the Village that we haven't explored yet. One is the
    Strong Door that you just busted through, and one is the area behind the door
    with the headbash switch in front of it, where we were interrupted by a big
    ol' mammoth. Since we're standing in front of a now-open doorway, let's do that
    one first.
    Through the tunnel (watch out for the swinging logs), smash the Dark Gem to
    reveal a cannon, then climb the Wall-kick slots to the left to find a Secret
    Area door. It takes 95 Light Gems to open, so it'll be a while (scroll on down
    to the Red's Laboratory section, near the end, to see what to do in there).
    Glide down to the cannon from here, and use it to open the door on a ledge (the
    exit from the Secret Area), a large boulder, and two Strong Chests. When you're
    done shooting things, hop off and head on over to the gems left behind by the
    The other end of the tunnel that was blocked by the boulder has a large icy
    pool in place of a floor--don't fall in unless you like instant deaths. Every
    so often, several large icicles will fall and create temporary platforms you
    can use to cross the pool. Straight ahead is a Dark Gem; smash it to reveal a
    small cave with some gems inside. On the right-hand side of the cave is a ledge
    with a large Gnorcish enemy. He's guarding a locked Treasure Chest with a
    Dragon's Egg inside. Once you've gotten both the Dark Gem and the Egg, you're
    done here. Head on out.
    You can get to the final section one of two ways: talk to Moneybags and warp
    there (use destination "Icy Camp"), or you can walk there. If you want to walk,
    then head back to the central area of the level. Walk on over to the next
    opening on your left. Through the short tunnel (watch out for giant snowballs),
    drop down to ground level. From here, climb the ledges in the center of the
    area, and at the top, cross the first two pedestal-platforms. Jump on down to
    the doorway with the shield-holding Gnorc in front of it, and head on through.
    Either way, when you reach Moneybags' portal in this area, stock up if you
    like, then head on out into the valley. Climb the Wall-kick slots to the right
    first; watch out for falling icicles. At the top, jump to the pedestal with a
    switch on top, and activate it to raise the cannon a bit. Glide over to the
    cannon, and shoot out the boulder ahead of you. Next, glide down and back a
    little bit, to the ledge with a cracked wall on it. Break through the wall to
    find a Dragon's Egg, then glide to the next set of ledges. Climb the Wall-kick
    slots and go through the tunnel at the top.
    Cross the ice and smash the Dark Gem to lower three floating platforms; jump
    onto the middle-height one, and wait until it reaches the far side of the cave.
    Get onto the upper ledge over here, and from there to the highest of the three
    floating platforms. Use this height to grab a Light Gem on a wooden ledge on
    the central pillar, then head back out through the tunnel. Once you're back
    outside, glide over to the tunnel opposite the entrance, and go on through. On
    the far end of this area, on the lower ledge, awaits a Light Gem. Say hi to
    Hunter if you want.
    That's about all you can do at this point. Head on back to the main area and
    release the seal on the boss cave. It's time to fight Red.
    Boss Fight: Red the Dragon [BSS3]
       Access: from Frostbite Vill. | Fodder: None (random butterflies may appear)
       Dark Gems: 0 [X] | Light Gems: 0 [X] | Dragon Eggs: 0 [X]
       Tasks: 3
       [] Defeat Red | [] Use Ice Breath | [] Activate the Teleporter
    In the first two "rounds" (each set of three hits he can take), he'll start off
    by shooting ice beams from his staff. If they hit you, you'll be iced-cubed for
    a moment, and lose a notch of life. Use Wing Shield to avoid this. After quite
    a few shots, he'll drop big silver crates with his picture on the side. Use
    Water Breath to propel them into him (if you're lucky, you can hit him two or
    even three times before he destroys the rest of them). Once you've hit him and
    all the crates are gone, he'll stomp and drop boulders on you; at the same
    time, he'll cause a group of 'dragondogs' to appear. Dodge the boulders, and
    flame the dogs. When the dogs are gone, he'll go back to shooting ice beams.
    This will repeat up to six times, depending on how many crates you can throw at
    him each time.
    On the third "round", Red will first shoot a fireball to shrink the arena, then
    try to get you in his sights so he can hit you. Run around him until he starts
    shooting ice from his staff, then move closer to the edge of the arena. Use
    Wing Shield when his ice beam goes past you, so you don't get cubed. When he's
    done with resetting the place, he'll roar, jump into the air, and laser beams
    will come on. The upper and lower sets are going to be off-set from each other,
    so you can jump over the lower ones.
    Try to keep moving counter-clockwise, and when the upper and lower lasers align
    themselves, just keep going. When they're done spinning, Red will drop back
    down to ground level and start spitting ice beams at you again; just use Wing
    Shield. Eventually he'll drop the explosive crates; use Water Breath to push
    them into him (if you're lucky you can hit him more than once, again). After
    the final three hits, Red flies away, dropping his staff. The crystal on top
    breaks, releasing another fairy, and you've earned Ice Breath. Use it to climb
    out of the area and back out into Frostbite Village, and head for the
                               Realm: Volcanic Isle [HUB4]
    Stormy Beach [STBE]
       Access: from Dragon Village, via Teleporter | Fodder: Hermit Crabs
       Dark Gems: 1 [] | Light Gems: 2 [][]
       Dragon Eggs: 2 [][]
       Tasks: 3
       [E][H] Stop the Gnorc Invasion | [] Locate Molten Mount
       [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    A couple of quick notes: First, all the locked Treasure Chests in this level
    hold only gems. That's right, no Light Gems or Dragon's Eggs are locked away.
    At least not until you get to the second level of this Realm... Second, every
    enemy from here on out is vulnerable to Ice Breath.
    Barely big enough to be called a level, you start this world on a platform
    sized just right to hold the Teleporter. Ahead of you is a low fence, with a
    half-a-boat toward the left and several shacks toward the right. Cross the
    platform, and head over to the ram leading up to the half-boat. Hey, look--
    Moneybags is here, too. Buy anything you might need (get as much Ice Breath
    ammo as you can carry), and head back down the ramp. I'm sure while you were in
    the shop, you heard that annoying laugh of an Egg Thief. Well, he's hiding
    under the shop. Get on under there and chase him down.
    From here, go on down to the other end of the low fence, where the shacks are.
    Climb the cloth-covered crates up to the platform between them to meet Wally
    the Walrus. He needs your help using the turrets to shoot down oncoming Gnorcs.
    The Easy level has you trying to take down 60, while the Hard level assigns you
    75. My best advise is to aim your crosshairs at the lower level of doorways,
    and swing back and forth across them. Concentrate your fire wherever you see a
    large group of Gnorcs, but in general, keep moving.
    So. One more Light Gem to find. Head back to the Teleporter, and face toward
    Moneybags' shop, then look a little bit further to the left. See the big
    glowing oval in the wall? It's a tunnel which leads to another area about the
    same size as this starting one. Head on through, and when you get there, glide
    across to the platform straight ahead of you. Keep going to the next platform,
    and cross the small wooden bridge. Ignore the chest (unless you like wasting
    money on keys), and go up the ramp behind the Gnorc. Fire off the rocket up
    here, then jump to the small wooden ledge behind the net, hanging from the
    wall, then on to the next one. You should, by now, see the Light Gem hovering
    inside the small chamber ahead of you. Jump up there and grab it, then make
    your way back to the entry tunnel and out to the starting point.
    From the Teleporter, head straight out across the level, with Moneybags' shop
    on your left. You should come to a stack of cloth-draped crates; climb up them
    to a platform made of sailcloth. Turn around and face back toward the
    Teleporter to see a floating platform just to the left of center. Get on it,
    then cross the other two in order to reach a rooftop with lots of gems. Grab
    them and get back over to the sail-platform. Walk up toward the back wall, and
    jump across into the tunnel opening flanked by two torches.
    Head on down into the tunnel, and out the other side to get zapped by Zoe. Fire
    off the rocket to open a chest on the other side of the small building, then
    hop on top of the boat frame which you came out of. Walk down the plank and
    jump to the center island. Use Electric Breath Secondary ammo to take out the
    Gnorc on the next island, then turn around and do the same to the Gnorcs on the
    high ledge behind you.
    Continue on past the next island to the wooden ledge on the far wall, then up
    the Wall-kick slot. Jump out to the moving platforms, and wait on the second
    one. You can try to jump and glide to the third from here, or you can hop to
    the masts on the central island, which have spin-poles on them, and go from
    there to the third and then the final moving platforms. From the last one, jump
    across to the high ledge and the locked chest; open it for some gems if you
    want, and smash up the two headbash chests, then drop back down and go through
    the tunnel to the right of the centermost island.
