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    FAQ by CruThik786

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    NBA Live 2005 (Playstation 2)
    Full Guide/FAQ
    Written by CruThik786
    Copyright (c) 2005.
    ** Index **
    I. Introduction
    II. Controls
        A. Offense
        B. Defense
        C. Slam dunk contest
        D. Three-point contest
    III. Team Overviews
    IV. NBA Arenas
    V. Game Modes
       A. Play now
       B. Dynasty
       C. Season
       D. Playoffs
       E. 1-on-1
       F. All-Star weekend
       G. Online play
       H. Slam dunk school
    VI. NBA Store
    VII. EA Jukebox Song List
    VIII. Credits
    IX. Legal Information
    ** Version History **
    14 Jun. 2005
    Version 0.3
    Began guide. Added index, introduction, and controls. Began working on team
    15 Jun. 2005
    Version 0.7
    Completed team overviews, and added NBA Arenas section. Also added the Game
    Modes section and the NBA Store section.
    16 Jun. 2005
    Version 1.0
    Finished entire guide/FAQ.
    ** I. Introduction **
    This guide/FAQ is for the Playstation 2 version of the game NBA Live 2005. This
    guide/FAQ will cover almost the game controls, the various gametypes, the 
    teams, and the extras/unlockables in the game. If you have any questions, 
    comments, suggestions, tips, etc., feel free to e-mail me at 
    CruThik786@hotmail.com. In order to allow me to organize the e-mails and reply 
    quickly, please use "NBA Live 2005 FAQ" as the subject for your e-mail. If you 
    send in tips or more accurate/detailed descriptions for any part of this 
    guide/FAQ, I will be sure to give you full credit if I put it in this
    guide/FAQ. Thank you.
    As of right now, GameFAQs, Cheat Code Central, and Neoseeker are the only
    websites that are permitted to post this guide/FAQ. If you find this guide/FAQ
    on any other website, please contact me immediately. If you want to post this
    guide/FAQ on your website, please e-mail me first to ask permission, and we'll
    take it from there. Thank you once again.
    ** II. Controls **
    -- Offense --
    (With ball)
    Move the selected player: Left analog stick
    Shoot: Circle
    Dunk/Lay-up: Square
    Pass: X
    Freestyle: Right analog stick
    Alley-oop to a teammate: R2
    Turbo: R1
    (Without ball)
    Call for the ball: X
    Set a pick: L1
    Call for a shot: Circle
    -- Defense --
    Steal: Square
    Switch player: X
    Take a charge: Circle or R2
    Turbo: R1
    Intentional foul: Select button
    Block: Triangle
    -- Slam Dunk Contest --
    (On the floor)
    One footed gather: Square
    One footed 180 degree gather: Triangle
    Two foot gather: Circle
    Two foot 180 degree gather: X
    Ball toss (alley-oop to yourself): Right analog stick
    Move player: Left analog stick
    Dunk modifiers: L1 or R1
    (In mid-air)
    Tomahawk finish: Square
    Pump finish: Circle
    Windmill finish: Triangle
    Clutch finish: X
    Rotate player (only for 180 degree gathers): Left analog stick
    -- Three-Point Contest --
    Grab ball from rack: R1
    Shoot: X, circle, square, or triangle
    ** III. Team Overviews **
    ***These rosters are the default rosters that come with the game. The roster
    updates available for download online are not taken into account in this guide.
    -- Atlanta Hawks --
    Overall rating: 77
    Key Players: PF Al Harrington, PF Antoine Walker
    Strengths: Decent low-post game with Harrington and Walker. Both also provide
    them with decent outside shooting ability. Antoine Walker can simply light it
    up from downtown.
    Weaknesses: Ball handling is weak, and they turn the ball over frequently.
    They also do not have much height, so pound the ball inside against them.
    -- Boston Celtics --
    Overall rating: 84
    Key players: PG Gary Payton, SG Ricky Davis, SF Paul Pierce
    Strengths: Paul Pierce is the primary option for this team, and is a borderline
    superstar. He can hit the outside shot, or take it in the paint to draw the
    foul. Ricky Davis is an explosive player that likes to penetrate and pull-up
    for the mid-range jumper, or take it to the whole hard and dunk it on you.
    Weaknesses: They have a weak bench filled with young and unexperienced players.
    They also have a weak inside game, so defend the perimeter shot and force them
    to feed the ball inside.
    -- Charlotte Bobcats --
    Overall rating: 58
    Key players: SF Gerald Wallace, PF Emeka Okafor
    Strengths: Steve Smith is their best perimeter shooter,but doesn't get much
    playing time. Okafor is a beast down low defensively, and has the ability to
    dominate down-low on the offensive end if he gets too many easy baskets.
    Gerald Wallace has a decent shot, but likes to penetrate and draw the foul or
    throw it down.
    Weaknesses: Weak bench and weak outside shooting game. If they shoot too many
    three-pointers, they will live and die by the three.
