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    Roster Updates Guide by Rashidi

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NBA Live 2005
    Roster Updates Guide
    An FAQ/Guide by Rashidi
    Version 1.3
    Email: rashidi@aol.com or johnmarkisch@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    I.   Version History
    II.  Roster changes
    III. Player position changes 
    IV.  Depth Charts
    I. Version History
    Version 1.3 (4/19/05)
    Updated the roster transactions.
    Version 1.2 (12/25/04)
    Updated the rosters, and most of the Depth Charts. Some are not touched 
    from since way back in October, so please don't e-mail me telling me 
    what is wrong, I'm already well aware.
    Version 1.1 (10/10/04)
    Updated the rosters a bit.  Added the Depth Charts.
    Version 1.0 (9/28/04)
    Submitted the guide to get it up there.
    II. Roster changes
    This section will include roster updates that occur after September 
    12th, 2004: the date of the roster cut off for NBA Live 2005.  I will 
    list the team, and then the players that are now on that team.
    Players that retire should be reduced to 0 in all ratings, and you may 
    want to consider doing the same to players that jumped to Europe.
    Atlanta Hawks
    Kevin Willis (C) from San Antonio Spurs
    Michael Stewart (C) from Boston Celtics
    Obinna Ekezie (PF) from Atlanta Hawks (from NBDL)
    Tom Gugliotta (PF) from Boston Celtics
    Donta Smith (SG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Royal Ivey (SG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Boston Celtics
    Antoine Walker (PF) from Atlanta Hawks
    Justin Reed (PF) from Free Agents
    Charlotte Bobcats
    Malik Allen (PF) from Miami Heat
    Kareem Rush (SG) from Los Angeles Lakers
    Matt Carroll (SG) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Brevin Knight (PG) from Milwaukee Bucks
    Keith Bogans (PG) from Orlando Magic
    Chicago Bulls
    Jared Reiner (C) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Lawrence Funderburke (PF) from Free Agents
    Adrian Griffin (SF) from Houston Rockets
    Eric Piatkowski (SG) from Houston Rockets
    Chris Duhon (PG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Scott Williams (C) from Free Agents
    Lucious Harris (SG) from New Jersey Nets
    Dallas Mavericks
    DJ Mbenga (C) from Free Agents
    Keith Van Horn (PF) from Milwaukee Bucks
    Tariq Abdul-Wahad (SF) from Free Agents
    Darrell Armstrong (PG) from New Orleans Hornets
    Denver Nuggets
    Eduardo Najera (SF) from Golden State Warriors
    Greg Buckner (SF) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Bryon Russell (SF) from Los Angeles Lakers
    Wesley Person (SG) from Miami Heat
    Luis Flores (PG) from Golden State Warriors
    Detroit Pistons
    Carlos Arroyo (PG) from Utah Jazz
    Horace Jenkins (PG) from Europe (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Golden State Warriors
    Nikoloz Tskitishvili (PF) from Denver Nuggets
    Rodney White (SF) from Denver Nuggets
    Zarko Cabarkapa (SF) from Phoenix Suns
    Baron Davis (PG) from New Orleans Hornets
    Luis Flores (PG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Houston Rockets
    Dikembe Mutombo (C) from Chicago Bulls
    Vin Baker (C) from New York Knicks
    Ryan Bowen (SF) from Free Agents
    Scott Padgett (SF) from Free Agents
    Jon Barry (SG) from Denver Nuggets
    David Wesley (SG) from New Orleans Hornets
    Mike James (PG) from Milwaukee Bucks
    Moochie Norris (PG) from New York Knicks