    Climb the stairs in here, and smash the Dark Gem at the top to open the
    Dragon's Mouth and reveal a couple of stepping stones across the lava. Welcome
    to Molten Mount.
    Molten Mount [MOMO]
       Access: from Stormy Beach | Fodder: Rats
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 6 [][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 5 [][][][][]
       Tasks: 4
       [] Climb the Volcano | [] Destroy the Rock Monsters
       [E][H] Clear Sgt. Byrd's Speedway | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Start out by heading out into the level proper. One of the first things you
    should see is a firework rocket on top of a short platform. Fire it off to
    burst a treasure cache set into the wall above you. Grab the gems, and move on
    down this pathway. Ignore the chests for the moment. When you reach Zoe, you
    should notice a Supercharge portal on the ground near you. Use it to open the
    Strong Chests you just walked past, then come back here. Use Ice Breath on the
    Phoenixes between you and the next couple of platforms, then cross, being wary
    of the lava-geysers. Climb the ledges at the far end, and take out the two Fire
    Imps (the little guys made of lava). Cross the next platform to solid ground,
    and meet Teena the (laughing) Hyena. Endure her conversation long enough to
    find out what she'd like you to do for her--take out the Rock Monsters that
    destroyed her village.
    This is done by crossing to the large platform just around the corner. See the
    Rock Monster standing roughly in the middle? Jump and glide toward him, and
    when he's smashed his club into the ground (hopefully without hitting you),
    charge into him. Alternately, if you have the Shockwave upgrade item, you can
    walk up and headbash near him. Repeat several times, until he falls off the
    platform and into the lava. One down--repeat this same process on each of the
    next three platforms. When all four are downed, cross to the next platform.
    Smash the Dark Gem in order to create a land bridge. Before you start across
    the bridge, go back to Teena for a Dragon's Egg, then come back here. As you
    start across the bridge, another counter at the bottom of the screen pops up,
    as do several Fire Imps. Use Ice Breath Secondary Ammo to take them down, and
    hop onto the floating platform at the far end of the bridge.
    Jump onto the ledge for a Dragon's Egg, then turn and shoot down more Fire
    Imps. Get onto the next floating rock platform, and at the far side, hop to the
    next ledge to find a locked Treasure Chest (with a Light Gem inside) and Sgt.
    Byrd. Play through his minigame for the standard awards, then head back to
    Teena. As you cross to the beginning platform, you should see a Moneybags
    Portal to the left. Activate it, stock up on Ice Breath Ammo, and go back out
    onto the platforms. From the second one, turn to the right, and head on into
    the tunnel.
    About halfway down, you'll find an open room with a platform in the middle and
    a series of spin-poles on the right. Use Ice Breath Ammo to take out the Fire
    Imps guarding the central platform, then jump over to it for a Light Gem. Jump
    back to solid ground, then cross the spin-poles. Time it so you jump just as
    the spouting fire stops; they're very short intervals, so if you miss, you're
    toast... literally. At the top, take out the Gnorc, then head down the short
    hallway to get zapped again by Zoe.
    Jump down across the next few pedestals, taking out Phoenixes on the way, and
    activate the Moneybags Portal at the end. Stock up on Ice Breath Ammo, then go
    to the cannon right next to the Portal. Use it to blow up the giant boulder
    with cracks in it, way off in the distance, as well as a few Strong Chests out
    on the main platform. Hop off and turn around, and take out the Gnorc for a
    Breath Ammo. To your left is a choice of paths; up the pedestals and into a
    cave on the right, or left across some spin-poles and toward where that boulder
    used to be. Head left first.
    Across the poles, hop out to the first small platform and quickly shoot down
    the Phoenix in front of you. (Alternately, just keep moving, and they won't be
    able to touch you.) Repeat until you come to a larger pedestal where the
    boulder was, and a counter will come up on screen. 9 Fire Imps later, you can
    cross to the final platform of this area for a Light Gem.
    Get on back down to Moneybags and the cannon, then head up the platforms into a
    tunnel (the path we didn't take a few moments ago). The other end of this short
    section of tunnel, where Zoe waits to zap you, is another fork. Hop to the next
    lower platform, and take the left exit, where you can see a Dark Gem shard just
    inside the opening. Smash the Dark Gem behind it to reveal a wider area beyond.
    From the right-most edge of the ledge where Zoe hovers, jump to the second
    platform out, where a headbash switch awaits. Ice the Phoenix here, then hit
    the switch for a short cutscene. Turn right and jump to the ledge, and hit the
    headbash switch over here to raise another platform. Turn back to the left,
    jump out to yet another switch, ice the Fire Imp, and hit the switch. Jump
    across to the final ledge, run to the right and hop up the stairs, and jump out
    to the raised platforms. If you can jump from the first to the second before
    you hear the click that means the platforms are going back down, you're in
    plenty of time. Get to the upper level for a Light Gem, then jump and glide
    around the now-right-hand wall to reach a ledge with lots of gems.
    Glide back down to the area with the now-lowered platforms, and snag the
    Invincibility. Run across the lava back to the beginning, and jump onto the
    first platform from the beginning. From here, you should be able to get back up
    the ledges and back out to where we started in here. Go into the other exit
    from here. Around the corner is a Moneybags Portal which you should activate.
    Continue on up the corridor until you reach a lava pit which spews out several
    Fire Imps; there should be a ledge just past this spot on the left, with Zoe
    floating above it. Climb up there, and head down the tunnel behind her to find
    an Egg Thief. Catch him, then go to the very back of this area to find a locked
    Chest with naught but gems inside. Return to Zoe, and continue on up the
    Around the corner from a set of floor-spikes, there's a cracked wall on the
    right-hand side. Break through to find a locked Chest with a Light Gem inside,
    then go back out to the main passage. Just past Zoe, around the corner, is
    another cracked wall. Behind this one is a Chest with a Dragon's Egg locked
    inside, and another cracked wall. Break it to find just some gems.
    Back in the main passage, climb the stairs. Watch out for the rolling boulders
    on your way up. Down a short section of curved corridor, make your way up some
    more stairs lined with lava pits; they'll spit out more Fire Imps. At the top,
    you're faced with a split path; it's much easier to take the lower course, and
    they meet in the same place. Walk up to the edge closest to you, and wait for
    the fire geyser to subside. Jump across the chasm, and if you want a couple of
    baskets worth of gems, turn around and look to your right. See that slightly
    higher ledge around the corner? Jump to it (you shouldn't have to worry about
    the fire). Get the gems, then jump back down to the lower level on this side.
    Smash through the Dark Gem Shard, then destroy the Dark Gem itself to reveal
    the path onward. The corridor back and left of you right now is where you would
    come out if you'd taken the higher course a moment ago.
    Climb the newly revealed Wall-Kick slot, glide across the chasm to where Zoe
    waits, and take the Elevator down to Magma Falls.
    Magma Falls (Top) [MAFA]
       Access: from Molten Mount | Fodder: Rats, Bats
       Dark Gems: 1 [] | Light Gems: 6 [][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 5 [][][][][]
       Tasks: 2
       [E][H] Complete Sparx Challenge | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    From the bottom of the elevator, go through the split in the wall. Take out the
    Gnorc and the Rock Monster, ice through the Fire Imps, then climb the rocks. At
    the top, hop into the right-hand passage. Talk to Moneybags. Off to the left of
    his Portal, there's a boarded up wall, which you should be able to see a Gnorc
    behind. Bust through the wall, take out the Gnorc, and open the locked Chest
    for a Dragon's Egg. Go back out to Moneybags, and head past him down the
    corridor with Fire Imps waiting. In here, ice two Phoenixes and three Fire
    Imps, then climb the Wall-kick slots. The one on the right leads to a firework
    rocket; set it off for several gems. The left-hand slot leads to a Light Gem.
    Grab your booty and head back to Moneybags.
    Go back to the entry point, where you jumped here from the rocks. Across from
    you is a locked Chest, holding only some Ammo. Open it if you like, then jump
    into the other hole in the wall, inside of which is a Ball Gadget. Hop on in.
    Magma Falls (Bottom) [MAF2]
       Access: from Magma Falls Top, via Ball Gadget | Fodder: Rats, Bats
    Magma Falls Top and Bottom areas, as well as the Ball Gadget, share their
    counters for Dark Gems, Light Gems, and Dragon Eggs. The Ball Gadget course has
    two Dragon Eggs and two Light Gems along it; if you don't get all four
    collectibles before finishing, you can simply step back in. The game will
    automatically bring you to the upper section of Magma Falls, and from there you
    can re-enter the Ball Gadget and try again.