    -- Chicago Bulls --
    Overall rating: 82
    Key players: PG Kirk Hinrich, SG Ben Gordon, PF Tyson Chandler, C Eddy Curry
    Strength: Kirk Hinrich can simply light it up from downtown if left open. They
    have a solid low post game with Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler controlling the
    paint both on the offensive and the defensive end of the floor. Defensive
    rebounding is important. DO NOT give them a lot of offensive rebounds, or they
    will make you pay. Ben Gordon can hit the outside shot, and is as clutch as
    they get. He is also a prolific scorer.
    Weaknesses: Mid-range shooting is weak, but they can hit a lot of three's if
    they are left open. They also rely on offensive rebounding and second-chance
    points, so limit their offensive rebounds.
    -- Cleveland Cavaliers --
    Overall rating: 79
    Key players: SF LeBron James, c Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Strengths: LeBron James is a flat-out stud despite only being a second-year
    player. Don't let him go off because he is capable of scoring 30+ on any given
    night and will get his teammates involved. Ilguaskas is a beast down-low who
    also has a very good mid-range jumper.
    Weaknesses: They don't have very good perimeter shooters, so pack the paint and
    force them to beat you by hitting outside shots. They also have a weak bench
    that does not provide them with a lot of scoring.
    -- Dallas Mavericks --
    Overall rating: 88
    Key players: PG Jason Terry, SG Michael Finley, SF Jerry Stackhous, PF Dirk
    Strengths: They will shoot a lot of three's, and make the majority of them.
    Nowitzki is a versatile power-forward who can shoot the three, pull up for
    the mid-range jumper, or even post you up or take it strong to the hole.
    They have decent shot-blocking ability with 7'5" Shawn Bradley and Erick
    Dampier watching the paint.
    Weaknesses: Inside scoring and defense. They normally like to beat you by using
    the run-and-gun method, which basically means they'll try to score more points
    than you rather than playing solid defense.
    -- Denver Nuggets --
    Overall rating: 84
    Key players: SF Carmelo Anthony, PF Kenyon Martin
    Strengths: Carmelo Anthony is a rising star in the league, and he'll score in
    any and every way possible. However, they also have a solid low post game with
    Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby down low, so be sure to limit their offesnive
    rebounds, or they'll make you pay. They also have a decent perimeter shooting
    game, so they are a very good all-around team. The majority of their points
    come from the fast-break.
    Weaknesses: Limit their touches and baskets down-low, and you've just made it
    a lot harder for them to score in the half-court set. They are also a decent
    defensive team.
    -- Detroit Pistons --
    Overall rating: 90
    Key players: PG Chauncey Billups, SG Rip Hamilton, SF Tayshaun Prince, 
    PF Rasheed Wallace, C Ben Wallace
    Strengths: A very versatile team that will shut you down on the defensive end.
    They are probably the best defensive team in the league, so your only hope is
    to force turnovers and get easy buckets in the open court. They have the
    ability to take over the game on the defensive end, and like to slow the game
    Weaknesses: Horrible bench. Besides Antonio McDyess they have nobody who can
    give them an instant lift off the bench. Rasheed sometimes like to settle for
    the three-pointer rather than banging down low.
    -- Golden State Warriors --
    Overall rating: 77
    Key players: SG Jason Richardson, SF Mike Dunleavy Jr.
    Strengths: They are an excellent fast-breaking team who can score a bunch of
    points off the fastbreak in a hurry. Derek Fisher is an excellent three-point
    shooter, so don't give him too many uncontested looks from downtown. Richardson
    will take it to the rack, and also has the ability to hit the three-point shot.
    Dunleavy is a very good shooter, so keep a hand in his face at all times.
    Weaknesses: They don't have a very strong low-post game on the offensive end,
    but get the job done defensively in terms of rebounding the ball. They commit
    silly fouls down low, which hurts them because they don't have much height
    off the bench.
    -- Houston Rockets --
    Overall rating: 83
    Key players: SG Tracy McGrady, C Yao Ming
    Strengths: McGrady can take over a game at any given time, as he is a very
    versatile superstar who can hit the three, mid-range jumper, or take it all
    the way to the whole. They have a very solid low-post game with Yao dominating
    the paint, and have a lot of three-point shooters surrounding Yao and T-Mac.
    Weaknesses: They are very unathletic with the exception of Tracy McGrady. They
    don't excel at the fastbreak, rather they are forced to play a slow-tempo game
    as a result of the personnel on their roster.
    -- Indiana Pacers --
    Overall rating: 80
    Key players: SF Ron Artest, SF Stephen Jackson, C Jermaine O'Neal
    Strengths: They are a very well-rounded team who can beat you off of perimeter
    shooting and feeding JO in the post. They are a defensive-minded ball club
    with their best defensive player, Ron Artest, being capable of shutting down
    any opposing player. They are a very physical team, and will bang down low. If
    their perimeter shots are falling, they are a very dangerous team.
    Weaknesses: They will miss a lot of mid-range shots, and sometimes they will
    be off from downtown, so try to limit their offensive rebounding. Limit them
    to one shot per possession, and you should be fine.
    -- Los Angeles Clippers --
    Overall rating: 74
    Key players: SG Corey Maggette, PF Elton Brand
    Strengths: They have a very solid low-post game with Brand and C Chris Kaman
    patrolling the paint on defense. Brand is a premiere power forward, and can
    take over a game instantly. Corey Maggette is a rising star on the perimeter.