    Indiana Pacers
    Dale Davis (C) from Golden State Warriors
    John Edwards (C) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Los Angeles Clippers
    Quinton Ross (SF) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Shaun Livingston (PG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Rick Brunson (PG) from Free Agents
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Tierre Brown (PG) from Free Agents
    Sasha Vujacic (PG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Memphis Grizzlies
    Jake Tsakalidis (C) from Free Agents
    Miami Heat
    Alonzo Mourning (C) from Free Agents
    Christian Laettner (PF) from Golden State Warriors
    Shandon Anderson (SF) from New York Knicks
    Steve Smith (SG) from New Orleans Hornets (from Bobcats)
    Qyntel Woods (SG) from Portland Trailblazers
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Calvin Booth (C) from Dallas Mavericks
    Marcus Fizer (SF) from Free Agents
    Reece Gaines (PG) from Houston Rockets
    Anthony Goldwire (PG) from Free Agents
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Eddie Griffin (PF) from Free Agents
    Anthony Carter (PG) from Free Agents
    New Jersey Nets
    Jabari Smith (C) from Sacramento Kings
    Clifford Robinson (PF) from Golden State Warriors
    Vince Carter (SF) from Toronto Raptors
    Travis Best (PG) from Free Agents
    New Orleans Hornets
    Jackson Vroman (C) from Phoenix Suns
    Lee Nailon (PF) from Cleveland Cavaliers
    Maciej Lampe (PF) from Phoenix Suns
    Bostjan Nachbar (SG) from Houston Rockets
    Casey Jacobsen (SG) from Phoenix Suns
    Dan Dickau (PG) from Dallas Mavericks
    Speedy Claxton (PG) from Golden State Warriors
    New York Knicks
    Bruno Sundov (C) from Free Agents
    Jackie Butler (C) from Draft (NOT IN GAME)
    Maurice Taylor (PF) from Houston Rockets
    Malik Rose (PF) from San Antonio Spurs
    Jermaine Jackson (PG) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME)
    Orlando Magic
    Brandon Hunter (PF) from Charlotte Bobcats
    Doug Christie (SG) from Sacramento Kings
    Andre Barrett (PG) from Houston Rockets (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Philadelphia 76'ers
    Chris Webber (PF) from Sacramento Kings
    Michael Bradley (PF) from Orlando Magic
    Josh Davis (SF) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Matt Barnes (SF) from Los Angeles Clippers
    Rodney Rogers (SF) from New Orleans Hornets
    Jamal Mashburn (SF) from New Orleans Hornets
    Phoenix Suns
    Bo Outlaw (PF) from Free Agents
    Paul Shirley (PF) from Free Agents
    Walter McCarty (SF) from Boston Celtics
    Portland Trail Blazers
    Sacramento Kings
    Kenny Thomas (PF) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Brian Skinner (PF) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Corliss Williamson (SF) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Erik Daniels (SF) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Cuttino Mobley (SG) from Orlando Magic
    Maurice Evans (SG) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Eddie House (PG) from Charlotte Bobcats
    San Antonio Spurs
    Nazr Mohammed (C) from New York Knicks
    Glenn Robinson (SF) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Mike Wilks (PG) from Houston Rockets
    Seattle Sonics
    Damien Wilkins (SF) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Mateen Cleaves (PG) from Free Agents
    Toronto Raptors
    Aaron Williams (PF) from New Jersey Nets
    Pape Sow (PF) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Eric Williams (SF) from New Jersey Nets