    The very first thing you'll see in the Bottom half of the level is Zoe, and
    just past her, a Moneybags Portal. Buy anything you might need, and cross the
    lava. Shatter the little Dark Gem Shards, then climb the Wall Kick slot to find
    the sole Dark Gem in this level. Smash it to drop a rock pillar and reveal the
    way forward.
    Through the hole in the wall lies more platforms floating in lava; cross them
    and another lava pit to find a locked Treasure Chest, which holds a Light Gem.
    Head into the next tunnel opening to find a Fire Imp counter appearing on
    screen. The next open room is a lava pit, cris-crossed by wooden platforms
    above which hover 8 Fire Imps. Take them out while crossing the platforms to
    reach a Light Gem hovering over the second-to-highest one.
    Moving onward, the next room has several things to check out. Most notably, the
    exit to the level is straight ahead, past Moneybags. To your left is a Sparx
    minigame, and to the right behind a boarded-up door is a short passage which
    leads to an Egg Thief.
    When you've caught the Thief and played the Sparx shooter (or not, as you
    like), head down the hallway behind Moneybags. Cross the lava pits, then the
    floating rock platforms, to arrive at the Dark Mine.
    Dark Mine [DAMI]
       Access: from Magma Falls Bottom | Fodder:
       Dark Gems: 2 [][] | Light Gems: 6 [][][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 5 [][][][][]
       Tasks: 4
       [] Access the Laboratory | [E][H] Let Blink explore
       [] Collect 45 Light Gems | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Immediately upon starting this level, you'll encounter another Moneybags
    Portal. Just past him, some dragondogs attack. Flame them down, and turn right
    to find a locked Treasure Chest. Open it or not as you like, as it has only
    some normal gems inside, then go just past it and slightly to the left to find
    a Secret Area door. This one needs only 45 Light Gems to enter. You should have
    had that several levels ago, so go on in.
    Follow the hallways, freezing the large robots with plasma wands, until you
    reach an Invincibility Portal in front of a pool of green water. Don't go in
    the water without going through the Portal! Dive in, and you should have plenty
    of time on one Invincibility charge to be able to grab both the Light Gem and
    Dragon Egg that are hidden down here. When you're done swimming, return to the
    entrance to the area. Head straight across, with the start of the level to the
    left, and head down the opening in front of you. Avoid the purple steam, grab
    any fodder you might need, and enter the next doorway for another locked
    Treasure Chest. This one holds a Light Gem. Down this hallway and through the
    door waits yet another Moneybags Portal. Stock up, because you're about to hit
    a minor point of no return (you can get back later, don't worry).
    Take out the robot just past Moneybags, then bust through the rock wall he was
    digging at. Walk off the edge and don't glide anywhere. Just fall. On this
    ledge is a firework rocket; fire it off to open some chests across the chasm,
    then turn around to find a Secondary Breath ammo. Glide out to the floating
    platform in the middle of the gap, then from there to the far ledge. Ice the
    large robot, then watch the pillars that move in and out. The closest one is
    actually a Wall-kick slot; use it and take out the little robot at the top.
    Glide over to the locked Treasure Chest for a Dragon's Egg, then drop off to
    the lower ledge. Climb back up the Wall-kick slot, then jump and glide out to
    the floating platform above the original.
    From here, you should be able to see a Light Gem just the other side of a
    "fence" (actually four slender pipes). Double-jump right over it, and grab your
    prize. Jump down to the ledge below you, and go through the doorway. Watch the
    ground here--it's very fragile underfoot and will break away. The doorway on
    the other end holds another breakable rock pile; bust through to find Zoe and
    three Dark Gem Shards. The next open room has a Dark Gem on a pedestal in the
    center, surrounded by a cage, as well as three robots on pulse cannon turrets.
    Use Electric Breath to take them down, and once all three are eliminated, the
    cage on the Dark Gem will rise. Smash it to reveal the passage to the next
    At the other end of the passage, you'll meet Blink once again. He's having
    confusion issues... Play the minigame, or continue on. If you decide to play
    the minigame right now:
    [Start Blink's Dark Mine minigame]
    From the start point (stay on the upper level of this first room fro the
    moment), hop onto the floating vertical rock, then off onto the floating
    platform at the far end of its run. Jump up to the monkey bars and cross them,
    then ignore the Gem Shard for the moment. Drop straight down to the lower level
    and snag the Bombs. Shoot down all the spiders here (if they regenerate, drop a
    bomb on the web-thing), then blow up the Gem Shard (#1) and the cracked rock
    wall. Now the first tricky part: cross the moving platforms over the lava while
    avoiding the fireballs. On the last of the platforms, before jumping to the
    solid ground, shoot down as many spiders as are in range. Hop over to the
    ground and shoot any that remain, then blow up the Shard (#2) on the top ledge.
    There should be a hovering platform near the lava's edge; grab onto it and
    it'll carry you back up to the starting point. Use the vertical rock and the
    monkey bars again, but this time cross to the upper level of the far end of the
    room. Blow up the Shard (#3) that you ignored earlier, then dig through the
    wall and grab Bombs on the other side.
    Bomb through the rock, then go through the small tunnel and blow up the Shard
    (#4) there. Return to the Bomb pad to save progress, then go to the ledge where
    the rock was a moment ago. A floating platform will drop in a few seconds; hop
    onto it to be lifted to an upper level. Shoot down the spiders up here, blow up
    the Shard (#5), then cross the monkey bars to a ledge above another rock
    'door'. [Note: this is where you end if you're doing the Easy level.] Drop down
    carefully to land on the skinny ledge in front of it, and drop a bomb at your
    own feet to open it (use the 'duck' button to avoid taking damage).
    Cross to the second of the two floating platforms, and throw a bomb to open the
    next rock 'door' (it may take a few tries; if you run low, go back to the Bomb
    pad before continuing). Instead of climbing the Wall-kick ladders, go through
    the new door, and blow up the Shard (#6) at the back of the area. Don't dig
    through the hole in the wall yet, or, if you do, grab Bombs off the Pad and
    come right back. Make your way back up to the Wall-kick ladders, and cross the
    floating platforms you'll find at the top.
    Kill the three spiders, then dig through the wall to find a Shard (#7). Blow it
    up, then drop carefully straight down off the edge. As you're falling, push
    toward the wall that you just dug through so that you land on solid ground
    rather than falling three stories into lava. Kill the spiders here (drop a bomb
    on the generator pad if you have spares), then blow up the Shard (#8). Drop
    down one more level, again curving in toward solid ground, then step on the
    Bomb pad to save your progress.
    Now the fun part! :D Cross the floating platforms above the lava, timing your
    jumps against the fireballs. When you get to the last platform, hop carefully
    into the Wall-kick slot and make your way up to find Shard #9 and two of those
    giant Worms. Shoot them down quickly, then blow up the Shard. Looking out over
    the lava, to the left of the Wall-kick slot you should see a platform moving up
    and down. Jump out to it, and turn to face the wall you just came from.
    At the top of the platform's range of motion, you'll find two spiders guarding
    Shard #10. You should be able to toss a bomb far enough to blow up the Shard
    and end your time in this cave; if not, just jump over and shoot down the
    spiders, then blow the Shard up the normal way. Phew--you're done. Congrats!
    [End Blink's Dark Mine minigame]
    Back to Spyro. The small square room just past Blink is an elevator; at the
    bottom, glide across the gap to a headbash chest, and look back to see a
    Dragon's Egg hidden in a hole-in-the-wall below here you come in. Grab it, then
    head back up. Go through the next couple of corridors until you find Zoe
    hovering at the top of a Wall-kick slot. Get zapped, then drop down and go
    through the door.
    In the tall room, turn left and hop platform to platform. You can freeze the
    white steam if you like, but there's only one spot where you have to. Don't
    stay on any one platform for too long; they'll drop out from under you. From
    the start, follow the wall around until you get to a spot where there aren't
    any platforms to jump to; from here, double-jump out to the left as far as you
    can and glide around the corner to a ledge where a Light Gem and a firework
    rocket await. Fire off the rocket to open up the Strong Chests at the start of
    the room if you want (though by now you really shouldn't need any money at
    all), then grab the Light Gem. Jump up the first couple of platforms, then
    freeze the steam and pole-spin your way up to the next platform, and from here
    take a right and out to two (relatively) solid floating circular paltforms.