    He has a suspect jumper, but can use his size and strength to back down his
    defender. The Clippers will spread the court to try and take advantage of their
    excellent spot up shooting.
    Weaknesses: They are a weak rebounding team, and have a weak bench. They rarely
    get much help offensively off the bench, so limit the amount of second-chance
    points you give to their starting team.
    -- Los Angeles Lakers --
    Overall rating: 88
    Key players: SG Kobe Bryant, SF Caron Butler, PF Lamar Odom
    Strengths: Kobe Bryant will flat out dominate the offensive end with his
    brilliant one-on-one skills, and ability to set up his teammates. When Kobe
    isn't dominating the ball, they'll feed it to Lamar Odom and let him do his
    thing on the low block, or set up Caron Butler for a spot-up jumper.
    Weaknesses: Not a great defensive team, but they get the job done on some
    nights. With Shaquille O'Neal gone to Miami, their low-post game is basically
    non-existant with the exception of Lamar Odom (who is more of a SF than a PF).
    -- Memphis Grizzlies --
    Overall rating: 91
    Key players: PG Jason Williams, C Pau Gasol
    Strengths: They will post Gasol up often, and he will deliver on the low-block.
    If you double team him, he'll kick it out to the perimeter where almost 
    everybody on their team can hit the three and the mid-range jumper. Cover
    the shooters, or they'll burn you with their three-point shooting.
    Weaknesses: Their only real weakness is that they tend to have a myriad of
    injuries, yet they always seem to overcome that. Their ballhandlers are young,
    and don't respond well to pressure, so cover them tightly to force turnovers.
    -- Miami Heat --
    Overall rating: 80
    Key players: SG Dwyane Wade, C Shaquille O'Neal
    Strengths: Shaq dominates on the low-block, and his partner D-Wade will tear
    you apart on the perimeter with his pull-up jumper, and his spectacular drives
    to the basket. Oh, and when their done tearing you apart, they'll give it up
    to their excellent three-point shooters. Defensively, they are a good
    ball-club. Take it into the paint for a lay-up and Shaq will swat the ball like
    a fly.
    Weaknesses: Don't have many weaknesses. On some nights their bench will be a
    non-factor, and on others they will destroy you. Just keep applying pressure
    to D-Wade and Shaq, and make their supporting cast beat you.
    -- Milwaukee Bucks --
    Overall rating: 79
    Key players: SG Michael Redd, SF Desmond Mason
    Strengths: Michael Redd will simply shoot the lights out from the floor even if
    you play him tightly. Desmond Mason will continuously attack the rim, and does
    not fear contact at all. Their big guys mainly score off of getting offensive
    rebounds, so limit them and they will struggle.
    Weaknesses: Their inside game is weak, as they rely on offensive rebounds and
    put-backs to score on the offensive end. Defensively, they are a struggling
    ball-club without a premiere shotblocker.
    -- Minnesota Timberwolves --
    Overall rating: 82
    Key players: PG Sam Cassell, SG Latrell Sprewell, PF Kevin Garnett
    Strenghts: KG will score in every way possible, will dominate the boards, and
    will set-up his teammates for good looks. Cassell has a deadly jumper, 
    especially late in the game. Sprewell gets his points off of jumpers and drives
    to the baskets. They have a solid bench with Eddie Griffin, a PF who can bang
    down low and go outside and knock down three's.
    Weaknesses: They are an old ball club. Both their backcourt players are over 30
    years old. C Michael Olowokandi is an often-injured player, who isn't much of a
    factor even when he is on the court.
    -- New Jersey Nets --
    Overall rating: 68
    Key players: PG Jason Kidd, SF Richard Jefferson
    Strengths: They are a very good fastbreaking team with Jason Kidd at the helm.
    Kidd can do it all, but is frequently injured. He has the ability to average
    10+ assists a night. Jefferson is an athletic SF with a suspect, yet improving,
    jumper. Don't let this club get on the fastbreak a lot, or you're in for a long
    Weaknesses: Their half-court offense is horrendous since Kenyon Martin was
    traded. Consequently, they are very weak at the SG, PF, and C positions. Take
    advantage of this teams inability to defend the paint.
    -- New Orleans Hornets --
    Overall rating: 89
    Key players: PG Baron Davis, SF Jamal Mashburn, C Jamaal Magloire
    Strengths: Explosive play by Baron Davis always gives this team a chance to
    win. Jamal Mashburn is flat out deadly shooting the ball. Jamaal Magloire is a
    solid player down low both offensively and defensively, and the play of PJ 
    Brown at the PF position rounds out their solid front court.
    Weaknesses: Defensive problems and injuries plague this team, as does a weak
    -- New York Knicks --
    Overall rating: 87
    Key players: PG Stephon Marbury, SG Jamal Crawford
    Strengths: They have a very good backcourt, as well as a solid front court.
    Weaknesses: The play of their front court is very inconsistent, and their 
    defense shortcomings are a problem. Sometimes their backcourt will settle for
    the outside shot rather than penetrating and taking it hard to the hole.