    Matt Bonner (SF) from Draft (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Omar Cook (PG) from Charlotte Bobcats
    Utah Jazz
    Ben Handlogten (C) from Free Agents
    Howard Eisley (PG) from Phoenix Suns
    Keith McLeod (PG) from Free Agents
    Randy Livingston (PG) from Free Agents
    Washington Wizards
    Damone Brown (PF) from Free Agents
    Laron Profit (SG) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Free Agents
    Derrick Coleman (C) from Detroit Pistons
    Amal McCaskill (C) from Detroit Pistons
    Josh Moore (C) from Los Angeles Clippers
    Aleksandar Radojevic (C) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Zendon Hamilton (C) from Milwaukee Bucks
    Vladimir Stepania (C) from Portland Trailblazers
    Jelani McCoy (C) from Free Agents (Released by Hawks)
    Jerome Moiso (C) from Free Agents (Released by Nets/Cavaliers)
    Jahidi White (C) from Charlotte Bobcats
    Jamal Sampson (PF) from Charlotte Bobcats
    Tommy Smith (PF) from Chicago Bulls (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Chris Crawford (PF) from Atlanta Hawks
    Arthur Johnson PF) from Denver Nuggets (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Keon Clark (PF) from Phoenix Suns
    Marcus Haislip (PF) from Milwaukee Bucks
    Popeye Jones (PF) from Golden State Warriors
    Anthony Miller (PF from Atlanta Hawks (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Lonny Baxter (PF) from Free Agents (Released by Bobcats)
    Jerome Beasley (PF) from Miami Heat
    Samaki Walker (PF) from Washington Wizards
    Matt Freije (SF) from Miami Heat (Released by Bobcats)
    John Wallace (SF) from Miami Heat
    Corey Benjamin (SF) from Charlotte Bobcats
    Awvee Storey (SF) from New Jersey Nets (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Leon Smith (SF) from Seattle Supersonics
    Ansu Sesay (SF) from Seattle Supersonics (Released by Warriors)
    Michael Curry (SF) from Toronto Raptors (Released by Pacers)
    Kendall Gill (SF) from Free Agents (Released by Bucks)
    Eddie Robinson (SG) from Chicago Bulls
    Brandon Armstrong (SG) from New Jersey Nets
    Tim Pickett (SG) from New Orleans Hornets
    Kedrick Brown (SG) from Philadelphia 76'ers
    Romain Sato (SG) from San Antonio Spurs
    Chris Whitney (PG) from Washington Wizards
    Rashad Wright (PG) from Indiana Pacers (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Kenny Anderson (PG) from Free Agents (Released by Hawks/Clippers)
    Lorinza Harrington (PG) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Alex Garcia (PG) from New Orleans Hornets
    Jamison Brewer (PG) from New York Knicks (Released by Spurs)
    Mengke Bateer (C) from Free Agents
    Ernest Brown (C) from Free Agents
    Ruben Boumtje (C) from Cleveland Cavaliers
    Chris Jefferies (SF) from Free Agents
    David Young (SG) from Seattle Supersonics (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Smush Parker (PG) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Olden Polynice (C) from Free Agents
    Britton Johnsen (PF) from Free Agents
    Darrick Martin (PG) from Minnesota Timberwolves
    Doug Overton (PG) from Los Angeles Clippers
    Oliver Miller (C) from Minnesota Timberwolves
    Sean Rooks (C) from Orlando Magic
    Derrick Dial (SG) from Free Agents
    Yuta Tabuse (PG) from Phoenix Suns (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER DOWNLOAD)
    Slavko Vranes (C) from Free Agents
    Robert Archibald (PF) from Free Agents
    Gary Trent (PF) from Minnesota Timberwolves