    On the second one, turn right and jump across to another of the unstable square
    platforms, then around the corner to the right. Get over to the ledge, and take
    out the robot, then go through the door. On this catwalk, a robot tries to run
    you down; just ice him, then charge for an easy takedown.
    The large room coming up has a new type of platform; it'll see-saw under you.
    Cross to the far ledge, take out the two robots, then take a look around.
    There's a closed door next to you, and Moneybags off in the distance. Cross
    platforms to him, grab the Dragon's Egg floating there, then step out and look
    down. Glide down to the headbash switch, and activate it to get 45 seconds to
    get up to the now-open door. Hop across platforms back toward the start of this
    room, and just before you reach the ledge with Zoe, turn around and head for
    the door. Don't jump back to Zoe, or else you'll have to go start the timer all
    over again. Through the door, take out the various robots, then hit the
    headbash switch in the next room to create a Wall-kick slot. Climb up to find
    Zoe, and take a second to survey the room. Lots of spinpoles. Jump out to the
    first of them, and get across to the floating platform. The next set of
    spinpoles likes to make 90-degree turns back and forth; time your jump to the
    lowest one accordingly. From here, go forward to the next pole, then back to
    this pillar. Jump and glide back toward Zoe, to where another floating platform
    hovers. One more jump, to another floating platform directly above Zoe for a
    Light gem, then make your way back out across the chasm. This time, use the
    rotating spinpoles to get to the far ledge, where you have a Dark Gem to smash.
    Off the other side of this ledge, cross the three unstable platforms and defeat
    the robot and beartraps on the far side. Travel through the (very) long hallway
    to reach Red's Lab.
    Red's Laboratory [RELB]
       Access: from Dark Mine | Fodder:
       Dark Gems: 3 [][][] | Light Gems: 5 [][][][][]
       Dragon Eggs: 3 [][][]
       Tasks: 2
       [] Defeat Red (again) | [R] Destroy all the Dark Gems
    Congratulations for making it to the final level of the game! Let's move right
    on in, shall we?
    Heading on down the main entrance hallway, you'll find several doors that are
    closed via head-bash switches; activate them to be able to run on through. The
    first large-ish room, with Zoe and several robotic enemies, has two switches on
    the floor as well, but they don't open the door. Instead, the headbash switch
    raises a spinpole, while the weight-activated switch lowers a second spinpole
    temporarily. Hit the headbash switch, then stand on the weight-switch until the
    pole is as low as possible. Jump to it, then over to the raised pole, and from
    there jump to the top of the computer bank on the far wall. Turn right, and you
    should see yet another spinpole moving back and forth; jump to it, and turn
    around. When it's all the way to the left, jump and glide to the highest ledge
    in the room, and go through the door straight ahead of you to find a locked
    Treasure Chest with several yellow gems inside. Get back down to floor level,
    and go through the door.
    Step on the weight-switch at the end of the hallway to open the next door, and
    go through a tiny hallway to enter a room with two large glowing columns and
    four switches on the walls. Take out the enemy robots in here, then run into
    any of the switches to get ten seconds to hit the other three. When you've done
    so, one of the computer banks will move to reveal a Wall-kick slot. Climb it,
    and jump across to the other side of the room to find another loced Chest, with
    more yellow gems inside. Drop down, and go through the exit door.
    Jump quickly from platform to platform in this corridor; if you don't, they'll
    dump you into the void. The hallway curves back around to the left, and the
    fifth platform requires a long jump to reach the far ledge. Once on the other
    side, you'll open a door to find a huge round room, called an orrery. There are
    two weight-buttons in front of you, and a giant hologram display in front of
    you. Moneybags has a portal to the left, there's a friendly maintenace robot to
    the right, and if you run all the way around the outside of the room, you'll
    find plenty of fodder and an Egg Thief. Chase him down, and return to the
    weight switches.
    For reference, let's label the door you came in by Door 1. Going clockwise
    around the room, we have Doors 2, 3, 4, and 5. 2 and 5 are just to your left
    and right, respectively, while 3 and 4 are on the opposite side of the room
    from you. Look up, and you'll see that there's a beam of light being projected
    by the hologram-display onto the door you came in by (if you managed to avoid
    stepping on the weight-switches). The weight-activated switches in front of you
    will move the beam; the left switch moves it clockwise, while the right switch
    sends it counter-clockwise. The light iself unlocks one of the doors in the
    room. Let's start with Door 4, Monty. Step on the right-hand switch twice, then
    head for the door.
    In the first room, take out the enemies (you may want to use an Electric Breath
    ammo, as it hits more than one enemy at once), then jump onto the first low
    pedestal, which should now be pistoning up and down. Stand in the center, and
    jump to the next one as you're at the highest point. From here, jump to the
    ledge ahead of you, then turn around and use another Electric Ammo to knock off
    the enemies in the far corners of the room. Follow the little ledge-platforms
    around the left side of the room, and jump off the second one to a large-ish
    ledge with a headbash switch on it. Hit the switch to unlock a door at ground
    level, and before you jump down, cross to the ledge in the far corner for a
    Dragon's Egg.
    Through the door and a small room with six green liquid-filled columns, enter
    another door with several shield-holding enemies. Ice them for a quick win,
    then look up in first-person view. See the lasers? Over near the exit door,
    there's an elevator-platform you want to jump on to get up there. From the
    ledge at the top of the platform, jump onto the stationary floating platform,
    which will start to move. Jump over the lasers as you reach them, and jump to
    the ledge on the far side for a Light Gem. Drop to ground level, and go through
    the exit door to find a Moneybags Portal.
    In this final room, take out any enemies you need to, then drop into the pit in
    the ground. There's a headbash switch in one corner; hit it to raise the shield
    around the Dark Gem for a few seconds. Dash to the opposite corner of the pit,
    and jump onto the brightly glowing pipe. From here, time your dashes to cross
    the ledges which have pistons slamming down, and get to a platform above the
    original switch. Jump to a set of spinpoles, and get across them to a floating
    platform. Turn right, jump onto another glowing pipe, and from here to a final
    pair of floating platforms. Jump to the ledge with the Dark Gem, and destroy it
    to get a short cutscene of some machinery exploding. Don't just cross back over
    the pit; look above you, and jump to the first of four glowing pipes. Alternate
    your way up, and on the fourth one, jump and glide out toward the door you came
    in by. Land on the small floating platform, then jump to the top of the console
    bank. From here, jump up to a ledge above the door you came in for another
    Light Gem. Drop back to ground level, and return to the Moneybags Portal for a
    quick warp back to the central room.
    Walk over to the weight-switches, and step on the left-hand one once to open
    Door 5. Inside, go down the short hallway and have Electric Breath ready when
    you open the first door. Take out the two little robots who are firing at you,
    then jump onto the floating platform and activate the Electric Switch. At the
    upper ledges, take out the two robots, then headbash the switch to open the
    door. In the next room, run around for a moment taking out robots (use Ice
    breath; they all have shields), then snag Invincibility and hop onto the
    conveyor belt. Run to the right through the lasers, and at the other end find
    the Wall-kick slot behind the maintenance robot. Climb it and follow the ledges
    to grab another Light Gem. From there, cross the spin-pole pipes to the far end
    of the room for a whole bunch of gems, then drop back down to floor level and
    dash through the Invincibility Portal again. Don't get on the conveyor this
    time; just run down the length of the room and through the door at the end.
    Ignore the little robots in here, and get through the next door and past the
    lasers as quick as you can. Past the lasers awaits another short robot, who's
    trying to shoot you. Dispose of him, and go through the door to find Moneybags.
    Head down this short hallway. Use Electric Ammo on the two phaser-wielding
    robots, and walk toward the door. When it opens, start to walk through it. As
    soon as the two large robots with plasma wands appear, shoot Electric Ammo at
    them, then destroy the Dark Gem for another machine-breaking cutscene. Return
    to Moneybags and warp back to the central room.
    At the weight-switches, step on the left-hand one two more times to open Door
    2. Think you're making Red nervous yet? Only one Dark Gem stands between the
    two of you... let's go scare the pants off him by destroying the last one.
    Head through the short hallway, and take out the enemies on the lower level of
    the next room. Hop onto the platform in the center of the computer banks, and
    from here on top of any of the computers themselves. Jump off the back side of
    the computers behind the lasers if you want some gems, then hit the weight-
    switch to turn the lasers off momentarily. Get back up to the top of the
    computer banks, then make your way to the one nearest the entrance. From here,
    jump to the glowing polespin pipes, and over to the far ledge. Zap any enemies
    up here, including the one in the far corner, and cross over to where he was
    for a Light Gem. Hop back and go through the hallway to the next large room.