    -- Orlando Magic --
    Overall rating: 83
    Key players: PG Steve Francis, SG Cuttino Mobley, SF Grant Hill, PF Dwight
    Strenghts: Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley play very well as a backcourt since
    they have been together for years. Francis can take over games with his 
    all-around brilliant play, and Cuttino Mobley will destroy you with his 
    accurate shooting and athletic drives to the rim. Grant Hill can hit the open
    jumper, and Howard will control the paint every night.
    Weaknesses: Defense is a problem, as is rebounding. Their bench isn't
    spectacular, but are inconsistent on a night-to-night basis. They are also
    prone to commit a lot of turnovers with Steve Francis primarily handling the 
    -- Philadelphia 76ers --
    Overall rating: 76
    Key players: PG Allen Iverson, SG Andre Iguodala, SF Kyle Korver, C Samuel
    Strengths: Allen Iverson will dominate the game by scoring and setting up his
    teammates for open shots. He will continually attack the basket on every 
    possession, and will leave it all out on the court every single night. They
    excel on the fastbreak, which they cause by forcing over 12 turnovers a night
    from their opposition. Kyle Korver is deadly from downtown, and Andre Iguodala
    will do everything for them. He is an excellent defensive player who is capable
    of shutting down the brightest of stars. Dalembert is a defensive monster.
    Weaknesses: Bench play is a question mark, and sometimes they don't have the
    defensive intensity from their front court that is needed. They also may
    sometimes struggle to score in the half-court set.
    -- Phoenix Suns --
    Overall rating: 81
    Key players: PG Steve Nash, SG Quentin Richardson, SF Joe Johnson, PF Shawn
    Marion, C Amare Stoudemire
    Strengths: The most athletic team in the league. They run an unstoppable fast
    break and score at will. The most offensively explosive team in the entire
    league, they will run-and-gun until their opponent tires and cannot keep up
    with their scoring pace. Amare Stoudemire is a beast down low, and Shawn 
    Marion helps with the rebounding and is unstoppable in the open court. Steve
    Nash has unbelievable court vision and can average 10+ assists a night. JOe
    Johnson and Quentin Richardson will shoot the lights out from downtown.
    Weaknesses: Defense is not the main focus of their philosophy. They don't play
    much defense so they can run the break and stay out of foul trouble because
    they don't have much of a bench. Bench play is horrible, so their starters
    average about 40 minutes a game. Get them in foul trouble, and they won't be as
    tough to beat.
    -- Portland Trail Blazers --
    Overall rating: 83
    Key players: SF Darius Miles, PF Zach Randolph, C Theo Ratliff
    Strengths: A very versatile team, they can score in the half-court set and can
    also run the fastbreak efficiently. They have a good three-point shooter in 
    Derek Anderson. The ball will usually go down low to Zach Randolph on the 
    offensive end, and everybody will feed off him. On defense, they have one of
    the top shotblockers in the league down low in Theo Ratliff. It is tough to
    control the boards against them.
    Weaknesses: Off-court problems usually hinder the on-court success of this
    team. They also have many problems playing with one another. Their defense and
    shooting is suspect in some games.
    -- Sacramento Kings --
    Overall rating: 92
    Key players: PG Mike Bibby, SF Predrag Stojakovic, PF Chris Webber, C Brad
    Strengths: Great shooting team, and play well off of one another. They are
    constantly in motion without the ball, making it easy for the two best passing
    big men in the league (Chris Webber and Brad Miller) to find them for easy
    lay-ups from the high post. Leave Peja Stojakovic open, and he'll make the shot
    95% of the time. They are an excellent team in the open-court as well.
    Weaknesses: Defense is suspect, as they aren't the most athletic team and
    aren't the most determined team on the defensive end of the floor. Their bench
    has also been depleted due to trades made in the offseason, so their bench
    is not as strong as it was in past years.
    -- San Antonio Spurs --
    Overall rating: 88
    Key players: PG Tony Parker, SG Manu Ginobili, SF Bruce Bowen, PF Tim Duncan
    Strengths: The Spurs offense runs through the Big Fundamental (Tim Duncan) 
    in the low-post, and Ginobili and Parker run rampant on the perimeter. They
    have excellent spot-up shooters who thrive off of the penetration and dish out
    to the perimeter. Probably one of the top three defensive teams in the league.
    They just might be the best all-around team in the league, and are extremely
    Weaknesses: They basically have no weaknesses to exploit. However, if Tim
    Duncan is injured or out for long stretches, they may struggle offensively.
    -- Seattle Supersonics --
    Overall rating: 82
    Key players: SG Ray Allen, SF Rashard Lewis
    Strengths: Their offense mainly consists of the three-point shot. They live
    and die by the three, and Ray Allen is one of the best in the league at 
    creating, and making, his own shot at will. Rashard Lewis is a versatile SF who
    can beat you off the dribble, or take advantage of his size by posting his
    defender on the low block.
    Weaknesses: Inside scoring and bench play is a question mark for this ball
    club. They aren't a great rebounding team, so play the perimeter tight and
    things will be a lot easier. They aren't a good defensive team either.
