Review by coolcale

Reviewed: 01/14/05

NHL 2005 is great!

The playing:
NHL 2005 is another hockey game made by EA. I have played a lot of hockey games in the past like all the previous NHL games that were made by EA.

NHL 2004 was a great game and I enjoyed it. Some may say that it is even better than NHL 2005 but to me that isn't the case. They are both great games. NHL 2004 had great skating and good animations a really great hockey game.

This is definitely the high point of this game. The graphics in this game are amazing much better than any other previous hockey game or ESPN 2k5. All of the players faces are so realistic I don't need to look at their jersey numbers or the names on their jersey's to know who they are I can tell. The same goes for the coaches. The closer crowds are all in 3D which is a great improvement I have been waiting for. There are few new features some are great others I don't care for. The open ice controls I never really used much. But the open ice support can be helpful at times. Now the defense in this game are great. You can't just waltz in and shoot, these guys are tough. They don't feel like poke checking, they would like nothing better than laying you flat on your back. This adds a whole new level of realism to the game which I love. The new strategies that you can change before the face offs and just all the different strategies in general is a very nice feature. However this game is missing a few features from last year such as the CAP(create-a-player), league leaders, and the EA sports bio. They did have a CAP but there were to many bugs so they decided to pull it. There are a lot of things in the menu's the elite leagues can be fun because of the different rules they have like in the SM-liiga the top scorer on each team wears no helmet, and in DEL no game can end in a tie. The free 4 all can be fun to play with your friends and get very competitive.

Game play:
The game play in this game is great the menu's are easy to navigate and have a lot of different options to choose from. The hitting is great and not all that difficult to do, and the bruise control gives you all the power. Of course in this game there are sliders to make the game easier or harder for you. The player specific dekes are great you can deke around the defense so good they wont even know where you are until you score. The shots aren't bad most of the goals can be really realistic all though some of the deflections and one timer set ups can be unfair. That why you hit them hard and fast so they don't get a chance.The overall game play in this game is great hard hitting, with a quick pace, and just all around really fun.

Final thoughts:
NHL 2005 is a great all around game with amazing graphics, hard hits, and a very realistic hockey game. Definitely my favorite hockey game right now and for this year. This game is really amazing but I'm only giving it a 9 out of 10 because it was missing a few features like League leaders, Create a player, and the Sports Bio.

Really a great game I suggest you buy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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