Review by Pesnja

Reviewed: 04/03/06

Not the best...But still good.

Graphics 6/10 -

The graphics aren't bad but aren't good either. The textures aren't as smooth as they should have or could have been. They do their job, and are gritty where they should be. Certainly not state-of-the-art by any standards. Actually, I'd call them somewhat sub-par. Sort of like Medal of Honor: Front Line (which came out early along with the PS2.) They are somewhat pixelated. An example would be the grass and certain debris from buildings, tanks and the like. The greys and blacks kind of rub into each other from time to time. Oh, and there are some collision issues, such as on one map you, your squad, and Lt. Combs are trying to get across a swamp (I think it's a swamp...) To the other side of it where there is a Dutch style gate. They squeeze through, but one of my guys went through the wall...And then proceeded to crouch inside the wall.

Story 8/10 -

It's World War II. There are thousands of these games. Yet, somehow, this one is unique. It follows Matt Baker and his squad (you get a squad on the second or third mission) of men on their journey from D-Day to D-Day +8. You get somewhat of a connection to the characters and that connection will keep you going from mission to mission, which by the way each mission is very short, but they all fill in one day. Such as D-Day +4 consists of 5 sub-missions, which equal one really long mission. It's a unique way of doing things.

Game play 8/10 -

The controls are somewhat fluid. It's kind of hard to aim in the precision shooting style since you guys breathes like he just got done running two miles and he takes awhile to catch his breath. I've found myself hiding behind cover catching my breath in precision shot mode, all the while the Germans are running about getting various cover so it's hard to get them. But, in the end, you'll win if you know how to use your squad. Speaking of the squad... You are given two fire teams. A suppressive team, and an assault team. You can use the suppressive team to keep the enemy's head down while you rush them with the assault team. It works most of the time, but on occasion you'll run your squads into a death trap of STG-44's and MP40's.

One thing I found odd is random stuff explodes... In one mission you are helping to take a farm house under the cover of a smoke grenade. Now, when you take the farm house you are told to take a field next to it. On the way over there the field explodes in various places. But you don't hear distant artillery fire...

Sounds 8/10 -

...But when you do, oh my dear Lord. Some games use actual weapons and live-record them for the game as they are fired, reloaded, slung over shoulders, clattered about in a fit of panic, and other various situations. This game did some of that, but it didn't carry over well. The voice overs during a battle sound distant. Not distant as in a bomb just went off so you can't hear well, distant as in they sound like they are 4 feet away from the microphone in the recording studio. The saving grace is the explosions and gunfire. If it gets real thick (lots of auto-weapons) it sounds amazing. The cling of Garand clips popping out of the gun, the yells of the Germans, the MG42 fire, the MP40s...All of it.

Replayability 4/10 -

There is no incentive to play this game again since there aren't unlockable or anything like that. It's a fun game for your first run. I give it a 4 because you can play on harder levels. My favorite is authentic. It's so fun not hitting a damn thing because you have no cross-hairs...Ha ha.

Rent or Buy? -

If you have the spare bucks and like WWII FPS games, buy it. If you don't have the spare bucks, rent it. But you have to pick this game up.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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