    -- Toronto Raptors --
    Overall rating: 86
    Key players: SG Vince Carter, SF Jalen Rose, C Chris Bosh
    Strengths: Vince Carter is an explosive player who can drive by his defender
    at any moment and unleash a crazy dunk over the opposing big man. Jalen Rose is
    a decent all-around player who can hit the open shot, and create a shot for
    himself. Chris Bosh is basically a beast down low. There is no containing him.
    Weaknesses: Defense is a big question mark, as is injuries. Vince Carter is 
    often injured, and when he is on the court, he isn't as aggressive as he needs
    to be. He often settles for the outside shot. Carter also has problems 
    co-existing with the other players on the team. Besides Bosh, they aren't a 
    good rebounding team.
    -- Utah Jazz --
    Overall rating: 80
    Key players: PG Carlos Arroyo, SF Andrei Kirilenko, PF Carlos Boozer
    Strenths: Good defensive team with Kirilenko capable of blocking 4+ shots a
    game. He is their best player, and their leader. If he isn't playing well, 
    they will struggle.
    Weaknesses: Shooting is a big weakness. They are a suspect shooting team who
    rely on their defense to win them games. They aren't a good fastbreaking team
    -- Washington Wizards --
    Overall rating: 85
    Key players: PG Gilbert Arenas, SG Larry Hughes, PF Antawn Jamison
    Strengths: Aggressive both offensively and defensively. They have one of the
    most dynamic backcourts in the league. Both Arenas and Hughes can take over
    a game instantly, as can Antawn Jamison, a PF who can bang down low and step
    outside and knock down the trey. They rely on fastbreak points to score a lot
    of points. They are good at playing the passing lanes and getting easy buckets
    off of steals.
    Weaknesses: Rebounding and inexperience. They aren't very good at boxing out,
    and have one of the youngest teams in the league who will turn the ball over
    quite frequently. Capitalize on these two weaknesses, and you should have a 
    great game against them.
    IV. NBA Arenas
    -- Atlanta Hawks --
    Arena: Phillips Center
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Boston Celtics --
    Arena: FleetCenter
    Location: Boston, MA
    Capacity: 19,600
    Year opened: 1995
    -- Charlotte Bobcats --
    Arena: Charlotte Arena
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Capacity: 18,500
    Year opened: 2004
    -- Chicago Bulls --
    Arena: United Center
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Capacity: 20,500
    Year opened: 1988
    -- Cleveland Cavaliers --
    Arena: Gund Arena
    Location: Cleveland, OH
    Capacity: 20,500
    Year opened: 1994
    -- Dallas Mavericks --
    Arena: American Airlines Center
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Capacity: 18,500
    Year opened: 2000
    -- Denver Nuggets --
    Arena: Pepsi Center
    Location: Denver, CO
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 1995
    -- Detroit Pistons --
    Arena: The Palace of Auburn Hills
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Capacity: 22,077
    Year opened: 1988
    -- Golden State Warriors --
    Arena: Oakland Arena
    Location: Oakland, CA
    Capacity: 18,500
    Year opened: 1996
    -- Houston Rockets --
    Arena: Toyota Center
    Location: Houston, TX
    Capacity: 19,000
    Year opened: 2003
    -- Indiana Pacers --
    Arena: Conseco Fieldhouse
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Capacity: 18,645
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Los Angeles Clippers --
    Arena: Staples Center
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Capacity: 21,000
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Los Angeles Lakers --
    Arena: Staples Center
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Capacity: 21,000
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Memphis Grizzlies --
    Arena: The Pyramid
    Location: Memphis, TN
    Capacity: 20,150
    Year opened: 2001
    -- Miami Heat --
    Arena: American Airlines Arena
    Location: Miami, FL
    Capacity: 19,500
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Minnesota Timberwolves --
    Arena: Target Center
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Capacity: 19,000
    Year opened: 1990
    -- Milwaukee Bucks --
    Arena: Bradley Center
    Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Capacity: 18,500
    Year opened: 1988
    -- New Jersey Nets --
    Arena: Continental Airlines Arena
    Location: East Rutherford, NJ
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 1981
    -- New Orleans Hornets --
    Arena: New Orleans Arena
    Location: New Orleans, LA
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 2002
    -- New York Knicks --
    Arena: Madison Square Garden
    Location: New York, NY
    Capacity: 19,500
    Year opened: 1968
    -- Orlando Magic --
    Arena: TD Waterhouse Centre
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Capacity: 17,000
    Year opened: 1989
    -- Philadelphia 76ers --
    Arena: Wachovia Center
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Capacity: 20,500
    Year opened: 1996
    -- Phoenix Suns --
    Arena: America West Arena
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Capacity: 19,000
    Year opened: 1992
    -- Portland Trail Blazers --
    Arena: Rose Garden
    Location: Portland, OR
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 1995
    -- Sacramento Kings --
    Arena: Arco Arena
    Location: Sacramento, CA
    Capacity: 17,000
    Year opened: 1988
    -- San Antonio Spurs --
    Arena: SBC Center
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Capacity: 19,500
    Year opened: 2002
    -- Seattle Supersonics --
    Arena: Key Arena
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Capacity: 17,000
    Year opened: 1995
    -- Toronto Raptors --
    Arena: Air Canada Centre
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Capacity: 19,500
    Year opened: 1999
    -- Utah Jazz --
    Arena: Delta Center
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT
    Capacity: 20,000
    Year opened: 1991
    -- Washintgon Wizards --
    Arena: MCI Center
    Location: Washington, DC
    Capacity: 21,500
    Year opened: 1997
    V. Game Modes
    ** Note: the following descriptions come straight from the NBA Live 2005
    -- Play Now --
    Before you slam and jam during the NBA All-Star Weekend, get your feet wet with
    an exhibition game against your toughest rival in Play Now mode.