    You're standing in front of Zoe and a headbash switch, just this side of a pit
    guarded by many lasers. There's a door off to your left, but it won't open yet.
    Hit the headbash switch to open the shielded Dark Gem and get 1 minute to make
    your way across the platforms between the lasers. Take your time and don't rush
    it; it's actually fairly easy. The green lasers at the end like to move, so be
    a little wary, but overall it's routine stuff. Once you're across, destroy the
    final Dark Gem, and say hi to Moneybags at the portal, by buying any ammo you
    might be low on. Don't warp out yet--you've still got a Light Gem and Dragon's
    Egg to find. Go out the door behind Moneybags. Through the hallway and the next
    door, take out all the enemies at ground level (two armored robots and three
    small phaser-shooting ones). Go back to the entrance door in this room, and
    look around. See the boiler straight ahead? Go breathe fire into it; you'll get
    a scene of an elevator starting, and the game shows you where to go to find a
    Light Gem.
    Go up the elevator, then take a second and shoot the little guy on a far
    balcony (you'll know where he is easily enough when his shots start coming
    toward you). Jump around the corner to snag a Light Gem, then hang on the spin-
    pole for a moment. Watch the gauge set high above the next pole, and jump from
    the one you're on when it reaches the red zone. Cross the ledges around the
    side of the room to where the enemy you shot a moment ago was standing, and
    stand on the blue square up here. You'll get dumped into a small room with a
    Dragon's Egg and a weight-switch. Grab the Egg, then stand on the switch to
    turn off the lasers so you can leave. If you want to warp back to the main
    room, return to Moneybags. If you want to walk out, stay on ground level but go
    to the corner of the room where the Light Gem was, and head down the corridor.
    You'll come back out on the headbash-switch side of the Dark Gem room, and from
    here you can walk back to the main area.
    If you don't have 100%, use your Status Screen to figure out what you're
    missing, and go back and snag any missing Light Gems or Eggs. Chances are you
    still haven't gotten the Secret Area in Frostbite Village, because you can't
    get 95 Light Gems before reaching Red's Lab. Head on back and get that (use
    Moneybag's Teleport Pass to make life easier, going to the 'Eskimole Village'
    portal), then come on back here and skip to the final section when you're ready
    to take on Mecha-Red.
    A note: A very kind (and sharp-eyed! :) reader who wishes to be known only as
    'KathrynsDad' noticed recently that I'd left out a full description of the
    Secret Area. He was kind enough to send along the following writeup; I can't
    express my gratitude enough.
    Once the teleport fades, bear left toward the wall kick. Switch to Fire breath
    if you are not already on it. Go up the wall kick and take out the Eskimole,
    then keep climbing. Go to the door, which will now open. Flame the two Gnorcs
    in the tunnel.
    From the next open area there are boxes in ice-water leading in two directions.
    Dont jump in the water unless you like an icy death. First go right to get the
    Dragon Egg. Jump on the boxes to get to the other side, taking out the Yeti as
    you go. Charge and flame the Gnorc further on. There is a locked chest directly
    across from the area with the Gnorc. There is also a box in the water. Dont
    jump on the box, go directly to the chest. Thats your final Dragon Egg. All
    unlockables are now unlocked. You might take a moment to enjoy the unlockables
    before moving on.
    Turn around and go back to the fork, now going left. The Yeti will toss
    snowballs at you at turbo speed if you step on the second box, so stop on the
    first box take him out with an electric bomb. Bear right and jump across the
    platforms to the next area. Spin around the poles to get to the upper area.
    Flame the Gnorc and pick up the fire bomb, why not. Bear left and charge past
    the snowballs, then walk through the tunnel.
    The next area contains a light gem, the exit, and a fair amount of regular
    gems. Theres two water wheels which can be fun to activate, but dont seem to
    be crucial to the level. Theres also two ice cracks, but dont hit these
    unless youve already run through the invincibility portal.
    Jump down to the level where the gate is. Flame the Eskimole. Then jump to one
    of the floating platforms. Bear right on the platforms, going all the way to
    the Light Gem. Drop down a level and take out the Eskimole. Drop down to the
    bottom, take out enemies, and smash open any gems if you desire. Its not like
    you need money at this point.
    Climb back to the top of the level using the platforms and wind, then jump back
    down to the area with the gates, and jump to the floating platforms again. This
    time go left on the second platform and hit the water wheel. You can take out
    the Eskimole now or later; this is the exit.
    Go back down, climb to the top level again, and hit the water wheel. This will
    open the gated area. Jump down quickly as the opening is on a timer. Or ignore
    the gated area, theres only gems inside. If you go in for gems, the gate to
    open the cave is inside. Charge out when ready as the gate will close quickly.
    Next, if desired, go through the invincibility portal and drop down, taking out
    the crack to the left. Theres only a few gems in the water, but it might be
    fun to take a look since youve come so far. Climb back up to the top and jump
    back down to the portal to look inside the ice crack to the right if desired,
    of course after walking through the invincibility portal again. Otherwise, from
    the legde, jump onto two platforms and go left to the tunnel to exit. Dodge the
    snowball as you go out. For fun, do a Horn Dive from here, its the highest
    level youve been on all game. Go back to Frostbite Village to teleport out and
    take on Red.
    Whether you went and came back, or if you've been raring to go while we
    sidetracked, return to the floor-switches and stand once on the left-hand one
    to open Door 3. The passageway here is very straight-forward. Head down the
    hallway, taking out any enemies, until you get to a room with two sets of
    lasers. Scoot past the first ones when they blink out, and repeat on the second
    set. Approach the door to watch the Dark-Gem-ooze evaporate, and head on
    through to watch some cutscenes. I hope you're ready, 'cause this is it.
    Welcome to the final battle.
    Boss Fight: Mecha-Red [BSS4]
       Access: Inside Red's Lab | Fodder: None (random butterflies may appear)
       Dark Gems: 0 [X] | Light Gems: 0 [X] | Dragon Eggs: 0 [X]
       [] Defeat Mecha-Red.
    This section was contributed entirely by Carl G., who might not realize how
    much I appreciate that he saved me this much more typing. I couldn't have
    written it better myself.
    Mecha Red's a pretty easy fight, once you have the strategy down.  The only
    pain is that unlike all the other fights, this one's an all or nothing, no save
    point at the 1/3 and 2/3 energy bar levels.  That said, he's very predictable
    and quite easy to kill with a little practice (and some patience).
    The circular arena is broken into 3 basic areas.  Mecha Red is in the center,
    quite large thanks to the Professor.  Outwards from him, there is a ring of 8
    small circles.  These are doors that will open to provide us methods to attack
    him.  There is no way to attack him directly.  Beyond the circles, there are 2
    glowing red concentric rings.  You will be spending most of your time running
    around Mecha Red in the area between the 2 rings.  Be careful though, the edge
    of the platform is just beyond the outer ring and it's easy to fall off into
    oblivion and lose the fight.
    Mecha Red will begin by leaning over and dumping some homing mines at you.
    These will bounce in your direction for a short period and then blow up.
    Charge left (between the 2 red rings) and you'll be able to easily outrun them.
    After this, he will lift his leg and stomp the ground, sending a shockwave
    toward you.  Jump over this wave to avoid getting hurt and keep charging to the
    left.  (It can be done with a single jump with the right timing).  After this,
    Mecha Red will begin one of 3 attack sequences.  Each attack sequence will be
    separated by the homing mines and shockwave, so you'll have plenty of
    opportunity to practice getting them right.
    Mecha Red's attack sequences are semi-random, but depending on how hurt he is
    you can guess which attack he'll choose.  Don't worry though, there's plenty of
    warning to figure out what he's about to do.
    Eye-Beam Sequence
    Near the beginning of the fight, Mecha Red will lean toward you after the
    shockwave and begin scanning the ground to hit you with green lasers that shoot
    from his eyes.  These are easy to avoid.  Just charge to the left between the 2
    red rings.  He'll look like he's heading for you while the lasers are in the 8
    circle area, but then he'll sweep right and then left and stay right on your
    tail for the rest of the attack.  Once he's done, the 8 circles will open and
    rockets will emerge and Mecha Red will revert to Red.  The camera will pull
    back, giving you a better top-down view of the arena.  Use your fire breath to
    launch the rockets at Red.  Charge between each rocket and launch them as
    quickly as possible and you'll be able to get them all launched before he
    becomes invulnerable again.  Be careful not to be anywhere near Mecha Red at
    the end of this sequence or he will whip you with his tail.