    Dan Langhi (SF) from Free Agents
    Tracy Murray (SF) from Free Agents
    Desmond Ferguson (SF) from Free Agents
    Sean Lampley (SF) from Free Agents
    Ibrahim Kutluay (SF) from Free Agents (NOT IN GAME, IN EA ROSTER 
    Jon Stefansson (SG) from Dallas Mavericks
    Quincy Lewis (SG) from Free Agents
    Travis Hansen (SG) from Atlanta Hawks
    Jeff Trepagnier (SG) from Free Agents
    Maurice Carter (SG) from Free Agents
    Dion Glover (SG) from Free Agents
    Ricky Minard (SG) from Sacramento Kings
    Shammond Williams (PG) from New Orleans Hornets
    J.R. Bremer (PG) from Free Agents
    Bryce Drew (PG) from Free Agents
    Robert Pack (PG) from Free Agents
    Troy Bell (PG) from Memphis Grizzlies
    Roger Mason Jr. (PG) from Toronto Raptors
    Horace Grant (C) from Free Agents
    Evan Eschmeyer (C) from Dallas Mavericks
    Cezery Trybanski (C) from Free Agents
    Karl Malone (PF) from Free Agents
    Charles Oakley (PF) from Free Agents
    Tyrone Hill (PF) from Free Agents
    Rick Fox (SF) from Boston Celtics
    Monty Williams (SF) from Free Agents
    Glen Rice (SF) from Free Agents
    Hubert Davis (SG) from New Jersey Nets
    Scottie Pippen (SG) from Chicago Bulls
    Mitchell Butler (SG) from Free Agents
    Avery Johnson (PG) from Free Agents
    Bimbo Coles (PG) from Free Agents
    Mark Jackson (PG) from Houston Rockets
    Rod Strickland (PG) from Free Agents
    Remaining Free Agents
    Josh Moore, Olden Polynice, Paul Grant, Cherokee Parks, Jahidi White, 
    Derrick Coleman, Jerome Moiso, Vladimir Stepania, Zendon Hamilton Amal 
    McCaskill, Corie Blount
    Power Forwards
    Tommy Smith, Anthony Miller, Arthur Johnson, Keon Clark, Jerome 
    Beasley, Popeye Jones, Jamal Sampson, Alton Ford, Marcus Haislip, 
    Samaki Walker, Chris Crawford, Lonny Baxter
    Small Forwards
    Corey Benjamin, Matt Freije, Awvee Storey, Leon Smith, Tremaine 
    Fowlkes, John Wallace, Donnell Harvey, Michael Curry
    Shooting Guards
    Courtney Alexander, Tim Pickett, Romain Sato, Eddie Robinson, Kedrick 
    Brown, Brandon Armstrong
    Point Guards
    Rashad Wright, Alex Garcia, Chris Whitney, Kenny Anderson, Doug 
    Overton, Lorinza Harrington
    III. Position changes
    IV. Depth Charts
    Here I'll list the depth charts of the NBA teams, so you have a good 
    idea of where to put them in your "Team Lineups" screen.  You may not 
    realize that where a player is placed on the bench affects the rating 
    of the team.  Bobby Jackson in the top bench slot affects the team's 
    rating more positively than he would if he were at the bottom of the 
    bench, or on the IR.  Also, I am going to be placing players regardless 
    of position.  Some players have incorrect positions in the game.  For 
    instance, in the game, Allen Iverson is technically a SG.  However in 
    real life, Iverson is going to be starting at PG.  I will also include 
    any players that are not in the game, to make it as complete as 
    possible.  You can always create the missing players, or EA might add 
    them via a roster download.
    Atlanta Hawks
    C  Jason Collier
    PF Al Harrington
    SF Antoine Walker
    SG Boris Diaw
    PG Kenny Anderson
    C  Peja Drobnjak
    SG Josh Childress
    SG Jon Barry
    PG Royal Ivey (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    C  Kevin Willis
    SF Josh Smith
    C  Jelani McCoy
    PG Tony Delk
    SF Donta Smith (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    PF Chris Crawford (Out for the season)
    Boston Celtics