         - Jersey Select Screen: From the Jersey Select screen you have the option
           to change you team's jersey for the upcoming game. Press (D-pad right)
           to select a Home, Away, or Alternate jersey. Some jerseys have to be
           unlocked in the NBA Store (using earned Task List points).
         - Pre-Matchup Screen: Select the skill level for the next game, along with
           quarter length, arena location, and camera view. You can also adjust the
           rules, preferences, gameplay settings, and in-game settings from the
           Settings screen.
    -- Dynasty Mode --
    Build pro basketball's greatest franchise of all-time. For multiple seasons,
    you manage the roster; you coach the team; you play the games. Dynasty Mode
    operates on a year-round NBA calendar so be prepared to handle the duties on
    the court, as well as off it. After choosing a team and selecting your
    settings, Season One begins.
         - Dynasty Development: Starting from your first Training Session, use your
           Dynasty Points to improve player and team abilities. You can also use
           your points to hire specialist coaches and pay for scouting trips.
           Dynasty Points are awarded for accomplishing feats in the Task List
           (displayed after each game, season, and playoffs) during the current
         - PDA/Roster Management/GM's Desk: Run your franchise with the help of the
           all-new PDA communication system. With the PDA, you'll receive valuable
           information from the league, players, and coaches that can help
           determine the success of your franchise.
           Other than the PDA, most of the action off the court occurs from the
           Roster Management screen or the GM's desk. From the Roster Management
           screen you can reorder rosters, view injury reports, sign, release,
           trade, and edit players. Review your Manager's Statetment, get the
           latest news from around the league, view upcoming free agents, and more
           from the GM's Desk.
         - Off-Season: After the playoffs, it's time for all the GM's to evaluate
           their respective teams for the upcoming season. Be sure to use valuable
           information from you team scouts to help evaluate talent. Listen to
           their advice and study up on the incoming class before draft day.
           Making a wrong pick could set your franchise back a few years.
           After the Rookie Draft is complete, you have the chance to bid on and
           offer contracts to free agents. Financial security is the main selling
           point to many of the players, but don't break the bank to sign them. Be
           sure to keep enough money in the budget in order to sign the key role
           players as well.
           To manage your roster, you can also re-sign and release players from
           the lineup. After the free agent period ends and your roster is set, the
           new season begins.
           **Note: Be sure to save your Settings file often in order to store NBA
             points, NBA Store purchases, and Hall of Fame records.
    -- Season --
    Play through the trials of a full NBA season. Set up a 29-, 58-, or 82-game
    season and make your run for the championship. You can play the season with
    any team using current NBA rosters, or assemble your team through a Fantasy
    Draft. You can even randomize your schedule or customize your league by
    switching up the teams in your division.
    -- Playoffs --
    Take part in the excitement of the NBA playoffs. You can participate in a
    traditional format or you can customize your tournament--with or without a
    Fantasy Draft.
    -- One-on-One --
    Schoolyard basketball hits the NBA. Prove yourself against anybody in a 1 on 1
    showdown for ultimate bragging rights.
    -- All-Star Weekend --
    The energy explodes off the court during the NBA All-Star Weekend. From the
    Rookie Challenge to the NBA All-Star game, prove yourself in each electrifying
    All-Star event.
    There are four events during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Your first event pits
    the rookies against the sophomore players during the Rookie Challenge. After
    slamming and jamming with the league's newest talent, rip the back of the net
    during the 3 Point Shootout as you battle up to seven of the best long-range
    shooters in the league. Playing in a tournament format, you have 60 seconds
    to make as many shots (and score as many points) as you can. The winner moves
    on, the losers go home.
    Next on the bill--the Slam Dunk Contest. Bust out your best Freestyle moves
    and wow the judges with an aerial assault that expresses your game like never
    before. Finally, show off your skills against the best players in the league
    during the NBA All-Star Game. It's East vs. West in this action-packed,
    winner-take-all game.
    -- Online Play --
    Go Freestyle against the best basketball players in the country.
    **Note: you must have a subscription to Xbox Live in order to play online.
    -- Slam Dunk School --
    In Slam Dunk School, progress through the ranks of Beginner Practice, Alley-oop
    Practice, and Advanced Practice and perfect your skills along the way. You'll
    need to master the moves learned here before you can fully compete in the Slam
    Dunk Contest.