    Booster Blast Sequence
    Near the middle of the fight, Mecha Red will introduce another attack sequence.
    This time, instead of the eye lasers, he will turn around and "launch" into the
    air, sending flame from his feet in your direction.  As long as you're still
    charging to the left after the shockwave, you should be able to avoid the
    flames.  As soon as you are clear of the flame, switch to electrical breath.
    The 8 circles will open and homing mines and electricity orbs will appear and
    Mecha Red will revert to Red again..  Quickly charge around the outside of this
    area and zap the orbs with your breath to activate them.  The mines will not
    start bouncing toward you until you get close, so always charge around them to
    the outside once they see you.  You can use your electrical breath to destroy
    them, but they move fast and with this many after you, it's hard to destroy
    them all before one hits you and then you'll have a very hard time recovering
    before the next one reaches you.  Running into the center of the arena is
    certain death as almost all of the mines will see you and begin to attack you.
    Activating all 4 orbs will create a field around Red that hurts him.  You'll
    need to keep running in a circle (to the left) to avoid the mines which will
    last for a little while after this sequence.  Again, avoid the tail.
    Homing Missile Sequence
    Whereas the other sequences provide a way to bring down Mecha Red's health
    pretty quickly, this third sequence only takes away a little energy each time.
    Of course, he will save this until the end of the fight is near and drag it out
    for as long as possible.  Mecha Red will stand up straight and fire homing
    missiles from his chest.  As long as you're still charging to the left, the
    first volley will land near your tail and miss you completely.  Mecha Red will
    launch 4 missiles with each volley.  2 at the same time, then 2 separately.
    After the 4th missile hits the ground, let up on the Charge button and begin
    charging to the right.  (It's very easy to fall of the edge if you forget to
    stop charging and try to change direction.)  Mecha Red will turn to the left
    side of the screen and fire another volley of 4 missiles.  After the 4th
    missile hits, stop and charge back to the left.  He'll spin 180 degrees to the
    right side of the screen and fire off another volley of 4 missiles.  Once he's
    done, run toward the center of the arena.  The 8 circles will open and 7 laser
    rifle robots and a button will emerge (and Mecha Red will revert to Red as
    usual).  Find the button quickly and run for it.  The robots will wait about 2
    seconds and then simultaneously fire off their rifles at you.  If you're inside
    the ring of robots, it should be easy to jump and avoid the blasts since they
    will all converge on you at about the same time.  Jump up on the button and
    horn-smash it and the robots will change their target and start firing at Red.
    At this point, you can head back to the area between the 2 red rings (to avoid
    the tail whip) and stop running for a second since you are (finally) not in any
    immediate danger.  The robots will continue to hit Red a few more times (for
    disappointingly little damage) and then everything will reset and you'll have
    to run for your life again from the homing mines and shockwave.
    Follow these patterns, and it should be pretty simple to beat Mecha Red without
    dying too many times.
    If you don't have 100%, you'll get a short end movie, where the Professor
    "takes care of" Red, and the credits roll. If you do, you get an extra movie
    clip that's kinda silly, but not all that important to the story.
    |                                  FAQs [FRAQ]                                |
    1. How do I access the bonuses that the Dragon Eggs give me? I talked to the
       Nanny again and she just says ['Find more eggs!'/'Thanks!'].
          From the Press Start screen when you first load the game:
       New Game
       Load Game
       -->Extras<-- (choose this)
       and the next menu will have the various bonuses that you've unlocked
    2. Where are the Elders? I don't have [insert ability]!
          Elder Tomas is in Dragonfly Village, and teaches you double-jumping and
       Horn-Dive (headbash).
       Elder Magnus is in Crocovile Swamp, and teaches Pole-spin.
       Elder Titan is in Cloudy Domain, and teaches Wing Shield.
       Elder Astor is in Ice Citadel, and teaches Wall-Kick.
       Of these four, only Elder Titan is non-essential; that is, you can reach the
       end of the game without ever talking with him. However, you won't be able to
       get 100% until you do talk to him, as one of the tasks for the level is to
       do so.
    |                                Collectibles                                 |
    There are a total of 220 items to find in A Hero's Tail, and it's not easy!
                                   Dark Gems [DAGE]
    There are forty Dark Gems hidden across the lands of the Dragon Realms, ten in
    each Realm. We'll ferret out each and every one.
    Dragon Village
    [] 1. Next to Ember.
    [] 2. On the ledge, across from Elder Tomas.
    [] 3. On a ledge near Sgt. Byrd.
    Crocovile Swamp
    [] 1. Just to the left, at the beginning of the level.
    [] 2. In front of the Elder's treehouse.
    [] 3. In the tunnel above Blink's cage.
    Dragonfly Falls
    [] 1. Behind a cracked wall, just before the first Moneybags Portal.
    [] 2. At the end of the left-hand hallway when the path forks.
    [] 3. In the area with the Sparx minigame, on the opposite wall.
    [] 4. On a ledge accessible only via floating platform, after you meet Hunter.
    Coastal Remains
    [] 1. Down the left-hand exit from Otto's pool, and left again.
    [] 2. On top of a platform in a beach area, also to the left behind Otto.
    [] 3. Through the pink seashell, go to the far right. It's straight ahead.
    [] 4. At the end of the tunnel that #3's cannon reveals.
    Sunken Ruins
    [] 1. In the huge room with four thermal-lifts.
    [] 2. In the long horizontal room in the south of the map.
    [] 3. Held by a statue that's sunk under green water.
    Cloudy Domain
    [] 1. On the second platform past the first room in the level.
    [] 2. Across the second set of paired platforms, and at the top of an elevator.
    [] 3. On top of a building to the south-west of Sgt. Byrd.
    Frostbite Village
    [] 1. Around the corner from Peggy's minigame.
    [] 2. Blocking the room with Blink's minigame.
    [] 3. At the end of the tunnel behind the second Strong Door you open.
    [] 4. Inside the room opened by a cannon, in the area in #3.
    [] 5. At the top of the Wall-kick slots, in the area where Spyro was captured.
    Ice Citadel
    [] 1. At a dead end, before you meet the Elder.
    [] 2. About halfway through the Supercharge tunnels.
    [] 3. At the top of an icy ramp. You have to use Supercharge to get to it.
    [] 4. In the first area behind the Ice Princess.
    [] 5. In the last area behind the Ice Princess.
    Stormy Beach
    [] 1. In the cave just before the entrance to Molten Mount.
    Molten Mount
    [] 1. At the end of the platforms making up Teena's "minigame".
    [] 2. Down the first left in the tunnel behind the second Moneybags portal.
    [] 3. Just past a wall of fire-geysers, before the elevator to Magma Falls.
    Magma Falls (Bottom)
    [] 1. At the top of a Wall-kick slot, in the first room.
    Dark Mine
    [] 1. On the pedestal in the center of a room with three robot-manned guns.
    [] 2. In the room with the 90-degree-rotating spinpoles.
    Red's Lab
    [] 1. The end of the passage behind the door to your right in the orrery.
    [] 2. The end of the passage behind the door to your left in #1.
    [] 3. The end of the passage behind the second door to your right in #1.
                                   Light Gems [LIGE]
    There are a whopping 100 Light Gems in the game! Use them to power up the
    Professor's inventions and open Secret Areas.
    Dragon Village
    [] 1. In the Nursery.
    [] 2. In the locked Treasure Chest on top of the first double-jump ledge.
    [] 3. In the locked Treasure Chest across the bridge near Ember.
    [] 4. On a ledge near Sgt. Byrd.
    [] 5. From Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [] 6. Inside the sealed boss cave.
    Crocovile Swamp
    [] 1. In the Treasure Chest behind the cracked wall by Zoe, above the Dark Gem.
    [] 2. Inside the top-most level of the pyramid; use the cannon to reveal it.
    [] 3. Inside the temple, at the end of the chamber straight ahead on entry.
    [] 4. In a secret chamber at the end of the tunnel past the temple.
    [] 5. Above Zoe at the end of #4's passage; cross platforms in the muck.
    [] 6. Blink's minigame.
    [] 7. Hop up spinpoles in the Elder's treehouse to find one.
    [] 8. Fredneck's minigame.
    [] 9. On a ledge above the muck just past Fredneck.
    [] 10. Inside the Strong Door at the base of the pyramid.
    Dragonfly Falls
    [] 1. In the locked Treasure Chest on a ledge opposite Zoe, as you enter.
    [] 2. Behind the Strong Door to the left past Moneybags' first portal.
    [] 3. Inside the cracked wall made accessible by smashing the second Dark Gem.
