Review by BiggLaw

Reviewed: 12/06/04

The Urbz...Not exactly what I had hoped for.

This is the 3rd installment to the Sims games for the game consoles. The Urbz: Sims in the City is a type of Sims game that takes place in urban society. Unless the two console versions before it, you to not start off in the suburbs. Instead of the traditional point to the game, in the Urbz, you are to become the most popular Urb around. If you grew up, or maybe growing up in an urban society, then you know that to make a name for yourself, you most have a reputation. Unlike the Sims, the Urbz forces you to be VERY social. Making friends is probably the single most important thing in this game. I actually love the idea of going urban. You have your rockers, your hip hip, punkers, skaters, etc... It's a great thing in this game. To fit in a certain category, you'll have to dress like them. Build a rep, and become the the most known Urb in the city.

Unfortunately, I feel that this game was a step back. While the new ideas are great, the biggest mistake was getting rid of the old ideas. Instead of trying all new things, I feel that they should've simply mixed the new with the old. No starting a family, no having kids, no getting a uber great career.

Gameplay: I give the gameplay a 4/10. I burned out on this game sooo fast, it wasn't even funny. It's very repetitive... even more than the others. The Sims didn't have great loading time, Bustin' Out had even worse loading time, but The Urbz takes the cake. The loading time is so horrible, you'll probably reset the game because you thought it froze.

Sound: I give the sound a 9/10. Songs from Black Eyed Peas did the trick as far as music. The voices were Simish(Urbish) but it was done pretty decent.

Graphics: I give the graphics a 8/10. The color and detail is wonderful for this type of game. I haven't even noticed any glitches on screen.

Controls: I give a 7/10. The controls is pretty much what you come to expect for this sort of game.

Replayability: I give this a 3/10. It's not likely that many will want to replay it. Maybe they'll want to choose a different place to start out... that's all I can picture making people want to play again.

Buy or Rent: Rent. I high suggest you rent. Do be like me, and spend $50(U.S.) for a new game. I sold it to GameStop, and got $28 friggin bucks. I feel cheated...

Overall. I give this game a 5/10.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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