    VI. NBA Store
    -- Hardwood Classics Jerseys --
    Item                             Points Needed
    1. Atlanta 1971-1972 Away        200
    2. Atlanta 1974-1975 Away        100
    3. Boston 1923-1924 Home         200
    4. Chicago 1970-1971 Away        100
    5. Chicago 1995-1996 Alt.        200
    6. Cleveland 1976-1977 Away      100
    7. Cleveland 1986-1987 Home      200
    8. Dallas 1994-1995 Home         200
    9. Denver 1977-1978 Home         100
    10. Denver 1978-1979 Home        100
    11. Denver 2001-2002 Away        50
    12. Denver 2001-2002 Home        50
    13. Detroit 1981-1982 Away       250
    14. Detroit 1997-1998 Home       100
    15. Golden State 1976-1977 Home  200
    16. Golden State 1990-1991 Home	 200
    17. Houston 1969-1970 Home	 200
    18. Houston 2002-2003 Home	 50
    19. Houston 2002-2003 Away	 50
    20. Indiana 1988-1989 Away       200
    21. Indiana 1993-1994 Home       100
    22. LA Clippers 1973-1974 Away   250
    23. LA Clippers 1979-1980 Home	 100
    24. LA Lakers 1949-1950 Away	 200
    25. LA Lakers 1961-1962 Home	 200
    26. LA Lakers 1961-1962 Away	 200
    27. Memphis 2000-2001 Away 	 50
    28. Memphis 2000-2001 Home	 50
    29. Miami 1995-1996 Alt.	 100
    30. Milwaukee 1986-1987 Home	 200
    31. Milwaukee 1996-1997 Alt.	 200
    32. New Jersey 1983-1984 Away	 100
    33. New Jersey 1991-1992 Home	 150
    34. New Orleans 1997-1998 Alt.	 150
    35. New York 1979-1980 Away	 200
    36. New York 1985-1986 Away	 150
    37. Orlando 1994-1995 Away	 150
    38. Philidelphia 1965-1966 Home	 250
    39. Philidelphia 1977-1978 Home  200
    40. Pheonix 1970-1971 Home       250
    41. Pheonix 1988-1989 Away	 150
    42. Pheonix 1988-1989 Home	 200
    43. Pheonix 1996-1997 Alt.	 200
    44. Portland 1971-1972 Away	 200
    45. Portland 1991-1992 Home	 150
    46. Sacramento 1961-1962 Away	 200
    47. Sacramento 1986-1988 Away	 250
    48. San Antonio 1968-1969 Home   200
    49. San Antonio 1973-1974 Home   250
    50. Seattle 1967-1968 Away       150
    51. Seattle 1993-1994 Away	 150
    52. Utah 1976-1977 Away	         200
    53. Utah 1983-1984 Away	         250
    54. Utah 1987-1988 Home	         100
    55. Utah 1987-1988 Away	         100
    56. Utah 2002-2003 Away	         150
    57. Washington 1971-1972 Away	 250
    58. Washington 1995-1996 Home	 200
    59. East 1963-1964 Home	         250
    60. West 1970-1971 Home	         250
    -- Shoes --
    Item                             Points Needed
    1. Air Jordan III                200
    2. Air Jordan III                200
    3. Air Jordan IV                 200
    4. Air Jordan VII                150
    5. Air Jordan XI                 200
    6. Air Jordan XI                 200
    7. Air Jordan XI IE Low          150
    8. Air Jordan XII                150
    9. Air Jordan XIII               150
    10. Air Jordan XIX               150
    11. Jordan Big Fund              100
    12. Jordan Team 10/16            100
    13. Jordan Team 10/16            100
    14. Jordan Elite II              100
    15. Jordan Pro Status            100
    16. Jordan Pro Status            100
    17. Nike Air Zoom LeBron II      200
    18. Nike Air Huarache 2K4        100
    19. Nike Air Huarache 2K4        100
    20. Nike Shox Elite              150
    21. Nike Shox Elite              150
    22. Nike Shox Elite              150
    23. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    24. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    25. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    26. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    27. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    28. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    29. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    30. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    31. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    32. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    33. Nike Shox Elevate            100
    34. Nike Shox Jumpoff            100
    35. Nike Shox Jumpoff            100
    36. Nike Shox Supremacy          100
    37. Nike Shox Supremacy          100
    38. Nike Shox Status             100
    39. Nike SHox Status             100
    40. Nike Air Foamposite Pro      150
    41. Nike Air Foamposite Pro      150
    42. Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3     100
    43. Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3     100
    44. Nike Air Zoom Flight 2K3     100
    45. Nike Air Force 1             100
    46. Nike Uptempo Game            150
    47. Nike BG Ultraposite          150
    48. Nike Air Force Max           100
    49. Nike Air Hyperflight         100
    50. Nike Air Intense             75
    51. Nike Air Intense             75
    52. Nike Air Unlimited           100
    53. Nike Uptempo Game            150
    54. Nike Delta Force             100
    55. Nike BG Rollout              75
    56. Nike BG Rollout Low          75
    57. Nike Zoom Drive              100
    58. Nike Air Flight Hops         50
    59. Nike Air Flight Hops         50