    [] 4. Sparx' minigame.
    [] 5. In the locked Treasure Chest on a little island in the piranha's area.
    [] 6. Floating above an island on the far side from #5.
    [] 7. Hunter's area.
    [] 8. On a ledge only accessible via Wall-kick, near the final Dark Gem.
    [] 9. Inside the Secret Area.
    Coastal Remains
    [] 1. Complete Otto's "minigame."
    [] 2. Above a platform in Otto's pool.
    [] 3. Blink's minigame.
    [] 4. In a broken tower in the beach area leading to Sunken Ruins.
    [] 5. Inside the Secret Area.
    [] 6. On a platform accessible via spinpoles, on the way to Cloudy Domain.
    [] 7. On a platform accessible via Electric Breath, past #6.
    [] 8. Mother Turtle's minigame.
    [] 9. Above the waterwheel near #8. You need Water Breath to get it.
    Sunken Ruins
    [] 1. In the Treasure Chest at the top of the room with the first Dark Gem.
    [] 2. In the Treasure Chest behind Lily the mermaid.
    [] 3. In the chamber above the Invincibility Portal (swim through green water).
    [] 4. Sparx' minigame.
    [] 5. At the top of the room with spitting fish-statues.
    [] 6. In the pool under the floor of the large southern room on the map.
    [] 7. In the Treasure Chest in the room with the sunken statue.
    [] 8. In the Treasure Chest in the room just before you reach the level's end.
    Cloudy Domain
    [] 1. In the locked Treasure Chest at the entrance.
    [] 2. Above the whirlwind activated by smashing the first Dark Gem.
    [] 3. Across the platforms behind the Elder's house.
    [] 4. Across the platform path to the left of the start of the level.
    [] 5. Across the platform path to the right of the start, and right again.
    [] 6. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [] 7. The Ball Gadget minigame.
    [] 8. Inside the building next to Sgt. Byrd; you need Wall-kick to get it.
    Frostbite Village
    [] 1. Behind a gate above Peggy's minigame.
    [] 2. Peggy's minigame.
    [] 3. Blink's minigame.
    [] 4. Down the passage above the Egg Thief.
    [] 5. On a ledge near where you meet Hunter.
    [] 6. In the area at the top of the Wall-kick slots where Spyro is captured.
    [] 7. In the small area at the back of the room with the Egg Thief.
    [] 8. Behind the Dark Gem in the room with falling icicle platforms.
    [] 9. Inside the Secret Area.
    Gloomy Glacier
    [] 1. Bentley's "minigame".
    [] 2. On the pedestal in the center of the room behind the double-hammer.
    [] 3. In a bone-walled room, guarded by a yeti.
    [] 4. On a ledge in the first bone-bridge room, behind a yeti.
    [] 5. Sparx' minigame.
    [] 6. On the far right in the last bone-bridge room.
    [] 7. In a hidden room above the climbable wall in the last bone-bridge room.
    [] 8. Just before reaching the Ice Citadel.
    Ice Citadel
    [] 1. Above a hovering platform.
    [] 2. Start the broken-down boiler, in the same room as #1.
    [] 3. Start the broken-down boiler, in the hallway behind the room in #1.
    [] 4. In a locked Treasure Chest, in the hallway past Elder Astor.
    [] 5. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [] 6. In the area with a cannon, behind the Ice Princess.
    [] 7. From the Ice Princess, for starting the boilers.
    [] 8. Behind a Strong Door in the tunnels on the way back to Frostbite Village.
    Stormy Beach
    [] 1. Above platforms in the area to the left of the start.
    [] 2. From the 'Defend the Realm' minigame.
    Molten Mount
    [] 1. In a locked Treasure Chest next to Sgt. Byrd.
    [] 2. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [] 3. On the platform in the room past the first Moneybags portal.
    [] 4. On the central island in the area with the second Moneybags Portal.
    [] 5. At the end of the area behind the second Dark Gem.
    [] 6. In a locked Treasure Chest behind a cracked wall.
    Magma Falls (Top)
    [] 1. At the top of the platforms in the room to the right of Moneybags.
    Ball Gadget
    [] 1. Above the tracks.
    [] 2. Above the tracks.
    Magma Falls (Bottom)
    [] 1. In a locked Treasure Chest in the room just past the Dark Gem.
    [] 2. Ice 8 Fire Imps.
    [] 3. Sparx' minigame.
    Dark Mine
    [] 1. At the end of the green water inside the Secret Area door.
    [] 2. In a locked Treasure Chest, just inside the second doorway in the level.
    [] 3. On a ledge opposite the moving Wall-kick slot.
    [] 4. Blink's minigame.
    [] 5. At the far corner of the first room with unstable ledges.
    [] 6. On a platform above Zoe, in the room with the final Dark Gem.
    Red's Lab
    [] 1. Inside the room with a laser-coated conveyor belt. Requires Wall-kick.
    [] 2. On a ledge above an inactive boiler; fire it up to access the Gem.
    [] 3. On a ledge in the first room behind the door to your left in the orrery.
    [] 4. On the ledge above the second room in the second door to the left of #3.
    [] 5. In the same room as the Dark Gem, behind the same door as #4.
                                   Dragon Eggs [DRGE]
    There are eighty Dragon Eggs hidden throughout the game. Every set of ten you
    find will unlock another option on the Extras Menu:
    New Game
    Load Game
    -->Extras<-- (choose this)
    The next menu will have the various bonuses that you've unlocked highlighted.
      Set  Eggs    Unlocks                   Set  Eggs    Unlocks
      ---  ----    -------                   ---  ----    -------
       1: 01-10: Concept art                  5: 41-50: Sgt. Byrd Mini-games
       2: 11-20: Character Viewer             6: 51-60: Spyro Turret Mini-games
       3: 21-30: Ember Model (Play as Ember)  7: 61-70: Sparx Shooter Mini-games
       4: 31-40: Flame Model (Play as Flame)  8: 71-80: Blink Mini-games
                                     Egg List [EGLI]
    The numbers in the checkboxes are which set each Egg is from.
    Dragon Village
    [3] 1. Two 'rooms' past Hunter.
    [2] 2. In the locked Treasure Chest near the Ball Gadget.
    [4] 3. In a tower blocked by a Dark Gem.
    [5] 4. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [8] 5. From #4, go through the tunnel behind the cracked wall; in the creek.
    [4] 6. Inside the sealed boss cave.
    Crocovile Swamp
    [2] 1. Across platforms in the muck, in the area that the first Dark Gem opens.
    [3] 2. Next to a 'cloth wall', above the tunnel leading to the Temple.
    [6] 3. The locked Treasure Chest inside the Temple.
    [8] 4. Blink's minigame.
    [8] 5. Polespin to the top of Elder Magnus' treehouse, and glide to a ledge.
    [6] 6. A niche in the tunnel opposite the one above Blink's cage.
    [4] 7. Fredneck's minigame.
    [1] 8. An Egg Thief inside the Electric Breath room of the Temple.
    Dragonfly Falls
    [3] 1. Behind the second cracked wall.
    [2] 2. Just past the area with several vultures, in a giant bird's nest.
    [7] 3. Sparx' minigame.
    [7] 4. Behind a cracked wall, at the top of a Wall-kick slot.
    [4] 5. Near the end of Hunter's area, in another giant bird's nest.
    [1] 6. Inside the Secret Area, held by an Egg Thief.
    Coastal Remains
    [8] 1. Blink's minigame.
    [8] 2. Above some Gnorcs, accessible via Electric Breath platforms.
    [5] 3. At the far end of a pool full of piranhas.
    [1] 4. Inside the Secret Area, held by an Egg Thief.
    [6] 5. On one of the islands reached via spinpole, once a Dark Gem is gone.
    [6] 6. The 'Save the Turtles' minigame.
    [2] 7. In the top of a ruined tower, above #6.
    Sunken Ruins
    [3] 1. Inside a locked Treasure Chest, just the other side of the first pool.
    [3] 2. At the top of the room with the first Dark Gem.
    [7] 3. Sparx' minigame.
    [2] 4. Inside a locked Treasure Chest, in a room with columns and fish statues.
    [2] 5. Inside a locked Treasure Chest in the large room at the south of the
    [4] 6. On the ledges at the top of the Wall-kick slot (the glowing pipes).
    Cloudy Domain
    [2] 1. Inside the Strong Door on the island by the Elder's house.
    [2] 2. On a platform behind the Elder's House.
    [4] 3. Inside a locked Treasure Chest, down the path to the left of the start.