    C  Mark Blount
    PF Raef LaFrentz
    SF Ricky Davis
    SG Paul Pierce
    PG Gary Payton
    SG Jiri Welsch
    C  Al Jefferson
    PF Tom Gugliotta
    PG Marcus Banks
    PF Walter McCarty
    SG Tony Allen
    C  Kendrick Perkins
    PG Delonte West
    SF Justin Reed
    C  Michael Stewart
    Charlotte Bobcats
    C  Primoz Brezec
    PF Emeka Okafor
    SF Gerald Wallace
    SG Keith Bogans
    PG Jason Hart 
    PG Eddie House
    SG Steve Smith
    PG Brevin Knight
    SG Jason Kapono
    PF Melvin Ely
    C  Jahidi White
    PF Jamal Sampson
    SF Tamar Slay
    SG Bernard Robinson
    SF Theron Smith
    Chicago Bulls
    C  Eddy Curry
    PF Tyson Chandler
    SF Andres Nocioni
    SG Eric Piatkowski
    PG Kirk Hinrich
    SF Luol Deng
    C  Antonio Davis
    SG Ben Gordon
    PG Chris Duhon (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    PF Othella Harrington
    SF Adrian Griffin
    C  Jared Reiner (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    PG Jannero Pargo
    PG Frank Williams
    PF Tommy Smith (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    C  Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    PF Drew Gooden
    SF LeBron James
    SG Ira Newble
    PG Jeff McInnis
    PG Eric Snow
    SG Lucious Harris
    PF Robert Traylor
    SF Aleksander Pavlovic
    C  Scott Williams
    SG Dajuan Wagner
    C  DaSagana Diop
    SF Luke Jackson
    PF Anderson Varejao
    Dallas Mavericks
    C  Erick Dampier
    PF Dirk Nowitzki
    SF Josh Howard
    SG Michael Finley
    PG Devin Harris
    SF Jerry Stackhouse
    PG Jason Terry
    SG Marquis Daniels
    PF Alan Hendersen
    C  Shawn Bradley
    C  Calvin Booth
    C  DJ Mbenga
    C  Pavel Podzolkin
    SG Tariq Abdul-Wahad (Out for the season)
    Denver Nuggets
    C  Marcus Camby
    PF Kenyon Martin
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    SG Greg Buckner
    PG Andre Miller
    PG Earl Boykins
    PF Nene
    C  Francisco Elson
    SF Rodney White
    SF Bryon Russell
    SG DerMarr Johnson
    C  Mark Pope
    PF Nikoloz Tskitishvili
    C  Arthur Johnson (Not in game, in EA roster download))
    SG Voshon Lenard (Out for the season)
    Detroit Pistons
    C  Ben Wallace
    PF Rasheed Wallace
    SF Tayshaun Prince
    SG Richard Hamilton
    PG Chauncey Billups
    PF Antonio McDyess
    PG Lindsey Hunter
    SG Carlos Delfino
    SF Darvin Ham
    C  Elden Campbell
    C  Derrick Coleman
    PF Darko Milicic
    SF Ronald Dupree
    PG Smush Parker (Not in game)
    PG Horace Jenkins (Not in game)
    Golden State Warriors
    C  Clifford Robinson
    PF Troy Murphy
    SF Mike Dunleavy
    SG Jason Richardson
    PG Speedy Claxton
    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Mickeal Pietrus
    SF Calbert Cheaney
    C  Adonal Foyle
    C  Dale Davis
    PF Eduardo Najera
    SF Ansu Sesay
    PF Andris Biedrins
    PG Luis Flores (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Houston Rockets
    C  Yao Ming
    PF Maurice Taylor
    SF Jim Jackson
    SG Tracy McGrady
    PG Charlie Ward
    PF Juwan Howard
    PG Tyronn Lue
    C  Dikembe Mutombo
    SF Bostjan Nachbar
    SG Ryan Bowen
    C  Clarence Weatherspoon
    PF Scott Padgett
    SG Bob Sura
    SG Reece Gaines
    PG Andre Barrett (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Indiana Pacers
    C  Jermaine O'Neal
    PF Austin Croshere
    SF Stephen Jackson (Suspended 30 games)
    SG Reggie Miller
    PG Jamaal Tinsley
    SG Fred Jones
    PG Anthony Johnson
    C  Scot Pollard