    60. Nike Blazer                  100
    -- Gear --
    Item                             Points Needed
    1. Retro Socks 1                 50
    2. Retro Socks 2                 50
    3. Retro Socks 3                 50
    4. Retro Socks 4                 50
    5. Retro Socks 5                 50
    6. Retro Socks 6                 50
    7. Retro Socks 7                 50
    8. Retro Socks 8                 50
    9. Retro Socks 9                 50
    10. Retro Socks 10               50
    11. Multicolored Headband 1      50
    12. Multicolored Headband 2      50
    13. Multicolored Headband 3      50
    14. Multicolored Headband 4      50
    15. Multicolored Headband 5      50
    16. Multicolored Headband 6      50
    17. Multicolored Headband 7      50
    18. Multicolored Headband 8      50
    19. Multicolored Headband 9      50
    20. Multicolored Headband 10     50
    -- Practice Jerseys --
    Item                             Points Needed
    1. Atlanta Hawks Home            50
    2. Atlanta Hawks Away            50
    3. Boston Celtics Home           50
    4. Boston Celtics Away           50
    5. Charlotte Bobcats Home        50
    6. Charlotte Bobcats Away        50
    7. Chicago Bulls Home            50
    8. Chicago Bulls Away            50
    9. Cleveland Cavaliers Home      50
    10. Cleveland Cavaliers Away     50
    11. Dallas Mavericks Home        50
    12. Dallas Mavericks Away        50
    13. Denver Nuggets Home          50
    14. Denver Nuggets Away          50
    15. Detroit Pistons Home         50
    16. Detroit Pistons Away         50
    17. Golden State Home            50
    18. Golden State Away            50
    19. Houston Rockets Home         50
    20. Houston Rockets Away         50
    21. Indiana Pacers Home          50
    22. Indiana Pacers Away          50
    23. LA Clippers Home             50
    24. LA Clippers Away             50
    25. LA Lakers Home               50
    26. LA Lakers Away               50
    27. Memphis Grizzlies Home       50
    28. Memphis Grizzlies Away       50
    29. Miami Heat Home              50
    30. Miami Heat Away              50
    31. Milwaukee Bucks Home         50
    32. Milwaukee Bucks Away         50
    33. Minnesota Timberwolves Home  50
    34. Minnesota Timberwolves Away  50
    35. New Jersey Nets Home         50
    36. New Jersey Nets Away         50
    37. New Orleans Home             50
    38. New Orleans Away             50
    39. New York Knicks Home         50
    40. New York Knicks Away         50
    41. Orlando Magic Home           50
    42. Orlando Magic Away           50
    43. Philidelphia 76ers Home      50
    44. Philidelphia 76ers Away      50
    45. Pheonix Suns Home            50
    46. Pheonix Suns Away            50
    47. Portland Blazers Home        50
    48. Portland Blazers Away        50
    49. Sacremento Kings Home        50
    50. Sacremento Kings Away        50
    51. San Antonio Spurs Home       50
    52. San Antonio Spurs Away       50
    53. Seattle Supersonics Home     50
    54. Seattle Supersonics Away     50
    55. Toronto Raptors Home         50
    56. Toronto Raptors Away         50
    57. Utah Jazz Home               50
    58. Utah Jazz Away               50
    59. Washington Wizards Home      50
    60. Washington Wizards Away      50
    VII. EA Jukebox Song List
    **Note: The following songs appear in the NBA Live 2005, and are listed in the
    default order in which they are played. You can edit the order of the songs in
    the EA Jukebox in the EA Lounge. Songs denoted with a * are exclusive tracks
    available only in NBA Live 2005.
    *Bump J - "We Don't Play No Games"
    *MC Lyte - "My Main Aim"
    *Joell Ortiz - "Mean Business"
    Nomb - "Carolina Pride"
    Don Yute - "Dem Gals (NBA Live 2005 Mix)"
    Pete Rock featuring Kardinal Offishall - "Warzone (NBA Live 2005 Mix)"
    *Stat Quo - "The Best"
    Wylde Bunch - "Our Lyfe"
    Will.I.Am - "Go!"
    Dirtbag - "Here We Go"
    *Murphy Lee featuring Jazze Pha & Jody Breeze - "It's In Da Game"
    *Lloyd Banks and Young Buck - "Me Against You"
    The D.O.C. - "Mind Blowin"
    *Brand New Heavies - "Jump 'N More"
    VIII. Credits
    Once again, GameFAQs, Cheat Code Central, and Neoseeker are the only sites
    currently allowed to host this guide/FAQ, and I thank them for hosting it as
    Also, thanks to Alex Gormley (slickmarcusvick1) for allowing me to use his
    guide as a basis for mine.
    IX. Legal Information
    This guide/FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise
    distributed without advance written permission from me. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    If you would like to host or post this guide/FAQ on your website, or would like
    to use it as a basis for your own, please e-mail me in advance and ask my
    permission first. My e-mail address is CruThik786@hotmail.com. Please use
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    This Guide/FAQ was written by CruThik786. Copyright (c) 2005.

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