Review by Peter_Griffin49

Reviewed: 08/04/05

A very good ww2 shooter that stands out

Brothers in arms is about the 502d regiment, 101st airborne. Also none as the Screaming Eagles. You go from St.mere-eglise to Hill 30(as the name implies).

Game play:9/10: This game is very fun to play. The game has average fps controls with some extra squad stuff. So the controls are easy to pick up. This game actually makes you think(wow a fps that includes thinking!). You can't just run in and blast your enemies brains out because you'll get mowed down before your even able to shoot them. Usually you would have to have some one suppress the enemy while some one flanks them. Usually you do the flanking because your guys aren't that good at staying alive. A couple things I didn't like that much was the very wobbly iron site. It made almost impossible to aim and it's really the only way to kill some one without flanking. Another problem is that they weakened a lot of weapons. I remember using a Thompson and a M1 more then a K98.

Story:10/10: The story is very good just because it's true. Almost everything is true I don't know about the arguments about superheroes are true but you get my point. That's all I really have to say about the story.

Graphics:8/10: I think this is a pretty good looking shooter out there. I know its not as good as the Xbox and PC version but the Ps2 just can't compete with those two in the graphics departments. It's really cool when a MG42 or a tank starts shooting at because you'll see a lot debris flying and you actually get mud in your face(ooh aw). The explosions are pretty cool too. I don't see why people complain about the frame rate I barely see it slow down. I think those people have been watching the Matrix too much.

Sound:10/10: This is were almost every war game gets it right, the sound. From the sound of Krauts firing from afar to your tanks blasting away at the enemy, it's just awesome.

Multi-player:5/10: If you can't play on-line don't bother to play multi-player.

Rent or Buy? Rent if you don't like war games that much, buy if you like them.

Overall:9/10: I had a very enjoyable experience playing this game. I only have one major complaint. GEARBOX HAVEN'T YOU HEARD ABOUT THE B.A.R? I mean it's the best gun out there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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