    [5] 4. Below a platform with an elevator in it, down the path to the right.
    [1] 5. From an Egg Thief.
    [5] 6. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [5] 7. The Ball Gadget minigame.
    Frostbite Village
    [6] 1. Peggy's minigame.
    [4] 2. Under the Dark Gem which is around the corner from Peggy.
    [8] 3. Blink's minigame.
    [1] 4. From an Egg Thief.
    [6] 5. In the room behind the second Strong Door you open.
    [8] 6. Behind the cracked wall on a ledge above Moneybags' Portal ("Icy Camp").
    [2] 7. Inside the Secret Area, in a locked Treasure Chest.
    Gloomy Glacier
    [3] 1. Inside a locked Treasure Chest in Bentley's house.
    [6] 2. Inside a locked Treasure Chest down the third hallway.
    [3] 3. Behind a cracked wall, in the passage with swinging axe blades.
    [2] 4. At the end of a series of cracked platforms, below the first bone
    [4] 5. On a pedestal next to Zoe.
    [7] 6. Sparx' minigame.
    Ice Citadel
    [4] 1. Behind a barely-visible cracked wall, just before the first Dark Gem.
    [3] 2. At the end of the series of Supercharge tunnels.
    [5] 3. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [3] 4. Behind a Strong Door opposite Sgt. Byrd.
    [1] 5. From an Egg Thief.
    [5] 6. On top of an elevator, at the end of the hallway behind the Ice Queen.
    [7] 7. On a ledge only reachable via spinpoles, past the area in #6.
    Stormy Beach
    [1] 1. From an Egg Thief.
    [6] 2. From the 'Defend the Realm' minigame.
    Molten Mount
    [7] 1. From Teena the Hyena.
    [5] 2. Sgt. Byrd's minigame.
    [4] 3. On a ledge on the way to #2.
    [1] 4. From an Egg Thief.
    [3] 5. Inside a locked Treasure Chest behind a cracked wall.
    Magma Falls (Top)
    [6] 1. In a locked Treasure Chest, behind Moneybags' Portal.
    Ball Gadget
    [7] 1. Above the tracks.
    [5] 2. Above the tracks.
    Magma Falls (Bottom)
    [1] 1. From an Egg Thief.
    [7] 2. Sparx' minigame.
    Dark Mine
    [7] 1. In the green water at the end of the Secret Area.
    [8] 2. In a locked Treasure Chest, just past the second Moneybags Portal.
    [8] 3. Blink's minigame.
    [6] 4. In a hidden niche just past #3.
    [5] 5. Next to Moneybags' third Portal.
    Red's Lab
    [1] 1. From an Egg Thief.
    [8] 2. On an upper ledge inside the door second to the right in the orrery.
    [7] 3. Behind a wall of lasers inside the first door to the left.
                                      By Set [CHSE]:
    For finding all the Eggs from a given set.
    The following level abbreviations are used in this section:
       DV: Dragon Village      CS: Crocovile Swamp        DF: Dragonfly Falls
       CR: Coastal Remains     SR: Sunken Ruins           CD: Cloudy Domain
       FV: Frostbite Village   GG: Gloomy Glacier         IC: Ice Citadel
       SB: Stormy Beach        MM: Molten Mount           MT: Magma Falls (Top)
       BG: Ball Gadget         MB: Magma Falls (Bottom)   DM: Dark Mine
       RL: Red's Lab
       1: [CS] [DF] [CR] [CD] [FV] [IC] [SB] [MM] [MB] [RL]
       2: [DV] [CS] [DF] [CR] [SR] [SR] [CD] [CD] [GG] [FV]
       3: [DV] [CS] [DF] [SR] [SR] [GG] [GG] [IC] [IC] [MM]
       4: [DV] [CS] [DF] [DV] [SR] [CD] [FV] [GG] [IC] [MM]
       5: [DV] [CR] [CD] [CD] [CD] [IC] [IC] [MM] [BG] [DM]
       6: [CS] [CS] [CR] [CR] [FV] [FV] [GG] [SB] [MT] [DM]
       7: [DF] [DF] [SR] [GG] [IC] [MM] [BG] [MB] [DM] [RL]
       8: [DV] [CS] [CS] [CR] [CR] [FV] [FV] [DM] [DM] [RL]
    |                             Outside Sources [OTSS]                          |
    1. The game itself, of course.
    2. Gamespot (previews, overall info, and screenshots):
    3. GameFAQs (release dates, among other things):
    4. Mozepy's Spyro Universe (some background):
    5. The official Spyro site (self-explanatory):
    6. Gamefly.com (control layout):
    7. The E3 Demo (also self-explanatory):
       you might still be able to find a copy on eBay. (www.ebay.com)
    |                Acknowledgments/Credits/Contact/Version [CRED]               |
    Thanks to Eurocom Entertainment for picking up where *coughpoordevelopercough*
    left off, and for restoring this fan's faith!
    Spyro, "A Hero's Tail", and *all* related names, objects, etc., are TM and
    copyright 2004 Universal Games and Eurocom Entertainment Software. No copyright
    infringement is intended, implied, or claimed.
    Thanks also to Insomniac Games, for creating the Spyro series!
    And CJayC of GameFAQs, and David G. of wonderdogsoftware.com, for hosting this
    guide :)
    Thanks are definitely due to 'nosnibor28' and 'mozepy', for encouraging me to
    write this FAQ, and for contributing in other ways, such as possible meanings
    for Ineptune's name, and the types of fodder creatures in the Realms,
    respectively. I should also mention that nosnibor let me know some details I
    wasn't aware of with respect to the PS2's controls.
    Thanks very much to 'blvjmh' of GameFAQs' message boards, for providing a link
    to the XBox version control layout.
    Thanks to other contributors:
    - GunValkyrie, for the 'Save the Turtles' strategy
    - JulieCanada, for the secret room in Crocovile Swamp.
    - Jester, for an alternate way of killing crabs.
    - Jennifer W., for a tip on getting a Light Gem & Dragon Egg in Red's Lab.
    - Carl G., for the Mecha-Red strategy write-up.
    - moviegirl, for an alternate route in Coastal Remains.
    - chaslie, who submitted the same thing as moviegirl... slightly later.
    - Sara S., for a correction in the Eggs lists.
    - James R. and Dianne M, for motivating me to write up two of Blink's sections.
    - KathrynsDad, for writing up the Frostbite Secret Area for me.
    - Kathryn, for talking her Dad into playing Spyro with her. ;)
    Special thanks go to my wife, 'bmartin426' on the GameFAQs boards :)
    I, K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix of the GameFAQs message board community,
    wrote it. Email me with any questions, corrections, and comments at:
    terra_nouveau-at-yahoo-dot-com (preferred), phoenix4777-at-msn-dot-com and/or
    phoenix4777-at-hotmail-dot-com. I can also be reached on the 'Spyro: A Hero's
    Tail' message boards at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Keep in mind that if I know it, it's probably in this guide.
    When emailing!: Please remember to include a Spyro-related subject line! At
    the very least, use the subject 'Spyro'; I have very strict spam controls in
    place and I'd hate to miss a question because it gets trashed before I find
    it. Also please make a basic attempt at decent spelling when emailing for
    help; most mail programs, including AOL, have a spellchecker. I can't help
    if I can't read your question.
    Emails I *will* answer:
       1. Requests for help.
       2. Contributions, corrections, and *constructive* criticism.
    Emails I *won't* answer:
       1. Requests to host the guide anywhere other than GameFAQs or Wonderdog
          Software. The answer is 'No'. Don't bother wasting time writing.
       2. Outright flames ("Your guide is awful! it plain bites!").
       3. Spam.
       4. Demands ("Help me. Now!"). This includes emails referring to anything I
          haven't had a chance to respond to yet.
       5. Requests that I can't read (see above).
       6. Requests for Gameshark/ActionReplay/etc. codes. So far, anyway, I don't
          know of any. I'll consider including them in a later version. Maybe.
    This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, phoenix4777-at-
    msn-dot-com (etc.), as of 10-25-04; updates are also copyrighted. It may only
    be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com, wonderdogsoftware.com, and pyrephoenix.com.
    Please do not request to be allowed to host it on your site, as I may update
    without warning and I don't want outdated versions floating around the Net.
    You may download and save a copy for your own personal use, and may print out
    a single copy, also for your own personal use. It may not be distributed in any
    media, written or electronic; it also may not be published, whether or not for
    profit, without my prior -written- permission.
    I'm sorry to be so harsh; unfortunately that's the nature of the beast these
    -- EOF --

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