Review by zombiesmusher01

Reviewed: 05/12/05

One of the best FPS, ruined with countless flaws and bad framrate...

Introduction: The brilliant Ubi-soft, as many people know, makes this game. Who brought us Splinter cell, and other games. Everyone thought this would blow the Call of Duty for the consoles out of the water, but, all in all, it works only slightly better. Read on to find out why.

Graphics: I was simply blown away by this amazing graphics. Everything, I mean everything is done almost with 100% perfection. The only flaw is that grenades sound very fake when they explode, and the pounds of dirt that kicks up into the air, and the chunks of ground that fly through the air vanish, and there isn't any hole in the ground... Environments are excellently polished, shaded, and smoothed. Vehicles look incredible, just incredible. Overall, this game has great character models, great vehicles, and good environments. 9/10

Sound: This is one of the things that smacks this game in the head with an ugly stick. The sounds are horrible. When tanks roll, it sounds like Brad Pitt being thrown down a cliff with a Microphone by his mouth. Guns do sound real, though. But grenades exploding sound like Elmo mashing his lips to the top of a Microphone, and the voice-overs are incredibly cheesy, like from an old PS1 game. Gunshots sound real, everything else stinks. 2/10

Story: Very, very, very good! You are the leader of the 101-air division, and you are sent into somewhere around Normandy to capture Hill 30, or something to that effect. Character development is awesome in this game, and you'll feel like everyone is a friend, just like in the game. When people die, you will get sad, and then try to rip a German in half with rage. I won't spoil anything, but basically the plot has to be good and long, after all, this game doe's have 20+ levels... 8/10

Game play: Yuck, disgusting, horrible. This game plays like Call of duty finest hour with a squad. Though the AI is better then anything out there, everything else falls short. On easy mode you die with one bullet, on hard mode if a bullet hits the ground up to five feet away, guess what? You're boned. Grenades are an instant slaughter fest...for you and your team. You start off with scare ammo, and no armor, and you don't get any armor ether. When you see a German behind a barrel facing a path in the opposite direction, so basically his back is facing you and he's hiding, when you shoot at him, bullets do NOTHING until they see you, then go god mode on your butt and slaughter your friends. Multi-player is a complete joke. Player 1 commands a team of like eight guys, and defenseless player 2 is a one-man army trying to defend something. There is no co-op, and no enemy bots in split screen, besides player 1's minions. Everything kills you in one shot, and you never, ever, will win. I beat it after three months. Though the mix of strategy and excellent human like AI is in there, it provides the skin, but sadly, there is nothing inside to make it more then just a skin. You will have some fun times hiding behind logs with three computer controlled allies being pummeled by 5+ Machine guns, or holding off countless waves of god like Germans. But that’s it. With a one shot you die thing, with almost invincible enemies, and a horrible Split screen, and a pathetic glitch where you can't kill enemies before they see you, and attack, this almost perfect game is dragged down a pit of fire. 3/10

Replay Value: Decent. If you are a hardcore FPS fan, and can look past the huge flaws, and try to imagine you are fighting back an army of almost invincible Elmo minions and Bill Clinton's, this game should last a month, then you will realize that the flaws butcher game play.

Final Recommendation: Rent it. Just rent it. Don't buy it. But remember; pretend you are fighting Elmo’s... I heard the X-box and PC versions are better when I bought it, and guess what? They were right. This game stinks on the Ps2. The other systems its for take out all these flaws. Ok, rent this game, it’s a perfect rental, have some fun, then get it out of your house.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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