    C  David Harrison
    PG Eddie Gill
    SF James Jones
    C  John Edwards (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    SF Jonathon Bender
    C  Jeff Foster
    SF Ron Artest (Out for the season, SUSPENDED)
    Los Angeles Clippers
    C  Chris Wilcox
    PF Elton Brand
    SF Bobby Simmons
    SG Corey Maggette
    PG Marko Jaric
    SG Kerry Kittles
    C  Chris Kaman
    PG Shaun Livingston (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    C  Mikki Moore
    SG Quinton Ross (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    PG Rick Brunson
    C  Zeljko Rebraca
    PG Lionel Chalmers
    C  Mamadou N'Diaye
    Los Angeles Lakers
    C  Vlade Divac
    PF Lamar Odom
    SF Caron Butler
    SG Kobe Bryant
    PG Chucky Atkins
    C  Chris Mihm
    C  Brian Grant
    PF Brian Cook
    SF Devean George
    PG Tierre Brown
    PF Luke Walton
    SG Kareem Rush
    PF Stanislav Medvedenko
    SF Jumaine Jones
    PG Sasha Vujacic (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Memphis Grizzlies
    C  Lorenzen Wright
    PF Pau Gasol
    SF James Posey
    SG Bonzi Wells
    PG Jason Williams
    PF Stromile Swift
    SF Mike Miller
    SF Shane Battier
    PG Earl Watson
    PF Brian Cardinal
    SG Dahntay Jones
    C  Jake Tsakalidis
    PF Ryan Humphrey
    SG Andre Emmett
    PG Antonio Burks
    Miami Heat
    C  Shaquille O'Neal
    PF Udonis Haslem
    SF Rasual Butler
    SG Eddie Jones
    PG Dwyane Wade
    PG Damon Jones
    PF Malik Allen
    PG Keyon Dooling
    SF Shandon Anderson
    C  Michael Doleac
    SG Wesley Person
    C  Wang ZhiZhi
    PF Christian Laettner
    SF Dorrell Wright
    PF Jerome Beasley
    Milwaukee Bucks
    C  Dan Gadzuric
    PF Joe Smith
    SF Keith Van Horn
    SG Michael Redd
    PG Maurice Williams
    SF Desmond Mason
    SF Toni Kukoc
    PG Mike James
    PG Eddie House
    C  Daniel Santiago
    C  Zaza Pachulia
    PG T.J. Ford
    PG Erick Strickland
    PF Zendon Hamilton
    Minnesota T'Wolves
    C  Michael Olowokandi
    PF Kevin Garnett
    SF Latrell Sprewell
    SG Trenton Hassell
    PG Sam Cassell
    SF Wally Szczerbiak
    PG Troy Hudson
    SG Fred Hoiberg
    C  Ervin Johnson
    PF Mark Madsen
    PF Eddie Griffin
    PG Anthony Carter
    PG Anthony Goldwire
    SF Ndudi Ebi
    New Jersey Nets
    C  Jason Collins
    PF Nenad Krstic
    SF Richard Jefferson
    SG Vince Carter
    PG Jason Kidd
    PF Brian Scalabrine
    SG Zoran Planinic
    PG Travis Best
    SF Ron Mercer
    PG Jacque Vaughn
    SG Rodney Buford
    C  Jabari Smith
    C  Jerome Moiso
    New Orleans Hornets
    C  P.J. Brown
    PF Matt Freije
    SF Lee Nailon
    SG David Wesley
    PG Baron Davis
    PF George Lynch
    C  Chris Andersen
    PF David West
    PG Dan Dickau
    PG Lorinza Harrington (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    SG J.R. Smith
    PF Lonny Baxter
    SF Rodney Rogers
    C  Jamaal Magloire
    SF Jamal Mashburn (Out for the season)
    PG Alex Garcia (Out for the season)
    New York Knicks
    C  Nazr Mohammed
    PF Kurt Thomas
    SF Tim Thomas
    SG Jamal Crawford
    PG Stephon Marbury
    SG Allan Houston
    SF Penny Hardaway
    PF Michael Sweetney
    PF Jerome Williams
    SF Trevor Ariza
    C  Vin Baker
    PG Moochie Norris
    PG Jamison Brewer
    C  Bruno Sundov
    Orlando Magic
    C  Kelvin Cato
    PF Dwight Howard
    SF Grant Hill
    SG Cuttino Mobley
    PG Steve Francis
    SF Hedo Turkoglu
    PF Pat Garrity
    C  Tony Battie
    SG Deshawn Stevenson
    PG Jameer Nelson
