Review by Fjoeri

Reviewed: 05/31/05

Krauts in the open! Fire at will!


The gameplay is very good. You assume control of Matt Baker. He (you) will control a squad in order to capture certain areas in Normandy. The commanding of teams if fairly easy. Just press L2 to switch team and then press L1 and use the analogue stick to move them to wherever you want them to move. But you will need to be able to fluently command your men, and fight at the same time, because unlike the Call of Duty or Medal of Honor series, you are not a one man army. If you try to take out the enemy on your own, you are bound the get shot to smithereens. Therefor it's a must that you plan out your attack and make good use of your men to wipe out the enemy, and complete the objectives.


The controls are decent once you get used to them. The downside of them is that you can't change them in the PS2 version of this game.

SOUND: 9/10

The sound is nearly perfect. The weapons sound realistic, and the music succeeds in creating a perfect mood for killing. Even the voice acting is decent. And you'll hear a lot of voices, and a lot of curses.


Graphics are good. Very good. Some people complain about the low framerate, but that has never bothered me. AI's move in a realistic way, and even in the heat of combat, everything goes smooth. A good thing about this game is that you can actually see everyting around you, no matter how far it is. So, no more fog to cover up for great distances.


You start of with the regular difficulties, which are hard enough as it is. But after you've completed the game you get new and even harder difficulties. This game is just to hard for some people.

STORY: 8/10

There is a neat story here. You get to follow Baker up to 8 days after his landing in Normandy. There is quite some character development. Even with the AI's. And speaking of AI's, most of them will not make it past the first day. So, once you've gotten used to a character, he's lying on the ground with his guts all over the place.


There are several chapters (levels) and there are several difficulties. This is the basis of the replayability. For those of you who are not challenged to finish a mission on a even harder difficulty, you will get bored easily. The strategies you use in the game are always the same: use one team for covering fire while you and the other team flank the enemy.


There are 2 kinds of multi player. One is offline, and the other one is online. Both are the same, but offline has splitscreen. There is no choice in which mode you'll play. You'll simply have to complete some objectives in the map. Each player has 2 AI's with him. To bad you can't chose to play along your friend against the AI. Nope, instead the game puts you on the opposite team. Another bad thing is that you will hardly find anyone online to play this game with you. To bad, isn't it?

SCORE: 8/10

A very fun and challenging game, although it becomes quite frustrating at some points. I suggest you rent this game before buying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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