    SF Stacey Augmon
    C  Andrew DeQlercq
    PF Michael Bradley
    Philadelphia 76'ers
    C  Samuel Dalembert
    PF Kenny Thomas
    SF Glenn Robinson
    SG Willie Green
    PG Allen Iverson
    SF Corliss Williamson
    SG Aaron McKie
    C  Brian Skinner
    PF Marc Jackson
    SG Andre Iguodala
    PG Kevin Ollie
    PG John Salmons
    SF Kyle Korver
    SF Kedrick Brown
    SF Josh Davis (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Phoenix Suns
    C  Steven Hunter
    PF Amare Stoudemire
    SF Shawn Marion
    SG Joe Johnson
    PG Steve Nash
    SF Quentin Richardson
    PG Leandro Barbosa
    PG Howard Eisley
    SG Casey Jacobsen
    C  Jake Voskuhl
    PF Zarko Cabarparka
    PF Jackson Vroman
    PF Maciej Lampe
    Portland Trailblazers
    C  Theo Ratliff
    PF Zach Randolph
    SF Darius Miles
    SG Derek Anderson
    PG Damon Stoudamire
    PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    PG Nick Van Exel
    SF Ruben Patterson
    SG Qyntel Woods
    PG Sebastian Telfair
    C  Vladimir Stepania
    C  Joel Przybilla
    SG Richie Frahm
    SF Travis Outlaw
    SF Viktor Khryapa (OUT FOR SEASON)
    Sacramento Kings
    C  Brad Miller
    PF Chris Webber
    SF Peja Stojakovic
    SG Doug Christie
    PG Mike Bibby
    PG Bobby Jackson
    C  Greg Ostertag
    SG Kevin Martin
    PF Darius Songalia
    SF Matt Barnes
    SG Maurice Evans (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    SF Erik Daniels (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    San Antonio Spurs
    C  Radoslav Nesterovic
    PF Tim Duncan
    SF Bruce Bowen
    SG Emanuel Ginobili
    PG Tony Parker
    PG Brent Barry
    PF Malik Rose
    SG Devin Brown
    PF Robert Horry
    SF Linton Johnson
    PG Beno Udrih
    C  Tony Massenberg
    PG Mike Wilks
    SG Romain Sato
    C  Sean Marks
    Seattle Supersonics
    C  Jerome James
    PF Danny Fortson
    SF Rashard Lewis
    SG Ray Allen
    PG Antonio Daniels
    SG Ronald Murray
    SF Vladimir Radminovic
    PF Reggie Evans
    PF Nick Collison
    PG Luke Ridnour
    C  Vitaly Potapenko
    C  Robert Swift
    PG Mateen Cleaves
    SG Ibrahim Kutluay (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    SF Damien Wilkins (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Toronto Raptors
    C  Rafael Araujo
    PF Chris Bosh
    SF Jalen Rose
    SG Morris Peterson
    PG Rafer Alston
    PF Donyell Marshall
    SF Lamond Murray
    SF Matt Bonner (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    SF Eric Williams
    C  Aaron Williams
    PG Milt Palacio
    C  Loren Woods
    PF Pape Sow (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    PG Alvin Williams (Out for the season)
    Utah Jazz
    C  Mehmet Okur
    PF Carlos Boozer
    SF Andrei Kirilenko
    SG Matt Harpring
    PG Carlos Arroyo
    SG Gordan Giricek
    PG Raul Lopez
    SF Raja Bell
    SG Kirk Snyder
    PF Kris Humphries
    C  Jarron Collins
    C  Curtis Borchardt
    PG Keith McLeod
    C  Aleksandar Radojevic (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Washington Wizards
    C  Etan Thomas
    PF Kwame Brown
    SF Antawn Jamison
    SG Jarvis Hayes
    PG Gilbert Arenas
    SG Larry Hughes
    C  Brendan Haywood
    SG Anthony Peeler
    SF Jared Jeffries
    PG Juan Dixon
    PG Steve Blake
    PF Samaki Walker
    PF Michael Ruffin
    C  Peter John Ramos
    SG Laron Profit (Not in game, in EA roster download)
    Until next time,
    Copyright 2004 John Markisch

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